Sunday, March 23, 2008

HE IS...

Chapter 20 - John In The Now

1. Early on Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and was surprised to find that the stone that had been lodged into the entrance had somehow been rolled away.
2. As soon as she assessed the situation, she immediately ran to find Simon Peter and the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and when she got to them she blurted out, “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb and we don’t know where they have put Him!”
3. When Peter and the other disciple heard this, they just took off running to the tomb to see for themselves.
4. The two disciples initially were running together, but then the other disciple picked up speed and outran Peter, arriving at the tomb first.
5. And when he got there, he stooped down to look inside and saw the linen grave clothes lying there, but he didn’t enter the tomb.
6. But when Peter got there, he just went right in and also saw the little pile of linen material lying there.
7. Next to it was the piece of cloth that had been used to cover Jesus’ face, neatly rolled up and in a place by itself.
8. The disciple who got there first then entered the tomb and, when he saw the whole scenario, he believed fully in the resurrection.
9. For as yet the disciples had not made the connection that the Scriptures had said that He would rise from the dead.
10. But even though he believed, the disciple didn’t know what to do about it, so he and Peter both just went back to their homes.
11. Mary Magdalene, on the other hand, remained there and just stood outside the tomb weeping. And at a certain point, while she was still in tears, she stooped down and looked into the interior.
12. Inside she saw two men who appeared to be angels, all dressed in white, sitting where Jesus’ body had been. One was sitting at the head, the other at the foot.
13. They turned and looked right at her and asked, “Why are you crying?” She answered, “Because they have taken away my Lord’s body, and I don’t know where they have put Him.”
14. As soon as Mary said this, she became aware that someone was standing right behind her. So she quickly turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she didn’t realize that it was Him.
15. Jesus asked her “Why are you crying, Ma’am? Who are you looking for?” She just assumed He was the gardener and said, “Sir, if you have removed His body, please tell me, so that I can go and get it.”
16. Then Jesus said to her, “Mary!” Suddenly, the sound of His voice penetrated her stupor and, realizing who He was, she cried out, “Teacher!”
17. When she reached out to embrace Him, He told her, “Don’t try to hold on to Me, Mary. I am making the transition into the Father’s dimension, and you can’t keep Me here. I no longer belong in the physical body that you are used to seeing and holding, so don’t touch Me. But tell My disciples that I am going to our Father and to our God.”
18. So Mary Magdalene went immediately to the disciples and declared to them that she had seen the Lord. She also told them what He had said to her.
19. But the disciples were afraid of the religious leaders, so, on the evening of that same day, they assembled themselves and barricaded the doors of their meeting room. But as soon as they built the barricade, Jesus just appeared in the middle of the room and said to them, “Peace be with all of you!”
20. When He had said this, He showed them all His hands and His side and, when they got over the shock of seeing Him, they became exuberant and began rejoicing.
21. Once again He said to them, “Peace be to all of you; just as the Father sent Me into this dimension, now I am sending you to all the people of the world.”
22. Then He took a deep breath and began to breathe and blow on them, and into them, in the same way that God had breathed into Adam in the creation. As He continued to blow on them, He began to say, “Receive…receive…receive the Holy Spirit.
23. “Receive the power to forgive sins; if you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you refuse to forgive them, they are unforgiven. You now have the same power and authority on the earth that I have had, not just to heal diseases, but to forgive sins, as well.”
24. Now Thomas (called the Twin) was one of the twelve, but he was not with them in the room that night.
25. So when the disciples recounted to him the story of Jesus’ amazing appearance and the transfer of anointing that took place there with them all, he was more than a little skeptical. When they told him that they had seen the Lord, Thomas said, “Unless I see the holes in His hands made from the spikes and put my finger through them and put my hand into the opening in His side made by the spear, I will not believe.”
26. So, a full week later the disciples were all together again, this time with Thomas, with the doors barricaded just like before. And in the same way, Jesus appeared in the middle of the room and said, “Peace be to all of you!”
27. Then He looked at Thomas, held up His hands in front of Him and said, “Go ahead, Thomas, put your finger through the holes in My hands and reach into the open place in My side. I don’t want you to be an unbeliever, so if this is what it takes to get you to believe, then please explore all of My wounds; see for yourself and believe!”
28. But Thomas didn’t have to touch Him. He knew immediately that it was Him and simply said, “My Lord and my God.”
29. Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because you have seen Me with your natural eyes, you have believed. But there is a special blessing for those who have the faith, the vision, the imagination, to believe in what they can’t see.”
30. Jesus actually did many other miraculous signs in the presence of His disciples, miracles that are not even recorded in this book.
31. But the ones that are recorded here are written that you, the reader, may believe that Jesus was and is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing in Him you may live your life to the fullest in His name.

Happy Resurrection Day, bloggers!


Erik said...

Hello, Beautiful Day !!

All that could ever tarnish any one of us in any way has long ago been washed away. Every one is always ablaze in the glory of The I AM, G-d, God, The indefinable, uncontainable.

This is a specific day we choose to especially celebrate what shines from within every one of us, and through everything there is, the Fruit of the Tree of Life, The one without name known to any other, except oneself.

The jubilance in God’s glory , Praise God !!! Yes !!!! Amen !!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Resurrection Day, everyone!


Here's what JITN illuminates in me: It was early & still dark when Mary Magdalene FOUND that The Ancient landmark that the Father set was removed.

Tomb = vault, chamber or house for the dead.

After assessing the situation, she RAN & got two more.

Mary said, "They" (unwittingly released Jesus into His divine destiny) and "we" don't know where "they" have put Him!"


When Peter and the other disciple heard this, they just TOOK OFF RUNNING to the cave to SEE for themselves.

(Where two or three are gathered in His name, there HE IS, in the midst of them.)

Initially, two companions ran together. But zeal compelled one to go faster. Though he arrived first, it was Peter (a stone) who entered into that rock-hewn cave.

"The other" SAW grave clothes, while Peter SAW a pile of linen material. Linen was sometimes used to make curtains.

Fine linen was made of flax. One site explains that in Heb. pishtah = "peeled". An allusion to the fact that the stalks of flax when dried, were first split or peeled before being steeped in water for the purpose of destroying the pulp.

A napkin of linen concealed God's Face.

By faith, the first arriving disciple SAW the scenario and totally believed in the resurrection - even though it hadn't yet manifested.

But, not knowing how to process what their eyes had beheld, they went home.

And Mary cried. As the liquid cleared the peels from her eyes, she took a closer look and saw things differently.

Two angels, appearing as men dressed in white sat where the body of Jesus was laid. They heard her voice, saw her tears & asked why.

She repeated her earlier anguish. But, this time, in the presence of two others, she realized The Presence of Someone beside her.

She (correctly) perceived He was the Gardener (you know - the One from the beginning). Her old flesh habits asked for substance of the Fulfillment of her faith!

So, Jesus had to release her from that mindset.

When Mary received the totality of this truth, she went immediately to tell the others and declared another unveiling of our Lord.

Because fear had dominated so many areas of their lives, the disciples barricaded themselves in, for protection.

But, Light filtered into their chambers.

Peace is His key.

Hosanna in the Highest!

Kettly said...


Because I did !so did many that were there looking were the sun arising the sign of the CROSS shines so bright.

This Wonderful News of the resurrection shouts that Christ is here! He is still in our presence. Even though we are hard pressed to live consistenly as believers,we can find strength and hope in the face of Jesus.

Jesus is present. His promise to never leave or forsake us is still good,but where should we look.

Our quest leads us to find Him in the obvious and in the unlikely,in the comforter and the stranger,in the beautiful and in the unbeautiful.His presence resides in which is dangerous as well as in safety,in enemies as well as in our friends, in those who speak the same things and those who have other ideas.In both the successful and the defeated,the wealthy and the poor, Jesus can be found. Jesus
is present when the table is empty and when there bread and wine. That
promise of presence has no limitations.

Following Christ means not only celebrating the Good News but living it. With responsibilities,courage,and vision
we can open ourselves(like we did this morning),to that loving presence wherever Christ appears.

May the Risen of Christ,the One who enter trough walls enter that part of our hearts and life Today.

Have a bless Happy Easter!
Love kekette.(kettly)

Anonymous said...

Risen indeed! Cars in the front yard, but checking in.

Ebony said...

Resurrection Blessings to all! I didn't get a chance to get to sunrise this morning but I know that it was incredible because it set the tone for a wonderful Worship service!! The music, the atmosphere, everything was just beautiful. Bishop the word you gave today was awesome! I especially love points 4-6. How he lives to touch others and he lives for the unbeliever, I had someone tell me a few months ago while he was "away" that talking to me or reading my letters was like hearing Heaven's voice. I thought he was being melodramatic, but then I realized, for some people in our lives, the only glimpse of Jesus they ever see is what we show them, so when we give them an exhortation, pray for them, love them, we are doing so in His stead, just like he intercedes for us. Let us always remember that everywhere we go.
"Into the water, into the truth,

There's something about that song.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Erik, your message was the first one I read this was like sunshine (BTW, the food you sent has saved my life a couple of times this week when I had too much to do to leave the office and pick up something...and it was excellent...Jesus will never say to you "I was hungry and you fed me not", because you definitely did it unto me!)

Izumi, I read yours right before service and it made me consider asking you to preach this morning...

Kettly, I didn't see it because my back was to the eastern sky this morning, but I don't doubt that everyone else saw it. Thanks for the exhortation on the cross...

It was cool, wasn't it, Avatar?

Well said, Ebony...

tracy said...

What an awesome day! Resurrection Day! I am taking that prophetically. A new day, coming back and not being recognizable from how I looked three days ago, strong stuff. Never to lack or want because HE LIVES. Not serving some dead Jesus or some tiny Jesus....Can't wait to serve the resurrected Jesus this week.

tracy said...

Oh yeah..all of you deep thinkers, help me with this one, why was the cloth that covered Jesus's face rolled up neatly in the tomb and the grave clothes were basically "tossed"? It seems very relevant, but I can't figure out how, maybe too many peeps and jellybeans today.

Anonymous said...

Tracy - Maybe because it held the first breath of God from the resurrected Christ. Too precious to willingly shed like the grave clothes. The grave clothes were tossed like death; the cloth capturing the first fragrent breath of the risen first born was handled with reverence . . . just my first thought . . .


tracy said...

Thanks AD, good answer. I am also thinking maybe how Moses veiled his face so everyone couldn't see the glory of the Lord because the people couldn't handle it- Jesus intentionally folded the linen from over his face and left it in the tomb so everyone COULD see the glory of the Lord when He came out.

Donald said...

I've often wondered about that Tracy. After reading your question and sitting in my La-z-boy enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of coconut cake which was administered by Her Majesty, a thought came to mind (which is not totally uncommon thank you).
I had never had this thought about this subject before and don't know if it is from God or not, so I will present it as speculation.
But since the cloth that covered his face/head was folded neatly and the remaining burial clothes appeared tossed and in disarray I thought that it could be symbolic.
Maybe that was Jesus's way of saying that his part (the head) was all finished and now in order with nothing remaining to be done. And the remaining clothes (the body) still had some work that needed to be done to them. Sort of like he was saying he didn't want us to be living out of a clothes basket, but get them folded and put away properly (e.g. get it together folks).
But from what I just heard on TV it doesn't matter anyway. We only have 4 more years to go and we can ask him for ourselves before he tosses our #@@'es in hell since we don't believe like the guy that just said it should all wind down by 2012.

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Bish. But, I'm a dreamer - not a preacher! Thank you.

Service was excellent. Loved Chad's recitation and Chandra's song. (WOW!!!)

Your 1st point made me laugh inwardly; almost wrote the same thing.

I realize you had 7 others; that's obvious. I scribbled them down.

HOWEVER, when you read JITN (first verse) this morning, I kept getting side-tracked by more questions.

Like, for instance... did Mary Magdalene have others with her? Why did she say, "we" don't know where they have put Him!"?

In verse 12, I reversed it by saying two angels who appeared to be men dressed in white. I wondered how John identified the tomb's occupants as celestial beings. Like... was that so common an experience that they were readily recognizable?

And well then... after that, a whole bunch of what-ifs paraded my mental Etch-A-Sketch.

Like, Jim Gaffigan at the manger, carrying an Easter basket full of white socks, for instance.

Anyway... what if a supernatural exchange occurred @ Jesus' resurrection? Mary Magdalene ran the first part of the relay, then two disciples ran beside each other.

John's adrenaline kicked in & he beat Peter to the tomb. While one stayed @ the entrance, the other went a little further.

Both left the area PHYSICALLY. (just as Jesus had, days before) Could this be one of those, "greater things" that Jesus mentioned men would see? He promised that He'd quicken some.

What if their expectation, anticipation & energy mingled with that swirling around in atmosphere?

What if faith was released into the tomb where Christ's body was laid? (He did say He'd be looking for it, when He returned)

Did effervescence cause the stone @ the entrance to pop off and roll aside?

Some minerals are excellent energy conductors. Moses got water from speaking to a rock. (Maybe there's a natural explanation for it. Seems pretty miraculous to me.)

What if... that Scripture, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] unto me," became a reality when the three approached the tomb?

What if... two physical bodies were witnessed leaving the premises while their faith/spirit bodies connected with Christ's glory and manifested to Mary as angelic beings?

We had fried turkey today; can't believe the tryptophan hasn't kicked in yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy,

Jesus is the living Bread, so it's kinda cool how the cloth that covered His face was a roll.

I've heard a couple of explanations (hopefully more, here) but can't recall what they were.

Here's what I wonder: What if the linen grave clothes were symbolic of a chrysalis? The rolled up cloth was in a place by itself.

Maybe the significance of the face cloth vs. grave clothes, would be on on God's Face, rather death's garments?

There are lots of definitions for the word "roll". Like, "archives","volume", or "the head or top of the stick or cylinder on which the manuscript was rolled" - the manuscript itself.

Interesting, considering Jesus is the Word made flesh.

Don't know why, but when reading this account, I think of the Book of Acts and the miracles God performed through Paul's hands.

Handkerchiefs and aprons from his body were taken to the sick & many were healed from their afflictions. Wonder where he got the inspiration to try that?

There's probably a bazillion answers to your question. And they'll all beg for me to type them tomorrow. (aaaaack!)


tracy said...

Dang Donald- I was just casually reading everyones great posts and now I can't linger here! 4 years?? ONLY 4 years to get my house in order? I better get busy, it will take atleast that long! Talk to ya'll later, I need to make a checklist.

Anonymous said...

Izumi/Joy: "one saw", "the other saw", destroying the pulp, the Gardener!, light filtered IN to the barricaded, "will draw all men" became a reality when three approached. WOW.

Kettly: I didn't see it either. But I loved seeing the joy of those who shared that they had.

Ebony: "the only glimpse they ever see." Powerful, humbling and weighty!

Tracy: it takes a deep thinker to ask a cool question!

T.,Donald,A.D. and ALL: I've often imagined that He removed the head cloth Himself [first breath of life, A.D.! wow]. Grave clothes would have covered His arms and legs. He "needed" angelic help to be unwrapped? He could have exploded them to bits I'm sure, but they were "a pile" [tossed like death, laundry needing to be done] by His Body! The angels couldn't do THAT. So energizing!

Do you think He had US [wow, Chad] in mind, in the "future", while He neatly folded His clue? I can see Him sitting there smiling, thinking of US. I imagine there are others, but THIS Body is sooooo cool!!!

Bishop: yay-ess! Still processing. Mostly speechless at this point.

Lise said...

Hey Donald... regarding thoughts coming to mind... :)
99% of the time that I say to Joe (spouse), "Hey, I just had a thought!" he gets that look of horror, and the "Oh no, what is it?" follows. WHY IS THAT?!? He swears I should dye my hair blonde again! (Apologies to blondes everywhere!)

Anonymous said...

Avatar... here's what I'm wondering: "One saw", "another saw". There's several ways to look at it. (no pun intended - but bonus)

* Saw, as in perceive, look at; discern (the 4 Gospels, for instance - similar, but not all the same)

* Saw as in: receive as a visitor

* To court; keep frequent company with

* To attend

* To read about it

* To stay with or persevere

* A memorable saying; a proverb

And... it might also represent a cutting tool that destroyed the pulp. Maybe the disciples were blades.

Maybe one application of "saw" was a manifestation of Matthew 26:56, when ALL the disciples forsook Jesus and fled.

Later, when they bent down to look into death's tomb, maybe Light revealed a hologram of the piercing moment they cut and run, severing communion from Him.

Just a thought. Or maybe a bazillion.

DoubleBack Alley said...

Korea and Africa (Uganda, wasn't it?) very cool... Bless you on your travels. Bring me back what ever it is they have in those parts of the world. Bring two; I'll give one to Bob. Ben Mankiewicz is jealous now.

Dudes and dudettes, did you guys see the star explode last week? I didn't either, but apparently, had we been nightskying, we would have been able to see it with the naked eye. It traveled thirty seven billion light years to reach our visage. Over five hundred four quadrillion miles. Think about that, the star imploded at a time when the universe was just half its present age. All that power and it still had to pass through Hartsfield for you guys to see it.

That star has been destroyed nearly 40 BILLION years. It is gone. It is froo. Gawn. Hiz-toe-ree. There's been a black hole for all that time, sucking in life, creating a galaxy around itself by the sheer will of gravitational pull. Perhaps beings are living and expiring in that realm. Maybe they consider what we are like.

And only last Thursday did we see the explosion. Thursday, March 20, 2008, we see 40 billion years of history for one hour and twenty five minutes. Is that power of light pulsating throughout the universe the good that God saw when he said, “Let there be light”? Is it any wonder that the heavens declare God's glory? I realize I am a King and Lord, but moments like that make me feel really small.

Trillions of forty billion year old neutrinos passed through you and I last week. The light from the other side of the universe coursed through us without impediment. Did you feel it? Can you feel the light? Are you light-headed?

Synothesia is a condition where folks see colors or shapes upon hearing a sound. I wonder if it works in reverse. Can I hear light if it illuminates the inward man? If light is capable of conjuring up a cacophony of chords that cause me to explore my revelatory core, is that the Creator? Is light more than we think? Let there be light. I am - the Light of World! Speak in Light what you hear in the ear. The light of the body is the eye; let your whole body be full of light. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. Did Jesus turn into light? Does he carry a light saber now instead of a sword? Is that our destiny? Is the light at the end of the tunnel really us looking back at ourselves? Why windows of heaven, Sahib, except to allow light in and out? Oops, you did it again. I will be on this all day.

Peacemaker – Great pic from my radical past. Happy Christmas, War is Over. Funny that Winston Churchill used the same to sign Victory in War. Matter of perspective, huh? Remember how awkward Nixon looked when he flashed it? You wear it well, PM.

Izumi – Eloquent, elegant and exotic.

Sahib, service was most excellent. Easter has become my favorite holiday. Kinda bummed that my birthday can never fall on Ester, it’s December 25th. Can I have a to go box for the light?

Ain’t God Good?

Donald said...

I just had another thought. What if Jesus folded the head cloth and tossed the others and said to the angels, "This oughta keep 'em guessing" or "Watch 'em try to figure out why this one is like this and that one is like that."
Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Doubleback Alley - thank you and ditto.

I'll take a break for a little bit. But, that whole synethesia topic is intriguing.

* Donald - your musing about the folded head cloth is funny. I have another idea about that. Will blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Izumi/Joy: "a cutting tool that destroyed the pulp", "Maybe the disciples were blades--forsaking Jesus and fleeing, severing communion."

These make me think of the dying, waiting for one last thing before they go. Or dying on one level to go to the next, and us sometimes needing rejection to force us to move in the direction of the next level. Doing it sometimes only because the "old" level has rejected us.

Sort of has a chicken/egg, which came first, feel about it. And, like Bishop has said, then I want to pop in an episode of Gilligan's Island or go ride my bike with no hands!

lhollow27 said...

What was the name of that song we sang that was like a chant? Anyone know? I have tried to google it but have had no luck. I need that every morning! I pray that everyone is still moving and shaking from that awesome service. I AM HOOKED ON THIS BLOG BISHOP!
Love to all...Have a Terrific Tuesday! I am soooo looking forward to church on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Avatar re: ... Or dying on one level to go to the next, and us sometimes needing rejection to force us to move in the direction of the next level. Doing it sometimes only because the "old" level has rejected us.

You're saying the "old" level was always meant to never fit? Gee whiz, Professor!

Anonymous said...

I/J: (smile)
I was also making reference to Jesus "needing" it. Back to the fully human, yet with fully divine love dwelling in Him. Like Donald mentions he's sad to see his son go back to school and it always hurts in a deep place in me to see the cars drive away too.

How much more does a fully divine lover of His friends have at least a little, but I imagine great, struggle leaving. I've always imagined the struggle was with the "death" He saw coming. But now, getting more into the fully human, see the wanting to please God of course, yet loving His friends and wanting to stay. I'm just thinking that the rejections, though excruciating, also helped Him take the step He needed to take, not to mention forcing him completely to the Father.

Last week, teaching on Jacob and Esau, Bishop showed us a glimpse of the depth of that love when he spoke about Esau running to Jacob.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

lhollow27, are you referring to a song we sang this past Sunday? The only chant song I can think of is "Victory Chant" by Bob Fitts (Hail, Jesus, You're my King...)

Anonymous said...

Avatar, as a parent & grandparent, I understand that about kid's leaving.

However, as a child/wife of military men, I also remember being mobile. And from that perspective, I can relate to the Son of God feeling claustrophobic, here. He didn't fit and He probably always knew He wasn't staying.

His essence was too much. This physical realm couldn't contain Him.

A couple of years ago, while driving on a 2 lane road in Texas, I was enjoying the scenery, some music (Praise Party) and the expanse of sky.

There I was, lost in reverie, with a couple of Lunchables, a bag of Laffy Taffy & a sleepy daughter (or maybe she was praying because I was driving - I dunno) riding shotgun, when the Lord casually said to me, "You're bigger than all that, you know."

HUH? I laughed to myself, "Yeah, right. Tell me where THAT is in Scripture!"

He said, "Greater is He that's in you, than he that's in the world."

So, I'm like... "Cool. Have some Ritz and Dr. Pepper with me?"

Anonymous said...

Iz joy: cool ride revelation, and I get the claustrophic concept too. Which does relate to my current focus on His humanity. "Gotta go, cos we can't be together in the flesh yet, and Oh, how I long for that to be possible. Glory is coming, but for now, I gotta go." I'm interested in exploring the longing that He may have to be here in a body, tasting Ritz and Dr. Pepper.
sidebar: did you see John Travolta's "Michael".

I's need dotting and t's need crossing, probably [I'm not saying you are saying that, just was a thought]. But right now, I'm working on getting a sense of His longing.

Anonymous said...

Avatar - yes, I saw the movie, "Michael". (enjoyed parts of it - any particular reference?)

Are you asking, why me? I don't know; certainly more spiritual people out there.

I can't speak for Him regarding longing for His creation. All I know, is that I was thoroughly enjoying the day.

Like today, it was spring & bright outside. The music was turned way up. My daughter was asleep. Then, I heard the Voice.

It's still as clear to me, as it was then. The countryside was gorgeous and I said so to myself.

We had the road all to ourselves & the tank was full. Just a really good place to be, was all.

How do you see or sense Jesus' longing?

Anonymous said...

Izjoy: Apologies for the delay. I had an appointment last night.

movie Michael—little snippets come to mind. He was who he was. Mostly his enjoying being allowed to become human so he could taste the world. He couldn’t get enough sugar. His being here caused him to molt. I probably need to watch it again with “now” eyes. Those parts definitely stuck.

Am I asking why you? Definitely not. I just enjoyed hearing about one of your times with Him.

How do you see or sense Jesus' longing? It’s just snippets right now and I wonder sometimes if I really want to know the whole shebang [reminds me of Bishop talking about wanting to go to a church with the nurses]. Could be too much. But His being “held” for so long waiting until the restoration. He’s been here on earth. He knows what He’s missing. The touch of a hand, a hug. An arm around His buddies shoulders. Tasting all the food of the world. Is it enough to be “in” us doing it? Or is there a difference. Glorified bodies. God created the world for us to enjoy. I am imagining that He wants to come back and do that to and that includes what His longing might be like.

Anonymous said...

Hey Avatar,

Re: Maybe the movie's about how earth's atmosphere causes heaven's glory to change?

Like, what aspect about physicality causes spirit to deteriorate?

Maybe Michael couldn't get enough sugar because He was tasting what God made & saw God's goodness in earth form vs. his heavenly realm?

Maybe celestial beings are curious. God so loved the world and from their abode, they wonder why?