Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'll Be Back! (AND THEN SOME)

Good Morning, bloggers!

I'll be back to post an article later today. If you want to connect with each other, go ahead and start without me...I'll catch up with you all later.



OK, it's a few hours later and I'm back...thanks for getting the way, I'll be out of the country for most of next week (Tuesday through Saturday), so I don't know if I'll be able to do anything with the blog or not. I'm taking my laptop with me...we'll see what happens (more about that later)...

Listen, I know that yesterday was kind of a strange day for a lot of was for me, too. Shake it off...get into the now. It's a new day...

I'm in kind of a prophetic mode today, so I'm going to speak to you in pictures...

This is for my spirit I hear "What you see today is just the tip of the iceberg...don't be disappointed...don't be frustrated with what you perceive to be limited resources...there's so much more than you can see on the surface right now...God is more than enough!"

And this is for someone who has never logged on before (it will be a sign to you because you'll know what I mean by this)... "This isn't an impossible situation...the answer is right before you...think with your WHOLE BRAIN for a change, and you will resolve this issue before sundown today."

And for the one who is battling with depression today... "Give yourself a break...just relax a little, and stay connected...someone has a word here for you today."


OK, that's all...I try not to overthink stuff like this...I just go with the flow...if one of them is for you, speak up and let me know...


el ojo y la luz said...

I knew you would say something tonight. Wednesday night's service was awesome. I came across a book that has "experiencing CHRIST together" and "living with purpose in community" on the cover. After yesterday's blog, I have to read this book. It sounds like the now.

One thing from your message that spoke to me was being blinded by the light, so you can really see. Powerful stuff. I mean, you are enlightened, no doubt. But you can't see the way you always have more clearly. The light makes you see in a new(now) way. O' the glory of the I AM!

Good morning/night Bishop and family!

Kettly said...

Good Morning Bishop,
Good Morning To You All;

The Song Playing now is:What The World Needs Now is LOVE SWEET LOVE.

Anyway since Bishop Says:"He'll be back". I guess I'll start for him with this: When I Talk about Jesus.

When I talk about Jesus, I'm talking about what God has brought in my life: A new faith that has overcome old fears.A new hope that drives away despair. A new light that outshines the darkness. A new wisdom that overshadows ignorance. A brand new liberation that puts oppression to rest. A new wholeness
that dissipates sexism, racism,and classism.

When I sing,pray,and dance Jesus, when I smile and raise my hands,
these are expressions of my willingness to share what I have and also to invite God to work through my life. I present to you my living Jesus, God's offspring in my consciousness and in my living.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all soul,and with all your stregth,and with all your mind;and your neighbor as yourself.(Luke 10:27)

peacemaker said...

Good morning Blothers and Blisters(huh?)

Missed you all yesterday. Kind of in a place of transition. I'm sure we all experience it as we continue to evolve. It's uncomfortable, but I love it. It's like a feel good hurt.

I really believe we're all linked by a fabric of unseen connections. This fabric is constantly changing and evolving. Though not tangible, this field is directly structured and influnced by our understanding.
Alot has been brought to the table since this blog's inception and because I have chosen to partake, my understanding in many realms has greatly increased.

Bishop, I can't thank you enough for this your labor of love. May we never take for granted the time and effort put here. Great will be the numbers. Great will be the wisdom. Great will be the connections and the understanding. There is something deeply sacred about the connection we all share on this blogsite.

"What we know about individuals, no matter how rich the details, will never give us the ability to predict how they will behave as a system. Once individuals link together they become something different...Only when we join with others do our gifts become visible, even to ourselves."
Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers

Peace to you on this beautiful day.


Donald said...

I missed the first 30 minutes of the broadcast last night. I don't know if there was a problem with Streamingfaith or if my computer was messed up. After I restarted my unit everything went back to normal so I guess my machine just needed an exorcism.
It could have been a test too because in times past when similar problems occurred I would have thrown a temper tantrum and went off.
But I just said, "Well bless God I'll just watch Andy on TVLand".
But I did tune in in time to hear you say something about revelation will blind you. That may not have been exactly the way it was said but we all know what I'm talking about.
I got that. But my vision wasn't completely restored at once. In fact I think I may still be wearing glasses. Sight has been coming to me progressively.
Since streaming and visiting CITN feels so good can I keep doing it 'til I don't need glasses?

Lise said...


Just wanted to acknowledge your presence this am. Birds are chirping away outside my window, and I must soon get myself together. Have a friend passing through from Alpharetta today.

Kettly, what a wonderful way to start my morning! And I'm also wondering where Teezy313 is...

Peacemaker... blister?!? OUCH! Oh, I get it; we must be ooozing out some good stuff!

No doctor appt today. Someone please tell me what protocol is, since I hadn't been to the doc in 10 years before all the recent stuff. I called twice like a good little patient, and no one returned my calls. Do I wait for them to call me? Cuz believe me, I can wait... and wait... and wait :O

OK, gotta go straighten up my house a bit. Will no doubt check in later today. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Oh Captain, Our Captain! A ship without a rudder wanders aimlessly, especially a blinded one.

All engines set on SELAH.

Good Morning El, Kettly, Donald, All.
Blother PM, missed you.

Anonymous said...

btw--only the quoted poem segment applies. All else NOT IMPLIED NOR INTENDED!

Scribe said...

Good Morning All:

Signing in a bit later than usual, but GOD's timing is always optimal.

Here is my offering / contribution this morning that prayerfully shall reach / touch whomever it is intended for. A spiritual vitamin from GOD to give that much needed boost of infusion !

Written: Tuesday Afternoon
27 MARCH 2007 @ 1220 Hours

Lift up your Holy Hands and shout with voices of victory, triumph, and praise. Let not the APPEARANCE of things dictate how you shall respond to ME! Never shall I leave or forsake thee. I AM the Lord GOD Almighty and great is mine faithfulness forever more. SELAH...Amen.

As you have magnified and glorified ME despite your circumstances and situations, while seeking my FACE for MINE WILL, precepts, and instructions- surely I have seen thine heart and answered your calls. Blessed are they who obey mine commands regardless of thier own personal costs and discomforts. I- the Lord thy GOD AM a rewarder of the faithful, diligent, and humble. This is the day that the LORD have made and you SHALL REJOICE and be gald in it! Regardless of what has happened, AM I not STILL LORD GOD ALMIGHTY?

Although you stand and kneel, bowing down unto ME while you are weary in well doing, I see your heart and know all your troubles. However, be of a merry heart, sound mind, and peaceful spirit, for I AM the Lord of Hosts- your ever present help at ALL TIMES- not just in times of trouble. PEACE BE STILL right NOW! I AM LORD JEHOVAH and I have you covered on every side. All is well with you and your household. You have NOT missed the mark, but hit the target center mass as the enemy is defeated and overthrown! Though the Kingdom of GOD suffers violence, the Violent and Violated SHALL TAKE IT ALL BACK BY FORCE! Let everthing that have breath praise the Lord forever more. You are next up for overflowing Grace, Provision, Mercy, and WHOLENESS immediately!

Shout Hallelujah! For the Divine Shifting in the heavenlies has yeilded Supernatural Peace and Unsurpassed INCREASE RIGHT NOW! This is your season for the miraculous and profound, bringing forth harvests from NOW until eternity.

Hallelujah! AMEN.

DoubleBack Alley said...


Awesome place to be, enjoy it. Not even gonna pray for you because you are supposed to be there. I will, however (nowever?), agree that the universe reveals herself to you and you see her for what she is and act accordingly. Your last paragraph reminds me of amoeba splitting. They aren't really two entities anymore, but one living in two realities. Thanks for you word of encouragement about my daughter, they are bearing fruit today.

Sahib, loved the acrostic yesterday. Failed to mention that. You really are a master word constructionist. Saw the last forty five minutes of church last night. Please tell me that there aren't people in your life who do not celebrate you and vice versa. That would be a shame. Isn't that the point? Make a friend, keep a friend, go to war with a friend, and then eat cucumber sandwiches in Florida with that friend?

You mentioned the USA Today crossword recently. I don't have a ton of trouble with that one, but that word connect game beside it can be troublesome at times. I love that puzzle page. Hope to see you today. Is there a church service planed around your birthday? If so, when?

To the Donald, keep streaming til you see with your inner eye. Trip me dude. Chakra Kahn, Chakra vitamins, walk a Chakra line.

Sahib, in response to "I'll be back", let me just say, "I’ll be Beethoven."

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, everyone. It's exhilarating (for me) taking such a large step into the blogstream. I only have time for a couple of comments. Bishop, your WORD on the conversation between our Lord & Peter was an awesome revelation for me. It's still so fresh in my spirit. "Peter, I have to know, NOW, before I can do anything else, go any further, do you really love ME?" At that moment Peter was the only human on the planet that Jesus appeared concerened with. What an example! WOW!!!
And one more thought before I leave. A special shout out first, to God - for answering my prayer (from years ago) concerning my husband. He is where he's supposed to be NOW! Excited about the Good News unlike anything I've seen. And to CITN & streamin' for changing our lives (concerning religion)and the fresh revelations that each of us receive from this ministry.
Have only a few minutes to get ready for my appts. Gotta go!!
Bishop & everyone - Have a great day and a good evening!!

Anonymous said...

I find myself meditating on which scripture, which thought will usher me into the presence of the Lord, which praise will mean the most to Him, which comes from my experience with Him-my knowledge of Him. I so desire you Lord, so need you, so want you-don't hide yourself from me today, allow me to see you, hear you, touch are all I need!

Window Washer

Scribe said...


Your Prophetic Words about both the ICEBERG and BIG ANGEL is for ME!

I grabbed hold of them immediately after I read them. I need Big ANGELS assigned to a few cases in my life... The iceberg- represents VAST UNLIMITED RESOURCES just below the surface. The piece of the iceberg that protrudes from the water is greater than it appears because the foundation under the surface is rock solid, broad, and massive beyond imagination. AMEN. Thank YOU, THANK YOU!

pdt said...

Good Morning bloggers,

I love coming here everyday to check things out and see where everyone is coming from. I admit I am not a regular blogger as far as writing something but I will add my amen to things when I know it is speaking volumes to me.

Bish, thanks for the prophetic words this morning. I don't know if anyone else does this but I will read them and think...who does this apply to that I know. Well, today the one about the worrier letting the Big Angel handle the case is definitely for me. Our son is going through a life changing situation today and I have been sitting here wondering why I have not heard from anyone and what is going on but when I read the words it was life to me. I have to trust that Big Angel to handle it and thank God for the outcome no matter what it may be. This is the plans that God has for his life and I am not to be the one to question it.
Thank you so much for always being there with just the right thing to say.

I am letting go and letting God...

tracy said...

WHOA, Glad you are back and in prophetic form. Been in the office doing payroll to the playlist and wondering when you would surface...kept getting distracted by the songs. Yesterday was strange for us as well, everything seems to be at the surface of making its way into our lives---11th hour, but what is time? Bailey (my daughter) looked at the clock this am and thought we were running late and said,it is 18 pounds, LET'S GO' obviously no concept of time so I say to you today IT IS 18 POUNDS LET"S GO! The word about limited resources, iceberg all fitting for the day!

peacemaker said...

Thank you for your words. You’re exactly right; I AM where I need to be Now. I’m very cognizant of the necessity to be in the Present moment. It’s only in the Now where I find the place of undisturbed quite, stillness, and dialogue with the Infinite Source of All. Today, all has evolved. Your Universal exhortation is received with gratitude…
Also, great news concerning your Daughter!

Thanks for sharing what Bailey said about the time. Not only did it bring a healing laugh, it's a Rhema word as well. Give her a hug and tell her it’s from Uncle Peacemaker.

Peace to All


Anonymous said...

Prophesy Babe! In light of everything your morning has held for are amazing! You are walking in a new level of your spirit and soul being divided....and allowing your great spirit to soar! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Afternoon beloved Universe,

Enjoying the prophetic pix, Bish. Different words might be applicable for different situations. I just say to Abba, "You know, Lord. And whichever I have need of, so be it until me, according to Your word."

Re: Isaiah 9: 6,7 (BITN). He will be the physical embodiment of the “I Am,” the God who defies description; and, in an attempt to define the indefinable, He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase and expansion of His kingdom and government and peace there will be no end."

Here's what your translation illuminates in me: When Jesus discarded His grave clothes it was both literal and figurative.

When I shared about appreciating liberty to forego outer formalities, I couldn't help but wonder if God the Father encountered this in earth form, too.

Different appearances, dialects, accents, collars, badges, titles, formalities, traditions, cultures, etc. may otherwise hinder comprehension and communication.

I'm not implying they're "bad". I'm saying that sometimes "titles" have a way of obscuring perception.

Was the release of the grave clothes an object lesson for Jesus and His humanity?

Might another aspect of Him laying them aside, regard word association? The term "grave clothes" will always be associated with His physicality.

Please indulge me for asking. The rest of you have probably already gotten this. But, it's all fresh for me. Great treasure in this field.

Handkerchief = napkin. A towel or a dressing for the head, which might be used for concealing money.

Remember the parable in Luke 19? Jesus talked about a pound laid up in a napkin.

Jesus = God's currency. Currency = a medium of exchange. Currency = NOWness.

Could Jesus have been a living parable for that pound in a napkin?

Was finding His napkin rolled up, a clue? In Luke 19:35, it says that the people cast their garments on the colt. (the vessel) Not on Jesus. (the incarnate Word)

I'm wondering how His loved ones recognized it was Jesus. Remember when Mary perceived someone behind her?

He/It (that holy) "thing" conceived in His mother, over in Luke, was the fruition of all God's promises are yes & amen!

Was "it" Adam and Jesus?

Was it "Goodness" and "Mercy" behind Mary at the tomb?

Yes and Amen!

Was it "Yes" and "Amen" at the head and foot of the stone slab?

Were the two angels that Mary Magdalene noticed inside the tomb, manifestations of the fruits of the Spirit/Tree of Life?

Were they "Longsuffering" and "Gentleness"?

Was it "Love and Faith" that illuminated Mary's eyes to the miraculous?

Was, "Meekness" the angel who rolled away the impenetrable stone? Was that why Mary was surprised?

Was it "Temperance" who spoke to her and told her not to hold on to the form of Godliness? Implying that after He ascended, "Godliness" would return with "Power"?

When Jesus materialized to the others barricaded in that room, did He hail Himself as Peace?

In Galatians it says, "If we live in the Spirit, let's walk in the Spirit". What if that was Jesus showing us?

Like the earlier blog, "This is how we do it."

peacemaker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teezy313 said...

Hey guys!!

Been outta the loop lately (classes, research papers,the college thing) but definately lovin everything here! LP in SC thanx for missin me..i've been very busy this semester...just pray my strength in the Lord as I will do for all of you!


Can't really say that these in particullar speak to me now but for anyone who it does speak to I pray that you find peac in your situation and I plead the blood of Jesus over you!!

Blessings to ALL,

Teezy313 said...

hey kettly,

All is well with me!! I hope all is well with you and all who concerns you!!


Kettly said...

Hi Again!

When we are filled with joy,we cannot keep it shut up inside us.(I know I can't). It has to come out and fill all the parts of our lives and overflow into our relationship with others.

While I was praying this Afternoon these words came to my Spirit:"WE CANNOT BE JOYFUL ON THE INSIDE,YET CRANKY ON THE OUTSIDE.IT WILL NOT WORK.


We cannot keep to ourselves the love and joy that fill us when we are incommunion with God.It pours out of us and onto others.And we are excited to love Him and serve them.
Everything that will benefit others
makes us rejoice,and we share all of their happiness.
The words:Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit,
but in humility consider others better than yourselves.It continue to say:Each of us should not look only at own interests,but also to the interests of others.(philippians2:3-4). In whatever we do ,we need to realized that we are
aligning ourselves to God and not just trying to work in our own strength.We are working out a closeness with God.And as we praise God and receive joy and felicity from that praise,we may be partakers in all the happiness of other people,their inward,and their outward prosperity.

On a persoanl notes:Bish,I know, I say thank you to you, many many times before.But I want to say it one more of many time that I will need to say it.Thankyou for letting
us share the "Spotlight" with you.
You're One Remarkable Man,you deserve "ALL",I mean All good that God has for you.Thank you for giving us this great invitation to love.God,thyself,and others,I am so ever grateful to you and your family.

tracy said...

PM I gave Bailey your hug and she gave one back. It was a BIG slobbery messy one- her best kind. She also asked to see what you wrote and when I read it to her, I asked her if she knew what rhema means and she said "love".

Donald said...

Where you going to school Teezy?
What's your major?

Anonymous said...

Tracy and Bailey: I'm working on a post, but I had to say "WOW" to Bailey right away! Here's one of my best cyber-hugs ((((Bailey))))

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, El, I want to talk about that some more in the near future…Kettly, thanks for getting the ball rolling this morning…Peacemaker, I appreciate that you appreciate it…Donald, sounds like several people had problems with streaming last night (sound like something you should see a urologist about)…don’t know what was up…LP, eeewww!…Avatar, you made me want to watch Dead Poet’s Society again…Thanks, Scribe38…DBS, the service is this Sunday…I’ll be in Seoul on my actual birthday…Welcome aboard, Anna…and thanks…same to you, Window Washer…glad you received it, Scribe38…it’s all good, PDT…Tracy, for some reason 18 pounds makes sense to me…thanks, babe…amazing as always, Izumi…Teezy, go do your homework…

peacemaker said...

Ok, I got tears and chills. Probably in some ancient translation, rhema really does mean love. Anyway, that's what it will always mean to me from now on.

Hug her again!


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

DBA, didn't mean to call you's been a long day...if yesterday was strange, it only served to prepare me for bizarro world a matter of fact, I take back all the prophetic pictures and claim them for it turns out, I was prophesying to myself, because I needed them all...

Donald said...

Urologist! so crazy!

Ebony said...

The words about not worrying and relaxing always hit a chord with me. I overthink a lot and freak out over things that if I just calmed down and took myself out of the situation a little bit, I'd be fine, so I receive that. To Bishop and the BITN family, I love y'all like I love Red Velvet Cake, and Dove Chocolate! *MUAH*

Anonymous said...

Bishop, your picture searching is so supernatural, but I guess you know that! Several times during the day I pictured you “creating” gifts for us; even creating gifts for people that don’t yet know how to receive them or what to do when they are given. It’s easy to hear God in your “I have to create!” It doesn’t matter whether we receive it or not, yet still His Eyes search to and fro to perform His Word. How must that feel? How awesome when we finally learn to receive! On this side of His gifts and yours, its easy to see that non-receivers are missing so much. Love, investing with no visible return, Amazing.

I keep coming back to the prophecies that are in the pictures themselves, especially the Big In Control Angel and the More than Enough Iceberg, and I keep sensing “God is in the details.”

Iceberg: I notice the rays of light beaming under the water and how, if you don’t know anything about how icebergs reflect light through the ice, it appears that there is a light source from underneath the berg. Light from the top, light from underneath, light in the darkness, translucent light in the ice.

Angel: Now THIS angel has the ABILITY to have it under control: lean, strong muscles, pared down to the essentials, wings alert and ready for movement and attention focused. Two light sources here too. Darkness underneath, but light from above, translucent in the wings and light emanating from the head.

I don’t want to think it out. It doesn’t matter, they give me peace.

P.S. You can’t take the prophesies back. We are all one. Anything you give to us, you give to yourself. (smile) But I get your point.

PEACE! To “our” bizarro world day.

The quote made me want to watch DPSociety again too! I'm still hoping that “no sleep” anointing of yours is a gift that can be requested. So much to do!

Lise said...

So hey, Bish...
What exactly is your mission in Korea? You may not want to address that here; I'll understand if controversy needs to be avoided. But I heard you mention a little from the pulpit. A conference of some kind? Safe, safe travels to you!

Also a very happy birthday celebration! My Joe's birthday is this Sunday.

And eeeewwwwww PM, not me :) He was the one who called us gals blisters!

Jesus Groupie said...

I am late today. Had to do conduct a recovery group tonight and it didn't go as well as I hoped it would. This outreach stuff is new to this church and the congregation is slowly climbing aboard. The prophetic picture with the iceberg fits me in this now day. The other day, we learned that there is a huge setback in funding so it just got a little more challenging. Whatever! God is as mighty today as He has always been. He is the "I Am" and since there a connection, I can say, "me too". Thanks for the lesson on last night, Bish! Sure needed that one. Good to have all you fellow bloginthenowers. Whole life.

tracy said...

Did any if ya'll watch "Autism Musical" on HBO tonight? puts everything in perspective.

Kettly said...


Please help me I Am hook on this blog.PEASE PRETTY PLEASE HELP!

Bish,since you are not going to be here the actual day for your Birthday. Does it mean no Body Builder?

By the way Joel Osteen is the host speaker in TBN,right now.(you're still the one for us)(me)


He said he's only 44!And still young.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Ebony, red velvet cake sounds good right now…Thanks, Avatar…consider tomorrow’s post dedicated to you…LP, I need to wait until I get back to discuss it…stay strong, Machion…don’t have HBO, Tracy…and, yes, Kettly, there will be BB while I’m gone…

All right, people…that’s all for today…enjoyed you all today…peace…

famman87 said...

Good evening all, sorry I'm late. Bish, thanks for the Big Angel,hope he works fast,but of course He'll work right on time...always does it seems.

Scribe, every day it seems He gives you something just for me. Thanks for relaying the messages, sometimes I can't hear it for myself.

Anomymous(Window Washer?, my experience leads me to believe that any(all?)praise coming from your heart to His means the most to Him. Shout it,shout it, shout it out loud!

Love you all...

PattiL007 said...

Hello. My name is Mystic and I'm a blurker. This is my first post since the Top 100 songs were added...I know, I know. I apologize for blurking and will work to achieve the office (title) of blogger. I have, indeed, done click bys on a regular basis and I must say that I really enjoy everyone's comments nearly as much as Bishop's blogs (I did say nearly, Bishop). While I'm on the subject, I would like to say DBA and Peacemaker: I LOVE Y'ALL! You two crack me up and your posts have frequently caused me to guffaw loudly (and to make that really unattractive snorting sound) and I just wanted to thank you. Now before everyone thinks differently, that does NOT mean that I don't love and appreciate ALL of you because I do...but these two have been here since Day 1 and Momma always told me to give props where props is due so I did. It is really wonderful to be a part of this blog with so many intelligent and deep minds, it could be seen as intimidating by some, not me, it was this friend of mine--anyway--Moving on...

On the subject of light (I realize I should have posted this when this happened on the AM of the 24th but--my bad) I was listening to the song "We Speak to Nations" recently during a morning workout and heard the line "powers of darkness you have to flee" and it morphed into a question: What are "powers of darkness"? Now if you asked that of my pastor back when I was a younger version of me, he would have said it was “devils and demons and *Catholics, oh my“! (*For those of us brought up in certain ultra-(ignorant?) conservative Pentecostal denoms, it was understood/taught/thought that the Catholic Church was...well...nevermind because it's not--I LOVE ALL OUR CATHOLIC BRETHREN!) Yes, I was considered a “problem child” (still am?) and got in trouble for “questioning God” every time I asked a question my pastor could or would not answer and I have found that a great many of us at CITN--anyway--Moving on...

Since I knew that was wrong I then realized that the only "power of darkness" that exists is that it's dark and you can't see well in it--if we walk around in it, we tend to bump into things, make wrong turns and bad judgments; but all it takes to reduce the darkness is that one flicker of one flame...of course if there are other sources of light (people) to be ignited then the light becomes brighter and brighter until the darkness is completely banished.

Now we know that revelation blinds us too...but in a much different (better) way...utter darkness (though better defeated by many lights) can be lit alone, but blindness from the pure light of revelation? We have no choice; it must be shared to be understood.

Light is love and vice versa...God is both (or are both God?). The commandments we now have are both to love...we love God by loving others and love others by loving ourselves and we love ourselves by loving that is a circle of life. So then it follows that if I want to get closer to God, I MUST get closer to His body--each of you! Making connections is life affirming and the only way to love--connections with others are necessary to our survival. The only way we will ever manifest as Sons of God is to do so together as One. I suppose it is all summed up in the thought, word, action and person of LOVE.

I thank God for bringing me to CITN and I thank Him for All of you, and I find it becoming easier to love others--after all, if I truly discern the Body of Christ, then I see Him in EACH AND EVERY FACE I see. Therefore, if my God, whom I love with everything that is within me, is in everyone I see then I am MUCH LESS LIKELY to be angry or upset with them (Him); to be rude or disrespectful to them (Him); to NOT LOVE THEM (HIM)? I still get angry and upset and PO’d, but I find those instances growing less frequent and less intense. I know I am changing into His Image, His Likeness and sometimes I can actually look in the mirror of my mind and I am rewarded with a glimpse of Him; or better yet, to see the light literally dawn on one that I love when they “get it”...I live for those times...just as I live to gather together with the CITN Body, to GIVE to the CITN Body, and to Worship with the CITN Body. Life is GOOD Y’all!

Love ya Bishop...Love y’all...and this place is AWESOME! It’s kind of like being invited into some major spiritual think tank, isn’t it? COOL! See y’all soon.


Lise said...

Don't be blurking anymore; you need to be posting... that was GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I am honored, Bishop. It's really weird (thank God, literally, that He has worked some patience into me), but I'm getting all these little x's in place of the pictures! Even on yesterday's post now. So I am definitely in selah mode. CALMLY!! (big sigh). When I check back, a new pic is revealed (or not), one previously revealed is gone. One revelation of your creation at a time. I trust that eventually the whole will be revealed. I'm sure its beautiful and trusting that I will be enlarged in the waiting. But its challenging. Hopefully this won't be one of those times when He says "okay, go eat now!" Aaaaa--oh wait, I am CALMLY selahing. (little sigh).

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Avatar, I don't know why it does that sometimes (that 'ol devil!)...anyway, I uploaded them again. Try it now.

Anonymous said...

oh, wow! There are still two missing (one by Hey bloggers and one by green pastures, but they may come up with the next refresh).


The missing pics led me to a "blind" place. I'll finish that post, even though "now I see". Thank you, Bishop, thank you. Oh. wow.

This is reminding me of a teaching you had a long time ago about Helen Keller. You mentioned Ann Sullivan searching for a way to get through the obstacles in communication. If memory serves, she thought to run water over her hands and then signed "water" . That "get it" point in your teaching went so deep in me I couldn't stand up. I broke into sobs (it would be easy to do it now, just from the memory of it). I have no clue what it touched, then or now, not even what it means. Maybe one day. But, thank you for that too. (those are such inadequate words) o-o-o, o-o-o. Hopefully that sends it better.