Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

Jesus replied: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul...and with all your mind". (Matthew 22:37 - TNIV)

Hey bloggers,

It's around 12:45 am...just got checked into our room in D.C...looking out our window I see the Capitol dome against the night skyline, the Washington Monument, and a large dark area that I know is Arlington Cemetery. The hotel is just a couple of streets over from the Pentagon...very cool location...

Every time I come to Washington, I find that I am just as blown away by it as I ever was. As much as I consider myself a citizen of the world, and a globalist, when I come to the nation's capital, I realize how patriotic I actually am, and I get in touch with my love for this country in a very real way. I really do love it...even with all of its faults...

We were in Paris on the 4th of July, and I greatly missed seeing a fireworks show that night...I love fireworks...and I love celebrating what is still great about America...

Anyway, I used the Scripture above because of the phrase "...with all your mind". Jesus said to love the Lord with your mind, as well as with your heart and soul.

I was thinking about this passage while I was reading some of your comments from yesterday, because everything that was posted here reflected the expressions of people who love the Lord their God WITH THEIR MINDS! You ALL have such great minds (speaking of which, I was glad to hear from Abraham in Cairo, Egypt yesterday...very interesting stuff)... You're all so articulate and really makes spending time with you every day here a a word, you amaze me...

Many of us came from a religious background that discouraged thought...we were taught that thinking was nonspiritual, and would ultimately lead to humanism and secularism. But I find, instead, that in this vibrant, Christ-community, God is exalted, His presence, power and greatness are celebrated, and that love rules among thinking people.

Seriously, I have genuine affection and respect for all the contributors here. It's obvious that you put a great deal of time and effort into your posts...clearly, a lot of thought goes into what you say...and I appreciate it. You all inspire me and challenge me...your iron sharpens my iron...

We'll be in meetings all day today (I've got to get up in just a few hours), but feel free to blog. I love when there is a lot of dialogue here, and I can moderate it, even when I'm engaged in doing other things.

We're staying in a beautiful suite, and Debye's already asleep in the next room...but I'm going to sit here a little while and look out over the amazing city of Washington D.C., and just take it all in.

When we get back to Covington on Friday morning, Daisson and Christina and my beautiful granddaughter, Sofia, will be at the house waiting for us, and we're going to spend the day with them. How great is that?! They'll be at church Sunday.

Have a wonderful day today, think great thoughts, and love the Lord your God with all your MIND!

What's on that great mind of yours right now?


Erik said...

Bishop, Seoul, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Paris, London, DC within weeks, how abundant!! Yeah !!!!!!!!

I had a vision recently.

I was in a courtroom. It was really full. The defense attorney was Jesus, So, I was well at ease. He had already paid the bail, and I had no doubt the charges would be dropped and I would be exonerated. He gets all the evidence thrown out, every time. Case after case the same. Evidence excluded, cases dismissed. It was really fun watching the skill and eloquence without legalese.

As I sat there, chatted with a few people, walked around, had a soda. A lot of people seemed pretty anxious. Talking to some, they kind of wanted to get through it, a little worried. I traded numbers with some. At the beginning I had something like 534. 1st trade I got 1846, then it just escalated, after a few more trades, my number was something like 144,000.

It was starting out to seem like it would be a long ‘day’. It was gorgeous outside. Beautiful, sunny day with a nice breeze. There was a break, and I walked up to My Advocate. I excused the interruption, and said , ‘If it’s OK with You, I would like to have my case moved to the bottom of the pile. In the meantime though, I would like to leave, go out and run a few thousand errands, see a few thousand movies, have thousands of meals, many thousand nights of sleep, days of work, see and meet a bunch of friends, and generally run around while waiting for my case to come up. If alright, just text or call me on the cell while the ‘day’ is winding down. Of course I will come back, and just have my case the final one of the ‘day’. A lot of people seem ready to get done, and I am cool with waiting. Besides, it is such a beautiful ‘day’ out there – Thank You for that. I it's OK I would rather wait out there instead of in here.”

He said that would be fine, gave me a few passes (just in case), gave me the cell number to a few assistants in case I needed something, and as an extra bonus, a few bail bond cards I could just give if I ran into any trouble, and He would just consolidate the cases. He already had my cell #, and said He would be able to send someone to get me if necessary. I promised I would show up when He was ready.

Went out into the beautiful ‘day’, knowing all was covered. Cards in my pocket (just in case), although, no need to push it and use them all right away. Besides, I could also give them away, and figured. knowing me, I would run into others that might need them. I tend to do that. It is going to be a great ‘day’ no matter how long it might go.

Anonymous said...

Conyers, you forgot Conyers!

Nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning All!

Although I have yet to realize my “citizen of the world” potential, I have visited Washington D.C. and it is possibly my favorite place on earth. I love each and every one of the Smithsonian museums, the National Mall, the memorial parks, even the Metro.

I especially love the Dupont Circle and Massachusetts Avenue area that is home to many foreign federal embassies. All of the buildings representing nations of the world on and around Embassy Row are a powerful reminder to me of our ultimate connectedness. The neighborhood full diversely displayed flags flying and distinct architectural embellishments cries out, “Bless God, the one and only wonder-working God! All the earth brims with His glory.” The buildings are mostly individual and unique yet flow together seamlessly. Washington D.C. certainly ignites patriotism in me, but more than that, it is reminds me to “love my neighbor as I love myself”. Embassy Row is like a neighborhood of nations and while I love the US, my nation, I have to love my neighbors equally.

I know that in a city full of dignitaries, you and your wife stand out as Ambassadors’ of Christ and will be privileged to all of the favor that accompanies that position. Winston Churchill said, “It is better to jaw jaw than to war war.” Your steps and words are ordered and your time spent in the place where conversations literally rule the nations will be abundantly fruitful.

Also, thank you for the green light on loving God with all our minds. BITN Bloggers are an articulate, engaging crowd. The celebration of His Spirit here supersedes my observer tendencies and draws (okay…drags) me in. I totally get “feeling nonspiritual” for thinking through a matter…like there is some dichotomy. I plan on eventually earning a PhD in Public Policy and used to really struggle with whether that was a “spiritual” enough dream to dream. The example of your life and ministry as well as encouragement from my own pastor has answered that question with a resounding YES. The reality is that the more I ponder and learn, the more educated I become, the more I am convinced that apart from him, I am simply lost and that truly, “There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father, who is over all and in all and living through all.”


Anonymous said...

Wow Erik! I too want to be last. I want to live and prosper in this dimension and be an important cog in the wheel in creating Heaven on Earth.

God revealed to me a few years ago that I could prosper and live in health in this "body" as long as I choose and His will is that I "choose" to do this until the restoration of all things - until Jesus comes back. The body is an amazing creation that regenerates itself continuously. It is only our self-limiting thoughts and actions that create degeneration and disease. We prosper and are in health as our soul prospers - so if our soul (mind, will and emotions) line up with God then all things are possible (like eternal life). I want to be a human partaker of and participator in God's divine order and His will that none should perish - not just a Spirit observer and intercessor.

I believe that God is in control of everything. Why else would Jesus tell us to pray to Our Father "lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil" unless He was the one who leads us everywhere. I recognize the God who has led me into AND delivered me from every temptation and dysfunction (aka learning experience) in my life. There are no accidents, mistakes or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, only opportunities to learn and grow. All these moments define who I am and develop me into who God wants me to be. He has used every bit of "bad" in my life for good - so in essence there is no "bad".

Our human thoughts of good and evil are learned through eating of that tree - I only want the tree of life (the God tree). I truly could care less if the last are first and the first are last as this only reflects judgement on my part. I have no deep desire for "justice" only for love and recognition of God in us all. Justice and judgement (from the typical human perspective) only causes more non-best case scenario behaviors and attitudes. God will work all this out, but it is our collective grasping of goodness and love that allows long-term positive change that comes from conviction by the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Continuosly being saved,

one layer at a time.

Nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 0652,

Were you inside my head just a little while ago?

That's awl I got to say abowt thayt.

I truly love this place,


Anonymous said...


Bet you didn't think I'd show up, did you? -- on an internet forum about
religion, of all places! The author of this thread titled it, "THIS
DOESN'T EXIST." I'm here to set the record straight so that you will
know that I really do exist.

Ah, but you ask, "How do I know it's really God writing these words and
not just some guy with a keyboard?" I ask in response, if God ever
showed up in your life, how would you know it was her? According to
those who believe in me, God is all-powerful and can take any form he
desires. You would be surprised how often you see me, hear me, smell me,
taste me, and touch me. After all, my name is "I AM."

Just the other day I was walking down the street on the way to work and
you passed right by without even noticing me. Maybe that was because I
didn't stand out from the crowd. I find that happens a lot. As one of
dozens of sparrows hopping along the sidewalk looking for crumbs to eat,
I'm sure you would understand. But for the lonely old man sitting on the
park bench whose only remaining pleasure in life is to feed the birds,
we really got the job done that day!

You did notice me one time when I was wearing the skin of a homeless man
and I begged you for a few bucks so that I could go take a shower and
wash my clothes. Perhaps it was the way I stank that moved you to
compassion, or maybe it was my toothless grin that cut through your
daily routine and penetrated your conscience. As you reached into your
wallet and handed me a ten, I thanked you profusely and told you that
someday I will repay you for your kindness. "God bless you!" I shouted
as I extended my germ-ridden hand and shook it -- the first time anyone
had touched me in weeks. I think you felt and understood more than you

Whatever it was that got your attention, I cried tears of joy when I saw
you in church that Sunday while I was giving the sermon on love for the
least of our brothers. Even though you weren't in church because you
don't go to church, nevertheless you were there many times over and you
didn't even know it!

You see, you just can't escape me. I AM everywhere. I AM the first and
the last, the beginning and the end. Every day I am birthing myself and
killing myself innumerable times. I am dying and being reborn. I am
loving myself and hating myself, enjoying myself and hurting myself. I
am exploring myself, discovering myself, teaching myself, embracing
myself, rejecting myself, and forgiving myself -- in more ways than you
alone could ever know.

Every day I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, and most of
the time I can't even recognize my own reflection. Perhaps it is the
thick coat of flesh that prevents me from seeing who really I am. I see
my body and am filled with disgust and shame as my clothes just don't
fit! If only the world could see the real me, the inner me that is
beautiful, whom the whole world adores and seeks unceasingly -- not this
plain woman who puts on makeup seeking the love of men, who was raped by
her boyfriend and then dumped for a chick with a hotter bod.

Occasionally I remember myself. One time I remember trying to tell other
people who I am and they killed me for it. I told them that I am a child
of God, that God is our Father in heaven -- the Father of all of us. And
I remember that I was in terrible pain and despair as they whipped my
flesh and hung my body from a tree and left me to die, and I cried out,
"My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" Yeah, it was hard to be
black in the days of the Klan. So many people just can't see past the
skin to the spirit within.

But sometimes we can, and sometimes we do. Sometimes we are willing to
love ourselves and care for ourselves. Sometimes we pet an animal, kiss
a baby, play with a child, help a stranger or friend, make love with a
god or goddess. And other times we pretend to be the devil. I guess we
have to forget ourselves in order to remember ourselves.

So let's keep the conversation going! I AM the Word. I AM the Way, the
Truth, and the Life -- no one comes farther but through me. Because no
one comes or goes or says or does or lives anywhere or anything without
me being intimately involved. As I wrote long ago through the pen of
some Jewish guy, I AM "over all and through all and in all." If only
everyone could see it! For then, and only then, will we know for sure
that God really does exist, and we will have no excuse but to act

Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone would see the face
of God in the face of everyone they meet. Do we only have to imagine?
There's a famous saying, "I'll believe it when I see it." But I came
down from heaven and logged on to this forum today to suggest that it's
the other way around: You'll see it when you believe it. Get busy

Much Love,
Some guy with a keyboard

Anonymous said...

I think I'll just blurk today.

Every time a subject comes to mind, someone else has already written about it.

Keep talking God, I'm listening.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Holy Spirit!
Good Morning Bishop!
Good Morning Bloggers!

"Love the Lord your God...with all your mind"...what a succinct, gentle directive for daily mind renewal and loving Him freshly every day...that additionally facilitates agape love of each day at a time, I must go for it...after all, I am His novel.

...Bishop, I love DC also, and particularly enjoy the view of the capital just before sunrise and sunset...the glow of light hovering around the dome seems to be a symbolic reminder of the admirable ambitions of founding fathers and the incredible women who encouraged and advised them. For many years DC has been my kicking place...I LOVE the museums - especially the relatively new Spy Museum, the Library of Congress, its book fairs, the Cherry Blossom festival, the tourists (I never felt like one - always felt a sense of home there) the same time, the awe factor remains a bit ever-present...not quite Frank Capra's Jefferson Smith (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), but kind of close....

It is a great large in it...I know you will return with much to tell.

Rest easy,

Anonymous said...

Washing done, I keep hearing Washing done. ONE, you hearing it?


Anonymous said...

BTW: Are you, by chance, one of the 2 million readers of Paul Young's best selling book THE SHACK?'s a bit controversial but makes a powerful statement about developing an intimate, one-on-one relationship with GOD and the unconditional love of Christ. (My apologies if you have already commented on it and I missed it)...


miraclegirl said...

Isn't it cool how God has a plan for everyone. How he loves each individual person no mater who you are or what you've done..... when you really get your head around that..... WOW That's what I was thinking about Bish.

Anonymous said...

Hey All

Just reflecting on how much I've done in my life.
Started in Germany and counting down the hours to when that began.
Moved several times due to father being in the military. Been to Mexico & Canada just to visit. My mom had a box that she kept all my things in such as both my birth certificates, not to include report cards, bible school certificates, old newspaper articles that my picture was in, my first baby shoes, Brownie's award collar, and an YLA award banner, etc. I guess I didn't get any awards in YLA. Someone refresh my memory what is YLA? Must be a Baptist organization.
Ya know life is funny it's not really about what you've done or where you've been. It's about who you are and what you can do. It's cool to look over the past and see the good memories my mother stored in a that box.
I had a doctor tell me I would not live to see age 40. Every year that I live I celebrate strong because he was wrong.
I'm thinking today of how many people I have gotten to know and wonder did I speak anything into their life.
I'm reflecting on those I came in contact with and wondering did I do anything that could have made a difference in their life. I'm sure I did but that box will be opened when I meet the Father.
Tomorrow will be a new day to celebrate. A new day to speak into lives. A new day to make a difference. A new day to be who God called me to be.
For today I want to reflect and if I speak into someones life good.
If I make a difference into someones life good.
The Father will store those memories in His box and when I See Him, we will share the memories.

Anonymous said...

Bishop & P.Debye...blessings to both of you...We have been to D.C. many times & each time we go it seems like the very first time...I see something different then I did before. (lIKE READING THE SCRIPTURES..lOVE THE WORD OF GOD) Whether you are standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial,Washingtons Monument, at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier,Arlington Cemetary, the Vietnam Wall ( Where I always lay my hand on my Uncles' name) & the list goes on & on...It makes me think of ALL WHO GAVE SOME & SOME THAT GAVE ALL...No matter what background or how different we ALL are.. on one level or another we come together as one to bring PEACE & UNITY to ALL! The Holy Spirit is moving not only here but throughout ALL the land & nations...I"m PROUD not only to be an American but to be living in this time..."HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD"
love & Blessings to you ALL!

Here to Worship & Serve

Iris said...

Wow Iconoclast… Maybe just a guy on a keyboard… or the Holy Spirit moving completely through those fingers… A lot to think about today…

If God is completely in all… through all… and over all… Than He is everything… I love… love… love your or should I say, His post…When our perception changes… and we see how much He is everything… Whether we perceive it as good or bad…or see Him from the tree of life… we will see Him in our minds, soul and spirit… as moving in… through and over… and experience Him the way that He wants to us to know Him…

So many times we get so busy that we don’t notice Him in our every day lives… This year for me has been a year of noticing… Every day I have set out to find at least one thing to notice about God… But in my quest to find Him in one thing… my perception changes and I begin to see Him in everything…In love… unity… laughter…weeping…forgiveness…death…birth… and so much more… God is…He lives in all to make Himself known…

Yes He comes in the common... touchable… approachable… reachable… but how many times do we walk by and not notice?... Sometimes we have to mentally wipe away the mist from our busy clouded minds and really see Him in all... Yes, He is the I AM… He is the God that IS… He is the God of my heart, soul and mind… I love the Lord my God with all of my mind… and with my mind I will honor Him and notice Him in all that is….

Also Mayam, I have read The Shack... I cried… I laughed… My heart soared… So much said… so much connected… Great book…

Got to go…Got to get some work done today… will have to blurk for a while… maybe back later tonight….

Love all

Anonymous said...

That was funny NTL, and yes btw I am hearing something like that.

Mayam has my wheels turning with the phrase ...the glow of light hovering...a symbolic reminder.

I am visual to the point of what some would call halucinations when it comes to light transitions. The transition from darkness through the various layers of incresing light is to me the most beautiful of all natural light transitions. My highest experience of this kind to date was hovering (well I was actually leaning over a guard rail) at the rim of Haleakala and looking into the crater as the sun came up creating a kaleidoscope of changing color on the objects in the crater. This particular day there was a partial lunar eclipse that made the moon look like a chessy cat smile. The sun came up in the same general path the moon was taking and made me think of gods playing in the heavens. I can imagine why prehistoric man, who was less interested in theisms and more in tune with natural occurances, thought of these things as gods.

There are other lights that persons can see, as a matter of perception if you choose to call it that. People sometimes say that a person has a nice countenance. When that is sensed there has actually been something seen at a level that does not easily register in the memory making part of the brain so we might as well call it a perception.

There is non the less light all around us all the time even when our vision to known memory interactions tell us it is as dark as it gets. As a matter of fact those who study the cosmos tell us there is a form of energy that radiates like light but can not be seen by any detection equipment. They know it is there because visable light bends around it and it seems to have a ripple like effect on the cosmic plasma. A theory that I like is that all other forms of light are born from this energy but I probably would have been one of those who thought the heavenly bodies were gods in past ions.

One thing I do know is there is no amount of information borne by either superstition or science that diminishes God's love for all creation or its Creator/s.


Anonymous said...

When I first checked in this morning I was sitting at the Varsity in Atlanta smelling onion rings!

One at 8:17--ditto!

Bishop, I had the opposite experience at home--constantly being told to "THINK!" followed by both my first and middle name. I spent some years in the environment you describe and distinctly remember occasions where it seemed as if my brain was literally being twisted in half.
As irritated as I used to get at the requirement of my mom, I'm taking this opportunity to give her props for laying the foundation to "THINK!"


I desired to join y'all more today. If I can hang, I'll come back later. I've got a snippet on "first/last".

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Great stuff, everyone...taking a quick break between meetings...busy day today...someone just gave me that book, Mayam, but I haven't read it yet...Varsity onion rings sound really good to me right now, Avatar...haven't had dinner...later...

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,
Wanted to touch base before Natasha and I went out of town until next Thursday.

I've missed reading the blogs and pray somehow to catch up.

The trip we're going on is definitely an answer to prayer and I solicit your prayers please for successful, peaceful and safe journey to Hilton Head, S.C.!

This was a gift of my dad's, a timeshare while he is in Chile/Argentina and the place is less than half a mile from the beach! Zachary can't remember seeing the ocean, this will be great!

It's our 1st vacation in about 3 years...not sure if I'll be near a computer so I pray everyone has a great and blessed and prosperous week...full of revelation...peace in spirit...full of love...and acts of kindness. May everything be multiplied back to you to the glory of God our Father.

Bishop, I'm going to miss you and the messages this week and look forward to a hug from the shepherd when I return. God bless you and fill you with all joy.

For anyone to reach us;
404-934-2506 cell
1-843-341-4242(resort)ask for Karl Cobos


Anonymous said...

About to go out of town again myself but had to say what is on my mind..
All you need is love....
All you need is love.....
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

I was reading in John today about when Jesus was in the temple and how the pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery to him and said, "What do you say to do with her?
I love how he just stooped down and wrote on the ground with His finger. "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." Then He bent down and went on writing on the ground with His finger again..One by one they began going out...

Makes me so thankful His grace and mercy!

Erik said...

Hello All,

NTL - You are sooooooooooo right, I was veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyy amiss to not start and end with Conyers GA. In the wonderful aspect of foolish things that confound the wise, Conyers GA is one of the centers of The Universe. I know Sedona AZ, and Alberquerquee NM have certain qualities ,been both places and there is an energy, however, Conyers GA tops that by a landslide. I still am in awe with God as how I landed here, Seriously, this was not what I imagined, but so much better. I realize many, especially in The Western world, would be confounded, however, there is an epicenter here of all that exists. There is a nexus here.

Which makes me think of the term ‘New Age’ . I am not against nor a proponent of whatever that movement actually is, however, what I know and participate in is ancient.

Anon (652 AM) – Amen, there is no loss, no real ‘missed opportunities’. I think of those like ‘check swings’ in baseball, or practice tries. Or warm up for something else. (I have had a lot of those). True Justice, beyond me, thankfully God is not asking me, and I am not suggesting. I can suggest a lot, and have quite an imagination, but that is indeed beyond me. All I do know, that is since I have received grace, it is not possible in my mind, that I worship God with, that anyone has not. I can be quite confident, some have even said audacious, inside of the grace But without the foundation of grace, I got nothing.

Iconoclast – God sat at your keyboard this AM and occupied you and was just a guy with a keyboard writing on a blog, connected to a church in a small suburb of Atlanta, GA, USA in the early 21st century. We have been blessed to meet God in persona everyday somewhere. For fun, checkout the movie ‘Dogma’ not exactly what you have here, but tangentially with comedy. Bottom line, God occupies, on what we say is the ‘Good side” like in Matrix, as Smith popped into individuals in the Matrix, but Smith in the movie was plain silly. Neo – us personified in the film, got up, because he choose to. God occupied him.

I am enjoying the aroma of a wonderful sauce I am making from the fresh harvest of summer vegetables. God willing, the aroma will remain in the house for days. I am also reflecting on what 2 prophetesses who do not fit the mainstream shared with me a little over a year ago. It was a blessing. In the months that followed, my natural completely unwound, was shaken completely- spiritually, my family, financially – but these months later, I am reflecting that what was shared is manifesting. Clearly there was a lot of ground to turn over to get this harvest. So little I understood then. Now, I enjoy the harvest I have today and trust whatever comes tomorrow. I must add here, they both asked me if I really wanted to hear this, because once said, everything would change. Was I sure. I answered absolutely. In the months following I was unable to even comprehend what was said, today, I begin to understand very differently than I imagined then. My sauce smells wonderful, the harvest following the toil, is beautiful.

One last note – if anyone did not see The Daily Show w John Stewart where he played Pres. Bush press conference that occurred at the same time Fed Chief Bernakhe was testifying to Congress. Very funny. However, on this one I got to go with President Bush. In essence, he said the economy is and will be fine, market forces working as they should. We don’t know how it will work, but it will work out well. Different than the impression that Behrnake left, but be at ease, we are all covered. It works out. Colbert also was very funny on this, but again, go with P. B. on this.


Erik said...

Where is everyone ?

Mayam, yes, 'The Shack' is excellent, and provides an expanded appreciation of the manifest God, Jesus The Christ, Holy Spirit, Lady Wisdom - I have so had a crush on Lady Wisdom forever.

The truth that 'Only Believe, Trust' comes across in so many pages to me.

Anonymous said...

Whew! ...just got in and had to post since I read this morn but had to rush...and it's too good not to!

I LOVE Washington DC!!! It is awesome that you both get to be there as ambassadors for Christ! Just think of all the amazing things that have taken place there thru the centuries as well as the people that have actually walked on the same ground before you and now it is your turn!
Did pray for yall today that you would accomplish what He wanted to you to. Can't wait to hear!

WOW Iconoclast is what I thought when I read your post this morn! I just felt peace, comfort, joy and inspiration as well as a call to be on alert! ...and Erik, your mind is so cool! Everyone wonderful!

This is the first time it has registered with me to love Him with my mind. Which I already do, just never knew to think about it. I think about HIM constantly! He's just a part of everything and what makes everything worthwhile, purposeful and meaningful! Life is LIFE, LOVE and all the good stuff because of Christ and when we're in love with someone don't we think and talk about them all the time?! I've had friends that say it's contagious and inspiring and others that say other things, (oh well) but it doesn't matter anymore. Trying to keep it real but living with the thought of Him and eternity!

...btw Shannon, I think that is an awesome dream and God plants His people in the marketplace as well as the mission field and sometimes it is a mission field to be in the marketplace.

~Our true worth does not consist in what human beings think of us. What we really are is what GOD KNOWS US TO BE. John Berchmans

Sweet sleep everyone! What a beautiful moon tonight!


Anonymous said...

Time to celebrate
Going to really start at 9am with prayer.
Hope to see ya there.
Living in the moment.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched a momma dog [I know the correct term, choosing not to use it] get up and leave her newborn litter that is having dinner? The pups hang on as long as they can while she gently steps out of the box. That image popped in my head as the service ended Wednesday--(smile). I am definitely NOT saying that milk was being offered, just saying the departing image seemed apropos.

Anyway, I used "snippet" earlier cos this thought on last/first is so incomplete. I was thinking about some of the awesome things that come out of Hollywood and how so many of the principles of the Kingdom are understood [and used] by many who understand the principle but not the author. And then there are those in the church who understand the author but not the principles—so the first in the church appear to be last to understand the Kingdom and the first in understanding the Kingdom appears to be last in understanding God.

Gotta THINK on this some more—but right now it will have to be during REM! Love to ALL!

PattiL007 said...

ONE...between you and Bishop, and Erik, and Abraham, Avatar, Laura, NTL, Iconoclast, Shannon (where have you been, friend? I really enjoy your depth of understanding as well--thanks so much for coming here and hanging with us loons) I appreciate all of your posts but every time I get sent off into a new direction because I have a new question I need answered...thanks to One, I will be learning more about light, how we see it, and what effects that peeps really do keep us on our toes...but in a good way. Thanks again. I'll be working in things about light as time flows through and around us. (I did learn already that our eyes can see the faint single flame of a candle from 14 miles away...that's pretty impressive right thar.

But for now, now...I just keep having words to one of Bishop's recent songs playing in my head and all I seem to want to do is to sing it. Perhaps y'all will be so kind as to join least in your minds.

How great is our God
Sing with me how great
Is Our God

All will see
How great How great
Is Our God!

He said that if we seek Him Him Him continually...meditate on His word to have it firmly anchored in our hearts and minds...we would then see everyone, everywhere...the whole earth is filled with His glory even as creation groans to reveal more of Him from a deeper level.

ONE saw colors rising up and give him a I am sure the aurora also does for those who can see it...dancing is amazing, incredible and fascinating...and it's all God or in keeping with One's similie, gods. God has handed to us an incredibly beautiful world with incredibly beautiful people on it...and that includes us all...I'm not speaking of a "type" or any such thing...only of the beauty that exists in every human being because they are God's and He loves us. Thank you Lord...I thank you that I don't have to do anything to deserve your's a free one gets to determine whether or not we deserve it or need've given it and will not repent of any gift...including this. We are beautiful in your site and I want so much to see what you see in everyone else...and in myself. However the light works...however it enables us to see, I want to see what you see, Lord, only what you see in all and through all...I want to love like you love and I know it starts with me...I submit to you this hour, Lord...let me see like you see, love like you's the cry of my heart, mind, soul, and spirit...I may not yet appear as I will be...but when He comes fully in me...I will BE LIKE HIM...we will know as we are known and see as He sees...even so Lord Jesus come quickly. Amen.

How great is Our God
Sing with Me
How Great is Our God

And all will see how great
How great
Is Our God!

Peace, Love, and Blessings Blog Fam!

Anonymous said...

You fill up my senses
Like a night in a forest
Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert
Like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again

Nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Loons are the are well known in the land of sky blue waters. Is that where you are from?


Anonymous said...

With Bishop and Pastor Debye in our nation's capitol I keep thinking about how great God has been to this nation. Iam also thankful for the diversity of people invlved in government and that we have a choice as to who will lead us based on their spoken word about what is important for our nation.

On any given day my view may swing from left to right and back again based on my perception of what is good, holy, pure, true and beneficial to the most people.

It seems that this year candidates on the right speak in favor of good things on the left and the left does the same regarding the right.

This year my prayer is a little changed by what can already be observed. I pray; Holy Ghost keep the microphone open to the heart of the candidates, let it be clear whatt they want for our nation so that we will understand what we are choosing and why. Give all citizens the courage and opportunity to vote their conscious and may we have the best leadership this country has ever known.


linda said...

Good Morning Bishop and bloggers, Hope that your trip went well. I love Washington, everytime I go I can the just feel the history. The beautiful architecture is one of the things that I love the most.

Bishop have you ever considered doing a CD with the reading of YITN? I know that you are way out busy but I love the "Washing" CDs. Just a thought.

About to go get my walk in, I love to walk in the mornings when the world is beginning to wake up, Covington is beautiful in the morning.

Love you all

Let there be light

Linda :0)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Holy Spirit!
Good Morning Bishop & Pastor D!
Good Morning Bloggers!

You all were on my mind, and in the words of Stevie Wonder:
I just called to say I love you,
I just called to say how much I care - and I do,
I just called to say I love you
and I mean it from the bottom of my heart...

There was an amazing transition of light as the sun set last night and an incredible daybreak this morning...inevitably, I adore His penmanship...and am forever seeking/spotting His rainbows...


lhollow27 said...

ok, so by the looks of things I'm late hitting the blog. It's 8:35
Really great stuff on here today! I really want to go to Washington DC because I am like the ultimate red, white, and blue gal!
Erik- How profound that you had a vision of almost what I am facing today. There is an attack on my charactor....dont know why....but I am facing the stand today. In order to get my mind right before my 9:15 mtg, I listened to Washed By The Word #5 on my way in. I latched the laptop and pulled up the CITN website. Although I have been a heethan and streamed church lately, I know where to find peace and the word never returns void. (MUST BE ITB this SUNDAY.) It's amazing how we are in the flow with the HS. I have a lot of folks praying for me right now and I know the cloud of witnesses will be with me. My whole armour is buckled tight and I know who I am. NOW is the time to run towards that giant and take his/her head off. LOL- All humor but the words that have been spoken by Bish are flooding my brain right now. Thankfully. Hopefully, I will have time to go back and blurk to catch up on whats relative to now on the blog. On second thought, maybe just this week.
Have a great day- Peace to everyone- and how many good deeds have ya'll filled out on the form?

Lise said...


You read my mind regarding "some of the awesome things that come out of Hollywood." With my latest references to movies, I have been thinking the same thing. But I never equated it to the last/first theory... brilliant!

In regard to dogs... both of mine are spayed, so I've never really witnessed what you described (except in terms of Bishop last Wed night). However, there is a distinct benefit to having females... the few times that my little angels are actually Satan in canine form, I can (and sometimes do) justifiably call them that 'correct term.' Nice little way to vent :P

(Sweet little Louisa is on my lap even now as I type... must rouse her and get about my day!)

Joy & Blessings

Anonymous said...

It was supposed to say, "Loons are well known in the land of sky blue waters."


Anonymous said...

May heaven's JOY just shower you all today!
Beautiful stuff Mystic! How GREAT Is Our God!!!!

Bishop & Debye, have a fantastic time with your granddaughter and family!!!!

~Peace, Love, Laughter to everyone!


(" Scatter Heavens JOY")

Anonymous said...

God Morning All,
As much as I would like to take credit for “Hi There, Its God Here” I did not write that. I guess it was some guy with a key board.

I tell you the depth of these post is getting to where I have to come up for air before I can even get to the bottom of them. Great stuff down here though, things I have never seen before.

Everyone have a blessed day, mine will be full…….filling.


Anonymous said...

Hi, God here again,
just thought I would show up this time as Anonymous…….that’s cool, “The Anonymous God!” Kinda sounds like that statue I ran across when I was hangin out with Paul one day; you know the one to “the unknown God”……Anonymous,,,yeah; that’s how I usually show up anyway.

I just like the company of thinking people like you all. I AM a thinker too and I was just thinking of how bizarre it is that so many of those who grapple with My mysteries do not distinguish the Creative Power that I used to produced them. Even though many nature lovers stand in awe of My creation, only a few seem to recognize Me, the Creator. While they breathe the marvelous blend of nitrogen and oxygen that makes it possible for them to live, the evolutionists refuse to admit that this precise 79 percent to 21 percent mixture of gases was not provided by BLIND CHANCE – whew! While they look through eyes so delicately arranged that NO COMBINATION OF SCIENTIFIC GENIUS CAN EVEN UNDERSTAND, much less duplicate, their function, these unbelievers deny the miracle which makes it possible for them to see this beautiful world around them. Then through ears, which connect through a tremendous complex network of nerves and energetic signals to a brain more complex than the largest most complex computer in the world, these doubters sit with there little laptops and listen to lectures on humanism and evolution. What are they thinking! Heeelloooo!

Then on the other hand take those who SAY they believe in Me; THE ALMIGHTY, OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT, ALL SOVEREIGN, ALL LOVING, IMPARTIAL, GOD! And turn around and make me out to be a wimp that cant even carry out my own plans or ever complete something I start….the greatest cosmic loser that eternity has ever seen, loosing most of my creation to an eternal torture pit that I created !!! I mean come on this is ridiculous, talk about your plans going south, whew!!! I AM ALMIGHTY FOR HEAVENS SAKE ! I MEAN FOR MY SAKE! Knock knock, guess who’s here!

Peace to all,
God and some guy with a keyboard

verification word is
gueeoos :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning, ALL.

Thanks, Elle. Hi, Louisa.
I'm still mulling, munching and masticating on it (and consciously avoiding any thought of COWS!!).
--So Jesus was the last Adam, who walked fully in the Kingdom--first.
--The wages of sin is death, the wages of the Kingdom is life.
--The first, who agreed to work and be paid "life" got to spend more time in the Kingdom, while the last, who got paid "life" only got a few minutes.
--interesting that the last also were paid first in the story.
--the last Adam got "paid" first.
Gotta stop. But it appears that agreeing to work early is most excellent! Got no clue if this will fall apart with more reflection--but for today, its working for me--(smile)!

Mystic, how true, how true. The plethora of light in this place sometimes makes me desire the flickering candle at 14 miles. Then there's no question about which thing to go look up!!

(What is with all these high-falutin' words coming out of me all of a sudden?)

btw, Bishop, if it makes a diff, I only got to "smell" the rings. sigh.

Very cool, Anonymous God!
My word ver is unchenmc. Gonna go "munch" some lunch.
Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking a lot about the Tree Knowledge of Good and Evil and also the Tree of Life. And I realized why the 'devil' tempted Eve with the fruit. He wanted them to have the same reality, same mindset as he had, because, even though the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was not yet around when the 'devil' thought that he was better than God, this was the mindset that he had. This thought process is the darker side the dangerous part of that reality that we can fall into if we eat too much from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The only way that the 'devil' could ever influence us is if we ate from the same tree.