Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Yeah, I know I said yesterday that I might not post until we get back from Washington some time on Friday, but I decided to put something up anyway...

We're in meetings, but I should be able to moderate the blog off and on for most of the day, so somebody say something...

What's on your mind? What's happening? What is God speaking to you? If you were in the CITN service last night (either ITB or in cyber-space) what's your take on the word that came forth? Where are the regular bloggers? Where is the love?

On your mark...get!


Anonymous said...

Since this is about the service tonight I guess I posted on the wrong day......

so here we go again.....oh and check out my new pic on my blog I think it speaks volumes!

Bishop, I have often thought the same thing about being a Calvinist if I didn’t believe in universal salvation; it the only logical conclusion you can come to .

I needed to here that revelation makes no sense many times; and that wisdom always makes sense. Because I am so analytically minded and trying to figure everything out; I could miss a great revelation.

I loved the comparison of Jesus and Paul’s preaching on circumcision; wisdom always arguing against revelation and the differing phases of the revelation of Christ.

Andrew Jukes…….The restitution of all things, Yeah I love that book. I ordered that book from Gary Ameruilt’s - Tentmaker site shortly after I came into this message. It is old English sort of writing and very wordy. But I devoured it and then read it a couple of more times. I would have to say back then when I was still a little unsure as to whether I would embrace this message; that book was the one that nailed the lid on the coffin of traditional teaching. I ordered many books after that and then met my now good friend Dr Lovelace out at Carlton Pearson’s Azusa meeting, I heard John Gavazzoni Preach bought Dr Lovelace’s Book “read and search the scriptures” and bought a new bible and went through highlighting all the reconciliation verses from genesis to revelation. There was no turning back then; but Andrew Jukes was really the catapult for the whole thing.

“living in a world where nobody listens or sees” sets you apart. Like you I am not saying that I am so superior and I don’t think anything like that……but man, what in the hole in the ground is everyone thinking?

Burning Bridges,
Building new ones,

Heart after Him said...

No Limits, No Boundaries,
I see increase, all around me,
Stretch forth, break forth,
Release Me, Enlarge my territory
Take the limits off!
Take the limits off!
Release me, Release me!

Bishop- the message you brought ITB Wed was eye opening...I want to be able to reconize when my wisdom isn't working before I get in a habit of doin the same ol, same ol and rely on revelation. I also really liked what you said about wisdom keeping in your box and revelation pulling you out. Do what I know, but not be afraid when I feel He is telling me something different.

P.S. - You know how good it feels when you don't gossip? I have been getting that same feeling when showing an act of kindness. I love it!

P.S.S. - The same day you talked about Bruce Almighty.. it came on TV that niht. I forgot how funny it was!! And today I received an e-mail about the reuniting lion... I just thought it was bizarre.

Son of Zadok said...

Bishop, great word last night. "Paths"...I got it.
I keep hearing you wonder out loud in your sermons why people have such a hard time accepting this message. I’ve never heard a more elegant and truly heart felt explanation than Tim King's, from a sermon entitled: The Greatest Story Ever Told. It goes as follows:

I think the reason people argue with the message of universal reconciliation….is for this.
Have you ever known somebody who didn’t like to be touched? Here’s what happens a lot. If your not touched, and held, and cuddled, and loved…..and googled over by your family…..chances are you’ll grow up, and the way you’ll compensate for that is you’ll tell yourself , “ I don’t need to be touched, and loved, and held, and googled over … and I can live...and it’s perfectly acceptable to live this way.” Because when that person gets touched..…you...cannot...believe... THE PAIN it sends through their body…...because it’s the VERY THING they NEED, and WANT, and DESIRE, and have spent so much energy trying to convince themselves they don’t need.
When you talk about universal reconciliation to someone who’s steeped in the exodus, exile, and priestly story it is SO PAINFUL for them to consider that they could FOR A MOMENT allow God to be THAT GOOD, when they’ve invested so much energy putting up these walls and majoring in the things of scripture, that when you unload the SIGNIFICANCE of THAT STORY….it’s TO GOOD….to be true…..and it actually causes PAIN. And that’s why....if you have a conversion mentality will never reach them, because what they need is a contributing mentality. They NEED the TOUCH and EMBRACE OF get through it.

I’ve posted this before, but for anyone who missed it, I highly recommend watching Tim King’s sermon on these matters. It's 3 days till Sunday, so if you ever need a great word; You can view it here.

God Bless You All Today

Anonymous said...

The wisdom of the revelation


The revelation of the wisdom


The moving forward of the kingdom


Anonymous said...

Awesome service last night
Awesome praise and worship
Awesome word from the
Awesome Bishop

It was all (word ver) oisum

JB and mystic, where you at?


Anonymous said...

Yep Bishop My wisdom has come to a bypass and I need revelation. I have struggled so hard latley becasue I felt like why cant I get through this difficult time. I have the wisdom. I should be OK. Well now I know, its not a problem with my wisdom. I NEED REVELATION.Well thats just me needing, I rephrase.. I HAVE REVELATION and thank God for my wisdom.

Living the vision

Donald said...

Last nights word sort of reminded me of one of the Hillshire Farms commercials. "That's some serious meat you're stackin'".
After the service I flipped over on A&E to watch Criss Angel. I don't think for one second that he is doing anything other than illusions although I have had some of my christian friends tell me otherwise, but my point is that just as much as he makes me scratch my head and wonder how he does the things he does, I am also just as awed at times about some of the things that I hear Bishop talk about.
I've often heard Bishop mention how he could argue the pro or con side of certain theological points and be as equally effective on either stance.
I find myself wanting to share this "new" message with people quite often but many of those times I am reluctant to do so because I know that some of them are well-versed enough in the scriptures to beat my brains out with some of the same scriptures that I used to use to terrorize people. I hate to lose an argument more than you can possibly imagine and I know that there would be too many times that certain scriptures would get thrown at me that I would not be able to explain any other way than the way I have always heard them taught which would leave me standing there looking like an idiot. Yeah, yeah I know that I could toss some stuff out there that would cause them to have the same reaction, but the fact remains that in many cases I would be left defenseless because I have always heard and taught the scriptures from a certain viewpoint and if they were to get aimed back at me the way that I used to aim them at others I could only respond by saying, "I don't know how to explain that."
And I know that if I was arguing with someone and they gave me a response like that I would sarcastically reply by saying, "Well, when you finally figure out how to explain it get back with me. Until then, don't come around here trying to tell me something that you don't know about."
I guess I hate the thought of being on the receiving end of a statement like that because I would probably slap the hell out of somebody if they talked to me like I would have talked to them in the same situation.

Anonymous said...

I have been out of town for a while and attended a traditional Baptist service that bored me almost to tears. Tears for myself for sitting there, and tears for the people who have absolutely no revelation, but think that what they did and heard taught 100 years ago is all there is!

I am ever so grateful for a church where people really want more of God and SEEK revelation.

Hearing you speak on revelation last night raised my consciousness again about how in church history, as you said, each new revelation was thought of as apostacy and the person considered a heretic...but as time passed most people accepted their revelation as basic Christian theology.

What is it? Is it that most Christians cannot accept a NOW Word. They need it to be TIME tested (become historical truth) BEFORE they can perceive it. Maybe they need to know that other people (large numbers of people) have accepted it before they even entertain its validity or truth. Maybe they feel there is safety in numbers.

Maybe they are fearful! Are we really so unique to be interested in what God is SAYING as oppossed to what was SAID? Are others complacent? I wonder about this.

I don't consider myself a spiritual giant, but I want answers beyond what I already know. Some are afraid that asking questions they can't answer will make God angry at them and they will blaspheme or God will think they are not true believers.

This was the answer one of my traditional baptist family members gave me while in discussion about the deep things of God. He said he asked a question about something in the Bible that bothered him and his mother (Momma nem) told him "Leave that alone, that God's business. Just believe what uou were taught!" As a result, he quit going to church!

Sad! So very sad. I wish he could come to CITN. I will hook him up with blogging.

We're so blessed; so very blessed!

May flower

Christy said...

Mornin' ya'll!

Kinda in a funk and couldn't really put my finger on it until I opened up today's blog. I need the revelation released from the deepest of the deep. I need a touch from God. Having missed two weeks of church in a row now has really messed with my inner workings. I have missed the fresh touch I receive when I am with the teens.

A lot is going on and I am a having a hard time being still and listening. I want to HEAR from Him. We are doing a lot of talking but I am not sitting down and really listening to Him.

I am not a down person and I don't like this slimy feeling of inadequacy and indifference. I am usually very upbeat, don't-let-stuff-get-to-me person. Just pray for me today. Any words of wisdom or insight would be most appreciated.

ronnielee said...

On my mind..hmmmm,It is my nature for my mind to jump from one thing to another like a starving wolf in a rabbit cage..sooo, i will share only one thing. I thought last nights message was really funny. The bedtime prayers and the whole cradle with baby falling had me in stitches. I love the way you verbalize what alot people are more than likely thinking. The truth concerning inclusion and the whole Hitler vs sweet Grandma is really hard for me to embrace as well, however Inclusion has been a revelation for me..I also like the comment concerning all religion was someones revelation at one time. How true that is, we can see by studying church history. I also thought the statement concerning telling other ministers not to preach inclusion or they may lose there church was pretty funny and very sad at the same time.

SCRIBE said...

Good Morning!

God is saying to me: "I AM THAT I AM! I AM HE who has sent you, not for your good pleasure, but for my greater purpose. I am HERE, I am present, I am NOW. I was in the Beginning, and I am the ending, yet so many of my people miss my Presence, my "Now-Ness" in the middle of the story.... line upon line, precept upon precept.... not just that which has already been written, but those things that I am still speaking through my prophets and scribes. It is one thing for my people to try to grasp what I have said to someone else, when they should be more inclined to press into My PRESENCE to hear what exactly I am saying to them. For if they only hear the word spoken, but fail to grasp hold of how to activate My Word, Listen intently to My Voice, Stand Still until I tell them to Move, Obey as they receive my instructions before they even begin to rationalize a thing, then they have buried my word in the dirt, thus leaving them WITHOUT REVELATION- for revelation is Real, Alive, Thriving and contains the power to shift everything into order, while shedding light on that which was hidden. My people are to ask Me to show them what they have allowed to fall to the ground, better yet, reveal to them what word / commandment / instruction that I had given previously and they chose to squelch the life out of it, and bury it, instead of cultivate it to bring forth fruit.\

I am God who resurrects the dead, but first my people must be willing to do some digging up of skeletons that should have been thriving armies of influence- and dare to pardon the Holy Spirit to breathe life into those things by speaking my Inspired Revelation stating: I SPEAK TO YOU DRY BONES and say that YOU ARE RESURRECTED. As they obey these illogical instructions without wavering- they have brought forth much fruit and unearthed hidden treasures of the deep! I am not a predictable GOD--- are there any in the house today who bear witness?

I am Forever Faithful... so before my people run here and there, to and fro, from one place to another seeking out A WORD, they must not become so mindless and idle to believe that A word / message / prophecy over their lives changes everything, they are required to Obey the instructions that I give them AFTER having received the word / prophecy / message in order to Receive what I have already put on the table! I lead them to the wells and cisterns, but they are Required to get containers then REACH up or down to draw out the life sustaining nourishment. They dare not complain that they are hungry when I have placed Food before them on the table, for if they only look at it and not pick it up, put it in their mouths and begin to chew and swallow, then should they Starve to Death or leave hungry, It is NOT MY FAULT!

Also, for maximum effectiveness, my people are to NOW make themselves aware of how they are abusing / misusing their bodies. All things are permissible, but not all things are advisable. Should my people become over-indulgent and careless in what they are putting into their temples, while failing to eat healthy, eat within moderation, getting the proper rest, making a conscious effort to exercise, drinking plenty of water, dare they not wonder as to why they are feeling poorly and are not able to perform at their originally designed potential? Yet they cry out to me for healing, as opposed to disciplining themselves to adapt a healthy lifestyle. I created my people to be the temples of God, where my Presence- the Holy Spirit can abide and set up residence and making a HOME, not just dropping in for an impromptu visit from time to time! Selah...

I give you grain, says the Lord, it is up to you to process it into fine flour and bake a loaf of bread. If I Be God to you, then adhere to my voice, and if my people have set someone else or something else up to serve as their God, then don't complain to me. Dare they not come into my presence and get all that I have for them, then run to the witches, palm readers, psychics to hear what they have to speak, Squandering the Resources that I have so generously given to them on such wickedness, and again complain about financial woes. Either I am JEHOVAH GOD to you or I am not. Choose Ye' this day whose report you shall believe or what master you shall serve. And if the word that I provide for you is NOT ENOUGH to satisfy your hunger and thirsts then examine your motives, for my people are Consumed by their Own Evil Desires.

In all these Things, I am STILL GOD, for I Have Shown you the Way and Led you out of Darkness- so WALK IN OBEDIENCE and Faith- only if YOU LOVE ME with your entire hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. The missing keys that hold you from Prosperity is Lack of Revelation and not enough LOVE FOR ME. For wherever there is TRUE REVELATION from Me, The MINDSETS OF MY PEOPLE SHALL BE TRANSFORMED, then they will not continue to do the same old things expecting different results! This is the day that I- the LORD JEHOVAH HAVE MADE and YOU SHALL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT! Last but not least my precious people, It is not simply MY WORD that you need, but a TRUE REVELATION of what I am saying to you INDIVIDUALLY! Now that you have the word, are you going to just sit there, or Seek MY PRESENCE to see / hear what you are to do next. You are not waiting upon Me to do something, I AM WAITING ON YOU TO CHANGE YOUR MINDS / PERCEPTIONS! Selah...Amen.

ronnielee said...

This is for a previos post that i just read about the whole Micheal Beckwith joining...I really see JESUS in him...Glad to hear it!

Erik said...

Thanks Iconoclast for taking the dive first. A slice from what I posted at the end of yesterday.

Re what Bishop said about Adam making all humans fall and Jesus restoring, including as restored from the foundation.

That point re Adam also bugged me, but I just filed it away as an ‘Oh well, one day it will make sense’.

This is what came to me. Because Adam, Jesus, and each unique spirit that has ever been in this physical reality as a human being, are One. We are unique parts of the One . We choose what Eve & Adam choose, We choose what Jesus choose. Each one is part of the whole, One being. God and The One being are different, God created the One, Jesus is in both. The One is God’s love. We are God’s love. God loves every part of us.

Our distrust of God, when we did not believe what God said about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, was covered from before we ever did. In ‘walking out ‘ this physical realm, God created for us , Jesus is both God and Us. Adams decisions and Jesus decisions are decisions we All made since no part is separate from The One Body, The One Being that God made.

When we love ourselves, we love all others because we are each parts of the One Being.

To me, Wisdom, different from logic, guides application of Revelation. Revelation is the original spark, light. It blows where it will. Wisdom says be a sail and ride the wind, where it wills.

As Bishop expressed in regard to prophesying Church in the Now, following revelation is not very logical. It is very Wise.

DoubleBack Alley said...


Was out of town for a few days. Glad to be back. What's on my mind? The election, of course. Obama is beginning to stumble, McCain continues to mumble and one of those guys will inherit a world that is at its most dangerous in sixty years. And a deficit. Sheesh.

Where's Ronnie Ray-Gun when you need him?

Ain't God Good?

Christy said...


Thank you for your obedient spirit that poured into the dry well. Granted, it is of my own choosing by which I have missed the flow. However, the word the Spirit gave you reiterates the great love God has for me by finding me here and using you as a vessel.

Thank you again!

Praise be to you Almighty Father! You have made your bed with me in my dark place and have brought me out into the Light of Your love and mercy. You are the "breasty One" upon which I can rest my head as You give me hope and strength renewed to go back into battle for your kingdom. I love you!

"elle" said...

Hey, Bish & bloggers,

Want to address something from a few days ago, but sincere apologies if you've dealt with this topic at all in the last 2 sermons. Missed them. Cranky wench on Sunday morning, and didn't feel worthy of tuning in. And after 3 LONG days of home improvement, I was still working last night.

I consider myself to be one not easily offended. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion whether or not I agree. 'Offended' isn't even the correct term here. But I admit to being slightly taken aback by an anonymous response to SOZ's post regarding Bonnaroo, etc. (And SOZ, I DO get where you're coming from, but I was glad to read your clarification.) Perhaps I misread, but anon seemed to file all 'church people' into a single category. I'm genuinely sorry that his/her friend had a bad church experience... unfortunately, it isn't uncommon. The impression that I got from this particular comment was that getting high & running around naked is perfectly acceptable as long as one has a blast while doing it.

Bish, THIS is why I think you so often get asked the dreaded question, "You mean,I can do ANYTHING and not go to hell?!?"
As a person who has professed Christianity for most of my life, and whose relationship with God has become rock solid and beautifully intimate over the last several years, I admit that the reconciliation message STILL messes with me sometimes. So I really have to wonder how it affects those who haven't known Him on a personal level... and where the accountability factor comes into play for His followers. I mean, I DO think that there are people who latch onto this theology because they feel that it permits them to behave questionably, while those who are truly interested in a committed walk of faith are perhaps left feeling like we should just grin and nod at actions which could be clearly defined as unacceptable. It's sometimes a real effort to not pass judgement when it seems that there is no longer anything to be said for morality or plain common decency. Whatever happened to setting an example or leaving a good impression on the world... not by the words of our mouths, but by our actions... which speak MUCH louder?

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

About my new was a gift and and the one that gave it to me put "Dennis Caldwell - chosen vessel" on it. I just wanted you to know I didnt. I do love that Picture; to me it says a whole lot about the plan of God and ultimate reconciliation and restoration and renewal. To me it is a picture of the consumation and perfection of our salvation.


Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact I think the picture is a REVELATION.....God does speak in pictures many times, and the pictures speak truth - but the picture rarely is exactly what He meant.


Anonymous said...

Scribe & Erik…..Amen…God truly does still speaking; I love the bible – but revelation is not the last book.

If you think about it ….the books name is REVELATION so God leaves off with REVELATION…..kind of interesting. Do you think God was trying to tell us something?

Burning bridges,
Building new ones,

Anonymous said...

Hi blogfam!

Missed being hard drive crashed and omg I was stress-stretched but Miracalously and wonderfully EVERYTHING was restored! Even the technician didn't think it was possible but prayer over a computer and some anointing oil works cuz our GOD CARES about every minute detail in our lives!

He's been speaking soooooooo many things to me it's hard to know where to start. Simply put is that if HIS EYE knows when a little sparrow falls then He surely knows and cares about every single detail of mine and your life and WILL perfect that which concerns us! Quote~(God is always on time. He is never late, and He is seldom early.)

Bottom line, in the good, the bad, the high, the low, the mountains and valleys...whatever season it is (we can't appreciate and we can't be refined and our muscles grow) if we don't have the storm along with the sunshine!....keeping my mind fixed upon Him because He IS and knows the beginning to the end and 'it's all good' brings peace, strength, dependence and joy everlasting! (but I have to choose every single day)!

Elle, just thinking about what you were saying and I can totally relate. I ponder too the same things and consider myself to be open and accepting and non-judgmental. Most definitely not having a complete answer even for myself I personally believe according to my revelation of scripture that we are not to abuse redemption and grace as a reason to sin and do whatever pleases our flesh. (hedonism) There is to be accountability especially among leadership and those of us having the knowledge and revelation. However, our Father is loving, merciful and longsuffering or patient with us. A good question is how can there be love and forgiveness if there is no judgement or accountability? We discipline our children but we don't judge them. Sometimes there are just hard consequences to deal with because of the decision to sow to the flesh. He always forgives and restores us back to Him instantly when we sincerly repent. However, deliberate conscious disobedience over and over I have to think is not true repentance but maybe rebellion. I too have pondered (i too most certainly am human and far from perfect)how can someone continuously do the same thing again and again? Have they sincerely made Jesus Christ Lord of their life? I just choose to love and pray for them and to look at the areas I fall again and again in (my words and attitude). There also has to be accountability and the word speaks of this for correction to come about and this will reveal the heart. Right or wrong I don't know but I happen to get a chuckle from it and kinda agree with is a saying a lil 84 year grandma friend of mine says is "we can't judge but can nbe fruit inspectors." Then we have to be careful lest we do judge and become guilty of the same thing. So, this is a deeeep subject and the Bishop can prob best answer this. Just wanted to relate some thoughts...cuz I'm still pondering too. Still relying on the Holy Spirit daily to change me into His image and be the fragrance of Christ.

Bishop...loved your videos! All were awesome but the one about 'He's got the whole world in His hands' was simply amazing and powerful! Visual really speaks to me.

Love you ALL! ~Hugs~Smiles


*seeking His revelation and to know how and when which I guess is revelation too!


Anonymous said...


You said blog now. LOL

Picture if you will a world with no frill.
No one trying to out do everyone
Peace & harmony shall be done
No more worry
No more bills
No more hurt
No more pain
Happiness is the reign

Living in the moment
A peace filled world
When we see
We control our own destiny

karl cobos said...

Good afternoon Bishop, I'm believing that the meetings are going well.

May you be blessed with uncommon favor today, good balance and time management.

I find myself praying a lot more for REVELATION lately and for joy and strength to walk in it.

Thank you for last night's word!
I'm at the library and have to run, gotta go to Zachary's open house at school...ya'll please pray for Zachary to have a good start of 1st grade...thanks!

If I haven't responded to anyones blogs or anything...I probably just haven't seen them...I'm having computer issues at this time. I've missed reading a lot of your blogs and I'm hoping to participate a lot more in the near future...God bless you all today.

From AYITN today...God has brought this day to me to see what I will name it, and whatever I call it is what He will call it...I call this day blessed, anointed, successful and productive!

I speak that over you Bishop, you bloggers and myself!

Anonymous said...

Peacemaker, where you at?

Anonymous said...

SOZ….Tim is a real pleasure to be around; you will have to meet him someday. His group is having another conference in Colorado. You can go to this site and see about it;

All the rooms are booked already at the Glen Eyrie castle in Colorado Springs where the conference is being held (that would have been cool) but you can still go and stay off site. Brian McLaren, best-selling author of several books including A New Kind of Christian trilogy, The Secret Message of Jesus, and Everything Must Change, is going to be a keynote speaker.

I would have loved to have been able to go; a lot of my friends are going to be there.

Burning Bridges,
Building New Ones,

Anonymous said...

Mom Swilley,
We sure do miss hearing your love.


Anonymous said...

Donald....Just tell them if their God is not big enough to finish what he started; youll just keep yours, thank you very much.




Erik said...

Hi .

Elle, you bring up a valid social / religious point regarding equating morality with social norms, making social norms lord. We seem to focus a lot on clothing and consumables, combining that with morality. I am writing to this point, to our apparent social preference for form over substance, not personally regarding you.

To me, issues such as racism, intolerance, ethnocentricity, ‘might is right’ thinking, present moral problems and danger to individuals, our society, our world and certainly become God to us, when we will kill others because of it, in place of Jesus as Lord and the commandment to love. Those are the kind of people that my trust in God, and forgiving is faith based. These are the people that I really focus on The Tree Life in loving them, disciplining myself not respond from the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. These are people I really need to minister to. These issues are where I keep expanding my tent pegs to embrace as sisters and brothers, and express the Goodness of God to bring change.

Those that may have few or no clothes on, and are enjoying the effects of a chemical, running and dancing somewhere, are no moral problem or threat, to me. And they are a lot more fun than those above. However, our society often points to these surface issues, and not the deeper ones as problematic.

What gets really cool, is few or no emotional, prideful, mental, spiritual covering up, and enjoying the effects of The Holy Spirit.; intoxicated with The Spirit and ‘naked’. Now that is a festival.

Amount of clothing chosen, and what we ingest is not intrinsically connected with morality , what is in the heart would be. It seems those who fear more are more likely to see the outer as moral or immoral, and avoid the inner.

Which is why the Good News is so life giving.

bncason said...

So I am in Columbus GA and I read your blog everyday and most times you or other bloggers talk about your message. I guess my question is how can i listen to your messages here in Columbus so that i may also be blessed and learn from you?

Avatar said...

Unlawful words.
An important Word, last night's whole message was!!
[hear that as a diminutive, green and wrinkly, weird-eared Jedi knight would say it]

bncason, you can download MP3s from
Lots of other ways are also shown there.

I appear to be on a different wavelength today. Like Ronnielee, I'll pick one thought. "There is NO 'lack'. ALL is provided. Do you really believe that?"

On another thought/question, thanks Scribe, Christy and Iclast(cool new pic)--its difficult to tell you how, but God used you as way-markers today.

Re: influencing those around us. A neighbor told me about a time he was out carousing with some Navy buddies. As they headed in to a strip joint one of their group, call him John, said "Go ahead without me. I'll wait here." They did. He expected to get a lecture from John as they exited but John smiled as they joined him and went on to the next bar. John never had anything but soda but he went with them everywhere. My friend said "I couldn't get over how John chose not to go along with the rest of us and I never went to a club again without thinking of him." I don't remember much else about the story or that conversation. My neighbor was settling down to get married by the time I knew him. I DO know this for sure; John's choices even affected me and I only heard the story.

My point is this, anyone who understands love and respect [loving themselves as well as others and therefore knowing the real God] is salty and they cannot help but make people thirsty--its what salt does.

DoubleBack Alley said...


Oldie, but a goody:

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do.

Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey.

He invited all his neighbours to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly.
Then, to everyone's amazement he quieted down.

A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing.
He would shake it off and take a step up.

As the farmer's neighbours continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up.

Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!

Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a stepping stone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up.

The donkey later came back, and bit the farmer who had tried to bury him.
The gash from the bite got infected and the farmer eventually died in agony from septic shock.


When you do something wrong, and try to cover your ass, it always comes back to bite you.

Tired of covering up.

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...

bncason/ Stream live at to see the services.

Anonymous said...

churchinthenow.ORG not com oops

"elle" said...

Hey, guys.

Appreciate your responses. Chewing on the feedback. (Chewing on feed?!?... how very bovine!)

Been thinking about the 'not causing your brother to stumble' aspect, which I suppose initiated my post.
Crown Jewel, I loved the question that you posed:
"... how can there be love and forgiveness if there is no judgement or accountability? We discipline our children but we don't judge them."
I NEVER want to be accused of judging others, but I can't nonchalantly agree with every questionable act just because I know that God loves unconditionally. That, simply put, is irresponsibility, and has NOTHING to do with whether or not I show love to those in question.

I'll give you a strange little example. A few weeks ago, I had gone to the wine store and bought a few bottles, and proceeded on to my parents' house which is 45 minutes away. Wine is not supposed to sit in a hot car. Joe & I visited awhile, and as we prepared to leave I said, "I bought 3 bottles of wine a little while ago, and I don't want them to spoil. Guess we'd better go." Neither of my parents drink. I lovingly patted my mom on the shoulder, grinning, and said, "I thought it would be better if I didn't store my heathen wine in your fridge." My dad got a good chuckle out of that, and my mom grinned and shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, that would have been okay." And I'm sure it would have been. You see, they know me, and they know that I cook with wine often... and I enjoy a glass on occasion... and I don't abuse alcohol. But I respect my mother's entitlement to her views enough to not challenge her to mine. Does that make any sense at all? We love and respect each other. And I would never choose to drink in front of certain people from my past, not for fear of what they might think of me, but because it might cause them to fall into that judgement trap... which is better avoided. They have a right to their opinions, but we are all admonished not to judge. I'm just trying to be an accountable follower of Christ. After all, the whole world system is based on right and wrong and the varying shades in between. Not to sound legalistic, but laws are in place for a reason. As stupid as some of them are, imagine a system without any laws. It would be chaos!

I don't know...
I guess it is a deep subject, and Bish, I actually would love to hear your thoughts when you have a minute. Hope your trip is going well.

Thanks again, everyone. Submitted in love!

Erik said...

Hey Avatar - Being salty makes people thirsty, that is great ! -- Salty Now.


From last night - “Unlawful, out of time’ words or revelation. – To me, this is just me.
(not saying anyone disagrees or agrees, or should either way) Out of time to means too late, definitely not to soon, if either thing really exists. I really see it as if it is spoken, shared, it is at EXACTLY the right time.

When it comes to God’s love for us, being part of it becoming more accessible (like the guy who 1st translated the Bible into English) or those people who fought slavery, pushed for equal civil rights for ALL people, regardless of any standing in human eyes, and do today. Showing the Good News that we are all loved by God outside of any human evaluation, those words and revelation, to me, are only ‘out of time or unlawful’ because any heart has not heard it before.

So the church killed the guy, and then later dug up and burned his bones. So the woman got the healing for her daughter then, so the Centurion got his servant healed, so we All got restored before we ‘fell’ – FANTASTIC , PRAISE GOD ! Best News I can think of. Beats CNN any second of creation. God’s expression comes through each one who is, or was , or will be.

When there is a revelation, it is exactly the right time to share it. Elisha knew it and did it. Paul knew it and did it. Countless others have and did, We do. I can appreciate the ‘Natural’ having turbulence with ‘Spirit’. Spirit always is best case though. Of course a spoonful of sugar may help, or a spoonful of salt. Of course, to some degree, share it in a way that fits the culture. However, after a few attempts to do so, go with it. Jesus did not back down and limit His words to comfort the Pharisees. Yes, some items can be s-l-o-w-l-y delivered, if they are not Spirit Life necessary. The basic idea that We are All reconciled, that God does actually love each one, that We are All parts of the same body. That is something that is expressed more than the weather, the price of gas, the campaign.

This is Church in the Now, as illogical as any revelation is, if it happens here, it is necessary now. Whatever we here have, now is the time to bring it forth. Empty the storehouses of what you have and feed All. To me, We have All come here for a reason, to have, express, give Now. It is exactly on time. Human love may not always be on time, but revelation, expression, giving is. We all have our own muck, so what. That is a non issue to God regarding God’s love for us. If we are weighed down by the muck, God promotes us to change as beneficial, and carry the light yoke.

Larry Usher said...

Just a quick comment on last night's message ITB.

Wisdom can be man's or God's and useful to an extent, but revelation or the "rhema" involves an "outpouring" of the Spirit of God attached to the words- God Himself contained in the word. Bread for the body, rhema for the spirit man. Thank God for every rhema that proceeds from His mouth!



peacemaker said...

Tracy and ntl...
Have been doing a little travelling and also experiencing a case of bloggers block, I guess. Thanks for looking for me. I'm sure I'll be back soon.

I read that about Michael Beckwith also. I hate saying this kind of stuff after the fact, but I knew he and Bishops paths would cross at some time.
I've heard him preach via CD from his church and really like what he has to say.(BTW...he is NOT New Age. He is considered New Thought and that is not the same thing at all) My daughter lives in LA and I encouraged her to visit Agape International (Beckwith's church). She loved it and will probably attend regularly.

Peace to everyone...

Son of Zadok said...

Erik, it’s great to see you on the blog again. I’ve never addressed you, but I’ve enjoyed your posts and presence here so much the last 10 weeks since God has led me here. I was wondering where you were at.
Ok, Elle. I was perfectly content to talk about Braves baseball, but you’re pulling it out of me. I think if you go back through the flow of my posts, my points were clarified as you had stated. Concerning the Anon post. I (and I can only speak for what I got from it) understood it to mean that legalism drives people away from God and the church. I wasn’t, nor do I think Anon was justifying hedonism. I have the revelation concerning the blood being for everyone and applied to everyone whether we/they like it or know it or not; that’s Passover. But until we all go through the Pentecost, the obedience to the Lord, the friendship with the Lord; we will not be ready to enter into our new Tabernacles. But I digress, how did this conversation all get started. It was in reference to an idea to get out there and touch the “lost” (their not really lost because God knows where their at) where they are. I.E. Bonnaroo etc..just to be there to pass on the word that God is not mad at them and appointing them to damnation, but that He so loves them. It's the goodness of God that leads to repentance. As soon as we say this is what we do and you have to be like us to have fellowship with us, we draw a line in the sand between us and the world that says, “Your over there and were over here.” All our righteousness and striving is like filthy rags to Father. When are we going to free ourselves from religious attempts and rely on Him to do the working in us; only when we realize we cannot!
Jesus said if you hate your brother (don’t care for) you’re a murderer and there is no life in you. God will not be mocked. He is not playing around. If we don’t have His love in us ; He’s going to rip it all out and build you back from the ground up. Squash you like a miserable lump of clay to form you again. If we look at other cultures and what is permissible and what is not, it often comes down to just that, culture. Some groups eat bugs and worms and we’d think that’s crazy. Some eat dogs, but if our children were starving we’d have one on the plate! However, my point is, and thank God, we do have certain clear guidelines in the new covenant as to how to help us live. But others are just tradition and we need not separate ourselves for the sake of our traditions. We need to be led by His voice and His sheep hear His voice. If someone’s not hearing His voice maybe they need an injection of true love and life in them. God created good and He created evil, both for His good pleasure and He uses them for His purposes. He is in control and I want to be led by His voice to reach those who He is calling out to be the true sons and daughters of God in this awesome age! And if the devil doesn’t like it he can sit on a tack!

Lord lead us in the paths of your righteousness.

Matt Chapter 15
"Are you still so dull?" Jesus asked them. "Don't you see that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then out of the body? But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man unclean. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander. These are what make a man unclean

James 1:13-15 KJV
13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: 14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. 15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

Rom 6: 1-2
What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound?
By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it?

Son of Zadok said...

Oh and let me also say. Everything I say is in love and we don't have to see eye to eye on everything. I love you all anyway ,no matter, and I really mean that. And I'm not a heathanistic heathen, far from it. And I will lift you up in prayer when the Lord so leads.

Big Holy Ghost Hugs and Kisses!

"elle" said...


Heavens! Just kidding!

Since you don't know me personally, I don't want you or anon to think that I am some wimpy little woman with her head stuck in the sand. And I do understand the comments made about legalism forcing people to turn from the church. As a matter of fact, anon mentioned the 'religious' standing on street corners with megaphones. My husband and I witnessed something similar a couple days ago on a major highway near our home. Two middle-aged men in dress clothes, carrying Bibles and wearing placards that stated now is the time to seek the Lord... and something about hell if we didn't. It kinda made me sick inside. Joe commented that he questions whether those tactics work. Personally, I don't think so. Nor do I think that large groups of people who congregate with baby carriages and dolls, who hold PRO-LIFE signs for hours on end will make a lick of difference to a woman who feels trapped and decides to have an abortion. I'm not saying she's right. I'm just sayin'... I don't think they'll change her mind. However, I DO recognize their right to demonstrate, even though my personal feeling is one of annoyance and invasion of privacy (especially door-knockers).

My comments (I think) were more in relation to personal accountability, not religiousity. These thoughts come to mind... I am in no way a proponent of censorship; I'm an artist, for heaven's sake! Does that mean that I think underage kids should be allowed to listen to a bunch of crap that glorifies rape and other such things? Absolutely not! It's a parent's or guardian's place to use a little wisdom and discretion... to be responsible.

Do I think Bonnaroo should be abolished? Absolutely not! But do I think that adults should be responsible for their actions? Absolutely! For example, I would challenge, ANYONE to look into the face of someone whose life has been adversely affected by a drunk driver, and tell that person that substance abuse is OK... that God loves us anyway. Of course He does; God IS unconditional love. My point is... if we profess to love Him, shouldn't we act like it?

I'm not attacking anyone or any viewpoint; I'm just disecting them a little in order to better understand.

Any other thoughts... anyone?

Anonymous said...

SOZ, you are awesome!

Elle, I am with you all the way too on not wanting to make someone stumble and can relate to everything you say on this awesome journey we're on called LIFE. You have a beautiful and sweet heart toward the Lord and people!

Eric, so so true how some things are just cultural and tradition (mans) not God's direction or ways but people have put His name on it and pass on generation to generation.

I think that is why it is awesome that we have the Word of God to test things against and some things are not specific. The Word says that we are to each work out our own salvation.(what all does that mean?) I think that is why we all can disagree sometimes as brothas and sistas and still get along.(not disagreeing with you at all) Just adding a thought. I'm being sharpened all the time here in this wonderful land of NOW!'re just plain sumpthin else brotha! Great message! Love yall!

~Peace~sweet dreams


Anonymous said...

Elle, just read your last post. I have to agree that there is a difference between legalism and accountability. Legalism is bondage and a prison in my thinking!

However, isn't true love, sometimes the toughest thing of hold someone accountable? That's not easy to do. It's so much easier to allow everyone to do whatever. Accountability with love produces wonderful fruit! However, some people still choose (death) and they have the freedom to choose as we do. Sometimes they may not have had the love or revelation.

It is one thing to stand for what is right in a loving attitude and another to kill someone for what they believe or be unkind and hating toward them. To me this is a form of legalism~if you're not just like me then you're not ok. We can't put God in a box or a certain look becaue He will surprise you everytime!

God created us for life to it's fullest and He set certain parameters as protection not denial. He does instruct us to obey the laws of our land...(work, etc...otherwise there would be chaos. We are currently living in a society where anything goes...morally speaking. He also said that if we love HIM we will obey Him.

Like you, just thinking. Not meaning to sound anything but loving. I most certainly don't have all the answers either. I have just had to deal with some very specific situations the past couple of years that have caused me to ponder this. These are some of the answers that I personally have come to conclude on.

Lord, help me to be salty!

...running on 2 hrs sleep...gotta go zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Erik said...

Christ Kwan Do

Well, this has been good.

Elle, I fully agree with self responsibility , discretion, courtesy, and good manners. I agree with you regarding invasion of privacy and the prayer that would be necessary to counsel a parent , child, spouse, loved one of someone killed by a drunk driver. In those situations, it is even far more critical to know that we love others as ourselves and to put ourselves in the others position. What would it be like if we, our spouse, loved one had the poor judgment of driving a car, boat, handling a gun under some intoxicant and injured or killed somebody. For the one protesting or threatening a woman entering a facility where abortions are performed, if they were that person entering with all of the complicated emotions and thoughts.

That is where loving others as myself has real value. It really is cotton candy to love the rude driver as I love myself. It is kindergarten level to love the obnoxious customer, overbearing relative, aggravating boss, frustrating employee as myself. At this point, it should not even come up. Love the one who attacks me (protester, accuser, drunk driver, criminal) as myself, that is where Christ kicks in. How do I (any of us) best respond to an attack of any type, immediate Christ mode, understand where they are coming from, see their spirit, use Christ Kwan Do to disable their fear and mistrust of themselves and God and in 1.5 seconds touch their spirit. That is real kick A** work. Martial Arts have nothing on that and all the physical combat training in the universe cannot match Christ Kwan Do.

I do not claim to be a master at this, but The Master has shown me that it is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love, Peace, Hope. Showing us the character of the Lambkin as a symbol for that influence. I do not understand all of the characteristics of The Lambkin, but I do know I will be a master, and lie down with my lions in peace.

It is striking that Jesus showed us in the Pharisees that one can do everything society expects and still be far from God, and alternatively do little or nothing society expects and be close to God. Neither doing or not doing is an indicator of closeness to God.

Iris said...

To blog or not to blog that is the question….

I understand both sides… I was raised in a very religious home, which upheld a lot of “AMERICA Christian traditions… Some times I think we see Christ love through American Christianity and not through Christ intentions for His body… That is why I don’t profess to be a Christian… just a believer….

I say this because I am well traveled and have lived over-seas for several years… My paradigm shifted came greatly from American Christianity to Christ love for His people… who is ALL people… Yes, I do think that we need raise up our children and give them standards on what how to live…. But we also needed to be aware of what paradigm we teach them… Is it our Christianity and all of its traditions or is it what Christ really cares about and wants His body to be… I find that American Christianity puts people under such a microscope of everything done and said… every deed judged and weighed… it puts being a “Christian” in so much bondage… no wonder society looks the other way… and searches for freedom in things “American Christians” would call ungodly….

Being a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators… who my parents were missionaries with… I recall a story of a tribe in South America, no one would go and teach the gospel to, because they were naked… These people would kill anyone who came near their tribe if they had cloths on… No one would take the chance… Until one man who was ridiculed by his decision, took the job and went into the tribe naked…. After spending months with them… learning their language… one of the leaders of the tribe came and sat with this missionary and began to share with him the good news of the gospel… He didn’t know the name of Jesus… but he knew there was a God… and he knew that His God had sent His son to the world to die for every man in his tribe and ones who lived beyond the jungle…When the missionary asked the leader how he knew about God… He said that one of the great fathers of his tribe had a vision while smoking his spirit pipe… He said that after the vision the story was told for several generations that God loved all… Then when asked why they would kill anyone who tried to come to their tribe that wore clothing… He denied that he did that because they wore clothes it was because of the weapons they would hide under the clothes… so they didn’t trust the people with clothes… but when the missionary came in naked… they new they could trust him because he had no weapons….

That tells me a lot about God… Wow… they smoked a spirit pipe and got revelation of a God who died for them…. HMMMM what would American Christianity think of that… Also… how naked do we come when telling others about the gospel… or do we come with weapons?…

Another story that happened to me personally… As some of you know I lived in South Africa for a few years… To be able to maintain a visa to stay in the country I had to go to Rhema Bible School…And stay in Africa on a Student Visa… My finale project for Bible School was to do a video on the book of Act… My “Unsaved” next door neighbors in the apartments that I lived in were video-ologist… and they said that they would be glad to help me do my finale project… So we set out on a quest to film the book of Acts in a modern day setting because it was not wisdom at that time to try to do biblical costumes… It was so much fun… we had drug addicts from the apartments playing martyred Christians… Bikers with the coolest looking bulldog playing Saul on the way to Damascus… Everyone I used for the project were “non-Christians…You can imagine some of the things that went on and some of the language that came from their mouths… It would make some American Christians cringe… One day I came home from bible school to find at lease 15 of my neighbors sitting on the front lawn smoking a joint, reading the bibles I had given them… When they saw me coming, they were so excited and had me sit down in the midst of them…. joints and all… they were amazing at the stuff they were reading and wanted to know if these things actually happened in the Bible… they were amazing at about Jesus walking on water… and that demons were actually cast out and into pigs… It was so much fun to watch them as they found something new… Then I would give them a tip on another passage that I thought they would think is cool… We sat there for hours as they passed the joint around just having fun exploring the Bible…. I never said anything about the joints… I never condemned them or brought my American Christianity paradigm into the mix… I just loved them in spite of…

I have lost contact with some of them… but the few that I have kept up with over the years… are all walking with God… and are believers… One of them is actually pastoring a church in one of the tribes there… This particular friend of mine said that if I would have told them to not smoke… They would have not become believers….

All I know is that Americans come with so many standards and bondages… But what God is really looking for is... loving all in spite of … and seeing the heart and not judging the outward…

Everyone is and are looking for Truth… in there quest… whether it is Americanized or not… they all want God… they all want to know that His love is unconditional … No matter what size…shape… religion…nationality…. Color of skin…Baby Christian… Mature Christian…etc… they want to fit somewhere in that unconditional love…

To blog or not to blog….

P.S. I am sure someone may be asking if I smoked a joint with them…. I just inhaled…LOL…. Actually seriously not like Bill…

Anonymous said...


I don’t think that people are saying that we shouldn’t judge a person’s action or deed and determine if it is godly or God-motivated. Because the Holy Spirit lives in us, He testifies of that which is of the Lord. If we are in tune with the Lord, we can discern whether things are of God or not and it’s our responsibility to know the difference. Also, as followers of Christ we definitely have a responsibility to be accountable for our lives in the flesh; we are to commit to living by the Scripture, and to refuse to do anything that would hinder anyone else from coming to know the Lord, or from walking out their life in Christ.

Nevertheless, we must remember that we are ALL saved by grace and NOT WORKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS which we have done or do; we have All sinned and come short of the glory of God, there is NONE righteous, no not one. From the Scriptures we see that if we are guilty in one point, then we are guilty in all. So if we are all guilty, then our staying away from sinful deeds, judging others because of their sinful deeds does not change our relationship with God. He always loves us regardless of what we do. His love never fails us. All of us need the grace and mercy of God – daily, regardless of how “good” we act, what we do or don’t do.

From everything I understand from the Bible, “good deeds” and Bible based lifestyles are FOR US –not God. They allow US to feel closer to God, bring happiness and joy to OUR lives and OTHER HUMANS, help BUILD OUR faith and OUR WALK with Him … God would be okay whether we do good deeds or not. He does not change!

Abortion, rape, substance abuse, listening to music that glorifies negative behavior, drunken drivers and killing innocent people are all negative deeds ---and yes, many of us believe society would be a better place if these things did not exist. But, are these things any worse than judgment, fear, little white lies, pride, and deception…? According to the Scripture, “No!” We judge some actions as worst because we see the harm they cause people in their body, minds and spirits.

Because our spiritual perception is limited, and we don’t have the infinite wisdom of God, we are not qualified to point the finger of judgment at people who commit these deeds without pointing our finger at ourselves also for fibbing to our boss about our lunch break! Coming back 5 minutes late from lunch seems like such a trivial thing in comparison to murder, but… IS IT?

Bottom-line, our responsibility is to LIVE BY OUR OWN CONVICTIONS, and if other people’s convictions hinder us from our walk with the Lord, then we should not fellowship with them (in these deeds or actions) to keep from falling. You’re right; as Christians we should act like it. BUT, WHO gets to decide WHICH DEEDS OF “ACTING LIKE IT” WE MUST DO? Should we keep the whole law? Do you or I get to decide the STANDARD of behavior for a Christian versus a non-Christian? We all have DIFFERENT ideas of what “acting like a Christian is.” Since that’s the case, let’s just let God do His job of judging. He does it with all-knowing, all-seeing, omnipresent power!

We always fall short when we try to sort these things out as imperfect humans. That’s why Jesus commanded us to simply love God and love our fellow human beings. Everything else is too complicated to sort out and becomes legalistic. That’s my take on it.

Love to all, May flower.

Son of Zadok said...

I used to be one of those people out on the streets doing things of that nature. Handing out trax in malls, singing and playing guitar in the party districts when I was a teenager etc.. All I cared about was that people were going to hell and we had to do something about it. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Now I give props to the Bishop, you sound like you were a real special kinda freak! But anyways. I eventually fell out of fellowship with the Lord because I couldn't believe what I was preaching anymore. Well I believed it, but it put me in a 10 year depression! I remember standing out in the dark shaking my fists at God one night, balling like a baby, telling God how mad I was at Him for all of this. That was the beginning of the end. Thanks be to God.
I think God does give His evangelists creative ideas to reach the world. However, I think the problem is less in the method than it has been the message. This turn or burn mentality is what is turning the worlds stomach, but when they hear God really loves them I.E...Dantes Inferno is a lie, they want to know more; they light up like a Christmas tree. Now that's not always the case because religion has so poisoned the well , but its sure more true than not. It's amazing the fruit I'm seeing around me in my life with less effort! But I really do think we need to get this message out. And praise God CITN is the TIP OF THE SWORD; that's what I feel God told me. I don't even know if you all realize how revolutionary, vital, critical, and ordained of God this ministry is, maybe you do? Personally, I'm still in a state of shock to even be here. I'm so blessed here I can't even put it into words.

Oh and Anon thank you for the encouragement, but I'm not awesome. Only God is awesome. I'm just broken. Keep me broken Lord, keep breaking and shaping me into your image for I am so utterly desolate and nothing without you.

"elle" said...

Well... holy crap! (Pardon me, Lord!) Looks like I started something...

Appears that some of us are reading similar pages, others are grouping together on the opposite end of the spectrum, and still others fall somewhere in the middle. And IT'S ALL GOOD. That's what makes the world go round! We are ALL working it out for ourselves, like we're supposed to. I don't believe that any individual's experience with God should mimic that of any one elses. We all have to find our own pace, and pray for the discernment to understand His direction in our lives individually. Otherwise, we'd be a bunch of God Nazis. A frightening thought!

This has been interesting, but I think it may be bedtime pretty soon.

Love you guys! Mean it!

Mystic said...

Hey y'all...just dropped in to say hey and that I have missed yas.

A special "hey" to you, NTL...and thank you for asking about me. I can't tell you how much that means to be asked about...missed even! I'm eternally grateful to you NTL...seriously. You're da bomb!

My reasons for not being here are my own, but I must say this:
Christy...I've been and am right there with ya...I'll pray for you and ask that you return it for me...we'll be good then, yes? Yes.

Seems as if the comments have been multi-directional of late...all of which are fascinating and have their own merits and I agree with pieces of all of them, but I too am working out my own salvation with fear and trembling...I'm trembling for sure...questioning all the time, but thankfully, still learning from our great and mighty Bishop...and yes, I can say he's great and mighty because he's such a man of the spirit...spirit many are here and at CITN and I admire you, Bishop, for all that you's comforting to me that you are so transparent so that I can so easily relate to you even though your intellect is superior--probably far superior--but I can still follow you through your QM/QED interests (btw, great show on DSCScience tonight about that very subject more specifically, the Atom. It was amazing and off the chain...I dvr'd it so I could delve in more deeply later)...of course, it made me think of some of your sermons and how the theories presented and currently being investigated are so completely in sync with your teaching/preaching and with God's desire to communicate with us and share His knowledge. Thanks Bishop, for all you've done and are doing for God, for us, for CITN, and for the world...Rock On, Bishop!

I also find it a complete joy to read the deep things posted here regularly...what great philosophers, and great thinkers with whom we are blessed. Rock On! You're all such blessings!

It seems the basic point is over freedom and how much of it is too much, right? I mean, when we speak of drawing lines, making judgments, aligning with certain groups, aren't we actually stating that we are looking for the boundaries? Looking for the lines within which we must remain in order to meet God's criteria? I have had the same questions pass through me before and have had such conversations develop because of those thoughts. The convos made me begin to look at the lines and try to determine which were God's and which were of my own making. Then in one particular confab with a friend, I made the statement that if we really believed in the freedom we have, then there are NO LINES AT ALL!

Now I'm not saying that there are not certain things/lines that should ever be crossed in society...I'm speaking more in a philosophical and actual way...with God there really are no lines. We can literally do whatever we want and still be all good with God...we can choose to live a dangerous existance and possibly end up dead or maimed or disabled in some horrendous way...and still be good with God...we would just lose out on God's best for us. I also know that God does have areas that may have a line drawn around them that He would prefer that we hang in them...Paul stated several things that were not expedient and went further to speak of things that literally turned the things of God to the point of NO EFFECT...I have no desire to cross those lines...I'm trembling enough already.

I just know people who are way over our perceived lines--they're dancing naked in the dim light and howling at the moon and I think God is ok with them if they adhere to the command to love and to love some more. I no longer try to figure them out as I spend most of my time on my own planks.

This is just the tip of the iceburg but I do understand the reasons so many are so focused on what can and cannot be done...we all have experienced boundaries and we subconsciously want them. We want to know what exactly to do all the time and how to avoid anything we perceive as "wrong"...well...those things are between an individual and God. I need to keep working on loving unconditionally (including working on loving myself) and lifting Him up and He will handle the rest.

Well, this was going to be shorter but it is now this. I do love this place...and I do love all of you...whether you agree with me or not...and vice versa. Have a wonderful evening/sleep and may God reveal Himself in your dreams and visions.

Blessings Blog Fam!

PS Bishop, the evening before you told us about the word you received from the Pentecostal gentleman at the meeting, I saw something specific for CITN...I don't often do this or have this but I'll just lob it out and you can do with it what you will. I saw you and P-Debye speaking with bankers and they had brought you the deed(s) to the properties/facilities of CITN and presented you with them as the mortgage(s) had been paid in full...but that was not all. You were then shown the balance in your accounts...the overall total balance was a whopping $50 MILLION! And I mean in the black! I'm just lobbin' this out there because I saw it...I have no idea if the numbers mean anything (the $50MILL was the only one I saw in black and white) and I know I saw them give you and P-Debye the papers for complete free and clear ownership to everything on these 43 acres (I did not see if other properties were/are involved but maybe someone will see it and be able to tell us more!) Well somebody shout halal to Jah! We need to keep doin' our part and leave the rest to God because then we might just be able to perceive the way He has made for us to obtain these things for ourselves and our church! AMEN!!!

More blessings blog fam!

Anonymous said...

Good morning NTL and thanks for calling me out. I've still been around, mostly blurking and sometimes putting in a quick thought annonymously. I kind of like being anon for a variety of reasons that I have come to see as all good so that will probably continue for a while.

I do want to say though, while I,m out of the closet, that Wednesday night service completely rocked and it is easy too see how an excellent series can come out of Ephesians 1 without any other reference. As usual, Bishop had me crying with laughter while he imparted a deeply important word on wisdom, revelation and perhaps prudence in the ballance of those two concepts.

Thanks for the shout out and I miss Mystic too.