Thursday, October 30, 2008


Pamela T. said...

I was wanted to put this on wed, but I got home late from church and had to type it up from my journal from a couple of weeks ago. But it fits today even better.

Its God’s grace that flows in us, through us, out of us. Don’t stop the flow. His Power, His Grace flows in, let others see it feel it experience it. Forgiveness God’s gift to us, every second of the day. Pass the gift on.

Forgiveness is not a feeling but a choice. A choice to serve God and to become closer to the Lord. Do not let anything or anyone come between you and your God.

Unforgiveness is a deep root that will spread like a cancer and will keep you from receiving the full manifestation of God’s Glory he has for you.

God wants us to be free, our yoke light. When we hold forgiveness in our lives, we keep the Spirit in us from reaching its full potential. God’s grace flows constantly. We are saved over and over again and again all day long. We did not deserve this gift, but God is Love and that is the only thing he desires to do.

God’s love and mercy and grace are constant. So who are we not to forgive others and still expect to receive love and grace day in and day out.

What if……God did things based on what “we deserve”? We would be lost, unloved, unforgiven and condemned for all eternity.

God loves you. Forgive those who don’t know him yet, forgive all those who have hurt you, mistreated you, did not love you. But most of all FORGIVE YOURSELF.

Love who you are in Christ. Embrace where you are and as you move forward in Christ don’t look back. As you step forward in Love and Faith in Christ his Kingdom will be realized in the natural.

In the Flesh or Spirit where do you want to live? In the dark or in his light?
Live, Love, Forgive, Bless and be Blessed.

Love, Pamela

Water Walker said...

love is the most powerful fruit, gift, reason, motive, intent, action, foundation, purpose we can re-present Christ to the world.

love never fails.

Water Walker

Avatar said...

My pic title: No eyes for anything but LOVE.

Reminds me of this "proverb":
To make a friend, close one eye. To keep a friend, close both.

Now for real, g'night ALL.

Anonymous said...

Love is the only thing that makes anything make sense.

I predict that there will be many comments here today.

Anonymous said...

Love covers a multitude of sins.

Nothing To Lose said...

Love, it is the abler.

word ver...abler...

Miracles, peace and love to us all on this brand new Thursday.

Bish, last night was right on.

donald, peace.

Jesus, thank You...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bishop and Bloggers,

I am home from the Army on a medical discharge and would like to ask for prayer for my unit 2/8 IN, mainly HHC Mortars 2-Gun, that are deployed and have been under attack.
Thank you for every ones love and support while I was gone and will see you all on Sunday.

Jason Murphy

Son of Zadok said...

It's these simple things like love & forgiveness that make the best blog sometimes. The sermon last night dealing with spirit vs. soul and how they both have a very real and right place in our life made real practical sense to me. Both parts are so purposed and relevant. It really adds balance in this walk with God to meditate on the humanness of Christ as well as His Divinity. It's so cool that we also are learning how to overcome; to arise and awaken in this same resurrection and life. To find out what it really means to be truly human.
I was touched by some of the posts last night that some of you ladies made. Being willing to be open and honest about your own faults for the edification of someone else really makes Jesus happy. I want to grow in that kind of selfless love. He guides and shapes us in these matters. Ebony I was especially centered while reading the portion of the letter you had written to yourself. I to have needed to see myself from that outsider perspective before. Trying and step out of the situation and give yourself the advice that you would give someone else. In God's continuing grace towards me He's led me to the sweetest healing balm through the ministry of Gary Sigler. I really want to encourage you to soak in some of his teaching. I know I've mentioned him on here in general a few times already lately, due to my enthusiasm, but when it comes to forgiveness and learning how to let God love you, I must say, this man has a very unusual revelation and anointing. Here are some of my favorite so far.

Knowing God as Father
God's Concept of Sin
God's Promise to the Seed
God's Concept of Reconciliation
Transformation Not Condemnation

Oh Girl, I tell ya. Listen,...take one of those a day with and a glass fulla' the Holy Ghost and you'll be beamin!

I'm also really thinking a lot about our brother Charlie Osburn's testimony when I think of love & forgiveness. Bishop, I know your a real lover and and overcomer. Have you ever heard this man's story? God is the ultimate forgiver of even the most forsaken sin. I pray I'd never have to put this type of love into action, but God's love is just crazy, it's so not fair. To shorten it or try to rationalize it will never do. And I'm sure any time we think we've figured it out , we've really only scratched it's surface. Love is the most dangerous 4 letter word.

Donald, Your on my heart this week. I went to see my brother last night and shared with him what was going on in your life. It made us stop and appreciate each other that much more. I even helped bring some peace between some twin brothers I know who had gone through a big blow-out yesterday. You were a part of that. I want to lift you up today in the peace and glory of our King. You are a special light. You are a very special light in the world. I've never met you, but you have a brokenness and a humility in Jesus that can be sensed from afar. It's a sweet, sweet fragrance. When you walk through this world your life is like an incense to those around you and your words are sweet like honey and your humor brings smiles like ice cream. I pray that through your tears you would sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. Where they say is a sadness, I speak a revelation of love and beauty. Receive from the Lord, not only the healing release of the precious tears He collects, but I say laughter will be your medicine as well. Reap today what you have sown.
Your brother has arrived. He probably couldn't choose to come back now even if he was given the chance. It's all so real and true there. Being absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. However, he is not far from you. Some day all four of us brothers will go down to the waters together. Bishop you can come to if you want.


Son of Zadok said...

We all pray for Jason's company.

Lord to you we lift up these lives.
Let the fire of God surround and protect them. The angels of the Lord surround and encamp about them. You hold them up and they are safe. They dwell safely in the land. They fear not and overwhelm their enemies. They lie down and rest in safety. Nothing will make them afraid. They are the apple of your eye and you are hiding them under the shadow of your wings. You cover them from the storm and the rain. You cover their head in the day of battle with the shadow of your hand. You defend and deliver them. You are their glory and defense, their shield and hiding place. You are a strong tower from the enemy.


Anonymous said...

The picture could conjure a thousand words regarding the abilty of Love to not see the faults or offenses of others.

The strongest thought it brings to my mind right now is more like someone holding their hand over their eyes to shield a brilliant light. The Light is so bright that it reveals the work of the hand as being one of Love.

There are many who can not look at the Light but their works show the Love hidden in their heart.

The faithfulness of Bishop to share the enlightenment he has recieved is sometimes like that. It seems there is more than can be comprehended at times but enough of it gets around the hand so there is continual illumination until the eye can adjust to the full revelation.

Bishop is not offended by the hand but rather sees that Love is being revealed to the hand and reflected back to the Light.


Anonymous said...

Whatever your hand finds to do then do it with love and when you open your mouth to speak then speak in love.

G8TRGRL said...

Love is. It just is.

Anonymous said...

To those that left and are wandering in the wilderness, and need to come home.

You drive by the church, and see the sign, but the trees along I-20 and in the parking lot have grown so, that it's getting harder to see what is going on. I know you check out the web page and this blog, because you are reading this right now. It wasn't the Spirit in you that told you to leave, because if it was, you would have kicked the dust off your shoes when you left, and never looked back. You left, being led by your soul, not by your spirit. The war between your soul and your spirit will continue until you decide to surrender to one or the other. If you surrender to the spirit in you, you'll be back here where you belong. If you surrender to your soul, you will probably drift around from church to church until... Love is moving forward here, and there is plenty to go around. And not only that, but we miss you more than you will ever know. Hope to see you soon. Again, as earlier stated, this is directed to those who are wandering in the wilderness, and need to come home.

Izumi/JOY said...

I think I get it!

My spirit says the pic could be Isaiah 49:16, while my soul counters, "Colin! Gavin! Chloe! Hand over the magic markers!"

Anonymous said...

"Hear, Israel, and be carful to obey so that it may go well with you and that you may increase greatly in a land flowing with milk and honey . . . These commandments . . . Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your HANDS and bind them on your FOREHEADS." Deut. 6:4

“Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb . . . The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city and His servants will serve Him. They will see His face and HIS NAME WILL BE ON THEIR FOREHEADS.” Rev. 22:1-4

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord . . . you will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; . . . instead of the thornbush will grow the juniper, and instead of briers the myrtle will grow . . .”

School of the Bible by Bishop Swilley: “Repentance enables us to cease worship of the beast which limits us to a numbers system (666) or the idea that we can only survive and flourish through our natural logic or intellect. NOW we understand that OUR GOD SHALL SUPPLY ALL OUR NEED, NOT ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF THE MATERIAL WORLD but according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus. We can then begin a lifestyle of Lamb-worship which will ultimately perfect our hearts and purify our minds and will bring us into a land that supernaturally flows with milk and honey!

Love NEVER fails. God IS Love.

CITN corporately and all CITNers individually – be at peace. Walk in love and walk in Love’s supernatural and holistic provision and prosperity!

word verification - copyrop

copy right off paper - which entirely I did from School of the Bible IV. The picture just inspired me.


peacemaker said...

I love your postings that have a series of pictures, photographs, etc., especially when accompanied by a quote. The pictures add so much to the heart of the post and prove a picture is truly worth a thousand words.
But today's-- about an action so absolutely powerful that only one photo was necessary. Here, the word by itself is worth a thousand pictures.

I can't believe you wrote what you wrote today.(well actually, because of our interconnectedness, I can).

At a meeting last night after church, something was mentioned about friend and brother who has broken a long standing relationship with Bishop Jim, Bishop Tommy, and others over petty nuances in theology. What was said was he should focus more on the "light" than on the darkness. I agreed and still do. But what came to mind later was that sometimes looking directly at light hurts your eyes, especially if your vision is adjusted to darkness.(darkness meaning hell, eternal punishment, wrath, and so on and light meaning just the opposite).
Eventually, with an awakening and the use of a filter(in your comment, the hand), enough light can enter the "eye" with minimal irritation until the day comes when full visual adjustment to the light is complete.

That was a long-winded way of saying we were on the same wavelength. I love it when that happens.


Anonymous said...

Tell it to the hand.

Nothing To Lose said...

The picture from another shade of light: I see the face of a teenager that has screwed up in a big way. The hand has two meanings (1) please stop the preaching (yelling) at me about what I should or should not have done.
(2) I know I screwed up, but right now, please, just let me know you love me.

SCRIBE said...

Excerpt from "MIRACLE ZONES"

Thursday Morning
30 October 2003 @ 0930 Hours

Glory Hallelujah! On this day, declares GOD, my people that I call by my Holy Name are required to rise up while standing their ground against the evil one, the world of darkness, and the assignments of hell, that they may flood /permeate everything and everyone within their reach or scope of influence with the words of the Lord, salvation, mercy, and grace, declares the Lord of Hosts. For I have given unto thee the power to tread upon the heads of serpents while breaking the back of the enemy, simply by telling the truth, the whole truth, the unadulterated truth as it is imparted into thee by God Almighty himself. When my people tell the truth, says GOD, they shame the enemy and put him to flight. Therefore, at all times, cover yourselves underneath my Divine Protection, while gracing others in love, humility, and the truth. When the truth is administered in love and by grace, it shines light into the dark places and carries the power to set the captives free. In all things, be of good courage, a pure heart, and clean hands, allowing no unclean speech to depart from the lips. That which does not edify tears down and destroys. Yet, there are indeed times when many things must be torn down and destroyed, for my word is a two edged sword- cutting of those things that must be pruned, while bringing forth life and healing after the infected tissues are removed. The healing process is never a comforting thing, but proves expedient in promoting overall health to the body. Selah… On this day, declares GOD, my precious people may be required to sit on their hands to prevent the spilling of a fool’s blood. Leave they that are foolish in the hands Lord thy GOD and their own devices, says GOD, for a fool in his / her folly shall soon self-destruct. SELAH…AMEN.

Shout Hallelujah!, declares GOD, for you have been brought to a pivotal turning point in the spirit realm, so allow not your focus to be broken or the enemy to distract you. Distractions lead to destruction. So, be on guard for those that seek to antagonize you and dissuade you from my mission for your life. Because I am GOD, I am a keeper of my word and nothing that I have decreed unto thee shall return void. Those things that I have taken care of before, I shall continue to do so for you. You are to not lose the faith in me or forfeit hope in my promises for your life, for my promises are always yes and amen- unto they that are obedient and have faith to trust in me at all times.

This is a day of Divine visitations and do not allow yourself to get grabbed by anger, but pray without ceasing, for the overflow of the Holy Spirit shall pour out fresh oil, favor, and abundant life all around you. Keep your speech pure, your heart blameless, your spirit gracious, and your hands holy so that you are in right standing with me to pray for they that are hurting. I am the Lord God Almighty and I am worthy of all praise, honor and glory. This is the day that I- the Lord thy God have made, and you shall be glad and rejoice in it. LOVE the Lord thy God with all might, heart, mind, body, and soul. Show Love and regard for the fellow brothers / sisters as I have shown unto thee. When these commands have been fulfilled, all others are encompassing. The LAW was set in place for the lawless and without restraint of oneself, all else is meaningless. For lack of vision / discernment of the greater good, the letter of the law kills. Yet, Grace and Mercy are poured out on humanity because of my great LOVE for the people- not as a way to pardon them from the consequences of actions. Selah... Do these things in Remembrance of Me- not because of the Laws set in motion, but because those who LOVE with mine Heart- Revere, Honor, and Respect Me, MOST OF ALL they have a conscious Holy Spirit-based innate desire to NOT want to Trample my grace and mercy underfoot! Selah...


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Good stuff, Pamela T...did you read my comment last night about forgetting to mention Uganda? I'll do it Sunday...

Just got a message from P. Ben, and he sounds very strong...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Amen, Water Walker...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

I've never heard that Proverb, Avatar, but it's really good...I'm going to use it...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks to all the Anonomi (that's the plural form of Anonymous bloggers)...good stuff, everyone...

Water Walker said...

This is an excerpt from the journey from the water


This morning when I was watching TBN, as a new twist this week, as part of my devotion, I had the opportunity to watch Joyce Meyer’s televised show. There was a sweet little story on love she told.

There was a little boy standing outside of a shoe store one day and this lady observed him just standing there, so she walked up to him and said "what ya doin"? The little boy replied, asking God to give me a pair of shoes.

So she took the little boy into the store and purchased 6 pair of socks and asked the merchant for a basin on water. She received permission to take him to the back to wash his feet, as she wanted to spare him the embarrassment of washing his feet in front of the other patrons. When she was finished, she asked the salesmen to bring out the shoes and fit the boy for the shoes he prayed for.

Once they left the store, the boy thanked her and looked at her and asked "Are you God's wife".

That little story really blessed my heart. Joyce says that we should never pray and ask God to do something we can do for our neighbor. Jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself. Joyce said many times we are able to sow seeds of love to others, but many of us don't want to let go of our "stuff", so we say, well I will pray for you. That is error, if someone is hungry and you can feed them, the thing to do is to feed them. If someone needs a ride, and you have transportation and opportunity to give them a ride, you should bless them with a ride, if someone you in your way (neighbor) has a financial emergency, and you can sow money, and you have the wherewithal, you just make it available, as God leads.

I have seen this dynamic in Christianity a lot lately; it is almost as though people are living by the adage "God bless the child who has his own" more than they are the scripture which speaks about not shutting up our bowels of compassion, or doing unto others and loving your neighbors as ourselves.

A great part of it is fear and lack of understanding of the importance of giving. God gave us a beautiful example of love, for God so loved the world that He gave, He gave, He gave…as many are the sons of God, they shall be called the children of God.

As long as the earth remains, there shall be seed, time and then harvest. I agree as Christians, we ought to find opportunities to sow love to our neighbors, who is everyone who is in our path.

Our steps are ordered of God and when you smile at some one or hold a door, or speak a kind word, or really listen to someone, which is a great seed of love.

WE are to be as He is in the earth…Jesus said you will know my disciples by the love they have one for another. Where is the love?

Water Walker

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Glad you were there to hear it, NTL...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Welcome home,'ve been in our prayers...looking forward to seeing you...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

That's good, SOZ...thanks...and you may be right about what you said yesterday concerning my being an only child...whatever, it's all good...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Wow, JB...amazing as always...

Machion said...

Love. I voted today! I always go into the voting booth with a sense of responsibility and gratitude. My family from the past prayed and perished for this priviledge. They suffered and fought relentlessly and faithfully always believing that what they struggled for would come to pass. It was never "if" it would happen, but rather "when" it would happen. What I did today was more than a decision I made based on the candidates platforms and the life they have lived with the accomplishments they have made both politicall and personally. It's more than me taking a chance on who I deem the best or the lesser of the evils. My vote is fruit. Today, the fruit is sweet and tasty and nurishing and obvious. It was the fruit of a repenting nation and a forgiving people with a mutual agenda. To grow. What a metamorphisis! Although we may still be in the cocoon, I feel wing forming and I see splashes of color. I fell in love with my country today. It feels good to be head over heels with home.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

I've got to go, so I'll just say thanks to everyone else...

Except for these two:

Robyn, it's interesting you posted from SOTB...for the last several days I've been thinking a lot about doing them again (the same material I-IV), but this time on Sunday mornings, kind of like a Sunday School...let's talk about it...

PM, exactly right...when I saw the picture, it so captivated me that I didn't want or need to add any text to it...

Right, also, about our brother...that's a very powerful insight you expressed...right before church last night I received an anonymous letter that was probably one of the meanest, most religious, most racist, most cutting letters I've ever received...and it didn't even really bother me! I actually prayed "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do...or what they are even talking about!"

Point being...I love and forgive everyone, even those who come across as woefully ignorant and mean-spirited, because they are really only blinded by the light...the light on the road to Damascus initially blinded Saul of Tarsus...but as David said, mercy and truth have kissed...

gotta go...

Anonymous said...


You truly are a peace……Maker!

Many times you as the light can walk in some place, when you look you can see whoever was around disappearing; and wonder why? Now come to realize it’s not anything you did, it just that the light in you shine too bright into their darkness and they cannot take it. so, they disappeared.

I always like to express myself in LOVE.

LOVE: is the medicine of mankind. We can live if we have LOVE.

The great tragedy of life is not that men perish but that they cease to LOVE (W. Somerset Maugham)

I believe in the sun even when it is not shining. I believe in LOVE even when not feeling it. I believe in God even when He is silent.

LOVE seeketh not itself to please, nor for hath any care, but for another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair. (William Blake)

LOVE is a strong emotion and once released it is quite POWERFUL. (KD)

If “LOVE makes the world go around,” as the old song goes, then it’s about high and mighty time we discovered just what “REAL LOVE” is.

By asking these questions:
There is no greater invitation to LOVE than in LOVING first. (KD)

Now, let us replace the word “LOVE” in 1COR. 13:4-8a, with GOD and experience the power of His Love.

God is patient, God is Kind, God does not envy, God does not boast, God is not rude, God is not self seeking, God is not easily angered, God keeps no record of wrongs, God does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. God always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always, always perseveres. GOD IS LOVE, as LOVE never fails. GOD NEVER FAILS.

His Love enables me to call every country my country, and every man and woman my brother and sister. (K.D)

Faith is the key to fit the door of hope, but is no power anywhere like LOVE for turning the key. (Elaine Emans)

It is natural to LOVE those who LOVE us, but it is SUPERNATURAL to LOVE those who hate us. (K.D)

LOVE for is God ecstatic, making us go out from ourselves; it does not allow the lover to belong any more to himself, but he belongs only to the Beloved.

To me LOVE is never afraid of giving too much. (KD)
So, for us to LOVE and to LOVED better than ever before!


tracy said...

good stuff here today ya'll,but how could it not be, right?
Ditto everything I said yesterday!

tracy said...

word ver "refue" I refue to give up on love haha!

tracy said...

Man I would stink at Scrabble. Gotta go for real now

typicalblurker said...

9:45 Anonymous: I shouldn't even be here. My pastor wouldnt like it. I don't want to cause trouble. But you don't know how right on you are. For many people.

dgm2007 said...

so i know this is random.. but it goes with the blogosphere.. I think i understand why ppl wanted God to stop talking to them.. lol.. its crazy. like when your about to make a decision and you hear this voice go uhh dont do that or do this.. and exactly what you dont do is what u should do.. not that this happens for major stuff im cool.. but what the heck with the leading spirit.. :)... its crazy.. Do you guys ever get this.. this is like my dear abby.. lol

Anonymous said...

T. Blurker, you just being here shows me you are right on for yourself.

anon 9:45

Anonymous said...

This is the third time I've tried to write something that the picture says but I don't want to sound negative. Looking at the picture I see myself trying to hide from love and other people but Love is ingrained in our DNA, SOUL & in our HEART. No matter how far we try to escape and hide from it. It lives inside of all of us.
Even in dark times Love Lives
When no ones around Love Lives
When it's you and Him Love Lives

Love is stronger than anything on this earth.
Love covers when other's expose.
Love gives
Love shelters
Love Love's

Anonymous said...

T. Blurker, when you come here, you get out of the box. If you do or don't do something because of fear of what someone might think, you become a puppet. You are not a puppet, you are an out of the boxer, and you are always welcome here. Peace.

word ver...pupet...

tracy said...

T Blurk- welcome to the table all you want and enjoy. There is alot of wisdom, alot of laughter, sometimes tears and ALWAYS a good word here. Nice to meet you and we won't tell your pastor you are here. Shhhhhh ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Love is an action. God started the model for love by His action -giving His only Son. Most of us view love as a feeling. Sometimes we don't feel love; yet we are still required to love. That's how it is in every relationship-- from marriage to children, to friends, family members, Christians, people of other cultures, races and ethnicities, religions, etc.

I found out early on in relationships that even when you don't feel love, if you practice it in your actions, the feelings will come. Love is a decision backed up by the Holy Spirit.

Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. Isn't it funny that sometimes we forget to love, but we rarely forget when others offend us - even if we forgive them! Work on us Holy Spirit.


Pamela T. said...

Hi Bish, I wanted to speak up but, I thought you may have been waiting for Sunday more of the church in attendance. I am also glad you mentioned that movie, I have a friend, who had an athiest or agnostic who she has been friend's with her for a long time attack her verbally after watching that movie. I told her I would like to see it to know what it is all about and why someone who does not have a foundation would be angered to the point of attacking someone who I know has only acted in love and has only respected this other person and their lack of belief. I just told my friend just love her, your response is important and will feed her attack if not handled by how the Holy Spirit tells you to respond. Of course we went in to all the deep things too. Pamela

Nothing To Lose said...

tracy, that's what I'm talkin' about...

Nothing To Lose said...

Might be another one coming home. Let's party.

word ver...pardi...

Anonymous said...

dear lord give me the strength to hold on.

tracy said...

He already gave it to you anon, it is within you.

Anonymous said...

yeah but its been especially rough this month,i just want to keep my sanity.

tracy said...

I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND Anon. But He will show up and show out. He has to -that is who He is and that is what He does. Just take a minute for yourself enjoy this beautiful day and try not to stress about things you have no control over. Believe me, I have to preach it to myself everyday. Don't lose your health over it.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the encouraging words tracy

Izumi/JOY said...

Just wanted to say, "JUBILEE", is all.

The Cloud of Unknowing said...

Chapter 4 continued...

He who with the help of God's grace becomes aware of the wills constant movements and learns to direct them toward God will never fail to taste something of heaven's joy even in this life and, certainly in the next, he will savor it fully. Now do you see why I rouse you to this spiritual work? You would have taken to it naturally had man not sinned, for man was created to love and everything else was created to make love possible. Nevertheless, by the work of contemplative love man will be healed. Failing in this work he sinks deeper into sin further and further from God, but by persevering in it he gradually rises from sin and grows in divine intimacy.
Therefore, be attentive to time and the way you spend it. Nothing is more precious. This is evident when you recall that in one tiny moment heaven may be gained or lost. God, the master of time, never gives the future. He gives only the present, moment by moment, for this is the law of the created order, and God will not contradict himself in his creation. Time is for man, not man for time. God, the Lord of nature, will never anticipate man's choices which follow one after another in time. Man will not be able to excuse himself at the last judgment, saying to God: "You overwhelmed me with the future when I was only capable of living in the present."

Larry Usher said...

Pic: "I know myself like the 'back of my hand"(not always so good), but all I will show others is love."

Saying "hello" with a wave is always given with the palm facing the individual(unless you're the queen of England- and I don't know exactly what she does!), always signifying openness. When one truly knows onesself(created in the image of God), he perceives and is free to offer love.

Bro Lar

Yvonne said...

Good evening Bishop, your School in the Bible's were so awesome and I have been standing in faith for you to bring them back in 2008. I will be so jazzed to know that you may continue, embellish, add, repeat SOTB. God truly is great.

I go back to the workbooks as they have helped me through really difficult times. The words are so rich and alive and appropriate and NOW!

Thank you,

peacemaker said...

That's balance...perfect and true.
It sounds like the pendulum has come to rest.


Larry Usher said...

Thought this might be for someone...

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast

Ever just the same
Ever a surprise
Ever as before
Ever just as sure
As the sun will rise

Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song
Bittersweet and strange
Finding you can change
Learning you were wrong
Certain as the sun
Rising in the east
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast



word ver: AIRKS: "AIR Kick Sass" selah!

Crownjewel said... the most beautiful and wonderful thing besides our Father! Love~nothing worth anything without it and if we choose to see others and our world thru His a beautiful world it is!

Love,love, love you all!


karl cobos said...

Don't look back
a new day is breakin'
It's been so long since I felt this way

Keep moving forward.

I don't know why I feel like saying this but the word in my mind is...crystal, or crystal giants. Mean anything to anyone else?

karl cobos said...

sorry can't remember all the words but I was reading the lyrics to yet another Boston song entitled- Don't Be Afraid Of Love.

Nothing To Lose said...

T.Blurker, thank you for posting here today. Our hearts hurt for those wandering in the wilderness and we pray they find their way home.

Miracles, peace and love to us all.

disciple said...

No matter what happens - LOVE NEVER FAILS!

Anonymous said...

CITN...a beacon of light in GA.

word ver...galight...

Anonymous said...

What Really Is Love

What really is love
A feeling or an emotion
A brisk walk upon the ocean
Flowing along a spiritual stream
Is love just a dream

What really is love
An action of give and take
Loving your brother
Breaking the hate

What really is love
A song to sing
A gift to bring
A total spiritual thing

What really is love
Giving of ones self
Following words the book has on the shelf
Old and new
One book holds true

What really is love
Love Just Is

By Laura Benson

Pamela T. said...

Hi Carl,

Spencer and I went to Boston and Styx in August and it was great. Nothing like good ole rock n roll.

I appreciate all music, love the deep meanings or love making my own connections to songs.

I do have to say that Rock and Jazz are my favorites. Nothing like a Alto Sax., turn the page and start a brand new day.


chaus - create heaven as u sing

Avatar said...

Bishop@12:41, I found the author, (thanks Al Gore):
(George) Norman Douglas (1868-1952) To find a friend one must close one eye; To keep him, two.

I like that he used the word "two" instead of "both", implying for me that a "third" eye is still available.

His dates on earth are a technicality--(smile). Whatever. Its effect on me is proverbial.

Avatar said...

Machion, I will enter the voting booth with a fresh perspective this year because of your post. Thanks.

Avatar said...

Laura@2:30, your transparent post personally translates (JB)anon@8:11. Beautiful.