Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey bloggers...thanks for the good comments about yesterday’s service…I’m sure you enjoyed Adelin Cruz (the pianist)…he was amazing! And I loved Pastor Enrique’s word about giving…he’s such a great communicator!

I’m glad that you got to see some of what Pastor Scott and his staff are doing with the life-skills mentoring program in Street Jam. Not all of his graduates were able to be ITB, but I think everyone got the point. We’re very excited about the possibilities of that ministry…

Several of you have already mentioned the new layout for the CITN site…I think it’s pretty cool…they’re still working on some of the links, and I haven’t finished editing the “We Believe” page (don’t really know how much I want to say or not say on some of the subjects…)

The E.A.C.H. Blast is coming on October 5, which is why we have the newly designed logos. Also, we’ve changed it from...

Everyone Actively Contributing and Helping

Everyone Attending, Contributing and Helping.

Debye has a good teaching (which may have been built on a teaching that Robyn Darby did a while back about a threefold cord of attendance, giving, and participation), which she’ll be explaining in the days ahead…

We’re leaving for Uganda after church next Sunday (I’ll post all the names of those who are going on the trip so that you can pray for each of us while we’re gone)…

Pastor Henry Baker is actually leaving today because he is on a different flight from the group, so he will be there a few days before the rest of us get there. Keep him in your prayers.

It’s going to be quite a trip…besides ministering to the local people in churches in three cities, doing a Pastor’s conference, and ordaining some local Pastors there, we’ll also be visiting the children’s home, the hospital, a prison and an AIDS clinic...and wherever else the Spirit of God leads us. This blog will be down for the days that we’re gone, but the CITN blog will be operative.

If you haven't read today's AYITN (Strong Spirit!), click on the CITN site and check it out. It's a good addition to yesterday's teaching.

Have a magnificant Monday!


Nicola said...

Bishop Swilley,

You are such an inspirator and minister of the gospel. Yesterday's service was truly a blessing and what an awesome Word you ministered. I don't want to sound long winded but everything was extremely great and timely as they all fit into each other like a puzzle...the worship, encouragement to give, of course Pastor Debye's piece...such a woman of God, Adelin Cruz and then you sharing the Word.
I have been coming there for about a year and a half now through an invitation from a friend of mine from NY whose sister attends CITN. Althought I don't see her there, I have been coming because of what your ministry has given me. If it were not for your ministry, I don't know what I would have done with myself. Over the time that I have been in GA (1 yr & 11 mths), I have experience so many hardships and sadness including the lost of my mother 6 mths ago.
I don't want to go on and on but servants of God need to know when they are touching lives.
And have touched mine...thank you so much for your teaching.

Mystic said...

I pray that God's favor will begin to manifest for all of you even before you prepare to depart (as it has for Pastor Baker). I speak peace, safety, security, strength and favor, favor, favor.

I know I have said it before, but I really feel in my heart as if this trip will be something truly amazing...I feel as if you will experience the types of miracles that Bishop has mentioned...the kind experienced by John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, et al. Healing, dead-raising, limb, sight, hearing, speaking restoration, water-walking miracles of which we have all heard but not yet seen...and that is only the beginning!

Your dreams are already showing you what is to have seen and heard it. God is telling all of you that this will be the start of something truly will see it manifest among the people of Uganda and then that fresh wave will return with you here to CITN. A fresh awakening...the power of God made manifest...not in the "sweet bye and bye" but in the HERE and NOW! This is the NEW thing...and WE WILL PERCEIVE IT! It has already begun. It's a rock rolling downhill...the rock hewn without human hands, the mountain that fills the earth, the breakthrough that you have sought...that we have all sought begins...and the rock continues to roll!

Love, Blessings, Joy, Favor, Strength, and POWER, Uganda Crew...and to All the Blog Fam!

Nothing To Lose said...

Before uganda, for Uganda, I yust wanta tell yah, dare's a whole buncha folks aprayin' about yah makin' it backa. You betcha!

(Scandinavian broken English I heard when I was a kid, up in MinnesOta)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely an excellent worship service yesterday. When Bishop said there were two things that people should stand for, one the Star Spangled Banner and two the Halelujah Chorus, I realized that I had been sitting in my seat the whole time staring at the screen where the camera angles were showing the pianist's hands. I was as mezmerized as a child taking in its first over the top sensation of life.

I realized what a prodigy Mr. Cruz is at his later reply when Bishop asked him if he had ever not wanted to practice as a child. I'm also sure that Pastor Denise gave Pastor Gabe a spankin' later for messin' with Bish on his response to that same type question.

The word was fun and straight forward yesterday. I have agreed with that word from Bishop Jim since the first time I heard it concerning that we are writing our own testiment.

There are many testimonies that give me strength and one recently concerning the shaking off of the serpent by Paul is currently in my mind. He not only shook it off but recieved a miraculous delivery from death by the bite and then because he was revered as a god by the on looking natives he was able to give them the gospel of salvation complete with signs and wonders. We should all take courage in the knowledge that what ever adversity we encounter, we too can shake it off, recieve miraculous deliverence and as others are amazed at our flourishing health then give them the good news. Who knows but what we may even save a nation by our actions.

Everything being made new is marvelous to me and there seems to be a continuous flow of things being made new. The following is submitted for all to enjoy the thoughts of concerning things being made new;

Should anything happen to Earth, the human race will now be insured.

Comedy Central announced Monday that the host of The Colbert Report will have his DNA digitized and sent to the International Space Station (ISS). According to the Associated Press, Stephen Colbert's gene package will be carried there by famed video game designer Richard Garriott, who will travel to the station in October.

Garriott will deposit the "Immortality Drive," a time capsule that will include human DNA and records of humanity's greatest accomplishments, along with personal messages collected specifically for the project.

This will be the second time Colbert goes intergalactic. In May, he was the first late-night host to interview an astronaut, Garrett Reisman, while he was in space.

In a statement, Stephen Colbert said he was thrilled to have his DNA shot into space, as this would bring him " step closer to my lifelong dream of being the baby at the end of 2001," referring to the 1968 sci-fi movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In a statement, Garriott said: "In the unlikely event that Earth and humanity are destroyed, mankind can be resurrected with Stephen Colbert's DNA. Is there a better person for us to turn to for this high-level responsibility?"

Stephen Colbert's answer to that rhetorical question would probably be "no."

My only concern about this is what if some wave of cosmic energy causes him to mutate into a Democrat. Because of his influence most people watching his show believe that only Democrats are foolish. If he should mutate into one then we would all know just how foolish the Republicans are too.

There could probably be a horror movie made about this.

Have fun today. The week has been made new.


Sweepea said...

The new look of the CITN website is great - cool and refreshing. I love it!

Please keep my son Anthony in your prayers bloggers. He got some potentially bad news that we are pulling down with our faith. I will let you know when we get the good report in its' place.

God bless us all, and have a wonderful day.

dgm2007 said...

so service yesterday was off the chain... If i don't say so my self.. so much of what i had been thinking and saying these past few days.. so it was nice to hear from you.. I was just telling my mom that I feel like I'm living in a bible story.. and Its the creator in us that can get as frustrated as it can be passionate about something that we create.. Lovely and everything was awesome I too forgot how awesome p.Enrique is I mean that message also met me somewhere.. Just Great service.. AHHH! Whats funny is that i just came up with this phrase that God is Good and God is crazy!

Donald said...

Great service yesterday. Stayed in Starkville Saturday night and watched it from there. I went to my first football game Saturday night where both teams lost.

I clicked on the "We Believe" tab on the CITN site since you mentioned it. Since it didn't have anything on it yet except an under construction message, I figure all the naysayers will say, "Well of course there's nothing there yet because they don't know what they believe."
I must admit that I chuckled mildly when I thought to myself, "Is the site under construction, or is what they believe under construction?"
Just kidding folks, please don't any of you long-winded people go off on me.

Anonymous said...

Prayers over Pastor Henry now and the rest of you when you go.
Have a great time ministering.

Yesterday was off the hook.
Loved the pinao playing.
Pastor Debye you go girl.

Last night I watched the History channel about the twin towers.
Sad to say this
Tower 2 went down first then tower 1 went down last. I'll leave it there.
It was interesting to see it from other sources than the media.
You know that is the way we should see the Spirit.
I can't wait till all the different beliefs come together.
I believe we are going to see we are not as different as we believe. here's a poem about one of the churches I grew up in.

Different Belief's

Going to a church on a military base
The Protestant's and Catholic's shared one space
While the Protestant's went to Sunday School
The Catholic's went to Mass
Two buildings and time sped fast
The church building and the Sunday School room building, both we shared
Many good things happened there
One day the Protestant chaplain had an idea
A picnic for both to see how different we are
Both beliefs came together and not much different by far
Now we did do some things in different ways
But we minister that Jesus is in charge up to this present day
Now in a civilian church I stay
Questioning the difference we each display
Why do we as the body of Christ
Break each other by the little things
Why don't we show Jesus as the main spring
He made us, we didn't make Him
So why do we fight over and over again
Why don't we take the Lord at His word
Do we think we're in charge
Man that sounds absurd
But it's done each and every day, just take a look around
Many churches, many beliefs are on U. S. ground
Take time to learn how different each belief can be
And you'll see we're not much different as we believe

Laura Benson

If we can look over the difference just think what we could see.
A new world awaits for us.

Ebony said...

Only got a few minutes before the library closes, but I wanted to say how excited I was about the start of the 20-35 ministry. It's an age bracket a lot of churches overlook (probably because it's a funky age to plan activities for since we're too old for "youth group" and too young for "adult ministry) so I'm happy to see that getting started.

Anonymous said...

The new look is AWESOME!!! Enjoyed streamin yesterday and Wednsday! As always, love coming here!

Be blessed, and favored everyone!


Anonymous said...


Bishop Jim Swilley said...


Actually it is a little of both…I imagine that my theology, to some extent at least, will always be under construction…the wind blows (blasts) where it wills…

Speaking of wind, I’m glad to hear from you…I was beginning to wonder if y’all got blown away by one of the bazillion storms…

Thanks for the comments, everyone…

linda said...

We will be praying for all of you who are going to Uganda, safety, peace and signs and wonders galore



Let there be light

tracy said...

Love that we are under construction, I know I personally am! HaHa Donald that would've been David's(my husband's) comment. Kinda wondering if the quiet place today is because of the Monday blues. Everyone I have talked to seems to have a cloud of yuck hovering over,including me. Let's all agree for a better happier tomorrow. Just a weird spirit today/

Avatar said...

Really cool, Mystic.
Go, P.Henry, go with God!

Donald, I've been enjoying Garth's The River today. I don't know how long its been on the playlist. Muted it back when the videos were up and just now turned it back on! Lots of new ones but this one's flowin' with sailin' through that construction--smile--ceptin' THAT river ain't a-runnin' dry! [Dear Lord, that's embarrasin' too...what's the next song?] 4Him's Where There Is Faith [thanks Bishop for the whole song version!!] and Peabo and Regina's Whole New World!!!--that works! I'm normal now--smile! [PM, be nice!]

#4 "medicating myself with merriness"!

Beautiful "whole new web world" Robyn! Thanks!!

Donald said...

Tracy I kinda sorta know what you're talking about. I've been reading the blogs everyday, in fact throughout each day, but just don't seem to have anything to comment about.
I don't really feel down or anything, thoughts just don't seem to be coming together to write anything intelligible. Although I've been told that that has always been the case.

Bishop, fortunately we have been totally unharmed from all the storms that have been inundating the area lately. Unfortunately, Her Majesty's best friend in the whole wide world lives in Bridge City, TX and got three feet of water in her house. Lynn has been going around town today to different places getting a load of supplies to take to her. We'll probably try to spend some weekends at her place and help her get back on her feet again.
At least when we tell her that she will get through this she knows that we're speaking from experience.
Her name is Michelle, so everyone can pray for her.

Anonymous said...

I left my house this morning way early, headed out to sell my wares to any retail centers that would buy.
Also, when I left, the radio was blairing about the status of the stock market, before it even opened for trading. The radio, at one point had the doom and gloom so bad, that I almost went back home. But, I pressed on.
I am here to report that five more stores, these in North Carolina bought displays loaded with the whitty invention the Holy Spirit revealed to me.
One huge produce stand, two high end gift stores, and two Ace Hardware stores.
After yesterdays word, I realize that I'm adding to my story, in a whole different light.
I am here to tell us all, that, oh yes we are, oh yes we can, and oh yes we will, if we just go for it, regardless of whatever they say.
(I have always wondered who "they'
Peace, hope and love to us all.

And God Bless America!

Beth said...

Yesterday was great as always! We have been in prayer for Uganda and the trip since Pastor Ben left. He gave me a very special word at Friday morning intercession before he left. All of it is building line upon line, precept upon precept. I know you are my Bishop, my Shepherd because I had been praying on somethings Saturday and the verse that kept coming to me, was "We have this treasure in earthen vessels". When I checked out your blog later you had written it and then mentioned it again on Sunday. I also wrote the following which seemed to echo someother things you spoke and have been saying to my spirit:

We are citizens of the universe
Breathing the same air
Gazing on the same sun.
It is time we remember the way we embrace each other's being and even our differences is the way we will be received.

Our power; our overall strength is in the power of ONE,
Our oneness with each other and the God of the cosmos.
Our unity is our strength,
Our snergy is where our creativity lie.

Don't just draw from your earthly account,
Deposit life and joy and peace, love and mercy
And find it will in turn be there for you when you need it.

Much love to you Bishop, Pastor Debye and CITN family,


Anonymous said...

You go Anon 9:10pm! Congratulations on adding five more stores to the ones you already have. Blessings as you "go". Sissiedo

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for the prayers for the Uganda trip, and for the great comments!