Monday, March 17, 2008

I Bless The Rains Down In Africa!

I know that it is somewhat unusual for me to post this, especially at this time. I've already published something for today, and had something else in mind for what I wanted to write for tomorrow (still trying to get to the movie reviews)...I don't even know Chad Taylor, and I don't know why I'm on his e-mail newsletter list...maybe through Doug Fortune or Kelley Varner...anyway, I usually don't pay that much attention to prophetic newsletters because they generally are from people who are not on the page with me about reconciliation, and typically are too devil-conscious for my tastes.

But I found this picture of God holding Africa the other night and saved it for some reason...I thought it was because I'm going to Uganda in September and just had Africa on the brain...but today this e-mail came to me with this prophecy, and it caught my attention because of what I had just taught about Jacob and Esau (even though it's talking about something other than what I taught)...don't know why, just want to share it...(I've even added the song Africa by Toto to the songlist...I love Toto, and the lyrics to the song have a deeper meaning for me than what is obvious)...

Chad Taylor
Mar 17, 2008

"Africa will become a Storehouse to the Nations--the Army and the Wealth of Esau is Coming Back"

Below is a prophecy Chad Taylor spoke over Africa, given on February 17, 2008 at Victory Christian Fellowship in Fresno, California:

Africa, mighty nation of kings and princes, the Lord says to Africa, "Rachel, weep no more. Your children are coming back to their borders, and every anointing that was forfeited, sold and stolen on every foreign seashore will return to your continent a hundred fold in this lifetime and the life to come. For I see Esau coming back to Jacob; I see the army of Esau and all of his lambs and sheep. I see the wealth of Esau coming back to Jacob. I see the Queen of Sheba coming unto Solomon. I see the wealth of the wicked returning; returning to the shores of Africa. And you will rebuild the old waste places and the cities that have been ashes."

God will raise up before your eyes, even like a new Jerusalem, God will raise up a city, God will raise up a continent, and God will raise up a nation even in a day.

Esau, Jacob and the Spirit of Joseph

God says, "It will be a miracle; it will be a phenomena. It will be a paradox to some, a miracle to others, and a phenomena to not just a few with what I do through you, oh Africa. For the army and the wealth of Esau, and the birthright that was stolen and sold is coming back to Jacob."

I see ships, ships, ships full of your people, full of generations, full of mantles, full of anointing, and full of crowns coming back, filling your seashores and filling the horizons as far as the eye can see. From a thousand years ago until now, coming back, coming back, and coming back; for what the devil meant for evil, God has always intended for your good. And the spirit of Joseph shall rest upon you, and you will live in no pit and no prison no more. And the scepter of Pharaoh shall be extended to your nation and kings shall come to the brightness of its rising and the army of the gentiles shall come because the glory of the Lord is arising and shining upon you.

Storehouses to the Nations

God says, "And though gross darkness has covered you, My glory shall arise and shine upon you. For that very text of Scripture was written for such a time as this, and you will not fail in the time of testing and you will pour it back upon the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Great charity will break poverty, and Africa will become a storehouse to the nations. There will be storehouses filled with new manna and new bread, and other countries in the next decade will come to Africa to fill their bags and fill their ships. I will completely turn it around, for all things work together for the good of those called according to My purposes, and My purposes are coming into fullness, fullness, fullness.

And I am recapturing the minds of your youth. They will become doctors and they will become geniuses in their fields. They will become physicists and doctors and lawyers and they will defend you and they will stand for you. And I will raise them up to be the head and not the tail, as prophets and kings--as priests." Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Signs and Wonders Over Africa

It starts in 2008. The stall and the calves have left the gate in 2008, and you will see a phenomenon in the sky above; you watch it, you watch it. Those that are observant and those that are prophetic and even science shall record the mysteries and the signs and wonders in the heavens above and the earth beneath. Blood, fire and pillars of smoke shall be seen over Africa as a sign and a wonder and as a symbol of God's promises and His ability to perform them in this hour. Strange eclipses of the sun and the moon; strange phenomena in the heavens.

I hear the Lord saying, "A star is born, and kings will come to the brightness of its rising to bring their gifts, to bring their wealth and to bring their wisdom."

Hospitals, Universities and Technological Breakthroughs

I see medical hospitals and medical colleges rising up within Africa that will be the envy of the nations, and people will come there to attend those schools and those universities. Like Oxford was in England, God is raising up the academic anointing in the nation of Africa, and you will be the envy of England and the envy of America. Great medical institutions and great academic institutions shall arise from the ashes of civil war.

God says, "Where war has marked those countries, so shall My glory now mark them. I will remove the pricks that you have kicked against and I will remove the obstacles and I will make a way where there appeared to be in one day, no way."

Oh my God. Oh my God. And the Lord says, "I will break up the fountains of the deep and waters shall be found. Waters shall be discovered that will be bottled, that shall become an industrious witty-invention and will bring wealth to the people in the Christian communities. Discoveries, hidden treasures in the darkness will be coming to the light, to the faithful few, and into the hands of the Joseph-anointed. For I am building an Ark in the continent of Africa, and many nations shall come to find the Glory that resides in you."


Donald said...


peacemaker said...

Not really sure what I think about regional prophesy of the exclusive kind any more, but, if science and archeology are correct declaring Africa as the cradle of humanity, then it would stand to reason the special place it would hold within the heart of God.

Very interesting.

HollyC said...

What Donald said... ; )

Iris said...


I’ve always had a heart for Africa, I’ve spent a lot of time there on different occasions… This prophecy is absolutely incredible… WOW!!!


Anonymous said...

This is really an honest question. Does God force His love on mankind? His very nature contradicts such a notiion. Yet, the ultimate reconciliation of all "doctrine" virtually says that His love will be forced on mankind because as you noted either all are saved or none are saved. What are you thoughts on this?

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hi Jay, and welcome!

Since it’s a question and not an invitation to a debate, I’ll respond, but it’s really unanswerable because it requires God’s love to be defined by human standards. When Jesus said “If I am lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto Me”, the Greek word “draw” is better translated “drag”, as in “I will drag all men or peoples unto Myself”…but even trying to understand that Scripture from a natural paradigm is a challenge.

I understand what you’re asking, I think, but your question is really more about our free will than it is about Agape love. It’s like asking if you were born because God “forced” life on you, or if you live and breathe because God “forces” oxygen on you. That’s why there’s no way to answer the question…God doesn’t “force” love because He doesn’t “have” love to force on anyone…He IS love!

This is a divine mystery…but having love and being love are two different things. The closest I can come to understanding it is through my relationship with my own children. I loved them before they were born, and I will always love them. Am I “forcing” my love on them? I could attempt to force my will on them, or my values, or my ideas…but the love I have for them just is, and so it will always be. They may try my patience and even suffer the consequences of disobeying me, but they will never lose my love because they didn’t earn it in the first place. And Jesus said, “If you, then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to you children, how much more does your Father give?”

That’s all I want to say about it, though, and here’s why…when people ask me about the “doctrine of reconciliation”, I say there is no such thing. The Scriptures call it the MINISTRY of Reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18) and the WORD of Reconciliation (v. 19). Ministry has to be discerned by the Spirit, and a word has to be heard by the Spirit. Hope that helps. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Well, then.

Ministry of reconciliation. Africa.
"For I see Esau coming back to Jacob...before your eyes, even like a new Jerusalem, God will raise up a city...Esau, Jacob and the Spirit of Joseph...The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation."

Sort of makes Friday's typo move up a little higher on the radar!

Erik said...

Hi All,
Catching up here. In the mind of the perceived ‘last’ will ‘first’ , the prophecy fits – from the natural world paradigm, economic, military, and political ‘status’ –(whatever ‘status’ really is) it only makes sense that the perennial powers for the last 5 centuries, the natural ‘kings’ of the world will seek blessing from the ‘servants’ of the world. All the politics aside, to be king, one must be a servant. The only king that adds value is the one who is a first a servant.
A vision that has kept coming to me, is that every place of worship, temple, mosque, church, woods, cave, everyplace- no matter the tradition or belief – that every place of worship, every place that people gather regularly to connect together with God, however they understand God, agrees that for a 24 or 48 hour period all will have at least 2 people there (not the same 2 people at each place for the hours) during that time, maybe Fri 6 Pm Greenwich Mean Time to 6 PM Sat Greenwich Mean Time, every place of worship is doing so all around the world at the same time. What occurs to me is that would be something that has not previously happened, or at least not for a long time. The point would be to share the continued presence of God between people, all over the world, on purpose, in concert, at each their own concept. No requiring that anyone agree with anything except our desire to worship God as we each understand. It may take a few months to put out the idea and get acceptance to the idea. It could be something like the longest day of the year, or whatever weekend is nearest. Tying in the idea of The Daystar, which seems to cross all belief cultures, and is critical to the experience we all have in this Earth.
It would be a change in our choices and experience in worship, to join in during that time, sharing with every other place of worship around the world. We all feed into the other, 1st in the spiritual realm, and then in the physical realm. All would see God in their worship during the same day.

Bishop, I agree so much with the Biblical idea you quoted, “ If we humans can give good gifts to our children, our loved ones, how much more does God give?” What I love about that, is that I have a really big imagination, and to know that God does way more love, goodness than I can imagine, just makes me want to imagine more. I love that !!!

Straying a bit from the original post, it seems to me living on purpose is dancing like David danced. We live life on purpose, in confidence to purpose and openly embrace our choices. The alternative is living by accident, where we do little on purpose, and much by reaction. For me and my house, we will serve the Lord. We use and apply the authority and dominion He has provided, filled us all with in this world. With that, it does not matter if 100 fall at our left and 10,000 at our right, regardless of which culture, continent, hemisphere has natural dominion, as it does shift all around this sphere, we ALL enjoy living on purpose and in the abundance that is always present, without limitation based on theology. God has been here all the time and we did not notice, we should build an alter that fills the Earth. Oh, God already has, us ALL.

Teezy313 said...

WHOA!!! good stuff!