Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Monthaversary BLOGINTHENOW!

Since this blog premiered on February 11, today is our "monthaversary"!

A lot has happened in a month...a lot has been said here...a lot has happened in me...hopefully, you have been blessed through the process.

THANKS to everyone who has helped to make this site the awesome place that it is! I really enjoy visiting with you every day, and hope that you will continue to participate.

I added some to yesterday's post, so check it out.

Have a blessed day!


Erik said...

‘Morning Has Broken’ is playing on the shuffle as I read and open the comments.

The light that Eden saw play is what we have now. Bishop, you have dug into this well. Thank You for the heavy lifting, opening this portal into what has always existed, now & here. Excellent Anniversary.

I love you and all of CITN ‘more today than yesterday’. I am humbled to be part of this group who carries away the dirt from the digging, helping you to firm up the area, to ensure deeper digging is available. Simply being here with all of us, moving some of the wheel barrels filled with the Word revealed, to reveal more of The Word, talk about loving the work one does.

What I think I love the most about you and CITN, is the reality that we ALL see the absolute beauty in The Christ, God, Our Friend, that we fully jump into the Consuming Fire for no reason other than its beauty and joy. Anything else, such as salvation, is the icing on the cake. Salvation is not the cake, to me, the experience of God is. Salvation, Favor, Blessing - Phenomenal added bonus. The life experiencing God is worth it. I’ll take everything on the menu, and if it is simply being in the dining room, I am in. Good thing there is no issue about wheel barrels moving through the dining room :).

DoubleBack Alley said...

Erik, I love that your culinary joy sprinkles your expressions.

In honor of the monthaversary;
An Ode to the Blog

Have I considered your funny encounters?
The thoughts that you tickle to the seekers?
Bring peace to all of us out of towners,
All of us revelation meddlers and tweakers.

O blog, my blog, my desire, my heart is true.
For certain, you are a pie filled with cherry,
Lo, this month I, boogied and strolled 'cuz of you.
Be complete and post a picture of Halle Berry.

PM, where you at?

Thanks for the Blog, Sahib.

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...

"Happy Monthaversary" Bishop, cyber sojourners, catalytic cartographers & road rax!

Anonymous said...

A month?! It seems as one day.

I just don't have words. It makes me cry, but they're just not there.
I need to go find a drum to drum for you all.

Friend4Life said...

WOW...1 month. Love the Blog site, Bishop!! LQQKING 4-WARD to more months. Love your playlist. Song that I've been listing alot to is "He Live in You" Lion King. LQQKing 4-ward to singing that Easter.


HollyC said...

Happy Monthaversary Bishop! Here's to many many more. ; )

dba.. love love "An Ode to the Blog".. too cute..

Erik.. ya got me cravin cake my friend..; )

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Many thanks to all of you...I appreciate the connection...yeah, DBA, what Holly said...

Teezy313 said...

DBA what Holly and Bish said!

Happy Monthaversary Blog In The Now and my fellow Bloggers as well!!

peacemaker said...

Only a month old and already experienced reincarnation...how cool is that?
Happy Monthaversary to the blog, blog owner, and all the bloggers...I feel like I really know all of you(in a sort of ethereal, esoteric, cosmic, cyberpathic, spiritually universal kind of way). Can we grow old together??

DBA...glad you missed me, even though I was just in another room bloggin yesterday. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
Loved you Ode to the Blog.

Anonymous said...

Old, PM? But, I'm in no matter what!

Anonymous said...

LPinSC(Large Print-that was funny): where are YOU? did you decide to go alias?

Ebony said...

Here's to many more! A month already? Wow.

Lise said...

I'm right HERE -> LP aka LARGE PRINT <-
Been here several times today, just hanging back for a change.
No profound thoughts to share. Been thinking too much about whether or not it will be necessary for me to be nicked/pricked/sliced or diced on Friday or just given the option. And if given the option, whatever shall I do? I'm kind of thinking that as long as my new little friend can't hurt me, I might just have to embrace it as a part of my body. Let's all flap our wings in unison and say, "BAK, BAWK, BAK!"
Then I got to thinking that me and this surgeon should do an infomercial: "HE SLICES, HE DICES! YOU'LL BE AMAZED! AND HE CAN BE ALL YOURS FOR ONE LOW CO-PAYMENT AND AN ADEQUATE HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY!"

The alias will have to wait... need to think about that one, and as you can see, my thoughts are being invaded. Seriously though, I'm fine, and I believe with all my heart that I am WELL. Radiologists know what to look for, and I had BOTH scans done. So, it's more a matter of deciding for or against removal. I think for women my age, physicians lean toward removal since any existing growths could potentially hide future problems, thus clouding the scans. However, in my case that would seem unlikely. My mother (best figure in high school) didn't exactly share the wealth... if ya know what I mean ;)
So sorry, Bish! Too much information... delete me if you must!

Anonymous said...

You truly are my cyber pastor now and that’s one of the reasons I like your blog so much. The blog makes me feel closer to you and more of a part of CITN. I am still trying to mentaly download your message Sunday, and my hard drive is full and I have run out of RAM, LOL! . I have never been affected like that by a “word from the Lord” which that truly was the strongest one I think I have ever heard by far. I have studied and preached and been preached to: this story of Isaac, Rebekah, Esau and Jacob forwards and backwards from many different angles; but this tops them all. And you tied it all together so beautifully at the end with the reconciliation of ALL. With a WONDERFULL illustration of why we are not all in the same camp YET. To me that was the most wonderful part. I pray for the day when I can get back into personal ministry again (not just on the net). And I would be honored for you to be my bishop. I know God’s calling has never left me, even though I left the traditional churches. I could never accept what they called truth and I called tradition. I have always been an independent thinker and very analytical. So I have always had to search things out for myself and be honest about what I discovered. Needless to say that didn’t go over very well in the traditional churches. I found this wonderful message or was lead to by God; about 6 years ago. And I knew that this was what I had been looking for all my life. It seemed so awesome that I was afraid to share it until I had studied it for a year. The more I studied the more convinced I became; I was ready to shout it from the roof tops. But as you know everyone else was not as excited as I was. So being left without a church home or place to minister I felt quite empty and alone. Although at the same time being elated by the knowledge of the truth; which more than made up for the loss. Since then I have visited many churches all around the nation that teach one version of this message or another; and loved the fellowship. Not to speak of all the internet sites out there that have given me much encouragement. Then Dr. Lovelace introduced me to CITN about 3 years ago and I have felt at home ever since; as much as one can through a cyber relationship. And I have felt like you are my pastor. I appreciate you and your openness and honesty so much. Knowing that the risk you are taking by openly preaching this message in the face of the religious right. God bless you and thank you for letting me ramble; I don’t know how I got on this, but thank you for listening. Be blessed !

Kettly said...

Dear Bishop,

Again and again,this song keep coming on.What the world needs now it's love sweet,love.Yes! the world needs love,and that's exatly what Jesus want us to have.He says in John.13:34-35.Now I am giving you a new commandment:Love each other.Just as I have loved you,you should love each other.Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.The gifts that come from love are many.Here are a few:1forgiveness,2.patience,3.kindness,4love for truth,5.love for justice,6love for best in a person,7.loyaty at any cost,8.belief in a person no matter what.Love does not allow jealousy,envy,pride,a haughty spirit,selfishness,rudeness,a demand for one's own way,irritability, and grudges.
Being a christian comes with certain expectations,and one of them is that we will love others. Our Christian conduct is proof of whether we love each other,and loving each other is proof that we belong to Christ.Love never gives up,never loses faith,is always hopeful,and endures through every circumstance.

Teezy313 said...

PM I've got nothin but time!!!

Anonymous said...

LPinSC: I'm looking forward to hearing how God shows Himself in your journey. Covering you with prayer, of course.