Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mark Your Calendar!

Hey bloggers,
Debye and I just got back from the planning meeting for the GPF Interfaith Service that is going to be held at CITN on Tuesday, October 7th, and I wanted you to know that it's confirmed that David Phelps is going to be participating! We're very excited about having him, and he's excited about being a part of it...he even postponed his Australian tour to be here.

Most of you probably know him from his days with the Gaither Vocal Band, or from the Bill Gaither Homecoming series that plays constantly on TV. He's also the voice (that so many of you commented about) singing the patriotic songs on the GPF Washington D.C. video clip.

Also, the two young men that I told you about - one Israeli, one Palestinian - who both lost loved ones in terrorist attacks are going to be here that night. They have a very powerful testimony, and will really touch your heart.

I'll be telling you more about it (there will be Rabbis, Imams, and other religious leaders participating, along with African dancers, a step team, etc.) in the days ahead, but I just wanted to make sure you put it on your calendar. I will probably even put some clips of David Phelps singing on the blog. He's really awesome.

And, speaking of awesome, our Nation of Worship choir will be singing He Lives In You from the Lion King, along with Chandra Currelley! It's going to be great night, and I'll be looking forward to a strong representation from CITN for it.

I'll post something later for tomorrow. I just wanted you to know about this important event, and to thank you in advance for your support!


Anonymous said...


Can't Wait

It's going to be soooo coool

Streamer said...

OMG, I LOVE David Phelps! I was coming anyway, but now I'm EXTRA EXCITED about it!

linda said...

Wow, I do remember David Phelps from his Gaither days, loved him then-love him now. Can't wait.

Let there be light


Anonymous said...

Can a good Baptist come?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Most Assuredly - All Are Welcome

Donald said...

A good Baptist? What the heck is that?

Ray Muscarello said...

Hi Bishop,

Is that David Phelps or Michael Phelps? No, I'm certain you got it right. It's David Phelps the singer. See you on Tuesday 10/7.

You crack me up.

You know I love ya.

Anonymous said...

Very cool, indeed... looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Michael Phelps is going to be at CITN?

karl cobos said...

I pray the Holy Spirit's blessings for an awesome service for all on that day.

Speaking of singing, on Sept. 11 after I picked up my son from school and explaining what happened on that date, he cried, but then when we went to the backyard I was trying to remember the words to America the Beautiful that Bishop posted for that day...

...and as I fumbled with the lyrics Zachary said, "no, wait dad, let me sing it".

To my surprise and tearful delight I heard my 6-year old son sing the whole song! I knelt down to his level and told him, "son, that was beautiful!, thank you."

Bishop, now that I've been blessed to be part of the worship choir, I will seek to learn the new songs, and all new songs as best I can.
It's quite a different view from up there...seeing how everyone worships and comes forward...some timid, some boldly, and how things swell into one triumphant praise together!

Blessings, signs, wonders, and miracles, and LOVE, for Uganda, in Jesus' name!

Karl Cobos

openmind said...

I'll be there!