Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today is a Holy Day!

Here's an alphabetical synopsis from this morning...Wanted: Testimonies, confirmations, agreement, (positive) impressions from the service, good reports, ONLY...Needed: BLOGGERS not BLURKERS!!!

A - pologies to the streamers...

B - eautiful children leading in worship...

C - onfirmation through several witnesses...

D - reams made real in the Field of Dreams...

E - veryone Attending, Contributing, Helping!

F - amily meeting...

G – od is a generational God!

H – appy 18th birthday, Judah!

I - am not your Pastor/Bishop I am in father mode...

J - esus is Lord over this vision!

K - ITN building is awesome!


M - emories made new...

- ot turning back...moving to delare to you my past is over...

O - pen your ears to the prophetic word...

P – eople will come...

- uit making excuses...

- esponsibility belongs to the whole community...E.E.E.E.A.C.H.!!!

S – etting things in order…

T - he TITHE is still holy…even without the curse…even under the New Covenant…

U- nderstanding the vision…

V - isiting the old landmarks…

W - hy should there continue to be a CHURCH IN THE NOW???

X - pect things to begin to turn around NOW!

Y - ou make all things new, yes, You make all things new, and I will follow You FORWARD!!!

- ealously pursue the fulfillment of the destiny of this house!!!


tracy said...

O-Obvious why Church in the Now has to exist.

Rachel said...

I spent the majority of my childhood as a member of Heritage USA/PTL. My family was an active part of the ministry and that place was our life. Recently, I saw some footage of the property, which is now run down, overgrown, and destroyed. Just the thought of ever having to see CITN in that condition is devastating. I love the fact that my children are being raised in such a wonderful loving environment and am eager to see how much more they can develop and become because of it.
Watching Bishop's unwavering walk of faith has been inspirational. The men who started Google choose to take their own business path despite whatever anyone else told them. They had a vision and they followed it their way. As we all know, they turned out just fine. God has a special purpose for CITN and the hardships that we are going through are necessary in the big picture. God is really going to show out, but we, as the congregation, have to get the vision and do our part.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bishop Swilley,

Wow! What a GREAT service this morning. I love you and CITN. "All is Well". When we stand together miracles happen...Speaking of miracles!! Call Uncle Harry!! We must stop Gustav!! Love and Blessings...Jean De Sousa

Donald said...

A-pologies not needed, at least not pointed TOWARDS me. If they are needed, they probably need to be TO you rather than FROM you...

...W-hy shouldn't there continue to be a Church In The Now? Why should I feel content to sit and watch the services being streamed every Sunday morning knowing that it has been weeks since I contributed to the ministry? Why should I think for one second that my prayers mean anything when I pray that the financial needs of CITN will be met when I go for weeks and don't send in my tithes?
I have actually sat in my comfortable recliner and listened as the needs have been placed before the people and watch as the camera pans the audience only to see the look of apathy on the faces of many. I sit there and think about how so many of those folks don't really seem to care if the ministry makes it or not.
As I have pondered this, the scripture came to mind about how Samuel approached David and told him about how the rich man took the poor man's livestock. David was ticked off and said that that guy would have to die. At that point Samuel told him, "Well, you are him, Hoss."
That's what I hear now when I think those things about someone else. I art the man that has failed to support faithfully. Oh how have the mighty fallen.
Now, refer back to the first paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Judah. YOU ARE AWESOME!

Bishop great service. I forgot how great that the KITN santuary holds sound.It was great! There was a real anointing today! God was there.

Anonymous said...

above from April Woodall

Anonymous said...

Subject: What I was gonna say...

Thank you, CITN.

When John & I first came here, we were 26, married, but hadn't started a family yet. We got to know some of you by getting involved (nursery, preschool, workdays, fellowships - whatever), and you got to know us. When I started having children, you got to know them and we got to know yours. Our lives and the lives of all our children started to mesh together. Now our sons are 18 and 15. They have a heart toward God and they're good guys. The "heart toward God" part: well, I have to give credit to Bishop and the word from this house. "Good guys": that's you, CITN! John and I could not have raised them alone - not even our families could have given them what YOU'VE given them. You've been my eyes and ears all over this community, and you've been our family. Your imperfect contributions into the lives of our imperfect sons, together with the Holy Spirit and message of unconditional love from Pastor Jim, Pastor Joshua and Bishop & Pastor Debye have created something we, as parents, could not have accomplished alone. I love this all rock!!

Let's all keep it up! There are more generations still to raise, and I can't wait to get to know them!

Jane Conyers

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Wow, thanks, Donald. I really need for everyone to get what you just got. You are a blessing to this ministry.

We're praying for you there in MS...are y'all having to evacuate? What's the weather like right now? Keep us posted.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Jane and April, I didn't think you would mind me posting your CITN comments here. Thanks.

Donald said...

Nice breeze right now.
We've been out in the backyard putting stuff in my shop this afternoon.
Only a couple of lawn chairs left out and we're putting them to good use.
At least we're not included in the cone of uncertainty anymore.
That doesn't mean much because the winds will still probably kick up around 70 mph around here tomorrow, but we've been there before without any great problems.
It's the folks in LA that we really need to be concerned about.
We're not planning on evacuating unless the storm happens to turn toward the east. If it does, we're going to Hattiesburg and stay with Trisha.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

OK, thanks. The angel of the Lord encamps around you...

The Flower said...

I just can't understand why some people get it some don't. When I first stepped ITB, I immediately knew without a shadow of doubt, this was it. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Those that are not standing with us, then why are they here. They must go so they can come. And, they will come! If you don't get it that's fine, but don't talk down. If you can't say anything good, don't say it at all. I can't wait till Sunday morning, or Wednesday night. Its so good. I want the whole world to know that. Just like it takes a village to raise children , it takes us raise up our church. The hardship should be over. We've come the best part. When all the nations surrounded me, like the bible says, in the name of the Lord I cut them off. they all died out as quickly as burning thorns. To my CITN family we may have been pushed back, but the Lord will help us. The Lord is our strength and our song. He has became our salvation, so shout unto God with victory and resound in the tents of the righteous. (psalm 118 10-15). We all need to step out of our comfort zone. Yes, I agree, we all have to do our part. Not just today, but do it when you think all is well. Read between the lines people. We are all faking it. I love you family.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who were ITB today will
never forget today.

Those of us who were ITB when we used to have church in it got to see the new generation of those who weren't there, when we met there.

The next time we all meet where we used to meet, is when after we get into the next new building we are moving into, we have another reunion where we used to meet.

I can't wait to see the new generation that will be there when we show them where we came from, times two.

CITN moving forward in its destiny.

Donald, you and yours be safe.


Son of Zadok said...


Anonymous said...

I have been blessed to be raised by parents who operated in the Mind of Christ and raised me and my sisters with that same mentality. We were led by example of doing good and we reaped goodness. We were raised with high expectations and parents that always spoke to our potential. I have no recollection of ever hearing a degrading or negative word about what I could or could not do - only to always strive for excellence. Now 20 years after my father left this dimension and 5 years after my mother - I feel them alive inside of me more than ever. This has happened over the past four years of being a part of CITN. The Word of this house continues to reinforce the Christ-consciousness that I was raised with - the testimony of the goodness of God. It all makes so much sense to me now.

When I was little, my natural father always had us girls hold on to his belt loops when we were out somewhere. Through this physical connection, we just knew we were operating under his power of protection. In the Spirit, I am holding onto God's belt loops and feel the power of his protection over all that concerns me. This connection allows me to operate in divine order in all I do. This connection allows me to receive supernatural intervention whenever necessary to order my steps. Goodness and Mercy has and will follow me all the days of my life. I know at the core of my being that with God all things are possible and that what I see in "my natural" is just an illusion as only God has the final authority and only His will be done in all that concerns me.

I am free from the world system of cause and effect. God anoints me to operate within this system but I am not bound by it as only He can order my steps.

I give more in all areas than anyone can ask or think because I expect to receive more than I can ask or think. I operate in excellence because I expect to receive excellence. You only receive what you give and this singular attitude has allowed me to live a very blessed and favored life. Even when I have fallen short of excellence in whatever area, I have always been blessed because my heart was pure.

Christ consciousness is in us all equally - awaken to your potential and see the manifestation of God in your circumstances. Allow Him to lead you by holding onto his belt loops. Allow His protection and guidance to cover you in all you do. Honor Him by being present in His presence.

I pray that all seek and find their own revelation to operate in the fullness of what God has in store for them. Don't let go until He blesses you! Perceive the blessing, Receive the blessing, Be the blessing! Amen.

Anonymous said...

I really missed the service today,
Just want you to know I’m still on your team Bishop, no hard feelings here nor should I or anyone else have any. Nor is there an apology in order on your part; if an apology is in order it should come from the streaming community. I would say us streamers have the streaming ball in our hands. Hopefully I and the rest will be enabled to do more in the future.

When I couldn’t get the streaming service this morning we just popped in a SOTB DVD and watched you anyway…..TAKE THAT DEVIL!!! That’s one media that will be hard to stop! HA HAAA the truth continued to go out ITB this morning and in our house! TKO!

Praise God, its times like these when our Heavenly Father does his best work, hang on tight the ride is about to begin and its gonna be great!

We will have something to talk about to our grandkids for hours when this is over. We will have yet another story of Gods miraculous intervention and deliverance, Praise our GOD and LORD JESUS CHRIST IN THE BLAST OF HIS SPIRIT!!!!!



Nancy said...

God’s timing is amazing!! What flows from the head goes straight to us. We are with you in the spirit Bishop.
I watched the Field of Dreams again this afternoon and paraphrased it for you…
People will come Bishop.. They’ll come to Conyers for reasons they can’t even fathom (just like we did). They’ll turn on IRIS drive not even knowing for sure why they are doing it. They’ll arrive at CITN’s door as innocent as children. We will say “Of course, we won’t mind if you look around. It’s the Peace of God they will find and in turn they will pay their tithes without even thinking about it.
They’ll walk to the pew and sit in their “church clothes” on a perfect Sunday morning- They’ll listen to you preach – It will be as if they dip themselves in annointed waters- The annointing will be so thick they will have to wipe the tears from their faces.
People will come, Bishop. The one constant through all the years Bishop has been GOD. You have taken religion down like an army of steam rollers- It’s been erased like a black board-Rebuilt and erased again.
God has always manifested His presence at CITN.
This church is a part of our past Bishop- It reminds us of ALL of GOD’s GOODNESS and his unconditional love.
Ohh, people will come, Bishop. People will most definitely come.
We love you!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Great stuff, people...especially the FOD paraphrase, P. Nancy...gave me chills...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

SOZ, I just today read what you wrote to my parents on the 29th...

Very cool...thanks...

HollyC said...

W - hy should there continue to be a CHURCH IN THE NOW???

Friday night I was introduced to a friends brother.
I have no idea why but he asked me if I attended church.
I said yes I do.
He asked me which one..
I said Church in the Now..

When I said that he got very excited and said "Oh yes! I finally met someone that belongs to that church..
I have been wanting to know about that church. See Everyday on my way to work I see that BIG sign and wonder what that church is all about."

I asked him what do you want to know..
he said what kind of church is it?
I said nondenominational..

He said "No... what is it.. is it baptist or catholic or what?"

I answered no.. we are a church that loves God ..

He said "OHHHH.. It's a place where people can go and just worship the Lord" ..

I said yes...

and he said.. Now that's the place where I want to go to church..

See.. we have to have CITN.. So people like this man can come and be welcome and loved and feel God.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Larry and Tracy, I wanted to repost your awesome reviews of the service here. Thanks.

Larry Usher said...

Service was awesome today, feel as if we are back on track. My earlier word about expedite(loosening of your feet to move out quickly) seems to be appropos for this situation.
Being back in the old building(I had totally forgotten what it was like) brought me screaming back to me before the Lord set me free. I used to sit in the back right corner and bolt for the door without making eye contact, if at all possible(I was so miserable).
I knew no one, outside of Bishop & Pastor Jim Muehlstein.
Now I think I must know 200-250 people by name and love the rest!
This place, the people, the pastors are all family now(not LIKE family). I hear God in all of you and I hope you hear God in me.
It is so wonderful to hear God in so many things and people, to have His constant reminders of His presence. Rocks cry out? Phooey on that...we will, with one accord praise you Father of Lights in whom there is no shadow!

I so loved Pastor Faye's testimony!!! That is me! God has totally changed my life here, the word of mercy and grace while I was struggling to find my way back was what kept me floating with hope that some day I would become useful again to The Master.
Then, to have Him tell me that He was IN ME and I WAS IN HIM! KABLAM!!! WHAAATTTT!!! You are actually IN ME Lord??? YEEEEESSSSS!!!! Set free to set others free!!
Never, ever give up on the Lord's ability to take your seed sown and turn it into fruit! NEVER!
Fall on the Rock and be broken!! (You will like the broken you a whole lot better, because only then can the Lord use you).

I could speak volumes more, but I'll stop here.

Totally on board Bishop! Greater things are yet to come for sure!



Tracy said...

Today was PERFECT. God was and is in the house! Just the mere fact that Bailey didn't freak out with all of us in one service is a testimony in itself. She said to tell Patter Debye thanks for da kiss. We are so glad to be a part of this place and felt the current change today. G8trgrl, I know the ministry you represent and if you would call me (404) 375-0338 I want to sign up to be a part. We have always been givers of our tithes and offerings, but it is time for us to get our butt's back in here to serve. (Thanks mom and dad of the house).

HollyC said...


When I got home from church today Field of Dreams was on..

Troy said...

Bishop, It was such a wonderful reminder of our journey today. I can remember the day the building opened & right where I was standing. I was so proud of what we had accomplished. Memories of cleaning on Saturdays, laying sod in the rain, picking out trees with Patricia and laying carpet until mid-night before the first service. EACH at its best!!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for sharing that, Troy. We've come a long way, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Today was great, but it just made me realize how amazing our current building is!

Anonymous said...

When my family first came to CITN we had been to several churches. One thing with with other churches is they have click groups and if your new and don't know anyone you don't fit in. When we came to CITN we were warmly welcomed. Before CITN we would have to drag our daughter to church. Our first visit we let here go to KITN. The next Sunday she asked if we were going back to that church. We were not planning on joining CITN but after seeing the joy she got going to church, we decided at the time the one hour drive to the church was well worth the trip. From there we moved closer to the church.
For me it was the music. I love the uplifting beats and I wanted to be a part of a group that I could relate with. For us usually we leave a church after no later than four years but with this church there is no turning back.
we have been with the church 10 years at least. When we renewed our vows 5 years ago. we asked one of our other ministers to come and
and visit.He took plenty of notes. After the service he asked us why we would come to a church like this. My heart and soul was crying why not . We were just happy to see him and we just let him know our feelings about CITN. We visited his church a couple years ago and things have changed for them. Their music has changed. They are doing more for their community and I believe it was because of that visit.

CITN is contagious.
The definition for contagious I'm using says (Exciting or tending to excite similar feelings in others, spreading , catching)
I'll say it again
If everyone would get on board we will see miracles and blessings beyond our wildest dreams.
That's why I Love This Church.

tracy said...

-Thank you for re posting, didn't know how to cut and paste or would have handled it myself! Bailey has been having "big church" all afternoon. We have heard How Great Is Our God a bazillion times. She has one of our poodles in one chair and her big teddy bear in another-she keeps saying she is having church....

Anonymous said...

....missed apology needed!

N - ot turning back...moving to delare to you my past is over... POWERFUL! as well as...

XPECT...things to turn around NOW!

If it were easy we wouldn't need HIM and nor would we need faith!

This is a NEW season~NEW level!



~Crown Jewel

Anonymous said...

Well, what a Sunday to be OOT! I can feel the "sync" thru everyones posts...we are going 2 bust the seams and stretch - I envision a slingshot...being pulled back so only be released &amazed at the distance we will gain.

Thank you, Tracy...I'll be back in town Wed. & will call u this week.


g8trgrl...goteam FL 56- HA 10
(go team! FLA 56-HA 10)

Anonymous said...

Tracy- I saw you guys today and it felt like old times. Bailey has grown so much since the last time I saw her. In the big building we don't always get to see each other. Bailey's excitement today was uplfting.
Man today was a true walk down memory lane.

Teezy313 said...

Today's family meeting was absolutely annointed...being in the KITN sanctuary was a little...okay..a LOTTA bit new for me since I didn't grow up at CITN or Teen Planet or KITN...I had no idea that CITN used to be housed in that building...I always thought that before we moved into the sanctuary we are in now we were over on Klondike Rd.(which btw thanx Judah for showin me that place...i would've never found it on my have got to show me the original sanctuary on Royal Drive someday lol)...CITN really has come from a long way and it would be a shame to see this place a few years from now be forclosed and barred up and covered with weeds.....I really do not know of any church that i could ever call home other than CITN...some places come very next of kin...but there is still no place like home!!

But even after all that I still need to command some type of blessing in here...actually this blessing goes to the non-tithers and those who want to tithe earnestly but have no job or means to do it...for all the non-tithers i say that you are blessed so much in the overflow, that your business increases so much in this next month that you have no other choice but to tithe...your bank accounts will increase to the point to where you have so much money that you're coming up with ways to get rid of it and that you get rid of it in your tithes and those of you who do not have jobs i say that this next month you not only find jobs but you start carrers...the idea that you have(as P.Lou said earlier)or witty invention is put into motion to become not only your blessing but a blessing to this ministry...and to Bish and P.Deb you're gonna HAVE to give up the Navigator and Mercedes because something even GREATER is coming from this...your giving up your salaries has stored up bigger and better things for you guys not only in the physical but in the spiritual as well!!!


Teezy313 said...


Gimme some o' dat Kool-Aid!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bishop and Pastor Debye,
I want to thank you for the sacrifice you are living by, for the vision of this ministry.

I also want to thank you for the order you have lived by to be able to make the sacrifice.


Anonymous said...

Hello ,

We need CITN if for no other reason, than to have a place that everyone here can go without crawling to the bitterness, fear, and judgment based faith delivered by Potter (other options that are filled with hell, with different packaging).

I know for me, I did not grow up with that schooling, however it took a lot of searching to find a place that was based in love and excellence, love others as we love ourselves, love God, love ourselves – celebrating that. I can tell you for sure, in this geo area, CITN is by far the clear option. Around the country, the world, there are other churches that provide this, BUT they are not many, I assure everyone reading. In this geo, there are none others. And really, truly, there are few, maybe a dozen in this hemisphere that come close.

If there is anyone that reads this blog that does not tithe, get a move on. I understand I have a different perspective. However, if you are here week after week, you know there is nowhere else you fit. CITN is one of the very few places you can breathe. There are others who need to breathe, if not here, where? Trust me, I know, there are very few others, and except for one place I have found, in this whole country, there is no other like it. CITN is still the best, even though one or two are in the same league, they have turbulence too.

What ARE we going to do about Maria??? We just got to do what we are called to do! As Pastor Lou confirmed, none of are here except that we were called, directly, we could be no where else, and we need to keep this place open and available for all like us, who need CITN, the rare experience that we and those like us need. YOU know, there is no where else YOU fit, I definitely know there is no other, and I KNOW a lot of places. If anyone actually reading this does not tithe. Change that mindset NOW, because as you fear giving, you worship fear. Giving, tithing, you remove your own barrier so you can receive the blessings you have been waiting for to be released.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Erik, I reposted this comment from under 8/30...

Anonymous said...

The Lord gave me this word for us today:

First the Lord says to me and to us: Pray and Deny! And He says: however, this kind does not go out expect by prayer and fasting. (Matt. 17:21) again the Lord says we must live a life of communion and prayer if we are to save others. He says; take His words as a command to us. “By prayer and fasting”
Pray and deny yourself, and you will be used marvelously to save and help others.

And He says: HOW RICH WE ARE!
I will never leave thee nor forsake thee, nor fail thee (Heb. 13:5) children, the word is unfailingly true. Down the centuries thousands have proved My constancy, My untiringness, My unfailing Love, “Never leave.” “Never forsake.” Not just a Presence is meant by this, but My love will never leave you, My understanding will never leave you, My strength will never leave you.
Can you fear the future when it holds so much for you?
“I MUST PROVIDE” I AM your Lord. ENOUGH! Then I can command your obedient service, your loyalty. But I am bound by My Lordship to give you protection. I BOUND TO FIGHT FOR YOU, TO PLAN FOR YOU, TO SECURE YOU A SUFFICIENCY OF ALL WITHIN MY POWER TO PROVIDE. THINK HOW VAST THAT PROVISION CAN BE. NEVER DOUBT.


The Lord sends me to the book of Habakkuk. Then he replied, “Look at the nations and be amazed! Watch and be astounded at what I will do! For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it. (Habakkuk 1:5)

On chapter 2- Habakkuk said he will wait to see what the Lord will say to him.

2-Then the Lord said to Habakkuk, “Write My answer in a large clear letters on a tablet, so that a runner can read it and tell everyone else. 3- But these things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, wait patiently, FOR IT WILL SURELY TAKE PLACE, IT WILL NOT BE DELAYED.

Iris said...

Hello All

I haven’t blogged much lately… Just been really busy… but still here…

Being ITB this morning was amazing… I feel like we put a stake in the ground and declared the future of CITN…. The forward for us is all that we have dreamed and more… We are not going back…. And all things are made new… We move forward… moving ahead…. Declaring the past is over… The old mind set is gone… it is over… and we are moving forward…

I know that for me there is no other than CITN… I am well traveled… and have not experienced anything like CITN… I have asked my self…”Where would I go if there was no CITN??? My answer is…There is no place to go… The answer to my question is always…. “I hope Bishop’s front lawn at his house is big enough to hold a service… because if the doors of the church were ever to close… that is where I would be” Bishop you are my Bishop and there is nothing you can do about it…. NO CITN… Front lawn CITN church here I come… But we know that is not going to happen… CITN is not going anywhere… What God as started… He will continue… CITN is not going anywhere… CITN is birth within all who is in covenant with it… CITN is not a building… it is a spirit that lives within every being that is in covenant… we will sustain our meeting place… It will not go down… it will remain… it is a monument of the Spirit of NOW… It will forever be a reminder of how God is in the NOW… it is a reminder to Conyers… to the Nation… and most of all to the World… Forever we proclaim… we are the Church In The Now….. God In The NOW….

The dream is here… They are coming…. They don’t know why they are coming… but they are coming….

Forever in covenant with this place… And Bishop… you will forever be my Bishop… I will always up hold the vision of this house… And forever be in covenant with that vision…..


Erik said...


Thanks Bishop for covering my blond moment, clearly I was on the wrong date, how could that happen ??? I guess with all time NOW, I get a little confused on dates, what are these date things anyway ???? They really are such a nuisance, -- anyway --- a little funny, change of pace.

When I got home from service, all my little furry children ( I have 7 total, 1 humine, 5 feline, and 1 canine) , so I told the 6 (felines and canine) that live here, they need to start tithing too! So, I convinced them that they need to tithe the amount of their morning meal. They will still have dry food, but only 1 meal a day of wet, the evening meal/ We had a family conference and they agreed. However Bishop, they have said since they will be shareholders too, they want some furry access. The cats will be quiet, just sitting at the top of the sanctuary( they like high places). The dog, promises to be mostly quiet, except for maybe the first few visits as she meets everybody, oh.. the Humine one streams, as a requirement of continued support, now from Florida.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how you think of something and all of a sudden it happens. I was thinking just last week about the old building and how wonderful the services were and how everything seemed so right. I was longing for what use to be. Then today, we had the service in the old building. As I was sitting and watching everything, as great as it was, it wasn't what it use to be. I don't mean that in a bad just made me realize that we have grown both in numbers and spiritually that we shouldn't be in the old building....we should be right where the vision and Bishop has led us. It felt a little like seeing your first love after many years. You had some good times but then you look around at your family now and realize that your life is so much more than what it use to be.

As I sat around today's spiritual table listening to mom and dad, I was glad to know that I had done my chores and been a good steward of my money. I certainly did not want either of them to be upset with me for not doing my part to help the family have a place to live and love. However, as the family chat went on I began to wonder where would I be if there wasn’t a CITN? I know for me personally, CITN helped me through college, a divorce, being a single mom, loosing a loved one, a horrible boss, and on many occasions it was the only 2-4 hours of peace I had a week. However, from all of that today I can say that I learned so much about myself during that time both personally and spiritually. As I sat and listened each week, I knew that God had something in store for me. So when the time came, I was ready. I was ready to meet the love of my life. I was ready when the horrible boss was fired. I was ready to step up to the plate and got the promotion that I thought I should have gotten long ago. Now those 2-4 hours of peace have grown to peace everyday in every aspect of my life. I was ready because of the teaching I was sitting under and for the friendships that I made at CITN.

Having said all that leads me to this…..being in the building (ITB) isn’t good enough. You get out of something what you put into it. Successful businesses and marriages require time, money, effort, blood, sweat and tears……and don’t think that Church is any different. Let’s be frank here, there isn’t a money tree out back! There is a business aspect to every Church and every business needs money to run. For Church’s the members are responsible for funding the business.

There isn’t any more time for excuses. When the bucket passes, don’t let it pass by without putting something in it. Don’t say that you don’t have it or that you will put double in next week. How many of you went out to lunch after service today? I don’t know about you but just going to a fast food restaurant cost $20 or more for a family of four. How about next week sacrificing that lunch and putting that money in the bucket as it passes by. It is time to be smart. If you are thinking of buying a new car this week, give that some real thought. Do you really need a new car, can you really afford the new car payment of $550 a month plus the $125 a month for insurance and let’s not forget about the car tag of $500 a year and oh yeah it only runs on high octane fuel so that is $4 a gallon. If you don’t need the new car then don’t get one. Clean up your current car (that is paid for) and begin to realize that you don’t need to keep up with the folks down the street.

Quit being stupid about your money!! Don’t buy things that you don’t need or can’t afford. Begin to get yourself out of debt. If you have credit cards then tackle them one at a time. Start with the smallest one first. Pay that one off then move on to the next one. If you have large debts then call the credit card folks and begin to negotiate. Many credit card companies today will take a settlement and write down some of what you owe. Just make sure that you get all the agreements in writing, pay with a cashiers check, and keep all your records. No I am not a financial advisor but I am debt free….and I became debt free during my time at CITN. I wanted to give but couldn’t because of all the debt I had. I worked out a plan and did it. While I worked out my plan I gave what I could and I volunteered my time in the Church. Now being debt free has allowed me to tithe and give extra to the Church and my life is totally blessed because of it. The freedom I feel is something that everyone should feel!!!!

Use the brain that God gave you…..don’t let the new car smell fool ya! Don’t be stupid with your money and make wise, well thought out decisions. Realize that the new pair of shoes you just bought will wear out….but the investment that you make into CITN….through your time, your service, your prayers and yes…..your money will pay back so much more than you can ever imagine. Don’t let the bucket pass you by!!

Anonymous said...










I have this story to say about our parts at CITN. It’s about: The son of man: is a man taking a far journey, who left His house, and gave authority to His servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the doorkeeper to watch. Unto one He gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took His journey.(Scriptures: Luke19:13; Mark 13:34; Matt.25:15)

Don’t defeat ourselves by entertaining self-pity and indulging in murmuring and complaining, rather take God at His Word. We’re in a normal situation; we can endure; we will escape! Act, walk, and speak in the light of this promise:

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask WHATEVER you wish, and it SHALL BE DONE FOR YOU” (John 15:7)








Son of Zadok said...

My Lord, my Guide


show and teach me

that which You desire for me.

Giving me strength to follow,

my brokenness stayed in You.


millionaire or tatterdemalion,

keep us together.

Contrite and sensitive in spirit,

mighty in faith.

Anonymous said...

man at the well: Bryant White
(silly me i forgot my password)
JOL! Jesus Out loud!

Anonymous said...

P-eople will come:

2007 census:

Rockdale County - 82,052

Newton County - 96,019

Henry County - 186,037

Dekalb County - 686,712

Gwinnett County - 776,380

Walton County - 83,144

CITN is in Rockdale County. The other counties border Rockdale.

The total population of these six counties in 2007 was 1,910,344.

We are not in a corn field in the middle of No-where Iowa, waiting on the people to come to watch baseball.

We are CHURCH IN THE NOW, located at the eastern gate of Atlanta, Georgia, the hub of the south, the largest metropolitan area in the southeastern United States of America.

We are a people set a part from the ordinary, seeking the ordinary to be a part of what God is doing.


Yesterday, our pastor (it was a family meeting) repented of letting us off the hook from our pledges. So let's be big boys and girls and do what we gotta do to turn this ship around.

We already know what we should do,
and we already know where to go to it, remember, we are big boys and girls.

I speak as one that needs to hear this...

Nothing to lose.

Yvonne said...

Bishop, you asked yesterday "Why Church in the Now has to exist?"...I will try to be brief. I am a former wife to a pastor of a baptist church and have been around many pastors and the 5 fold ministry for decades now. Yet until I got to the Church in the Now, I truly did not understand covenant (although I thought I did), nor family (although I have many relatives) nor the depth and breadth and height and length of God's love.

Bishop, I love the real new testament and the real Jesus. Not the Jesus I grew up with, blue eyes, oily haired, skinny Jesus on the church funeral fans, in baptist churches, who is knocking on the door. But the Jesus who is lovely and whole and easily entreated and who loves women and the unpopular, the sinners and the broken, the Jesus who heals and restores and delivers. Bishop, you taught us the real Jesus and for that is an eternal deposit that has changed me forever.

Truly I have been born again and again and again when God uses you, Bishop to wash us with the meat of the word, the revelation, the rhema word.

Because God has used you and this ministry in such a peculiar way, I can NOW go out and be a world changer. On this past Saturday, with Pr Scott's permission, we were allowed to use the Street Jam Van as a tool to minister to literally hundreds of homeless in downtown Atlanta. We ministered in dance, psalms, music, by serving food and giving bibles, tracts and one on one body ministry.

We collaborated with about 5 other ministries as part of an collaborative effort to truly be God's hands and feet in the earth and by one joint supplying the other joints.

And I want to brag just for a moment about CITN. WE gave glory to God in our service, and we served with joy and gladness the disenfranchised and needy 20 strong from CITN. We proudly was able to speak of the church in the now.

To every person we mentioned that we are from Church in the Now from different ministries, as one body, the community leaders knew our name and they knew your name Bishop as it is written in the Lambs book of life. One pastor of a local church said, oh I know of your Bishop well, Bishop Jim Earl Swilley (he called your whole name) and just mentioning CITN bought joy and blessings to peoples faces. I had such a sense of pride to see how entire families, even the 4 year olds of CITN was moved to serve with their whole heart. The other pastors from other churches were moved to tears to see our service and God truly received the glory.

Bishop we have (certainly my family) has been touched by what is going on in this economy, because what is touching you, the church is effecting the entire local body, in my belief.

I just stopped by this morning to let you know that we are world changers because of the uncompromised, truth that is going out into the world from CITN's pulpit and that God is doing a new thing and the elephant birth that we have been waiting for is NOW!

You and Pastor Debye's life and your staff and your board and all ofthe pastors are to be commended for the beautiful hearts that lay your lives down daily for the sake of the gospel and for mankind. I just witnessed that the noise of CITN's fruits is being sounded aboard...

Be encouraged, God sees and He knows and He is with us...

Eternal love, Yvonne

Yve said...

Bishop, silliness was meant in love as in playfulness.

love, Yve

Donald said...

Oh, King, live forever!

Katrina McGhee said...

Bishop, God bless you for daring to stand on truth. A test always comes before the manifestation of a promise, and it is important to stand on faith while being tested for delivering a message of truth. God's people will get an epiphany, and the love which lifted them out of bondage will draw them to the light and cause them to give out of love for Him, you, and this ministry---just as Abraham gave his tenth to Melchisedec out of love and reverence, not out of obedience to a law that had not been established at that time. Though we're no longer under the law, but grace, the principle of sowing and reaping, and the principle of the road-paths that lead to life and death were set before the law was established. What we sow, we shall indeed reap: whether it be life for life, death for death, lack for lack, prosperity for prosperity, good for good, evil for evil. Giving to this ministry, where the truth is ministered is sowing life (not death); prosperity (not lack); and good (not evil). We must (and will) get this epiphany and choose life! This church will not go under as long as the truth is told, the cross is lifted, and The Son is kissed. Continue to stand on His truth and see the salvation of the Lord.
-We love and appreciate you!!!

Anonymous said...

When we drove in Sunday morning, my husband looked at the parking lot and said WOW, the place is packed out! As we moved closer we were asked to park closer to the old building as that was where service would take place. I looked at my husband and said, Bishop and Pastor are making a statement - they are showing us where we came from, what we were and what we have become. This was truly needed as you totally forget just how far you've come! It's good to go back and see what the Lord has done in your life.

I can remember a time in that building when I was recovering from surgery, sitting in the back of the auditorium listening to Bishop tell us of his plans for the coming year. He had sooo much planned for each month and all I can remember is "I JUST HAVE TO GET BETTER, THERE'S TOO MUCH TO DO, I JUST HAVE TO GET BETTER!!!!

People, we all have to get better, there is way too much to do. Bishop needs you, CITN needs you, I need you; but most important is that YOU need CITN!

We are a family and our Family Council yesterday was good for all of us. Bishop, thank you for repenting (you are a good man)and getting us back in track!

Brenda said...

Sorry didn't get to respond on yesterday, could't get to computer. I just wanted to express how happy and excited i am that CITN sits on the hill letting its light shine for people that have been hurt and worn out through religion. For three years i would pass by CITN on the expressway and i would call out its name as i looked at the sign and it would give me hope and relief even though i didn't know why.
When i got sick and could not go to church i would make my way to the computer so i could tune into the service and i would feel like i was there and that the words i heard was medicine to my body and soul.
I always thought why did God make me think the things i thought and why i could'n be quite about them at my traditional church because i was looked down a lot of times because of them. Then Bishop when i here you, you confirm what God had already taught me through the Holy Spirit.
Your messages has helped me believe in myself and to stop letting others make my choices for me. When i go to the store i find myself saying its not wisdom to get this, thus freeing up more money for me to give. I give because i love the Lord so much and I love the wisdom of you and Pastor Deb so i give all because Pastor Deb told me to stop worrying about the money it will come. The more i give to the church the more i seem to have, i feel like the widow with the oil vessels.

I'm on the edge of birthing the baby that God placed in me so long ago and religion almost made me abort so CITN can't go now because i don't know how to have this baby. I need the love of my spiritual father and mother and my new family if i'm going to walk into my destiny.

Anonymous said...


linda said...

F - amily meeting, growing up we had these quite often after my Dad left. My sister and I had to pull our own weight around the house so that my Mom could work, and as soon as we could we both went to work to help out with the bills. Mama had no problem sitting us down and telling us to get our "A's" in gear when we weren't doing all we could. Whatever needs to be done I'll do. I can clean bathrooms or sweep floors with the best of them. I will call the church office tomorrow, put me to work.

Anonymous said...

donald, ya'll safe?


Donald said...

All systems go!!!
Thanks everyone for your prayers and for caring. No damage here whatsoever.

But being a little bit facetious, I just saw an interview with the Hard Rock Casino manager and he was saying how pleased he was that they did not sustain any more damages than what they sustained, then I saw where New Orleans has not received any more damage than what can be expected from a hurricane and I told Her Majesty that it appears that God has failed to squash sin again.

Bishop, I think you know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

rachael, Mahesh Chavda Ministry is on a part of the old Heritage USA/PTL property. Morning Star Ministries is on I think the rest of the property. The two ministries are resurecting the property. From what I've heard, there is a lot of prophecy yet to be fulfilled. FYI

Anonymous said...

I think you missed Rachel's point.

Anonymous said...

Just got back in town.

Happy birthday Judah. You are an awesome man of God.

Missed all of ya but totally experienced the most awesome worship service/wedding that I have ever seen in my life. The minister personalized the service to the philosophy of the bride and the groom. She had spent a great amount of time with Matt and Cora prior to their marriage and used their scripture choices and ideaologies in the presentation of the two of them to the witnesses gathered there.

Thank you Pastor Debye for the blessing before we went up. There was more light there than I can remember and I will have to say that most of it was illumined from the bride. As a matter of fact the term light was referred to often and some very unusual things happened in connection with that.

One of them that I enjoyed the most was hearing about (I wasn't there at the time because of other assignments) was between the wedding and the reception. Wrigley field was just one block away from the church so Matt and Cora stopped to have a photo taken of them at the entrance to the park. There was a game going on at the time so there were a few fans milling around outside the park and seemed to be drawn to the beacon of their presence. A young lady in tears asked if she could just touch the lace of the gown and with a graceful nod from Cora did and the girl showed great joy in it. She was followed by two others who did the same and they too were grateful with their joy.

When I heard about this it made me think about how hungry the world is for the Bride to come of age and be presented in radiant beauty.

After reading the posts, it sounds like I missed a very special event Sunday. Because we are in the now though, we will be looking for yet the next step forward in our pressing on toward the mark.

Love to all,


Avatar said...

hello, all. it's very cool to read everyone's thoughts about sunday's service, to see what's important to each blogger and i admire how you form your thoughts so quickly and beautifully! sometimes my slowness is aggra-vatin’ to me.

i enjoyed the memories in the kitn building too. singing "moving forward" there was especially cool. i'm looking forward to seeing how it feels to re-enter the new building.

i keep coming back to a few phrases:

"a Holy tithe". there's something about it that's, i don't know, just there's something about it.

"a disciplined church".
"building the tabernacle".

"why should there continue to be a church in the now?" because God said it would be, but the basic reason for me is that the Christ is forming here. i've said something like this before, but i searched my whole life for this place [not really knowing why until i was led to it!]. i think the reason the parts are forming so perfectly here is that the leadership is willing to follow the Holy spirit even when something ends up looking like a mistake. nothing stays "just because". it is what it is, we chuck it and move on. if something looks like it fits the vision or it expands the vision or it makes the vision more clear we’ll go for it. If we find out it doesn’t, it goes, and its more than okay to have tried it, its part of the process of growth.

“we were born in our third trimester, vital parts forming in the incubator” bishop tells the story of saving people while he was still in diapers. along with mom swilley we have stories about this baby doing it from the womb!

ah, yes, jb, for the bride to come of age!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to say that I am mostly in the dark with these conversations about CITN...staying....going....old building new building......I really dont know what to expect or what to pray for......but you all are in my prayers whatever I'm praying for....

CITN is and has been a blessing to me and I certainly dont want to see it go. So All I know to pray for is that CITN will stay, get back in the new building and get back on streaming and continue being a blessing to the WORLD!


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Donald, glad y'all are OK...

JB, I also wrote a blessing for the wedding was in a gift card that we overnighted because we missed you Wednesday night...hope they got it...congratulations...

P. Dennis...we'll be streaming Wednesday night from the main building, and I'll explain it all to the streamers then...but keep praying...and cool pic...

Thanks, everyone...your words give me hope...

Anonymous said...

Sunday was what we ALL needed! Jim & I found the real meaning of not only what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is...But who JESUS really is thru this ministry.. the first day we stepped into this building we were greeted at the door by Pastor Al & Gloria.. they at that time were not Care Pastors & not knowing that down the road would become ours... it was because of the LOVE that we felt at that moment Jim & I knew that this was HOME .. We hadn't even entered into Praise & Worship... P.Jimmie, OMG! I felt the H.S. come alive in me for the first time..I will never be the same...thank you for using the gift that God has given you & continue seeking him truely have the heart of David. Bishop. I wish I could say that I remember what you taught that sunday,but I can't...All I do know that I was so wrapped up in what the H.S. was doing inside of me...I do know that whatever it was, it was Awesome & funny as always..When we left that day OUR LIVES WERE CHANGED FOREVER! I mentally can not think where we would be today if it was not for this place, your teaching & most of all the vision you & P.Debye have for this community, this body (CITN) & for the nations.. We stand with you, knowing our best days are ahead. WE ARE GOING FORWARD..We needed a Blast from the past to Move us Onward into the future of this ministry..Jim & I need All of you in our lives..We Love you & blessings to EACH of you...NOW is the time to get up off our DUFFS & do what God has called us to do & be all that HE WANTS & EXPECTS us to be..
P.Debye, I loved what you said about the NEED IS THE CALL...& P.Faye...thank you for words that you gave...I'm not afraid to beg either!!! If this really is your HOME...then take care of it..
Partners for Life (EACH)

Here to Worship & Serve

karl cobos said...

Bishop, and all;
The Holy Spirit took me back to a landmark through Pastor Debye bringing up a little girl who was born prematurely.

Keep reading this 'til the end because something really cool happened when I got home and talked to my wife...

My son, too, was born prematurely, at 7 months and weighed 4 pounds.
Those 2 or so weeks of him in the intensive care unit were very beautiful, trying, scary, sacred and blessed!

...please try and see the parallel I'm getting at through these thoughts and feelings (CITN trimester and labor day)

First of all, Zachary was birthed by way of claiming promises of God over my wife's barren womb of 9 years...God delivered a miracle of conception within 2 months of those prayers, come to find out my wife's uterus is actually reverted (backwards).

They told us that a white caucasian male was a greater risk and they would do all they could to help him.
I had to constantly throw out thoughts of him not making it and keep dwelling on God's miracles that had already taken place, and believe that he was going to be great!

I had to believe that if God brought Zachary this far by miracles then He would bring Zachary safely home, and healthy, and would NOT die so that he can be a greater testimony of God's power and blessing!

Nothing else seemed to matter but my son, his well being, family and TRUSTING completely in God...not the bills, not work concerns or anything.

Bishop, because I've heard about many miracles already and the vision of CITN, I believe with you and others that it WILL live and NOT die, that it will come safely home into a settled place and out of danger, just like my little Zachary did!

Oh...there were false alarms on his monitor often and still some scary moments but eventually he didn't need any supporting equipment except us and was breathing on his own without worry and growing strong!

Go back to the landmarks and remind yourself of answered prayers and miracles over CITN that have already taken place and trust God to bring your baby safely home.

Zachary's eyesight is great, his health strong, his motor skills are excellent, and he has had numerous comments about his smarts and wittiness and beauty! I give thanks and glory to God, for all of those things that I just mentioned were His answers to prayers that Natasha and I made.

Speaking of Natasha, that very hour of the worship service this past Sunday, around 12:30, she was at work washing her hands and the smell of the soap not only reminded her of the soap in the hospital at that time but she kept seeing like a movie in her head of that time and the unit with all the preemie babies!!!...and she was wondering "why in the world am I thinking of this and seeing this now?"...of course when she got home and I told her about the service, she got it. I thought that was so neat, and definitely had to share it.

From AYITN for today, #5...Today I will pan for the gold in my life that has been tried and purified in the fire. I will glory in my infirmities and thank God that He has caused all things-even the negative, dark and painful things-to work togethr for my good!

God bless! you.

Reign! said...

Sunday was awesome & full of power!

Monday I had a "Momma Come to Jesus Meeting" with my family (with prayer and repenting) & they say they are on board!! We'll just trust & believe they are!! Being on one accord is awfully powerful!

Bishop, if it's at all possible, I respect you even more for what you said on Sunday. Thanks for being REAL!!!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

P.Deb, thanks for what you wrote here and on today's post...and Debye told me about your phone call...thanks, especially, for and P. Jim are awesome...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for sharing that, Karl...I was thinking about you today because we're having a big interfaith service here on Tuesday, October 7 (I haven't even told the staff about it yet), but we met with the planning committee today in my office, and the muslim minister on it said, "We need to have the service here because the church is on IRIS Drive - IRIS is the eye of God - leading us all to Christ"...


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Wow, Reign...thanks!