Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let Us Pray...


"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Where there is hatred...

...let me sow love;

where there is injury...


where there is doubt...


where there is despair...


where there is darkness...


and where there is sadness...


O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life."

Can I get a witness?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! Life and Life more abundantly. Come together-Love! What a great way to start the day!

Yvonne said...

Bishop, you have a witness up in here! The pictures are absolutely awesome. Bishop, I have a blog which I started a little over two weeks ago. I am still tweaking it main focused is designed to present alternative health solutions through answers to so many health problems we are hearing about with alternatives of herbs and vitamins and the minerals based on the scripture that God has given us the herbs of the field for healing.

There are also resources for the community such as local food pantry's, free medical clinics, places for rental assitance and utility assitance. For whatever reason the Lord is giving me a harvest of resources and I thought it would be a great ministry to bless the body with an interactive blog where the body could give and receive tangible help, as the Lord leads for the edification of the body. It has been up about two weeks and many people have read it but I need the body to participate. They call me or respond on my personal email and tell me they lov it but they don't comment. You apparently very good at drawing the masses after years of experience. Any advice is my humble request in how to get people to respond in tangible interactive way that will bless the body and the community. You may feel free to email me at vaughnevan@gmail.com at your earliest convenience, if you like.

I do have a very serious pray request. The member of our church asked me on Sunday to request that the body of Christ pray. I submitted on Sunday and I know we pray in general and as a rule you are lead by the spirit as to what to make public, however because of her request, I will post this here. How get the pictures on your blog, are you creating this on a different software package and exporting or exactly what. Your pictures are great by the way. The music is great, it keeps morphing but to get that playlist together is extremely time consuming!

Her niece, Deandra Goodwin, was killed with a hammer in front of her two children, ages 13 and 4 in Sacremento, California. The family has experienced several murderings in the last couple of years and our new member (Frankie Honeycutt) is requesting prayer for peace and comfort and the pulling down of strongholds. Her care pastors are Olivia and Enrique who I believe she has not met yet!

Peace and blessings

Yvonne said...

I apologize, I should also have said the before tragedy that I posted was on the news so it is public knowledge, but probably no one in our congregation knows that one of our own members is directly affected. Our member needs favor to travel to California because she broke her ankle (or foot) last week. So thank you family for praying and doing whatever else, as God leads. Again the members name is Frankie Honeycutt.


Donald said...

Amen. Gotta go for now.

tracy said...

Beautiful. And double AMEN.

Sweepea said...

A picture says a thousand words. Your artistic sensitivity in selecting these shines through, they are perfect!

LP in SC said...

I love Saint Francis. And those pictures of the kids remind me of the beginning of my relationship with Senira, my Compassion child from Brazil. I took her on when she was eleven, and heavens... she'll be seventeen at the end of August. I nearly leapt for joy last week when her letter came; we don't correspond super often, so when we do it's all the more special. When I felt the envelope I could tell that she sent me pictures! OMG! She looks like a little Brazilian model. Stunning young lady! She is very into ballet now, and sent a picture of her dance troop. Evidently they are doing well; there was a solo shot of Senira all dressed up for the awards... holding the trophy for the International Festival of Amazon Dance. I'm so proud of her! (THIS method of motherhood works for me ;)... what can I say?)
Anyway, Francis loved animals too, you know, so of course I'd be partial to him! Beautiful prayer!
Have a wonderful day!

peacemaker said...

The words of St. Francis of Assasi's prayer were written into a song by an Irish psalmist, Maire Brennan. The title of the song,"Peacemaker", is where I actually drew my pseudonym.
The prayer is universal. It transcends all cultural, societal, and religious lines.
Those of us who really believe world peace and unity is possible should apply these simple yet profound words to our daily affirmative actions and speak them over every circumstance that contridicts the same.

May we all be "peacemakers" today.

Love to All

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... was one of my favorite hymns to sing, "back in the day" of mass...

Anonymous said...

As we seek and seek to show His kingdom to others through sowing love, joy, giving, understanding...God has already promised that He will add all these things unto US as well, and not to worry about it.

Just be Jesus to someone today through sowing what He would, and their thorns and weeds will dry out and make room for new growth.

A definite AMEN Bishop. God bless you today!
-Karl Cobos

Avatar said...

More fugues. Awesome.

To become as little children, Amen.

Lisa said...

I am sitting here in tears looking at those pictures as my gifts fight over the cookie crisp. Knowing what their lives would have been had God not moved us and put us on this path to them. We have a son waiting for us in China but we are caught in INS bog down. Everyday these children wait for Love they wait for medical care, they wait for proper nutrition and heat they wait for Hope. They are great gifts to the world full of limitless potential. They are glorious examples of Gods love for us to me.
Yvonne I am praying for this person and those children.
Going now to find the tissue!

Anonymous said...

My Morning Prayer & Affirmation

"God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, all-loving, altogether Righteous, God is not a respecter of persons, and His judgments make us learn righteousness. God is Love, always giving, His mercy never ends. All good things come from Him and even the bad are not out of his control. God does not keep his anger forever, Loves even His enemies. God will overcome all evil with good. Even his correction is in his red-hot love and passion for our perfection to become like Jesus who is the perfect representation of his nature and ways. God is always good to all, He never changes, and He never makes a mistake, or is out-witted or overpowered by anyone or anything. God never loses. God knows the beginning to the end and He works ALL things out in accordance with his will and desire and pleasure. And in this working out of His plan; God is good to all; all the time. We can just trust Him for all of each day's needs and concerns, and put them in His great, awesome loving hands, His "Power through grace" is sufficient for our weakness, sickness, sin and needs which are all turned into blessings. Jesus took all that on himself and overcame it all, and now is working in us and through us this way that we shall all overcome; through sharing in His victory over sin, the flesh, the devil, and death. As He works out his salvation in each of us; everyone in their own order.

Our Father in heaven, Glorified be Your name in all the earth, Your kingdom come, may Your will be done on earth and in our lives as it is in heaven. You are the good shepherd who watches over us all with loving care and grace, leading guiding and protecting in all things. Seeking out even the farthest straying one. Providing for our every need spiritually, mentally, physically, sexually, emotionally, materially and financially. Father I Pray for myself and all my family, love ones, friends, and all mankind especially those with power or authority over us. From the bosses on our jobs, through all the state and local authorities, Police & Military, through all the federal government, to the President and ruling authorities all over the world. For doctors & Nurses, Staff, & lawyers, Judges & juries, for Teachers and all the Ministers that minister to us. May they all do Your will in their places and positions, in bringing about peace on earth and good will toward mankind. May we have grace and favor in their sight. I pray that you would lead, guide, and direct us all in all we do, say and think. I pray that your will, plan, and purpose will be worked out in all our life and circumstances. I pray that we would be, do, and become all that you have planned and purposed for us in your infinite wisdom and love. Please protect us from all harm, sickness, accidents, death, disease. I pray that your Holy Spirit would fill us with the Spirit of Christ and all the fruit of the spirit being produced in us and flowing out from us; with the mind of Christ directing us. I pray that as you help us walk in the Spirit of Christ we would overcome the sin that is still working in our mind and flesh. God of all mercy and Grace, forgive us where we fail. I pray that the love of God would flow into us and then flow out from us to all those around us that we might see you in us and be drawn closer to you. I pray that you would help us grow in our gifts, talents and abilities; setting and achieving good goals for our life, work ministry according to how you have created us. Please give us right desires in our hearts and dreams according to the promises in your word. Help us read and understand your word in the Bible and know the truth not being led astray or deceived. Also help us recognize and understand your present word that is being spoken, and in our thoughts & through others, also in our surroundings and circumstances. Help us make your word applicable in the now not just past or future. And especially help us to grow in a living, loving relationship with you in the Lord Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. I pray for the day that all mankind will come to a knowledge of the truth and be saved; when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess and give praise to God that Jesus The Christ is LORD In the name of Yeshua Messiah our savior, It is so, Amen.


Izumi/JOY said...

Amen to the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi. Loved the pics, too.

Back from Boston. So many details, don't know where to begin. Great trip!

Have read most of the posts; catching up.

DoubleBack Alley said...

I think it is interesting that the Saint of Assisi is still relevant today despite being dead nearly eight hundred years. When one considers that ideologies have evaporated like so much mirror fog over the past hundred years, it's amazing that Saint Francis' message still ringing true like a church bell on a cool fall morning.

The elegance, simplicity and clarity of being in the message causes the loved and unloved to compel themselves Godward. Inexorably impelled toward the infinite isness of the Universe. Don't we all seek that in us which we believe is missing? I believe all of that can be found in the Universal oneness of love.

All we need is love, Sahib.

Ain't God Good?

dgm2007 said...

awesome. there is such a presence of the Holy Spirit and urgency of reconciliation -hope and refuge right now. I have been telling all my friends how awesome and blessed they are and each has just responded overwhelmingly like your so right i am awesome God is good. and i just tell them to basically give stress the finger there is nothing that we cant do. and there like oh yes. so great how spot on this is with just what I've been doing and sharing the good news with people. harnessing the energy of God is the way to go and its the only way. great pics and great prayer. i cant wait for wednesday...

Teezy313 said...

DENNIS!! I totally add my 1000% agreement to your prayer!! That my friend is AWESOME!!!

Right on time with St. Francis' prayer!! This prayer should be a part of all our prayers.


Tom said...

Amen,Bishop,and amen again.That is a very awesome prayer and I find it comforting that someone who lived hundreds of years ago saw the world and his role in the world very similar to the way I see myself and the whole church in the world today.I don't know when it happened but many seem to think that the Holy Spirit stop speaking with the last verse in Revelation and began to speak again only with Luther,Calvin or whoever,obvisouly He hadn't stop speaking.I have desire to connect with all the cloud of witness's,from Abraham,to everyone here.Nothing begins or ends with ourselves but continues on til the restitution of all things and I want to connect with everyone involved.

Love to all creatures great and small.

famman87 said...

If that would only be every person's prayer and purpose every day...

It's been said already, Bishop, but great pics...

I'm sure it's no accident that all of the "good stuff" pics are of children/youth. I pray that every church becomes to their children what you have fostered here for ours.

I am so glad that mine have been taught not just of His love for us, but of the Holy Spirit as well(I never really was until CITN), and they are not afraid to share it!! that's the way this prayer can be realized...


Much Love...

peacemaker said...

AssIsi and contrAdict...proofread, proofread, proofread!

Sorry folks

Ebony said...

Everyone's said it all, so I'll add my amen (this is what I mean about getting to the party late.)

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey bloggers…thanks for the wonderful feedback…

Thanks, Anonymous…

Yvonne, I wouldn’t even know how to tell you to make a blog work because I don’t know how I did/do this one. It’s like when people ask me how to start a church or write a song or paint a painting or publish a book…I want to help them with the information, but I honestly don’t know how to explain to people how I operate, because I create in the Spirit, and don’t do anything the way you're supposed to. When the need to be creative overtakes me, I just find my own way and figure it out, and then I can’t remember how I did it, so I have no instructions for anyone else. Hang in there.

…and Frankie and her family are in my prayers…

Donald, I trust y’all got back to Mississippi safely…hope you enjoyed everything here…

Tracy, Sweepea, LP, Peacemaker, Anonymous, Karl, Avatar…thanks for your words…

Lisa, I appreciate your heart for adoption. Debye’s adopted, and so the subject is near and dear to my heart…I’m in agreement with you about getting your son from China. Stay strong…

Dennis, powerful as always…

Izumi, everyone’s been looking for you…we were about to send out an APB…leave a note next time!

DBA, always a pleasure…

DGM2007, you help to keep it cool here…as do you, Teezy…

Tom and Famman…great stuff…your insight is appreciated…

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Anna, I don't know why your post didn't get published, and I can't get it to go through...

here's what Anna said this morning:

"How beautiful the words of Saint Francis and the pictures speak for themselves - absolutley amazing. The Children playing have but one goal - TO PLAY TOGETHER - they are the same!!! "What the world needs now is love sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just to little of...." Bishop, I enjoy the playlist. Listen to it while I get ready for the work day & it helps my clients & customers. They just don't it.

Oh, Pastor Avery. A special blessing to you & your family today. YOU WERE AWESOME SUNDAY!!! Thank-you!! And this ones for you: can you feel the sand under your feet, the smell of salt in the air, hear the waves as they crash at the shoreline,etc..(the beach,there's nothing like it.)
No more torture. Love you & thank you! Have a beautiful day!!!"

Thanks, Anna
and thanks, Ebony...

Anonymous said...

Dennis, your prayer and affirmation is such a keeper!

As I dabbled in the "blog-o-sphere" today, I ran across Julia Sweeney's (actress, SNL fame) blog.

After poking around and reading several entries, all I could do was think, they must have some PRETTY BIG UMBRELLAS out there, but they can't last forever. They'll get wet eventually, even out there in so cal, the "left coast" where it doesn't rain too much... arid and dry, I must say, by the comments of so many people on there.

We're going to need dehumidifiers in the sanctuary, it's so wet up in here, up in here!!

Donald said...

Yes we made it back safe and sound, as did the kids. Everything was even more perfecter than perfect! But all that special treatment sort of undermined me in a way. With all the wining and dining (there was actually no wine there folks, so just simmer down now) that brand new mop bucket I bought her for an anniversary gift was suddenly not so appealing. I had to go out and buy the accompanying mop to go along with it just to stay in the race.

Scribe38 said...

Hello Family:

If any of you are still up out there and checking in on BITN this hour of the night, I ask that you PLEASE keep praying and interceding for me. Things are really tough and timing is crucial.Really in need of a breakthrough / miracle! Thanks so much and love you all!

Anna said...

Morning scribe38, I'm praying with and for you. Love you. Anna

Kettly said...

Good Evening Everyone,

Two months ago, the Lord asked me to do a study on “PRAYER”.
When I started the study, I did not think anything of it, but more and more I can see there’s more to prayer than just pray.

There are many forms of prayer:

Prayer of Humility (2 Chron.7: 14)
Prayer of Supplications (1 tim.2:1)
Praying Always ( Eph. 6: 18)
Fervent Prayer ( James 5: 16 )
Praying With An Understanding ( 1Cor. 14: 15-16 )
Watch In Prayer (Mark 14: 38; Eph. 6: 18)
Praying In Jesus Name (John 16: 23)
Entrenched Praying (Prophetic Praying) (Jer. 1: 1-10)
All Prayer (Eph. 6: 18; Ps.141: 2)
Prayer of Faith (James 5: 14-15)
Levels of Prayer (Ex. 24:9-10)
Intercession Prayer (Ezek. 22:30; Num. 16:48) (for warriors Ezek.13:5)
Groaning In the Spirit (Rom. 8:26)
Wrestling In the Prayer (Eph. 6:12) (Jacob)
Posture of Praying (1 Tim. 2:8)
Taking The Word (Eph. 6:17)
Praying The Blood (Rom. 3: 25-26)
Perfumed of Prayer (Luke 7: 37-39)
Secret Prayer (Mat.6:6; Ex. 34:2; Ps. 141: 2-3)
Prayer of Agreement (Mat.15:18; Lev.25)
Prayer of Consecration (1 Tim.5:22)
Prayer For All Men (1 Tim. 2:1-3)
Prayer In A Mystery (1Cor.14:2)
Praying Everywhere ( 1 Tim. 2:8 )
Praying and Fasting (Matt. 17:21)
Perseverance In Prayer (Eph. 6: 18)
Praying A Hedge (Job. 1:9-10)

Prayer (noun) An earnest or urgent request; An application to a Higher Authority.
Pray (verb) is to offer a reverent petition to God.
For Man and Woman the best way to truly know God intimately is through prayer. Prayer is not just communication; it is communion with God.
It’s in the place of payer that man and woman gains the strength to live out God promises.
Prayer is a means to find a relationship with God.
Prayer is a Doxology, praise thanksgiving confessions, supplication and intercession to God.
Prayer is the way to renewal your relationship and your spiritual life. Prayer is aliveness to God. Prayer is strength, refreshment, and joy. Through the grace of God and our disciplined efforts prayer lifts us up from our isolation to a conscious, loving communication with God in which everything is experienced in a new light.

Praise the Lord!

Iz/JOY said...

Hey Bish and everyone,

I flaked. (wait a min....actually, that's untrue - I DID tell a couple of folks there, so, nyah! - I didn't flake)

An APB, huh? Cool! (I'll s'plain in next post, it'll make sense. Maybe.)

You mean, in Sunday's actual bulletin, there'd be clip art of two empty seats in the mezzanine w/the caption, "Left behind?"

The Christ in me wants to say, "We were about our Father's business," while my flesh nudges, "whattya mean - you were right there with us!"

OK... it's gonna be a long post. But fun. Ready?

Izumi/JOY said...

April '08 - Hartsfield International Airport

Ever seen the movie, “The Out of Towners”? (1970 version) Our journey began like that. Only we kept our teeth and eyelashes.

We were cool; informed. Arrived early, hauled luggage across the plains of parking land to stand in a queue long enough to grow mold on our carry-on. Students were on pilgrimage for spring break, so it was more than a little really crowded. We inched our way to the baggage check-in counter & glimpsed a quizzical (irritated?) expression on ticket taker’s face.

“Whattya doin’ here? You went to the wrong check-in. Gimme your tickets. I’ll see what I can do. Coulda saved yourselves a lotta time…. (kinda blanked out w/my alter ego’s voice vying w/my stomach chorus. Dear God, where’d I pack the Immodium?)

Cue, “We’re coming to the edge, running on the water, coming through the fog, your sons and daughters.”

Did I mention fog? Um. Yeah. Not light, whispy/billowy/cottony strands. I’m talking thick, “In-A- Gadda-Da-Vida”, whattya mean where’s my boarding pass, I can’t even see my glasses on my face!” kinda murkiness.

But, it’s O.K. Really. I watched the Weather Channel on Saturday night. And right before my, “now I lay me down to sleep” mantra, I prayed (is beg, the same thing? Anyway, something similar.) God for clear weather for the take-off. So, I kinda had a hard time not laughing to myself when other travelers grumbled about missed appointments, etc. God loves me. Oops.

Like Dave Barry, says, “I’m not making this up!” Guess what was blasting on the loud speakers when we entered the airport?

“Good day, sunshine!” Amazing. Made our way through security. Man checked our passes & said my name is his mom’s, too.


But, we still missed our flight. Yep. By 10 minutes, they said. That was O.K. too. Our luggage w/my anti-inflammatory meds and good walking shoes and bandaids flew on ahead of us. We grabbed the next stand-by. Our ticket checker was Ms. Valentine.

Ms. Valentine @ Hartsfield International. Awww. While we waited, I noticed a sign on the wall that read: Forward and upward. Hmm. Interesting.

On board. Finally. As Providence would have it, we were seated at the back of the plane. Almost the very back. Like, inches from the bathroom. God is good. Did I mention that the hand-wash was lemon grass musubi? Good one, Abba!

The passenger next to me resembled the actor Barry Bostwick. He was reading Barbara Kingsolver’s, “The Poisonwood Bible”, about missionaries and Africa (cue drums and Chandra’s voice…. “He lives in you! He lives in me! He watches over…”).

Houston, we have lift-off.

All was well, until the snack cart arrived. There was a “beverage incident” @ seats B & C. That would be ours.

But, I won’t elaborate. About that or going to the edge (of a lap tray) sliding off a (coffee) waterfall, after the stewardess left our vicinity.

Just imagine a swatch of membrane- thin tissue, the size of a post-it note.

Then, consider the odds of that absorbing a 6 oz. cup of volcanic java. I won’t even describe the condition of the cheese cracker packet that was offered. Somebody probably rescued it from the luggage pick-up carousel. Woulda made a good casserole topping at Thanksgiving dinner. Only, we weren’t in my dining room but strapped into B & C with the seat belt sign glaring at us.

Being at the back of the plane was strategic, though. I could stifle the laughter better & our clothes mostly dried before we landed. Get this: When we finally did land, I looked across the aisle & noticed a carrying case with 2 Chihuahuas inside. (Bish & P. Deb – did someone ship yours on vacation? I dubbed them Mercy and Grace.)

Bish, re: CITN’S APB – we went to Boston for a law enforcement conference/ awards ceremony; IALEIA & LEIU. (International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts & Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit) There were several representatives there. Mexico, Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, Africa, U.S., to name a few.) The objective is to unite intelligence and analytical techniques to support law enforcement. Several categories were noted, such as gang violence, terrorism, hate crimes, sex offenders, etc. So, your “Let Us Pray” pictures are applicable to each.

Remember when you blogged from Korea that everything suddenly seemed to make sense to you? At the beginning of the year, you did the “Walk By Faith”, march. We didn’t get to participate. BUT, isn’t it just like the Almighty to send some to a city known as the “Cradle of Liberty” and have them walk the Freedom Trail? We did. Your names may still be in the atmosphere there.

For those of you who are history buffs (never really was, until I actually took those steps) you will benefit by visiting Boston. So much to see. So much to say. So much to eat. And believe me. We tried! (My hair dresser noticed yesterday and I almost didn’t tip her.)

Check this out: Our shuttle pick-up name: “JC and Ace American Super Shuttle Transportation”. “Benny and the Jets” was on the radio when we boarded, followed by the Righteous Brothers! (in the connect-the-dot-sorta-way, Elton John’s located somewhere in Atlanta, I think) Later, at the conference, we met a man named Benny.

God redeemed our flight to the city, by rewarding us with a room @ the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers. Plus, a meal in a castle!

If you visit Boston, go to Smith and Wollensky’s Steak House. You'll feel like Joshua and Caleb, when they assessed the enormity of God’s portions. (I blessed the bread, the wine & healed the land)

While ordering the “whole range” chicken, I immediately thought of Bill Engvall & his comedy skit. (on the plane back, his sit-com played on flat screen!) Great military museum; artwork, famous battlefields, war campaigns, literature, drums, uniforms, emblems, architecture, antique baseballs & gloves, etc.

The hotel itself is a landmark. It’s so beautiful that I repeatedly gasped, “I’m living somebody else’s dream!” There are swans painted throughout the hotel on every door. (coincidentally located @ 50 Park Plaza @ Arlington St. Originally, called Providence St.)

Hadassah Way meets Providence St. (Hadassah = myrtle in Hebrew) Providence St. also meets Columbus and Church Streets. Columbus = pigeon, which is of the dove family. I apologize – this is just the way my mind goes, sometimes.

In reference to other blogs, there are flags throughout the city. I was surprised to look out our 5th floor window to see the U.S. & Massachusetts flags waving. The motto’s interesting: “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”

The staff @ the hotel is multi-cultural, as is the city. Our room maintenance man was from Bosnia. His name is Safet. Interesting!

There’s a piano in the hotel lobby. While exiting the elevators, we were shocked to hear the pianist playing, “Something”. This happened twice – at different times on different nights.

In the “Old North”, Boston’s oldest church building, I actually touched the pews where other visionaries prayed. Unbeknownst to me, Angela, a law enforcement wife (self-described “Methodist who joined faith w/some Baptists to pray for our city of Houston”) was on the other side of the church doing the same thing! Praying over the future, like those who’d walked before us.

You’ll want to take the trolley car tour. If so, there are a couple of guides who are great. “Paffy” is hysterically funny while Mr. Wilson is educational. He may regale you with anecdotes about Fenway Park.

And Ted Williams!

Bish, we didn’t attend any “religious services” while away. (remember, it’s not appointed to us, for wrath) But, I’ve gotta tell ya. There was such a hush over the crowd when we listened to Mr. Wilson chronicle, “The Kid’s” career as a fighter pilot & his association with an astronaut and future senator John Glenn. It was almost a spiritual experience. (Or maybe it was just the cannoli I ingested @ an earlier stop.)

Back at our room window, I drank cups of tea & prayed towards the building adjacent to ours: The Sovereign Bank. And nearby, the Post Office. I called for release of finances into the hands of God’s children. AND, later wrote myself a postcard from the Future, Providence Unlimited, addressing it to the multimillionaire$$ living at our address. I mailed it from inside the hotel. Check it out. On every floor, there’s cool mail tube thingies that you can drop envelopes into & they somehow arrive @ your home days later.

Possible celeb sighting! A woman from Canada (I mentally dubbed her Carol, because her voice reminded me of Carol Kane – but, in a cute way) said she saw Katie Holmes filming across from our hotel! Katie Holmes is related to blogland, as in Mrs. Tom Cruise, who I’d swear (if I cussed at all – heh) I saw on the local news @ Fenway Park, on opening day, holding a form (behind a blanket) that might have been Suri!

After the “possible” celeb sighting, I donned my nifty CVS disposable camera (forgot the good one @ home *&^%$@) & scraped the pigeon poop off my winter coat (they spazzed when I didn’t feed ‘em the day before) and went out the next morning.

There were 3 shiny tour buses with 6 Cadillacs (with scary looking chauffeurs inside! Eeka meeka!) beside the buses. I asked a guy if there were dignitaries in town. He offered, “Not dignitaries – entertainers, I think.” (grrr…. Could he be any more vague?) The evening news offered this: Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway were in town filming. Maybe it was them.

Via Matta (“the crazy way”) is a restaurant (within a few feet of our hotel) reportedly frequented by Mick Jagger & the Rolling Stones.

Found “Cheers” – had lunch. Got the T-shirts.

You’ll want to see “Poe Alley”, the Federal Reserve Building, the Convention Center, World Trade Center & the Seaport District, where there exists a place called, “No Name Restaurant”. Local fishermen refused to share the location of the good hauls. When folks inquired of eateries, they would clam up. (heh) That’s a good God/manna clue, I bet.

Find Lincoln’s “Emancipation” statue. It reads, “A race set free, and the country at peace. Lincoln rests from his labors.” (bring Kleenex)

On our last day there, we strolled through Boston Common. It’s the starting point of the Freedom Trail and one of the oldest parks in the country. We declared liberty over such places, where our families, friends and neighbors are supposed to enjoy nature as God intended, instead of fearing drive-bys, personal injury, drug deals, unspeakable acts, etc.

After enjoying the afternoon sun, (warmest day all week) we headed back to our room. A passerby said, “Isn’t this the life?” and spread his hands out, expansively. We responded, “Gorgeous!” (thinking he meant the temperature & environment) He answered, “It’s about time!” and strode away.

His comment reminded me of all the clocks we saw on the trip & something I’d previously blogged about God turning hopeless situations around.

Wisdom, understanding, a desk, a writing table, a comfortable chair, a prophetic pen with supernatural ink, a writing room with many windows, etc. So many of the words I blogged earlier, I received!

PLUS, there was cake @ the awards ceremony! (chocolate fudge with whipped cream and strawberries on the side)

Great flight from Logan to Hartsfield. Nothing interesting to note, aside from the fact that the guy next to me resembled Chris Elliott & did his crossword puzzles in ink.

We exchanged a few comments about Charlie Chaplin’s former wife. I offered Oona O’Neill (mentally connecting this to Boston’s theatre district) but he vehemently refused this, saying he needed 4 squares to fill. I’m like, “OK… Oona…) alas, the “Fasten seat belt” sign was on again, so I couldn’t escape to the bathroom. Plus, Rich was blocking my exit.

Arrived @ Hartsfield. “Sowing the Seeds of Love” was blaring. Nice homecoming.

The following night, our kids invited us to dinner. A guy played keyboard in the restaurant. We walked in to hear, “Ba ba ba baaaaaad. Bad to the bone!”

I looked up & laughed, “You’ve gotta be kiddin’!” I’m not making this up.

ronnielee said...

Kettly, you are blowing my mind! God gave me a dream about a month ago with Boston in it...I get dreams with clues and I search out the meanings and they begin to match up with the path God is leading...revelation from Holy Spirit comes to me often in that way..Abba knows I like to search it out and it is really fun to play with Daddy like that...soooo i have been searching out the history of Boston and God is speaking to me in such HUGE WAYS through it..Thanks for sharing about your trip..it confirmed a few more things..you are really out there (In a Good, grand way!)

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Izumi, great report of your trip...glad to have you back...

RonnieLee, I think you accidentally addressed your comment meant for Izumi to Kettly...

Izumi/JOY said...

Thanks Bish & RonnieLee.

(what was your dream?)

ronnielee said...

My bizzle, Thizzle-yizzle.Izumi, I will post more about dream later.I am at work..and you are out there in a good..Grand wat too! love your post.I am truly addicted to this blog..i was jones'in...had to grab a fix..

Anonymous said...

So quickly you know how to torture me! AND you're outing me as a blurker...Anna!

But I receive your blessing and wanted you to know :-).
A thousand-fold return!


Iz/JOY said...

Thanks, RonnieLee,

Just went to your webpage. Cracked me up. (your line, God, my husband and chocolate)

Great artwork & music.

ronnielee said...

Thanks Iz/Joy....It is still a work in progress like me!