Sunday, October 19, 2008


Erik said...

Re Ephesians 1 -

All Love that energizes All life, issues from God, through The Anointed One. Each person knows as they are created, we are each free of everything we can imagine in God, as our creation is birthed through The Anointing. Separation does not exist. All live this.

Some enjoy the drama of a God that dangles our existence over an abyss, the suspense and intrigue of how and why. That we have penance upon penance from continual misdeeds. That there are mysterious magic words in special ceremonies that bring some clemency, but again can be revoked. That is for drama seekers. It is lawful and acceptable to God. All of the drama queens and kings have long been reconciled, as we All have been.

The Abundant Freedom that flows from Love is solid, without limit or condition that we can ever imagine. The Spirit of God is within. Everyone has it, and everyone knows it. Love is the foundation of All. The extravagance is present in everything and every one, and has been. Existence is The Body of The Anointed One, that All exist through, and as part of The Body. No One is peripheral. Traditions, Faith Systems, Exchange Systems, Ways of Life – are peripheral, very enjoyable, expressions of The Creator, but peripheral to The Spirit. This is always known.

Erik said...

OK, Another peripheral gear, not that it matters when enjoying the abundant freedom , however, for entertainment - SP on SNL was brilliance or insanity (just limiting focus on the comparatively meaningless political thing)

I don't know if that was pulling a wild duece and taking the pot while the other side was showing a full house in 7 card , or was that the soufle' collapsing? If SP wins, then SNL and her appearance get at least a mention of credit. If she loses,SNL not much of a factor,So probably brilliance. It was hilarious. The rap - a funny gamble, gutsy, maybe crazy. Either way, props !!!!

Anonymous said...

...a seemingly simple process of sending and receiving messages.

"oy vay" and amazing, all rolled into one.

Anonymous said...

Good early morning to you all!

Faith is the LOVE in action, by ty all necessary means to please God.

Spirit unites in a powerful bond of LOVE and friendship.

"Steep yourself in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. You'll find all your rveryday human concerns will be met. Don't be afraid of missing out. You're my dearest Friends!The Father wants to give you the very Kimgdom itself." (Luke12:31-32 The Message)

"Some Friends play at friendship
but a true friend sticks closer than one's heart."
"O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good; for his mercy endureth fo ever."( psalm 136:1)


Today Iwill be able to be a better friend to someone because I am a friend of God. For the same reason,I will even be a better friend to myself, because sa God is revealed, I have self -revelation of who I am in Him.(Year in The Now Book)

Father Show Me How To be a Good Friend. In Jesus' Name,amen.
Order Your Copy of the Today!

Bishop I considere you to be my friend, DO YOU CONSIDER ME ONE?

See you all in the ITB
Being all of you friend is part of my E.A.C.H.
Peace & Love

Anonymous said...

Miss type--- Faith is the LOVE in action by all necessary means to please God!

Anonymous said...

again miss type---You'll all your everyday humans cocerns will met.

Anonymous said...

Again! I cannot spelled or write anything this morning, may I need some more sleep.

the word is considered with a D! Not without the D

Anonymous said...

CONCERNS----------Can'tdo anything good this morning. Forgive me PLEASE!!!!

Order your copy of the Year in the Now Today.


Son of Zadok said...

Welcome to the first edition of:

"As even some of your own poets have said..."

Acts 17:28

~The Apostle Paul

"And I saw you.
But thats not an invitation,
Thats all I get,
If this is communication,
I disconnect...
Well, this is an invitation,
Its not a threat,
If you want communication,
Thats what you get.
I'm talking and talking,
But I don't know how to connect."


"Love and communication you were here for me
At this very moment cuz I found you on the phone
You called me
And you were not hunting me"

~ Cat Power

"Communication Breakdown, It's always the same,
I'm having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane!"

~ Led Zeppelin

"Communicate communicate
Communicate communicate
Via satellite and solid state
Never never hesitate
Communicate communicate
Communicate communicate
Never never hesitate

~ Pete Townshend

"It's traveling faster than the eye can see
Information in the sky
Messages beamed across the atmosphere
Transmitted by you and I"

~ Janet Jackson

"Communication.. baby, talk to me
Communication.. information, please
Communication.. don't put me on hold
Situation.. soul to soul
Communication.. don't hang up
Communication.. keep in touch
Communication.. don't put me on hold
Situation.. soul to soul"

~ Duran Duran

"Lord, I've been praying all day
Just take this pain and give it away
Don't leave no other witnesses
By the grace of God, I'm going to see you in hell
About a Lack -- of -- Communication
Lack of -- Communication
Lack ------ of Communication"

~ The Von Bondies

"Countless scuffles, countless battles, countless wars
where did the art of communication go
end result some walk away with a feeling of victory
while many get to live the rest of their lives with loss."

~ Glasseater

"We never walk, we never talk
We never find the time to be close again
There it goes again
Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown"

~ Roy Orbison

"All I ask you for is
All I ask you for is

~ Bonnie Pink

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else seen the stick man on the platform. His face is the screen in the ceiling. He is bowing down 24/7.

Anonymous said...

I have been to all the EACH events - the initial leadership gathering, the Oct 5th BLAST and yesterday's training day.

The refining of P. Debye's explanation by the HS keeps clarifying things for me.

As yesterday's recap came forth and as I stared at the beautiful signs on the wall - the HS showed me how the EACH acronym parallels the 2 (really 3) new "laws" in the NT that replace the OT ten.

Attending is loving yourself, contributing is loving God, and helping is loving your neighbor.

There are so many interpretations of the 3 fold chord - but they all point to this same truth (you, God and others) ultimately binding us all into oneness without separation, without end.

How Great is Our God!

Anonymous said...

Communication is what God does with the Word eternally spoken to all creation.

To complete that communication takes interaction on the part of creation.

When the door is opened to the One who is knocking, the seeker finds.

When one who seeks, finds that which is sought for there is joy but when that which is found is fully recieved then there is enjoyment.

When the One who knocks is united with the one who seeks then there is fulfillment. One becomes one and one becomes One.

There is not anything that can be done to separate that which God has joined together when love is united with Love.


ps veriword, oplll
our perfect love lavishes life

Anonymous said...

to anon at 736 am,

I have thought of both a wonderful creature giving praise to God and a loving parent figure leaning over to embrace a child offering their expressions of love to the parent.


Linda Luke said...

"A 3 strand cord is not easily broken!" Amen!

Communication is so crucial and so complex. We can communicate in so many different ways. With words, quietness, voice inflections, body language, actions. Sometimes we forget that listening is a part of communication as well, because we also have to hear what the other person(s) is saying. Discernment and understanding are huge in effective communication as well. It is definitely a art. God Father is truly the best communicater. He communicates daily to each of us in ways that only we would understand which demonstrates He is constantly thinking of us! =)

Father, please help me to be a more effective communicater of your love, life and character.

(ps...and to be salty)

Are You Salty?
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1 by Os Hillman
Sunday, October 19 2008

"Everyone will be salted with fire." Mark 9:49
Jesus used parables to communicate principles of the Kingdom of God. He said each believer's life should have the same impact on his or her world as salt has on food. Salt gives food flavor and brings out the best, while at the same time it serves as a preservative.

What allows a Christian to become salty? Fire. God knows that each believer needs a degree of testing by fire in order for Christ's fragrance to be manifested. We cannot become salty without this deeper work of the Holy Spirit's fire in our lives. Fire purifies all that is not of Christ. It takes away all the impurities that prevent His nature from being revealed in us.

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith-of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire-may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed (1 Peter 1:6-7). Are you a salty Christian? If not, pray a prayer that the immature are unwilling to pray. Pray that God makes you a salty Christian. It will result in praise and glory at the throne of God.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Love the bridge illustration....

bridging the Gap for the WORLD!!!



Nothin like rappin to get the blood pumpin...there's power, power, power in the blood!!! pump it up!!!

Linda Luke said...

....that's exactly what I thought Pastor Dennis that CITN ROCKED it big today!!! I only got to listen up to offerings so I am sure that Pastor Debye rocked as well! She always does!!

Have a peaceful~relaxing~refreshing Sunday!

Son of Zadok said...

Glory to God in the highest. Who was, and is, and is to come!

What can you add to what was said today. Not much.

When I got back from Paradox you all were just in it! The praise was so full of the glory, I could just feel it. I can only imagine what that felt like ITB. When the Spirit is preached, the Spirit shows up. It's almost 3:30 and no ones posted from ITB yet? You all are probably all slayed out or weeping before the Lord right now!

You've heard it said before, but I truly say to you, a day will come when the praise and the issuing of the word is just going to go on and on without end. A house of worship that worships Him, beholding the lambkin in His presence day and night. You won't be able to hold them all. They will line up and have to wait just to get inside. And the glory will overflow outside into the crowds. And as they drive by they will be forced to stop and see, saying to themselves, "What is this thing?". And they will truly say, "This is that." People will be bowing and laying prostrate in the glory, and all those that see will behold Him. And the church of Saul will be in great wonder at the company of David as ALL manner of mankind and creed come to worship and be fed, living tabernacles containing the glory in earthen vessels. And they will say , "How can this be?". All manner of sickness and disease, of body and mind will be made whole. And all of the people will be ministers of the Lord. And they will come unto you from all the earth and they will issue forth from you into all the earth. The flag will fly high day and night waving before all in majesty, proclaiming that The King here, The King is in you!
Do not ask when these things will come to pass or toil and labor before the Lord to make them so. It is not our concern to know the days or the hours. Rest. Rest in the now. Rest in your labor. Rest in the peace and serenity of the day of the Lord. He is guiding your steps and your days. Receive His olam life this day. He is gathering. He is assembling. As He fed the multitudes with five loaves and two fishes, He is preparing to divide you before the multitudes. You sweet fragrance is rising in the throne room before Him. He is creating the way. He is calling. He is opening the deaf ear and the blind eye. And as surely as He lives, His will is being accomplished in you.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Soz.

"Whole New World" chorus plays in my spirit this afternoon.

This ITBer is resting in the peace of the Glory you saw and proclaim--and in the personal gift of the song "Agnes Dei" [which is playing right now, oh my]. It was a promised answer of a secret question.

All is right with the world. Peace.

Anonymous said...

19s touch my heart.

Today is, and so was that post.

You are the God who is just too much, Lord.

Hallelujah, for our Lord God Almighty reigns!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Erik...good stuff on Ephesians 1, and, yes, Sarah Palin did very well last night on SNL (biggest ratings they've had in 14 yrs, BTW)...but my favorite American today is Gen. Colin intelligent and visionary voice of reason for both Democrats and Republicans to heed...

That's a non-partisan statement, everyone, so don't start anything political, please...

And, thanks, everyone else...

Yeah, SOZ, I'm totally surprised that there isn't an avalanche of response about the service today...maybe people don't use computers on Sundays...

Dr. Lovelace, if you're your message about "The End"...that's awesome...thanks!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

I may delete that last comment in a few minutes because I'm not sure some of you will understand or appreciate why I commended Powell for what he said today (I hear your silence loud and clear)'s just that so many "Christians" are circulating the "Obama is the Anti-Christ" e-mail message right now that it was nice to hear someone like him say something sane and credible like that...

No matter who you're voting for (and I don't regret, at all, what I said today, BTW), at least know what you're talking about...

Those who believe in a literal antichrist (as the dispensationalists do) should at least know what their own theology states...if you don't think Obama should be president, against him...just don't play the "antichrist" card to turn people against him...

Anonymous said...

OMG, Todays service was completely Off The Chain. Music, Teaching, and the end, OMG THE END! I Love it when you sing with such freedom, annointing and complete love Bishop. I have said this before, but I must say it again. You are confirming thoughts and feelings that I have had since sitting in the Methodist church I was raised in. I always worried about the ones who were never brought to church or who never even had the opportunity to hear about the Lord much less learn to serve him. I remember in detail having sleepless nights worrying about that and not knowing how I should or could fix it. I knew I couldnt reach everyone, neither could anybody else so how were we all suppose to be saved. I remember asking my Sunday School teacher about it and I got the "Age of Accountability" thing. So my next question was, OK well what is that age so I can get to them before then?!? PRAISE GOD you are obedient to the word and willing to tell the complete truth, whether its the popular thing or not..For me, it's a relief, a blessing, and something that I have felt was right all along but really afraid to let anyone know. So THANKS for yet again speaking the truth and allowing me to come full circle on something that I have literally thought about since I was about 13 years old. You Rocked today!!!Shara

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Shara...that means a lot.

Anonymous said...

My "silence" is Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit valium that hasn't worn off.

TV off, radio off, no clue what the rest of the world is doing right now. I'm enJOYing the luxury of enjoying earth receiving her King just a little bit more.

Gen. Powell was an amazing General. Will watch the late news and catch up then.

Reign! said...

In a word, today's message
(in sermon, song & commentary) was simply: BRILLIANT!

You pretty much prophesized today's sermon in the 1st paragraph of your blog entry. Separation does not exist in love & our creation IS birthed through the Anointing.

ALL is a powerful, mighty, dangerous, life-affirming, and illuminating word. May everyone absorb it.

Ahhhhh, Holy Spirit (not Ghost :) Breathe on Me!


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Holy Spirit valium...that's funny, Avatar...

Thanks, Reign!

Son of Zadok said...

I get real serious with people now when it comes to the anti-christ. I tell them I know exactly who he is. Then I ask if they'd like to see him and I sit them in front of a mirror. It kind of hits someone in the gut, but really makes you think about things in a new way. I even know where the battle of Armageddon takes place.

Right between you ears!

Mystery Babylon you have many daughters.

Their is a system of confusion in the Catholic church and all the many, many denominations that have spawned from her through the eon. But what does it also say about Babylon.

You are adorned with many jewels.

In these systems their are many, many saints full of love and Christ, but they just don't know any better. Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.
I love what you said today Bishop about seeing the best in people and loving each person in spite of our differences. It is not our job to strive and argue with mankind. Just to love them. Yes, share the Real Good News, but love the "pagan" and the "separatist". And maybe God will lead them out of that great harlot in these days. Why is she a harlot? Because she is in bed with her false beliefs that are enmity with God. Someone and something that is not at all the heart of the Father. If she knew what spirit she was of, she wouldn't be labeling any man as the "anti-christ."

The heart of the Father is being revealed in these days.

Just Love Them All. He'll take care of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you are currently on Bish but I have been totally into the enjoyment of God's blessings that you suggested for us today and yes there is also a valium effect going on too. I visited my Mom today.

The Word was spoken with both impact and peacfulness through you this am. I felt the warm oil running all over my head.

There is none that can keep us from the One we know. That was clear to me this am. We all owe it to ourslves to accept the Love of God who truly loves and has saved us all.

note to izumi/joy; hope all is well and am listening for a praise report. We all love and support all that concerns you.


Iris said...

OMG! This morning the Holy Spirit through down through you Bishop!!! And yes it was anointed, because I can testify that I was changed once again this morning. Like P. Debye said, a lot has died in me this week. Through a lot of tears for many reasons, and on so many different levels, the death of things that had to go is imminent for the preparation of the new wine skin. And this morning through death, something else was born. I want nothing less than all of God.

I want the new wine, fresh, flavorful, the aroma and intoxicating (Spiritually of course). I can’t survive on the old stuff. So in death, I have tasted and I have seen that the new wine and it is good.

My spirit soars with new freedoms in the Spirit. Perceptions changing again… The view point from up here is beautiful… Problems seem so small above the cloud soaring with the HS. This is amazing…. How about all you others?… I see you all up here as well, isn’t it great?... I don’t know about you but I am not coming down. I like things from this view point.

Bishop, I haven’t quit singing yet… my spirit can’t be silent… I loved “Joy To The World” this morning… “Heaven and nature sing” Singing the Timeless love song, that the Great composer has commissioned us ALL to sing, and when we ALL acknowledge that we ALL are singing our part; the glorious sound of the symphonic orchestration will be heard. And all will sing how great is our God.

There is a song that keeps ringing in my spirit… I’m sure you all know it… but I very appropriate for where I am at right now….

I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to hold it in my arms and keep it company
I'd like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand
And hear them echo through the hills "Ah, peace throughout the land"

(That's the song I hear)
I'd like to teach the world to sing
(That the world sings today)
In perfect harmony

I can hear the echoes through the hills "Ah, peace throughout the land"

Iris said...

BTW Bishop,

I was wondering if I could have your permission to use the picture of the eye with the iris as the world for my picture on the blog? That is what I was really looking for when I used the last pic. Your one seems to really portray what I want better.

Somehow you seem to find the coolest pics.


Anonymous said...

Grace in this place!
The anointing on CITN is flowing out to all that are in covenant with CITN producing in them and their lives, ministry, business the same effects manifesting at CITN

Hallelujah same in every language….let all the world rejoice!

My God what a POWERFULL, POWER-FILLED WORD! In the introductory prayer and confession

Do we need to commend ourselves...NO! …. YOU are an epistle of Christ..Oh God help me be a “GOOD BOOK”

Now you’re preaching on my favorite word in the bible (ALL) and my favorite verse (JHN 3:17) in the whole bible
ALL….G3956 pás All. (I) Includes the idea of oneness, a totality or the whole, the same as hólos (G3650), the whole

I DO NOT believe we have to name a time and date of our salvation, even a casual observation of new testament scripture will make it obvious that salvation is a PROCESS not a onetime event in our lives…..the new testament speaks of our salvation as we are saved, we are being saved, and we will be saved.


THE REST OF MANKIND…..ALL PEOPLE, Many are confused about this because of the word "gentiles" if they were properly taught that the word simply and profoundly means "ALL NATIONS other than Jews" it could easily clear up a lot of confusion. I was lead to believe that "a gentile" was some sort of nationality or race that I belonged to. I didn't have any idea that it meant the whole world of nations were being brought into the covenant along with the Jews. when the bible say's that God was bringing the "gentiles" in also, he is including the whole world!!!!

Sinners prayer can become legalistic...yeah you do it my way or no way....
Your life needs to be your “prayer” from a sinner.

3:11 this is the point “was glorious” what remains NOW “is MORE glorious”

We are in that day NOW! Everybody move on up, move on up, move on up…

BUT WE ALL…..THE WHOLE RACE, EVERYONE, ALL PEOPLE, with unveiled face giving back as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as from THE LORD WHO IS THE SPIRIT!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, That was my sermon notes from this morning....


Anonymous said...

I see skies of blue, clouds of white

The bright, blessed days and dark, sacred nights

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world...

Bish, I hope you keep this topic open for tomorrow. There's just too much to say. I don't want to neglect anything.

* note to JB - Yes. All is well. Sanctuary much!

Night all - He gives His beloved rest.

Anonymous said...

Your message today was awesome. I sat the whole time thinking, "SAY IT Bishop, SAY IT."
When the sun comes up it comes up for ALL. When the wind blows it blows for ALL. When God does anything, He does it for ALL. He loves us all.
On communication: we must talk, and we must listen. Everyone knows a little about something and anything true about this world is the truth of the creation, which is from God, which is truth about God. We must love each other. We must accept each other. I am ready to see this world covered in the glory and annointing of OUR God.
I mean come on ya'll, has war ever really changed anything. No. It doesn't have the power.
Has isolation ever changed anything. No. It doesn't have the power.
Has keeping our truths locked inside ourselves ever shown itself fruitful in us. NO. This doesn't have the power.
Love is the power. Love is a verb. Love alows us to communicate. It allows us to listen. Man, I love love.
and so do you.

Keep on saying it Bishop.
Something good is happening. AMEN.

Linda Luke said...

Thank you Pastor Dennis and Iris for the vision and impartation of the service! Another one I have to get!!!

I am feeling what you were talking about Pastor every area of my life! It is so wonderful! The best way I can contribute back at this time is thru prayer and intercession which I am! (still gotta email you~apologize I haven't yet~schedule as you know)

It was true joy to all of us when that lil babe was born one starry night!

Wonderful night & happy dreams~

Larry Usher said...

The service today was another one of those very emotional "window washers" for me...a lot of tears of cleansing followed by laughter and joyful streams of acknowledging the great love of our savior! Will be listening to the cd numerous times to reconnect with the great word of reconciliation.

The American people will get exactly what they need come November, no more, no less. God knows which direction and for what reasons the next president will be elected. These are two flawed human beings as are we all and we cannot expect perfection from either. Like the oracle speaking to Neo in The Matrix, God will speak through these events. The very great thing though is certainly not in our elected officials but in the greatness of God expressed through an individual and the impact one of us can have on the world.
I think this country is about to have some of the most surprising things happen in its history, so keep your water walking shoes on because we will need them.

I totally agree with the word today about the world being able to see the Glory of God in the Church and in our local body in particular. When people can see love upon our faces and perceive joy in our hearts they will truly be drawn to the revelation inside us which is "Christ in us, the hope of Glory."

Something Pastor Debye shared Saturday about some of what's been happening here at CITN prompts me to share again a vision I believe the Lord has for this place:

I saw a great tidal wave coming toward our church and got the distinct impression it was a giant wave of blessing, so a few weeks after this I asked the Lord to show me what this was. What I saw next was a wave coming that arrived at the church, but it was a brown wave. I realized that this was a wall of human waste water-sewage! I was dumfounded at this initially. "God, WHAT?!" As the wave collected outside the building, a large "giant" burst in through the wall of the lobby and I looked to the left and right of me and there were individuals with slings and rocks. As the giant moved through the wall, the rocks were released and the giant was killed. At this time the waste was pouring in through the doors and through the hole in the wall, but as it ran into the open doors of the sanctuary I watched as the water was turned into solid gold strands.
The Lord said "The giant you saw being killed was that of religious and prideful attitudes that had to be slain first before this water came." This is what has been happening over the past several years. In order for the "human waste"( these are they that have been the "discards" of the church at large, the unchurched, the normally unacceptable, the unwelcomed) to be accepted, this change and repentance was necessary. The wastewater was being accepted and being recognized for who they really were- gold- children in the eyes of God and priceless! The Lord told me next that "Where there is great need there is great blessing to address the need." So as those that come here will finally find a "home", the needs they bring will cause a consequential blessing to arise!
I see Bishop's acceptance of the flock of pastors in Uganda as a "firstfruits" of this vision, as is the GPF in a fashion. The tent of the Tabernacle will never be contained! All come... All come...

...oh, they WILL come, they will come!

Blessings & holy sight,


word ver: VUXAIIVI- "Vision Under the Cross Accepts Individuals I Vexed Indiscriminately."

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

SOZ, your grasp of the topic is quite impressive...thanks for the insight...

Hey, JB...I was off-line for a while...out taking a walk and making some calls, but I'm back now...for some reason I was extra aware of you in the service today...I don't know if it was because I was receiving something from you, or because you were pulling so much out of me...probably both...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Iris...I celebrate your death and resurrection...

Use the picture with my blessing...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

P. Dennis, I was hoping you were logged on today...

I always love reading your notes from the sermon...your feedback is helpful...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Izumi, I've been singing that song all afternoon...I think I'm going to ask P. Jimmie to learn it so that I can sing it in church...

I've even been thinking about doing a new music CD...maybe I'll record it...

and, yes, I'll keep the topic open for tomorrow...

Erik said...

The Universe is The Tabernacle. Each One anywhere in the entire Universe has been personally invited by name into This Tabernacle by God, Faithful and True, The Sprit of God.

The Universe includes the broadest scope of your imagination, beyond the farthest galaxy, super nova, any edge in outward distance and into the depth of every cell, particle, atom, electron, quark, to the DNA that is the source of who each one is physically. God is at the basic core of who we are here, in oru DNA. That DNA is The Invitation into The Tabernacle we know here in this world. Anyone who has DNA, has the invitation written not only in their heart, but in every cell of their body. That includes each one ever here.

As much as we would like to believe The Word made flesh, Faithful and True, came into our reality first, John 10 indicates that is not so. It is all well. We tend to be egocentric, as is evidenced especially by us Abrahamics. G-d, Holy Spirit, Allah knows this of us, and comforts us. Paul is a microcosm of this. Paul shared what he had first with his direct community, then went about to outside areas, to outsiders of his world. The undefinable One came to this reality after others, and went to ‘others’ within this reality, and outside of our experience before and after here. The Universe, all encompassing every aspect of God’s creation, even that beyond conceptual ability form our natural vantage point. Which is why the fact that Heaven and Nature sing together really helps.

All we see, imagine, and believe for is in The Tabernacle. Enjoy it.

We share our vantage point, without invalidating that of any other at all. The Anointed One who has scribed our DNA, speaks through us, we do not need to worry that The One is under represented. We simply enjoy being who we have been inscribed to be.

This particular place, in this time and geographic reality, CITN is indeed a nexus, maybe The Nexus, of many colliding energies producing something new. God is unfathomable, why here, why now? God only knows.

Faithful and True is beyond fully knowing from our vantage point, although simultaneously known fully in out Spirit, that includes more than our natural vantage point. As the veil falls, as We see the more glorious of that which remains, by receiving ALL that ‘The One with No Name known except to The One’ Loves in the Love that The One Loves. Local, Global, Universal, DNA deeper and beyond. It is real.

Enjoy. Praise God !!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

You keep saying it, too, Mirome!

I know that I have a tendency to over-state things at times, but I have to admit, in all honesty, that there was wave after wave of the power of God washing over me during the sermon this morning...His strong hand felt very heavy on me...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Good night, Crownjewel...

Well said, Larry. Amen to all of it.

Iris said...

Thanks Bishop for the Pic....


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Brilliant as always, Erik...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Your welcome, Iris. Looks good.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

SOZ, go to and type in Obama as Anti-Christ...

Iris said...

Erik - "We simply enjoy being who we have been inscribed to be."

Which is the unconditional, unadulterated, healing, pure love that is engraved in us... which flows out of us... for ALL God has connected us to partake in.

Amen to..."As the veil falls, as We see the more glorious of that which remains, by receiving ALL that ‘The One with No Name known except to The One’ Loves in the Love that The One Loves. Local, Global, Universal, DNA deeper and beyond."


Water Walker said...

Communication from God into our spirit has to do with our availability to him and our emptiness or void of self, I believe. Bishop, when you communicated with us today it was in waves of glory and light & truth and more glory and light & faith and humor and I believe part of the word came to me as a deposit directly to my spirit that I have no consciousness of until I need to tap into the reservoir that he allows to be kept safe for later usage. Now, that is what I believe the communication of today was.

It was also Nation of Worship and something McFlurry ministering to the church. At the end of the service there was a awesome glory and adoration service and the presence of the Holy Spirit was very sweet. It reminded me of the worship services we had last fall. I truly believe we totally needed the healing that comes from communicating with our creator and being healed in his presence.

It was the walking backwards out of the sanctuary, just because you said so Bishop, although I really didn't understand the significance, but it was child-like and playful and so we did it. I know it was holy about holding God in such awe, but I didn't know where the scripture was found at. Maybe another teaching for another day.

Then the communication of the horizontal beam of the cross and to hug and kiss and minister and fellowship and share was just so cool.

Larry U. shared a really cool teaching about the shoulder's of Jesus and how we are supposed to put our cares on him because he is the only one who can really should our problems, it was kind of like understanding what a yoke was and how that yoke is easy and the burden of God is light. That communicated volumes about trusting God.

I did read the blog when I came home, I just use the computer so much, that I believe it is fitting to take time away from it sometimes, especially on Sunday to enjoy the Lord, family, friends, good food and fellowship. We have to do everything in balance and just sometimes, we can encounter the dance with the Holy Spirit.

Communication is very important to covenant relationship and I find that too often people don't listen don't really listen to their family and friends whom they have important relationships with. This is often a mistake as it can be one of the most important investment you can make.

Anyway, just wanted to say a little about communication...I believe true communication makes life worthwhile.

Love, Yvonne

Anonymous said...

I visit "" often because of all the junk I get. One day this week I got one of "those" emails and went to and copied the page and sent it to all the people that they had forwarded the email to including me.(it looked like there were probably 50 email addresses on it) Probably not what they wanted to hear.....haha

Anonymous said...

Bish, thank you for keeping the topic open. Busy morning, but I am pressing in, to communicate.

I'm glad you didn't delete your commendation of Colin Powell. "Visionary voice of reason" - excellent.

So cool about singing that song all afternoon. I hope Pastor Jimmie learns it, but wouldn't be surprised if he already knows it! Looking forward to hearing it ITB.

I hope you include, "Great Big Wonderful God" on your next music cd. When you segued that scat thing into your teaching, it was so fun.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Yvonne and P. Dennis...

And thanks, Izumi...I wasn't referring to his endorsement of Obama as much as I was to everything else that he said in the Tom Brokaw and CNN interviews...everything from the Iraq war and his involvement in its' inception, to the defense of Muslims in this country who love America and fight for it, to what America should be in terms of openness to diversity...

I'm not sure everyone in my world understands my point here, but it's just so nice to hear someone say those things in an intelligent way that I had to acknowledge it...I usually pay a price for saying anything that could be seen as political (especially in a multi-cultural church in this election year)...but I said it, and I don't take it back, so I left it on the blog...

God bless America!