Friday, April 18, 2008

Let Us Pray III

Hey, bloggers! I hope that you like the new look...I was in the mood for a little change of scenery. There has been some really great dialogue going on here the last couple of days about famous prayers, so I want to continue on that subject today. Here are three more for your consideration and observation...

And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, "Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain." So God granted him what he requested. (I Chronicles 4:10 NKJV)

"Our Father, who has set a restlessness in our hearts and made us all seekers after that which we can never fully find, forbid us to be satisfied with what we make of life. Draw us from base content and set our eyes on far off goals. Keep us at tasks too hard for us that we may be driven to Thee for strength. Deliver us from the fretfulness and self-pitying; make us sure of the good we cannot see and of the hidden good in the world. Open our eyes to simple beauty all around us and our hearts to the loveliness men hide from us because we do not try to understand them. Save us from ourselves and show us a vision of the world made new."

GODSPELL"Day by day...Day by day...Oh, Dear Lord, three things I pray...To see thee more clearly, Love thee more dearly, Follow thee more nearly...Day by day..."

Hey, if you get a chance, check out Usher doing a tribute to Gene Kelly's Singin' In The Rain on YouTube...



Anonymous said...


This I KNOW, I love being led by one who understands the vitality that change brings to our lives!

Same subject, cool new color. That's rhema to me!

Kettly said...


This is a short little prayer for your uncle:

Dear Lord,
In my illness I know how important my doctor is to me. Thank You for him, for his kindly spirit and his competence. Do not let him become tired and worn by his many responsibilities. Grant to him the grace to heal me and all of his patients. Keep our good doctor in your loving care. Amen.

Remember when someone close to us is ill, we often feel so helpless. And in truth we are. This is the time for calling in the specialist, standing back and waiting, hoping the experts can do what cannot. Nevertheless, we keep asking
“Is there anything I can do? The answer is: Yes, of course there is. We can call in the greatest Specialist of all-God in His mercy.

Kettly said...

Bonjour a Tout Le Monde,
Good Morning to Everyone,

Bishop, love the new appearance. Look’s sharp! Very sharp. Very You! The Jabez prayer means a lot to me, it reminds me when I feel I did not fit in with the crowds, and little did I know at that time it all God doing setting me apart for His own purpose in my life.

Anyway let me tell you something about myself. Not who I am or what I have done or have not done. Nor where I come from nor how I got from there to here. None of that matters. Let me tell you instead about the part of myself that I never knew existed until God brought it to my attention. That matters. It is the part of me that reaches out and touches-really touches-God. The part of myself that talks to Him as I would talk to a dear sister or a dear friend, only much more easily. The part of myself that speaks to Him in every possible manner: desperately, impatiently, fearfully, needfully, thankfully, joyfully, in tears, at a loss for words and sometimes even angrily. There is no time, no mood that can keep me apart from Him. Not any more.

But I wasn’t always that way.
I have always prayed. That is, I have spoken words to God, silent at times. Usually it ways like aiming words at a wall. Nothing got through the to other side, and most certainly nothing was forthcoming, to me from the other side. Nevertheless, I prayed.

I believe it was important to pray. Never mind if derived nothing
From it; I did my duty.
Duty? Was a prayer a duty? I believe it’s something all of us should be doing. Especially if are Christians?
I’ve learned prayer is for any and all occasions. We can share any moment with God for as long as we live. May 4-ever.

Morning Prayer!
As you bring light into the world, bring Your light into our lives

I remember waking up morning and sensing that God was right there, waiting for me. What a wonderful welcome to a new day! Ever singer then, I awaken with the expectation that it will be a very special day, because my life is resting in God’s hands.

I used this part of this for my morning everyday.

Open our eyes, Lord we want to see Jesus,
To reach out and touch Him,
And say that we love Him.
Lord, we want to see Jesus.

Ps.16:8-"I have set the Lord always before me:because He is my right hand, I shall not be moved."

Dieu vous benisse!
God bless you all!

Ebony said...

LOVE the new Layout, it's very warm and welcoming, not that the other one wasn't, but you know what I mean (nice new photo of you too). I think E. Roosevelt's speaks to me the most, especially the part about the part of men that is hidden. There are a lot of people in this work who we think are calloused and cold, but it was built out of necessity. They want to show the true nature of their character, but they can't because it's been too painful for them in the past. So, we should all aspire to look for good everywhere and where there isn't just start some of your own. Happy Friday!!

Wordsmith said...

I love Mrs. Roosevelt's prayer...especially, "make us sure of the good we cannot see and of the hidden good in the world." The new decor is great. I may redecorate my room today.

dgm2007 said...

I like the Prayer of Jabez. I have always seen the book around but never picked it up. No wonder its selling. Good stuff. layout is nice and i love the pic as well. I've always loved the song from Godspell. the Prayer of Eleanor was awesome. I have had this business idea and over the past weekend the lord spoke to me and said i can only give you this energy for so long. and i was up all night just recording all that i saw in the spirit and heard from the spirit. Now it is time for me to be peaceful and submit my self to him. its crazy hard at times but just following the Spirit and blessings others is all i can do about now. I love this blog always so timely. i kinda advertise for you on facebook. In my status I'm like love the blog Bish check it out yall. pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I just watched Usher's video. That was too cool. Makes me want to call Taps so that I can learn how to do that!!
Loved the new prayers: Ms. Roosevelt, keep us at tasks to hard for us so that we have to lean on Him for strength. Wow

Great new look for the blog, all springy :0)

That is a really nice photo of you Bish, was that from Easter?

Have a great day
Linda :0)

tracy said...

OK I will make it snappy- payroll calls....So Prayer of Jabez timely and fitting! Eleanor Roosevelt-WOW- never heard that prayer before. Forbid us to be satisfied,keep us at tasks too hard....hidden good in the world,that is all good stuff. All of it reminds me of Bailey's life for some reason-never satisfied always wanting to know "where we going," who's coming to see me" "what are we eating"/Keep us at tasks too hard- she wants to tie her shoes and blow bubbles and whistle and can't make her hands and mouth do those things -but nevertheless practices everyday and when she finds she can't she says aww dawn(darn) and tries again later. And the hidden good in the world, God knows what is hidden from us that is good is definately revealed to that one! She sees the good in everything, a dead dog on the road is always taking a nap-she loves the rain- she loves a traffic jam because she can wave at our neighbor drivers and sing get my point! Ya'll have a great day- I know that is my plan!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Bishop! This is Karl checking in.

If I remember right Jabez name identified him with pain, which his mother had. He was praying that he would no longer be identified by that-keep me from pain.

I believe the word to me today is "don't let others and their words identify who you are". I was thinking this yesterday while driving towards Stonecrest and as soon as I had that thought...I looked up and was passing a sign on the access that said the same thing! Anyone traveling that way, look for it.

I have a feeling it might be because of things I think others might say about me at work today possibly. Speaking of work, gotta go, if I'm late again, they say I'm fired. I'm tryin', just don't like my work there anymore, but I know God will perfect things, and I'm still living out my epistle, this is just a chapter in it. Thank you for that word last week.
Love you and love to all!
-Karl Cobos

ps. I was thinking just yesterday of maybe painting my sons room a very similar color!
Oh, and I think my name means "man", so like Jabez I pray dear Lord, keep me from "man", and help me realize that because of your supernatural Spirit I guess that makes me "superman!". Thank you Lord, and in all humility I accept that.

Anonymous said...

I read this morning something that my spirit absorbed like a sponge, it is fitting with E.R.'S prayer..
"Burning discontent, born of a desperate past, drove him, and he focused on what would be is future success." I also read this morning something by Robert Schuller, "May you want as long as you live."That hit me rather strange but i understood what theme Father was leading me to this morning...A confirmation that the restlessness I feel at times is a good discontent, a motivator to do more for my fellow man...My prayer today is that I will always have a desire to serve more...To do all the good that i can, in all the ways that i can, to all the people that i can, as long as i ever can. I also just started praying the Jabez prayer again the last few prophetic.

Lise said...

Eleanor Roosevelt?... who knew?!?
That was great! All of it is poignant, but I really like that GOD made us all "seekers after that which we can never fully find." And her following admonition, "forbid us to be satisfied with what we make of life." Complacency can be a dangerous thing at times... or at the very least, boring! Nice prayer!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bishop,
I was checkin the blog out last night when you were trying out the new d├ęcor. I thought it was pretty cool watching the colors change when I would refresh my browser. I built this Victorian home we live in and did a lot of the work myself (contracted out the rest). Anyway I did the painting and thought that Victorians traditionally had lots of color; so the color that I decided on (correction; we decided on) the living room and leading up the stairway to the halls upstairs is almost the same as your new color, only a shade darker. I was a little skeptical at first but I love it, it seems to be comforting somehow. I think we overshot it though I love this place but cant see me climbing up and down these stairs the rest of my life. I have arthritis and degenerative joint disease pretty bad. So I think we are going to put it up for sale and buy or build a one level house up town somewhere. I don’t know if anyone has ever lived in a true 2 story house with half the house upstairs; but you go up and down the stairs A LOT.

But back to Prayer; my study is on the second floor and I have two windows on either side of my desk were I study and pray that looks out over the woods and hills. It is wonderful; I feel very close to God here, guess its cause I am up a little higher and closer to Him LOL!

Seriously I loved the prayers on here this morning ( I honestly don’t know when you sleep). All this prayer contemplation has made me feel better about praying my written prayers many times. (When I really get serious though, I walk like you do Bishop, don’t know why). Then I am reminded of the prayer that Jesus prayed in Gethsemane and then the bible said that he went back and prayed the same thing repeating it over and over. I especially like the ISV version of Mk. 14:35-39. so much for “if you have enough faith brother you only have to pray for something once then trust God”. I think Jesus had enough faith, but then again the first part of this prayer didn’t get answered did it.
Eleanor Roosevelt’s Prayer is a tough one, reminds me of my grandfather Lincolns’ kind of advice usually tough but loving. That’s the way they had to get through the struggles they faced most of their lives in that time. We struggle in different ways but I don’t think we can completely inter in to what they went through……..we may have to though. So maybe we need to “toughen up our prayers”. Still that prayer makes my fleshly side want to pray with Jesus “Let this cup pass from me” the old struggle between spirit and flesh.

Gotta go, I may go up and check on my mother this weekend again don’t know. Thanks for listening to me ramble.

Love and Peace,
I mean it,

Anonymous said...

Good morning,

Enjoyed Usher's tribute to Gene Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guy's
Getting ready to head out
Mrs. Roosevelt's prayer man does that speak to me or what?
I am leaving at around one & I will miss blogging.
It's my new addiction. Love it no side effects.LOL
I'll play catch up when I get back.
Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Covenant really is the coolest thing--I'm doing repainting/rearranging too and found this today on the Sherwin-Williams site:

"Color can be a passport to new worlds."

Couldn't see all the pic changes on BBerry this am. But, the "BIG" screen reveals. Most excellent!

Also, taking that to mean my project will be too! (smile)

Anonymous said...


I dont have a Phone signal or internet at moms



Scribe said...

Hello Family:

Just dropping a line to check in. I may be able to blog a bit more later today. thanks for all your prayers!

Donald said...

I was sitting here reminiscing about a post I made a few days ago about how the tough times are what really builds character and stuff like that. As I sit here at my desk thinking about how this plan has went bad and that plan has flopped I must seriously ask myself, “Self, what the H-E double hockey sticks were you thinking when you wrote that stuff? Do you not know that God is known to test people to see if they really believe some of the stuff they say?”
Heavens to Murgatroid! For any of you folks that may have read that and wondered if I have ever had to walk in it, well, I am all up in amongst it right now. But, I’ve been here before and when the boss sees me handling bad stuff like a champ it usually ends up to my benefit.
But I will say this, I sho picked a bad week to quit shootin’ up marijuana. And I’m not going to say I’ve done anything wrong or not, but it does seem that a well placed word of profanity can influence some people to get off their behinds and do what they are getting paid to do, especially when it pertains to hiding the end of a steel toed boot in a very dark recess.
Let’s all just hold hands and have a word of prayer.

tracy said...

I feel yopu brother Donald and when that urge creeps up to us that profanity- just use first initials in very quick succession and no one knows what you are saying, but it sure can make you feel better. For example SFD!SFD!

Anonymous said...

Well then, Donald. I think I will just have to say amen. Oh, gehenna, maybe even AMEN!

All things to all men, speaking their prayer language always works. Steel-toed boots, hand fashioned whips, whatever language, the word "excellence" must be spoken.

I'm guessing you have a few of them praying for real.

You are so funny!

Donald said...

The funny part about it is that when it's all over and tempered have subsided, we will get together and say stuff to each other like, "Well, was it good for you? Or, How about going to church with me this Sunday."
Grudges, we don't need no stinking grudges! Air it out and get it over with.
Ah, there now, I do feel better.

Donald said...

That should have been,...and tempers have subsided...
I know I'm from Mississippi, but I still try to look edutated.

DoubleBack Alley said...

Great Sahib,

I wonder about prayer. To whom am I praying? Is it an existential exercise for me to connect with the eternal? Is it a verbalization of my innermost thoughts so that I can hear what I am thinking and confirm the reality that it really is in my cranial vortex?

I do not struggle with it, but I must admit it is hard to pray hard. Exuberance in prayer has its' place, but it seems more suited to praise of the oneness or Almighty. I will speak something now and feel that I have accomplished that which Jesus spoke, when he said, "Our Father..."

I love the different prayers on the post because I feel their passion in the moment that they prayed them. Not for me to replicate, but for me to sieve the passion and pray my own prayer. An intimate, passionate prayer bereft of need and me. One that would honor my Father. There is no work or labor in that prayer, just communion with the infinite.

This really works; I pray specifically for wisdom and grace in the morning and then look for confirmation that my thoughts bore fruit. Sweet, succulent, samplings of surrender to thought.

Love the new format; keep changing it...all the time.

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip, Laura. Safe passage to, from & in between.

I trust that going will open up a new room in and for you. Like how different surroundings help unlock the part of God/you/God/you, etc. that was always there.

A man's/woman's gift makes way for him/her.

I hope you sing throughout. Whatever part of the city, state, country you're visiting, serenade and celebrate it. (watch for it to flourish)

Very cool!

I pray that more stuff makes sense to you along the way in your connect-the-dots journaling, journey. (bring Kleenex - it's a good thing)

Gladness and peace over emotional (area of the heart) issues.

Amen, Lord

Anonymous said...

OK... here's what I really think about the new look, Bish. I probably should have put this under the Serenity Prayer.

But, I have this thing about Cheetos (the crunchy, not the puffed ones). I've been trying to wean myself off of them. So, when I saw the color of this page, I'm like, "Why God?! Why?!" (no, I'm not kidding - well... kinda. I can quit any time I want.)

Anyway, I have a serious question about the Prayer of Jabez. The part where he says, "that Your hand would be with me," specifically.

What does that mean? I didn't grow up in church, so is that the same thing as when ministers say, "God's got His Hand on you." ?
If so, does that imply divine covering?

Thanks in advance.

PS - I spent a verrrry long time responding to some of the other topics. But, for some reason, when I went to submit - pffft - gone. Said a few choice prayers (in some language, I'm not sure which) and went to bed.

Anonymous said...

Laura, izjoy said it so well. I agree.

fiddlestickes, izjoy. I love your posts.

beautiful post on prayer, DBA. Reading it inspires prayer in me.

What a joy it is to watch the scrolling blog pictures, Bishop. It's like flipping through a family album, with all its memories. "I Hope you Dance" was on the shuffle and made for a "wonder"-ful moment of praise for the daily gift you bless us with. "I hope" we are blessing you as much.

famman87 said...

Hey, all.

just got home from a verylong day and haven't even really had time to peruse the blog yet. i'll send more comment later.

Did want to say thanks SOOOOOOOOOO much for all the prayers for my uncle. Everything went swimmingly and he is recovering well.

God is good... all the time.

Anonymous said...

I love the prayer of Jabez. I had never heard of Jabez until back in 2002 when I rode in a van with some people to a retreat and the driver had a copy of the book in the back seat. During the three hour drive, I picked it up and started reading it. It had been a gift from someone to him. I read the entire book was was moved by how such an insignificant biblical character had prayed a simple prayer that became so profound. I began to pray that prayer and since then have been ordained in ministry and my territory has been much enlarged. I have more than enough for now! That prayer has an anointing on it, especially the part at the end where it says, "So God granted him what he requested."
This is a testimony that you don't have to be someone grand to be used of God. He will take the simplest, sincere prayer and bless your socks off and use you in His kingdom work!

By the way, I love the new format. It looks more open and bright. Who's the cool looking guy by the water???? Ohhhh! That's Bishop!

4 May Flowers

Anonymous said...

Bishop, Love the new lay out! Me and my honey were married right there!
I have always loved the prayer of Jabez.
Tracy, ur blog made me cry! It was so beautiful. I love when you share your stories of Bailey.I had the privalege of her being in my weds night class many years ago. She is such an angel!
I can't wait to be ITB Sunday. I know last Sunday was amazing just from the blogs. I loved the two pics of the rain(yesterdays blog).
BTW. Kettly that was a W0W!I think I know who u are. I've only heard one person flow like that :-)Peace

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey bloggers…thanks for the feedback…I’ve read and enjoyed all of your stuff today, but this is the first time that I’ve had all day to actually log on and write something…schedule has been super-slammed, but it’s all good…forgive me for not responding to each of you, personally, but I’m really happy to see that you connect with each other on your own, even without my input …glad you like the new look…did you notice my new, cool little slideshows? Love you all very much…

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

In the middle of trying to read and blog while building K'nex things with my son and preparing for breakfast, but just wanted to say "hey" for now. I pray for an opportunity to read and write later.

Mainly what's been in my thoughts, hopefully you can connect some of this brainstorm that I'm trying to piece together later, is the following;
Jabez, pain, longing, increase, labels, misunderstanding, others not wanting to associate because of what's been said (label again),
faith that God CAN reverse, what's me-what's inside (my true label), each one of us with the Spirit inside is "Superman, or superwoman!"

We each have a Clark Kent disguise(label?-name?...), but inside we can ALL fly (mount up with wings like eagles), leap over buildings in a single bound (say to this mountain, be removed, it will crumble), RUN and not be weary, See through things (discern), bend iron and steal with our bare hands (break strongholds), so we are all "Superman!" You may remember other things that I haven't mentioned. Gotta go for now.