Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Spirit is Moving!

"Yes indeed, it won't be long now." God's Decree. "Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won't be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! (Amos 9:13 – The Message)

When I preached from this verse a few weeks ago, I didn’t realize how personally prophetic it was going to be for me. I am literally living out this Scripture right now, so it’s kind of ironic that the reading for AYITN today is Slow Down! Then again, it’s a good word for me, and for us all, because it helps to bring some balance to the fast pace at which we as a people seem to be progressing here of late. The Spirit is moving, and we are moving with the cloud.

Yesterday was a very busy day… lots of “taking care of business”…a series of fires to be put out…lots of intensity and drama. Through it all I had to make the effort to stay focused on the big picture, and to walk out the theme of my Carpe Diem article. But it’s all good, and throughout every conversation there was a theme of reconciliation running.

By the way, the choral program last night was really impressive and beautiful…and it was cool to see and hear orchestral instruments played on our stage like that. They didn’t have quite the turnout that they expected, but I’m still glad that we hosted it because I believe that it’s always a positive thing for us to support education in our community.

I’m home all this week, but the schedule is still super full. Tomorrow is Body Builders and Dr. Lovelace is coming in from Alabama for it, Pastor Harrell is coming in from Virginia, and bringing with him a guest minister from another state…and who knows who else might show up…maybe the Dalai Lama…these days nothing surprises me.

Those of you in Indiana and North Carolina, don’t forget to vote today…

Be at peace...walk in the Spirit today...remember that love is the more excellent way...spend some time in His presence...and if God is speaking something to you on this beautiful Tuesday, share it with us...


Avatar said...

Good norning, ALL.
[that's not a typo]

AYITN #1 includes, "seize the moment". It is such a cool thing that God made us so that an imaginary stroll on the beach causes our bodies to react so much like we're actually walking on the sand. What a gift!

The person in the pic doesn't seem to be aware of the spectacular heavenly show! May be pondering the joyful feel of the sand and the peace of the rhythm of the waves.

Wherever your voice is, Father, give us eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts that are ready for ALL that You have for us today, each moment, blessings everywhere we RUN together and everywhere we REST together.


Carol said...

Dear Bishop:

I am so glad your trips have gone well. I just came from Albany Georgia where I ministered for three days. I have not ministered for a while,and I was a little nervous. So many things in my life have changed. I have been so blessed to sit and recieve the revelation that comes from you. When I ministered this weekend felt different, I felt very free. I want to thank you for sharing the word it is changing my life and my perspective on life.
I love your ending comments about love. I believe that there is no greater power than the power of love. No matter what we do, God never stops loving us, that is so powerful. HE NEVER STOPS! There is no end, no limit. So I have to remind myself what can somebody do to me that I should not forgive?...I have often said "thats it" Then I am reminded that Jesus never said "that's it" to me when I messed up. Ironically, when I messed up, God will do something wonderful for me. I have said "God why would you give me anything and I have messed up", but this is how much he loves us. This kind of love draws us to him. I imagine the thief on the cross said to himself, "how could Jesus love and forgive a thief like me?" but he did. Wow! this love is powerful...Tina asked a profound question.."Whats love got to do with it?
God Bless you Bishop

Kettly said...

Good Afternoon My Fellow Bloggers,
Bishop and Pastor Debye,

A High Calling!

Love must be sincere. Hate is evil; cling to what is good. (Romans 12:9)
(We read from the Book of Romans chapter 12:9-21)

I was reading this story about a missionary Doctor. His name is Dr. Halbeck. He’s a missionary of the England Church in the South of Africa. He said from the top of a neighboring hill he saw lepers at work. He noticed two particular, sowing peas in the field. One had no hands; the other had no feet-these members being wasted away by disease. The one who wanted the hands was carrying the other, who wanted feet, upon his back; and he again carried the bag of seed, and dropped a pea every now and then, which the other pressed into the ground with his feet: and so they managed the work of one man between the two. Suck should be the true union of the members of Christ’s body, in which all the members should have the same care one for another.

What a vivid and powerful picture of how the body Christ is to function. Fundamental to that kind o f unity is the Love of Jesus. In the reading today, God called us to have a Love that “sincere”. In many translations, of the book of Romans 12:9, it reads “Let Love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. NJKV” another translation it reads “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. NIV” Again another translation: “Love must be completely sincere. Hate what is evil. Hold on to what is good. GNB”
The term “hypocrisy” is a stage term which means “acting a part”. At the theater, we see people acting and pretending to be characters who aren’t at all like who they are in real life. But in our walk of walk with the Lord, we who are Christians are not to be pretend to be someone we’re not. Our Love for one another is to be sincere, not an act of hypocrisy, like Brother Fritz encourages us on Friday, in the intercessory prayer.

On this passage, Apostle Paul gives us another way on how to live a Christian life that pleases and glorifies God. We are to choose the pathway in which to live.

Verse 9: talk about the path of sincerity.
Love must be sincere. Hate evil. Cling to what is good.

Verse 10: Path of Humility.
Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Verse 11-12: Path of Passion.
Never lack zeal. Keep fervent about serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope. Be patient in affliction. Be faithful in prayer.

Verse 13-20: Path of Relationships.
Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Bless those persecute you. Do not curse those who hate you.

God wants you and me to do all these things. No wonder every day I struggle to live the kind of life He wants me to live. In order to put these specifics into practice, I must read the scripture and pray every day.

So, let’s live the way God’s wants us to live.
P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Christina. Many, many, more to come.
God’s perfect everything that will concerns you, and your family.

Bless you All

Today,is my brother's Birthday, please help me say a prayer for him. Thank you all!

Michelle said...

Good Morning to all,

Someone wrote yesterday how wonderful it is to start the day off with the daily readings. I second that!
It starts my day off with the first step towards having a glorious day. It stays with me all day long. I end it reading it again and the post.
Thank you Anna Lynn for the prayers. Yesterday was awesome. My heart was free of all negativity. It was filled with all positive emotions. I was not walking alone. I had my God and all my friends.
Today will another excellent day as Bishop wrote. I try to see all things beautiful even in the darkest day. I thank God for everything that comes in my life. I never know what will come of it. When it gets dark just keep putting your next step forward, it gets easier to keep walking in the moment. Trust in God and you will never fail.
A friend called last night to ask if I knew about the artist festival. Wanting to know if I was entering anything. Another friend called her to ask about it to. If I have learned anything since coming to CITN, is that we all have talents. Look deep inside of yourself and find your creativity and enter 1 or more things in the festival. Show others how special you are. I will.
I second Bishop word for the day “Walk in the Spirit and remember that love is the more excellent way”.
God Bless all of Us.

Holly Thurmond said...

Good Morning!

Wow! I always read AYITN and then BITN. What I see in these two readings is balance. I have to slow down and pay attention to the now and what God is doing and saying, so that I can be very aware of the blessings that are on the heels of the other. I may not be able to keep up, but from meditating on how beautiful and magnificent our God is, I will be very aware that the blessings are all around me. A few services ago, Bishop said we need to clean our plates of some of the things that are on it. Our schedules are too full and our children can sometimes be involved in to many activities. Let them play and be kids. I needed that word that day. I tend to be involved in way too much that is not necessary and my child pays the penalty. So, lately I have been working on that and only being involved in the things that I know I am supposed to be involved in. We have been at CITN more. Hannah gets to be at home and play outside more and it just feels right. In other words, I feel that it is all about finding that balance.

Have a great day!
Holly Thurmond

mrkoolcat said...

The Chaos of the Holy Spirit

There was once a Woman, so engulfed within religion of which one smudge of true perception would be as faint as 10,000 miles. All her thoughts were completely distant to the actual reality of Christ Jesus and His marvelous mysteries working in her life. In her eyes she was on the correct path of religion, unaware of the future dangers which lie ahead of her. She was setting traps for herself and all the confusion she was entangled in is about to be resolved. What seems to be like chaos is actually the birth pangs of the new self in Christ Jesus. Thanks to the hunger of one man after the one true God Himself, she is able to be freed from the cloak of deception, unwrapped and able to see. Clearly visible are the wondrous works from the house of Church in the Now, praises be to God.

Joshua Jones

Donald said...

This is a serious request. I keep having a nagging pain right where my left ribs connect to my sternum. Quite frankly this terrifies me and constantly keeps me wondering whether or not there is something wrong with my heart. I try to tell myself that something got mis-combobulated when I got tagged with a defibrillator a couple of times awhile back and that is what is causing the pain. When I do my cardio workout I get my heartrate up around 150 and nothing seems to bother me then so I keep telling myself that if there is a heart problem that it should show up at that point.
Whatever it is I would greatly appreciate it if you folks would put me on your prayer list and maybe even call the folks up in the tower and get them to pray for me also. I am an active person and don't need this to keep bothering me. For that matter I don't need this to be bothering me if I was nothing more than a couch potato.

fairydust said...


We are a family and what happens at the top trickles down to each of us. From Blessing to Fullness I recieve it all. Praise you Lord. You are worthy of our praises.

To blessed to be stressed.
Living the Vision

Holly Thurmond said...

First let me say that I am in agreement that the source of this pain is found and taken care of. Also, I am not a Doctor. I am a Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular licensed Massage Therapist. Make sure that you are stretching thoroughly before and after your cardio workout and any other workout. Also, check your posture when you are active and when you are not active. Deep breathing exercises may be very beneficial to this area of your body as well. Please remember to pay attention to the nagging. I pray that God's perfect healing is manifested in your body this day and that muscles, bones, blood, oxygen and all other components of this area line up correctly and begin to do the job they are intended to do.

Be Healed, Holly Thurmond

DoubleBack Alley said...


Nothing happened, just haven't had a chance to correspond lately. Having issues with my connection. Hope all went well in DC and Buffalo.

Ain't God Good?

Sweepea said...

So I got online and came to the blog and Josh Groban was singing "You Raise Me Up" and now I'm blubbering like a baby and can barely see the keys to type this. Thanks Bishop ;-)
You raise us up!

Anna Lynn said...

I'm praying. As Holly has prayed, I'm agreeing for everything in that area to line up and do the job intended. You know you are the love of my life AND I AM FOREVER INTERCEDING ON YOUR BEHALF!! I SPEAK LIFE!!!! LIFE!!LIFE!! But for crying out loud couldn't you have found a pic of me with 'my face on'? Gotta go and get some things ready cause Gabe (our son) is coming home for a few days. YEEHAA!!! "I'm so excited...." bye for now.

Bishop, Pastor Debye, and my fellow bloggers: God bless you today abundantly more than you could ever think or imagine.

Lisa said...

Donald I am praying for ya! Yes the spirit is a moving. Great things are comming. When I sat here last night reading the Holy Spirit was so strong reading todays entry my face felt sunburned. Even now 11 hours later I feel a sunburn starting yet again the Son is so bright!
Blessings to you all I have to go get ready to vote now!!!! That is scary how it is comming down to little ole Indiana and North Carolina!!! I will do my part!
I am blessed and expect a mighty blessing today!
PS. When I closed my eyes to pray for you all I see roses made of gold and the hand of Jesus giving them to you .

"elle" said...


Stunning day in SC... bright sunshine, beautiful sky... God did good! Much on my plate today, though. Don't know if I'll get to enjoy it unless I decide to do my cardio at the park.

Speaking of...
Donald, what Holly said... and then some! But perhaps you should see a physician to rule things out. Funny coming from me, as some of you know that I'm doctor phobic. But after all of the... hhmmm... crap seems to be the only word coming to mind... that I went through earlier this year, I've decided that physicians certainly have their place in my life (whether I like it or not)! Actually need to go back for routine maintenance. Thought I'd give myself a couple months to get my mind in the right place again. SOOOOO embarassing to me, because as soon as my feet step into the building my heartrate skyrockets to 'cardio zone.' No kidding... every time. I just can't help it :{
Anyway, absolutely am praying for you. BTW, MUCH better picture! And I didn't really mean what I said about cats. They're not my favorite animals (except the REALLY big ones), but I hate to see any of God's creatures squashed on the highway!

DBA, glad you at least popped in for a minute. Thought we lost you.

As a matter of fact, is it APB time for IZ/JOY again?!?

OK, MUST get to work! My sister's 48th birthday is this Thursday, and my mother enlisted my help in doing a drama-themed scrapbook for her. She's been in community
theatre locally, summer stock in Maine for several years, studied for awhile (long ago) in LA. So we want to pull all of her momentos, reviews, etc. together for her. And I'm the artsy one, so I have my work cut out for me.

And speaking of art...
Bish, is it OK if I enter a few pieces in the festival? Don't know how much room you have or if cyber-picassos are included. But if so, I'll contact Jimmie soon. Let me know.

Carpe, carpe, carpe!
Love you guys!

miraclegirl said...

Hey there you awesome Bloggers:

Love the post and pics, as always.

Just wanted to share what God said to me this beautiful Tuesday morning. He said: "I Am bigger than anything..... your problems, worries, fears." (We need to release all that stuff to Him so He can take care of it.) He also reminded me that I am not of this world and said don't forget "everything is O.K.!!!"

Love you guys.

miraclegirl said...

Praying for you Donald.

Anonymous said...

The Spirit is guiding me as usual in an unusual manner.

My day was completely turned around from its original plan and my path redirected to a place where I was able to make an unexpected reconciliation contact.

It was very good for both of us. I could sense that my friend recieved my expression of compassion with ernestness.

What started as a little disapointment turned into a true bleesing of the heart.

Bishop, for what ever you experienced yesterday that may have been painful, your today will be greatly magnified in goodness to more than overcome that bit of stress. Your effort to stay on task with the moving cloud is seen and appreciated by those who have chosen to follow in obedience with you.

We are in a place that is concentric to where this entire nation that is called to be a 'city set on a hill' is moving toward.

These things are not hard to see and it is my hope that all in covenant with these ministries will take advantage of this early opportunity to make good investments in this gospel that brings hope for lasting peace to a world that has been waiting much too long for it to happen.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Bishop Jim,
What a timely word this morning! As a matter of fact I just now got time to post something about it. Wow did you hit the nail on the head! I have got so many things going on at once now; I sometimes stop in the middle of one and start on another without even realizing it. And in the natural it isn’t all things we would like to have to deal with. But thank God that I know the truth “it’s all good”. Somehow someway in the end it all will work out for the best for all involved. When you quoted that verse the other day it jumped out of the computer screen and hit me square between the eyes. I knew something was going on in the Spirit. People have always said that I was good at multitasking and I think someone told God (smile). OK now Dennis “it’s all good”. All right then I’ll quit complaining or was I bragging, maybe psyching myself out. I declare that my eye will be full of light and not darkness. I will perceive the good in all things because it’s all good and through this process it’s getting better!

AYITN was just what I needed today I may put it as my desktop background so I can stop and read it several times today.

As I see it,

Donald said...

Thanks Holly. Super good advice. I used to be a stretching maniac and practiced deep breathing back in my training days. I’ll start back.
Her Majesty thanks. I’m probably alive today because of you and two other special people.
Thanks Lisa, now go vote!
Thanks Elle. I actually had every heart test ran recently. I even insisted that a heart cauterization (is that the right word?) be performed. Everything checked out good. I’m nearly 50 and when my son comes home we usually end up grappling and working on submission holds until we’re both exhausted and there never seems to be any indication of a problem then. When I inhale deeply is when the problem is most prominent. I’m getting an appointment to get some x-rays and an MRI to see if they can find the problem.
Thanks miraclegirl.
And thanks everybody else.

Mystic said...

Donald...that's what you get for playing tag with defibrillators (I kid...I yam a keeder)...but regardless...Stop that! No more pain, discomfort, or fatigue...and no more worrying...this is not an illness but an injury and it's repaired...ok? Now be practical and go see your doc and keep taking good care of you...and be whole...in Jesus' Name.

While we are on prayer requests, I have a neighbor (thyroid cancer survivor) who just told me that the doctor contacted her on her 10th wedding anniversary and told her she has ovarian cancer. She is just a young woman--who has survived a great deal in her body and in her family--with two young daughters and I told her I would ask for prayer for her, so Blog Fam...please pray for my neighbor, Holly, and her family...this is simply a door through which they will pass and come to know God like never before.

I also pray for all of CITN/BITN...this is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! Let our light so shine today! Let us all be IN the Spirit today and see through HIS eyes...have HIS thoughts...and HIS ways! Let us all praise HIM at ALL TIMES today for He is GREAT and GREATLY to be PRAISED! Let us EXALT HIM today not because HE needs it (...for He could swear by none higher than Himself...) but because WE DO! Let us SEE ONLY LOVE, let us BE ONLY LOVE, let us SPEAK ONLY LOVE today! Father, let us be ONE today! Let us BE a LIVING PRAYER today! And let us stay in the NOW today--a place balanced between both Moving and Resting IN HIM--a place where we are relaxed and on our toes, ready to move at HIS urging! IN JESUS' NAME! Hal El to Jah!

Blessings Blog Fam!

Avatar said...

Hello ALL.

I started the day hearing
"faith that restores
visions and dreams,
faith that believes in miracles."
Eyes and ears are peeled for the usually unnoticed as well as the spiritual tornadoes.

DBA, glad the natural midwest ones didn't get you.

D., adding my agreement to HollyT., AnnaLynn, and others. Doc has checked for reflux, I assume. I don't think its a coincidence that you posted this today. "The Spirit searches the hidden rooms of the heart." Many in covenant are having things stirred up--physical, emotional, spiritual--rising to the surface to be dealt with, let go, restored, healed--all part of the moving process.

Birthday blessings to Kettly's brother.

Elle, I was wondering about an APB too. You blurkin' IZ?

Hey, to my m-ostly a b-lurker, mab!

your name
with your list
and "trickles down from the head" --
I could sense it trickling like fairydust. nice list.

Johnny, "unexpected reconciliation contact"--sweet! Miracles are everywhere.

Erik said...

Mixed Bathing

We see the ocean, it is deeper than we thought and so much bigger, well beyond any horizon we see, then the horizon is recast frequently, why, this ocean may turn out just to be a pond in the ocean of the universe. Wonderful we sing, as the horizon is recast, the tent is bigger and bigger. How once what seemed vast is now almost stifling. Yes, there are so many here, bathing, diving, celebrating in the ocean, everyone, the whole world is here. We all have always been bathing here , swimming, diving, all of us mixed in, vast, but intimate. Mixed bathing is absolutely wonderful. Knowing it thrills us even more.

We peer around the corner of the horizon we see now, and this world ocean, is a small part of the universe ocean, now THAT is some mixed bathing going on, The Holy Spirit bathing intimately with us all, amongst every creed. The water that we bathe in is the same water all bathe in, the same water that the current of God bathes us in. All the water is sacred and comes from the same wellspring within, across the universe and throughout the Earth. (I hope no one peed)

"elle" said...

:{ :O ;)
Erik... GROSS! Lovely, poignant, then GROSS... but funny!

dgm2007 said...

i have to post this.. Ive really been hearing a word of peace for this summer. I was so nervous about not working. but i was just over it worrying that is. and i just landed last night to stay some of the summer. to wrap it up i began cleaning my room and just getting rid of the old and so far have found about 300 dollars. I really need it its nuts i would put money away in strange place and would always say I will need it later more than i do now.. so true.. God is so good.

Larry Usher said...

Hello to all! Greetings from the Kingdom of God! Blessings from the King! Have read all the posts today and prayed for all the needs involved and know that God is mindful & involved in your plight!
Having been sick the past several days it has forced me to see what I would do if I couldn't leave the house. Cold syptoms tend to scream at you and try to focus your mind back on yourself as did the back problem which gratefully and thankfully is healed!! When you don't "feel like" praising God or being thankful is EXACTLY THE BEST TIME for doing it anyway!!! Praise Him in the MIDST of the storm, praise Him in the midst of the trial, sickness, snare, valley, situation. And when the situation screams at you louder, scream right back at it, "I AM A CHILD OF GOD AND GOD'S PLANS FOR ME ARE FOR MY GOOD AND NOT FOR EVIL"!! I am the healed of the Lord, I am the blessed of the Lord, and the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead does dwell IN ME...AND He quickens, brings Life to my mortal body!
I went out on the deck last night and looked up at the stars and saw that there were a couple of planets mixed into the normal patterns of the constellations. I have always enjoyed the constancy of the stars, comparing them the eternal nature of God, but with the planets in the mix I thought..."and behold I do a new thing, do you not perceive it..."
God is wanting to pour the new wine, but the old must first leave/die/be dealt with. God, give us the wisdom to recognize what you are trying to do and prepare you room to do it!

Blessings, healing, counsel, joy and peace to all in the name of the Lord,


famman87 said...

My prayers are with all of you today.

Am trying to do the relax ting, but it hasn't worked yet today.

Donald. Glad you had the catherization. Way back when i ws 35, I had a stress test done, passed, and had to come back for a stent about a week later. i claim healing for you in His name, but be careful about that heart. You only get one, and I think everyone here will agree that we've become quite fond of yours... (hope that makes up for the Bee Gees thing yesterday...)By His stripes...

DBA, good to see ya. We've all been watching to here what you have to say.

Erik... Duuuude...trying not to have a visual about that, but what a concept. (Watch out for the warm spots).

Be back later...

Much Love...

Donald said...

Erik I wish you hadn’t mentioned peeing. Years ago when I was getting my first scuba certification, a friend of mine who had his divemaster certification told me that I could come over to his house and practice diving while vacuuming his pool. I took him up on it and put my diving gear on. As I was about to get in the pool he told me that I had better not pee in his pool and that he had added a chemical to the water that would cause a red outline to show up along the edge of the pool when someone peed in it. I didn’t know any better. I vacuumed and vacuumed and was hurting down there but there was no way I was going to make a red outline in that pool.
I finally couldn’t take it any longer and came to the surface and yanked that gear off. He asked me what was wrong and I frantically told him that I had to go to the bathroom. He laughed his tail off at me.

Donald said...

Thanks famman (fellow stent brother). Since you said all that I guess I'll forgive you for the other stuff,...but if you hadn't said all that,...well, you know.

G8TRGRL said...

Hi Blog family,

Popping in while dinner is cooking... I just got to read AYITN, and it, once again, is so in "my flow". The initial purpose of me blogging right now was to tell of the beautiful, gorgeous, fun day me and "my 3 cubs" had at Zoo Atlanta today. To say how amazing the creatures God gave us are... the funny meerkats and otters, the gentle giants the elephants, the lions that were having a "National Geographic" moment, the clouded leopard that came down to the front of the viewing area to view us, the pandas munching on bamboo, the baby gorilla snuggled with it's momma, the baby orangutan trying to swing on a rope... so often when you go there, you don't see the animals very well. Today they were so vibrant and full of life!!

So I get home, have everyone "get the zoo off of them" and sit down and read AYITN... mmm, mmm, mmm.

(#5) Today I will take the time to rediscover the beauty of the world around me. The dramatic grandeur of the Creator's vision will not be lost on me as I marvel at the magnificence of His masterpiece and cry out in praise to His mighty power, and in gratitude for His awesome greatness!

WOW. Just what we did, and just what we needed!

Isn't He just the coolest?

Avatar said...

and also to you, Larry, and ALSO to you!

Erik said...


Hi Bishop, Blog community, Lovely Universe ,

Service Sunday, the shift in the geology, re-alignments on the underlying plates, without diminishing the previous tectonic alignments, changes in harmony with the ancient love song.

Pastor Swilley Sr. reminded us that all worship One God, the same God.

Visible light through a prism is separated into the different waves for color, on either end side of the prism is ultra-violet, and infra red, and other types of light. The yellow is all yellow, the blue all blue, and ultra violet all ultraviolet, AND it is all the same light. Light is, it is all the same. Blueists might think Reddists have no idea what light is, since they do not seem to understand Blue at all. (Although violet gets them both sort of, however, greenists are really out there) The light that makes blue also makes red. Through the prism, perceptions of light are separated. We don’t even see the ultra violet, exactly out of the prism anyway, although we experience it. The prism is lifted and all the blueists and reddists, yellowists, see the whole visible light that floods every perception.

What we call darkness, that which tries to hide from the light, is the part that does not trust the light, afraid it will illuminate that which the fearful do not want to see. Not trusting God, Trying to hide, is darkness. It is an issue of trust. We trust God who we cannot contain, define , or explain. We experience God, The Spirit breathes through each one, we are all expressions of God. The darkness in not trusting God, is always dissolved since wherever our hesitancy is, we tenderly approach, since the desire becomes stronger than the fear, the hope greater than the distrust /disease. Adam called out from behind the rock even though he choose shame. David danced even the he covered himself in ash. Paul had faith even though his flesh was weak.

All is illuminated by the same light, in every place, all the time. The same light that shines through each culture and understanding throughout our world, shines through us. With the prism present or removed… ‘We all shine on..’ , removed, we see the whole spectrum combined, without and within, the true colors shining through -- Now I want some 3D glasses .

Anonymous said...

Before I knew what I know now, deep down I knew that I would know what I now know. And now you know that I know that I knew before I knew what I now know. Ponder that one. Peace.

Iris said...

Hi my wonderful family…

I am so excited about living in the now… because now is where God is… There is such peace here… and in the peace there is so much excitement… Yes, there is a lot of crap that is happening all around me and us… But just as David did we encourage our selves in the Lord… Stand up… and walk on under the shadow of His wings… and in that we look up to see Him in all of His glory… His train fill the temple… a thousand may fall at your side… ten thousand my fall at your right hand but they will not come near… because we dwell in the secret places of the Most High…

But there… in that secret place… in the shadow of the Almighty… our eyes are opened… and He shows us a whole new world… and guides us by a cloud by day and fire by night into the promise land…. Where the words that we speak are the words of milk and honey… they speak the promises of the promise land. And just like in the Song of Solomon… He kisses our lips drinking the milk and honey off of our lips and says I can live in those words… I can live in the promises that come from your mouth… You have spoken and I kiss your words… Your words have become my oxygen… My every breath comes from my lovers words… and there we will dwell forever…

There is a song that keeps coming back to me… it is taken from the Disney movie Aladdin… I have always loved this song… in fact I have been singing it all day long…
Because the promise land is a whole new world…

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, now when did you last
let your heart decide?

I can open your eyes…
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
On this Holy Spirit ride

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world with you
Now I'm in a whole new world with you

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through an endless diamond sky

A whole new world
Don't you dare close your eyes
A hundred thousand things to see
Hold your breath - it gets better
I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
I can't go back to where I used to be

A whole new world
Every turn a surprise
With new horizons to pursue
Every moment red-letter
I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world
That's where we'll be
A thrilling chase
A wondrous place
For you and me

I love you all

creme bruille said...

The service you are referring to, changed my life. I was streaming that day and I was on my face the whole time. We have had a revival going on since that service. I said then, that I would never miss the opportunity to b ITB. That was definately in mytop 3 sermons you've ever preached!

Anonymous said...

Whew! I am catching up,
Jesus said that in the last days; (whether that meant that age or this one I don’t know) that God would “shorten the days for the elects’ sake” I don’t know if that has anything to do with it; but He said He would “shorten the DAYS” not the amount of days, Hmmmm.

Donald…Prayers for you Bro.

Kettly….Good word! I like the way this version puts it:
Romans 12:9 (The Living Bible)
Don’t just pretend that you love others: really love them. Hate what is wrong. Stand on the side of the good.

[1] Taylor, K. N. (1997, c1971). The living Bible, paraphrased. Wheaton, Ill.: Tyndale House.

Avatar….Spiritual tornadoes…… I’ll have one of those please!

Erik….Prisms….Cool! Loved that!

Anonymous……1 John says that the Spirit has already taught us truth; then a God gifted teacher pulls it out of us and we then know that we know that we already knew by the Spirit.

The way I see it,

Tom said...

I've enjoyed every one's post today.

Donald,I beleive God is giving you wisdom concerning the nagging pain in your chest,if it needs to be healed He will heal it,be at peace.

Erik,the 11th commandment clearly states that,"Thou shalt not relieve thy self in the stream of the Holy Spirit,if thou must go please go behind the tree of life,thank you."

Avatar your right my pic is not C-3PO,it's Iron Man.

Grace,peace,blessing and joy be upon everyone of you.

lhollow27 said...

Great things are happening! WOW! This has been a truly crazy GOD kind of week! The favor of God is all around me and its amazing how the sermon from Sunday is still flowing!
Can't really get into a lot of details just yet...I'm riding a BIG wave right now and all I can do is keep my eyes focused on HIM.
Glad to hear DBA is back.
Love to all and todays JITN was awesome. Thank you all for inspiring me to be a better person! Special thanks to Bish for always bring the truth!
---peace, lhollow

Kettly said...

Dear Family,

Thanks Avatar for my brother's Birthday Blessing. May the Lord continues to Bless you. Love kettly

Dennis, thank you for always supported me,on the blog. And I also like the version you printed out.

May God perfect all that concerns you.Kettly

And Blessing to All of you at the Blog.


karl cobos said...

Hello to all!- busy day, haven't read any blogs yet, love ya.

Please, please pray for my wife to have favor with the President of the International U.S.A. chamber of commerce. Natasha had a very good talk with her at an interpretation conference today at the airport, they met "COINCIDENTALLY" at the snack table and come to find out they are both from Chile! The lady was mentioning that she might be able to use Natasha's help when she can't make certain meetings nationally AND internationally, especially in Chile since Natasha knows the culture. The lady (Solange Warner), wanted Natasha's contact info but had to split before the meeting was over while Natasha was still interpreting. I found their website and Natasha is going to try and make contact tomorrow.

...sorry I haven't much time to write, THANKS FOR A BRIEF PRAYER FOR MY WIFE IN THIS MATTER...'cause she LOVES to interpret and she's great at it...just needs the contacts and how to best market herself I think, it doesn't happen as often as she would like.

Bishop, thanks for signing my AYITN book.
I've been reading it.
God bless!

karl cobos said...

Donald/mystic(neighbor Holly);

A prayer for you was just sent
Can't quite remember how it just went
But was thinking of you
The Lord's healing shine through

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Elle, it's cool with me about the artwork...contact P. Jimmie