Sunday, June 22, 2008

In The Mouth of 2 or 3 Witnesses

Today I will be ministering on the knowledge of the Lord filling all the earth as the waters cover the sea. In light of that, here are some unexpected witnesses to the word of reconciliation. I referred to most of them in SOTBIII, but I wanted to honor them here again today...


In each dispensation, God has a definite and different immediate purpose, all working toward the ultimate purpose of ridding the universe of all rebellion, so that all free moral agents will be willingly and eternally subject to God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost, as originally planned, with God all in all forever.

– Finis Dake, “Notes on Genesis” in Dake's Annotated Reference Bible


How could the Bible possibly speak of the perfect victory of God our Creator who loves righteousness and cannot bear evil, if that victory really means that He cannot bring His own creatures at last to hate evil as He hates it, but must confirm multitudes, indeed the majority of them, in their choice of evil for ever and ever?...What sort of victory is it to be able only to subdue evil and prevent it harming any but those who choose it, and to be unable to bring human souls to abominate it and desire to forsake it, so that the evil itself ceases to exist?

– Hannah Hurnard, author of Hinds’ Feet On High Places


In 1 Corinthians 15, we read of the consummation of His purpose – that is, the finality, the conclusion of that purpose – when Jesus Himself having subjected all things unto Himself is Himself also subjected unto the Father, that God may be all in all. There will not be a dissenting voice nor rebellious heart. The will of God has been received and, as a result of the will of God having been received, there is no longer a necessity for a Savior, and Jesus Christ in His capacity of Savior of the world has been completed. His mission is completed.

- John G. Lake, The Habitation of God (p 183)

I want to encourage you, beloved. The Word of God portrays a time and conception of the purpose of Jesus Christ when the world, being redeemed unto Christ, no longer needs the redeeming merit of the Savior. So Jesus, having subjected all things unto Himself, is Himself also subjected unto the Father, that God may be all in all. God is not all in all, and never will be all in all, until the will of God rules in the heart of every man, in the soul of every man, until the redemption of Jesus Christ in its great and ultimate purpose becomes a reality, a finality.

- John G. Lake, The Habitation of God (p 184)

The Spirit of the Lord says within my soul, that the kingly nature of the Son of God is purposed to be revealed in the nature of every man, that Christ’s kingliness may be prevalent in all the world and govern the heart of every man, even as it governs the heart of those who know Him and have entered.

– John G. Lake, Reality (p 122)

The Spirit of the Lord speaks within my soul and says, “Within the breast of every man is the divine image of God (living God), in whose image and likeness he was made, that sin is a perversion and sickness an imposter, and that the grace and power of God through the Holy Ghost delivers man from all bondage and darkness, and man in all his nature rises into union and communion with God and becomes one with Him in the truest sense.”

– John G. Lake, Reality (p 124)

...I believe the triumph of the Christ began at the cross and ends only when THE RACE, like Himself, has received from God the father, through Him, the grace, power and glory of God that makes them sons of God like Himself. It is a long way between the cross of Calvary and the throne of God, but that is the way that Jesus traveled and that is the course for every other soul of man.

– John G. Lake, The Second Crowning (p 203)

Christianity, bless God, is the ringing triumph that began on the morning of the Resurrection and ends when THE RACE of man has come to the understanding, knowledge and consciousness of God Himself.

– John G. Lake, The Second Crowning (p 204)

The Spirit of the Lord says within my soul that the universal sound of praise in which angels and men, all creatures in the earth, the sea, and the sky will eventually join, comes because the consciousness of the overcoming Christ has dawned upon them and possessed their soul.

– John G. Lake, As He Is, So Are We In This World (p 60)


...Nothing can be lost that is not first owned. Just as a parent is compelled by civil law to be responsible for his family and his property, so the Creator – by His own divine law – is compelled to take care of the children He has created. And that means not only caring for the good children, but for the bad ones and lost ones as well. So the word lost came to be for Mrs. Smith, a term of greatest comfort. If a person is a “lost sinner” it only means that he is temporarily separated from the Good Shepherd who owns him. The Shepherd is bound by all duties of ownership to go after all those who are lost until they are found.

– Catherine Marshall, Beyond Ourselves (p 42-43)


The aim of redemption is to let Christ have the pre-eminence in all things. In order to have this first place in all things, Christ must first have the pre-eminence in us. And why? Because we are the first fruits of all creation (James 1:18). After we are in subjection to Christ, all other things will follow in subjection....

– Watchman Nee, God's Plan and the Overcomers

God created all things and mankind for the sake of manifesting His glory. Today, believers are manifesting little somethings of Christ. But one day, all things shall manifest Christ because the whole universe shall be filled with Him. In creating all things, God desires that all things will manifest Christ.

– Watchman Nee, God's Plan and the Overcomers

God...held council with His Son even before the foundation of the world so as to have His Son come down and go to the cross in order to reconcile all things back to himself, rescue fallen mankind, and resolve the rebellion of Satan.

– Watchman Nee, God's Plan and the Overcomers


I began to feel that the salvation in which I had been rejoicing was, after all, a very limited and a very selfish salvation and, as such, unworthy of the Creator who had declared so emphatically that His “tender mercies are over all His works,” and above all unworthy of the Lord Jesus Christ, who came into the world for the sole and single purpose of saving the world. I could not believe that His life and death for us could be meant to fall so far short of remedying the evil that He came on purpose to remedy, and I felt that it must be impossible that there could be any short-coming in the salvation He had provided. The Bible says, “As in Adam all die – even so in Christ should all be made alive.” As was the first, even so was the second. The “all” in one case could not in fairness mean less than the “all” in the other. I saw therefore that the remedy must necessarily be equal to the disease; the salvation must be as universal as the fall.

– Hannah Whitall Smith, author of The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life


Water Walker said...

2 Corinthians 3 - NIV,

You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

Such confidence as this is ours through Christ before God. Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God. He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

1. Today, I will live in the now and walk by the spirit and not by the flesh!

2. Today I will embrace my ministry in the new covenant and not look to man for credentials or titles!

3. Today I will recognize that my fellow bloggers, and CITNers, and sisters and brothers are ministers of the gospel, in their own rights and their voices are relevant.

4. Today I will honor each one in my local ministry as if I would any other ministry gifts knowing that their glories count, their lives count and they have something important for the body to share.

5. Today I will live in the now and I will honor the part of them that is holy as they honor what is holy in me.

6. Today I will worship and praise excessively because He is worthy of my worship, love everyone extravangantly, forgive 7 X 70, and take care of myself to fulfill the new commandments that Jesus mandated.

7. Today I will remain relevant in the spirit and keep my eyes fixed in Jesus eyes as I continue my walk on water!

Father, thank you for performing the promises you have committed to me and helping me to live in the now!

Water Walker

Donald said...

Wow it doesn't seem that this ultimate reconciliation thing is such a new-fangled idea after all. Seems like its been around for quite some time.
From reading yesterday's (Saturdays) comments, it seems that I've missed out on some interesting stuff.
When I got home Saturday afternoon I found out that a powerful storm had came through and lightning struck my PC. I've got to settle for this laptop until I can get the parts to fix my real computer. I replaced the power supply on it but that didn't do it, so I guess the motherboard got fried in the melee. I hope that is all that is wrong and my hard drive isn't damaged. If it is, then I am in a world of dookie because all my business records are there and not backed up. Oops!
Oh well, it's late around here and I'm tired. Looking forward to the services tomorrow, I mean later today, even if I won't be able to watch them on my big screen color television set like I usually do.
Hope to be able to get up that way in the next few weeks. Lordy, Lordy. Lets see. Next weekend is whitewater rafting, the next weekend is Ringo Starr, the next weekend is Tom Petty. Life is great!
Oh by the way, my word verification is "tzhqhwm" and I've got to be honest with you, it doesn't do a thing for me.
Enjoy reading from everybody, good night!

Erik said...

All time is NOW, CITN aptly named, The Christ sacrificed before the foundation of time, God created all that we can understand , perceive or think, why sacrifice of one for another (substitution theory in mathematics tie in ?), even if just saying since Jesus was crucified – it is all definitely covered for us living now, however, if it occurs at all, it has always occurred NOW, and NOW is in every moment of every experience. In that view, Elohim is crucified in every moment that each experiences because the effect is experienced in every moment. All originates in Spirit, so the act, effect, experience all exist in each moment. I do not perceive every detail, and all of this is really intriguing, relevant, real.

--- I experienced something Sat. night that really outdoes any talk about any of this, that exceeds any discussion of salvation, The Christ, God, anything…. I wish I had initiated it….. There was an elderly, somewhat handicapped couple in a van that would not start in a parking lot at a Kroger. I was in the store, and my excellent friend tending my vehicle was attracted to them to offer assistance. Turns out the wife mostly got around on one of those motorized wheel chairs. The husband could get around on a cane, but also had a motor wheelchair that was in for repair. A jump was offered by the time I arrived. I was fine with it, however was a little frustrated, as we had somewhere to go. Fortunately for me, that lasted maybe a minute or two until I realized I was blessed to offer whatever they desired. Turns out, they lived about 6 blocks away. The jump would not work. The husband rolled the motor chair for his wife out of the van on a homemade ramp. She drove the chair home and we gave the husband a ride home. They had just left a birthday party for a girl in their church. The husband collected statues from their vehicle they were given at the party, clearly the statues were important. We drove him the 6 blocks, dropped him off while the wife was motoring to the house. They thanked us, we said your welcome and left. The wife had said earlier ‘People around here don’t often stop to help’ my wonderful friend said ‘ We do’. --- ‘ We do’ , whatever the answer about life, the universe and everything is, holds no candle to that.

Every day I unveil another reason to be humbled. Go Hannah Whitall Smith !!!

So, as I sit here in the hotel room pondering that, and the readings today (Sunday) I see that regardless of anything – that is the essence of everything ‘ Do’ , ‘’We do” we love others, period. That is the point, without regard to who, why, what they are. That is what Peace is. Simply Love, Do in accordance. –That is -- the understanding, knowledge and consciousness of God Himself.

Larry Usher said...


The Zoo Has Quashed His Warrior-like Manner.

(Don't let the enemy put you in bondage like the lion trapped in his cage at the zoo!)


Anonymous said...

Let me just say.

I'm a retired defeatist.

I was defeated. I was defeated in my darkness, because the truth wasn't in me. Oh sure I had experiences with God. That first Love He gives you when He takes us into the feast of His Passover. To feel the blood of Christ's salvation closer inside than the contents of your very own veins. You can be enveloped and clothed in this Love. It's a beautiful thing to know you’re loved and forgiven in such a radical unearthly fashion as Christ is and has demonstrated to us. But what is it to be forgiven and no longer trust the one who shed so much love in our hearts. Unable to reconcile our beliefs, even our experiences with Him to the religious god were taught to follow by man and our own wickedness.

I am not defeated. My great and glorious God delivers me from my blindness. THANK You Jesus. Even though I didn’t understand and turned away from you in my doubt and prideful unbelief. You kept loving me. You kept pushing through in pursuit of this rebellious son to deliver your word of reconciliation to me, as we should to the church.

I can see it.

Can you see it...........?

He's here now. His truth is revealed in us and its message is Love. Not yet in full but so much more than our previous part. His knowledge has escaped into the earth and we who bear it carry it to the nations and all the earth like moving water, like the wind.

And Its Now. NOW!!!

And he who is ready is ready to hear it.

Bishop we do not see and hear you today, but the Spirit who is in you. I pray every thought and prompting of your heart fall from the hand of our Masters brushstroke to your lips. As surely as He has called you; you will stand and speak His word.


Kettly said...

I am back! Only to give this word!

The Lord releases this word to me while I was praying with my friend, over the phone. Again the same word came yesterday on a prayer meeting we attended. (Me, Fritz, and Pastor Ben).

Deuteronomy 15: 1-6 “At the end of every seven years you shall grant a RELEASE.

2- And this is the manner of the RELEASE: every creditor shall RELEASE that which he has lent to his neighbor: he shall not exact it of his neighbor, his brother, for the Lord’s RELEASE is proclaimed.

3- Of a foreigner you may exact it, but whatever of yours is with your brother (Israelite) your hand shall RELEASE

4- But there will be NO POOR AMONG YOU, for the Lord will surely bless you in the land which the Lord your God gives you for an inheritance to possess.

5- If only carefully listen to the voice of the Lord your God, to do watchfully all these commandments which I command you this day.

6- When the Lord your God blesses you as He promised you, then you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow; and you shall rule over many nations, but they shall not rule you.

The Word I received was this: See AS I See: I bless you. I promise you RELEASE. Joy in Me. You shall be shielded from the storm.
Your RED SEA: Go forward FEARLESSLY.
Do not think about the RED SEA that lies ahead. Be very sure that when you come to it the waters will Part and you will PASS OVER to your PROMISED LAND OF FREEDOM. Says the Lord of Jehovah.(Amplified)

O Lord we praise YOU. Bless us, we worship YOU, we glorify YOU,
Amen! And Amen!
Love you all, Kettly

PS. Bishop can’t wait for the word tomorrow!

Larry Usher said...


Loved the quotes from Lake et al, timeless, profound, impactful!


From the word you gave yesterday about "be perfect", I totally agree with you about the "wholeness", "completeness" descriptions you have given. "Holiness" implies jumping into an instant state of "having arrived" which, for most, is simply a free-pass for arrogance, in turn prompting condescension.
"Completeness" to me is something that refers more to a patchwork quilt which is methodically, lovingly assembled into a beautiful piece of art, something of use & value.
Isn't it interesting what we can find in God's word if we will dig a little deeper! Similarly, we can find so much in individuals, way beyond the first impression, if we will love them enough to patiently "extract" the good(God) within them.
The Patient One within us all is crying out to be discovered by those around us- let's allow Him to have His "perfect" work.
I guess a better description would be: be ye perfecting yourselves...

"The Spirit of the Lord says within my soul, that the kingly nature of the Son of God is purposed to be revealed in the nature of every man, that Christ’s kingliness may be prevalent in all the world and govern the heart of every man, even as it governs the heart of those who know Him and have entered."

– John G. Lake, Reality (p 122)

Love that particular quote from Lake- he certainly has a reverence and a sense of awe for the things of God which, in my opinion, can only be born of a face-to-face encounter with He who is holy.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, for the Lord God almighty reigns,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, for the Lord God almighty reigns,
Holy, holy
Are You Lord God almighty
Worthy is the Lamb,
Worthy is the Lamb
You are holy, holy
Are You Lord God almighty
Worthy is the Lamb
-Angus Dei

Blessings & hope,


Larry Usher said...

Amen Kettly!

Bro Larry

Anonymous said...

what did Jesus mean when he said it is finished? anon 4:01

mayam said...

I am so blessed by today's post and the comments of previous bloggers.

I love the water reference because of the life, power, authority, sound, beauty, and transforming ability of water; to say nothing of its necessity for life -in us and around us - daily, continually.

Water is a substance that can/will absorb/dissolve most other substances. Even the hardest metals and minerals, over time, can be saturated with water to become conduits of life sustaining elements for plants and animals.

Water expands, freezes and floats on the surface of seas, lakes, etc. to form a protective covering for the life below. Water is evaporated from the oceans and delivered to land as rain to be collected for consumption, to cleanse the atmosphere, to lubricate the soil and to be absorbed in seeds, roots and other items above and beneath the earth's surface. It visits in the forms of mist, fog, dew, clouds and rainbows; and rests in great caverns underground that may be tapped only via exploratory journeys to the deep places...then, too, the same water that separates the nations also connects them - forming a bridge from one to another available to all willing to make the "cross"over... making order out of chaos..."And the Spirit of God moves upon the face of the waters"...From the beginning...opportunity through the ever present Newness of God.

And there is glory...mystery...mystery...mystery...

As I say Yes and Amen to most of what several bloggers have said, I reiterate the specific words of Water Walker regarding the life-giving Spirit "not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts"...

Grateful for every opportunity to be reconciled through/with/to Him...mayam.

Ebony said...

So I've been home from church and I've had a moment to-as my Southern Lit professor says-ponder in my heart the message today. It was a different perspective on the new Heaven/ new Earth than what I heard growing up, and a refreshing change, and regardless of your theological spin on things, I believe the Universal prayers from all of us (rapturists, pre-trib 2nd comers, post-trib 2nd comers, metorphical kingdom establiment-ers), the cry from the Earth itself is the same. "Amen, Come Lord Jesus, let Your Kingdom come." I also recived Joel's word on going from glory to glory. If something doesn't grow, doesn't move, it has no life, so we gotta get shaken up once in a while.

And this is just something else in the 4 years I've lived here and gone to this church that I still don't get. And that is, how people would interpret your teachings as an excuse for depravity. I had a doctor when I was a teenager that at EVERY POSSIBLE CHECKUP made it a point to mention to me that I needed to lose weight, or anything wrong with me, was somehow weight related (No lie, I went in for an ingrown toenail once and he said obese people tend to have them b/c of the excess weight our feet carry, and told my mother her hiatal hernia was excess belly fat). As a result, I HATED going to see him because I knew he was gonna brow beat me (which, consequently made me more depressed, so I ate more). When I went to a new doctor who actually listened to me, ran tests and then told me "You're in overall good health, but you know as well as I do you've gotta lose this weight or you won't be for very much longer. So what we need to go is get you to start making better choices on what you eat and get you active so you'll burn calories". Now my first Dr. would probably say my current Dr. is being a softy, and for some his approach works, me, not so much. So where other pastors are more in the "tough love" (and I'm using the word love VERY loosely) approach. You just apply practical common sense with God's unconditional love, and that's beautiful. Yes God's grace and mercy are too good to be true, but the Best gifts always are.

dgm2007 said...

service was crazy good. Wow... so much to type.. ahh..b4 i came to service my mom was talking about how we may feel like were in a dry place but theres so much we dont see thats going on.. and there is.. when u said u can feel the water coming thats how i feel in a sense.. and then the woman with the HS talking through her. .that was really confirming.. I just know that Im to be leaving soon and will have to put my faith to work.. i came home with a word of peace and havent worked all summer.. and so i know thatI am to leave soon and my faith will be put to work but i really have built it up.. in every service.. Words really arent my friend these days.. and God is real.. that word was awesome.. thats how ive been feeling these last few days.. we all know hes real but hes in our reach and i just feel him so strongly.. and when p.Debye was talking to Joel.. that was insane.. my fathers passed away and my bro doesnt go to service with us.. not because of that but just because we were always in church and my dad was a spritual man.. ne ways it was so cool.. to hear that word because i know as much as my dad cheers me on he does the same for my brother.. and that was really cool to hear.. the generational thing was awesome.. there was so much that hit me im sure im forgetting bunches.. but i will be on later.. everyday..

Ebony said...

I also wanted to tell Pastor Debye how much she blessed me when she spoke a word into the young man at the end of service today. Just as Bishop is our spiritual father you are our spiritual mother, loving us, and praying for us. Giving words to us that exhort when we need it, and move us to action when we are complacent. And when we are hurting, you provide comfort and encouragement. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

To anon 4:01

To give an answer to any question, one responds from their ability to recall unless they prefer to research the answer. There may not be enough material yet available to give a concise answer to such an open philosophical one as you have proposed. It may be better to ask what is an interpretation of what Jesus meant when He said it is finished.

I believe that if you read Erik's entry for today at 2:28 am that you will see a very good interpretation of what that means to him and furthermore various interpretations of your question can always be found by simply observing what people, who love God, do with the abundant life they have recieved as a result of the Christ's work who proclaimed it is finished.

Hey Donald, I think Larry called you Dennis. I know that is OK with you and Dennis. My interpretation of your veri-word is The Zebra Has Quickly Hopped Whole Mountains. If you find it too hard to move one just hop over it like that Zebra.
btw I wasn't able to make a connection to the link where you mentioned your daughter was a white water guide.

Scott, loved your post. I have also put defeat behind me. There are times when it finds a place in my soul for a short time but the powerful Love that is growing stronger there by my choice shows it the way back out before it becomes too much of an annoiance.

Kettley, welcome back, you are a blessing.

Bishop, the post today was right on target. Missed being with all in worship today. Will be there with support and presence on Wednesday.

Peace in unity


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Great stuff, people...and thanks to everyone who has written something on the CITN site, or has e-mailed or texted me about today's service...

I may continue the subject next week because I never really got to the part about the nations bringing their glory into the New Jerusalem...

...the main theme was supposed to be about the healing of the nations...speaking of which, the ceasefire in Gaza (which was previously part of Egypt), regardless of how short-lived it may be, is a blessing...and I don't thnk that it is a coincidence that it happened this week (for those of you who have ears to hear)...

I didn't post it, but, yes, Anonymous, Erik is saved...

Thanks, Ebony...just for clarification, Joshua gave the word about going from glory to glory, and Joel was the young man to whom Debye gave the word...but your observation was right on...

Donald, that was precisely the point of today's article...I may even leave it up through the first part of tomorrow because I think that it is an important aspect of our bringing the latter and former houses together...

Much love to all of you!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

If you're not up to speed with what I'm talking about concerning Gaza, just Google "Ceasefire in Gaza", and then go back and read all that has been talked about this week concerning Egypt, and Palestine, and peace in the Middle East...

Very interesting...

Larry Usher said...


Awesome service today! I will have to simply bask in the light of it to let the Spirit tell me all I heard.

Had a thought today during service that he who stays in the "current"(flow of the Spirit) remains current(or in the NOW). Current basically means "running" which segues to running the race that is set before us- no time for the status quo... stay fluid, pliable, malleable- bend, yield to the Master's hand- be meek, easily controlled by the Spirit.

Per today's service- The spiritual closeness or unity described by the sea being absent in the New Jerusalem reminded me of Jesus' word to the disciples in John 14:2 where He spoke of the term "mansion", which means in the original language "dwelling place" or "place of belonging". Heaven is a spiritual place. God is a spirit. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. We will dwell in this "place of absolute belonging", which is IN GOD. God IS our dwelling place! IN HIM WE LIVE and move and have our being. We will need no light when we get to that place of belonging, because He IS the light.
If we shut off our physical senses for a bit and were left with just our thoughts, or the soul, and got quiet before the Lord, we would recognize this eternal truth-that we are IN THAT DWELLING PLACE ALREADY! We are fully accepted in the Beloved and we are knit TOGETHER in Him.

My heart is full...letting the overflow spill out...

Blessings, goodness, rightness, joy, overwhelming heart satisfaction be to all in the presence of the Lord.



tracy said...

I embrace every word that came out of THIS HOUSE THIS DAY and I anticipate the newness of tomorrow. I love Chad and Joshua's flow. I love that I was reminded that God is real and tangible although seemingly intangible. Bishop I love your sense of humor- I love that my daughter Tristen leaned over in service and asked"what the heck is rapture" and after service my humorous 17 year old son gave her one of the most amazing descriptions I have ever heard. I was reminded by the conversation not to have an escapist mentality. That being said we are with you If it DOES happen we also will be "flying away". Great day today- glad to be a part. And oh my God the glory to glory and the sea revelation wow it will take a minute for all of that to soak in.

Anonymous said...

Standing up from my computer after the service today and walking around the house I literally could feel a holy "fear" of our awesome God. All I could think was Wow, just wow. That was one of the most anointed services I've ever been a part of. God really "ain't playin'" ;)
Bishop, theirs going to come a time when the praise and worship and the word isn't going to stop at 12 o'clock. It's not going to end at 1 or 2 or 11 and 12 again. Maybe theirs a time when it's to be said, "Anyone who has to go I release you, but as for me I will dwell in the presence of the Lord"
Their wasn't one part of that service today, from the praise, to the word, to the sharing, to the edifications, to the silence. That silence was so powerful before the word of the Lord came forth. Did you all feel that?!! Crazy.
I can understand this teaching on the rapture Bishop, but in the spirit right now it's up, up and away indeed!!!


"elle" said...

Hey, guys!

What a blast being ITB today! Joe and I got in at the tail end of praise and worship, but the service was awesome... great word (as usual)!

So nice to actually meet some of you face to face... P Avery, Rosie, Beth, Natalie, Yvonne, Karl.
Jimmie, great to see ya again; we and the spouses will have to do lunch or something next time... it's been way too long!

Debye, what a tall, cool, funky drink of water you are! Love the hair! It's so totally YOU! God, I wish I could be that radical, but it just doesn't work for me! I went short (not short-short, but shorter than it's ever been) last November, and Joe exhorted me to please wear my make-up to bed ;{ In all honesty, I did look rather like a little boy w/out it. Oh well... some can pull it off, others can't, I guess.

Loved seeing all the talent displayed. I was one of the first at set-up, so I didn't get to see very much at that time. Bish, all of your pieces are incredible, but GUARDIAN... wow! That's my favorite! You have a style that is so unique to you; I don't think I've really seen anything like it... sort of contemporary and edgy... very cool!

Okay, it's been a long day. Haven't even read the post for today 'cause I want to give it the attention it deserves, so I'll look at it tomorrow. Think we've decided that we need to work a visit around something else & make it a weekend deal, as a daytrip amounts to approximately 5-6 hours on the road for 2-3 hours in service. Just a tad tiring, but it was great to be there!

Make it a wonderful week, and I'll see ya on the blog and in the stream!

mayam said...

I agree with Scott about the impact of today's service even on those of us who streamed...the Spirit flowed at a different power level this Sunday. Truly, it was thick and heavy in this room - so-o-o-o-o-o very close to like being there. And the silence was reverent, glorious, golden...I literally closed my eyes and succumbed to stillness in response to the prophetic words brought forth despite not being able to "hear" the exact words spoken...they were received in my spirit, nevertheless.

I endeavor to commune with God in Spirit and Truth daily.

If you have done nothing else (and, of course, you have done more), you, my Bishop, have played a vital role in creating a recognized hunger in me to know hope, love and peace with fellow beings in ways that I had not fully imagined; and have compelled me to pursue/wrestle with/press for a relationship with God that is not only like no other, but that is manifest in unfathomable acts, words,deeds, and secrets...This journey...this exploration...this arrival at a new place (yes, we each experience New Jerusalem over and over on a personal basis) has sharpened my awareness of my focal role, to which I say with a new voice, Yes and Amen.

Humbled by His Majesty,
Grateful to Bishop and Pastor Debye,
Celebrating my brothers and sisters,


linda said...

Good Afternoon Bishop and bloggers

The service today was wonderful (as usual)
The sea was the great divide to the ancients therefore
No more sea equals no more divisions between the peoples of the nations of the earth (OMG)

Jesus changed so much after the cross that He was not recognizable to His own disciples so don't resist change
When faced with the revelation of the Christ/Word we become like Paul and are temporarily blinded, immediately after the hearing of the revelation we tend to feel disoriented(often can't put into words what goes on in service) because the revelation is changing us, changing our perceptions and our traditions, so that when the blindness lifts, we see situations more clearly like how God sees them

There are no temples in the New Jerusalem, temples have wall and sections for a select few. No there are tabernacles, places created for worship which are open and free to ALL, ALL COME, the Spirit and the Bride say COME
Sulfer is for purification which equals the nature of God cleansing from us the dross and messes that we get ourselves into
Lake of fire equals the mercy of God

Bishop, you don't have to post this I know it is just my notes from today, I just had to get it transcribed from my bulletin, I am so blessed to sit under your teaching
where else can I get so much revelation in one meeting, in one small block of time that this place
surely the spirit of the Lord is in this place

Let there be light(illumination leads to epiphany)

Love you all
Linda :0)

Ebony said...

Just a general question for the parents on the blog:

When you tell your child you've "given their situation over to God to let Him handle it", but you still bring it up to that child at every possible moment (AKA"giving warning before destruction"), have you really given it up?

Anonymous said...

Loved today’s “unexpected witnesses” it is amazing how many people have believed this message of universal reconciliation in the past. You would think that something this good would have inspired them to shout it from the roof tops. I especially like the one of Finis J. Dake, when I first read it I thought of all the Pentecostal friends I have known that carry and swear by their “Dake study bible”. I couldn’t help myself and started to laugh as I thought “if they only knew”.

I believe that your word at the end of the service was for me. You said “the word I spoke to you in 1978” I said Wow that was when I when I got the vision and word from the Lord to “BRIDGE THE GAP”. And you spoke part of the prophecy in Ezk. 47 about the river flowing out from the temple which has always been one of my pet prophecies; the best I can say is that it is very special to me personally. Then you mentioned a great grandfather and continuing his prayer. Well my mother’s maiden name is Lincoln which comes from the same family as president Abraham Lincoln who ironically is another well known person but little known that He also believed in “the larger hope” ie universal reconciliation as others you posted on the blog today. When you said nineteen seventy eight the Spirit hit me so hard I could hardly sit up strait and as you continued with this prophecy the intensity of this anointing grew to the degree that my body was moving completely out of control with electrical impulses surging from head to toe. The Spirit definitely had my attention, my mother was the only one in the house with me and was worried that I was going to fall out in the floor and hurt myself… was great!

I don’t know where this is all going but according to your prophecy it is being worked out and God is in full control…..I’m just staying in the flow……let the river roll!

Larry….. thanks for the interest in my discovery of should I say revelation. I also liked your analogy of this to the people in our lives. I still don’t get your first word though….was this a word to me to be on guard for this type of trap?

I praise God for the ceasefire in Gaza, may it continue into peace peace peace.


Larry Usher said...


My comment should have been directed to Donald who was looking for a sentence to fit his security word verification! My bad for the miscommunication! :)

Glad to hear of your experience today- always nice to be "overshadowed" by the Holy Ghost!!!

May God give you wisdom & revelation into the knowledge of Himself!


Anonymous said...


Thank You for some of the highlights from the message today. Your notes are very good and right on it. It helps us to refresh an idea in our minds to aid us in remembering it.

And Kettly, if the red sea is coming. And when we look around from our "spiritual mountain" we really do see a hurting dieing world that's spinning out of control. It's good to be reminded not to dwell on the destruction, but on the Lord. That we are to be fearless; passing over arriving in the promise land. Waterwalker was it you who said to keep our eyes on Jesus as we walk on the water? I think about that lately.


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

That’s right, Larry…being seated with Him in heavenly places is a present reality…love the stuff you write…

Thanks, Tracy…it’s interesting that you mentioned Bryan…when all the young people came forward this morning, I couldn’t stop looking at him…don’t know why…I just seemed to be more aware of him than usual…seems like there is a lot of favor and grace on him for some reason…

Scott (aren’t you the Scott in Ohio?)…today was definitely unusual…sometimes I wonder if people who read this blog, but aren’t a part of CITN or cyber-CITN think that we are exaggerating about the strong presence of God there…but I’m telling you, it was and is real…I could have stayed there all day…

Regret I didn’t get to speak to you guys today, Elle, but I appreciate you being there…I guess y’all are back home in South Carolina now…thanks for the review of my artwork…it means a lot coming from someone as talented as you…

Beautifully stated, Mayam…glad the stream brought the power…

Linda, I loved the recap from today…let’s me know there are people like you who are really hearing the message…

Good point, Ebony…I’m sure many need to hear it…

Very, cool, Rev. Dennis…great confirmation…I’m sure you know this, but when Lincoln was asked who would be in heaven he said something like, “It’s either everybody or nobody”…

Those who were ITB today, wasn’t it amazing to see how many people at CITN are 25 and younger?! It really surprised me to see such a large percentage of the congregation in that age-group…makes me excited about the future…can’t stop thinking about it…

Anonymous said...

From Arab
…………….. “What is striking about this cease-fire is that nothing yet of the outstanding issues between the two sides has been resolved. The whereabouts and fate of the kidnapped Israeli soldier remain unknown. More importantly, the truce comes even though a From Palestinian national unity government has not yet been formed. It is highly doubtful Olmert would have agreed to a cease-fire if he was not certain a unity government that would recognize Israel in one form or another was approaching soon”……….

But we know......Praise God for answered prayer…....Praise to the God of all……….Praise Yah!


Ebony said...

It is awesome to see a church with as many young people in it as we have. I said it before, but it bears repeating, CITN's future's so bright, we gotta wear shades. And to my other post,I just want some feedback on what to do.

Scott B said...

Hey again ya'll. Well Bishop since you asked , yes this is Scott from Ohio. I'm the one God woke up in the middle of the night about 5 months ago to the Hell and Back ,Carlton Pearson special playing on MSNBC. My life has not been the same since. I remember in my own study when it hit me that everyone really was going to be ok and God was Love. I sobbed right there at my computer. In Gods continuing grace towards me He has led me here. And Oh what a Blessing and lifeline it has been. Besides my parents and my younger brothers family. My closest relatives live in Atlanta. I will be coming to visit you all God willing when I can. I'm in school now and will be a nurse in September. Anyways Bishop I made my google blog profile and am going to be here for a long time so your stuck with me :0. ;). I'm open to any blessings , correction, and guidance your wonderful ministry offers and will soon be adding in my giving to your ministry. This is the good good soil!!! Investors seek the best return on their investment. And this church is involved in some serious "insider trading". No seriously you all are the best stock tip going right now. Wait till everyone finds out.
Again so happy to be here and your all so vital , everyone.
When I got my confirmation code for my GoogleBlog name the word was SHUNT. Being a nurse that stood out to me. Looking it up on wiki I read this.

SHUNT - In medicine, a shunt is a hole or passage which moves, or allows movement of, fluid from one part of the body to another.

That's what this Blog is to me. Let's go reach the World together.


Scott B said...

This Just In,

Corn Prices Soaring

Sorry, I know I just posted but I just found this and had to share. LI. LI is laughing inside in my internet lingo. Many things make you laugh but not all are LOL. This article made me LI.


Erik said...

What a fun day !! I have been hearing from witnesses all day. Certainly on the blog with that cool function of the comments showing up on email to Blackberry. At a service 800 miles away, while service was at CITN, The Spirit filled the congregation where we were as well. The message included (in sync with Bishop’s post for Sunday) The Dispensation of Grace , The unequaled power in Grace, Jesus’s mission completely finished, unrivaled, and ALL are automatically made alive in Christ ( A gazillion times more powerful than all automatically die in Adam.) . Unexpectedly came across one of my favorite festivals in a town I grew up in going on, (BBQ Fest). Old friends bearing witness on some new considerations, music, de ja vu , friends calling to share revelation in conjunction with what I was discussing and saw in a movie, desired items marked wonderfully down at a store, reminded of gratitude all day, beginning to end. My excellent friend bearing witness, my mom, friends, stores, movies, pastor, blogs, My Pastor, even dinner bore witness.

This what was in the mouths of all of these witnesses. ‘ The illusion is dissolved - There is no separation from Adonai at all, for any one, ever’ ‘ The Christ, The Word made flesh, The flesh that was Jesus, The Anointed one that is, was, is the beginning and the end – is complete. Has, does, and will fulfill, transform all , including me and you. It is finished, nothing left undone, while we still walk through the manifestation, that beautiful mystery. No matter what, Love, Joy, Peace (synchronicity with how we see ourselves and others and how God sees) is assured, it always exists now, has always existed, and will always exist -- . The illusion that we can make as God, is always empty, untrustworthy. The one that promises anxiety, dis-ease, doubt, the one that says God’s promises and Jesus’ work cannot be trusted, that Adam is greater than Jesus. That illusion of mistrust is dead.

ALL are reconciled, We ALL are empowered and filled completely with unmerited favor (Grace), The Goodness of God brings clarity and change – peace and ease in our spirit. We trust God completely, God made everything and everyone, We are completely covered by God. The Blood has finished the transformation/development for every heart from the foundation. Adonai, Jehovah, Allah, G-D, God’s interaction is easy and light, love is easy to wear, trusting is natural, alive and well. Simple belief, acceptance that God is God, nothing changes that. We love God, we love each other, we love ourselves. Yoke gladly worn.

Adding something I wrote a few days ago. Seems to fit here. -- That song, ‘We speak to Nations’ , in there is a spot that sings , “ Distant Shores and The Islands will see Your light, as it rises on us “. Well that can be OK, but what is the major Yikkity Yak, Dancing like David Dances experience is when ‘The Distant shores see Your light as it rises within THEM ‘. Don’t need them to see ours, seeing their own is way better.

Thanks for the salvation declaration Bishop. Peacemaker and Johnny Thank You.

Scott B said...

Whoops this URL link didn't copy correctly. Is their a way to post hyperlinks directly from these posts anyone. Here's the link again

Paste these 2 lines together to get to it.

Iris said...

I am sitting in a Hotel room with my window opened listening to a storm out side and in awe of each bolt of lightning as it dances across the sky… Soaking in the majestic wonders of nature... knowing that at this very time and moment that God has revealed His awesomeness to me once again…

So many things to ponder… so many things to bask in… My spirit soars as I listen… reflect on things that were said today in a service I attended in the town I am in… Just maybe I can write them down and you can to join in the pondering…

So many times we forfeit our relationship with God and the life God longs for us to live in because we settle for an Old Testament dispensation… God living on the out side of us… God who is untouchable… We alienate ourselves by creating a huge abyss of doubt and despair which separates us from the one who gives us life… The Old Testament mentality that Adam brings disconnect from God… Bring an independence from Him… We cover ourselves in shame… hoping that God will not see our nakedness… Not living in the reality that His blood has covered our nakedness… no longer naked but clothed in His righteousness…. But because of this mindset we do not live… we go through life defeated, always thinking that we have to earn our way back to the Garden that Adam deserted…


When we walk in the New Testament dispensation… which is God now living IN us… Not out side of us… and we embrace Grace… THE GRACE THAT PERSERVES OUR LIFE… we start to see our lives through His eyes and live our lives in the fullness of Him… Within the vastness of His grace and glory we become Christ manifested… The universe can’t contain everything that God wants to do through us by the Holy Spirit! We have the awesome privilege to live our lives in the expanse and deepness of what His Grace brings!... We stand at the judgment seat of God and He pronounces His sentence over us… The judgment He has sentenced us to is… LIFE… We are forever until the end of time sentence to Life in Christ… and the fullness of His Grace and Mercy… a sovereign life… a wild extravagant life… A life that never ends…

When we start to live in the fullness of His life sentence we then become the breath of the Holy Spirit bringing life to those who cross our paths…

Let me tell you that I can testify to living in this Grace dispensation… that every word He’s promised is true… I’ve seen God do the impossible… I’ve seen His faithfulness to me… His love and mercy never failed me… even when I have not always believed… He has always come through… His never ending faithfulness is sure. Sometimes walking out this life sentence is like walking on the water… But when we keep our eyes on the one who’s promises are guaranteed… Every step becomes easier… We cannot fail… He has promised us that failure is unattainable…

So come join me with all the other water walkers out there…Come walk on the water with me… Living our the life sentence He has placed on us… We will not fail…


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Nothing to Lose

Water Walker! said...

Mayam, your description of water and all it's benefits was in my spirit to elaborate on! We appreciate the careful thought and your input. It blessed me tremendously. I also want to add to your list of all of the things water is...We are over 70% water, we (as humans) are made of water, therefore we walk on water when we understand what we are made out of...but mostly who made us...

You are in the "flow" and thanks for that wave...

Iris, this New Jerusalem water walk is very exciting and causes us to really know the breadth, width, length and height of God (His love, His His omnipotence, His omnipresence, His faithfulness, His provision and His love, along with everything else He is) along with true covenant with the body of Christ and real love for ourselves.

Water Walker!

mayam said...

Good Morning ALL!
Rushing off...on the road, again,
but could not leave without a little pinch off a portion of my daily bread...

Endeavoring to rise...

Rest easy,

Lisa said...

To answer your question from last night. I think we as parents give our children over to God only to take it back time and time again. We want what we think is best for our children. My children are still babies but I know it will be tough to watch their transition to adulthood. I so want them to make better choices and have an easier time. I also know they have to walk their own path. It is a balancing act. I hope this helps ya out!

Lisa said...

Wow what a week it has been! My Darling hubby and I have been walking through some serious fire so sorry for the smell of smoke. I have been reading everyones posts. I just have not had words to say. Just wanted to let you know I am still here and praying standing etc,,,
On a side note for those following our story Fri our 5 lbs of paperwork will finally leave for China!!!! It was 6 months of red tape and challenges but Praise God it is done as of tommorrow!!! We should get our permission to travel in about 90 days if the olympics doesn't slow things down. I am so excited to go back to China! Nervous about how a 5 yr old will transition from an orphanage to a family. I hope to bring him home to have him dedicated soon after we are home. Bishop have you ever done a baby dedication on a 5 yr old?
Ok sorry for taking things way off topic.
Watchman Nee what a brave man of God.

Anonymous said...

In the news: Pastor Phillip Miles' release from prison. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Scott B said...

Today I'm meeting with some pastors of a prominent charismatic church here in Dayton. Beyond Pastors these people are my friends. My last 10 years in the wilderness have led me to not go to church, bad idea by the way. Like I said I became a defeatist. But I've known these men since I was a boy. Recently the church has been passed to the son in the family. A wonderful calling is on him. I'm writing this as a very serious request.

PRAY FOR ME! Preferably in the Spirit.

Pray that Jeff, Darren, Rodney, Corey, Fred, Katrina and Christ Life Church awaken to the knowledge of our Lord in these matters which we speak. Cover me in your prayer.

For I always beseech the God of our Lord Jesus Christ--the Father most glorious--to give you a spirit of wisdom and penetration through an intimate knowledge of Him - EPH 1:17 (WYMTH)

For the weapons of our warfare are not those of the world. Instead, they have the power of God to demolish fortresses. We tear down arguments - 2 COR 10:4 - (ISV)

Thank You All,


dgm2007 said...

does anyone feel like there are so not here?! I get that im here but my mind is off in the distance hanging out with my Dad the BIG GOD.. im being so refreshed.. and AYITN was awesome today.. i had the best conversation last night/sleepover with a true partner in the spirit.. and we were saturated.. its cool to live and walk this out and see you guys virtually doing the same.. i dunno how ur gonna follow this last post but the spirit leads u.. Ive gotten to a point where i can clearly divide the HS voice from any other.. and its so funny how the spirit of me has a completely different persona than the walking talking body of me.. I hope that makes sense.. its like i can clearly divide my spirit from my soul.. and its great I cant wait to live my life as my spirit.. as who God calls me to be.. he's so real.. Its crazy to think that ppl cant see him... feel him hear him.. because i cant live any other way... but thats only now that I know him feel him see him.. in everything.. walking in two diff realms... its all real..

tracy said...

Today's Year in the Now---AWESOME word. Biscuit Man don't know if you blog- but if you happen to, thanks for your word also this morning! Scott our prayers are with you-tread lightly and by the Spirit. Lisa- you will be a whole family soon. Hang in there! Bish -thanks for your props to Bryan- we knew he was different when at 8 he read Genesis 3:3 and pointed out that Eve told the serpent God said do not eat of or "touch" the tree and God in fact told Adam only not to eat of it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mom Swilley,
As I am in this process of thinking all of this out, you just put one over the wall. Thank you.

Nothing to lose.

Iris said...

Thank you Mom and Dad Swilley for raising such an awesome son... He has defiantly raised the bar for all... And has always shown us the path that points to Jesus… I am proud to be a part of CITN… And even more proud of being a part of what the Holy Spirit is doing globally through us…

Love you all

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone...

Something is posted for today (Monday) now...

Ellyn, I didn't post your comment because I've already covered the material on salvation in the book of Revelation so extensively...but I talked about what you asked in my sermon yesterday, and in even more detail in Shool of the Bible I (both available from our Media Department) if you're interested...