Saturday, September 6, 2008

Make A Connection!


(later that day...)

Hey bloggers,

Thanks for the interesting, enlightening and even provocative comments here today (currently 34)...I'm always amazed at the diverse paradigms, exchange of ideas and presentation of thought that goes on here on a daily basis...thanks for thinking, and be blessed for blogging!

I'm anyone going to be ITB tomorrow @ CITN? Is anyone planning to be a part of the cyber-congregation? If so, what is your expectation for 9/7/08? Where is your faith concerning tomorrow's services?

I've got some good stuff stirring in my spirit for the word that I want to deliver, and I'm open to having a demand made in the spirit realm on my gift. Let your "deep" call to my "deep". Faith is in the atmosphere, and I want to be fully connected to it.

Talk to me,



Erik said...

hello everyone,

God's blessing rains on everyone, everywhere, all the time (in every time). I enjoy this country, and got to say God does Bless America, equally as God Blesses every country, every person, in every culture, in every time and in this current time, the same.

It is pleasurable to say God Bless America, in the same voice, intention, passion and heart, knowing that is only one part of the rain of God's blessing , equally, of same value and desire of God, blessing every one, every where, at all times. God 'is no respecter of persons' does not favor any one person, nation, culture , belief dogma, over any other. God blesses ALL, the same, however just or unjust one person, culture, country perceives or not.

Every person is fully connected to God, only in the mind of any one of us, our specific perception, our imagination, are we separated from God. Paul wrote truly.

Erik said...

I think the best thing a Presidential Candidate can say is -- God Bless Every One, Every Where, All The Time. - Far more expressive of The Holy Spirit than the subset of - God Bless America. But, if one is limiting their light, it is what it is, however, America is All About the maximum, all the time, -- So, declare full knowledge, why hold back ?

Thank God for the blessings we have within and around each person, every where, all the time --- THAT is the message of America! Anything less is UN-AMERICAN , indeed terrorist and true traitor -- however, even traitors and terrorists are covered in the Grace of The Christ, so our politicians can rest assured they are already forgiven for their chosen separation in their minds. It is OK, The Anrahamics continue to grow, as the universe assists and encourages. We are coming about, and will awaken soon, in love.

Fret Not, it will be well.

The Cloud of Unknowing said...

The Loss of Self

Let me first say that this problem of the loss of self is extremely relevant in the religious climate of today, a climate that is largely dominated by the meeting of the great religions in a common forum and fascinating dialog that historian, Arnold Toynbee, has not hesitated to call the most significant event of the century. In this East-West religious encounter and exchange, the central problem on which all discussion finally focuses is that of the existence and nature of the self. Can a highly personalized religion like Christianity find common ground with an apparently self-annihilating system like Buddhism? This is a problem that has constantly come to the fore in ecumenical meetings I myself have attended. Anyone confronted with this would do well to listen to the wisdom of this English author. Steeped in the Christian tradition, he speaks a language that Buddhists understand. He is indeed a great spokesman for the West.
Let us consider consider some of the passages in which he justifies his advice to forget ones own being. In The Cloud he claims that to feel ones own existence is the greatest suffering possible to man:

"Every man has plenty of cause for sorrow, but he alone understands the deep universal reason for sorrow who experiences that he is. Every other motive pales besides this one. He alone feels authentic sorrow who realizes not only what he is, but that he is. Anyone who has not felt this should really weep, for he has never experienced real sorrow."

This is a remarkable passage. It might seem like a rejection of life and existence, were it not for the author's explicit statement that this is not his meaning:

"And yet in all this, never does he desire to not be, for this is the devil's madness and blasphemy against God. In fact, he rejoices that he is and from the fullness of a grateful heart he gives thanks to God for the gift and the goodness of his existence. At the same time , he desires unceasingly to be freed from the knowing and feeling of his being."

Anonymous said...

Top of the morning To you all
It's a new day. I started a new post on yesterday's blog. Like I said we are moving forward. Time to stop wondering what is going to happen. Ride the coaster and enjoy the ride. There are new venues that are opening for us. Did you know that this year there is a hurricane with my name on it. When a storm settles go and look at the sky smell the fresh air and see how clear the sky looks. It's a new day. Enjoy Life. How can I describe CITN right now ? It's like rocky road ice cream. It may have some bumps but it also has it's sweet surprise.

Just because He cares for you
Every day He'll see you through
See His power all around
Until you are no longer earthbound
Savor your relationship with the Savior
by Laura Benson

Bishop feel the new anointing the Father is giving you. And minister like it's the first day of the rest of your spiritual life.

Son of Zadok said...

Church In The Now.

There would have been a day when the "church" would have strapped our Bishop up and poured molten lava down his throat for the preaching the truth he proclaims. And if you wouldn't renounce your revelations of Christ, you would be next. Truly the spirit of Anti-Christ is religion. This is a sobering thought.

I've got to collect my feelings on this. It would be to easy to jump the gun.

Son of Zadok said...

Speaking of the "church" this is an interesting word. For those of you not aware, you might find this information interesting.

The history of this thing we call the church is very interesting. Firstly, the word “church” comes from the pagan name “Circa” or “Circe” given to the mythological Greek goddess who had magical powers to turn men into animals, especially pigs. I will resist the temptation to draw this comparison with todays “Church”. Church is a poor translation of the Biblical ecclesia, which means “called-out”.


PattiL007 said...

I believe this is all a bit too deep for me at 1:49AM...ok, so it's a bit too deep for me at 1:49PM too...what can I say?

Do like that drawing directly relates to the 'Dialogues', and, of course, in a round about Cool Hand Luke...What we have here is a failure to communicate!

Erik...agreed...I pray we will all be able to see The TRUTH and sing the UNI-VERSE and learn to enjoy each other completely...without focusing on any differences...but on Christ Alone. (Hope all is well with you and yours...extra prayers for all.) looking forward to Sunday with great anticipation.

SOZ/Cloud...liked both entries but if they did pour the lava down throats of those who preached what they called "herecy", I don't believe they would have been able to receive the confession for which they were aiming post-lava, that is...but I do agree with you that it certainly seems that anti-Christ is religion...pure ignorance, stubborness, and unyielding...even to a vision of Christ Himself with signs Nicodemus said...yet apparently did not truly believe...I enjoy reading the exchange in JITN...I believe it gets to the heart of the matter.

Blessings Blog Fam!

Son of Zadok said...


It kinda just hit me like a ton of bricks after that post that CITN has the word church in the name.

Ok, look.

I don't think the word itself is bad. It's really the spirit behind something that defines it. It's like those who say we shouldn't celebrate Christmas or whatever. Just because something has its origins outside our original traditional roots ,doesn't mean it can't be made new. God is making all things new. I really wish I wouldn't have made that last post now. Are some things better left unknown? As I would never tell a church to take down its steeple. Many Protestant traditions and customs are still very much steeped in paganism, even down to the steeple on the church which is a phallic obelisk symbol of Baal’s penis (I am not making this up. research it).

Ok where was I? Love....Love the pagan, love the pharisee(separatist).....OOOmmmm. ;)

Son of Zadok said...

Mystic if The Cloud posts are to deep for you, I'm just going to stop posting them now.

PattiL007 said...

And to Bishop and the gang departing soon to a foreign land on this great missions trip/pastor's conference in the great nation of Uganda on the huge continent of Africa...I know it's a bit early...but it's only a few days really, so I will say and use the words of the group TOTO:
I bless the Rains down in Africa!

May those rains be prosperous, filled with Holy Ghost Fire, and received immediately in the hearts and minds of all Ugandans...from all walks of life. Safe, Peaceful, Swift, Favored, Favored, and Favored even more. I feel this will be a trip filled with the miraculous and you will all see the glory of God in a new and exciting way! Halal to Jah!

The Lord our God has prepared the Way and this will be one of the best trips of your lives...the first of the best yet to come.

Blessings Blog Missionaries!

And SOZ...don't even pretend...I might have to smack you in the violence...just a HG smackdown! LOL! Luvin' it all and if it gets too deep for me...I'll just have to revisit it!
Blessings to the SOZmeister!

Son of Zadok said...

Ha, Thanks Mystic.

I know your loving it! It so good. And you just wait, there's so much revelation, beauty, and life in it.

PattiL007 said...

Revelation, Beauty, and of the Holy Trifectas! I'm game...bring it on!

And on that note...I bid you all a good night...the angels of the Lord camp round about us...and they're telling me to get my butt in bed! I'm outta here.

Blessings and Sweet Sleep My Friends, My Fam...

Son of Zadok said...

Hey the bars are closing.

Pastor Dennis should be strolling in here shortly.

Haha, just kidding!

You know I love you Connerclast!

Anonymous said...

Erik, Semper Fi, and God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

aah...did I hear someone say na number..yeah...well why the heck dont ya call me...where's my phone...I'll just call you...heeaaay SSSSOOOOOZZZZZ! Ah forget it....were did Andy and Barny put them keys.....Hey...whats a goat doin in my cell.....

Anonymous said...

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

Ernest Hemingway

Anonymous said...

Arrhenius (ion chemistry)
His idea that electrolytes are full of charged atoms was considered crazy. The atomic theory was new at the time, and everyone "knew" that atoms were indivisible (and hence they could not lose or gain any electric charge.) Because of his heretical idea, he only received his university degree by a very narrow margin. More.

Hans Alfven (galaxy-scale plasma dynamics)
Astronomers thought that gravity alone is important in solar systems, in galaxies, etc. Alfven's idea that plasma physics is of equal or greater importance to gravity was derided for decades.

John L. Baird (television camera)
When the first television system was demonstrated to the Royal Society (British scientists,) they scoffed and ridiculed it.

Bardeen & Brattain (transistor)
Not ridiculed, but their boss W. Shockley nixed their idea, and when they started investigating it, he made them stop. They assembled their point-contact experiment on a wheeled cart and continued, so they could shove it into a closet whenever the Shockley was going to inspect

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (black holes in 1930, squashed by Eddington)
Chandra originated Black Hole theory and published several papers. He was attacked viciously by his close colleague Sir Arthur Eddington, and his theory was discredited in the eyes of the research community. They were wrong, and Eddington apparently took such strong action based on an incorrect pet theory of his own. In the end Chandra could not even pursue a career in England, and he moved his research to the U. of Chicago in 1937, laboring in relative obscurity for decades. Others rediscovered Black Hole theory thirty years later. He won the 1983 Nobel Prize in physics, major recognition only fifty years. Never underestimate the authority-following tendency of the physics community, or the power of ridicule when used by people of stature such as Eddington.

Chladni (meteorites in 1800)
The scientific community regarded Meteorites in the same way that modern scientists regard UFO abductions and psychic phenomenon: quaint superstitions only believed by peasant folk. All the eyewitness reports were disbelieved. At one point the ridicule became so intense that many museums with meteorites in their geology collections decided to trash those valuable samples. (Sometimes hostile skepticism controls reality, and the strongest evidence is edited to conform to concensus disbeliefs.) Finally in the early 1800's Ernst Chladni actually sat down and inspected the evidence professionally, and found that claimed meteorites were entirely unlike known earth rocks. His study changed some minds. At the same time some large meteor falls were witnessed by scientists, and the majority who insisted that only ignorant peasants ever saw such things were shamed into silence. The tide of disbelief shifted... yet this important event is not taught to science students, and those ignorant of such history repeat such failures over and over, as with the hostile disbelief regarding Ball Lightning.

Crick and Watson (DNA)
Not ridiculed. But they were instructed to drop their research. They continued it as "bootleg" research.

C.J. Doppler (Doppler effect)
Proposed a theory of the optical Doppler Effect in 1842, but was bitterly opposed for two decades because it did not fit with the accepted physics of the time (it contradicted the Luminiferous Aether theory.) Doppler was finally proven right in 1868 when W. Huggins observed red shifts and blue shifts in stellar spectra. Unfortunately this was fifteen years after Doppler had died.

Robert L. Folk (existence and importance of nanobacteria)
Discovered bacteria with diameters far below 200nM widely present in mineral samples, able to both metabolize metals and to create calcium encrustations. Proposed their large role in creation of "metamorphic" rock and everyday metal corrosion. These ideas were rejected with hostility because the bacterial diameter is too small to include enough genetic material or ribosomes, and they seem immune to common sterilization techniques.

William Harvey (circulation of blood)
His discovery of blood circulation caused the scientific community of the time to ostracize him.

Galileo (supported the Copernican viewpoint)
It was not the church authorities who refused to look through his telescope. It was his fellow scientists! They thought that using a telescope was a waste of time, since even if they did see evidence for Galileo's claims, it could only be because Galileo had bewitched them.

Karl F. Gauss (nonEuclidean geometery)
Kept secret his discovery of non-Euclidean geometry for thirty years because of fear of ridicule. Lobachevsky later published similar work and WAS ridiculed. After Gauss' death his work was finally published, but even then it took decades for Noneuclidean Geometery to overturn the Greek mathematically "pure" view of geometery, and to win acceptance among the professionals.

Binning/Roher/Gimzewski (scanning-tunneling microscope)
Invented in 1982, other surface scientists refused to believe that atom-scale resolution was possible, and demonstrations of the STM in 1985 were still met by hostility, shouts, and laughter from the specialists in the microscopy field. Its discoverers won the Nobel prize in 1986, which went far in forcing an unusually rapid change in the attitude of colleagues.

R. Goddard (rocket-powered space ships)
Goddard was relatively obscure until late 1944, when those disgusting Jules-Verne fantasies, the rocket-powered space ships, started raining down on London during WWII. (By analogy, imagine the consternation of the scientific community if Iraq responded to Desert Storm with fleets of glowing antigravity disks shooting mind-control rays, or with psychokinesis attacks by ranks of professional psychics, or with troops of trained Yetis!)

"The whole procedure [of shooting rockets into space]...presents difficulties of so fundamental a nature, that we are forced to dismiss the notion as essentially impracticable, in spite of the author's insistent appeal to put aside prejudice and to recollect the supposed impossibility of heavier-than-air flight before it was actually accomplished."
-Sir Richard van der Riet Wooley, British astronomer, reviewing P.E. Cleator's "Rockets in Space", NATURE, March 14, 1936

"This foolish idea of shooting at the moon is an example of the absurd lengths to which vicious specialisation will carry scientists." -A.W. Bickerton, physicist, NZ, 1926

T. Maiman (Laser)
Not ridiculed, but his boss said now to his 'optical maser' idea. He received funding only after threatening to quit and pursue the laser in his garage. Even so, it was a battle, and his funding was pulled twice.

Lynn Margulis (endosymbiotic organelles)
In 1970 Margulis was not only denied funding but also subjected to intense scorn by reviewers at the NSF. "I was flatly turned down," Margulis said, and the grants officers added "that I should never apply again." Textbooks today quote her discovery as fact; that plant and animal cells are really communities of cooperating bacteria. But they make no mention of the barriers erected by the biological community against these new ideas. Even today Margulis' ideas about cooperation in Evolution are not widely accepted, and are only making slow headway against the assumption that Evolution exclusively involves absolute selfishness and pure competition.

Julius R. Mayer (The Law of Conservation of Energy)
Mayer's original paper was contemptuously rejected by the leading physics journals of the time.

B. Marshall (ulcers caused by bacteria, helicobacter pylori)
Stomach ulcers are caused by acid. All physicians knew this. Marshall needed about ?? years to convince the medical establishment to change their beliefs and accept that their confident knowledge was wrong; was nothing but a widespread believe, and that ulcers are actually a bacterial disease.

B. McClintlock (mobile genetic elements, "jumping genes", transposons)
Won the Nobel in 1984 after enduring 32 years being ridiculed and ignored

George S. Ohm (Ohm's Law)
Ohm's initial publication was met with ridicule and dismissal. His work was called "a tissue of naked fantasy." Approx. ten years passed before scientists began to recognize its great importance.

Fernando Nottebohm
Mammal brains never grow new neurons after birth? We're given a set number of brain cells, and we can only kill them but not make new ones? After twenty years as a ridiculed minority, Nottebohm's work with songbird brains was finally taken seriously, and the biologists of today now recognize that the age-old dogma was wrong: brains DO regenerate neurons after all. The information has not yet reached most of the biological community, nor the general public.

Stanford R. Ovshinsky (amorphous semiconductor devices)
Physicists "knew" that chips and transistors could only be made from expensive slices of ultra-pure single-crystal semiconductor. Ovshinsky's breakthrough invention of glasslike semiconductors was attacked by physicists and then ignored for more than a decade. (When evidence contradicts consensus belief, inspecting that evidence somehow becomes a waste of time.) Ovshinsky was bankrupt and destitute when finally the Japanese took interest and funded his work. The result: the new science of amorphous semiconductor physics, as well as inexpensive thin-film semiconductor technology (in particular the amorphous solar cell, photocopier components, and writeable CDROMS sold by Sharp Inc.) made millions for Japan rather than for the US.

Ignaz Semmelweis (surgeons wash hands, puerperal fever )
Semmelweis brought the medical community the idea that they were killing large numbers of new mothers by working with festering wounds in surgery, then immediately assisting with births without even washing hands. Such a truth was far too shameful for a community of experts to accept, so he was ignored. Semmelweis finally ended up in a mental hospital, and his ideas caught fire after he had died.

Jacobus Henricus van't Hoff (theory of 3D molecules)
As a relative newcomer and unknown, he was attacked and ridiculed for proposing that a 3D tetrahedral structure would explain many problems in chemistry. His foes rapidly went silent, and finally his ridiculous cardboard models won the first nobel prize in chemistry (1901.)

Warren S. Warren (flaws in MRI theory)
Warren and his team at Princeton tracked down a Magnetic Resonance anomaly and found a new facet to MRI theory: spin interactions between distant molecules, including deterministic Chaos effects. Colleagues knew he was wrong, and warned him that his crazy results were endangering his career. Princeton held a "roast", a mean-spirited bogus presentation mocking his work. Warren then began encountering funding cancellations. After approx. seven years, the tide of ridicule turned and Warren was vindicated. His discoveries are even leading to new MRI techniques. See: SCIENCE NEWS, Jan 20 2001, V159 N3, "spin Control" (cover story)

Wright bros (flying machines)
After their Kitty Hawk success, The Wrights flew their machine in open fields next to a busy rail line in Dayton Ohio for almost an entire year. American authorities refused to come to the demos, and Scientific American Magazine published stories about "The Lying Brothers." Even the local Dayton newspapers never sent a reporter (but they did complain about all the letters they were receiving from local "crazies" who reported the many flights.) Finally the Wrights packed up and moved to Europe, where they caused an overnight sensation and sold aircraft contracts to France, Germany, Britain, etc.

George Zweig (quark theory)
Zweig published quark theory at CERN in 1964 (calling them 'aces'), but everyone knows that no particle can have 1/3 electric charge. Rather than receiving recognition, he encountered stiff barriers and was accused of being a charlatan.

Fritz Zwicky (Dark Matter)
Known in the astro research community as "Crazy Fritz," Zwicky investigated orbit statistics of galactic clusters in 1933 and concluded that the majority of mass had an invisible unknown source. He was ignored, dismissed as an eccentric.

Interesting Huh!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Church in the Now.

A city set on a hill.

Population: It just keeps growing and growing and growing...

Speed Limit: Ask Pastor Debye...

Where are we going? Where the going gets good, then gooder,


linda said...

Hello everyone, good morning

Just checking in

Wow Dennis, cool stuff.

studying for a math test, oh my

Let there be light


Anonymous said...

Dennis,amazing compilation for just getting home from the bars!

Anonymous said... know how to get my attention...normally the speed limit for me is "wide open" however, I have slowed down a bit to "take in all that God is doing" and I must say, I like it!!! I see and perceive that WE are on the right track and the manifestations we have been waiting for are happening all around us!!!

This weekend is a very special one! Off to a Leadership Mtg....

Have an amazing miracle filled, favor full day!!!

P. Debye

Lise said...

Morning, all!
Bish & Avatar, addressed you two on the other blog (yesterday).
Love today's cartoon, Bish :)
That's just all I've got for now. Fed the dogs, but haven't even had my tea yet. Will have to read everything more thoroughly later.
Hot tea... here I come...

Anonymous said...

God morning,

It is ever good to hear the voice of my Lord through all the blogs from Erik @ 0112 to Pastor Dennis @
0740 (currently the last blog).

I must say today's cartoon does provoke a lot of thought and for now the thought that is most clear to me is just how far we have come toward the cloud of the unknowing.

By approaching that level with open hearts and minds to recieve from that cloud we have overcome great predjudices that once kept us in the darkness of the cloud of forgetfulness.

There is still much to accomplish in not only growing stronger from the refreshing of the Word that liberates but also in opening ourselves to being forgiven by those we have alienated along the way of our journey. We must also understand their attitude that has them stratisfied at their present altitude until they can forgive and continue upward. Perhaps some exercises in humility to the point of lowering ourselves long enough to ask for forgiveness would be worth more than can be gained if we attempt to continue without it.

I don't know what was said because I was not there but do percieve by hearsay that our Bishop and Pastor Debye recently performed just such humbleness. Although there is nothing in my mind that has any foundation for need of their forgiveness by me, their actions will bring great reward just for its intent alone.

Church in the Now continues to be a wonderful statement to the world influenced by it that God is love and humanity loving humanity is the key to the vehicle of our accension toward the greater understanding of that one true God that all humanity has a desire to embrace.

Whether it be in gaining of more knowledge or obtaining more unity with Holy Spirit using our efforts of faith, we all want the same thing.

Saint Paul describes war between the flesh and spirit of our selves that seems to me is representative of the whole world in general. When one group of seekers fly in the face of another group that are seeking the same thing from their own paradigm it provokes stormy reactions in the atmosphere that can and has caused great dammage to many innocent of the conflict that happen to be in that area.

If we are to rise above this it will take what I believe to be part of the genius of someone like our Bishop and those that work along side the ministry of CITN.

We embrace all comers from the point of view that God has already accepted their efforts to recieve the truth they seek. This is a unique kind of energy coming from the throne within the cloud of unknowing that is refreshing the world of God's creation to see with clarity how important and intricately connected we all are to each other.

God has expressly made the statement through the work of Christ that the heart of Love desires for all to acknowledge our likenesses to God and each other above all percieved differences.

Blessings of unity to all,


Anonymous said...

Albert Einstein quotes:

Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices, but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence and fulfills the duty to express the results of his thought in clear form

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”...

“Concepts which have proved useful for ordering things easily assume so great an authority over us, that we forget their terrestrial origin and accept them as unalterable facts. They then become labeled as ‘conceptual necessities,’ ect. The road of scientific progress is frequently blocked for long periods by such errors.”

Albert Einstein 1879 - 1955

OK I know I have taken up more than my space, but that picture really got me ta thankin bout them giganticle deescoveries and them big thankers.

I cant help it one more...

"When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." - Jonathan Swift

Have a great day!

Ver. word "covie" humm

Anonymous said...

cloud of unknowing,

your excerpt reminds me of the existentialism of Dostoyevsky. His Underground narrator laments that "any form of consciousness is a sickness." Taken with the first essential truth of Buddhism (all life is suffering), this concept implies we, as humans, want something beyond consciousness.

Unfortunately, Dostoyevsky's narrator is a villain. Though he is conscious of some truth, he chooses to follow the path of desire.

What is it, I wonder, that is beyond consciousness?

Anonymous said...


that was me, Abraham @ 9:03


Anonymous said...


If everyone could "get it" what you said, denominations would disappear, and then we could have church up in here.

Just like Bishop, you hear because you listen...


Sweepea said...

Wow - awesome posts Dennis. Really sheds light on the old saying "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it". Makes you wonder who is being scoffed at right now that has a brilliant idea... Wait, I know someone ;-)!!

Blessings Bloggers, enjoy this beautiful day.

LisaA said...

When the Human Mind can recognize and understand these Principles of SPIRIT, it has acquired a "mental compass" which needle will always point in the same direction no matter which way a man or woman turns. Beliefs are replaced by KNOWLEDGE and no matter how many humans acquire this "mental compass," all their needles will always point in the same direction because The LAWS of SPIRIT are universal in application and is no respecter of persons, religion, beliefs, skin color, ethnic background, government, or nation. This LAW operates in the Human Mind no matter what its choices are or whether or not it is aware of the Principles because all of us humans and the "matter" of our physical world is holographically connected to the INFINITE CREATOR and nothing can escape its INFINITE presence. All of reality that we are able to perceive or not perceive in our current conscious awareness depends upon this INFINITE SPIRIT and its Principles for the sustenance, maintenance, and existence of all Life and keeps the Universe in perfect and absolute order in the aspect of constant Creation and Manifestation. SPIRIT is the only "constant" that does not change along with the evolution of the Universe, in fact, SPIRIT is the CAUSE of the evolution of the Universe because IT does not allow anything to "stand still." This is the mark of SPIRIT, that GOD may be seen in all things.... All of humanity lives, moves, and have their being within the SPIRIT of GOD --an immutable and inescapable answer to the meaning of Life.
It is believed that humans are increasingly becoming one with God as they progress Spiritually. The truth is, that we are not "increasingly" becoming one with THE ALL. The "becoming" is in the awakening of our consciousness and awareness that we have always been one with the SPIRIT OF THE ALL

Anonymous said...

lisaa @1157,

Your echo of eternal truth is remarkably what I have witnessed in the teaching at CITN.

Thank you for your marvelous contribution to the ongoing revelation of the Am in all.

I do so love the goodness of God as it is spoken by others. It is encouraging to me that you have seen the human connection with Holy Spirit in this manner lisaa.

This is also what I see in the anointed delivery of God's current Word to the congregation at CITN through Bishop and Pastor Debye or their particular stand ins when they are at other tasks.

the body is one,


LisaA said...

Thank you JB I am in agreement with you regarding CITN. The spirit of CITN thru the leadership has helped me evolve so much. Blessings to ALL

Ray Muscarello said...


Hello from Philadelphia. We are visiting family this weekend and we will be missing you this Sunday. Just wanted to say hi to you, Pastor Debbye and everyone at CITN. We're so appreciative for our Church home. When we're away we so miss CITN. We will see you next Sunday. Peace, Love and Joy.

Ray and JoAnn Muscarello

Ebony said...

Hey everyone,

I've got to get back to studying and writing my paper but I just wanted to let everyone know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth. I'm back in school for my EdS, and I recenly moves, so I coudln't get online for a while, but I'm back. TTYL

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Ray...and thanks for what you wrote on the CITN site last week...

Ah, yes, Ebony...I think I remember you now...

Speaking of those who have disappeared temporarily from blogland...Kettly, I don't know if you still read the blog, but I was wondering if you have family in Haiti who were affected badly by the hurricane...

And thanks to everyone who came out for the leadership meeting this morning...Debye said it was awesome...I'd be interested to hear some feedback from some of you who were there...

Son of Zadok said...

Anon @ 9:03

Thanks for your comment.

The Cloud posts are really not so much a guide to losing all forms of consciousness, but rather losing your natural self-consciousness in exchange for God's. Finding your existence more fully in His. And with that closeness that comes from being "in Him" during times of contemplation, you walk away with a much stronger sense of His presence in your everyday life. However, without taking the work in as a whole , it would be easy to fall into error with this teaching, but I really think this group is called and able.

I think so often we go into prayer like we're standing before some "Wizard of Oz" making our requests. And it's good to make your requests known to God, theirs a time and place for that. From someone who was raised in the "faith" movement I have a strong sense of discernment between the difference for believing in something that God has for you and those who try and pull some magical God strings for things that aren't even in the heart of our Lord. Don't we realize God knows what we have need of before we even ask Him? Are we so naive to think we have to make everything known to Him before He will answer our prayers or meet our need? Do we believe He is our loving Father? We talk to much! I just find this book a very real and practical treatise on how to find God with our "lover" and less so our "knower". That's a massive concept, this entire not I but Christ who lives in me reality taking shape for such a time as this. This is our goal!
Their was a time in my teenage years when I did this naturally and my spirit life was fantastic. My mind eventually got in the way with the concepts of hell or whatever it is your mind should dwell on. I lost the love. But when I was quiet and just spent time in serene communion with the Spirit, I knew it was pure love I was dealing with. It was magical and mystical and it was something I carried with me everyday wherever I was. God's leading me back to that place. And in that place it will do you more good than any learning or striving or anything you can do in your own flesh to be more like Him. We are going to learn how to just be in Him, and that's good enough for me.

Son of Zadok said...

This is not something to strive and toil for, it's something to take joy and pleasure in.

tracy said...

Yeah gonna be ITB tomorrow. Can't wait- if last week was any indication!I am so thankful for this place- now that I have so much more time on my hands, I have to keep a balance or I'd stay "here", but thank God Sunday ITB is around the corner! Sorry to the streamers, blurkers, whoever-but ITB is the best! We know from past experience that the word that comes forth from this house will be right on time-it always is!!!

peacemaker said...

Interesting post concerning the meaning of "church". I guess the demons at Gadara requested to be sent to church(where I suppose they felt comfortable)instead of exile. That probably won't preach, though,

I don't believe your question is rhetorical. The study of consciousness is still in it's beginnings but as we continue to awaken to it, what lies beyond consciousness will be discovered and probably discovered through consciousness itself. I hope we're around to see it.

That was beautiful and I totally get it and believe it. Consciousness itself is infinitely connected to the Source and through the power of the Human Mind, percieves that. There is no "separation" between creation an it's Creator, nor has there ever been. Even though the Whole is greater than the sum of it's parts, the totality of the Whole is evident in each of those parts. I believe we as God-infused humans are beginning to be enlightened to our inherent connectedness to God and each other, and are no longer victims of a "fall" mentality. This is not popular doctrine in most preaching circles, but I believe it is a truth nontheless.
Thanks for your wisdom.


tracy said...

Ya know-- after reading my last post it sounded pretty obnoxious, so I digress ...get it however you can get it, it is ALL good. PS welcome Lissa and good to have you back Ebony and long time no hear PM and Elle wow you make me tired with this whole floor and ceiling and ewwww work thing! Sure it will turn out awesome though! Mystic, JB and SOZ and P Dennis- you all hurt my head in a good way like an ice cream brain freeze. Laura- great word! Erik feel your Americanism and your Godism (are those words?). Abraham good to "see ya", NTL have you ridden w/Pastor Debye?? And Pastor Debye- way to turn that one around!! I've slowed down too (wink wink) Linda, Avatar, Sweetpea, all anons Bishop ya'll have a great night!!

Ebony said...

Will be ITB tomorrow, LOVED the word on VISION, reminded me (as if I need a reason) why I love this place so much. I;m just glad to making a connection with civilization again. Bishop I won't be gone forem church that long I promise. My mom gets the same way if I don't call her for a few days. (When I first moved to Atlanta I didn't call or e-mail for a week and she was about to come check on me-from Columbus). On a seperate topic, since it's college football time, who's everyone's picks and how did your teams do today? Alabama and Georgia Southern haven't played yet so i can't answer.

Anonymous said...

The leadership meeting was great. The journey that this covenant body is on is very exciting and inspiring to me.

We are taking a very important "next step" in fulfilling all the prophecies spoken over this ministry.

I have set my faith for a ministry that is freed from debt and all that entails. I have set my faith for the manifestation of Bishop's dream/vision as laid out on MLK Sunday. I see a house united by the vision without having to conform to a world system of rules that are laid out by the financial system that imposes limits and boundaries that are not in alignment with One Lord - One Faith - One Baptism. I believe in trusting God in all points.

I see a body of believers that are making a difference in the Kingdom by doing things differently - out of the box.

I believe in the truth that is resident in all of us that emerges in its fullness as we unleash the power of the Holy Spirit in peoples' lives as they embrace what is really important to God.

I believe in the peace of God that frees our souls to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers.

I embrace CITN and the CITN family and its calling to be all we can be. I believe in the anointing and revelation that comes from this covenant community and all it has to offer. I believe in the Spirit-driven passion and integrity of the leadership and the divinely ordered direction that we flow in every day. I embrace the NOW (always being present in His presence) - I embrace the I AM.

Donald said...

As it stands right now I will not be ITB tomorrow. I had seriously considered getting up around 3 AM and heading up on the scooter, but have pretty much decided against it.
I will be streaming. Oops, I mean I will be steaming if the Lord willeth.
What do I expect for tomorrow? I expect Pastor Jimmie to cause everyone to become more aware of God's presence.
I expect the camera to pan the audience so that I can see the faces of so many friends that I have come to know and love since I have been involved in this ministry. I always say "hey" whenever I see someone that I know. So remember, keep them fangers out of them noses and don't be yawning when the camera passes by.
Then I expect to actually hear the words of God spoken through the human instrument, Bishop Jim Earl Swilley.
I expect to have a better, clearer understanding of who God is and what His plan(s) is/are for my life than what I have at this moment in time.

Elle, glad to hear y'all didn't get pounded. Sorry y'all missed the much-needed rain.

Ebony, I don't know what's going on with all the games right now, but I do know that Mississippi State is beating the crap out of Southeast Louisiana. It looks like Coach Croom had a little "come to Jesus meeting" with the team after that dismal showing last weekend. I have tickets to the game next weekend against Auburn. Looking forward to that.

Prayer request: My daughter's boyfriend, who I am beginning to have a degree of tolerance for, is hiking the Appalachian trail. He started in Maine and is heading south. Duh, what other direction would he be going on the A.T. if he started in Maine? But anyway, I am concerned about where he is right now and where Hanna is right now. He could be in for a pretty rough ride so if you folks could keep him on your prayer list I would appreciate it. Actually, I really do like him a pretty good bit.

Anonymous said...

The leadeship meeting was the greatest! Pastor Debye is so gifted as an administrator and manager. She has so much enthusiasm and energy that you have no choice but to jump up and down... even if it's just in your spirit!

I truly believe that we are on the right track; we have found the path that will lead us to the next level...the mountaintop! I really felt the wheels turning and the train getting faster as we left the station. The momentum is building and who knows where we will go from here.

I believe everyone there felt the energy and excitment for where we are going! I surely did. I'm ready to believe God for wherever He wants to take us. I believe we have great ministry leaders in place to take us to the next level. CITN is on the move!!! Praise God.

Larry Usher said...

Hey Bishop- yah P. Debye is ALWAYS awesome because, as she says, "she's so full of it!!" I like the out of the box ideas very much and the nuts & bolts of the EACH program. Right place, right time, right now.
Everyone really "got it" and we believe a fresh breath of God has entered...
Singles meeting was great last night also with approx 50-60 people that attended and 5-6 churches represented in attendance! Kudos to Dr. Torri, she's a motivator of people & throws down on the dance floor!
We had 20's to 70's there & all had a great time. Thanks to His Hands ministries for signing & emoting some wonderful, inspirational songs and to the Wyze Guys who were there; everyone had fun. Sterling the DJ rocked!

Was thinking today after mountain climbing that Jesus was kind of like Neo in the Matrix, in that, at the end of the first movie he sees "in code" indide of the agents, just as Jesus looked inside man and perceived their true nature. I know what you mean Bishop when you say you are "trying to see the Jesus inside of people." Wouldn't it be great if we all got to the point where we all saw "the code" inside each other(the Christ) and could walk in that kind of compassion, empathy and understanding driven by selfless love?

Really enjoying all the comments so far, y'all are "out there" in a good way!

Blessings & much joy to all!


ps- I liked your poem the other day Laura...a warrior spirit is in you!
...deep inside this armor, the warrior is a child...

word ver: wnebajoe, "What now ends, begins a journey of eternity"

Lise said...

Hey, guys!

Not quite sure if I'll be streaming tomorrow or not, Bish. I usually do, but Joe & I may decide to make a day of it somewhere to celebrate our 14th anniversary (the 9th). He and a couple of friends are heading to Indianapolis next weekend for the MotoGP races. Donald, they were initially going to ride but decided to drive to save some time and energy (and money... pooling resources). Needless to say, they're all excited. Rossi and all those crazy Europeans will be there. A note to all you bikers... there will be a little article on Joe in an upcoming issue of Road Racing World. Not sure how soon, but it's about vintage racing. Will let ya know when it comes out, in case ya want to take a look.

And yeah, Donald, I was glad not to get pounded, but SOME rain sure would be nice. I was thinking about and praying for you and Her Majesty during Faye. And I'm not sure what Ike is gonna do, but I hope we don't get pounded while Joe is away! We got some rain from Faye... in addition to the SPAWNS she generated. One of those days in the middle of the afternoon, I leashed my doll babes and let them in the bedroom with me while my eyes were glued to the local weather. Thought we would possibly be spending some time in the closet. Hate it when that happens. OOPS! Apologies, Debye. Meant to say HATE-HATE it when that happens :) Anyway, praying for the eastern seaboard AND the gulf. Rain is good; damage is not!

I need to read all these posts; I'm getting behind. But it really has been a long week, and I want to give them the time they deserve. Will catch up eventually!

Big love & blessings to all of you! A service filled with wisdom, revelation, depth & power! Could be joining you... could be not. But if not, I'm sure I'll eat from the fruit of the blog.

Have a great night, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I seek the One who sought me, before I knew who I was.

Nothing to lose, except that to which I won't take to heaven with me.


Anonymous said...

I thought I might explain just in case some haven't noticed that my approach to the cloud of the unknowing is intended to replace what appears to be obvious about the content and insert my own view of being in a state of existence between two paradigms. This gives an opportunity to assert views from my own faith journey. I am seeing the cloud of unknowing as being the place of what is currently unknown but that I aspire to have knowledge of. That may not be very different from what is intended by the author. I don't know because the writings are not familiar to me but the thought of being between the two is for me a statement of life and how I have floated and flown between the perception of past and future.

If there is an eternal future then there was also an eternal past. We have forgotten what was and do not know what is to come.

And then there is the other thought of the cloud of forgetting representing things that need to be forgotton and the cloud of unknowing representing knowledge not yet gained in this life.

Thanks to the contribution of the writer. It is enjoyable to ponder such things that I have no knowledge of.

Bishop, looking forward to being with you ITB tommorrow. It is a greater joy to depend on hearing a word from God delivered by you that is both deep and understandable.


NTL said...

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Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow,
I love ya, tomorrow!
You're only a day away!

Anonymous said...

I'll be ITB with my mostly-a-blurker spouse!

I'm not sure how many details to mention so I'll go for the panoramic--for me, the leadership meeting this morning was like plugging into a central power source. All kinds of lamps were lit--lava lamps [shout out to izumi], high intensity study lamps, lofty chandeliers and good ole useful flashlights. I enjoyed the creativity that surfaced [Pastor Jim, really cool addition of T to EACH], the sound of freedom to BE--individually as well as corporately, as well as the sound of oil being applied to rusty joints. In the fullness of time...the tin man had a heart, the scarecrow had a brain and the lion had courage.

Comment heard in the parking lot: I feel a renewed sense of commitment. I want to step up and do more!

We can do it. Yes, we can!

NTL said...

Yes We Can Can

Now's the time for all good men
to get together with one another.
We got to iron out our problems
and iron out our quarrels
and try to live as brothers.
And try to find a piece of land
without stepping on one another.
And do respect the women of the world.
Remember you all have mothers.
We got to make this land a better land
than the world in which we live.
And we got to help each man be a better man
with the kindness that we give.
I know we can make it.
I know darn well we can work it out.
Oh yes we can, I know we can can
Yes we can can, why can't we?
If we wanna get together we can work it out.
And we gotta take care of all the children,
the little children of the world.
'cause they're our strongest hope for the future,
the little bitty boys and girls.
We got to make this land a better land
than the world in which we live.
And we got to help each man be a better man
with the kindness that we give.
I know we can make it.
I know darn well we can work it out.
Oh yes we can, I know we can can
yes we can can, why can't we?
If we wanna, yes we can can.


Anonymous said...

I almost put two cans, NTL--heard the song in my mind, even though I only typed one--(smile!)

Cool, JB. "the place of what is currently unknown but that I aspire to have knowledge of"

Phil. 4:12 has been on my mind, Bishop. Being abased [CLNT - humbled] or abounding [CLNT - super abounding]. What is that part of Kingdom thinking really all about? How do we live it? Contentment versus complacency: is the tension of "more" supposed to coexist with contentment or ultimately be replaced by it? Is this a navel question and are there weightier things more worth considering?

Trust? What are the nuts and bolts of a trusting relationship?

Healing [or lack thereof] - it relates to "not discerning the body of Christ". How?

What I am expecting: a fitly joined word from God, to enjoy the place of meeting with the hope of an opportunity to see a place to be a blessing and most assuredly receive one, to notice [in me] a change I haven't noticed has come.

Anonymous said...

My expectation for tomorrow is to experience a deeper intimacy with the "Great I AM" to such a degree that He becomes "my Father" and I become "His Daughter" on a personal level (a heart knowing level and not just a mind knowing level). I want to enter into His Courts with Praise and Thanksgiving and fall head over heels in love with my Heavenly Father. I expect the Holy Spirit to help me see God like I have never seen Him before..intimacy wit my Father. That's what I want. To be able to call him daddy.

I feel a little selfish writing all of this, but believe that anything good that comes out of my life for CITN and others, will be a direct result of a healed and healthy relationship with Abba Father.

PattiL007 said...

I do love this place...and all of you. Your deep is REALLY deep and it’s a privilege to be associated with each and every one of you...and with CITN/BITN. This is what’s on my heart:

We are to give and to receive...praise, worship, encouragement, the proceeding Word, prophecies, words of knowledge, the Gospel, THE HOLY TITHE, LOVE...if we are to be successful as a body...successful in life, we must give and receive all of these things. We don’t know what God has planned for us from day to day...that is why the scriptures tell us to say “if God wills”...because tomorrow may turn out to be completely different than what we thought it would could turn out to be something much better than we could have imagined.

For instance, have you ever done something for, or said or given something to someone (a smile, a sincere embrace, holding a door, saying hello) with or without thinking about it, only to learn later that it had meant a great deal more to them than you thought? Has that ever happened to you? I know it has for me. There have been days when to most I might have seemed “normal” (no laughing, but felt as if I were about to break down inside. Then I came to CITN and someone said something kind to me, or acknowledged me in some way, or told me that something I had said or done for them had been important and it touched me so deeply that I felt as if I had been brought out of darkness and into light...because I had been! I had been REBORN, SAVED, gone from GLORY TO GLORY...through the Love of God manifested by and through another person.

We are all so very important to each other...that’s why Jesus’ last prayer for us on this earth was that we Love God and Love Each Other...He actually said that is what would VALIDATE HIS ENTIRE MESSAGE! OUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER AND FOR MANKIND VALIDATES THE GOSPEL! I’m not sure I get it completely...but I’m working on it. I want to See like God Sees--through Love--Hear like God Hears--through Love--Speak like God Speaks--through Love...I want to Love like God Loves. He IS LOVE and WE ARE the physical manifestation of His Love on this planet “as He is so are WE IN THE WORLD!”

What do people see when they look at me? What do they hear when I speak--what do they really hear? Do they see an unhappy person and hear one who gripes and complains about life and finances, and about CITN--even if it‘s tucked neatly inside something pretending to be godly (“having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof“)? If they do, then I have not spoken God’s Word and God’s Love is NOT VALIDATED through me and I have done all who have seen and heard me a DISSERVICE; but if they see a smile, hear GOOD things about life, about my Bishop, about CITN (My Family), hear the JOY OF THE LORD; then I have spoken God’s Word ONLY (The GOOD NEWS), and God’s Love IS VALIDATED through me, and I have done what I am here to do for that moment in time and I‘m to do it over and over and over...until His Love is perfected IN ME and I look in the mirror and see HIM Manifested! That is when I will be able to is no longer I who live, but Christ...“ WOW! It doesn’t get more important than that!

Lord, when we come together tomorrow...either ITB or ITS (In The Stream...cyber-CITN), let us do so in the Unity of the Faith, in singleness of purpose, in Your Spirit, and in Your Love. Let us repent and have the mind of Christ...and let us behave like it. Let us all “Remember Who We Are”...the Body of Christ...the Children of the King...the Manifestation of Your all we do and say...and let us give and receive...let us worship and praise like never before...let us all Recognize, Respect, and Represent!

Let’s DO THIS! Pastor Jimmie and NOW Choir and Band...“give me the beat boys to free my soul, I wanna get lost in the Holy Ghost and drift away”! I was GLAD when they said...Come! Let us go to the House of the LORD! ALL COME!

Blessings Blog Fam!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Bish,

We are thinking about being ITB again today, but since we are physically so far away in Philly, it will be by the spirit that we attend. We know it will be a full meal this morning. We Love you and will see you soon.

Col 3:12 :)

Love Mrs M and Ray