Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Earth is the Lord's! (And then some)

In the last few days and hours, all over the globe, there have been cyclones, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and earthquakes, among other disasters, that have claimed the lives of literally thousands and thousands of people, worldwide. It's really very hard to get your head around the enormity of the number of casualties, and, as I said in a recent article here, I believe that something is definitely going on with the planet.

Al Gore, along with many others with his world-view, believes that it is the inevitable fallout from global warming. Most evangelicals and fundamentalist Christians believe that it is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy...signs of the times...a prelude to "the Apocalypse", as they believe it to be. My personal belief is that it is evidence of the whole creation groaning in painful travail, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God according to Romans 8...the birth pangs for the new earth. Whatever it is, it is certainly unsettling to see what has been happening, even right here in our immediate area.

Today a Christian minister was lamenting the fact that, because so many of these disasters were happening in predominately Buddhist and Hindu (and some Islam) nations, that thousands and thousands of unknowing people who were dying in these catastrophes were being hurled into eternal hell because they had most likely not embraced Christianity or acknowledged or confessed Romans 10:9, 10 (even though they don't have Christian Bibles).

A few years ago I might have believed that myself. Now I believe in the what the Scriptures really say, in the love and mercy of God, in His plan to restore all things, and all of humanity, and in the Last Adam's ultimate triumph over the first Adam.

I don't have all the answers, but I know that it is not His will that any should perish, and that He is good, and His mercy endures forever. I also believe in the power of prayer...pray for your planet today. It's a great day to be alive!

I have some more things to say, and will probably be back here later today...

In the meantime, what is in your spirit today concerning these things?


Hey bloggers,

I said earlier that I had more to say on this subject, and so I’m adding this part many hours later. At the time of this writing there are about 26 comments posted, and let me just say how impressed I am by all of your keen insights, and how proud I am of you as a blog community. You have all brought up some very interesting and compelling points, all of which I basically agree with on some level, and I appreciate the balance of intelligence and compassionate sensitivity that you all show.

As a student of history, I certainly am aware that natural disasters have always happened, and I also realize that with constant, 24 hour news coverage, it may appear that more is happening now than has happened in the past in this area. But you have to admit, the last few days and hours have been pretty intense.

And yet, at the same time, there is such an amazing move of God happening in the world right now…a great awakening is taking place. I realize that there are some Christians who interpret this awakening as “the great falling away”, and I understand their paradigm. I was raised on it. And let me just say, for the record, that I do believe that John 14:6 is the truth. I do believe that Jesus was speaking rightly when He said “no man comes to the Father but by Me”. As the perfect embodiment of the Christ, He established Himself as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that is an absolute in my heart and mind.

But the same Jesus said that those who were not against Him were for Him. John the Baptist said, “Behold, the lamb of God WHO TAKES AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD.” The best-case scenario is found in John 3:16…that “whosoever would believe in Him would not perish, but would have everlasting life.” But, thank God, verse 17 follows verse 16, for those who have never heard, or who have not had the proper influences in their lives to cause them to believe in Him…“For God sent not His son to condemn the world, but that THE WORLD THROUGH HIM MIGHT BE SAVED!” He is the Savior of all men, ESPECIALLY those who believe.

I may even add more to this later today. In the meantime, I don’t know if you noticed or not, but the picture of the drinking deer has a structure in the background that reminds me of something out of Asian architecture…something that you might see in China or Myanmar (the Land of Pagodas)…I put it there to remind us all to pray for our brothers and sisters in those nations who are suffering even as I write this. They make up a huge part of the Family of God…our family…and those who have lost their lives are with the Lord. The Scriptures say “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”, and that is a universal promise.

That’s all for now. Keep up the beautiful correspondence. I love you all.


mayam said...

With the weekly storm activity in the US and such devastation in other parts of the world, my emphasis more and more is on asking:
Holy Spirit, help us to pray.

Along with the uneasiness and concern, however, I feel an inexplainable anticipation and optimism. Somehow, an avenue to laughter finds a way in... I am eager to read your other comments.

Teezy313 said...

I'm with you Bish...I see the weather phenomenon happening across the globe and can only see that something is going to be birthed from all this.....all we can really do for now is to be on our toes and sensitive to the flow of the Spirit of God and willing to allow him to flow thru us if He so chooses.....

On another subject...my friend and Godchild to be is doing well...she just tripped and landed on her stomach...she had a checkup for her and the baby and all is well...

Still praying for Ethan and interceeding for everyone elses needs as well.....


The Flower said...

The joy of the Lord is certainly our stength, because we barely sleep, yet our strenth is renewed day by day. God said that those who thirst will be filled. So let's drink family. I believe ultimately, every knee will bow, and every tougue will confess. Life still seems to going on no matter what's going on. God just prefers that we go on with him. some realy bad things happen to good people. I don't understanding it all either, but I guess its not for us to understand it all. If we did we wouldn't need the holy spirit. I believe God is making a statement to the world. It all belongs to him. Without him the people in the world are nothing. I believe the earth crying out. God has given us the power to change the outcome of world. When it rains, we shouldn't say, its raining too much, rather say thank you God that the rain is springkling on our garden to germinate the seeds of new hope. When the sun shines so bright, thank God we live in balance earth. At first the earth was formless, empty, and full of darkness. Now its full of everyhing. She's releasing toxins and wastes. We have what it takes to heal her. Out of us will flow rivers of living water. I just say we should use it, and those who don't have it pray that God will fill you. Now the sister who said she spoke in tougues for the first time can use that gift every day. I wish everyone were filled, but not eveyone thirst. To conclude, mother earth wants to be filled. We don't know how to pray as we ought, but the spirit will guide us.

Peace to you all.

Erik said...


Your words are a salve and an encouragement, and a call for us, the ‘Second Coming’ to cry out, to speak out, ‘Be still’ to the Earth. It is groaning and crying out. In that I, We, cry out ‘Be Still and know that God Is … ‘

Thank you Bishop, Pastor Debye, CITN staff, CITN Body for crying out !

We are that manifestation. This is not spiritual drunkenness as some may think, it is early in the ‘day’ , it IS the expression of God, through us. We speak out through our mouths (and keyboards) what we have held in our hearts. ‘Peace, Be Still, embrace, plunge in, receive it all’ . We are here, we see, and we pronounce Praise, Thankfulness, Love, Peace, and Joy throughout everything we see, touch, and think. It is more than we can do, and our expression, like the loaves and fish are multiplied to all, with leftovers.

We Say –

‘All is calm, all receive without notice of stature or theology. All Come, Every Thirst and Hunger, IS supplied. There is abundance, there is more than enough for every desire and giving. We celebrate the Christ that encompasses ALL in every place regardless of label or expression. Every soul in every nation today knows the Spirit, in whatever tongue and words, ALL that speak what is in their heart are confirmed. All are cloaked in Mercy and fulfilled in Love. We say this, and prophesy it to Every One. There is no separation, One could take the place of ALL without a pre-requisite, We can speak to All without condition. We manifest the faith now, for All, completely and immediately. All are connected in Love. All are Loved by us, no exception. We see as God sees and we declare in this Earth All are blessed, All are favored, and every disbelief is overcome. Praise God !!!!

We say with humble & bold authority, God experiences, It Is ----- Hosanna, .. in the highest …. God Is revealed in every heart, now. ‘All Come, without trade, All is freely given, receive, believe as you eat he fresh fruit of The Tree of Life. We proclaim – It IS, proclaim love, abundance, relationship, peace sand it is. Take what connects and leave the rest.

Anonymous said...


peacemaker said...

a very timely post and I agree; it's very obvious something is changing here on this planet. A shift is occurring on just about every level of creation: conscious, subconscious, physical, natural, and environmental. On one hand, devastation and casualty surrounds us, but on the other, a strange sense of anticipation is in the air. What is happening? What is our part in the shift? Should we just rest on our laurels and pray, or is there something more we should do?
The whole global warming issue has become more of a political hot button than a real environmental threat. Right-Wing denial vs. Left-Wing propaganda. Is something happening to our polar ice caps? Is Greenland experiencing a thaw of epic proportions? According to the experts: yes. But what's causing it? Man, cycle, or a combination of both.
Whatever the cause there is one thing I truly believe: our Mother Earth will survive. She has proven her resilience over and over in her 4.5 billion year history. Just as we have an immune system that attacks whatever threatens our well being, the Earth responds likewise. Any threat to its survival will be dealt with. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, cyclones, hurricanes, tornados, drought, climate change either way can be looked at as natural occurrences but recent intensity and frequency may tell a different story. Maybe the Earth is responding to an alien invader. Have we, the ones who have been given the caretaking mandate, become that alien? Has man's chickens of domination come back to roost? Have we taken this whole dominion thing literally and to the extreme? Things seemed so much easier when we believed we were leaving this place some glad day but we all know better now, so, we really need to search our hearts for the real answers. Our future as a species depends on it.
The Earth will recover. But, will we?

The loss of life due to the recent catastrophes is enormous. Our corporate heart grieves. I am in agreement with Bishop to do all we can to help. Prayer, financial support, what ever we can do. It is our responsibility as part of the Human family to get involved any way we can.

God has created a beautiful planet for His creation to dwell and prosper but He has also created it to be regenerative. It will survive with or without us. If we rise up and assume our rightful place as stewards of this planet instead of dominators, we will continue to live and thrive and evolve physically and spiritually for eons of time.

Peace and Awareness Now


Anonymous said...

It is early and there will surely be other takes on this subject today that will interest me.
For now let me say I agree with all said and will probably not disagree with anything yet to be said. My view is similar and includes an understanding from the wobble theory.

It has long been understood that the earth spins much like a top spins with a consistent wobble and on rare occasions the wobble will whip a little. When this happens winds increase and pressure from the mantle floating on magma causes eruptions and earthquakes. The results of the whipping episodes are becoming more predictable but are still in study. There is evidence though that the reaction occurs in waves that last sometimes for tens and even hundreds of years based on the severity of the whip.

The point of mentioning this is both to dispel superstitious based fear through understanding and to give my focal reference for prayer. It is to keep moving forward or in the same general direction that we have been set on by God since before man inhabited this planet. These happenings, although having tragic results, help to reset the earth to a more stable condition of spin as well as the effects caused by the wobble whip help to stabilize the atmosphere by strengthening the ozone layer from the product of volcanic eruptions and the stimulation of the leaves on plants by the winds to produce more oxygen.

Yesterday Teezy mentioned the wind and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching the limbs full of new leaves dancing, waving and clapping their hands Sunday after church when traveling to my in-laws for mother’s day dinner. At first I thought of children excited by adult parents dancing around the legs of the parent and then I realized just how refreshing the air was around me. I listened to the comments of those I was with on how beautiful the day was and how good they felt. The air around us was charged with many positive ions that were produced by the release of oxygen from the leaves.

What a marvelous thing our world is. It is more knowledgeable of how it lives and moves and has its being in God than most humans are, especially those who quake in superstitious fear.

Let us lift our hands and wave and dance and release good energy for the world around us today as we praise the God who has excited us with the knowledge that we are his beloved Children.

Continue forward my friends.

Iris said...

Hi all,

I want to apologize… I haven’t been able to blog much lately… I have experience at temporary separation in the flesh from two very dear people in my life… Their departures were within an hour of each other… As much as I rejoice in their home going, knowing that they now both have the full knowledge of the kingdom and the mysteries of old… It has been an emotional week for me… But in light of the subject for today… I felt that I needed to blog…

Like said by many of you already… The whole earth groans for the manifestation of the Sons of God… They are waiting for the second coming of Christ… So it is time for the second coming of Christ to be manifested… He is here… The second coming has taken place in us… and we are to do greater things than what Christ did during the first coming… So the earth groans in travail waiting for US to manifest the Christ… They are seeking Him… It is even evident in all that is going on with the commencement of the Global Peace Festival… it is no coincidence that this is all happening at the same time… There is a shift in the Spirit and the whole earth knows it… So... We the second coming of Christ rise up and proclaim that He is here and He is seated on the throne exalted… and the train of His robe fills the temple… and the WHOLE EARTH IS FILLED WITH HIS GLORY…

Like the lyrics say in “Let The River Run”, we are running on the water… coming through the fog, Your sons and daughter… the dreamers are waking the nations… calling Come, the New Jerusalem… Silver cities rise… the morning lights… the streets that meet them… and sirens call them on with a song… It’s asking for the taking… TREMBLING… SHAKING… Oh, our hearts are aching… COME RUN WITH ME NOW… LET ALL THE DREAMERS WAKE THE NATIONS…

And as WE wake the nations…. We send a decree forth… we proclaim peace… Peace be still… look up and see that the glory of the Lord has filled the earth… He is here… He is revealed in us... and we say ALL COME….

A dreamer waking the nations…

Anonymous said...

I almost hate to turn on the television, nothing but bad news and disaters all over the place. As i am watching and hearing all this stuff I can't even utter a word, I just began speaking in tongues and interceding for people all over this globe. I can't explain what is happening or even why it is happening at this time. But I do Know that i serve a caring and merciful God whom is still in control. I truly trust him. It doesn't matter if i understand or not I trust him.He is my Father he is my friend He is my peace , he is my joy in sorrow and my hope for tommorrow.He is king. Bishop I thank God for your message and for you the messenger. I love my church and when i am away, and see what is being offer in other places, I say like Dorothy on the wizard of oz THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME ( CHURCH IN THE NOW MY HOME.)

Lisa said...

xbatxI believe these people who claim that the disasters were created to send the people to hell should really take a trip to these places and see for themselves! I know my view is very narrow and my heart is in Asia, but I have been to the in China and the people there are so loving and so in need of freedom, They are so dedicated to their beliefs and their families. Oh and here is a big shocker they wanted to know about My Jesus or to talk about thier Jesus to me in secret whispers on the street. My heart and my spirit is crying out for the people in Asia the last weeks and months. There is so much hardship there. They are so ready for a move of God. The birth pains of the New Earth are stirring up a great desire and need to go to go and do something for them that cannot help themselves. The people of Burma who were denied aid the people of China burried under rubble, All the aftershocks still going on there. The orphans in Vietnam being denied US adoptive families. My heart is crying out Oh God My God. The earth is crying out much louder than my heart. I hear God speaking to us all peace no worries not much longer just watch it will be ok I Am here I Am here. I am excited and feel at peace but feel it is time to move to action to pray more to care more to speak out more. The world needs to look beyond their little box and see it's not about me it's about us.

I can't wait to see you all hopefully tommorrow. I'm loading the car and am driving down once the babies go to sleep. Pray we for us as my darling husband has tostay home and work to save vacation time for China this fall.
Blessings to you all

P. Debye said...

Good morning all! First off, thanks for the beautiful things said regarding the Spirit moving on Mother's Day....I love when HE moves!

Thinking about "The Earth being the Lord's", that resounds in my heart so loudly! It belongs to HIM and ultimately to the Christ which we are all a part of.....With so much of the Adamic nature still in the fiber of the current state of the Earth, it stands to reason that it will take extreme measures to "purge" and "rid" the atmosphere of that nature...to make room fully for the Second Adam's total "takeover" and Lordship. It is interesting that Bishop just said in a recent message that we are to "make room for what is coming"....That makes me think of the "New Wine" that is being poured out.....it cannot be contained in an old wine skin....everyday, the Earth is "making herself ready" and "clearing out" to become the New Wineskin to hold "The pouring out of the Spirit of God on ALL Flesh"....there has to "be room"....as a member of the Universal Sound, I grieve when there is loss....and I feel it today....but then I know that in the midst of chaos and turmoil is when we, the Christ, is experiencing the ultimate deliverance and freedom of the first Adam....

I make room today for the New Wine! Shalom, P. Debye

lhollow27 said...

Great way to start the day! Such well thought out comments filled with the Spirit. As I drove to work this morning, my sister and I were talking on the phone about this very thing. It can become very overwhelming for those who do not have the mind and revelation of Christ. I'm very thankful to be connected with such a mature well focused body. With all of the anxiety that may come....and in reaching out and touching other people in their lives...anxiety is there....it is up to the body to speak through the Spirit that "It's all good!" This is a sign to even the people who claim to be atheist or agnostic that GOD is real and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Love to all and I can't wait to check back in to see what else the Holy Spirit is saying. This makes it so easy to Praise God all day long!
Erik- You are awesome! I really think you could write prayers. :)

Anonymous said...

What if resurrection day is happening now. Parts of the earth are dying and being reborn. Quakes break, Tornado's make paths, Floods push back boundary's, Fire's burn.
I feel man has brought on some of the storms we are seeing.
Can you see we are having these same storms we are being broken, our boundary's are being pushed back, we are being burned of our impurities & we are making new paths.
The earth is crying out just as our spirit cries out.

G8TRGRL said...

Good morning blog family... just talked to my friend who was @ the hospital with the family. Ethan is in ICU, was responding to his parents voice and holding their hands, but had to be sedated because he was starting to cross his legs and pull at things attached to him! They will have cat scan results this morning--
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYER; I didn't get to read until this a.m...so beautiful!

... as far as the weather and disasters go (global warming,ETC)--has there not always been tragic disasters? Is it not the onslaught of media coverage that brings it into our hands, pockets, purses and homes the minute it happens? I have a hard time believing that this stuff is "all of a sudden" happening to us. I remember in the late 70"s when it snowed in FL, but there wasn't the media frenzy around at that time. HE is going to have his way with our world, and I too feel it is a wake up call for us to "tune in" to what the HS wants from us. I wonder, has there ever been a chronological study of "disasters" in the world, and great moves in spirituality, and how they coincide?

I have great anticipation for the Anniversary weekend, and everything that will rain down from it!


ronnielee said...

Just a few minutes ago, i read a tribute to Dottie Rambo...An instrument of inspiration to many.
Was she immune to the effect of disaster...sadly, no. I logged on this morning and the picture on the aol mainpage showed a little asian girl reaching through the rubble to be rescued..young and innocent in the eyes of God...how can those who say they are the mouthpeice of a gentle loving savior claim that God is sending those people to hell? We can see that tragedy can affect anyone. The earth is travailing for humanity to love as one , to feel empathy and compassion for our brothers and sisters across the globe..

"elle" said...

Just stopping in for a few minutes. Love all of the responses here.

PM... wow! I think you hit the nail on the head with this:

"Maybe the Earth is responding to an alien invader. Have we, the ones who have been given the caretaking mandate, become that alien? Has man's chickens of domination come back to roost? Have we taken this whole dominion thing literally and to the extreme?"

My heart, of course, went out to the cyclone victims in Myanmar. But I was, and AM, appalled that the 'junta' would deny aid to thousands of people near starvation unless they could police and distribute that aid in military-rule fashion. Makes me concerned as to whether it would be distributed at all. When people across the globe unite to serve those in need, wouldn't you think that the leaders of these devastated areas would graciously accept help... volunteers as well as aid? Boils down to domination and politics!

Don't get me started on politics! I might say too much about this INSANE war in Iraq, which started under the guise of WMD. Seems we bought into THAT crock, didn't we? And how many of our soldiers and innocent Iraqis (sp) have lost their lives because of one's refusal to admit that just maybe... perhaps... possibly... he was wrong?!? Domination and politics!

Don't get me wrong; I LOVE this country! But I personally believe that our leaders could do a much better job of keeping its national nose clean! In other words, stop sticking it in places where it doesn't necessarily belong! Vietnam should have taught us that lesson!

Stepping off my soapbox now, because I really don't discuss politics. Guess I just had a moment... sorry ;{

Bless God for the fact that, ultimately, THE EARTH IS THE LORD'S!!!

Anonymous said...

These physical phenomena in the world are really unsettling, but… they make me yearn to draw closer to Him. “As the deer pants for the water…. “I just don’t believe these people are being punished for their beliefs. Their being born into that part of the world was not their own doing. They believe the religions they were taught by their parents, the way we believe what we were and are being taught. God is not a respecter of persons! Does He love us better??? Is that why he allowed us to be born in America –a predominantly Christian country?
I do wonder why these things are happening in predominantly non-Christian societies. Is it that the prayers of the righteous are keeping us in America from disasters? However, it seems (don’t know the facts, just my perception) we are having more things happen here also –tornadoes, shootings, group killings, broken marriages, family members killing their families, fatal car accidents, fires, etc. Maybe we are not praying enough. Maybe we don’t have enough of the power of God to declare things to stop or to happen as God said we would be able to do. I just read in 1 Kings about Elijah and his “showdown” with the idol worshipping prophets. Elijah called on His God who brought fire down from heaven and took care of the situation! Shouldn’t we be able to do the same thing? God will prove Himself when it’s necessary …and when we call on him with whole-hearted faith and conviction! I believe he wants us to change the world by speaking peace into existence!
It seems that people are doing crazy things… but could it be that their souls’ are restless? That there is an acceleration of the search for God, but they are actually looking for God in all the wrong places. Nothing has filled the void they feel in their souls. Many seem to be urgently searching for something more meaningful than what they have. The search for a spouse (got to be sexy) , big houses, cars, clothes, electronics and the latest and greatest in other material possessions has proved futile – even for Christians. Material things are great, but I want my soul to be satisfied in Him!
It’s a great mystery and I don’t have the answers, but the condition of this world really makes me think …and--- most of all pray!
May flower (Shortened name)

DoubleBack Alley said...


Irony of ironies would be that if that evangelist had been alive to see the comet Chicxulub hit the Yucatan peninsula over sixty-five million years ago, the Hindus and Muslims would be lamenting the fact that all Catholics and Protestants in the Western Hemisphere were now extinct and headed for reincarnation or Jahannum. Those same non-believers would also cease to exist in just a few days as the gas and dust that hurled itself around the world choked the life out of them as well, which would inevitably send them to Hell. I wonder if you have to go through O’Hare to get to those places. I may be too much the pragmatist, but I think this is what it is.

Catastrophes of much greater scale and epic have hammered the earth for billions of years. The smugness of man is such that it has to be worse than it ever was because it’s happening to US. What if we are not the center of God’s imagination, but an equal cog in all of the machinations that make the universe spin and grow?

Is God in the mix of this? Absolutely. Is God the cause of this? Absolutely, if for no other reason than there are mathematical and ecological forces (btw, have you noticed that the left now calls it climate change, instead of global warming?) at play that demand a reaction to the action; an effect to the cause; a response from the stimulus. With seventy five percent of the population living around the I-95 corridor, would it be God that caused a terrible loss of life if a tsunami caused by the collapse of the Canary Island cauldron killed untold thousands? I would have to say yes, if only because we chose to build there. (Insert Debbie Downer “wah-wah-wah-waaaaaaahhhh").

Where I really see God in all of this is that the Chinese city of Chengdu has constructed “earthquake tolerant” buildings over the last seventy-five years and those buildings were relatively unfazed by the damage caused by the tremblors. The folks in the rural areas, without knowledge or means were the hardest hit for their lack of knowledge and means. That seems unfair to me, but it is what it is.

The resilience of man is truly awe inspiring. At his absolute worst moment, somehow money that we don’t have goes to those who have less. Love we don’t feel for those around us goes to strangers. Disaster exposes a strange anomaly in us. There is always a sense of unity and oneness at our worst. Is it any wonder we rally around a horrific death and call it the greatest moment in human history? I think we do that because it allows us to bottom out and erase the board; allowing us the chance to start over. Each time hoping that we do it better than the last time. Never ceasing to try, always trying to do better and never quitting.

We are a truly wonderful work of God.

Ain’t God Good?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the earth is groaning in painful travail, and yes, these events have always happened, but I believe the point of prayer is to intercede on behalf of those who may be affected by these events. Interesting that the loss of one life causes us grief, but the loss of thousands of lives is too numbing and incomprehensible for us to feel pain. And yet, there are tens of thousands of people all over the world today who have lost one life and are grieving. And just like the martyrs who did not receive deliverance, maybe we can't always intercede for the whole world because the whole world might not accept it - but it sure feels like we're beginning to understand that we actually have that kind of power. If it's true what Bishop has been teaching about the untapped power of the Holy Spirit (and I believe it is), then it is possible the groaning of the earth is trying to produce sons and daughters who will exercise His awesome power and DO those greater things. It sounds trite, but we can change the world...we're still just at the shallow end of the knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, including the limitations of our own beliefs and traditions. How great is our God (of gods)!

Donald said...

As I hear about all the catastrophes happening around the world as of late it is hard not to have flashbacks of all the end time preaching I was subjected to while growing up. I can remember literally laying awake at night HORRIFIED that the world would be coming to a violent end at any second. I recall when I was in the fist grade I had a little rat terrier puppy that I had gotten from a classmate immediately after it had been weaned. I had named her PeeWee. That was my first puppy and I was wild about her. One of my brothers and I shared the same bed and he called mom into the bedroom one night because I was laying in the bed sobbing. She kept on trying to get me to tell her what was wrong but I couldn’t manage to get the words out because my chin was quivering so bad and I was sucking snot pretty hard. I finally managed to tell her that I had just had a dream about the earth being on fire and flames coming out of the sky hitting the ground everywhere and PeeWee was running around frantically trying to find somewhere that was safe, but she couldn’t find anywhere and it was obvious that she would be gone in a short time. Folks, I’m a grown man now and as I recall this event in my mind it is emotionally troubling.
But as I sit here, I have to ask myself if maybe there was something to all that preaching and is all the stuff they talked about really beginning to happen. I actually have to remind myself that strange weather patterns have been documented through history and that we are probably in one of those cycles. Does this current pattern have some spiritual significance? I don’t know. I can’t say yes, I can’t say no. I can’t say that I’ve actually felt anything certain in my spirit about it either way.
In the past when things would happen that seemed to lend credence to the rapture theory I would personally get the attitude that all those heathens were finally going to see that we knew what we were talking about. It was almost like I wanted something dreadful to happen for no better reason than to know that I had been right and others (the unsaved) had been wrong and now they knew I had been right all along and there was nothing that they could do about it.
Without a doubt many preachers will be preaching their “this thang is fixin’ to wind down people, you better be ready” sermons this Sunday. I used to get Holy Ghost chill bumps when I would hear those sermons after a catastrophe while watching the old women pace in front of the sanctuary while doing the “chicken walk”.
But now, I’m thinking that the thing that should be talked about in churches this Sunday is how can we help those people in need that have been devastated by these recent events. How can we reach out to them and show them that we care about them and not just consider them statistics of end time events.
I’ll stop to conserve space, but let’s just say that I no longer view these events as solely the beginning of an end, but rather the beginning of a new beginning.

"elle" said...

I feel ya!

Yvonne said...

Bishop, Mercy and Jane, I agree with you and I add my Amen!

I do believe we have just scratched the surface of tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit that we have access to. Jesus said, I believe John 14, that we shall do greater things...those things shall be accomplished through the work of the Holy Sprit!

On Saturday, I was outside at an event and the weather forecasted thunderstorms from 12 p to 3 p. I prayed against the storms. Well, it didn't rain until the next morning, and I declined any negative report of rain on that day. It could be a coincidence, could be not. However, I do believe as a watcher, that I can decree a thing and fully expect he manifestation according to my faith. I also believe that the whole issue that is discussed about God healing our land, if we corporately pray, and
turn from our wicked ways, God will hear us. Jesus said to Father God, thank you that you always hear us. This is a kingdom key, knowing that Abba Father will heal our land if we in unity of the faith, not wavering (James), with pure hearts (psalm 51)and clean hands Romans 12:1 intercede, with one mind, and one vision - we can rock the heavens and see phenomenal manifestations of God's super coupled with our natural. So, I say, let us get serious about intercession with consecration lives if we want to see God move in the miraculous. We the redeemed of the Lord, say so!

That is what I believe!

love you guys,

dgm2007 said...

just read this qoute... something not worth praying about is not worth worrying about-anton.. cool eh. I think that should be the rubric for any problemo..
as far as weather problems.. who knows. ppl mess with things and it comes to screw us back.. we are the stewards of the planet..

Scott said...

My sleep was rudely interupted by sirens signaling a tornado at 4:50am Sunday morning in Decatur. I walked a bit unbalanced as I entered the den to watch a well known meteorologist literally "freaking-out". The twister had just demolished an area in Carrol county with winds just above 100mph. The storm was headed due east toward Decatur, St. Mtn., Conyers, Covington, ect.
I found myself a little shaken to immediate involment with this situation. One of those times in life where all you can do is pray.
I prayed for an hour and 15 minutes as I continued to watch the Storm Tracker. As the storm began to lose steam as headed into Rockdale, I couldn't help but to feel responsible as comments on the news were made regarding the improvement of the situation. My intial fear was turned to faith.
Don't just stand and stare! P$

"On The Turning Away"- Pink Floyd

On the turning away
From the pale and downtrodden
And the words they say
Which we won't understand
"Don't accept that what's happening
Is just a case of others' suffering
Or you'll find that you're joining in
The turning away"
It's a sin that somehow
Light is changing to shadow
And casting it's shroud
Over all we have known
Unaware how the ranks have grown
Driven on by a heart of stone
We could find that we're all alone
In the dream of the proud
On the wings of the night
As the daytime is stirring
Where the speechless unite
In a silent accord
Using words you will find are strange
And mesmerised as they light the flame
Feel the new wind of change
On the wings of the night
No more turning away
From the weak and the weary
No more turning away
From the coldness inside
Just a world that we all must share
It's not enough just to stand and stare
Is it only a dream that there'll be
No more turning away?

famman87 said...

I don't know how to explain all of what's happening in our world, any more than any of us.

Things are in a tremendous state of flux, not just in the earth and atmosphere, but it seems in everyone's lives as well. Mine especially it seems...

All I do know is that we can't control the weather, or governments,or undo the damage that we as humans have done to Mother Earth. We CAN pray, though. In the Spirit, with the understanding, however, that His will be done. And do whatever we can to help each other thru to the glory that we are moving toward seperately and together.

Glad our prayers are availing much, so good to hear good reports coming from those that we are collectively believing for...

thanks, all.

Much Love...

famman87 said...


Awesome bro'. I believe you were responsible...

Excellent lyrical choice as well...


Ebony said...

I look at all the things around me and wonder what they all mean, but I just remember that my source is God, so all things will work together for good. Also, whenever there is turbulence and storms around, we should never forget to look for the rainbow. It always comes, no matter how hard the rain, how violent the lightening, how earth shattering the thunder, when the storm passes, there is always a rainbow, the symbol of a promise of beauty and renewal after destruction.

Anonymous said...

What a cool collection of comments from the cosmic college of eclecticism. One can see everything from humanism to metaphysics to mysticism here.

What is most consistent and most important though is the love expressed for the loss of human life.

May we at CITN always celebrate life as it is given and for the time it is given.

Even though I live for a hundred and fifty years it still does not compare to what has existed before nor what will exist after this present state of consciousness.

Anonymous said...

What a cool collection of comments from the cosmic college of eclecticism. One can see everything from humanism to metaphysics to mysticism here.

What is most consistent and most important though is the love expressed for the loss of human life.

May we at CITN always celebrate life as it is given and for the time it is given.

Even though I live for a hundred and fifty years it still does not compare to what has existed before nor what will exist after this present state of consciousness.

Nancy said...

I love your post Debye. At the end you wrote Shalom, which means Peace. This past Christmas, I asked Jeff what he would like as a gift and he said, "I just want Peace". When his brother came back from Israel and was here for Christmas- he gave Jeff a wall hanging with the word "Shalom"--God knows, God hears every detail. I am full of optimism, and peace in the midst of the storm. The winds of his spirit are blowing. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Last week in Arkansas a tornado blew through and lifted my father's boat dock and boats, tore holes in his roof, trees landed on his deck. Vicky, his wife was there alone when this all happened. Under His wings she made it through the storm. My father was in Atlanta at the time and drove back immediately.
The next day they went out walking to access the damage and went over to help a neighbor carry a box of food into their home. My father tripped on the step and broke his ankle. He just had surgery so I am asking for your prayers for his speedy recovery.
Making room for new wine!!!


tracy said...

I personally believe that it is all for God to just get our attention and demand in His way a unity of faith. It rains on the just and the unjust. Is it anything we did or didn't do? Yes and no. We have all felt the shaking individually, but to feel it corporately in all of humanity all over the world is quite another
thing altogether. I love this Earth as I believe God does, this is all definately teaching me not to take it or one day of my life on it for granted.

Erik said...

Scott – Pink Floyd, always worth it. Excellent Spirit band, not really a letter band. Good call.

God, we thank you for the fabulous Earth You create. How wonderful each person You craft, how excellently we all see You. Thank You for every other. Everywhere we look, we see Your essence shining from every person, and then in the mirror, the most wondrous unique part of You in our self. How intuitive, sharp, and brilliantly You create people. We are indeed the Apple of Your Eye in All The Universe, we cannot help but see it in every face, it is a celebration almost uncontainable. You favor us with some temperance, so we can bring our gaze from each other, to the marvelous Earth itself, all that there is for us to create with, it is truly infinite. In each face, and each piece of nature, we gaze at You. Our Spirit’s express in this Earth how we see you, and are filled with Your Spirit. We enjoy this family, and the beautiful place of Earth You create for us to be now. We listen, play, learn, watch , connect and love here. How exciting this place You made, all the ability You bless us with. The senses we use to experience You in every moment, smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste. Every sensation is You folded into the Earth. Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! How You Favor every one, and each one, we see that as the best. This Earth’s people are filled to overflowing with love, peace, contentment, comfort, and clarity , viewing the beautiful light. Our anthem of love to You, is that we want first for each other, across the globe, as You do for us. In every heart, we know, we love all You create, and love You because of You. You deliver and promise us all the Kingdom, we know You mean it, and the beauty is if You promised us nothing, we love you the same. Thank You for this absolutely fabulous creation, that You favor and guide. You gave us complete independence, and we all willingly fold everything back into You. Free to choose, and all of us choose You.

tracy said...

Erik-way cool, I was just thinking today how much negative has been spoken over the Earth, the economy, our leaders, other leaders, all of the religions fighting, different races fighting, same races fighting.... No wonder things are in dissaray. We should all speak to the Earth like that. B.eautiful

Avatar said...

Wow, y'ALL.

I don't have much to add, other than my agreement.
Which is what was in my spirit this morning.

The power of agreement.

Also the power of submission [which is only required when there is disagreement].

And I also wondered, what will it look like when the sons of God ARE manifested?

This snippet came to mind as I finished reading posts [31 right now--okay, very cool Erik #32]
“in the end, the only thing that matters is the presence of God”.

lhollow27 said...

AMMO for communicating and spread the word of peace. I can tell you in my NOW, people are talking about this BIG time. Because not everyone, including my father has a revelation word and a teacher like we have been blessed with at CITN. This is OUR moment to salt the earth and bring forth light. More to come on the situation at work...but I have to share this real quick...I DID IT! BISHOP....I felt so free today. Of course all things worked out from the nasty week that I was dealt last week. I actually found favor within another IT organization at my company with a better opportunity. I walked into my VP's office who drug me through mud and said "I just want to say THANK YOU for releasing me to do what I have truly been called to do! You just wait....I may be your boss oneday. I was full of smiles and assured him that he will recieve nothing but excellence from me." He actually got a kick out of it....and yes I am still employed at AutoTrader.com. My point is, it's freedom to truly go where you are celebrated and NOT TOLERATED and take the HS into the work place. He didn't even know what kind of truth I brought into his office today!! Whoot-Whoot! Anyway, today was a great day on this blog and I feel like we have moved from emailing Bishop directly to actually sharing ideology and spiritual opinions mixed with statistical facts. Not that emailing Bish directly isn't cool. Incredible stretch of different perspectives here today. Just based off of AYITN and this Blog, I have literally kept HIS name on the tip of my tongue constantly with everyone I talk to. I mean I am IN CORPORATE so this is typically not (PC)acceptable, but when you come in the SPIRIT...OMG..it just works! AWESOME-AWESOME-AWESOME..synonyms?


Anonymous said...

The earth and all its inhabitants are in a constant state of renewal and regeneration - physically, mentally and spiritually. That process gets messy sometimes and I agree we are all in the midst of a birthing process to a new earth.
The Spirit of Truth as of late has been forcing me out of my own comfort zones by revealing to me explanations of what was meant when He told me a few weeks ago that in God's world there is no cause and effect - only believing and seeing. Cause and effect is a human way of figuring out, justifying, rationalizing etc, etc. I was addicted to cause and effect.
I now know and am beginning to walk in the revelation that in God's reality, what we believe is what we create. In light of this, I have no guess as to all the many-faceted meanings of recent manifestations of the birthing process. All I know is that I live in a level of peace and optimism that is supernatural. There is no logical, natural explanation to the ever-renewing mind I now embrace.
As I dreamed/meditated last night on recent "natural disasters", I awoke with this in my Spirit. Natural disasters are really "supernatural, divinely ordered events" that push our collective God-consciousness forward toward the restoration of all things. As we awaken to the enormity of events that are truly out of our control - where else are we to turn - but to God for His comfort, peace, joy, direction, provision and an endless list of what only He can offer in such times. Supernatural awakening events (formerly known as natural disasters) have always had one thing in common - they bring out the best (the God) in people globally. Spirit outpouring is always off the charts and mindsets change about materialistic goods. We immediately have a strong desire to connect with loved ones or strangers through love. God has always enlisted some very interesting ways of getting my attention personally. He is completely in control now, as the timing is in His hands, of all world events that are working together for our collective good to bring us all through the current birth process where our latter is greater than our former. We all have a Kingdom role to play - we all have a Kingdom purpose in all of this - embrace yours with all your heart, mind, soul and spirit and allow God to cover you with His supernatural protection. Feel His presence and His peace with you every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

Lord, with all the stuff that is going on with the world, may we press on all the more to win the lost, heal the sick and refresh the saints. Peace. Elo Noslo

Anonymous said...

Peacemaker I think this is very interesting……..
Just as we have an immune system that attacks whatever threatens our well being, the Earth responds likewise. Any threat to its survival will be dealt with

the wobble theory…..never heard of it but it sound like a very good theory.

Iris…..praying for you

Pastor Debye… the Earth is "making herself ready" and "clearing out" to become the New Wineskin to hold "The pouring out of the Spirit of God on ALL Flesh"....there has to "be room"....as a member of the Universal Sound.... the midst of chaos and turmoil is when we, the Christ…… experiencing the ultimate deliverance COOL ITS ALL COMING TOGETHER!

Laura I think you are focusing in on the point of the lesson of the Spirit on this blog today.
“What if resurrection day is happening now. Parts of the earth are dying and being reborn.”
Teezy313…..”all we can really do for now is to be on our toes” there is one translation, I cant find it right now but that’s what Rom. 8:19 actually says “ all of creation is standing on tip toe” watching.

Awesome Jane, I’ll amen that all over the place.

Donald you said……..”but let’s just say that I no longer view these events as solely the beginning of an end, but rather the beginning of a new beginning.” That’s exactly the theme I have gathered from this. Even all these live up with that thought. This brought me to remember a couple weeks back Bishop was preaching about being born again and again…. And said “you have to die to some things in this life to be born again in that area” forgive me Bishop if I didn’t quote that right but it’s the main point.
He also said that “we all have to go through it” in some way. He talked about how that some things just have to die in us in order for the new to come forth. This is a hard teaching and some cannot receive it; but it is definitely biblical. In this same sermon He made the point that the birth sometimes is scarier than the death. But it is necessary for the new life to begin. I think maybe the birth pains are beginning.

I know we are seeing some strange weather patterns and seemingly increasing catastrophic events. I know we have always had these and they do seem to occur in patterns. I agree with what G8trgrl said “ there should be a chronological study of "disasters" in the world, and great moves in spirituality, and how they coincide if there is not one yet. This could be very insightful. But I have to be realistic at the same time and realize that we do have the ability to “instantly” report an incident as is happens all over the world. Which would make things seem to be getting worse than they are, I don’t know.

I do know that something is shifting in the spirit all over this planet. And it is affecting us all the way down to our individual lives. I strongly believe that we are seeing the beginning of the birth process of the manifestation of the children of God. I believe that the preaching and teaching of the message of universal reconciliation and salvation is the primary mission of these children of God. This is such good news that the whole creation is convulsing with excitement and at the same time birth pains as the message begins to go out to all the world. All the preparations for world peace that are being made “the Global Peace Festival” and all the talk of “change’ is evidence that the “PEACEMAKERS” that Jesus said “ARE RECOGNIZED AS THE CHILDREN OF GOD” Mat. 5:9 are beginning “TO MANIFEST” in the now!

Here is a version of this section of scripture on this subject that I like, it’s the Weymouth New Testament 1912

Rom 8:18-23 WNT Why, what WE NOW SUFFER I count as nothing in comparison with the glory which is soon to be manifested in us. (19) FOR ALL CREATION, GAZING EAGERLY AS IF WITH OUTSTRETCHED NECK, IS WAITING AND LONGING TO SEE THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD. (20) For the Creation fell into subjection to failure and unreality (not of its own choice, but by the will of Him who so subjected it). (21) Yet there was always the hope that at last the Creation itself would also be set free from the thralldom of decay so as to ENJOY THE LIBERTY THAT WILL ATTEND THE GLORY OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD. (22) For we know that THE WHOLE OF CREATION IS GROANING TOGETHER IN THE PAINS OF CHILDBIRTH UNTIL THIS HOUR. (23) And more than that, WE OURSELVES, THOUGH WE POSSESS THE SPIRIT AS A FORETASTE AND PLEDGE OF THE GLORIOUS FUTURE, yet we ourselves inwardly sigh, as we wait and long for open recognition as sons through the deliverance of our “bodies.”

(The font emphasis is mine) “bodies.” Here is singular in the Greek “body” I believe meaning the body of Christ as a whole when God will gather all things into Him and God will be all in all. Eph. 1:10, 1Cor. 15:28

As I see it,

Anonymous said...

Erick Wow! thats a KEEPER, AMEN!
Anon. deep stuff as a matter of fact this whole blog is full of deep stuff. The SPIRIT is strong in this place.


karl cobos said...

I just wanted to say hello before getting my son to bed, read some of the blogs, hope to read more soon and make more comment.

The day after the storm here, my son Zachary (6), holding a stuffed cat pretending that it was talking, made it look out the back door windows and said "oooh, the weather is having an episode!"

I've missed the last couple of services for different reasons but hope to make it tomorrow, and hopefully my wife and her friend will be able to come.

Machion said...

Hey everyone. The Earth is the Lord's and He gave me an eight year old daughter and six year old son who are beautiful and wonderful and funny and living. Every man on this Earth can't say that one today. So, today I will live in the now with my daughter and my son in my arms.

Teezy313 said...


WOW! I never knew about that particular scripture...that's kool how we speak things that are Bilblical fundamentals even though we have never read it...it gives new meaning to the bible being written on the "tablets of our heart"...


linda said...

Good Evening blog family
Loved all the posts and opinions. All I know is this.. Big things are happening in our world. Bishop you have mentioned the earth groaning as if in the birthing process and I think you are right. Something is moving in the heavenlies and the earth is trying to line itself up with the one that created it.
Linda :0)

Anonymous said...

I found it Teezy313, its the Phillips trans.