Saturday, September 13, 2008

You're Going To Be OK!

Hey bloggers,

Going through some crazy times right now? It's OK...God will perfect that which concerns you, and will cause all things to work together for your good because you love Him and are called according to His purpose. You will come through the fire without the smell of smoke on your clothes!

Feel like you're not going to make it? Guess what - you're OK! You're made out of good stuff, and "this light affliction works in you a far more exceeding greater weight of glory"! Keep your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith, and you'll be able to keep walking on the water!

Here's a passage of Scripture that will help you...

If you only look at us, you might well miss the brightness. We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives. That's to prevent anyone from confusing God's incomparable power with us. As it is, there's not much chance of that. You know for yourselves that we're not much to look at. We've been surrounded and battered by troubles, but we're not demoralized; we're not sure what to do, but we know that God knows what to do; we've been spiritually terrorized, but God hasn't left our side; we've been thrown down, but we haven't broken. What they did to Jesus, they do to us—trial and torture, mockery and murder; what Jesus did among them, he does in us—he lives! Our lives are at constant risk for Jesus' sake, which makes Jesus' life all the more evident in us. While we're going through the worst, you're getting in on the best!

We're not keeping this quiet, not on your life. Just like the psalmist who wrote, "I believed it, so I said it," we say what we believe. And what we believe is that the One who raised up the Master Jesus will just as certainly raise us up with you, alive. Every detail works to your advantage and to God's glory: more and more grace, more and more people, more and more praise!

So we're not giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without his unfolding grace. These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us. There's far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can't see now will last forever.

2 Corinthians 4:18, The Message

I'll be looking for you tomorrow ITB. I've got a good word for you...


Anonymous said...


Water Walker! said...

thanks Bishop. You are such a cool dad! You always have a word in season,just in the nick of time!

Nothing To Lose said...






Nothing To Lose said...

Don't give up,

Give to live.

Nothing To Lose said...

We have to find the flow that is in the affliction, that will get us through it, and at the end of it we can look back at it, and say
"it's all good".

Nothing To Lose said...

You think you have problems?

Have you seen my picture?

The Cloud of Unknowing said...

The Place of Christ

Another point that is crucial in these two books as in the works of all the Christian mystics concerns the place of Christ. Briefly the problem is this: Christian theology, following the New Testament, situates Christ at the very heart of prayer - Christ the man, the Incarnate Word. But how does Christ the man fit into this image-less, supra-conceptual void? Where is Christ when I am between the cloud of unknowing and the cloud of of forgetting? This is quite a dilemma; yet I believe that the author of The Cloud can truly be called Christocentric.
Let me say first that we can consider Christ in historical existence or in his risen existence. In either case it is, of course, the same Jesus; but the mode of existence is quite different. About the historical Christ we can have thoughts and ideas and images, just as we can picture the villages through which he walked; but of the risen Christ we can have no adequate picture. This is stated categorically by St. Paul who, when asked what the resurrected body looks like, retorts (if I may translate him into modern jargon), Don't ask stupid questions! "But someone will ask, `How are the dead raised? With what kind of body do they come?` You foolish man!....For not all flesh is alike, but there is one kind for men, another for animals, another for birds, and another for fish." (1 Cor. 15:35-38) So there are many ways of existence and the resurrected way is different from that we now enjoy.

Son of Zadok said...

That picture is funny NTL.

Alls well that lands well!

Izumi/JOY said...

WOW! Did you see this, too? God's promise for Iris Drive:

"There's far more here than meets the eye."

Son of Zadok said...
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Son of Zadok said...

The thoughts Bishop put on the blog today really placed this song in my heart. Looking at the lyrics, it really got me thinking about God's Spirit and how everythings gonna be a'ight. Here's sweet lyrics and a great concert video from the boys from Dublin, who get it.

Johnny take a walk
With your sister the moon
Let her pale light in
To fill up your room
You've been living underground
Eating from a can
You've been running away
From what you don't understand...

She's slipping
You're sliding down
She'll be there
When you
hit the ground

Johnny take a dive
With your sister in the rain
Let her talk about the things
You can't explain
To touch is to heal
To hurt is to steal
If you want to kiss the sky
Better learn how to kneel
On your knees boy

She's the way - She turns the tide
She sees a man, inside the child

It's all right, it's all right, all right
She moves in mysterious ways
It's all right, it's all right, all right
She moves in mysterious ways
It's all right, it's all right, all right
Lift my days, light up my nights

One day you will look... back
And you'll see... where
You were held... up
By His love... while
You could stand there
You could move on this moment
Follow this feeling

She moves in mysterious ways

Oh love
Oh love, lover
Move you
Spirit move
Baby love me
Baby love me
Move you
Baby love me
Move with it
He moves with it
She moves with it
Jah rule with it
Spirit move with it
The Spirit is here

Lift my days, light up my nights

CITN - Bringing you revelation in the knowledge of Him. Bringing the sexy back!

P.S. SOZ found his missing cable for his computer speakers. No more listening to stuff like its coming out of a soda can. Sounds so good. Yes! Thank You Lord!

Graceful said...

Thanks for telling me not to give up. I was about too...I was going about doing chores around the house Friday morning and I heard the scripture you posted today come to me out of nowhere. I guess I was hearing God speak.

Anonymous said...

As I woke up this morning I turned on my T V. A video By Daughtry called What About Now was playing. It is a great video.
We make the difference to those who can't find a way out of the hard times.
You can see the video on You Tube.

Be Someone's O K Today

Son of Zadok said...

Here it is Laura.

Very Cool. This video made me think of Pastor Josh and the work he is doing in the Philippines.

"Be someone's OK today"

Very Cool

Anonymous said...


A word fitly spoken Is like apples of gold in network of silver. Pro 25:11


Adam Clarke’s commentary on the bible:

Pictures “network” of silver - ….The Asiatics excel in filigree silver work. I have seen much of it, and it is exquisitely beautiful. The silver wire by which it is done they form into the appearance of numerous flowers; and though these wires are soldered everywhere at their junctions with each other, yet this is done with such delicacy and skill as to be scarcely perceptible. …..

The interconnectedness of all Gods’ creation is beautiful as those He uses to “frame” this stunning picture of life.

Thank you Bishop for this day’s delicious dialectical declaration of comforting assurance.

Just what I needed to hear………thanks…….

“My life is in your hands” is playing right now “no matter what may come way” My life is in HIS hands and no matter what may come my way “ITS GONNA BE OK”


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

P. Dennis…

I love the “network/internet” connection! Beautiful insight...

Also, when we were in Jerusalem a few weeks ago, I bought a filigree Bishop’s cross made by an Armenian silversmith (mine is gold) who has a place in the old city.

Glad the word was a confirmation for you, and you definitely are going to be OK!


Son of Zadok said...

Not much action on the blog yet today ya'll. Are you all out enjoying your Saturday!? Pastor D, are you getting rained on by Ike in Arkansas?

Was watching a really captivating video a few minutes ago. I certainly don't agree with all the conclusions Carl Sagan arrived at. However, he has a wonderful insight into many facets of scientific thought. Science itself I believe falls into perfect harmony with spiritual realities. The following 7 minute video is a very charming explanation of dimensions. Ever wondered how what we cannot see is there right their beside us all along? This chat makes it very easy to understand. I enjoyed it and thought maybe some of you might as well.

Big Love Ya'll

Now faith is an assumption of what is being expected, a conviction concerning matters which are not being observed; for in this the elders were testified to. By faith we are apprehending the eons to adjust to a declaration of God, so that what is being observed has not come out of what is appearing.

Hebrews 11:1-3 (CLNT)

A 3-D representation of a
Rotating Tesseract

Son of Zadok said...


In trying to get my there vs. their correct in the last post, I accidentally left them both. Use whichever one you like best. Someday I'll get them straight in my head. :)

Son of Zadok said...

Bling Bling, Bishop!

Get on with your Armenian Chain.

Son of Zadok said...

Love is the force guiding and holding all creation in its place.

May we know Love and operate in it.

And may the Buckeyes beat USC tonight!

Son of Zadok said...

Love means everything is going to be OK.

Son of Zadok said...

We are OK because we are Loved.


Anonymous said...

Never give up!

Never never give up!

Son of Zadok said...

"Celebrate with me! I've found my lost sheep!" Count on it--there's more joy in heaven over one sinner's rescued life than over ninety-nine good people in no need of rescue.

Luke 15:6-7 The Message Bible

Let Love, love through you today.

"Be someone's OK today"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bishop,

you gotta see this music video. It goes with your post today.

everybody check it out

dont give up, you are loved


Those are some great videos and explanation on the fourth dimension and the Tesseract, but I still would like to say to Carl Sagan fer a smart guy yue sherr do talk funny.....

U2 - Mysterious!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...Feeling the Love

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

P. Dennis, not only have I seen it, but I originally had it in the post for today, and then removed it before publishing. I've started to use it several times, but haven't because sometimes YouTube is a little unpredictable with video links. But it's very cool and we're all obviously in the same flow.

Nothing To Lose said...

A little while ago I saw two convoys of power company trucks in Conyers, going west on I-20, I'm sure to Texas. I was going east and the dividing wall kept me from seeing where they were from. Part of the "God Bless America" in action. Plus, Americans helping Americans regardless of any differences. God Bless America.

linda said...

WOW, what a wonderful word
Thanks Bishop


Iris said...

Hi all of my Blog Fam…

It has been several weeks since I have posted anything here. Although I have blurked everyday, as I need to see how everyone is doing.

Bishop, I know it is going to be OK. It will be ok of all of us.

I know that there is no physical hell. But I feel like I have been in the very pit with it turned up 300 x hotter than usual. I know as the is gold being refined it needs to be turned up to get all of the impurities out. And when it is over, the master refiner will be able to see His reflection in me. That is what makes it worth the pain, and heart ache worth going through.

Yes all is good, all the STUFF has to be seen that way, once again it is all in our perception. If our perception is right and we see it the way God sees it, then we can rejoice in what the out come is going to be before we can see it in the natural. With our perception right we can stand at the end, and see the final out come. Then we can relax and let the peace of God flow through us, because in the end of every circumstance we become pure gold and the circumstances has turned out to benefit the Kingdom.

I know that most of you know I have been “going through” with my Son. It as been the toughest week I have ever in my life had to go through, it was tougher than divorce and the death of my Father. Many, many tears have been shed… (There is actually another ocean on the planet, and it was created by my mothers, and my tears this week) But without reliving it all again, and filling in all of the details… someone gave me a word this week, and the visual for it as really helped me see the end.

The word… You have built an ark for your son, and lined it with pitch (which symbolizes the anointing). You have put him in it and placed him in the river Nile. He is floating down the river that is full of Alligators and other dangerous things, only to be rescued by one the very one who was killing the babies of Egypt. As his mother, you will watch, and even be able to nurse him. When he is raise and becomes a man, God will make him a Deliverer through all of this, to deliver people who have been in the same bondage as he. (Bishop, this is also a confirmation to a word you had given Jayden before he went to the Eagles Ranch.)

I have never really related to the Moses story personally until this week. This word has kept me going, watching, loving, there is a peace that surpasses my understanding. I know that God is in control, he will be used mightily by God through all of this.

With my perception changed and I stand at the end… and ALL WILL SEE HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!!

For every body who is going through stuff…”We are all going to be ok”


Erik said...

Hello All,

Cloudation (hope that’s OK) ,

Yes the flesh of Jesus the man, the image we hold in our head, although we have no actual visual from the time, is different from the aspect of The Holy Spirit, which Jesus The Man made the way in humanity for. Both manifestations of God. The Spirit, Our Spirits express in all sorts of flesh, it is all Spirit first, agreeing to express with each other, to also express the Spirit that birthed all of us, in this exquisite dance of tapestry in the physical reality.

SOZ – excellent song, Lady Wisdom is everywhere. And definitely, revelation is the ultimate sexy, unveiling the sexy that has always been within and around us – That sexy that has undeniable, automatic attraction that The Christ is.

Yes, it is all OK, each person is filled with God, with the excellence of all that God is, expressed through each one, and all of us as a whole. The whole picture of all humanity and nature is The Face of God. We see it in microcosm every time we look in the mirror. The only visual of God we can have is in everyone and everything we see in macrocosm, and in our own face when we look freely in the mirror, into our own eyes without judgment, and complete trust. It is within and upon us all.

How wonderful. Arise and Shine !!!!!

Erik said...

Now for the important stuff :).

SOZ, I knew there was something amiss, and now you have confirmed it with your reckless and clearly heretical desire for ‘ That team to the South’ . I am sure you know, that the only solace on a day that ‘That Glorious Team Up North’ , the Beautiful Maize & Blue loses, is to see that manifestation of Satan from Columbus crumble, as they are currently doing. Praise God !!

You know, Stalin was a Buckeye fan, Red, Satan… hmmmm… The connection is clear. Satanic, Communists, probably sleeper cells live on a certain campus in Columbus.

Yes, from the pits of hell, a man escaped, Bo, and found a haven in the Maize & Blue, (Amber fields of grain, blue sky, - heaven on Earth). Bo came and squashed the demons of hell led by Satan ( AKA Woody) . The demons of darkness have had a temporary period of seeming success against the light, but we all know the Wolverine light overcomes The Buckeye darkness, as we all see in its full fruit in November. If there is ever a rapture, we know where the antichrist will manifest in human form, on that certain campus in Columbus.

I plead the blood of Jesus over you SOZ, so you can escape the lie, and join the light, to the North, shedding the red nut of Columbus and embrace the roaring Wolverine of Ann Arbor.

Godspeed !!!

Erik said...

See, I CAN be a fundamentalist.

Anonymous said...












Nothing To Lose said...

Today, we're all OK.
Tomorrow, we're all OK, even more.
It just keeps getting better and
better and better until we get the
happy ending. Peace to all.

Erik said...


I feel your silence through the Spirit, submitting to the truth I write.

35 - 3 , clearly God is speaking.

Anonymous said...

SOZ thanks for finding the link on You Tube to that video.

Today has been a great day.
As the clouds parted the sun shined.
It's been a day of sharing good words with friends.
It's been a day of being the OK.

Hope to see ya ITB if not talk to you OTB (On The Blog)

Anonymous said...

Dan 10:19 GW He said, "Don't be afraid. You are highly respected. Everything is alright! Be strong! Be strong!" As he talked to me, I became stronger. I said, "Sir, tell me what you came to say. You have strengthened me."

Erik said...


Y'all know I am just foolin with the sportsfan stuff. It is such a entertainment venue, that I see it like an amusement park, it as something we can be completely silly in, like celebreties, public figures, that has no real effect. Just funnin in an area that is for our play.

Lisa said...

Just checking in I have been blurking here lately. Thanks for the mighty word today! I was confirmation to my spirit. I am looking forward to tommorrow morning and praying for the weather to not hit until after services so we can stream!!! It's been a bit wet in northern Indiana the last few days so we are praying for it to stopor go where it is more needed!!!!
Blessings to you all

Avatar said...

Midnight and all is well--wheels still attached,tank filled with fuel @ $4.09, breathing, waterline nowhere close to the roof, God's still in the business of perfecting clay pots for service.

Cool obs, iz!

Son of Zadok said...

Had a real good laugh with all that E.

I'm sooo not even offended. I didn't even notice the offense! It must really be Christ living in me more and more!

If I weren't entertaining company, I'd have to come up with a "witty" comeback Erik, but instead I'll just have to leave you with the ole' "I believe, that you believe" guidance that's served me so well.

Whether In The Building tommorow,

or the out of towners in the Network,

We all will be In the Spirit

It's as good as YES, OK, & AMEN!

Erik said...


The attempt with JC in an OSU jersey is really heretical, almost like putting horns on him. Sad to see that the lie has imbedded itslef so deeply. I am praying for you brother :) .

How far will OSU fall, maybe unrated like U of M ? See you in the hell of unrateds soon, until November brother, when all will become clear.

All is good,

Love, E.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...