Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Words

OK, I'm going to write a little something, even though I said that I probably wouldn't. Thanks for the lively conversation yesterday...there were a couple of bizarre things that came through which I opted not to publish, but for the most part there was some really good stuff shared here. I don't know how thorough it is, but I created a list of blog topics (labels) yesterday that is now posted. Hopefully, it will help you and any new bloggers to better access some of the earlier material.

Just a reminder:

Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.
(Ephesians 4:29 - NKJV)

I like these for different reasons...

Tonight I'll be teaching Part II of One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism...I hope to see many of you ITB!

And remember...

it's the most important thing...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Bloggers:
How are you doing?...I am still blowing kisses...still trying to find my clothes...ecstatic about my DNA results...and running low on corn...


Larry Usher said...

God is truly A-Maize-Ing.
Do you have your "ears" open?
We can live in peace & "hominy".
We've had enuff of suffrin' succotash, now it's time for corned beef hash!

Something about the native Americans adding a fish into the hole to fertilze the corn...hmmm.


Larry Usher said...

Don't mean for this to become a news blog but...

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip that could ease a crippling Israeli blockade of the coastal territory will begin Thursday, an Israeli official has confirmed.

The announcement of the ceasefire came on a day when Israel killed six militants in air strikes in Gaza. The ceasefire aims to end rocket and mortar bomb attacks on Israel from the coastal enclave and Israeli raids and air strikes in the territory.

"Both sides have pledged to halt all hostilities and all military activities against each other," Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said in Cairo Tuesday, after weeks of separate talks with Israel and Hamas.

Keep praying!!!


Anonymous said...

Done the labor, now the favor. Where I work, we are about to go to a four day work week or should I say THREE DAY WEEKENDS from now on. It's all good getting mo' betta and mo' betta.

being freed Free Bird

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bishop I haven't been blogging just got back on internet after moving to my own place and that's a shout out to Pastor Debbye who prayed for devine favor when she last gave the word. So many things have opened up for me that I have just got to catch my breathe. When the word says your blessings will overtake you it was real. I was trying to get my disability and had to go before the judge, my lawyer said it would take three years and it only took three months, so awesome until my lawyer acted like she was mad at me for jumping everybody but i told her prayer changes things and favor was not fair, she understood not. I got my car out of the shop even though the shop owner said he would not release it without all the money, he took half. God told me four years ago i would be going to Uganda and i see the door opening now. I support a group over there and have prayed to be able to go. I met a lady on the train who is with a mission group that goes to Kenya each year she invited me to a meeting to see if that is something the Lord is calling me too. Fifteen years ago it was prophetized that i would be a voice in foreign lands, is it now my season, i wait on him with my passport ready.

Each day i thank God that i got out of the boat of tradition and walked over to TCITN where i can praise my Father in freedom. Thanks Bishop for just being who you are. Can't wait for new members class so that i can really get involved.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Larry for your post on the Gaza news, and thanks also to Abraham for obedience to Holy Spirit, your courage is a gift.

The comic strips were inspiring for me and played on a favorite part of my adolescent memory. The message also flows well with the CITN message of celebrating real life and promoting inter-religious harmony.

I have been in a very deep place recently and several things have come to me from the prophetic. This is still ongoing and it was also greatly kindled by Prophet Kim’s visitation. My wife and I have been going to Stone Mountain for the past four weeks on Saturday for exercise. We have climbed it twice and walked around it twice. It is very pleasant early in the morning and the payoff is marvelous, her cute little body is getting even cuter. Another marvel though is the spirit of the many people that we come in contact with who are also conquering their mountain. The spirits of people have always grabbed my attention but there is now a crescendo of expectation emanating from the spirits of those in meditation (and there seems to be many more of those than usual now). The sound is like many waves that were driven from a storm at sea crashing on a rocky shore. The focal message, when understandable is pure hope being expressed to an almost material form. There are visions of triumphant heroes riding the horses on the face of the mountain and they change to every race and color that my memory can relate to and some that it can’t. The heroes are all issuing proclamations of peace and good will.

There is indeed an intersection of the now and the future that is coming to a place of revelation in the realm of perceived reality. Science is about to unleash intelligent machines that will be capable of guiding societies in making the best choices for the lasting peace that will soon begin. That’s the good news. The bad is…., well I am not complete on my thoughts there so let it be said that a perception of good being bad will cause the unlearned to resist in an unintelligible manner that will cause a temporary delay until they eventually begin to understand that God really is Love.

I am spoken to by Holy Spirit often through my infatuation with the science, fiction and science fiction. For me there is little difference between what is perceived to be natural and supernatural. In the very near future (and it is already happening) what was considered supernatural will be tangible reality.

There will be an unprecedented era of peace on earth and good will toward humanity as an accomplishment of Christ the righteous’ prayer preceding the opening of that door through the work that completed the message to humanity that God most high is Love to all.

Even if it is required that the rocks be given intelligence to guide those who are wise in their own mind but are foolish to Love, there will be peace!!!

Jesus Brother

peacemaker said...

I know this is so yesterday, but some of you never sleep so there seems to be no break between days...

My apologies, Bish...
Peacemaker has an alter-ego; Troublemaker. I try to keep him suppressed but sometimes he escapes. He can be pretty funny though.(at least he thinks so...I don't tell him any different)

Very cool stuff last night about looking at the stars. Your song references at the end gave me chills.
I'm sure you know this but the word "yoga" means "union with God", literally: "yoked" with God. Anonymous need to brush up on his/her Hindi.
I also think the news article was right on time.

Peace to ALL today...

Ebony said...

Happy Wednesday all. Just thought I'd share some good news with the Blog. My new niece (Tatum or Tristian, whatever her parents decide) has made her arrival into the world this morning at 2:29 A.M. She's 7lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long. Mom and baby are good. :-)

Sweepea said...

Mayam, good stuff.
Larry, love your corny comments.

I'm going to be out of town and the ether loop for almost a month -I'll miss being ITB, the blog and even streaming capability. But so looking forward to our annual renewal in Downeast Maine: lots of good food, fresh air, old friends, and good times. Please pray for our safe journey; I'll miss you all!

Be blessed

Anonymous said...

Dennis Caldwell Page 1 Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hello Cyber Siblings,
The 2oo8 Fathers day conference at Oklahoma City was great! I got to see some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while and meet some interesting new friends as well. John Gavazzoni from Thousand Oaks California started it off on a powerful word as usual. John is quiet articulate and eloquent in his oration as he would probably say it. one of the most powerful speakers I have ever heard.

Then Dick King who pastors a fair size church in Little Rock Arkansas; “Indian Hills Church” that used to be a southern Baptist and has come into the message of Universal Reconciliation – UR. I get to visit his church more that others because Little Rock is only a three hour Drive from here. Dick spoke of how Jesus/God actually needs us as we in turn need him. He becomes the weak one the one we should feed, cloth, visit, and help. A very different way to look at the love of the almighty.

Grady Brown who does a great power point presentation on the teaching of full preterism – the teaching that most things spoken of as prophecy are already fulfilled. And how it connects with the salvation of all. Also A new branch of Preterist has arisen "Comprehensive Grace." By this term, they avoid the Universalist label, while also distinguishing themselves from the other schools of Preterism thought while also adhering to eventual universal salvation.

Tim King from Colorado springs Colorado is a new friend I gained at this meeting. Tim is one of those guys that is just delightful to just be around. He mixes his speaking with a lot of wit and humor while making the profound simple to understand. He has co-authored a new book with Frank Martin called “Furious Pursuit” about how God will never give up on you or let you go. Tim heads up a worldwide ministry called “PRESENCE MINISTRIES” Covenantal Transformation, the spring board for all things becoming new. Our focus here is on the first-century, and the radical change from the Old to New Covenant” the website is
One Quote from him that stuck with me was when he said God said “YOU WILL NOT BE LIMITED BY ANYTHING AS LONG AS YOU STAY FOCUSED ON ME.”

Ron Keeling a pastor who also does a prison ministry with the message of UR . In his sermon he made the point that in Genesis 2:1 “And the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.” You can look up “all the host of them” in a word study and it means all mankind. (at one time) meaning that in Adam (the first Adam) for those of you who have studied this was all humanity just as in Christ (the second Adam) was all humanity. Just another proof that we need to look beyond the literal many times to get the deeper meaning of scripture.

Mike Cronk who pastors Joyful Sound Worship Center near Kansas City MO. Is a man with a heart of gold and is very anointed in expressing it.

Carlton Pearson was able to make it on Friday night he sang and then ministered about the paradigm shift that is taking place in the spirit all over the world. And that God is in the process of moving us into the next age. One comment he made that stuck with me was “shift happens”

Dr. Harold Lovelace as always was on fire with the message of reconciliation. I have never seen such energy and zeal in a man his age. Dr. Lovelace has a way of simplifying this message and balancing it out over all the diverse views of the process of UR. He made the point that we that have embraced this message of hope for the world should be careful to learn “how to” share this message with the world.

Willie Cripps gave a wonderful message of how the word of God is not just in the bible. But the bible is a translation of the word of God. And that the word of God is a word in the present and as powerful as it was when God used it to create the universe. And is in us to speak with this power.

Dr. Steven Jones has a profound understanding of the old testament scriptures and symbolism and how that all fits together to prophecy the salvation of all and how it all works out through the ages. An interesting subject he spoke of was how that there is much symbolism in the old testament of a first and second work of Christ. The first being completed and the second still being worked out in us as a purifying process. Here is a link to Stevens view of the conference.
I’m sure there will be others that will post something about their view of the conference. I will keep these updated as well on the blog.

Mike Williams did a very good workshop on the completed work of Grace being a done deal and there is nothing you can add to it or take from it. His website is Gospel Revolution.

Marquis Hunt did a workshop plus plays a mean sax. He is a minister from Little Rock AR. Also.

Gerry Beauchemin and his wife Denise where there also. Gerry is the author of the book “hope beyond hell” a very thorough teaching on the ultimate salvation of all. He also did a workshop. You can visit his website at and even download his book free. Gerry and his wife Denise are the most sweet spirited people I have ever met.

Rev. Kalen Fristad author of “Destined for salvation” and a Methodist minister ministering the message of UR in the Methodist churches. He also has a website and ministry Destined For Salvation Ministries

Eric Stetson author of a new book “Christian Universalism: God's Good News For All People” and executive director of the Christian universalist association also had a workshop on how we need to take the message of UR to the next level be networking all the different ministries together to stand the storm that will come against this message.

Charles Slagle and his wife Paula; music ministers that have traveled world wide with some of the biggest names in the ministry. Charles has a testimony of how he almost lost his mind until he found the message of UR.

Many ministers and lay people from all over the country and Canada Many that were not on the speaking schedule like me had a few minuets to share now and then and some just enjoyed being there among family.
Last but not least none of this would have been possible if it were not for the hard work of Rick Spencer in pulling all this together and organizing it all a BIG ARKANSAS THANKS Rick!!! You can go to his website at and sister site

It was good to get together with so many like-minded believers for a few days. The months can get pretty long when you’re out there on your own most of the time. But our heavenly father is always there you say. Well sometimes we just need to put some flesh on Him; that’s what we are doing you know.



I am going to put this article on my blog with pictures if anyone is interested. (later today)

Lise said...

Just thought I'd supply a couple of gargoyles for good measure :)
Kinda dig the little guys, myself!

Blessings & PEACE to ALL...

Anonymous said...

Hey All

Still soaking in the weekend.
There's been a major shift in the air.
A new day for miracles.
A new awakening of the spirit.
The past is over
Move forward into the new you.

Anonymous said...
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Friend4Life said...

Hey Everybody!! I love those comic strips, Bishop. My fav. today is "God is Love." Very simple, but that's what it is ALL about!!

The more and more I see the word BLOG...makes me want to get a tattoo. (Which is very weird;lol)

C-ya in the ITB!! Peace B w/every1

Anonymous said...

Interesting you mentioned GAZA today...I just read an email from some weeks ago about the efforts of a Jewish activist organization called Jewish Voice for Peace...

Bishop, do you know anything about them?....

...even though I have no knowledge of the group beyond one of its officers - a Comparative Conflicts specialist who was born of Israeli parents in Atlanta and relocated to Israel some time ago -I was struck by their motto:

Israelis and Palestinians.
Two Peoples. One Future.


Anonymous said...


You have so been accepted in the beloved...I can feel your everyone else is a heart of a pastor...the natural is going to catch up to what is taking place in the spirit

Water Walker

Larry Usher said...

Just a quick check in, will be heading to the "mountain" here shortly.
Jesus Brother- it seems to me that when you have given your life over to the care of the Lord He begins to bring people out of the wood work to you for whatever it is that is inside you. I haven't a clue how God does this but it is a mystery-one that I find constantly refreshing and fulfilling, when we acknowledge God we come to realize that our steps ARE ordered, not just happenstance.

Brenda- good to hear of God's favor upon you and you taking the Kingdom with the keys God has given you!

Peacemaker- Namaste. Used to watch a yoga program on PBS in the 70's called Lillias, Yoga & You, man I dug that lady-she had hair you could climb on! LOL! Very peaceful & together. Sha always ended her program with the word namaste.

Sweepea- heading to Maine huh? How cool is that! Will be in Upstate NY next month myself & really looking forward to it. Have a great time & bring the cloud with you!

Eyes wide open,


Donald said...

I need to deviate from the blog topic for a little bit, so that I can brag on one of my kids. My daughter, who will be 22 years old in August has been into whitewater rafting for several years. She decided that this summer while she was out of school that she would try getting a job as a guide at her favorite rafting spot. Now I’m not saying that she is a go-getter or anything like that, but you folks need to go to, click on photos, then click on the link, then click on the June 16 – 9:15 link, then click continue, then click on the Caleb link. That girl in the back of the raft with the white helmet would be none other than the greatest daughter that a man could ever dream of having. Live your dream, girl!!!! Tissue please!
I love the way that she would say that she was going to be a rafting guide, not that she was going to try be a rafting guide.

Anonymous said...

Hey Y’all,
I had a great time at OK City I put an article on my blog with some pictures about the conference (even got a picture of yours truly and Carlton Pearson). A lot of diversity there all agree on the eventual salvation of all but many greatly disagree about how it all works out. I just believe that at the end of the ages God wins. But It’s part of how I came to be where I am by listening to all sides of the argument whether I agree with them or not;’ and making my own mind up. It would not have been a conference for the immature by any means. A word of caution to anyone that may follow the links in my article; they may be “links in sheep’s clothing” but I’ll let God decide that. In the mean time listen to our Bishop.


Anonymous said...

Hey Donald,
I went there and I have one question. How in the heck is she staying on that thing? are her feet tied to the floor or what?


peacemaker said...

Jesus Brother...
Days could be spent in revelatory dialogue on your comment. Beautifully composed and articulated.
There are numerous collective meditation exercises currently being preformed on a number of things ranging from intention experiments on polluted water to group meditation in U.S. cities prone to high crime. According to the Doctors, Scientists, spiritual teachers, and city officials involved, significant change and progress is happening across the board. Googleing under any title related to either would probably reveal a huge number of events. Science and Spirituality, along with the emerging field of Consciousness are converging into a clear picture of our God-ness. What a great time to be alive!

You said,"...there is little difference in what is perceived to be natural and supernatural." I used this quote in one of my blog comments by American writer and philosopher, Elbert Hubbard: "The supernatural is the natural not yet understood." You have certainly tapped into a deep wellspring of awareness and revelation.
Can't wait to read more as it comes to you.

Namaste...The Divine in me salutes the Divine in you and recognizes we are one.

Thank You Larry

At One

DoubleBack Alley said...


My God! I have been converted. It is truly amazing. Donavan and Scott McKenzie are singing harmonious odes of peace to my inner man. All I had to do was think "Peace" and chant "OMMMMMMM", and suddenly, no I like really mean it, as if, like, you know, it sooooo became peaceful all over the world. Where have you guys been? Why haven't you tried this before? We need more peace makers to usher in the called well ones. What the elle am I saying? Am I saying that peace is possible if only we think it? Mayam yes and mayam no.

I love this place. You are so cool. You let me say whatever I want to say and turn before I burp my drink onto my tee shirt like drunk old Uncle Mike. I love the way I am tolerated as if I was George Bush in drag at Obamafest and you are all too polite to say anything other than, "your slip is showing Georgie dear." You really are the greatest.

Honestly, I really am trying to visualize world peace. I think I will start by installing shag carpet on my ice cold slate floors and then hang up black light peace posters over my Rush Limbaugh signed autograph portrait. I will buy a “co-exist” bumper sticker to cover my NRA member decal as I paint daisies on my Hummer. I will buy the world a coke and tear up my US Marines tee shirt that says, “God loves the Muslims, it’s my job to introduce them.” Having lived in a glass house for years, though, has its advantages.

This is what’s it’s all about. People freely conversing. What would it be like if we were face to face? Not as free, I believe. There is a protection here (dare I say strength?) that affords us equal footing. Maybe we can blog our way to world peace. Bloggal warming?

To my dear brother Abraham; you and I are simpatico on so many different levels that it reassures me that there really is hope. Your knowledge of your position, which, by the way, I wholly (holy?) endorse, really gives me pause. Is my ignorance of your world view the source of the kindred spirituality that I feel for you? I am not sure what to do with that. I feel such a love for you that I know if the two sides could talk like I want to talk to you, that much could be accomplished. That next step (watch out, it’s a doozie) is the thing, you know?

To all; the great Kurt Vonnegut once said that all I say is horseshit, even this. Please read my heart in my little epistle to you. I love you all very much and am daily perfected by you. Maybe perfected IN you.

I am an open book for my friends to read.

Ain’t god Good?

peacemaker said...



Giving peace a chance.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda frustrated today. A door to finding family closed before I could open it. At least I have my church family. I just wonder am I being separated from blood family for a reason? What is that about?
Oh Well. Raising a glass and enjoying the scenery.
Be kind one to another & love each other as the Father loves you

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

In response to the two messages from Anonymous (I think they were from the same person) who wanted to argue both sides of reconciliation…

…respectfully, I didn’t post them for a couple of reasons…you are very articulate, and your arguments are insightful, but I’ve already answered those things here, and especially in all four Schools of the Bible (available from our Media Center), so I’m not going to lay that foundation again…

…I’ve never taught that satan would be “saved”…if you’re really interested in what I have said on the subject, you can log on to or call the Media Center, and they can direct you to the material…

…and you mentioned Adam and the people of Noah’s day and the people of Sodom and Gomorrah…indeed, they all died because of their sins…they died…the Scriptures do not say that they were burned in hell for eternity…the penalty for breaking the 10 commandments was death…the wages of sin is death…

…God is absolutely holy, and the way of the transgressor is hard, and we reap what we sow…I’ve never said anything contrary to that…

…that being said, I don’t mind an exchange of ideas here, but I do avoid (and censor) arguments…not because I am ill-equipped to handle them, but because I believe in the “word of reconciliation”, not the “doctrine of reconciliation”…

…a doctrine can be debated, but a word from the Lord has to be received by revelation…

…you also said something to the effect that what I teach has holes in it…no doubt, all theology has holes in it…we know in part, and we prophesy in part…that’s why we have to believe the deep things of God by faith…to trust in the Lord with all our HEART, and to lean not to our own UNDERSTANDING…

…I don’t profess to be able to explain the fullness of the mysteries of the mercy of God…His mercy is beyond my comprehension, or past anything that I could study out…

…if you don’t believe that the Lamb of God took away the sin of the world…if you don’t believe Paul’s teaching that all were lost in Adam but all are found in Christ…if you don’t believe that the Last Adam ultimately triumphs over the first one…if you don’t believe that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord, it is perfectly fine with me…

…believe what you want to believe… one here is trying to convince you otherwise, and no one here is interested in arguing with you about it…

…thanks for your input…

…it’s all good…

Anonymous said...

Just read the last comment by Bishop. right on bro. !!! someone has just started coming to my blog and challenging me on these same issues. probably the same person. I havent posted their coments for the same reason you didnt; but I will answer them.


Donald said...

Dennis on the raft she uses, she just crams her feet down in the creases of the raft between the bottom and the walls. Some rafts have pockets where you can slip your feet into, but they tend to get alot of wear and tear and cause leaks or weak points.
Actually, feet secured or not, I suppose that she is securely fastened to the raft directly underneath where she is sitting if you know what I mean. Can you say "Pucker up?"

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

No, Mayam, I'm not familiar with that group...I'll check them out...

Thanks, Rev. Dennis...sounds like the conference was cool...wish I could have worked it out to have been there...thanks for the shout-out about answering the critics...

BTW, those pictures you have posted on your blog of the street evangelists are chilling and telling...the camera doesn't lie...a picture is worth a thousand words, and those pics say it all...

Anonymous said...

Donald I thought of the "pucker up" thing if it was me on the end of that thing!

Bishop I told them all that you would have liked to come but with Kim Clement and all you just couldnt make it. really was a hoot seeing all the different paths in one room fellowshiping about the same destination praise God for Koinonia!

those street preacher pictures keep disapering frome my blog and I have to put them back on?