Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hey bloggers, Thanks for blogging, even without a topic (currently 23 comments)...
the posting of this clip is a completely apolitical statement on my part, as I consider myself neither republican nor democrat...I just think this is really funny for some reason...and remember, I have no control over what clips this may link to...(Pause the playlist first)

(clip removed)'s not spiritual, I know...just a little laugh break in a very serious and intense time...


The Cloud of Unknowing said...

Practical Guide to Contemplation

The two treatises, then, are eminently practical. They guide the reader in the path of contemplation. While there is an abundance of books teaching meditation of the discursive kind, not so many teach the contemplative prayer that goes beyond thought and imagery into the supraconceptual cloud of unknowing. And it is precisely this that the English author is teaching. In his rejection of conceptualization he is as radical as any Zen Buddhist. All thoughts, all concepts, all images must be buried beneath a cloud of forgetting, while our naked love (naked because divested of thought) must rise upward toward God hidden in the cloud of unknowing. With the cloud of unknowing above, between me and my God, and the cloud of forgetting below, between me and all creatures, I find myself in the silentium mysticum about which the English author read in the work of Dionysius.

If “The Cloud” is radical in its rejection of conceptualization, even more so is “Privy Counseling”, the opening paragraph of which contains words that set the theme for the whole treatise: “Reject all thoughts, be they good or be they evil.” This is pretty stark. God can be loved but he cannot be thought. He can be grasped by love but never by concepts. So less thinking and more loving.

Anonymous said...

What can I say about a father who has the guts and courage to stand before his children first to apologize, second to ask for understanding thirdly to say children your father and mother need all your help, to pray and to do all we can on your part, this time your mother and I will not take no for answer.( When you said that Sunday, I felt your spirit, and like any daughter I wanted to help my parents to keep our home safe).

Thank you, so much for the words you share with us this Morning at the Body Builders. It really speaks to me and my spirit. And tonight you did it again. You are truly a spiritual father who knows exactly what’s going on, inside your home, and your children comforts. Like Apostle Paul say: “ I can never stop thanking God for you and for the entire generous gift He has given to you to input in us”. Tonight I believe you teach us the value of the Cross, by showing us how to share the Love of God among us family.

THE MEANING OF THE CROSS: (1 Cor.1:18; 1C.2:1) - Be considerate of one another because of what Christ has done for us. There is no place for pride or a know-it-all attitude. We have to have the mind of Christ
THE STORY OF THE LAST SUPER: (1 Cor.11:23-29) – The Last Super is a time of reflection on Christ’s final words to His disciples before He died on the Cross; we must celebrate this in, an orderly and correct manner.

THE POEM OF LOVE: (1Cor. 13:1-13) - Love is to guide all we do. We have different gifts, abilities, likes dislikes, but we are called, without exception, to love.

The truth is we are all designed not only to be loved unconditionally, but to love others unconditionally. As we discover the love that God has for each of us, we are better able to extend that love to others who need it most.

Truth is that when you are yourself, you set others free to be themselves. You become a source of encouragement and blessing to others in ways you can’t even imagine!
All of us have a role to play in making an impact on the world around them. When we offer ourselves our whole selves to God, He can use us in ways we can’t even imagine!

The truth is that our strengths and weaknesses are often linked. No one can be great at everything. That’s why recognizing the link between strengths and weaknesses can help us develop compassion and grace not only for ourselves but others.


Anonymous said...

A Hey Y’all, From Arkansas,

It was great to see CITN back on streaming tonight! Good Word Bishop, I am totally on the same page with you about tithing, giving, offering, whatever. I learned a long time ago you can’t out-give God that’s the bottom line. He always likes to show out like that; but that’s OK by me. I am blessed because of my giving I know that full well, as the Psalter would say it. Of course it works in reverse too.

I have been so busy lately. And I have some tuff days physically. There is a lot going on with showing the house and my disability retirement stuff; my mother, plus I have been spending a lot of time on my websites, blog and youtubes. I breezed over most of the comments…some good stuff out there. Hopefully I will get time to go back over them later. I have got to get some rest. Good night everyone.

We are Blessed,

Mystic said...

Wow...ok, Bishop...move or post/repost anything...I'm so tired my posts are moving themselves now. I thought I just posted here...apparently I was mistaken.

Nite Blog Fam...

Son of Zadok said...

Can I first just give a shout out to Nation of Worship? You all bring it every week and the playin', singing, and the attitudes of you worshipers is just so in tune with the Holy Ghost in every way, and always a fresh breathe of anointing to us all.

When Jason Bonham recently filled in for his deceased father in a little reunion show put on at the O2 arena in Britain not long ago; I recall an interview he gave which spoke of how he learned to play the drums. He said his father John would sit him down in front of the drum-kit and just let him play with the jukebox. He was a "juke-box drummer" as he put it.

That's really how I've busted my chops when my harps been off the willow tree. I was havin' one of them there picken' and grinnin' sessions with my younger brother like we often do last night. We'll sit and play with the radio, flipping through the dial here and there. Which is amazing to me because he's only been playing for a short time. It's amazing what you can get away with while learning/maturing, as long as your instrument is in tune.

Theirs a little trick in playing the blues that once you memorize a certain scale called the pentatonic minor scale, you can pretty much play along. No matter what note you play, you'll be in tune with the song, playing your own song, as long as you know the key and stay in the scale.

You can probably see where I'm going with all this.

Everyone is having a part to play in CITN. It is God who has tuned you. And when you go out of tune, He is putting you back in place. And folks you all sound beautiful. From one in cyberspace who's never yet dawned your door, let me say, His glory is shining through you. Continue in the chorus that is this wonderful blessing and vision that our conductor, our Bishop, is laying out for us. This symphony, that is CITN, is straight from the Heavenly Host and the All Creative Alpha Composer, the very Holy Ghost, The Blast!

But that's not all. Sometimes a song will come on the radio and you just can't seem to find a way to fit in with it, it isn't built around the chords most songs go by. Sometimes an instrument is not tuned or modulated as to what is considered "normal" or what you might hear as a "standard" tuning. God only gave us 12 notes. That's it. But when those notes begin to rise and fall, to bend into unique sharps and flats. It's called an alternate and modal tuning. It’s kinda like the fractals and the geometry that doesn't fit into "the box". Forgive any of my incorrect music theory/jargon to you real pros out there. I'm just an enthusiast.

CITN, you are not tuned like the majority of the world. You are operating in a tune among yourselves. You are a new song! Their is a univerasal song, but you are most certainty in an alternate tuning, marching to the beat of you own drummer; and He is Christ the Lord! He has revealed His Love to us for all people. Let the world hear this rhapsodic tune.

So ya, you can jam with all the regular bands. You know how to fit in. But when God calls deep unto deep. When Jehova Omega sets the table to serve you the meat and not just the milk. When He turns that spiritual volume up in your heart to 11. You look up into his face and realize He's given you the better part, like Mary and Martha.

You just remind Him how thankful you are that we are not perishing for lack of knowledge, and more preferably for any lack of love.

Just love on Him a little bit today for that.

Son of Zadok said...


You made your original post on yesterday's blog instead of today's. Some of that there "cloud" talk. However, I wanted to respond to it, and did so there.


Your body will be fresher than a child's and you will return to the days of your youth. May God renew your youth like the eagle's. You receive the Word of God and it is health to your flesh.

Job 33:25 / Ps 118:17 / Prov 4:22


I so feel you on the politics. I could go on and on about it, pondering in my own limited understanding. Never in my life have I been so befuddled about where to put my vote. We have to keep praying and trust God. Let's just remember we are part of a higher Kingdom. Our allegiance is to the Lord and not a party. C.S Lewis had many wise things to say about the danger of nationalism. Don't misunderstand , I so love this country, theirs just a balance to it. Their is actually much good coming from both sides now it seems. Maybe their is hope for us nationally yet.

Son of Zadok said...

I know theirs a lot of fear when it comes to politics. I will never again let a political opinion get in the way of my love or fellowship for anyone. My love's grown bigger than that.

It's a big, big, love.

Just wanted to add that.

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice flow.

SOZ is right, we should not allow fear to rule us, political or otherwise.

It seems to me the closer proximity to the cloud of unknowing gives more strength for living a fearless life filled with thoughtfulness of love.

The closer proximity to the cloud of forgetfulness gives more opportunity for some thermal activity beneath it to cause a bellowing of bitter memory to puff into the space one occupies.

So, let us continue to rise toward the cloud of unknowing and be enriched by its condensation droplets that are formed in its process of perfect love.

peaceful thoughtfulnes,


tracy said...

Mystic-loved the Lion King reference yesterday and thank you for bringing it to remembrance. Also the what if we didn't have to theorize about it or pray about that too. This morning before I took Bailey to school I made her clean out her side of the car-we spent about 4 hours in there yesterday and her side was a huge mess. Anyway-she got mad at me, which she doesn't usually do. She stomped a foot, stuck out a lip the whole nine yards. About two minutes later-if that, she said I sorry mommy I mad at you. Within seconds she was asking me if I love her so much(duhh!) But then she starts telling me how pretty the sky is and telling me to look at the sky-look what Jesus do-like he painted it just for us, which of course He did (duh again). She will come home this afternoon and our "fight" will not even enter her mind, not today -not ever for that matter. What if none of us had to pray or theorize about it.....

SCRIBE said...

Short Story....

Excerpt taken from the book entitled:
“Trees along the Scenic Trail” {Not Yet Published}

Author: C. FORD


Have you ever been the unfortunate recipient of “hand-me-downs”? Or, are you one of those people that pass your “hand-me-downs” to others that you feel are in need? Regardless of what side of the fence you stand on, we could all benefit, if things are put in proper perspective.

Almost every since my family and I have lived in the city that we currently reside in- for reasons that both escape and baffle me, people have always made it a practice of passing off their “trash” to us. The ironic thing is they always say that they were moved to “BLESS YOU” with some nice things. After having received these supposed blessings from people all too many times, (although we never asked anyone for anything nor appeared needy, and most times are not in relationship with these “fine folks”) it becomes aggravating. As we go through the hefty bags, we find that relatively everything they passed along is better suited for trash dumpsters and should not have been given to anyone at all. More often than not, the articles are ripped, stained, and full of holes. I began getting terribly angry with people who do such things and inquired of GOD Almighty as to exactly why this continued to happen.

On Christmas Day, approximately two years ago, GOD clearly stated: “Cheryl, people that give you raggedy stuff knowing that is meant for the trash, they are just as ragged in their spirits!” I pondered this for a moment and began to think in retrospect of the numerous people that had been passing off their garbage to us. GOD began to speak again: “Do not be confused, dismayed, or downhearted about this because I shall use these truths to impart some wisdom and revelation into you. Those very people that have no shame in giving others their trash (otherwise known as “hand-me-downs”) also give ME- the LORD of HOSTS their absolute worst and leftovers instead of giving ME all that I deserve, which is their absolute best! After all, I AM the LORD over all creation and hold their every breath in the palm of mine hands. Now, take a moment to meditate on what I have said.”

While focusing intently on what GOD had spoken to me, I began to understand. GOD spoke to me a few months later in reference to the “hand-me-downs”. The LORD clearly stated: “What others consider to be their “hand-me-downs” is certainly NOT the best that they have. They give others, including ME- the GREAT LORD those things that they have no desire to hold onto for themselves. However, when I- the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY gave unto humanity mine Only Begotten Son, HE was MY “hand-me-down” to all mankind. Need I remind you that HE was the ABSOLUTE BEST of MY best? HE- JESUS the Messiah was ME, GOD ALMIGHTY wrapped up in human form: GOD INCARNATE; for no other sacrifice would have been appropriate or acceptable for the salvation of all that had been and were to come. Certainly nothing less would have done the job because it was less than perfect. Therefore, when I, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY have given my ABSOLUTE BEST unto the people in the form of a “hand-me-down”, have they become so callous, shallow, arrogant, and self-centered where they feel everyone else that they deem as less than they, are indeed deserving of garbage? Yet and still, they claim to give this waste and refuse in MY NAME, calling it “charitable works!”

“Because I am GOD and I change not, mine Son is, was, and always will be far greater than any human for HE is GOD Incarnate but did not show any biases or prejudices when it came to the giving of himself. HE was MY BEST, yet ate, dwelt, and fellowshipped with those that the world deemed as trash and outcasts. HE himself was mocked, scorned, beaten, spit upon, and ridiculed by the very ones whom he came into the earth to offer salvation unto. In addition, he was too considered as an outcast, for the people themselves stated that nothing good ever came out of Nazareth! I AM the LORD of HOSTS, so I implore my precious people to be extremely careful and mindful of what they are giving to others. For what they give unto their brothers and sisters is a direct representation and correlation as to how they truly feel about them and what they think of them. So, the next time they consider giving someone “hand-me-downs”, perhaps they should ask themselves if what they are giving to someone else would be any less or greater than they would want and be willing to receive for themselves. And, if in doubt, follow MY EXAMPLE. What do the “hand-me-downs” look like? Are they ripped, stained, full of holes, or just simply in poor taste?”

The Only Begotten SON of GOD- JESUS was the only “hand-me-down” that was PERFECT in form, but gave of himself to become Ripped, Stained with BLOOD, and Full of HOLES for the salvation of all, even to be dragged out as trash. Now, the time has arrived for meditation and deep reflection, and examination of heart motives... Selah...

Written: Monday, 25 December 2006

Anonymous said...

gighasIsn't it amazing, how in an economic inconvienience, how we realize that we could have gotten along just fine without some of the things we bought on credit.

I repent of my impulsive mismanagement of my finances that interferes with what the Holy Spirit could have led me to use for the Kingdom.


Anonymous said...

gighas was the word ver, I don't know how that happened.


Anonymous said...

gighas -

God is great, He's a spirit -

God is good, holy and saving -

God is glorious, He always shines!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:55

Thank you


Mystic said...

Thank you again,'ve made my last 2 days now...LOL! It really means a great deal coming from someone that we admire so much as a Bishop, Pastor, Father, Author...etc., etc., etc. (I feel comfortable enough about that statement to speak for most of us--forgive me if I have overstepped blog fam). And the info for italics is as follows with the #'s removed: <#i#>Lion King<#/#i> and it appears like this: Lion King. If you use b instead of i, you get bold and the letter a gives you an underlined blue text that looks like a link but is not one...unless you actually make it so. If I have not explained it sufficiently, please let me know and I will get an expert to explain for me. (Mystic's blog comment brought to you by the letters a, b, and i and the number

As for Mr. Blanc, I was one of his biggest fans as his characters were my slice of Saturday morning heaven...perhaps someday I'll have the nerve to show you my "painting" of Speechless...but I doubt it. I wouldn't have shown it to Monet either...LOL.

And SOZ...I did understand that you were also "cloud" but I considered that you might have a reason for using both...or that you were MPD...and I certainly did not want to rock anyone's, it is a joke...lame as it is.) Thank you for your comments...and for yours, Miss Tracy...again, I'm honored.

JB...deep calls yet again...thank you.

Scribe...thank you for that very helpful and apt comment...never should we pass on anything but our very best.'s all good, eh?

Blessings Blog Fam...even Buddhist blessings ;-)

Bishop Jim Swilley said...


Mystic said...

My pleasure, Bishop.

Talking about Speechless (I know y'all are probably bored with it by now but just one more moment, if you don't mind) has made me go look at photos of it online again and to recall the first day I ever saw it. I was standing in the Financial Aid office at college turning in some paperwork and a large version of the lithograph was hung in the office of the Administrator. It brought tears to my eyes immediately...the Administrator and I were both in tears before I left...he had purchased it for the same reason...I just can't imagine a better tribute to Mel Blanc and his talents or a more stirring reminder of his contributions to our nation and the world of animation...or to the lives of all of us who lived for those hours on Saturday morning and were rewarded with Bugs, Elmer, Foghorn Leghorn and I say...I say...I say, DOG!, Pepe Le Pew, Sam and Ralph (the dog and coyote who worked the farm together)...ah, those were the days my friends...we thought they'd never end...memories are nice to visit sometimes, aren't they?

Anyway...good day bloggers...and as always...

Blessings Blog Fam!'s interesting that the a command of which I spoke didn't work on the main blog post page...but it does on the comments one...another thing that makes ya go hmmm...

karl cobos said...

Hi Bishop,

Just a quick hello to say thanks for the word last night about being united in vision.

I also thought of the song by Santa Esmerelda I believe, while you were teaching, that goes;

"I'm just a soul whose intentions are good...oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood", remember?

Well, I've run out of time here at the library, haven't read the blogs yet, gotta pick up Zachary but wanted to say Hi.

take care,
Karl Cobos

Anonymous said...

H.G. instructed me today from the course on poetic justice 101. Not long ago the class learned that perhaps Eve was not such a culprit in the ‘so called’ fall of man but was more a catalyst in beginning the rise of man and thus a (don’t like the term heroine so will say) hero. I have digressed from that teaching so H.G. gave me an object lesson.

Today, while helping my brother with the painting of his house, I decided to work around a large fig bush loaded with fruit. I thought it is so full of nutritious goodness that I won’t curse it but will try to work around it. The bush was so large that it was needful to get inside of it and build a scaffold platform integrated with it. After some time of doing this I noticed that my forearms were itching something fierce. I was fully clothed except for my moderately hairy forearms.

The thought came to me right away that when Adam and Eve perceived they were naked after eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that if they used fig leaves to cover their tender private parts that they probably wished they hadn’t. As another thought I’ll bet that ever since then humans have thought about the sting of the knowledge of good and evil the same way.

Speaking of stings, watching Governor Palin last night made me think much more deeply about poetic justice. The religious right who has propagated for centuries that Eve was to blame for the fall of man has just placed a woman one heart beat away from ruling over them. H.G. laughed with me and said, “You ain’t seen nothin yet”.

Everything that is to be said and done in this process of choice has not been said and done yet. There must be more than just words from either side, and there will be, to give us the best indicator as to the team that will best accomplish God’s will for the benevolence of man according to the pattern of answered prayers, of those past, for liberty and justice for all. There will be a clear plan that is sensible presented by the wisest team.

I was leaning somewhat to the left but after the object lesson on Eve’s place in the journey of man my ship has come back to an even keel. There is no telling how many times most of us who weigh every truth will teeter and totter until our final decision is made.

In my early years I used to ask God to show me who to vote for. After several years, of not hearing what I wanted to hear, I finally heard God say vote for who you want to win and then pray for and support who ever goes into office. What is clear to me about this is that our president is an expression of the people’s choice which may or may not be mine but is the will of the people none the less and that is the prayer God chooses to answer.

It is important for us all to not be afraid to vote and then not fear the outcome. I hope you will vote and that you will see your hopes come to light.


Son of Zadok said...

A song for my ego, my id, my flesh. From the Christ man to the Adam man inside us all. From the eagle to the chicken.

Time For Me to Fly

I've been around for you
I've been up and down for you
But I just can't get any relief
I've swallowed my pride for you
I've lived and lied for you
But you still make me feel like a thief

You got me stealin' your love away
'Cause you never give it
Peeling the years away
And we can't relive it
I make you laugh
And you make me cry
I believe it's time for me to fly

You said we'd work it out
You said that you had no doubt
That deep down we were really in love
Oh, but I'm tired of holding on
To a feeling I know is gone
I do believe that I've had enough

I've had enough of the falseness
Of a worn out relation
Enough of the jealousy
And the intoleration
I make you laugh
And you make me cry
I believe it's time for me to fly

Time for me to fly
Oh, I've got to set myself free
Time for me to fly
And that's just how it's got to be
I know it hurts to say goodbye
But it's time for me to fly

Oh, don't you know it's
time for me to fly

Anonymous said...

REO Speedwagon rocks

Tithing is a form of karma

And this world is a veil.



Son of Zadok said...

Hey mystic,

Do you know how to make hyperlinks on the blog as well?


Praise God, Hallajuha, Glory to God, Amen!

sweet, it works,

Mystic said... do have good do you SOZ. I wore out a few copies of their Hi-Infidelity album--one of my all-time I carry them all on my IPOD...along with an eclectic mix with everything from Fleetwood Mac's best album ever Rumours to stuff from the boys from Athens, R.E.M., to Ne-Yo, to Simple Plan, to Ole Blue Eyes, to Louis Armstrong and most of the praise & worship songs we sing at CITN...I do love those!

As for the links...I don't believe those are allowed in comments...I believe only the blogmaster can use them.

It's safer to do it as you've done it and let people cut and paste links instead of using hypers...especially when the comments are on auto-post and allow anonymous posters.

Blessings Blog Fam!

tracy said...

That is freakin hilarious and awesome and a much needed to all and to all a good night!!

Mystic said...

I was looking over my comments of the last few days--I suppose I'm in one of "those moods"...some days spiritual...some days not so much...but because of what has been happening in recent could we be anything but? I have felt something “reconnect” in me and I guess it’s been pouring out here. I hope there's no limit on numbers of posts.

Kim Clement spoke a few very meaningful things to of which was about "saying something new...something we have never said"...that lead me back to my post from a day or so ago about the email I received and its opening statement "To get something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done."

Yes, the whole "going to another level" has been used...appropriately, but used. In another recent service, Bishop asked Pastor Jimmie to begin a song and then said in the spirit..."we need a new song"...another song was begun and I believe Bishop said..."even newer than that." Dr. Varner's prophecy, KC's prophecies, Bishop's words and messages from the Lord, words of knowledge and prophecy from God through members of our CITN body...everything seems to lead us toward that "NEW THING"...What Is It? Manna?

All religions, beliefs, ideals of peace, love, and justice come from the Him no matter what they look like or what words they might use. We will have to get to that place where it really doesn’t matter to us...not only color and creed, but beliefs and any other thing we have seen as or called “differences”...this simply cannot be...not if we are to manifest the Son. Our horizons have been expanding, our tent pegs stretching...God has been preparing us for some time...I don’t know what it is but it’s big! And I know I’ll do all I can to help CITN further its vision...not change it!

Is it bigger than a breadbox? Most it bigger than the universe...perhaps it IS THE UNIVERSE--the ONE SONG we are all beginning to sing. It's definitely new; no one has ever heard it before in the natural but our spirits all recognize it somehow. In the spirit...that is the ONE place where any of this feels even the slightest bit recognizable...but in order to really connect with it, we're really going to have to dig down very deep, to reach up very high, and to touch the heart of God. That's what He wants...that's what we want...and that is what we have been endeavoring to do. It's the BLAST! It's only recognizable as spirit because we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Yes, it's new, but it's also as old as is the very purpose and basis of our existence and is the reason we all watched as the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world...we were there...we were IN HIM and we are getting back to that Source by removing all that is not of Him...nothing can stand in His sin, no flesh, no vain imaginations...only Spirit can stand before Him and only HIS CONSUMING FIRE can remove all else and reveal the purity of our Spirits in Unity...E pluribus unum...Out of Many, One...One Song, One Heart, One Spirit, One Love...the plan is for us to get there...ON THIS SIDE OF make it in earth as it is in heaven.

The more I learn, the less I know...but it’s all good...we are all MOVING FORWARD into The LIGHT...and Bishop is leading the way AND giving us the tools to learn/study/discern on our own as we need to do....but still, this rebirth/glory to glory thing can sure ’nuff be a beotch! The pushing, the pain, the water and the blood (those two great witnesses!)’s messy and difficult and hot and sweaty...and SO WORTH IT! This may be tough but it's also JOYOUS...those things often cannot be separated.

It’s new and it’s timeless...the Lambkin and the Lion. The WHOLE which we cannot must not dichotomize--Greek dichotomia (divided): dich- (form of dícha, in two, asunder); tomia- a combining form meaning cutting, incision, excision of an object--The WHOLE...that which God has joined together that we MUST NOT put asunder.

It is the Whole, The One, The Unity, The Love...not light and dark...only LIGHT in various forms...not good and bad...only Good...only God in His various forms--sometimes as a lambkin sometimes as a lion, sometimes as the power brooding over the waters...and sometimes a pure, bright light...with a name on His thigh known only unto Him...and WE ARE HIS BRIDE! Even so Lord Jesus, the Spirit and the Bride say COME! ALL COME! Halal to Jah!

Makes me want to go shout some more! I think this is my last post today...but could be...could be not. Later y’all...until then...

Blessings Blog Fam!

Thanks for the laugh Bishop! The Ghost Breakers is pretty funny...but that line...priceless! And Tracy...loved your comment about Bailey and what happened...God let my faith be as childlike and my love as obvious in everything I do and say. Goodnight Bailey...and thank your Mom and Dad for bringing you to all of us for me.

Iris said...

Appologies for so much blurking lately... A lot going on... Will explain later...

Just wanted to say Mystic... it's good to have you back...


Mystic said...

Iris...thank you--it's nice to be "back". Know that you and yours are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers.

Hang in there...God (and your family here) are with you.

Blessings, my friend.

Anonymous said...

What got me here,

Won't keep me here.

What keeps me here,

Won't get me there.

What gets me there,

Won't keep me there.

Fresh revalation,

Keeps me moving forward.


Mystic said... more but this is a comment to Bishop that I meant to tell him earlier when I was speaking about what's on my IPOD™. Of course, I also have The Beatles White and Abbey Road selections on it and I have a really great set of messages from you, Bishop...and I wanted you to know that when I bring up my music catalog and alphabetize it by Artist shows up like this:

The Beatles
Bishop Swilley

I just wanted you to know that.

Blessings Blog Fam!

Good stuff, NTL.

Anonymous said...

That clip is hillaryous!Oh did I spell that wrong, I'm sorry, I dont smell well. but I do know that Jesus "was a friend to republicans and sinners" so acording to the artherized kign James bible that Jesus and Pawl used they sort of go togither.

I was just thankin and I thaut why do wee even need a presedent. seems ta me that the rest of them folks up there in the congregation are a makin all the deecisions anyhoo. weed save a right smart a money ifn we just cut that part of the budget out. sides that ited stop all this gaul dern fighten over whos a gonna take over when they dong really take over any how.

Jest a thankin


Erik said...

McCain, Pallin, Heart and 'Baracuda' --- So got to ;ove that. priceless.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

That's cool, Mystic...

P. Dennis, That's funny (I don't use "lol") BTW, I was just looking at your blog and I want you to know that I think it's really good...great content and layout. It's different from this one because it serves a different purpose, but I'm very impressed with it. You done good.

Also, I noticed that the two of you have added yourselves as blog "followers", and I'll add that gadget to the blog when a few more add themselves. Right now it just looks like y'all are the only two who visit here and it's kind of sad.

Mystic said...

Y'all best not be makin' Bishop sad...go to your Blogger Dashboards and use the new tool they've added under "Blog Following" will allow you to connect directly to this blog and show updates from your dashboard page and follow this blog. Get it? Got it? Good! Git-r-done!

And yes, Erik, that was a rather good selection for a song for her. Speech was pretty good, too.

Blessings Blog Fam!

Avatar said...

Me too, Dennis and Iris--more of my time has become not my own these days, too.

Thank you, Izumi/Joy! Good to see you and I loved your list! Got anything on giving/tithing?

Political scene gets interestinger and interestinger! Funny clip, Bishop--first letters of my wordver are zom--I'm feeling a bit democratic right now myself...need some zzz's

THANKS! Mystic--for the fun new tools! Wordver has kisses - xox - in the middle--smile!

Anonymous said...

Its been good to get to listen to all my blog family for awhile Way too much Good stuff here to comment sufficiently on....just let me tell ya its all good stuff.

Although I would like to say...

Cool cloud stuff...

SOZ ...Thanks for the Good Word.

Abraham...that Karma idea is interesting...

Scribe...great short story...

Hey Carl, Mystic, JB, Iris, NTL, Tracy, Erik, cloud, Anons,

Bishop...Thanks for the thumbs up on my blog. as you can see by the visitors map; I get a lot of blurkers but not many bloggers. believe it or not many go to my profile and email me instead of commenting on the blog. but that’s cool too. I know I am reaching many with the truth that sadly they most likely will not here in less they go to CITN...Its all part of the plan of the Lord and it's all good!

P Dennis

Larry Usher said...

Thanks for the encouragement posts the other day Bishop, needed that!
Lotsa good talk & ideas on here last couple of days. Great to immerse myself in the middle of them and be transported to another "place".

Blessings & joy,


Izumi/JOY said...


T - token
H - hammers
I - inspiring
T - thankfulness
H - honoring
E - Elohim
S - Selah

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Cal...yeah, I knew the clip connected to other clips that were off-color...that comes with the territory when you post YouTube stuff, which is why I always give a disclaimer concerning that...but I went ahead and removed it, anyway...