Friday, August 1, 2008

The World's Shortest Blog Entry



Anonymous said...

The explaination of the explainor has once again been explained. However, the explainor must realize, (which I know he does, it just makes me sound like I know what I'm talking about) that he more than likely will explain the aforementioned explaination to some who just plain don't get what he just tried to explain, and they will need to hear the explained explaination more than others who have already received what he has already more than once had to explain. Do I make myself clear?


Donald said...

Like, wow man!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Jimmie,
I had to wait until my daughter got home from school, so she could call your daughter, so I could find out how old you are today, so I could come up with some great revelation with understanding about your birthday. So, here it is: by taking the two numbers of your age, and adding them together,
I came up with the number seven, Gods perfect number!! Is that cool or what? Rock on!!!

Happy Birthday.


Donald said...

So he's either 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61 or 70.

Since he's got a kid in college that would knock out the first three numbers and the last two also unless of course he's a movie star and we all know that they get remarried and have kids until they're in their nineties.

That would leave 43 and 52. Since I customarily win at craps and roulette and am thusly willing to bet on a winning number, I have to go with 43.

Anonymous said...

From one Leo to another, Happy Birthday Pastor Jimmie.

Just what were our parents thinkin nine months ago in our linear time reduced to zero in this dimension.

My guess it was pleasant because you and I are both just as happy as if we have good sense.

You beat me by one day but I've got you by thirteen years.

Be blessed bro

Anonymous said...

donald, the analyzer, has analyzed the situation at hand and has analytically come up with the correct number as to the age of the worlds greatest praise and worship leader. Amazing!

Larry Usher said...

Little coincidences...

After work today, a guy drives up to our concrete raising truck and begins questioning what we do, what the equipment was, etc. Turns out his company has been laying concrete in Ghana and Liberia in we talk about Uganda, Africa, etc. He basically tells me to start thinking way outside the box in regards to what to expect upon going there.



Donald said...

Anonymous, not to be crude, but I can tell you precisely what your parents were thinking about at the particular time you mentioned.

But for now, Her Majesty and I are "fixin'" to go get a couple of the best ribeye steaks in the whole wide world.

Later comrades.

Anonymous said...

Shout out to the Peacemaker.

Thanks to Bish I didn't forget to say happy birthday to you today.

Eventhough we've known of each other for quite a while now, we've never really exchanged gifts or anything but I'm not excusing myself because it was right there on the birthday list with the others.

Happy birthday to all Leos. There, I'm good for the whole month.

There is a gift you gave me once that I will never forget. I love that book and my soon to be daughter-in-law has become attached to it as well. Although I only loaned it to her, I'll probably have to buy her a new one to get it back.

I sincerly enjoy being in the same space with you and especially hearing your brand of Phil osophy. It is very akin to my own as I have grown to this stage. We have both followed Holy Spirit in our quest for deeper truth and that is the main reason we both have come to be taught by Bishop Jim.

I couldn't tell you his birthday either but niether do he and I exchange gifts . Its probably better that way. Can you imagine how many gifts he would have to buy if he got one for every person who said they are his friend.

By the way, have I ever given you anything? If not, consider yourself blessed beyond the limits of your imagination because your spirit truly means that much to me.

Happy birthday peaceful brother.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Jimmie
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Pastor Jimmie
Happy Birthday To You
From the one who is exactly two weeks older than you.

Happy Birthday Peacemaker

Today my family went to the park. It was great feeding the fishes & ducks bread. It was a feeding frenzy but when it was over a calm peace was over the lake.
Makes you think, no matter what your going through Peace will follow.

tracy said...

Happy Birthday Peacemaker, Pastor Jimmie & of course Wendy Huf!!! Blessings, Blessings everywhere from our house to yours! Peace-good word for the night. All of the rest of that business from the last few days will wear out even the most resilient of souls! Glad for the reiteration though that God is Good All the time and He loves us ALL and saves us to the uttermost---that my friends gives me peace. It truly is GOOD NEWS-ya'll have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...


Leesa said...

Bishop, It may be short...but when you speak is profound. Attitudes get aligned, trials seem trivial, and rest is received. AAAHHHH! Thank you! Love & Peace to you! Leesa

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bish,
I have been up too long and Im getting gitti....what ever that that even sounds funny !!!!

I'm going to bed,

night all,


Teezy313 said...

Just read yesterday's post and WOW...that made my spirit leap for joy!! I sorta felt.....well as we Baptists would say "runnin a few laps around da church"(hey Larry wanna take a few with me Sunday?!)...just to know that the finished work of Christ triumphs over the first works of Adam...that everything will ultimately be reconciled back to God makes me want to love him even more!!!

On today's subject,
WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS STUFF?! Just when I thought you couldn't top yourself you go and say peace...well now you've done have released something big into the atmosphere...somthing that can't be stopped or controlled...if you keep preachin stuff like peace you're gonna have a bunch of saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, radical for Christ people runniong through the church and you know the circle and the loop of preachers don't like that!!


Anonymous said...

Teezy..."you're gonna have a bunch of saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, radical for Christ people runniong through the church" ......"and you know the circle and the loop of preachers don't like that!!"
.That actually happened in a Pastor friends church that was a SBC church here in Paragold. People started praying for the Holy Ghost and the pastor started laying hands on people and they were being filled with and slain in the spirit. I heard about it and went down to visit; they were having some kind of Holy Ghost Party; I loved it....had a great time. I talked to the Pastor; He said he didnt know what happened....they just prayed and the Holy Ghost just showed up in a big way. The Spirit is unpredictable like never know what he is going to do when people are open and receptive; I am reminded of the Rodney Howard Browne and the Toronto Blessing and Holy laughter. This Pastor was ordered by the SBC to stop all this. They did not like it at all. So He obeyed the Spirit and just changed the name of the church and went on with the Spirit.

When we are open to the Spirit there is no telling what He will show you, where He will lead you, what He will manafest through you, and as Bish, said it does not have to and many times does not make sense; in the natural anyway.

I think back over the prophets of old and how their message was usually contraversial and many times their behavior was bizzar.

who can figure God out? I'm just glad He lets me hang out with him and watch, participate in, and enjoy what He is doing NOW.

Morning Ramblings,

Teezy313 said...


Manna fest!! That's what we have to look forward to on Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

This may be the world's longest blog response to the world's shortest blog entry and I'm not usually this wordy, but I have been led by the Holy Spirit today through an enlightening journey through PEACE today on the internet. This is not what I had planned for today - but since I live in the NOW - this is a synopsis of where I've been.

I started out on the Global Peace Festival website this morning and journeyed through the many partner websites and found some really cool stuff. My Spirit is already very excited about the events to come next weekend and then I was led this afternoon to some information that some of you may already know about, but has my Spirit leaping with anticipation at the moment so I had to share it.

United Nations Resolutions
The International Day of Peace, established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly, was first inaugurated on the third Tuesday of September, 1982. Beginning on the 20th anniversary in 2002, the UN General Assembly set 21 September as the now permanent date for the International Day of Peace.
In establishing the International Day of Peace, the United Nations General Assembly decided that it would be appropriate
"to devote a specific time to concentrate the efforts of the United Nations and its Member States, as well as of the whole of mankind, to promoting the ideals of peace and to giving positive evidence of their commitment to peace in all viable ways… (The International Day of Peace) should be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples."
The Assembly's resolution declared that the International Day of Peace "will serve as a reminder to all peoples that our Organization, with all its limitations, is a living instrument in the service of peace and should serve all of us here within the Organization as a constantly pealing bell reminding us that our permanent commitment, above all interests or differences of any kind, is to peace. May this Peace Day indeed be a day of peace."
(Quotes excerpted from the United Nations General Assembly Resolution UN/A/RES/36/67)
The amended Resolution adopted in 2001 permanently fixed the date of the International Day of Peace to September 21.
“The Assembly, reaffirming the contribution that the observance and celebration of the International Day of Peace make in strengthening the ideals of peace and alleviating tensions and causes of conflict, (decided that) beginning with the fifty-seventh session, the Day should be observed on 21 September each year, with this date to be brought to the attention of all people for the celebration and observance of peace.”

The U.N.'s website for more information is

I have been sort of a numbers freak my whole life. For some reason, I learned how to do math even before I learned how to read.

I did not stop Bishop's play list before starting the hysterical laughing post and his play list was playing "Oh Happy Day". As I browsed the International Day of Peace sites, I found that 8/8/08 has been designated Happiness Day and is 44 days to peace. In my Spirit, there is some divine order and significance to this. I believe it is also of note that leading up to the International Day of Peace on 9/21 is 11 days of global unity that commences on 9/11 (clearly not a coincidence of the significance of that date).

The Global Declaration of Interdependence Preamble is as follows:

In acknowledgment of the many existing documents and efforts that promote peace, sustainability, global interconnectedness, reverence for life and unity, We, The World hereby offers the following Declaration of Interdependence as our guiding set of principles for moving forward into this new millennium. It is inspired by the Earth Charter, the essential values of which have been culled from the many peoples of the Earth.

We, the people of planet Earth,
In recognition of the interconnectedness of all life
And the importance of the balance of nature, Hereby acknowledge our interdependence and affirm our dedication to life-serving environmental stewardship,
The fulfillment of universal human needs worldwide, Economic and social well-being, And a culture of peace and nonviolence, to insure a sustainable and harmonious world for present and future generations.

I invite CITN and the global cyber-community to join 1 billion around the world in a Minute of Silence at Noon on Sunday, September 21 For The International Day of Peace

At 12 noon on September 21st, let us take one Minute of Silence together for peace and nonviolence - in our homes, schools, businesses, or street corners, wherever we are.

If you read more about this on the website, you will see that the minute of silence is designed to occur in each time zone, as noon occurs, around the world which creates an hourly minute of silence as a wave of prayer that encircles the globe for 24 hours. I believe this can be the day in 2008 (the year for new beginnings)to see a manifestation of a global cease-fire. I believe we can all be a part of connecting together to be a condiut for this manifestation. I believe in the "Oneness" of God's creation.

One of the web sites I visited had a motto of "Igniting the Spirit of World Peace". WHOO HOO - bring on the Holy Ghost Fire - Pour out Your Spirit on all Flesh.
There is not cause and effect (Wisdom) in God's reality only Believing and Seeing (Revelation)!

Receive God's PEACE in the world today and recognize how we are all part of this process as what we think, speak and do each and every day does impact the rest of the world. Re-think EVERYTHING!

In ALL we do, we HONOR You!