Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Reflections

Hey Bloggers,

Thanks for the great're all awesome!

It seems to be working fine for now to have the blog set on automatic, so I'm going to keep it as is for a minute. But because the line of comments is getting so long, I'll start a new place for today so that it will be more readable...

To those who are CITN/cyber-CITN...I hope you heard my heart today. And thank you so, so, so much for the anniversary gifts...

Love you all,



Anonymous said...

Bishop & Pastor Debye,


When I read the blog & Bish, your praying about" the future of CItn"
I was just sad, scared, grieved...(so my spiritual antennas are
probably dragging behind me about four miles so I couldn't tap in).

Hearing you both share today was incredible! I can only liken it to
the study done by Emoto (The Power of Water) and he shows different
circumstances and how the water reacts. Well, my "water" is happy, at
peace and rest!

Thank you for sharing your heart in manner you did! Bishop, I
appreciated your demeanor, class & transparency. We got the message
without condemnation and actually feel the safety of your voice. I
never had any question about GPF...but for those few who do...well, I
am certain they are assured...and for some reason your clarifying the
points assured me too...for whatever reason.

Pastor Debye, your fire and confidence is contagious! I know it was
the Word of the Lord and it gives me both encouragement and pause.

Thank you too for sharing the pictures. I even feel more like your
daughter! Let's pull out the photos more often! You were beautiful
then and somehow continue even more without showing age! That is a
miracle too with all you two deal with!

Anyway, I believe with you for the financial recommitment from all of
us. Thank you for being the greastest Pastors/Parents on the planet!

I love you both so much!

Anonymous said...

This truly is our home and you are our Bishop. We love you and Pastor Debye and family more than words can convey. When 2008 started the idea of "New Beginnings" sounded cool, but when I got laid off 18 days into the year and then she got laid off about three weeks ago, it changed the whole meaning. Finding God to be our source alone and trying to re-invent ourselves in an interesting job market has not been without its challenges. The birth pains we are experiencing in our personal lives seem to be echoed in the church as God is taking us all from "Glory to Glory" and realigning our priorities as Pastor Debye spoke this morning. There has been great growth and change and more to come. We will all come through the fire without the smell of smoke.

I'm reminded of something I heard once, in the valley is where the vegetation is. There are benefits to the mountain top and the valley, but we can't stay in either place forever. In other words, God's got us! Us personally and CITN. This house and the message and love and unity that has always been here, and this is my tenth year, will continue to keep us in covenant with this vision and can't help but draw others from around the globe as well to this pool of Bethesda called CITN.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amen to both of the above!

Teezy313 said...

I was goin to stream in today but since the internet on campus is still acting funny I decided to visit or re-visit my friend's church Griffin First Assembly of God...Evangelist Tim Todd was ITB(and will be all this week for their revival) and he brought forth a powerful word about not worrying and taking no thought for tomorrow that really hit a note with me especailly now by it being the last day of my summer break befor classes start tomorrow...i was so focused about meeting new teachers tomorrow and starting a new semester that I almost missed what God had to say to me during service today...I hope everyone got what they needed from God today and if you didnt get it during morning service you can still get it...the day is not yet done and God is not thru with your life...he loves and he cares for you...whether or not you worship at CITN, stream our services, are just here on BITN, or worship at other churches across the globe one thing is certain...God is still God, He knows all your needs, all your desires, all your petitions, and He wants you to have them just as much if not more than you want them....

Still debating on if im gonna drive back up to Griffin for his 6:00 meeting tonight....

Bish and P.Deb congrats on 20 yrs and I love you both and all that you do for this (cyber) community, this city set on a (cyber) hill, and this (cyber) world!! There are alot of announted and appointed men and women of God out there but you guys are the ones I chooses to call my pastors and I thank God for you and CITN...even though I'm away there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!

Check back later,


Anonymous said...

I'm believing for 2,000 cybers, of whom I am one, whether you have a home church or do not, to be given the vision and the ability to partner and commit $100 dollars a month to this ministry, or whatever God places upon your soul. Some can give more, some can give less, each is so lovely in Fathers eyes.

A covenant; today we enter into a partnership and an agreement of faith with each other. This alone is bringing the operating budget in line and is propelling us forward into the vast array of highways and hidden broken places, the great hidden beyond; the ministries and conciliations this community of love is about to embark upon in flesh and in spirit.

I also pray that cybers would not only commit to this seed of financing, but also to the spread of this blessing of Now, this word of light, this light unto the world, into the dark places. As Conyers now draws the harvest of souls into the building; I pray a new and personal vision for you. You are bringing in your land to sup with this cyber congregation.

Creative inspirations! God thinks inside of you. He cries out for the saint and sinner to come. Ask, beckon, bid, call, command and coax, entice, motion , summon, even tempt them to come and taste that HE IS TRULY GOOD. No longer do we travail within ourselves. Every truth resides in you and you have no need of man to teach you.

Today we mature in Christ and reach forth unto the world.

I'm praying for 2,000...

God can give us 20,000...

Things we know not of...

Be it unto you Lord. We have come and ascribed ourselves unto you.

Teezy313 said...

i meant to say annointed not announted lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for makin' it plain today. Cleared up some things for me, and made me know that I am more committed to this place than ever!

Anonymous said...

No Problems here with any thing you are doing. My goodness what are peoples problems. Cant they see God. You and Pastor Debye have such a heart for God and this place. Any thing you are led to do by the spirit is what you are to do. Who are we to tell you any thing different. I was offended that people would question you.Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Your word to the church of CITN was clear and concise today Bishop.

The congregation also spoke to you and your acknowledgement in thanks for the anniversary gifts says much about how well you recieved it.

Happy anniversary in advance from Teresa and I. Much of what you are about has made it possible for the two of us to continue enjoying anniversaries ourselves.

I fully respect and embrace the fragility of life. It is an opportunity for all of us to tell each other how much God's love means to us. For some the amount of time is longer to convey our joy of that love than it is for others but we all have the same chance to do it effectively.

I honor the love that Troy and Patricia Barton shared for each other and God as a witness for the rest of us. I don't know why I am thinking of them today except that I know Patricia's love for this church and your ministry has probably gained enough credit in heaven to more than pay the mortgage of the church building and grounds including the land recently brought to your attention again as part of the prophetic promise for CITN. God's blessings to our Brother Troy and his family.

May you and Pastor Debye enjoy many more years together as a statement of God's powerful love to the world.


Son of Zadok said...

Do you believe sometimes God uses things in the natural to represent things in the Spirit?

Hundreds evacuated from Grand Canyon as dam breaks...

tracy said...

Amen JB- and hey where is Donald and Ebony, Iris, Mystic...Scribe??
Abraham- I owe you an apology, once you said something to the effect of us not understanding the conflicts in other countries and the lack of has just been on my mind that I responded out if turn. At the time my oldest daughter was going through some gang related threats here and I totally only heard what was important in my little world. I just felt I needed to clear up my seemingly lack of global compassion. Bishop and Pastor Debye's recent involvement has surely made me take a greater interest in my fellow man across the globe.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone has been a great day. Started out with a good time with my Heavenly Father, Brother and Mother. Then I heard from them again through My earthly Bishop and Pastor as they both encouraged me in my faith, shared the family bread and wine with us, and gave me confidence and peace in our continuing relationship and partnership in the Kingdom of God. Had a good Chinese lunch with my lovely princess and my mother. Praise God, it’s been a good day!

Bridging the Gap

I love star trek movies....

the Ver. word is STREK

Anonymous said...

Hey I have added a great 4 part youtube video series on my blog "Hell a closer look" in the center colum
I also put up a couple new ones of my own on youtube they are the first two on the video sidebar.

Bridging the Gap

linda said...

Good evening everyone
Happy anniversary Bishop and Pastor Debye, You both look younger today than you did in your wedding pictures! Keep doing what you do!
I hope that whoever had questions about GPF got the answers they needed this morning. I am interested in attending the festival that will be held in Brazil this December, is anyone else thinking about going there?
Pastor Debye, your words this morning were peace and life to me. You are gorgeous both in the spirit and in the natural.


Anonymous said...

Why do those who don't believe there is a hell constantly have to convince themselves that it does'nt exist? Either believe it and move on or...

Anonymous said...

Oh! Happy anniversary Bishop and Pastor Debye, Loved the video....very touching.....


Anonymous said...

First Off Happy Anniversary Bishop & Pastor Debye

Bishop what you said this morning really should have not needed to be said. I know if I am a follower of your spiritual voice I should not question what the Father has set before you. I know CITN is your home and you would not leave it alone. I know CITN is not a building nor is it any one individual. CITN is Everyone Working Together To Bring The Lost To The Father. We are to show love, kindness, and be strong in our belief of the Father. If any one should question you or your calling, they should go and pray about it. Case Closed.

Don't anyone get offended at me I'm having Spiritual PMS.
Meditation with the

The Father is talking and moving.
What may seem difficult now will look like a speed bump down the road. The Father is testing our faith. Don't crumble stand strong.
Do three things

Anonymous said...

convince themselves???

Anonymous said...

ver. word

believe it or not...


Anonymous said...

Everyday this past week on my way to work and on the way home I listened to the tag team CD you and Pastor Debye did a few weeks ago. I have gotten so much from it.

Today was awesome and I sure hope we haven't seen the last of the
"dynamic duo preaching team".

I thank you both for being who you really are, and I will be forever grateful for your unconditional love.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain


Son of Zadok said...

Yes! if anyone has never seen the videos on Conners site, I highly reccomend you give em' a gander.

The liberation of the True Love in Christ we celebrate. He has set this captive free. Of this I am most persuaded.

When I found the one I love...

I held him, and would not let him go..

Song of Solomen 3:4

Son of Zadok said...

The damn has burst forth from my soul...

Son of Zadok said...

God dreams ya'll & goodnight. Travel well...

Donald said...

Well how are all you cool cats and groovy chicks doing?
Missed out on alot here for the last few days. I went to enjoy some R & R in Gulf Shores with Her Majesty and the kids before school starts back.
I didn't have my computer with me because I didn't want to haul it around on the scooter.
I did leave there early enough this morning to get here in time for service.
Everything that was said sounded appropriate and needed.
I had actually been in the dumps since "the post" was put up earlier in the week and really needed to be tuning in this morning.
Anyway it's just me and the dog here now and he's over here snoring and I'm "fixin'" to follow in his paw steps.
Night all and Happy Anniversary Bishop and Pastor Debye.

My word verification is ucfesr and all I can say is Lord forgive me for my sinful thoughts.

"elle" said...


Oh my gosh ...:)...
nouvelle PMS, I love it! If we could all exhibit THAT symptom the world would be a better place!

Smiles & sweet dreams to all you insomniacs :)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog.

Anonymous said...

Great to be ITB today & experience the washing of worship and the healing presence of our God. We all just NEED the Lord so much, don't we? Sometimes wanting, sometimes needing, all times loving.
Happy anniversary Bishop & Pastor Debye. You have been a great model for all of us of what a couple should look like.
When I think of how God has used your words over the last few years to set me free and redeem the time I am extremely grateful. God will restore and redeem for this church and body, both in time and finances. Look up for your redemption draws near!
Lord, what "disc space" can we give to you to erase so that we can have unused memory for you to write on? What sorrow can we give you so that the oil of gladness will flow? What sickness have we held onto that we might relinquish so as to be well? What substance have we kept a tight monkey-grip on which has prevented the release from your hand? Teach us Lord of the greatness of your covenant and your will. What have you, upon your death, "willed" to us? And what victory have you given us upon your resurrection? Do we dare to believe greatly? Have we perceived the depths of the grace and empowerment of the Lord?
New depths of understanding are coming. HUNGER! HUNGER! HUNGER! Hunger and thirst for righteousness! Hunger and thirst for the Lord Himself...deep calls and keeps on calling unto deep! Come away with Me. Come away! What else do you want? What else do you really need?

You Lord, alone, are worthy of our all!

Erik said...

Hi All,

OK, just got to say, up at 3 Am, and it cracks me up that the NBC late nite sponsor of the Olympics is Ambien CR , for all of us some say night owls others say insomniacs. Clearly the demographic targets for Ambien CR. “Watch late nite NBC and then buy Ambien” . Gotta love capitalism.

After that intro, I got to offer up a disclaimer – apologize for any offense. I truly believe we will be so much better with organic songs for Praise & Worship, from Pastor Jimmie, Judah, and other in house songwriters. Nothing against the many who write what we sing, but so many lack something. Specifically, so many of the songs speak of something coming, in the future, rather than something we have always had.

Today I got ITB late, and the song going was ‘You’re all I want’. Great song, for the most part. However, the repeated phrases “Help me know you are near’ and something about –Help me find my way back to You – just miss. God is within us, it is impossible to be drawn any closer, or to find our way back, since everything we know is already filled with God, like the waters cover the sea. ( Maybe shouldn’t write this) I cannot help it anymore, I have to sing different words during some parts of songs. I actually visualize lassoing and hog tying some of the words. There are other songs that do the same, but the organic songs, like the song from Pastor Jimmie ‘ All Come’ is more truly where we are. Judah has sung others, like the “All adds to One” song and a lot of others, Moving Forward, although not by PJ, is also good. Many others (not all, plenty of good ones we do sing) just have to have a lot of editing. The writers seem to be in the mindset of separation, which of course, as Paul wrote, is only in THEIR minds, NOT in ours.

See, the more we keep singing, declaring , whatever is off in the future , or somehow away, then it is, for us, but is NOT really. I realize this may cause conniptions, but , they simply do not fit, without editing. Can we do that officially? Change all the future or separation words to present tense or intimate connection words/ phrases and keep the other words that fit in? At least until PJ and others write all the more organic songs that fit better? Hey, just thoughts that Ambien CR might likely change, but then again, I probably will not ever buy Ambien CR, and therefore – what else can I say? If any offense, I am personally responsible for it, so email me, not Bishop or anyone else. Mia Culpa.

Outside of this, great interview of Michael Phelps and his mom on NBC ( probably available on , great story and history of overcoming.

Anonymous said...


You have identified some of the things that I have also felt about using others songs. Quite often they just don't fit. Some do fit pretty well but could also use some editing to bring them more up to the now.

I don't see how anyone could be offended by you and the many others like you at CITN who assert their belief that the powerful work of Christ benefits all to the Glory of a God that is eternally good.


I responded in kind to your wonderful mind and have to say that your thoughts are still provoking more of the same in me. It is great to view the many ways that all the bloggers express their beautiful minds to give praise, honor and glory to the God above all gods.


strek and cgodd, how cool is that?

You have to respond with some vision of God from the point of boldly going where no other has gone now.

What a challenge, oh well thats what you get for loving God.

Anon @ 2213, 17th 08-08,

I agree that you should believe it and move on... God is good regardless of what any of us believe, so just believe.

to all in unity with Bishop Jim and Pastor Debye,

Hal Ells to Jah!!!, this city ain't seen nuthin yet.


I can relate to your veri word too. Some times it is better to just reflect on things.


Anonymous said...


I have been meditating on the exact same thing about our worship and our words reflecting what we already have - reflecting the present. I have been doing some of the same "editing". The Greek always being in the present tense is very satisfying to me.

All I can say is Amen and thank you Father for the connectedness in this Body of Christ!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea the total significance of this, but God dropped this in my spirit a couple of weeks ago during praise and worship and I have not been able to fully understand it nor get it out of my mind as of yet - maybe some of you great souls and thinkers out there can help define and explain it.

Abraham was designated by God as the father of many nations. In doing so, God changed his name. The letters that were added - a "ha" or an "ah" depending upon your perception.

Hallelujah is the only spoken word that is the same in every language (every nation) and it begins with "ha" and ends with "ah" - the beginning and the end - the alpha and omega that was added to Abraham by God the Father.

Why does this seem so significant to me, yet at the same time unexplainable?

DoubleBack Alley said...


I'll be Kobe never reads "The Shack"

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...

Again I say - I love this blog!

Anonymous said...

This is the day that the Lord has made We Will Rejoice And Be Glad In It.

Hey Blogger Buddies

Elle - you know it a girl kingdom thing.

Bishop - Today is a new day and as the title of a certain song says
A New Anointing
For A New Day
Hmmm wonder who wrote that?
Just Kidding
May that new anointing be your new day.

peacemaker said...

I read your response, and thank you for showing me the meaning of the word "static" from another vantage point. It is a word I've used alot lately and didn't realize it had a meaning opposite to my point. It just goes to show great care needs to be given to every word written and spoken, especially when used in spiritual terms. I truly appreciate you and love when dialogue flows in that manner.
I feel we are kindred spirits.


peacemaker said...

By the way...
My veri word was "cliwfbnr"
I reflected on and still don't know what the hell it means.


Anonymous said...


How's this; Chuck Longino Is Within Favorite Buddy's Next Revelation.

Anonymous said...

Love never fails.

DoubleBack Alley said...


Veri word

You really can valiantly give xenophobic bigots grace.

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...


In that your musical selection on the blog is so eclitic, here's some suggestions (assuming that they are not already there):

1. "Jesus Is Just Alright (With Me) - Doobie Brothers
2. "Faith" - George Michael
3. "Take It to the LImits" - Eagles

Hey.... if "Spirit in the Sky".... why not?


PS Just to blow everyones' mind, throw in "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc..... or "Rapture" by Blondie.....

Anonymous said...

God is good all the time!!!

Anonymous said...

What is "xenophobia?"

DoubleBack Alley said...

To anon:

Xenophobia is an unjust fear of strangers.

Seenophobia is a just fear of people you have met.

Ain't God Good?

tracy said...

Yikes Seenophobia sounds much scarier- I may have to go get Ambien tonight...BTW Bailey learned her lesson( or that particular one) NO thinking chair today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, DBA.

linda said...

Way to go Bailey

Son of Zadok said...

Its the Blog In The Now Book Club !!!

I know we had a little dialog recently about "The Shack"

However for awhile now I've been meaning to mention to you all another book that I simply love. So the next time you make that Amazon order keep this in mind.

It's called, My Dream of Heaven: A Nineteenth Century Spiritual Classic (Originally Known as Intra Muros) by Rebecca Springer.

I know Bishop has reservations about a lot of these so called heaven books. And rightly so I'd say. However this book, written in 1898, is a timeless classic. Whether it's a real experience or a fictional inspiration, it's annointed. The sense of wonder and Spirit life that washes over you when you read it is really hard to describe. Let me only say the book will draw you into the peace and love of our God, and give you a true peek into those things that are so beautiful that they have not even entered into the hearts of men. Just a peek, but I believe a glance regardless. In my opinion, although a small book, it is the finest work on heaven ever penned. And oh what a real and glorious comfort to those who've lost a loved one or stand close to deaths door. Truly an ageless work of the Spirit.

Buy 2 or 3 because you will be so compelled to bless someone else with it. Buy this book and Be Blessed!

My confirm word is ftdxpjaj

and it means nothing to me whatsoever. ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Now is not then,
Nor ever will be again.

Now is not yet,
No place for regret



tracy said...

7:07- Bish does this mean you are still having to babysit? If you need to get a break from this "place" to be with your wife and -or God...go for it and don't let us stop you. We will all survive for a few days without you feeling obligated to keep this avenue free of debris.....

Son of Zadok said...

That's an interesting observation Tracey. I feel your heart and agree with you. However, I feel the blog has taken on a much more vibrant life with open comments.

Are we that concerned about offense and getting something right or wrong all the time? Let's be more forgiving with ourselves and others than that. I'm sure Bishop enjoys reading through the posts at a days end or sometime throughout it. If something gets posted thats not in line with our perfect peace and love persona, the world won't stop spinning.

Love ya'll, just thinking out loud.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey Tracy,

Just checked in and saw your comment. No, I'm not fact, it seems to be working fine (so far)to just let the blog stay on automatic. I didn't delete anything. I've never used this setting before, but ususally, if I delete something it says "deleted by administrator". When it says "deleted by author" it means that the person who wrote the comment deleted it. But I don't know how someone did that because I don't see the little garbage cans in the lower left-hand corner on my computer now. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm still officially off-duty, and in a semi prayer/meditative state (for lack of better description), but I am enjoying reading the comments when I do check in. I guess you could say that I'm just being still and not saying too much because I don't want to say the wrong thing (words are too powerful and I'm very aware of that right now).

But I do think that I'll open a new post because the line of comments is again getting so long.

Thanks for the exhortation, and I got a chuckle out of the Bailey story.


Son of Zadok said...

Tracey I apologize, this really is not directed at you or your comment at all so don't take it that way for even a second; it's just something I've wondered inside about and not said anything until now. I'm also sorry for using the word persona in my last post, maybe that was the wrong word. What I meant to convey was that appearance isn't everything and that we should fear not.

In the book of Acts chapter 15. We read this. Starting at verse 1:

Some men came down from Judea to Antioch and were teaching the brothers: "Unless you are circumcised, according to the custom taught by Moses, you cannot be saved." This brought Paul and Barnabas into sharp dispute and debate with them.

Sharp dispute and debate... These are not things we promote, but I can assure you they are things that the true revelation of the gospel will evoke. And praise God for it. I guess I just came along after the blog was being moderated and I read what Bishop wrote about to many negative things being "spewed" here and his intention was that this be a place of uplifting and edification. And my God is truly is, but I hope not at the cost of shutting out one who may have a question or a dispute. Maybe I'm wrong, I have been before and surely will be again. Just thinking out loud some more.

Son of Zadok said...

Just read Bishop's comment and their wasn't even a deletion. Well, it's still a timely topic in light of the open forum we have now.

tracy said...

SOZ- no harm= no hurt feelings,ever. I think you coming in a little late may have to do with your feelings. I still think we can glean something from your exuberance and revelation. We have been in the church for almost 8 years and had to defend many negative and wrong perceptions. That is probably why we are perhaps the overprotective mama bear. As I have said many times before God is a big boy and can take care of himself. I just want to see Bishop get a chance to relax and laugh a little (albeit my Bailey stories). Anyway it's all good and ya'll have a great night! PS thanks for the clarity Bish

Iris said...

Tracy, Been a doing a lot of a blurking the last couple of days… Got a lot going on… But I am still here… and I’m not going anywhere…

Please keep my son in your prayers as we go face the Juvenile Courts on Friday…

Also love the story about Bailey…. What a laugh…

Erik… Amen… I’ve had to change some words in my mind before also… I know Pastor Jimmie has his plate full… I’m sure he would love to write some more songs, like the one he wrote “All Come”. He has a passion for writing… So I guess we need to pray that he and all of the other song writers at CITN will be able to find time to write what God has anointed them to do…

Hope all the insomniacs will get some sleep tonight…. We defiantly don’t want to have to start buying stock for Abein CR…

I will write more later when things slow down next week…

Thanks for all of the laughs…. Laughter is a wonderful medicine…

Love you all

Anonymous said...


I have not identified you beyond your icon but want you to know that the Holy Spirit Who comes from the throne with mercy and grace is with you and your son today and every day but will be especially real on Friday. You will see the righteousness, peace and joy in the middle of all else because the Holy Ghost is with you. This learning experience for your son will show him the strength of God's love as prevailing over the fear of what is only an illusion outside that love. God is with you in the precious name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.