Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Word of Reconciliation

Hey bloggers,

I’m getting ready to go to the airport…ministering tomorrow in Roanoke, VA at Church Alive International (Pastors Carey and Vannie Harrell)’s an awesome church, and a part of our network (Now Ministries)…any of you readers who live in the area should come visit us tomorrow…log on to for directions…

Debye will be preaching at CITN, and I’m sure she has a great word for you…

Thanks for your insightful comments yesterday about unconditional love…I want to post one of them here…since I have no idea who this person is, I will assume that they won’t mind me drawing attention to what they posted:

"Would unconditional love be like if someone left the church because of some unfamiliar teaching and some time later this someone decided to come back to the church they left because deep down they really loved the church they left and when they came back they were loved unconditionally because everyone loved them and would never hold it against them that they left the church they loved because they didn't understand the unfamiliar teaching? if that is unconditional love then that is the coolest thing I have ever heard of.
- me"

I have been told by several people that many of our blurkers are ex-CITN members who come here every day to maintain a connection with us, and that even some of the participants are people who used to be a part of the church, and now are here under assumed blog names…

Let me just say to any of you who fall into one of those categories, if CITN is your church and I am your pastor (whether or not you agree with everything that I believe and teach), don’t let pride stand in the way of you being fully re-connected here. We are church Church IN THE NOW…whatever happened in the past is in the past…this is a new day…

If BLOGINTHENOW has provided a safe place for you to re-connect at your own pace…fine…but don’t let it stop here…

The presence of God is manifesting in a very powerful way right now at CITN, and you shouldn’t cheat yourself out of experiencing it just because of some paradigm you had in the past. And I don’t require (and never have) that everyone interpret the Scriptures as I do, so listen to my message with your heart, and trust what your heart tells you. As the lyric to the song says, “From a distance, I just cannot comprehend what all this fighting is for…”

The blog is great, but it can’t replace church.

All is forgiven.

Come back home.


Anonymous said...

I Will Search

How precious how lovely
Are your thoughts oh Lord toward me
How truly amazing
Is the grace that You have shown
Oh Majesty I live to see Your face

I will search for You
And I will find You
I will find You with all my heart
I will lift my hands to You in worship
And I will worship with all my heart

How gracious relentless
Is the Father’s love toward us
Breathtaking the beauty
And the radiance of You
Oh Majesty I live to see Your face
And be transformed
Into your image

-Israel Houghton-

I respond to the call of your heart oh God! You are more beautiful than anything/anyone/anywhere/any thought. You ARE.
How can I NOT respond to you with this love so pure, so Holy, so whole, so life giving. I say yes, yes, yes, I will be your Bride, I will be your lover, I will be your friend, I will search to the ends of the world to find you, to be with you, to hold you. You restore my soul, fill my heart, make me glad!

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you theres no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, thats what you do

Oh the morning sun in all its glory
Greets the day with hope and comfort too
And you fill my life with laughter
You can make it better
Ease my troubles thats what you do

Theres a love thats divine
And its yours and its mine
Like the sun at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray to the one

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you theres no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, thats what you do

Theres a love thats divine
And its yours and its mine
And it shines like the sun
At the end of the day we will give thanks
And pray to the one

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you theres no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, thats what you do

Take away my sadness
Fill my life with gladness
Ease my troubles thats what you do
Fill my life with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles thats what you do.

Van Morrison

How great is our God!!!
How great is our God!!!

Anonymous said...


linda said...

Travel mercies Bish
Can't wait for Sunday Pastor Debye, I will be streaming, out of town this week
Love you all
Linda :0)

Malik Douglas said...

Hello Bishop,

I'm not a member of this great ministry, but I did have a converstation with a member of your church today as I was out campaigning. I was explaining to her the importance of voting in the Run Off election schedule for June 10th and she mentioned that I should come to the CITN on Sunday and inform everyone of the election. It is my personal belief that the church is a sacred place and politics should be done outside of the church. But due to the very low turn out on May 13th, I understand the importance of informing all voters of the elections that occur in our State. I have attended a service at CITN, but not as a politician, but I will attend this Sunday at the 10am service. I would love to have the information given to all members of the election at the service, if this is possible. I would love to speak to you further about this if you have the time, please contact me at 678-858-9826.


Malik Douglas

Lisa said...

Just wanted to share with those of you praying for our adoption that we recieved our approval from the state dept today. After 6 months I can finally finish up our paperwork and get it off to China hopefully by the end of the month. We are so excited and relieved. We just have to wait it out for permission to travel into China and and wait for God to make a way for us to get there!!!! God is so good!!!! Thanks family for your prayers!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone,
I know its late but I have a lot going on but I wanted to stop by and say hey before turning in. The myelogram was tough (he hit a nerve root he said) I’m still feeling it. But God is in control 100% I trust and love Him, His will be done. Y’all are writing some good stuff. Bish hope your getting settled back into a more normal mode. I am looking forward to church tomorrow.


Erik said...

All is forgiven. How wonderful those words are. Whomever may have left, and now keep in touch through the blog, streaming, or in any way – there is so much going on in the actual presence and congregation, come in, all who desire, drink and eat without cost (without remorse, guilt, loss, shame, pride, regret, or anything that does not edify you) and simply come. There is no remembrance of anything less than ‘welcome’ and sharing of the beautiful feast laid out and added to regularly by The Holy Spirit.

In line with this in general, I have something that is not original, but really good. God has always reminded us to come and remind Him of our merits (which is really reminding ourselves of what God has already put within us) we experience the touch of God . Reminding God of our merits (not diminishing ourselves or finding excuses) boldly, without qualification, stating our merits. We reason with God for the joy of the experience. Doing it always, not only when in distress, but each day. It raises something inside you really cannot explain, a distinction, experiencing all that God made each of us. It may be best first to do it on your own, but is really cool doing it with someone else, speaking it out with someone who allows everything , lacking limitation or judgment, just agreement for everything you declare. Then have them do the same for themselves as you witness and agree before God. Totally wonderful experience. You have then both declared your merits to God, reasoned with God, together and in agreement with no diminishment . 'Where two or more of you agree, there I am'. It’s true.

In regard to those who may have left CITN, and are in a quandary about fully reconnecting. We agree with every merit you remind God of, and everything you reason with God. We add our Amen.

I am watching ‘Pulp Fiction’ right now, and the character ‘Jules’ played by Samuel L. Jackson is talking about being touched by God, and is in transition from being a hired killer to walking the Earth and doing what God asks of him. Quentin Terrentino incorporates the aspect of nothing is too far for God to intervene in a life. Many times we may think we have gone too far for God to accept us. However, we look at people like King David, King Mannassa, Paul, Judas, and many others, the Pharisees, or ‘Jules’ the hired killer. That vast majority of us are nowhere near the natural view of complete awfulness these people did. What we do is pretty mundane in the natural. So lighten up, God is cool. All is forgiven, if David, Paul, Manassa, and ‘Jules’ are forgiven, we are in like ‘flint’. Just leave the regret , pride, shame, guilt, loss, on the road (God has people to dispose of it) and remember your merits, reason with God. Be bold and respectful as you do. God LOVES that !!!!!! See ya in the building.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, ALL!

This warp speed stuff has been challenging lately (smile).

Rev. Dennis, do you have a reading yet?

BTW, Amen to yesterday's posts. My fave subject. Y'ALL posted everything in my heart. That's cool.

Erik! You're "it" this week. "Put me in remembrance of your merits" has been on my heart for a couple of days.

Reminds me of something you said last Sunday Bishop. When we really get this covenant thing, there will be no stopping us!

My agreement added for ALL here.

More later--

tracy said...

Thank God for unconditional love. We felt this in your agreement for our family this morning. Thank you to all who participated, all who have blessed us with support along the way. We receive the healing, the blessings, and the favor. You are all so appreciated and loved by us. We pray a thousand fold return on you and your families.

Lisa said...

Awesome word this morning P Debye!!!!

Lise said...


Sent my agreement via the cyber waves, as usual.

Are you the same Tracy who had the alleged heart condition that God healed. If so, your words via blog were a huge blessing to me when I needed encouragement. If not, then disregard. But I've been sending up little prayers for your husband as you have posted your concerns. God is HUGE, and it's all in His hands... not a bad place to be!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Debye,
That was some Holy Ghost preachin right there. The Spirit spoke to me on several points. But the word about selling a house was especially powerful to me and you spoke it twice. I don’t know if you were even aware of it or not. Then the word on speaking a prophetic word and open doors was strong to me.

The scriptures were some of those that really test our faith. I mean do we really believe what we say we believe? like “greater works”…….”receive power”…….”supernatural spiritual LOVE poured out of our hearts”…….”not by might but by my Spirit”……. A very encouraging word Pastor Debye.

The spirit spoke to me as you were ending the sermon and I started to type in my notes “I will perfect that which concerns you” and as I was typing you said it…..Wow what a confirmation!

Avatar…..thanks for asking, and thank everyone for your prayers; but no I don’t have a reading yet on the myelogram. I guess hitting a nerve or something somehow irritated all the nerves in my spine because now the pain that shoots through my limbs is worse. I trust God for the gold that He will bring out of this fire. Praise God most high.


Anonymous said... what a word! I still feel drunk from the wine of heaven! Pastor Debye brought His WORD powerfully, compassionately and lovingly!.....thanks soooo much! I was streaming but stood and recieved by faith EVERYTHING there was to recieve today! I didn't want to miss anything that God has! I am inspired even more to walk and live in His love spreading it to others thru His strength! I just really can't put into words how the message today touched my life! I have to tell you that I've gone to a whole new level with God since coming here! Getting a new revelation of 'Kingdom Life and Living'. His power and anointing and what is happening with you all is flowing thru the miles and the computer even! It is amazing! Things are starting to happen and God is working in situations and challenges that I have been facing! Simply amazing! I have to also say, thanks for your word of reconciliation even though I wasn't the one who wrote that. I was a part of your church many years ago and left because I moved not because of disagreement. Thru the years I have prayed for you all. It is such a blessing to get to stream in as I am several hours away; but I connect as often as possible. Debye should teach/preach more often! She is a genuine 'jewel'!!Thank you for being spiritual leaders that are faithful, true and loving! Just want to stay in this place in His prescense forever until heaven but gotta go see who I can pass this blessing on to! =) Praying that He will continue to do more than you can ever imagine! A friend

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey bloggers...I'm at the Roanoke airport (the securety is tighter than it was last week in Tel Aviv!). The service at CAI was amazing today, and it sounds like, from your comments here, that Debye brought her A-game at CITN today (I haven't talked to her yet). I'm waiting for my flight home, reading an article about today being the 40th anniversary of RFK's assassination...amazing how time flies...I'll post an article later when I get the meantime, I'd love to hear from more of you on the subject I wrote about. Later.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Debye- Hunger, Hunger, Hunger for the Lord, this has been the theme of my heart along with Mission, purpose. The Spirit moved through you today to bring a Word which brought successive levels of peace to my soul as I listened.
The thing you said about the net stopping up Niagara Falls hit a chord...the more pure the filament the more illumination comes and the longer it lasts...pure gold BURNS hot and bright and long!
I was in a state of constant agreement with the Spirit of God within you and left feeling washed, cleansed and at at a very high level of peace which only comes from knowing that your faith in God has been increased to the point where you know that "it" has been accomplished in the Spirit.

I will search for Him and find Him, I will find Him with ALL my heart!!

Love & joy to all!


ps- Hey Bishop! Glad you had a great time up there! Your "honey" did a great job! She encourages us to get "off the chain" and I know I'm at my best when I am off of the chains of the adversary/religion/approval of man/flesh, etc.

tracy said...

Yes Elle it is me the one and the same..thank you for reminding me that we have been here before and God showed up and showed out. I must just be a little tired this time, I know He will show Himself again. Thanks and hope you are well, your art work is great, you are very creative! To "me" there are so many people that I love, that have wrongly perceived a "disconnect" I hope "me" represents all of them because there is not one of them that I would dread seeing coming back, to all whom have left you are awesome and worthy and a necessary part of this body, we cannot be whole until you are jointly fitted back with us. Our healing depends on it , our prosperity depends on it so PLEASE come home.

Anonymous said...

Hello again y’ALL,

Amen, anonymous “me”, receiving love like that IS the coolest thing. I hope you will join us to explore the depths of it and forgive us when we fail.

Rev. Dennis, yikes! The wuss in me admires your ability to even think much less type. I speak supernatural morphine to your body while you walk through this fire.

Elle, I agree with Tracy. You are very creative! I especially like the explanations you displayed for the inspiration of your work. The garden [your pic here?] very cool.

Bishop, did I miss you telling us what site your new BITN picture was taken in?

Kettly said...

What a Woman;
What a Wooooman;
What a Fiiiine Mighty Wooooooooooooman of God!

First I am in Full Agreement with A Friend! You Woman of God Should Be What They Called An Example of WHAT GOD IS LOOKING FOR. YOU Pastor Debye Swilley is: A WOMAN of SUBSTANCE. A DIVA, a PHENOMINAL WOMAN, a SPIRIT- FILLED WOMAN.
God is searching for a Woooooman, that can be a Woman! A woman that will not be afraid to stand for what she believes. A woman that’s not afraid to allow the HOLY GHOST to use her, however He pleases. So far Pastor Debye you represent!!!

May God continue to use you in many more AMAZING Ways?
Love you

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Avatar, it's the Pool of Bethesda (without our pond in front of the church)

Anonymous said...

I say with open heart and arms to the people who have left CITN for one reason or another, "Come Home!"

We still love you and miss you. We all know that it can be hard to go back to someone you broke fellowship with and say that you made a mistake, that you really value the relationship and that you don't want to lose it.

Though sometimes painful, making up and reconciling can be the most beautiful thing! It can create a love bond that's greater than the original relationship because the scars represent healing and should remind us of the scars Jesus has because He reconciled us all to the Father!

Come home! We love you and welcome you with open arms and hearts! No explanation is necessary, just come!

May flower

Lise said...

Tracy, we all need reminding of certain things at certain times. The great thing is, you already KNOW what God can do because He's done it for you before in a different situation. Stay strong and faithful, and I pray that He showers you with energy, vigor, and optimism! And thanks for the kind words.

Avatar, yes, "Back to the Garden" is my pic on here for the time
being. I think that piece is actually my new favorite; I'm pleased with the way it turned out. Glad you took the time to read the explanations! I realize that art is subjective, and that viewers are free to interpret a piece in any way they like, but I generally have a specific thought process or belief system at play in my artwork, and I like for the viewer to know what that is. All of the pieces that I have on display there with the exception of "Lily & Friends" (the big floral from 17 years ago) need explanation so as not to leave the viewer standing dumbfounded and scratching his head! I'm glad you liked them!

To "me", I'm a part of the cyber congregation, but if I were ITB at CITN, I'd say in Beverly Hillbillies style... y'all come back now, y'hear?!

Anonymous said...

How well put Bishop, the "WORDS OF RECONCILIATION" I have personally lost many bonds of friendships that I never thought would or could ever be broken...I just want to add my Amen to what you said, "ALL IS FORGIVEN & I miss ALL of you...I welcome you back with open arms & heart..