Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Erik said...

Amen !!!!!

Mystic said...

Ok, time our paths cross, I'll bring the wear the yellow and black

Blessings Blog Fam!

Erik said...

Harriet Tubman felt simalarly never stop moving, never give up.

Friend4Life said...

I hear it, see I need to believe it!! ~Thanks~

Son of Zadok said...

Interesting set of events I wanted to share with you that took place yesterday. I have one sibling, my three year younger brother. We have a very good relationship and live near each other. Being so blessed to have both been raised in church together, we’ve shared in many of the good words and the not so good words that have come out of any modern fundamentalist Christian church. And though we’ve both had our own individual walks with God, they each have been different. A lot of my life I might have even told you if myself or my brother didn’t get our acts together and, “fly right” for Him, we would surely be cast into the lake of fire and burn for all eternities. I always believed in Jesus, but in the back of my mind I also had this, “I don’t know about you God” misunderstanding about how if He was so good, things were going to turn out so bad. And if you didn’t think like me well, it broke my heart ,but you were going to hell to. If you didn’t talk to Jesus and live by the law, it would have been bye-bye for you. I was over here and you were over there.
Well, imagine my surprise when my brother, who doesn't do to much "Godtalk", asks me to come have a discussion Monday with some Jehovah Witnesses he had been talking to. I almost swallowed my tongue and frankly had my reservations and doubts. My brother has his moments were he likes to talk about religion, but it’s not most moments I’ll tell ya that. Who on here spoke once to tread lightly and by the Spirit? Actually, he was about to throw the guy off his porch before the gentleman told my brother his name. For the sake of anonymity, I’ll call him John Sameasyou. Well like I was saying, he woulda' been rudely dismissed, but coincidently, my brother, since living in his house was always getting phone calls for a John Sameasyou. Apparently, it had been his old number. Well my brother told me he’d go to church with me, if I would come, “debate/discuss/share” whatever you wanna call it, with the JW about what I believe. What I believe has had an impact on my family and even among circles in certain churches here. Minds and hearts are changing. If your not making some impact somewhere in your garden with this message of God's Love, your not plugged in, because God is moving!

Nevertheless, in the world I was raised in, this certain group of people were deceived and “of the devil”, a cult even. Fools led down paths of folly whom God would probably not be able to rescue because their Godman, Mangod, Son of God, theology didn’t line up with mine. Or their eschatology was different than mine. And other various coat hangers we like to throw on our iron crosses that get in the way, covering up any chance of experiencing love, which is all that really matters.

During the First Century the primitive Christians did not dwell on matters of eschatology, but devoted their attention to apologetics; they were chiefly anxious to establish the fact of Christ's advent, and of its blessings to the world. Possibly the question of destiny was an open one, till Paganism and Judaism introduced erroneous ideas, when the New Testament doctrine of the apokatastasis was asserted, and universal restoration became an accepted belief, as stated later by Clement and Origen, A.D. 180-230.

What a bill of goods we’ve been sold. All this, “I’m over here and your over there" theology. That you must think like me, and be like me, in order for us to have fellowship together! That God will cast you off forever.

So I said, "well God if you say so" and there I was. Monday night, the four of us, an older man who seemed like a leader in their church and a kind young lady. We had a wonderful time. The entire situation was diffused when I let them know right off the bat how much we had in common rather than how we were different. That I prayed to Jehovah and that love supersedes doctrinal and religious differences. I got to share with them how I believed the Bible shows that God was going to finish what he started, and that He didn’t make junk, and that in the ages to come He would be all in all. And they showed me why they thought if you didn’t know Jehovah and be saved you would return to dust, essentially being annihilated. This was a great joy to me. Consider this:

During the First Century the primitive Christians did not dwell on matters of eschatology, but devoted their attention to apologetics; they were chiefly anxious to establish the fact of Christ's advent, and of its blessings to the world. Possibly the question of destiny was an open one, till Paganism and Judaism introduced erroneous ideas, when the New Testament doctrine of the apokatastasis was asserted, and universal restoration became an accepted belief, as stated later by Clement and Origen, A.D. 180-230.

I had to let them know we had more in common than I actually do with many other denominations. At least they thought God was merciful enough to extinguish you, rather than ruthlessly torture someone for all times. It’s a sick concept that perverts mankind’s perception of the goodness of God and it's high time we let love reign. And thinking about denominationalism in a little different light, is it really so wrong or to be accursed? Maybe it's not the most perfect way, but God is a big God and he's using a lot of groups to lead mankind to Him in these ages. I'll leave it at that.
I also let them know how much I could identify with them by being in a minority. Rarely has the majority opinion ever had it right. Today's religion being yesterday's revelation/heresy. So much is going to happen in our lifetimes.

I don’t know all the reasons we met that day, but we all found God in each other. At least, I sensed it in them and truth be told they had to in me ;). What great people though to take the time to knock on someone’s door just to share a hello and a Jehovah loves you. I have a lot of respect for their love. It’s not our methods that have been so out of control, it’s the message. And the sooner we follow Bishop’s and ultimately Jesus’ example, and find what we have in common with people and that were one, rather than what we don’t have in common, and that were not. The sooner the world will be a better place. For Us and John Sameasyou.

Son of Zadok said...

Whoops, one of my cut and pastes from, Universalism: The doctrine of the church for the first 500 years, was left off, which was conveying the schools of thought of Reconciliation, Annihilation, and Eternal Torment and the character of the Universal Church.

There were at least six theological schools in the church at large. Of these six schools, one, and only one, was decidedly and earnestly in favor of the doctrine of future eternal punishment. One was in favor of the annihilation of the wicked, two were in favor of the doctrine of universal restoration on the principles of Origen, and two in favor of universal restoration on the principles of Theodore of Mopsuestia. It is also true that the prominent defenders of the doctrine of universal restoration were decided believers in the divinity of Christ, in the Trinity, in the incarnation and atonement, and in the great Christian doctrine of regeneration; and were in piety, devotion, Christian activity, and missionary enterprise, as well as in learning and intellectual power and attainments, inferior to none in the best ages of the church, and were greatly superior to those by whom, in after ages, they were condemned and anathematized.

A great read if it's you thing. Here is a short synopsis of it and a link to the entire book.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Debye,

The LORD shall bless thee…. All the days of thy life. Psalm 128:5
May you abound in God’s blessings
On this special day
And throughout the upcoming year.

Que le Grand Dieu Sauveur te gardes et te protégé
Qu’Il te benisse avec tout les desirs de ton coeur.
La Paix et la Grace reste avec toi non seulement pour le grand jour de ta fete mais aussi pou le reste ta vie!
Je t’aime de tout mon coeur.
Tu es une femme de SUBTANCES!
Happy Birthday**** Bonne FETE

I thank God for you are a Blessing
In my life and OTHERS!

Sorry for being late for your Birthday

Anonymous said...

can you give me a meaning for each of these lettes:
Not only for Bishop it is anyone who desire to try!
God Bless!

Mystic said...

Saint Foi, 3rd century saint...that's all I could find for ya.

Blessings Blog Fam!

Mystic said...

What I meant was...
Blessings Blog Fam...and Goodnite Moon!

Anonymous said...

He never said it was gonna be easy, but He did say it was gonna be worth it.

He has been known to save the best for last...

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

I don't think we ever "arrive", but I do think we are constantly arriving.

Life is a series of valleys and mountaintops, and some of lifes best experiences are in the valleys. Valleys rock.

If you are breathing, you are making it.

Why cast your net on the other side? 'Cause it's where the school of fish are. Keep casting.
There is always another side to everything.

If you keep going, you will encourage some one else to keep going. Life is all about the keep going.

You might say why me. And God might say, you were chosen, cause He knew you could get through it to accomplish what He needed for whatever the reason.


Inch by inch and row by row.

Nothing to lose.

PS- Thank you Bish, I really needed this.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don't get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward--to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back. So let's keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind, something less than total commitment, God will clear your blurred vision--you'll see it yet!
(Php 3:12-15 MSG)

Izumi/JOY said...

...and the child grew strong in body and wise in spirit. And the grace of God was on him.

(The Message Bible)

Anonymous said...

SOZ,….I really enjoyed that story, and I can totally relate. I remember the last encounter I had with a JW brother when I still lived in town at my other house. I was out in the driveway cleaning on my motorcycle and He came walking up and started a conversation with me while offering some literature which I kindly received. Then from there the Spirit in me pretty much took over the conversation; I started as you did telling him about what all I thought we had in common continuing with how that a loving God could not eternally burn people and ending with He does not lose any in the end. I will have to say that I have had many talks with JW brothers but that was the first time I saw one speechless; he said he had never heard anything like that with a glassy eyed look as if you had hit him with a solid right hook. Then he just walked away…..unusual for them. He was an older man than you usually see out knocking on doors. So I assumed that he was well versed in his doctrine. When it was all over I think I was as shocked as he was. It is amazing when God/Jesus/Holy Spirit steps in and takes over!


I have read the book you referred to and I would suggest it to everyone that is serious about defending this doctrine of universal salvation

kzhxlwzu ?

Donald said...

Anonymous since you asked for "A" meaning and not "THE" meaning of each of the letters, F is the symbol for flourine, O is the symbol for oxygen and I is the symbol for iodine.

But since we're talking about never giving up I guess it could mean "Fight On Indefinitely".

Ro fi er'uoy a cixelsyd reyub dna esoohc ot tcejer a tsrif noitpo ti thgim neam "laitinI reffO detiefroF".

Anonymous said...

why do we have to defend a doctrine we believe in? if we believe in it, should we not just live it and let the Holy Spirit do the rest? to defend means there is more than likely going to be an argument, debate or division. there is already to much division of the brethren over doctrine. just concerned. peace

Anonymous said...


Mystic and Erik can be Charlie and Lucy but I claim dibs on being Snoopy.

There is such a feeling of joy in my life right now that nearly everything brings a smile at least to my spirit and when appropriate to my lips as well.

Anon at 4 something am, FOI means for our information/internalization/interaction/integration ect. because it is about the message of total reconciliation that can not be stopped and will ultimately be the defender of humanity when in the finality of interplay God says without dispute that it is good and it always has been.

Agree with me saints for happy and safe travels to our Son's wedding in Chicago and most especially that I represent as a fountain of inclusive joy to all who are there.

Lord grant me the ability to use the gift of laughter as a blanket of Your love to those who clelebrate with us the union of two beautiful humans in Your presence.


Anonymous said...

anon. 8:14
But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.
(1Pe 3:15-16 TNIV)

tracy said...

So little, but says so much. This reminded me of a story I told friends a little bit ago. This may be too much information, but I am going there anyway. When I was little my mom got very sick with a bladder disease. She definately gave up and became the disease. Not to undermine any actual pain or suffering she endured, but her reaction to the disease was to stay in bed and pull the covers over her head. I took care of my younger brother and sister and I guess a part of me resented that responsibility. Anyway- I remember looking at her toenails one day and they were all pale-so I associated pale toenails with weakness. Weird-I know. I guess I thought get out of bed and atleast paint your toenails!As I said eventually my mom became the disease and just now at 57 years old is getting a get it factor about not giving up (thanks to "It's All Good" and "20/20 Vision"). I also know that her watching us walk out some stuff and not giving up took away her excuses. I have become kinda OCD about not giving up- to the point if I am half dead you will not find me anywhere near the bed and my toenails are ALWAYS painted crimson, and if we are really going through it I just tend to paint them darker and darker! Don't know why I am telling ya'll this-now you will all be looking at my toes to see if we are cool or not! Point being don't give up, and get outta bed and paint your toenails!

P. Debye said...

Good morning all! I want to say thank you again for all of the beautiful words spoken over me and my birthday! I am truly blessed! You are only young once, so, I will face this next year of my amazing life with wonder, expectation, anticipation, the faith of a child, perserverence, diligence, and total committment to unconditional love! I release all the words of blessing that have been spoken over me to take flight and accomplish what they have been set out to do!!!

JB- you will no doubt be a light this weekend at your son's wedding. You walk in the Light as HE is in the Light! You bring hope to the hopeless, peace to the restless, and love to those who do not know love! I expect Chicago city lights will be brighter because you will be there! Blessings to Matt and Cora!

Be blessed today and as the Blogmaster has proclaimed for this day "Never Give Up"! Do what you can to press just a little bit harder, keep your mind open for impossible situations to turn around, it may be a small adjustment in your words or attitude that can change everything! We serve a Mighty God!

P. Debye

Anonymous said...

We can never give up, knowing that GOD IS LOVE and LOVE NEVER FAILS...and that same God dwells within us and quickens our mortal bodies...and that same God said He will perfect everything that concerns us and complete the work He began in us...that same God said take no thought for tomorrow...and that same God is our God and He's totally aware of you and what you're going through right now and that same God is bringing us through...and that same God has tattooed you into the palm of His hand...He's got you, He's holding you, and with Him, we win!

Anonymous said...

I liked the "Fight On Indefinitely" answer. Somedays it is a fight, but as another said though it is not easy, it is always worth it. He is working ALL things together for our good.

Love to ALL! Have a good one!

Anonymous said...
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G8TRGRL said...

... always look on the bright side of life... (whistling)


Anonymous said...

Hold on a little longer, help is on the way! Hold on a little longer God WILL make a way!


Crown Jewel

G8TRGRL said...

F-O-I: Forever offering inspiration! (this blog)


Son of Zadok said...

Anon @ 8:14.

I think the gospel should be preached in words and deeds, more so the latter. I appreciate your thoughts about keeping unity among us. I really want that to. We are to strive to keep the unity of the faith. But God has generally revealed his revelation bit by bit , age by age. One revelation built upon the last. Is it worth proclaiming this love revealed to this age from the rooftops? We must strive for unity, but we must not fear tension. Their is a great tension in the world between it's current systems and the Kingdom. The sooner the Kingdom comes in us , the sooner the world will be at one, but I just don't think that's going to happen without the word of truth being spoken in the earth. This word that God loves you and always will, end of story, has the power to save! That's the true evangel. It's life to those who hear it. So I'll speak it. And the beauty of it is, they can believe whatever they want and I can still love and have fellowship with them because I trust that we are one, that's unity in spite of difference, but I won't hide my light under a bushel. If we are His hands and feet; He might use us to rattle a few cages to get that bird to fly!

Acts 15: 1-4

Some men came down from Judea to Antioch and were teaching the brothers: "Unless you are circumcised, according to the custom taught by Moses, you cannot be saved." This brought Paul and Barnabas into sharp dispute and debate with them. So Paul and Barnabas were appointed, along with some other believers, to go up to Jerusalem to see the apostles and elders about this question.

Acts 15: 36-41

Some time later Paul said to
Barnabas, "Let us go back and visit the brothers in all the towns where we preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing." Barnabas wanted to take John, also called Mark, with them, but Paul did not think it wise to take him, because he had deserted them in Pamphylia and had not continued with them in the work. They had such a sharp disagreement that they parted company. Barnabas took Mark and sailed for Cyprus, but Paul chose Silas and left, commended by the brothers to the grace of the Lord. He went through Syria and Cilicia, strengthening the churches.

God bless your life and heart my friend. I don't long for any division, and I sense the same in you. If we're led by the Spirit we won't cast our pearls before swine and those that God wills to hear will hear. Some receiving a seed, some being watered, and some being harvested. He loves, and has them all in his hand regardless, but He longs to set us all free.

Iris said...

Wow!!!! Does this one hit home today. Especially what is all that is going on with my son...I will not give up...


Son of Zadok said...

Something else I was thinking about Anon. Although we had different opinions on some doctrine when I met with them Monday. We really did have a good time of fellowship together and it was full of love and good company. Just because we disagree, doesn't mean we cannot be united in love. That's one of the most beautiful things about our gospel and really was the point I was trying to originally convey.

Big Love Ya'll...

Donald said...

Ah-ight has anybody been checking the weather report?
Y'all get to doing your anti-hurricane prayers.

Anonymous said...

son of zadok, thats fair enough. peace to you and yours. 8:14

Son of Zadok said...

Here's to some of that U-N-I-Tee-Wiiii.
For this unity of the faith and of all mankind. We will never , ever give up! And whatever or wherever our need is, we will never, ever give up! I think the best thing that we could GIVE UP, is any hope that we'll find the answers in ourselves and our own strength. Let's lean on Big Daddy! He's got in all worked out.

Anonymous said...

I put a comment on earlier but I deleted it. I have really been struggling today. I'm not going to give up because giving up won't solve the situation.
one word
Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Teezy313 said...


tracy said...

Donald-been praying for ya'll all day, Laura- we will pray for you too, JB your trip will be blessed and Iris- It will be ALLL Good, no matter how it looks.

Anonymous said...

a thought to SOZ and anan 814,

How could one defend the gospel of inclusion if there was no Bible to make reference to?

Is it possible that the Holy Ghost could be the living Word of today?

Why did Jesus say that he must go so that the Holy Ghost could come?

Some have already said there is proof that many of the scriptures have been shown to be misinterpreted. Could it be that a new era of Holy Ghost anointing is in order and if so how is it that we shall know that someone is speaking from that anointing and not from their own vain imaginings?

Anonymous said...



Son of Zadok said...

Awesome thoughts from the Anons today!

8:14 - As I was about town today I pulled up behind a car with a few interesting bumper stickers. The first of these said,

GO USARMY, the second said,


Theirs more to your comments today that meets the eye. They need'nt any rebuttal from me or point on top of what your saying. But iron does sharpen iron. And they've given me more thought.
You speak the truth. We can fight all the battles we want, but we must be in the right war , waging from the Kingdom of Love. We fight with a peaceful insurrection. It's good to be zealous, but if that energy is not from and by the Spirit, we might be doing more harm than good. In the past this was my fate at some times. I look back and feel like Saul must have in a way, before realizing he was Paul. God's word not wielded properly can kill and give life. I've gone from a conversion mentality to a contributing mentality. I feel the Holy Ghost is leading me into how to tell the difference. Your thoughts about just living it and letting the Holy Ghost do the rest is brilliant and worthy of all acceptance. And I believe in this; not I, but Christ who lives in me reality. We are God in the flesh to each other. From the giver to the receiver in this love.
Jesus called us to be fishers of men. And promised us we'd do greater works even. He commanded us to preach the Gospel and that's gotta be good enough for us. But your right , it's not done in our flesh, by us really.
Someone actually BELIEVING God has FORGIVEN them is the greatest miracle of all, much greater than signs and wonders. And we are secure that the Spirit is taking care of each of us, according to His own time and purpose. He has called us to be His ambassadors.

Another video from sozo2 which is short, but so truth filled is called, Why preach the Gospel? Here's the link to it.

To Anon at 4:46

Are you are going off the deep end? Ha! Good for you. I like that. What are you some type of christian mystic or gnostic? The world needs those type of men and women again. The devil really didn't like them. Was allowed to viciously put most of them to death for preaching what we preach.

"How could one defend the gospel of inclusion if there was no Bible to make reference to?"

I could only say your right. They would do so by the Spirit, just like they did before the Bible or anything else that benefits man that is inspired by the Spirit. He/She leads and directs our path and gives knowledge to mens hearts. But we also have the word that says this.

2 Tim 3:16 (NAS)

All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.

Our problem is we've taken things out of their context in verse and the lives of those it was spoken to. Along with misinterpreting words and especially symbols, which can only be properly understood by the Spirit and by the flow of the texture of the entire Bible. Their is also this.

Rev 22: 18:19 (CLNT)

"I am testifying to everyone who is hearing the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If ever anyone may be appending to them, God shall be appending to him the calamities written in this scroll.
And if ever anyone should be eliminating from the words of the scroll of this prophecy, God shall be eliminating his part from the log of life, and out of the holy city, that is written in this scroll.

Sounds like it is what it is.

"Is it possible that the Holy Ghost could be the living Word of today?"

Yes, most certainly. Another fine point.

"Why did Jesus say that he must go so that the Holy Ghost could come?"

This is getting so good. These are fantastic questions that I thrill to know myself. Seems as though Bishop is dealing with this one himself. I'll leave the ball in his court.

Church Tonight!!! I'm excited. Are you Georgians glad to get to go into the House of the Lord tonight or what? Praise and the Word were flat annointed Sunday, im stoked!

Praise God, Hallajuha, Glory to God, Amen!!

Son of Zadok said...

Praying by the Spirit for your needs Laura. When we are weak , He is strong.

tracy said...

Soz-Tread lightly and by the Spirit, it was me who said that to you before your meeting months ago,reason being it has always worked for me. The Word alone can do damage if misinterpreted and it usually is. If you go into any situation slowly, quietly and by the Spirit-I have to believe that God's will is ALWAYS done in that situation. If we go into any situation haughtily or trying "to prove a point" most people discern that very quickly and the rest of the conversation sounds to their ears like the teacher in Peanuts talks,,,,,wennnnwennnnwnnwnnwnnn

Son of Zadok said...

Your so right Tracy. And what you said is so close to me always now. Thank You.

And speaking of peanuts, which is the ,Never Give Up, cartoon today. Did you all know Charles Shultz preached the gospel we preach?

Oh and in closing to the second Anon, I apologize to go on sometimes like I do ya'll, this is just an outlet for me. Your last question Anon about, How will we know?

I trust that the very elect, the eagles, the overcomers, will not be deceived. And that His sheep will hear His voice when He calls them and not anothers. That we only hear ,"Well done good and faithful servant". That should be our prize and the race we run.

Be closer with you all at 7 !

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tracy,


Avatar said...

Checkin' in. Lively today.
Not quittin'--nope, nope, nope!
Love y'ALL.

Anonymous said...

Why should we give up! When He (GOD) said: For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the LORD, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.(Jer.29:11 Amp. Bible)

I have this question for all of us: DO WE KNOW THE PLANS GOD HAS FOR US? If not, why are we so worried about the things we do not know anything about?

Again says the LORD who made the earth, the LORD who formed it to establish it –the LORD is His name: Stop your worries! Call to Me I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, fenced in and hidden
Which you do not know (does not distinguish and recognize, have knowledge of and understand). (Jer.33:3 Amp. Bible)

I quote all these verses to say this: On August the 3rd 2008, Bishop preached the GREATEST SERMON THAT TRULY WAS EVER BEEN PREACHED IN RECORD HISTORY! We missed it!!! Most of us are so busy coming to church to see the Bishop! Not what the Lord is saying through him, but instead we sit there complaining about “oh I don’t know what he is saying today, because he is all over the map. To tell you truth: though I was not ITB at the time of this Sermon, I find it very, very, refreshing to say the list. Bishop speak about this sermon was a Rhema word for the shepherds. What about it was a Rhema word for us the SHEEP. The Bible say: “my Sheep knows my voice. My question to the one’s that get up and left: Are you a member of this vision? And do you know you Shepherd’s voice?

And the Lord answered me and said, Write the Vision and Engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may [be able to] read [it easily and quickly] as he hastens by.
3- For this Vision is YET FOR AN APPOINTED TIME! And it hastens to the end [fulfillment]; IT WILL NOT DECEIVE OR DISAPPOINT. THOUGH IT TARRY, WAIT [earnestly] for it, BECAUSE IT WILL SURELY COME; IT WILL NOT BE BEHINDHAND ON ITS APPOINTED DAY. (ref. Heb.10:37-38)


Erik said...


You speak what is natural, and clear on its face. We are Spirits who agree with each other to be here in this physical reality that God created for God’s pleasure, enjoying us enjoying it. We agree in the Spirit to be here together, with God’s blessing and ever presence.

God, The Christ, is like the elephant in the room, overtly obvious to the most casual observer. It takes a lot of effort to pretend otherwise. Some do, and it is extraordinarily acrobatic event in perception to do in a believable manner. It requires tremendous effort and energy, because God is everywhere, it is really a lot of work to squint so that God (the elephant in the room) is not seen, and focus on hell, the lack of God. However, some people like that, and it is completely lawful. Allow them to enjoy their performance, everyone in it and observing it, knows how hard it is to contort to avoid perceiving or speaking of God’s wonder and beauty. In this physical realm, we are the expression , avatars, of our Spirit, our Spirit that God gives life and foundation to. Each one of us is Spirit first, our essence knows. It is OK that those contortionists carry on. It is interesting for a bit, however of no significance to what is real.

Every time each person connects with any other, indeed, every time we connect it is God expressing Godself, even as we express our Spirit with each other. It is multi connected. There must be something God and contortionists enjoy and express through it, and is for those who enjoy it. Bring all revelation you have, it is for those who enjoy this. Those who do not, and clamor about it, allow them the clamoring, it was what they need for where they are, they are stretching so they can contort more easily. Like ‘Twister’?

Swimming through, climbing about, dining on, drinking in, God and each other; watching the dancing, tumbling together, infused with the perfume, indulged with the angelic voices, expression of ourselves, God, each other – this is real for we who enjoy such things. This is also completely lawful, and expedient, for what our Spirits seek to express here with each other, and God also express through us.

Son of Zadok said...

Sobering and stirring word Bishop. How true that the Word that comes from this church is revelation and life to those who hear it. Just hold on ,the Blast is coming! When the battle seems lost, the armies of Heaven will ride in and scatter the adversary. In my spirit earlier I had something that I thought I should say before the service, but I didn't. It was this.

CITN, don't you know it is even those who come against are those who are helping to promote the spread of the Gospel?

I'm going to really pray about Sunday with you. What time do you all pray on Friday mornings, I want to join with that? God will do it! He will. Hold onto that word which was given to you Bishop by that young pentecostal. So much blessing, you will be overtaken by it. God likes to ride in when the light seems to be fading, that way we'll have a grand story to tell for another time! It will bring life and build our faith. I pray the revelation of the victory rises up in our spirit and soul.

I want to encourage you LOTR folks to pull out, The Two Towers, and read Chapter 7 entitled : Helm's Deep. It's a very spiritual and timely tale about God showing up on time and I believe it will minister to your spirit. Then when your through here's a video of that scene from the movie. The words are so much more effective though in giving you fresh faith in WHAT GOD WILL DO!

Be Blessed.

Sweepea said...

Never give up, never surrender!

Anonymous said...

Oh that we all will get what the Bish put on our plates tonight.

Holy Spirit, we wait on You.

Nothing to lose.


Erik said...

To contort or not :

Consorting with contorting is swell for some, even fun it seems for those who dwell, enamored with hell.

How limber they are, to perform as if we are so far, while God is at every place we put our face.

I am not so skilled, to see everything killed, to avoid eye contact with such a glorious fact of God in every act.

I will not contort! I will not consort! I will not dwell in that Dante’ fantasy hell! The real life beauty of God in each place is all I can tell.

From the juicy BLT, to the place where there is no sea, displays the glory for what is fun, for all who come, for free.

Son of Zadok said...

Erik doesn't the Bible say somewhere. He'll be in the bridle on your horse. He'll be in the pot you pee in. I only mention that because of your post and what Bishop spoke of tonight about #1. When my brother was younger, he and the pastor's son had snuck out of church and one of the deacon's was having a #2. A former bar owner who was this close to blowing his brains out before the Spirit revealed himself to him. The kindest man you'd ever meet. In the restroom, all they heard was Glory to God.....Some tongue talking and straining....Praise you Lord... etc..etc..It's funny, but so true as to how close He is to us in all things if we love him so, and let Him be.

He'll be in the pot you pee in!

Haha!!! Yes!

Anonymous said...

No cross will be given to us which we cannot bear. Let us pray together.

Father God above all heaven and earth we pray for our own lives and the ministry you have ordained which is Church In The Now. We have every faith that you will keep your covenant with us, so we declare these things into existence with You, believing that they are Now, Yes, and Amen.

Bless me indeed and enlarge my coast. Cast out my enemies and enlarge my borders. Lord, you have promised to enlarge my borders. Enlarge my heart so I can run the way of your commandments. Enlarge my steps so I can receive your wealth and prosperity. The Lord shall increase me more and more, me and my children. Let me increase exceedingly. Let me increase and abound in love. Let my giving and tithes increase. Let me grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. I flourish like a palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Let my faith grow exceedingly. The breaker has gone up before me and broken through every limitation and barrier of the enemy. Lord, you are the God of the breakthrough. You have broken forth against my enemies. My branches run over every wall erected by the enemy. I am a joint heir with Jesus Christ. Give me the heathen for my inheritance and the uttermost part of the earth for my possession. Let every plant that my Father has not planted be rooted out in the name of Jesus. Let the roots of wickedness be as rottenness. I speak to every evil tree to be uprooted and cast into the sea. Let your holy fire burn up every ungodly root in the name of Jesus. Let the confidence of the enemy be rooted out. Let every root of bitterness be cut off from my life. Let the prophetic word be released to root out evil kingdoms. I break all assignments of the enemy against my finances in Jesus name. I break all curses of poverty, lack, debt, and failure in the name of Jesus. I seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all things are added unto me. I rebuke and cast out all spirits of the canker-worm, palmerworm, caterpillar, and locust that would eat my blessing in the name of Jesus. You are Jehova-Jireh, my provider. You are El-Shaddai, the God of more than enough. Wealth and riches are in my house because I fear You and delight greatly in your commandments. I am God's servant, and He takes pleasure in my prosperity. I meditate on your Word day and night, and whatever I do prospers. Let peace be within my walls and prosperity within my palace. I believe the prophets and I prosper. I am your servant Lord. Prosper me. The God of heaven will prosper me. I live in the prosperity of the King. I pray in secret, and you reward me openly. I fast in secret, and you reward me openly. Lord, release the wealth of the wicked into my hands. Lord, bring me into a wealthy place. I give, and it shall be given unto me - pressed down, shaken together, and running over. Open the floodgates of heaven over my life, and I receive more than I have room enough to receive. Let every hole in my bag be closed in the name of Jesus. Rebuke the devourer for my sake. All nations will call me blessed, and I will be a delightful land. My gates are open continually that the forces (wealth) of the nations can come into my life. I am in league with the stones of the field. Let you showers of blessings come upon my life. Let my vats overflow. Let my barns be filled with plenty and my presses burst with new wine. Command your blessing upon my storehouse. Let my barns be full and overflowing. Let my sheep bring forth thousands and ten thousands.Let my oxen be strong to labor. The plowman overtakes the reaper in my life, and the treader of grapes the sower of seeds, and I live in continual harvest. Let my floor be full of wheat and my vats overflow with wine and oil. Deal wondrously with me, and let me eat and be satisfied. Make peace within my border, and fill me with the finest wheat. Let me be filled with honey and the finest wheat. Lead me into the land flowing with milk and honey. Bring me into a good land without scarceness or lack. Make all grace abound towards me that I will have sufficiency in all things and abound to every good work. Anoint my head with oil, and let my cup run over. Let me have riches and honor in abundance. Let the rock pour me out rivers of oil. Let me dip my feet in oil. Let me see Your heaps in my life. I love wisdom, I inherit substance, and my treasures are filled. I receive riches and honor, durable riches, and righteousness. Bring honey out of the rock for me. Let me lay up gold as dust. Let me have plenty of silver. Let me inherit the land. I refuse to allow the angel of blessing to depart without blessing me.

We trust and lean on You our Savior, Lord, and Friend.


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Wow...52 comments...all from a picture of Charlie Brown and Lucy...