Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here's What's Happening


Hey bloggers,

Thanks for your response to the pictures of Jesus and the children of the world. Without going into any detail, at the end of the day Monday, with all of its drama, the picture of that concept just gave me a real sense of peace, and it was all that I wanted to say, and all I wanted to share with you. I love the fact that, when necessary, I can communicate to those of you who know my voice without words. And between those pics and here I have re-posted three articles that have been repeatedly requested. So there you have it, and that’s why there are so many comments under the pictures, and none (at the time of this writing) under the other articles.

Yesterday I took Jonah to get his learner’s license, and he passed his test and did well, and then we went driving out on the open road. Again, he did very well driving, but I gotta tell ya…there’s something about riding with them when they first get behind the wheel that is just really terrifying, regardless of how much faith you have! When I got back to the office I just had to sit at my desk for a little while in the dark and be real quiet and real still. I'm proud to say that I taught all four of my kids to drive, but man, it doesn't get any easier as you get older and more experienced!

Then, last night we were supposed to celebrate Jared’s birthday (he’ll turn 25 on 8/8/08, but we’ll be in Washington for the GPF that day), and he was flying in from somewhere (we never know what country he’s in), but we never heard from him (still haven’t at the time of this writing). He was supposed to have landed around 7PM, and I texted and called several times, but no Jared. So we celebrated his birthday without him because Debye had already cooked. I guess we’ll try again Sunday night when we get back in town.

And since I’m going on and on about my children, let me say that I was happy to find out today that Christina and Daisson and Sofia are coming up to Washington for the GPF (his brother and sister-in-law live in the D.C. area), so that’s cool. And, also, we got confirmation today that Judah and Pastor Scott will definitely be performing their rap “One Family Under God” in front of the U.S. Capitol on Saturday! Again…cool!

It’s unlikely that I’ll be doing anything with the blog until we get back in town on Sunday. We have the ACLC (American Clergy Leadership Conference) all day Thursday and Friday, along with press conferences and planning meetings for Saturday’s big event…Deb and I are flying up Thursday morning, and Judah and Jonah are flying up Thursday night with Pastors Scott and Lindsey…so be sure to communicate today if you can (you will still be able to send comments while I’m out of town, I just can’t guarantee that they’ll be posted quickly). And those of you who are flying or driving up to Washington…be safe, and be sure to find us on the mall.

Anyway, I’ve got a good word for tonight, so be sure to be a part of it. And check out the re-posted articles, especially if you are relatively new to the blog.

P.S. I love you, Anonymous @ 10:06 from yesterday...according to Ricky Bobby, it's in the Geneva Convention that you can say absolutely anything as long as you preface it with "With all due respect"!


Teezy313 said...

I seriously can't get enough of the word of reconcilliation!! It is so wonderful to serve a God who is all loving that he gave his Son to save ALL!!

I just wish that I could actually walk in what I beleive...oh well...I guess it takes time =]

Waiting for tonight....


Anonymous said...

Just as you are
God designed you perfectly, you are God delight, God’s handiwork, and you are wonderfully unique. Despite pressures from outside forces that make you feel as if you need to change in order to measure up, God loves you just as you are and more than you could know!
My hope and prayer for you is that on this Birthday you will begin to see yourself as God sees you- beautiful, redeemed, and wonderfully made.
Blessings to you Jared
From wonderfully made!

Erik said...


I started this for Tuesday, and then saw all of Bishop’s entries re what believed, etc. I though, where does this fit. I think it fits all of them, even though I wrote it about Tue. The references makes sense to me as well. One thing though that still surprises me is in the 21st Century, there is all this angst about what we have known from the beginning. The reality is that we know we are all parts of the same body, and that God loves this body, all its parts. We cannot be physical without being Spirit first. God exists in every bit of us. That is reality. I think this still fits.

--- Larry, spiritually and emotionally eating each other’s flesh and drinking our blood, as with The Christ, that intimate connection – yes, yes, yes. How we are with each other displays how we are with Jesus. Being vulnerable includes remaining vulnerable if we are ‘hurt’. As we remain open, intimate, connected, we go beyond ‘The Wall’, like runners talk about. The ‘hurt’ transforms into compassion and empathy. That then becomes the ability to touch the heart and soul of each other. The ‘vulnerability’ is an awesome strength, it is how we truly touch.

Elle, you do NOT sound like a ‘Hang em high nit wit’. You are one of my favorites here. Bright and funny. I took your point, I think as you meant it, in regard to how someone in the vein of what seems to be mainstream American Christianity might read some of the items referred to, and I agree, it could be seen in a limited way.

That is something that has long been a frustration to me, the way it seems OK for hatred, intolerance, racism, is acceptable (which is very damaging) are within ‘social norms’ but activity that has little if any direct spiritual or emotional impact are highlighted as problematic. Again that whole Pharisee vs disciples thing. Which, as has been brought up before, whatever ‘mainstream American Christianity’ is, seems to be very Pharisiacal. Even that the idea of Universal Reconciliation/Salvation seems to be a hot point, I cannot fathom why. Or how the whole idea that salvation exists only in a certain phrase of words, or action agreed upon by some group. Often, it seems, society accepts that people can be saved while racist, hateful, intolerant, (which they can be) but not if they do certain things that often are about their own bodies, such as modification, sex, or drugs. Those seem so far below the radar compared to intolerance, or needing ‘someone to go to hell’.

Which to me, is why it is best case scenario to spiritually eat each other’s flesh and drink each other’s blood as we do with The Christ.

Anonymous said...

Knock them out cold. Bishop and P.Debye Give them the best of God within yourselves. Show them what kindness and reconciliation are all about between CITN and others.
God is with all of you at CITN and also with those that are making a huge difference in GLOBAL PEACE FESTIVAL.
Blesings and Peace to you both and the rest of the CITN staff.(have a safe trip going and a safe one coming)

Anonymous said...

Rock on Erik, your comments are on pace with what I also recieve from the teaching that Holy Spirit has directed me to be influenced by.

The truth that every knee will bow and every tongue confess pretty much says it all.

It doesn't matter where one has existed or will exist in time, that provision of complete reconciliation is the same.

It does seem to me though that there is more love expressed by people outside the Abrahamic faith for the whole of humanity than by those of us inside. It is possible that we inside the Abrahamic faith just know each other too well by the flesh. Perhaps those outside are just as mean and disrespectful to each other and we just don't see it.

Pastor Larry is on to a good thought concerning the spiritual eating and drinking of all humanity. That to me sounds very alike to loving the other as our self and recognizing each other the same as we do God.

There is more understanding today than yesterday and it will continue as long as we see the need of our fellowhumans and respond to care for that need regardless of what we percieve to be wrong with their view of God.

That is what will re-establish the tree of Life on earth the best until we completely pass to what ever the next level is.


vaughn said...

It is really cool to be able to connect with this congregation daily and receive manna for the day! I really have been believing to be able to supernaturally go to the GPF on Saturday since I have family in the area. Somehow, because of feel you guys in the spirit, I believe I can ask for agreement for this trip! My spirit just knows I should be there!

Bishop, it was really scary for me to teach my daughter how to drive also. She is a great driver but I was terrified! However, driving is necessary in this part of the country!


Anonymous said...

There is much wisdom in applying Biblical precepts such as it is foolish to give an answer before the question is either completed or understood and these types of wise sayings have been adopted and applied by people who have made a lot of money helping others become better listeners.

Teezy mentioned this morning that he wished he could walk in what he believes better and alluded to the notion that perhaps that would improve with age. About all I can say is that I am fifty six and still don’t walk in what I believe all the time and for me that faith walk began at age six. Teezy, if we walked in faith one hundred percent of the time there would be no war.

Like Erik said, there is much angst over what one person thinks was said by another over some matter that no one has knowledge of beyond what comes to them by the Spirit when they are bold enough to query God in the name of Love. When they share what they have received it is often rejected as heresy by others simply because they did not listen well or just dismissed the expression of joy over that treasure of another as trash for themselves.

I do think we are getting better though and as a matter of another treasure seen will say that humanity will soon understand each other better than they ever have.

There will be peace on earth and good will shall be done by one for the other and I will live to see that day in my human lifetime, so help me God.


Sweepea said...

God bless the Global Peace Festival! I pray it exceeds everyone's expectations. I can't attend but will be participating in spirit from Mansfield, GA.

I pray Jared is OK and will turn up safe and sound. God is in control! Happy birthday and anniversary to everyone in the family during the incredibly busy month of August (it must mean something?!) I'm looking forward to hearing the Word ITB tonight!

Larry Usher said...

Lord, cover the Earth with Your Glory!!!

Bishop- I know what you mean about the driving! My daughter started to drive when she was 3 years old on the beach at Daytona and loved it! Course she was just steering at that point but always had this great big smile on her face so she wasn't afraid at all when she got older. We got the funniest looks from the people we drove past! LOL!

Erik & JB- the eating & drinking somehow to me just seems to be more of a "take it by force" kind of action, where we "don't take no" for an answer and "muscle" our way into each other's spirit & soul. Almost a feeling from the Holy Spirit of the challenge to approach those that are less than approachable and pull them from the clutches of spiritual inertia.

I WILL go to the ditches and byways to find you, to seek you out, to apprehend you and shake you till the scales fall from your eyes and you see...
...shake us all Lord!

Glory to God who from His mercy and love has shared His glory with His creation, letting them shine with the Light as sons & daughters of God.

Blessings & peace,


ver letters fzbly...feasibly...

Anonymous said...

A lot of times August is what makes or breaks a farmers efforts in the field. A drought burns the crop, or rain brings the completion needed.

With all of the reign lately, we can rest assure a bountiful harvest, and 'cause it's still reigning, many completions are taking place, even right now.

sweepea, do have a wonerfully blessed day


Anonymous said...

Have you logged in your act(s) of kindness lately?

Anonymous said...

Great day everyone!

"Glory be to God who by His mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we could ever dare to ask or even dream of." !!!! Ephesians 3:20 ...that be powerful!

...for the Global Peace Festival and for each of us we can accomplish greater things than imaginable becuz He's with us, in us and all around us!

CONGRATULATIONS Jonah! (I remember how exciting that was...even though it's been a loooong time ago)

Happy early Birthday Jared!

Yall have some beautiful, very talented kids!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

I love my blog fam!


"elle" said...

A few things: (all good, don't worry!)

Bish, I hope you didn't feel compelled to repost all those things because of what I said last week. I know how busy you are! But I have to say, for the benefit of others, I'm glad you did. I KNOW what I believe. I've been streaming for quite a long time now, and I'm drawn to your teachings like a bee to a flower! But when you first began to REALLY feed us with the reconciliation theology, I had to dig pretty deep to understand it because of all of the negative garbage that had influenced me from childhood on. I remember reading a post from Erik (you're one of my faves, too, Erik!) on the CITN blog about spending eternity with Sadaam and Freddy Mercury, etc. This was before I received SOTB1 in the mail. My initial thought was, "WHAT?!? Erik, I agree with almost everything you say, but what the hey is this?!" And then after hearing the word, especially the contextual application from the original languages, there was no longer an argument on my part. So, I can empathize with newcomers to this blog, who might wonder what in the world is going on here.

Also, I understand what you said before about people choosing anonymity on the blog... and I accept that... certainly if it makes one more comfortable and allows those to blog who normally wouldn't... by all means, be anonymous. But I truly respect and appreciate those who stand by their beliefs with identification. That being said, I am under a pseudonym here for security purposes (because I did a profile and get weirded-out sometimes with the whole computer ID stuff), but I think pretty much all of you from CITN know who I am.
I, too, LOVE THIS PLACE, and respect you all, and am very grateful for this 'think tank of powerful minds'! So, there it is...

Regarding the Global Peace Festival, didn't you say it is being televised? Any info on that? Blessings on the whole affair! You all go do what you do; I'm proud to be a part in spirit!

Jared, if you read this blog... TEXT YOUR FATHER... and happy birthday. Let us know he's OK, Bish.

Guess that's it for now. Make it a good one, guys!

Anonymous said...

....just back for a sec...hope it's ok to post this here? (if not understand)...just wanted to FYI everyone in case u didn't know...about
coming September 26th by creators of Facing The Giants. It's about Fireproofing your marriage. Movie trailor looks like going to be really inspirational.


Anonymous said...

...well, it's me again!..just sharing...(copied..)

Consider a young eagle that was born to soar through the heavens. If that eagle never stretches its wings and takes that exhilarating leap from the safety of its nest, it will never experience the fullness of what it actually is: an eagle. It may know that it has wings, but it’s not really free to fly until it leaves the nest and experiences the truth that its wings will support it as it soars through the sky.

If a baby eagle falls out of its nest into a rabbit’s nest, he will grow up believing he’s a rabbit. That eagle might hop around all his life because he’s been told that he’s a rabbit. If he believes this lie, he will never get to be what he was created to be. So the eagle spends his life hopping around from place to place, living on a lower level when he should be using his wings to take flight.

These two examples give us a picture of what happens when we don’t act on the truth that we’ve been given through Christ.

Now, practically, how does Satan use lies to keep us from soaring free like an eagle? One way is by infecting us with the “if only” virus. We say to ourselves,

If I only had

that job
that opportunity
that house
that partner
those kids
that deal
that talent

Iconoclast said...

I guess the GPF too good news, I should have known it. The media likes to keep pumping our heads full of negative crap. So now that there is something actually being done to bring world peace right in front of the Whitehouse they dont even have short article about it. If there is I cant find it. I found one news article at and that was it!

Really, they sit around and talk about how they all wish something would be done to briing world peace and then when it is they dont even recognize it! well the leaders of Jesus day didnt recognize Him either.

"when the son of man comes will He find faith ong the earth"

If anyone knows about some news coverage on the GPF please post a link in GPF

"elle" said...

Just read your posts under the other topics. Positively agree w/ Bish... brilliant!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Elle, Elle, Elle (as you said to Donald last night), stop worrying, already! I posted them for several reasons, mainly because of some of the hight profile stuff I'm going to be doing in the weeks and months ahead with leaders from a lot of different belief's called preventive maintenance...just lettin' everybody know that I'm all about're cool, and you're right about new people here...

See everyone tonight...

"elle" said...

Thanks, Bish! I forgot something. I swear, I'm not on here 24/7... REALLY. Been back and forth in between doing house stuff and baking a triple chocolate fudge cake :P
But if you guys would say a little prayer for my dad, I'd appreciate it. I'm pretty sure it's tomorrow that he goes back for another CAT scan. We (and his doctors) were so pleased with the results of his last scan that as long as there is no change, we'll be pretty thrilled. But I'm kinda hoping for one better than that. All things are possible, right?! Anyway, if he gets another good report, I think he'll be talking to his other doctors soon about having that second hip replacement. That bum hip is what's caused all his angst and discomfort. So, we're believing for good news...

Son of Zadok said...

It's so nice to come home from a long day and log onto Blog In The Now. And it's even better when it's followed up by some Church In The Now. I'm so happy that God has led me here.

I pray that in every way God blesses you all so very much. That His joy and peace exceeds abundantly within you. That your calling is made manifest in your life, and each day is filled with good works and praise. Living in the Now each day where our God resides. I say in less than a years time from now this ministries stakes are going to be so enlarged, so amplified, that the gifts and callings of the world will overtake it. This incomparable spirit garden, where the heart who longs for the true living God will find community and expression at it's most richest levels. When the world can't find the answer, they will find God's Church In The Now. Truly they will say the Lord of Hosts is present in that place. A mass influx of streamers and congregants. An invasion of Spirit led souls. A testimony and call to all nations and the world. I see great, great and marvelous things ahead! A transcendent ministry. Be still and know that He is God. His workings and His ways are beyond knowing. Shout to our God in one jubilant accord. For He is and ever shall be ! He walks even now among us. Come Lord Jesus, Come.

Anonymous said...

son of zadok,

you rock dude.


Anonymous said...

Correction on previous referrence to Larry as Pastor Larry. That may or may not be prophetic but was truly a slip of the keyboard.

Elle, I continue standing in faith with you for your Dad. He sounds like a marvelous person.

Final decision, I will not be going to GPF this time around. Peace and safety to all traveling there. Hope to see clip of Pastor Scott and Judah soon after. All of you are making a huge difference. You and all participants have my blessings.


Anonymous said...

The missing piece to the global puzzle, is peace. It will at least be realized on Friday that it has great potential. It is going to take a world wide village to set it in its place in the puzzle. It has to start with me.

Peace, pass it on...


"elle" said...


So glad you do what you do & you do it so well! Enjoyed every syllable that came out of your mouth tonight, and clearly missed something by not tuning in last week! Particularly loved the 'trying to behave versus choosing to be filled with the Spirit' analogy. Isn't TRYING to behave more or less outwardly (and perhaps shallowly) trying to impress someone. Whereas, CHOOSING to be filled with the Spirit is nurturing that special relationship with the love of your life in whose image you were created? That's my take on it, anyway.

And hey, Donald... I might need ya to hook me up. See, I have this cake here. It actually serves 16-20, and unless several people help me and Joe devour it, I could be in serious need of counseling! Giving in to the flesh; God help me!

JB, he is... marvelous, that is. And so are you! A million thanks!

Safe travels to all. Rock the mall! And please tell me if I can watch this on the tele!

Iconoclast said...



Im still a little pead that the GPF is not gettern more media coverage.
This is what they all say they want........why are they not jumping on it with all fours....or sixs or eights in some cases


Iconoclast said...

Here is all I could come up with...

U.S. Joins 18 Nations Hosting Global Peace Festivals
Date: Tuesday, August 05, 2008
By: Patrice Gaines, Special to

On Wednesday, volunteers in the U.S. and 18 other countries are participating in “National Million Acts of Service and Kindness Day,” giving their time and energy to service projects they believe will help create peace. The day of service is one of the activities leading up to a celebration called “The Global Peace Festival” (GPF).
GPF was founded in 2006, but this is the first year that U.S. cities are participating. The festival encourages programs that strengthen marriages and families, facilitate intercultural and inter-religious cooperation, and foster a culture of peace and service.

The official U.S. celebration kicks off Saturday in Washington, D.C. on the west lawn of the Capitol, featuring gospel recording artist Yolanda Adams and national and faith leaders such as Rev. Run, the Honorable Rev. Andrew Young and Rev. Michael Beckwith. But other communities are also planning celebrations that day.

“We are doing what we call a baptismal rededication of our different cultures and religions at Coney Island Beach,” Apostle Reverend Chaplin Carolyn Younger-Nolan of the Church of the Living God in Queens. N.Y. told

Younger-Nolan said leaders from various religions “saw where it was time for this, to have Jews and Muslims and Christians set our differences aside and come together under one God. It will be the first time in history that Jews, Christians and Muslims will come together for sacred water ceremonies. ”

Younger-Nolan will lead the Christian baptismal, fully emerging candidates for baptism in the water. Water will be used various ways during each ceremony. In addition to a baptism, she said there will be a ritual from the Muslim, Catholic and Jewish traditions.

“These million acts of service and kindness may not seem to be associated with peace, but they are the seeds of peace. They make us more compassionate,” Archbishop George Stallings of Imani Temple, a Catholic church in Washington, D.C., said of Wednesday’s activities.

In D.C. and the Maryland suburbs on Wednesday, volunteers are expected to clean the Anacostia Watershed and the Greenbelt National Park. In Denver, creating peace means clean-up day in one community.

Denver’s Saturday celebration will be a day of fun for families at Paco Sanchez Park.

“We didn’t have a lot of time to do something as grand as we wanted or as diverse,” said Rev. Michael Hentrich, senior pastor of Families of Peace Church, a nondenominational place of worship.” But we figured we could make it a real festive and fun day in the park with the message ‘One family under God.’”

The event will feature international foods, music, sports and entertainment and lots of games for the kids.

“Peace is a personal thing, not a political thing; not an economic thing,” offered Rev. Hentrich. “America is supposed to be an international, multicultural nation--and we are. But we are not really a family. We want to have a family event where you feel the family, coming together and experiencing each other’s music and culture and getting a new vision of all people as one.”

Saturday’s official program in Washington, D.C. is scheduled to kick off at 5 pm, but there will also be a Service and Cultural Expo from 2-5 p.m. on the National Mall. Festival leaders will talk about stopping violence and creating new attitudes by serving others. The organizers of GPF hope this concept of giving and its relationship to peace will spread and that those who participate will continue their work of service long after the festivities end.

“We believe it is time to call America to live out her ideas and to embody them in her deeds,” Archbishop Stallings told “That is why we are stepping out of the box, removing the walls that separate and divide us… At a time when race and religion are so much front burner issues, it is now time that we can transcend the limitations of our own human constructs and truly stand together.”

Just how does the Global Peace Festival with its multicultural, multi-religious events and volunteer service help create peace?

“They take us out of our own needs and desires and we see the needs of others and it makes us more compassionate and responsive to the others,” Stallings said.

“It has to start with the individual. I often quote Michael Jackson: I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.”