Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hello bloggers and blogerati!

Welcome! You’re in the right place, and I’m glad that you’re here! Those of you who just entered through the CITN site, and are in the habit of clicking on the One On One link to read my daily web column might be surprised to find yourself in this part of cyberspace, but from now on that link will usher you directly here to my personal blog site.

If this is your first time visiting me here, you will have (or should have) noticed music playing on your computer. That’s my playlist of 100 songs which consists of worship, inspirational, gospel, and positive secular selections of every genre (my tastes are obviously quite eclectic). The songs shuffle, so you will hear a different one every time you log on. If you prefer to read without the music, you can either turn your computer volume down, or scroll down to the player and pause it. The songs can play continuously for hours before repeating, and many people just leave the site on to enjoy the music throughout their whole day.

You will notice that some people post comments here using their name, others post under “anonymous”, and still others choose to use a blog pseudonym, a practice that is quite common and accepted in the world of blogging. It’s all a matter of personal preference, and I’m fine with however anyone chooses to participate. If you’ve never used this format, don’t be intimidated by it…it’s really easy, and once you become familar with it, you’ll find that it’s very cool.

You can still blog on the CITN site about the services, the monthly E.A.C.H. award winners, and special events...and A Year In The Now, and the Scripture of the Day will sill be posted there daily.

If you take the time to read through the daily comments here, you will see that there are quite a few “regulars”, and that they have definitely formed a community (which I love). The group is made up of CITN members and friends, members of cyber-CITN from around the world, and others who just found us through surfing the internet and bonded with us here. But it’s not a clique or a closed society, so please feel free to let your light shine here with the rest of us! I am the blog moderator, and I do reserve the right to screen out things that I think are inappropriate for whatever reason, and I make no apology for that. But I am willing to answer honest questions when I can, and even to allow the expression of opposing viewpoints on occasion, if I believe that the comments serve a purpose, or give me an opportunity to address something that I think is important.

Don’t be disappointed that the season for One On One as you have known it has ended. I think that if you take a look around here, you will see that this blog really is a place for me to interact “one on one” with you more effectively and initimately than before.

You are important to me and to CITN…more importantly, you are important to God! Your insights may be a blessing to someone here, so let’s hear what you have to say. Don’t be shy or withdrawn or aloof…there is a term for those who read blogs and never contribute to them…they’re called “blurkers”. So my word to you today, one on one, is simply this: DON’T BE A BLURKER…BE A BLESSING!

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Kettly said...

Good Morning Bish,

I couldn't sleep,so I thought I'll see, what's on the blog for me.

I do like the idea of having the
"ONO ON ONE" here on this site.

The Topic For Me Today Is:ACCEPTING
MYSELF AS I AM ARE TODAY.Seek not outside yourself,because heaven is within.Yesterday,I was a little sad
because,I was thinking about babies
and,this thought came into my head,
will Fritz and Me ever will have a child together.I guess, I was been like Abraham for for just a short minutes. I was wondering,with the kind of love Fritz and I shared what do we have to represent for that. Somhow, I started to ask God
some questions of wherethere or not
will therever a baby in my life.
Will it happen for me?(I say me because fritz already has 3 kids in his previous marriage).I realized that was a very negative thoughts bend out of shape. Now,I realized that I am not whole yet,as I would like to think I am.
But a lot of our trouble is action thoughts repeated many times a year.Thoughts repeated many times leads to actions.Actions repeated many times formed habits.Habits repeated many times shaped our lives.Because,I really I realized you're what you do.And thought repeats many times,do make action as I think it in my heart.

Today,this early morning, I make peace with myself and also with the fact that I know God will bless me with a baby. Because He knows my desire to be a mother.I also embrace the fact that I'll be okay if God has another plan for me about this desire.It will take a bit of doing,learning to love the idea of go on withuot a baby in my life.However, before genuine love can flourish,I must finally learn to accept myself exatly as I am today. Remember, acceptance is acknowledging the reality of a situation.

So I decided to be strong and steady,always be enthusiatic about the Lord plan's and work for me. For I know that nothing I for the Lord is ever useless.

P.S. Don't anyone feel sorry for me please.( I'm okay.)

God Bless You All.

Anonymous said...

Good mooooornin' ALL!
"Behold the Lamb of God" and "Open the Eyes of My Heart" greeted me this morning!
As well as the realization that we may be planting new tomatoes. Durn. Frost on the pumpkin is cool. Frost on the tomatoes is not!

Anonymous said...

This is great Bishop, I have been truly blessed by your blog and our fellow bloggers, I do believe this is a good thing. Welcome fellow bloggers, what an experience...Peace and blessings...Yvonne

DoubleBack Alley said...


Love the choice of blic for the day. I know there is a ton of western European influence in it, but it is, still and all, quite powerful. I set it as my background. I love that both characters seem extremely reticent to touch one another. There is just the slightest bit of space between the tips of their fingers. Wonder if God knew what he was getting into. Wonder what’s in that space.

After five hundred years, I think that we are not much closer to closing the gap as a group. If Adam is representative of humanity ( I love the creation story and want to believe it is true – somehow I think PM will be divergent on this point), it feels like there are extremists on both sides pulling him away from God, while God stretches ever earth-ward to reach him. Is it my imagination or is God operating from inside a brain. Is that Adam’s cerebellum from which God is operating? Is that what He is trying to give His creation? Adam is void of emotion, stimuli, and companionship. God seems to be caught up in a whirlwind of activity, surrounded by all the things He has for Adam. The cranial crankcase He has for His creation is crammed to capacity. The thoughts and intentions I have for you…If I were to number the thoughts I have toward you…

Maybe that is what we have tapped into here and in other thought palaces. Maybe we are tapping into what the Universe has for us and are getting savant glimpses of the mind eternal. We do and see things in outer space everyday that we would never have imagined. Heretical things that defy the static beliefs of the ones who fill shoe boxes with God. We are now on a voyage to the ends of thought, ever expanding as the Universe expands. No room for Hal here.

I love this site because I see things that I didn’t believe until I saw them typed. I see things that I never considered until I read them I see things that I never considered anointed until I heard them. I have felt many things, none so much as community of thought, unbiased by differences in things typed, seen and heard. Love y’all (got it).

Happy Birthday Rocket Man.

Ain’t God Good?

Donald said...

Prayer request:
A coworkers son was injured in a 4-wheeler accident this weekend. Apparently quite serious. Don't know his name, but he is 10 years old.
Prayer/agreement appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Whatever niche of the Universe you inhabit - whenever you read this, it'll still be God's day. That always good.

In cyberspace, I appreciate the liberty to forego outer formalities (appearance, dialect, accents, collars, badges, titles, etc.) that may otherwise hinder comprehension of this communication.

No idea why the Almighty would drop you into my dreams. We've never been introduced, don't know one another; never grew up together.

Nevertheless, by the Spirit of God,
here's this: I recognize you somehow.

I hear(d) your fatigued, "What is this place? Can You hear me? Prove it."

Then, "My God, what was I thinking? Inviting her to this kind of life. But, I know where You called me."

I was beside you and your co-workers. It was/will be a successful task.

In dream zone, I've stood beside your mother, too. And son (if I may call you that - and I can, because you didn't object there) that woman is praying.

She's concerned about your nourishment. You inwardly groan(ed) "God, please. How did she get here? Will somebody take her back home? Don't let her see me like this."

But, you forced a smile, "They give me raisins, Ma."

Like her, I want to reach across the barbed wire fence and wipe your forehead. It's hot out in the fields where you work.

I extend a cyber handkerchief, offering you peace and safety in all your endeavors. I ask Father for wisdom and understanding in all areas of workmanship.

I pray God's counsel and revelation knowledge for you and those associated with all your missions. I ask that they're all quickened by His Spirit when to move; when to be still. When to speak; when to be silent. I ask for His angelic messengers to deliver you from from destruction.

Favor easily finds you. Mercy and truth are beacons around your neck.

A fulcrum in a field is instrumental in the release of many captives.

Iris said...


We are in agreement with you that all is good... and peace to all involved...

I will write more later...


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

To me, today kind of feels like “moving in together day” for a blended family. I’ve brought CITN and BLOGINTHENOW together under one cyber-roof, and everyone is overcoming the awkwardness of figuring out the new living arrangements. I hope that before the day is over some of the CITN bloggers will relax and open up a little.

Kettly, I actually started to just keep your post as a personal prayer request (I know by experience that sometimes when you are sleep-deprived, you can say more in a post than you really mean to), but I decided to post it because it may help someone. I’m sure there are many out there who are struggling with issues of fertility and reproduction, and I speak peace to you all in your own situations (including you, Kettly).

Speaking of…I only say this because I sort of announced this in church a few Sundays ago, but Christina found out that she had gotten pregnant when Daisson was home on leave (through taking a couple of EPT’s), but she lost the pregnancy. She’ll be here Sunday, and I want to spare her having to be asked how far along she is, since I was the one who mentioned the pregnancy publicly. She’s fine, and no one needs to say anything to her about it when you see her, or write anything about it here...I just wanted you to know to prevent any potential uncomfortable situation this Sunday. We, of course, were sad for her because she and he were both excited about it (she loves being a mother), but we also know that she has her hands full with Sofia, especially with him being out of the country most of the time, and that they’ll give us more grandchildren when the time is right…

I speak life to Avatar’s tomatoes…

Thanks for the shout out, Yvonne…

Awesome as always, DBA…I actually videotaped the Sistine Chapel when Debye and I were in Rome, and didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to…

Well said, Izumi…

We’re in agreement, Donald…

Thanks, Iris…

Donald said...

And that's the way we became the Brady Bunch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bish.

Moving in day, huh? Great. Which one of you swiped my lava lamp, Oreos and Doritos?

el ojo y la luz said...

I tried to read to one-on-one today and, for a moment, I was disappointed to find that it had moved. I thought that I had been away so long that I missed something. Although I am sure that I have in fact missed some things while I was away, I feel better knowing that the move just occurred.

I wanted to read today's one-on-one because there was a voice in my head, (I think it was P. Debye's) saying if you aren't taking advantage of it, you are missing out (my paraphrase). I needed redirection this morning. Someone delivered a message to me that made me angry. As a result, I did not speak life to the situation. To put it bluntly, I spoke death and damnation to the situation and the individuals involved. I realized almost immediately that whether my feelings about the situation were valid or not, my response did not give life or show the christ. I went to the CITN website and read A YITN for today. #6 says, "Today I will speak the word only, and will expect to have what I say. "Where the word of a king is, there is power . . ." (Ecclesiastes 8:4). I will not waste my royal vocabulary on the petty and the trivial." Petty and trivial had won for a moment, but it wasn’t too late to change the course of the day. With my newfound direction I printed a retraction in my mind and re-addressed the person that gave me the message. I hope that I left them feeling positive the second time around. I did apologize for “shooting the messenger”. I have taken dominion over this day and it has been good.

I said all of that to say I love this place....CITN and cyber-CITN and this new branch, this something in between. It is a blessing to be a part of this community, this family. Thanks to all of you for participating and especially to you Bishop, for creating a place where all can come.

P.S. I haven’t opened all of my boxes and bags yet, but I probably took the Doritos.

Lise said...

Blogerati must "speak to the hand!"
Just stopping by to say hello, and to acknowledge the prayer requests. My agreement is with you all. Really need to get some 'stuff' done over the next few days, so I may or may not be visible here... but all is well. Still waiting for a follow-up appt on Thursday. I've left messages twice, but alas, no one has bothered to return my calls. Whatever... frankly, I wouldn't mind waiting until this lovely chartreuse color disappears!
Anyway, have a beautiful week, all.

PS: Wasn't me, IZUMI... more of a Tostitos gal.
And BTW, the compound/condo/cyber-house had better be pet-friendly :)

el ojo y la luz said...

BTW, Your playlist rocks! Nice touch. I listened to it for several hours today while working. Thanks again Bishop.

Donald said...

Praise report!
The news from my coworker is that his son has been moved from ICU to a private room. Sounds like a step in the right direction to me.
Thanks all.

HollyC said...

Hiya everyone!

Donald.. the Brady Bunch, heh..heh..heh..

Joy.. I would only take the oreos if they were double stuff. ;)

avatar.. I love a home grown tomato samich.. Mmmmmmmm..

Bish I do believe that's your favorite isn't it? Just kiddin.. ; )

Yvonne.. blessings backatcha..

Anonymous said...

El ojo y la luz: MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA!

Scribe said...

Good Afternoon All:

Here is a word from GOD hot off the press that HE impressed upon Me to share here with you all. Hope that it inspires and lifts someone up.

Tuesday Afternoon
25 March 2008 @ 1445 Hours

Shout Hallelujah! declares the Lord of Hosts- for surely I inhabit the praises of my people, while setting up dwelling places right where you are. This is the day that I- the Lord of Hosts have made and all should rejoice and be glad in it. Stand Still! and bear witness to the Glory, Salvation, Healing, Grace, Mercy, and PROVISION of the Lord thy God in the land of the living! Let everything that have breath praise the LORD!

Should mine precious people whom I have called according to mine Holy Name begin to REJOICE in the midst of and in spite of their adversities, then shall I not certainly take notice and meet them in every place that they have a need; foremost if they acknowledge that their greatest need is ME: El Elyon (The Most High God) ? Therefore, rejoice in all things- NOT "because of" all things. As my people (Sons and Daughters whom worship Me in Spirit and in TRUTH) avail themselves to reckless abandonment in ME, then there shall be no obstacle or hindrance that can box them in. For they are limited by their lack of praise, FAITH IN ME, and contentment, regardless of what circumstance or situation they may find themselves in. I alone am the Lord of Hosts and worthy to be praised. Despise not the valleys or pits because these are but he places where character is built and refined, whereas in those high places is where character is revealed and exposed! SELAH...

Truly, I say unto thee; how does it profit a child if he / she does not respond properly to correction or is without discipline. True GODLY discipline is not specifically for wrong / bad behavior, but through the shaping and molding by way of the Holy Spirit Fire to achieve Maximum Effectiveness, thus becoming the best that they can be in and through ME. For through WISDOM is a house / home established upon solid foundation, but foolishness, waywardness, rebellion, and hardening of hearts brings one completely to ruin. So, in all things, my precious people are to seek mine presence that they may be transfomed through the renewing of thy minds by way of CHRIST- Son of the One True Living GOD! I know the plans and purposes that I have for thee, plans for your good and not for evil downfalls. However, those things that are working together for your good and of my purpose and Divine Will may not necessarily FEEL Good. SELAH...AMEN

Be not deceived or misled by temporary states of being, for your focus / perception may be too narrow. therefore, ask of ME whatsoever you will according to mine perfect plans for thee and I shall show you broader views and greater horizons not previous visible to scaled eyes or blind spots. I alone amd the Lord JEHOVAH GOD. I am not a man that I should lie, neither the Son of Man that I should repent. Mine word shall never return to me void and greater amd I- God Almighty whom abides in you than any assignment of darkness that resides in, of, or under the worlds. I am the same GOD yesterday, today, and forever more. BEHOLD! for I have come forth by way of mine Spirit- the Holy Spirit to set the captives free and bring justice unto those whom have been wrongfully accused, abused, misused, and incarcerated- whether it be prisons with physical walls or prioners or the mind.

I am the Lord of Hosts and I neither sleep nor slumber. I see all, hear all, and know all. REJOICE! for I am the Lord thy GOD and you are neither forgotten or forsaken. Surrender all unto ME and I shall give thee Peaceful Rest, a heart rejuvenated, mind renewed, and souls restored! Shout Hallelujah! for I alone am the Lord thy GOD and worthy to be praised! AMEN.

Kettly said...


Thank You so much for your uplifting wodrs. Truly, more and more I'm realizing you really are a Father to the Fatherless.(I know you're saying kettly,remember, I'm just a Man). Believe me I know you are.Don't just a man, can give you a word to keep you from being sad? Well that's what you do. You know us by the Spirit,and in return we also know you the same.That's one of the reason,many of us can relate
to you the way we do. You feel us, you feel our pains,and that's a job
of a Father. Trust me on that.

Yeah! like you said"Reproduction".
Justlike God make us a reproduction
of Him.And said "Let's make mam in to our image". I guess for me is the reproduction issue I am dealing with. To reproduce a little
you running up and down the house that's more of the reason for me,to want to reproduced.Look at you, and your dad,that's a reproduction of himself. Everytime
you stand on that pulpit to Preach
he's very very proud of who came out of him. I bet sometimes,he must say to his wife, honey we did good. Because he's looking not only at God reproduction. But also,
at his own reproduction of himself. Again,thank you for being
the Shepherd,the Teacher,the Counselor,the Friend, the Mentor,
the Brother and the Father,God created and called you to be.I've
been to many Churches,when I was living in NY,never did I meet any Pastor or Bishop like you before.
Even my old Pastor(Cymbala from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church) was not likethat. Do you know, you make sure,to know each of us by our names. How cool is that,Bishop Swilley,if I may say so myself, I'll say very very Coooooooooooool.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Wow!DBA I really enjoyed your post today on today's pic,especially the whole idea that"God is operating inside a brain",thats awesome,I had never seen that before today.I would note also,that God is not confined to that"cranial crankcase",but He's reaching forth to touch Adam in the reality of his existence.

I may have more later but I wanted to get this in.


Donald said...

Since I have always been one to be somewhat heartless towards those who have suffered from any form of addiction and accused them of just being weak when they could not kick the habit, I would like to take this opportunity to beg your forgiveness.
Because you see, Her Majesty, as is her custom, bought me a huge bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs for Easter and I am having a very difficult time battling the urge to stop eating them. In fact my garbage can which sits next to my desk looks like the final resting place for all the empty Reese's Peanut Butter Egg wrappers in the world.

Anonymous said...

el ojo y la luz - I forgive ya. You haven't found my popcorn stash.

lp in sc - Yeah. The cyber condo is pet friendly. But don't ask us to walk Astro. ;)

Hollyc.. very cool! I always scoop out the stuff in the middle and eat the cookie.

Kettly, I'm so glad you posted what you did. That topic's been circulating in my own family.
Ditto for your note, Bish. One of my daughters recently miscarried. Thank you for speaking life.

DBA - have enjoyed reading your musings. Attempted a response - a long, brilliant (I thought) one. Screen froze -- deleted my entire post.
(GRRRR....great is my peace; undisturbed is my composure.)

Yvonne, Avatar, Donald & Iris - great to see you all here. Always enjoy reading your comments.

Anonymous said...

Bishop, my youngest just miscarried a few hours ago. Thank you for speaking life.

DoubleBack Alley said...


I have found that if you create the document in Word, you can then spellcheck, save, etc. I have enjoyed your postings as well. You really make me go "hmmmmm".

Moving day Sahib? We need beer and pizza. Remember the smell of a new house? Smells like well worn rhema in here. I love the smell of rhema in the morning. Do-rhema-fa-so-la-ti-do. Dustin Hoffman was rheman.

Peace to y'all. By the way, why wouldn't ya'll be acceptable if the contraction is ya all? Y'all looks better, but I don't want to admit that there is a possibilty that I may have formed an opinion that would be contrary to that of the norm. Dang, I have a hard time saying I might be wrong.

Movin on up y'all.

Ain't God Good?

Donald said...

DBA don't you know you'll go straight to hay-ul for eating pizza?

Ebony said...

Happy Tuesday to all,
First off, welcome to CITN bloggers, you'll learn to love it. Secondly, I was reminded through an act of kindness by a co-worker that God does truly see us, and knows what we're going through. If you're in a financial strain, just start to look for you ram in the thicket, and Praise and give thanks for it. I also take today as confirmation that the soil (people) I have plated seed into wasn't as rocky as I thought. So thank You for the harvest!

Anonymous said...

Added my agreement for all requests as they came in today.[great report, Donald].

All the hustle and bustle of moving day made me think I had a bee in my pocket! Looking forward to the sweet sounds that a house full of family can make. Who's guitar is that I see in the living room? Somebody fire up the back yard firepit! (shhhh--I happen to know that Izumi/Joy keeps marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate under her bed. Mikey, you go get it.)

House rules: dinner time is 7pm sharp on Wed. and nobody misses Sunday without Momma takin' names.

I/J: I have the lava lamp, and don't tell me that you don't remember borrowing it from me in the 70's! If you miss it, the top bunk is still available.

LP: chartreuse is in for Spring. Go with it. Blessings to you

Okay, DBA: lots to think about from your cranium, as always, but "The cranial crankcase He has for His creation is crammed to capacity." Holy Danny and Arnold, Batman--that alliteration TOTALLY sounds like it came out of Bishop's head!

Scribe38: amen.

Ojo/Luz: "I will not waste my royal vocabulary." I like the sound of THAT one.

Bishop: thank you, the blessing is sweeter knowing that tom's are a reminder of Rev. 3:16 (wink to Holly) and the magnitude of your care is not lost on me. For real.

peacemaker said...

"Tell me it's a blevolution we-elll you know,
We all want to change the world."


Here it grows again. In the few short months of this blogs life, you've grown it from a single street, to a community, and now because you've opened the gates even wider, to a city. A city set upon a high hill inhabited by open-minded, open-hearted citizens who stand for diversity, unity, enlightenment, and peace.
I once read that 75% of America's internet users have visited over 9 billion video streams and blogsites. That’s astounding, to say the least.
You've pioneered something here that has the potential for exponential growth and unprecedented evolution.
I hope your good with that because it's well on its way.

Shift happens

Peace and Love,

peacemaker said...

Come on Donald...don't be so legalistic. It's only sinful if it has shrimp or sausage on it.

tracy said...

Spring has sprung, change is in the air. Love the combined site. I was so torn before. Ya'll be careful though....just got an e mail that Obama is the antichrist Revelations warned us about, don't want to get too political here cause that is real scary territory,but acording to my "source" Revealations warns of a man in his 40's of Muslim descent being the anti christ. I
have read it and can't seem to find that scripture. Not for or against Obama, but does it really say that anywhere?

Sweepea said...

Fabulous, TYB, as always - now I can just click one time to get my revelation and connection fixes and listen to your eclectic music selections. I admit I've been a "blurker" of late due to working 3 jobs, but I will have more time after tomorrow when the intensive training involved with one of them ends and I'm at home more. I encourage all other blurkers to jump in, the water's fine!

(Is the fact that the word 'lurk' is included have anything to do with the definition?)

We love you all Bishop!

peacemaker said...

Departing from the conventional seems to be my path. Sometimes I repine for my old, safe beliefs, but I get over it. Gotta be true to myself, you know.

But I admit, Gen. 2 IS a beautiful story.

See you when we converge.


Donald said...

Tracy without a doubt I could either take the Bible or the writings of Nostradamus and prove that Obama is in fact the antichrist. Crap, I could probably even prove that one of us is the antichrist.

tracy said...

Donald, I swear to God you are my husbands long lost twin brother. Where were you in 1967, was it Emory Hospital in Decatur? you so got what I meant= not a political statement at all, a religious statement. The antichrist is religion and we are SO NOT religious about anything.

famman87 said...

Gotta say that I was slightly disappointed at first to find that the original one-on-one had gone the way of the dodo. It was really easy to only have to read. With this you really have to get involved...Hope I can occasionally give as good as I get...good form Bish.
Have to agree that the playlist rocks!!! Any way to keep the music going while you type? The list is about as diverse as our congregation/family...Go figure
A quick thought about the blic. I know the picture is supposed to be God reaching out to give Adam life, but really, who is reaching for who? How often does He reach out for us instead of the other way around?
Someone is really gonna think I'm strange,but whenever I see that picture(particularly the part with just the two hands,not the whole pic) I really wonder about that...

Makes me think of some of the lyrics from "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show"
"I say brothers..
Now you got yourself two good hands
And when your brother is troubled you've gotta
reach out your hand for him 'cause that's what it's there for...
And when your heart is troubled you've gotta reach out
your other hand, reach it out to the Man up there...
'Cause that's what He's there for..."

It's good to be able to reach out either way...

Glad to move in with y'all...
family's gooooood!

Anonymous said...

Dustin Hoffman ate Cheetos. Steve Cragg found God in his bag.

I'm singin' in the rhema... just singin' in the rhema...

Avatar - obviously you've never tried to get teenagers motivated to mow the lawn.

Marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, oh my! Probably Noxema there, too.

Top bunk???! Thought it was a tatami mat.


Anonymous said...

Sweetpea - how about "blookers" - blessed lookers?

Bloglava might be smokin', sweet, savory posts

Bahalogvita might be humoroous, life-giving, revelatory blogs

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

A big cyber-hug for Famman87!...good stuff...let me show you to your room so you can start bringing your stuff in...

famman87 said...

Thanks, I'll make myself right at home...

Anonymous said...

Iz: first, I LOVE your nick. So AM-ness!! Waiting on your pic.

Second, wow. Bunks vs. mats. You are sooo right. Where did that poverty thinking slip in? Aaaaccckkk! The room just got WAY bigger with LOTS of floor space. THANKS so much. Do you think anyone brought in some lumber? I'd like a raised platform (and a feather decke, too).

I kept the lawn chore for myself. I've always liked it.

Tomatoes left us. Must not have been mine, cos mine are ALIVE!

[this is just wrong, but I'm riskin' it--did you REALLY, REALLY pray HARD for my tomatoes, Bishop? (small teardrops forming)]

Anonymous said...

All things are possible. 7 years ago I asked God that if He saw that I could be a good dad with His strength, if He would please open my wife's womb to conceive, and as I claimed promises where He did that for others in the Bible, she became pregnant after 9 yrs of nothing! Our God is awesome and if He sees it is right, then it will be right.

Anonymous said...

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I understand that you probably get a ton of calls from people wanting to offer you something for your church. Yes, I am one of those people, however what I have to offer you is something that would help your church increase its stewardship potential. What we do is very out-of-the-box, but it makes sense.

If you believe in tithing or just reaching the next generation of people in your church in the avenue of stewardship, please check us out. Our website is below. If you just take five minutes and investigate us you may be surprised at how we can help you reach your church's stewardship potential.

I know that you are presently using e-give for your electronic giving. Online giving is great, but I would like to help you take the next step. SecureGive, not only offers an online program that allows you to designate funds, but we offer an on-site giving kiosk where your members can donate with their bank card while they are at church. Last year, at my local church, nearly 90% of the people that gave at the giving kiosk used their debit card. This provides the church with a huge savings in bank fees. For example, a $1,000.00 donation given through e-give costs the church over $30.00 to process that gift. With SecureGive, a $1000.00 PIN-based debit donation would costs the church only .85 cents. Debit transactions are a flat fee so it does not matter how large the donation is, the cost to process it remains the same.

SecureGive is committed to the local church and we want to help congregations just like yours. So, if you are interested in Online Giving that allows you to designate funds or an On-site giving kiosk, please give me a call. I would like to share more with you.

Christopher Rivers

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