Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Greetings From the Big Easy

Hey bloggers,

I'm in New Orleans for an ACLC (American Clergy Leadership Conference) Convocation, and I'll be speaking to the attendees about the GPF @ CITN this afternoon. Many of the people here have been reading the blog, and are very impressed with, and excited about, your comments concerning this past Tuesday night (and with the blog, in general). One gentleman from Miami has even taken your comments about the GPF, and has printed them out and put them into book form...so some of you are now technically authors!

One thing...on this computer in the hotel's business center, most of the posted pictures are x'd out...I hope it's just that way on this computer, and not on the blog itself. Someone let me know one way or the other (if it's that way on the blog, I'll have to wait until I get back home to fix it).

It's going to be a busy day here, but I'll try to write something later.



Avatar said...

Pics look fine here.

Just woke up from the couch in front of the TV!

Is there a book signing scheduled?(smile)


Erik said...


I have been thinking about this a lot lately. How our Spirit, and The Holy Spirit , sculpt ourselves. A self portrait. How we sculpt each other. The experiences we live, as we knock or burn (pur) the pieces away from the outer shell, to reveal ourselves.

I know in my own life there are times when the sculpting is such a flow, energy building, and I can say to myself, ‘Whoo Hoo , that’s me !!’ Other times, experiences chosen, I say to the Holy Spirit, and me “ Who is THAT person, I don’t (or don’t want to ) know him’. Those times I roll my eyes up into my head as far as they can go, to avoid looking at the myself at that point in the sculpting, I think ‘What a mess, Oh Lord, let that not be me’, but it is. Would that the sculpting would go quickly then, change , ahh, but that is when The Grace of God has such a poignant value.

The sculpting can be a struggle, and sometimes it seems that is all it ever is. However, at some point, by grace, mercy, truth, even the struggling parts give way and all of the sculpting becomes blessed freedom. The sculpting of life becomes beautifully exhaustive, and energizing, Zoe.

There is a unique vibe in The Big Easy, all of the pieces , the sculptures in life, mostly unrestrained that has beauty , rawness and refinement, acceptance and aghast in it, flowing together. That is true everywhere, but in a singularly unique way there. The confluence of cultures, histories, music, food, trade, commerce, extremes and subtlety, the physical geography of the whole Delta is continually being reshaped, shifting, sculpted by nature. There is a beautiful convent dating back to the late 1600s in The French Quarter, not visible from the street, but takes up almost a whole block behind the walls and buildings, like a huge courtyard.

Sculpting of ourselves, our society, our relationship with each other and through that God, our world, even in recent events that had major attention globally, bring out the sublimely beautiful expression of God in each amazing detail, HD TV at all levels, Spiritual to Natural, not one sculpt out of place, and every piece in the process purposeful.

The GPF, and all of the attendant groups and paradigm contrasts and complimentary aspects, is part of the sculpting displaying every piece is necessary for the finished work. As is for our own lives.

Anonymous said...

Erik..love what you wrote...I'..m glad to see that I'm not the only one who feels that way ...Then I think about God & the Humor He has to have when He looks down at us sometimes...Love ya Avatar...get some sleep!

Water Walker said...

Bishop, there are no pictures for this last post. The others seem to be here. I hope that helps.

I know we are kind of spoiled as your spiritual children but can I say the encouragement you give us on this blog, the exhortations and the hope that infused into us by the Holy Spirit through you is really needed today and everyday.

I can't imagine how it is to be addicted to drugs or alcohol but when you eat scrumptuously every day, we need an injection of your revelation, your wisdom, a prophecy from the Holy Ghost to get us through the day. I am just saying...

What ya got Bish?

Water Walker

Erik said...

Thanks Anon 4AM ,

We all enjoy God getting in touch with us through each other, I appreciate the confirmation, especially now, from you, and am glad God could confirm for you.

That is the connection God works through us, inspiration to confirm where we are in the natural. God is really good with that. Don't know about you, but I sure needed that, now.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes God reveals to us what was right before our eyes and sometimes it stays hidden right before our very eyes before it is revealed. It all depends on when he sees fit to reveal it.The thing is though it was always right there.

Living the vision

Erik said...

Anon 542 Am, I have the benefit of being on pacific time right now, but still it is getting late, and I surely must sleep to be productive in a few hours.

However, yes, I completely agree, revelation is always right before our eyes, and indeed it is a matter of when the scales fall away. They seem to fall away as we each let go of blinders. Our sovereign right. Sometimes I am exhausted at myself for the blinders clinged to, the difficulty to drop them, and then when they are dropped, it seems - 'How could they have ever been difficult to drop?' . Humbling.

Nothing To Lose said...

Just thinking about the fact that He will be with us tomorrow, even if there isn't one, gets me all goose bumpy. Whooo hooo

Donald said...

Gee Bishop, I hope you don't get hungry while you're over there because it's practically impossible to find anywhere to eat.

There's no problem with the pictures. It's just the way that computer is set up.

Anonymous said...

Note to NTL from JB;

I've thought about that subject alot.

God was also there yesterday when there wasn't one.

Time described in terms of past and future is an invention of humankind.

There is only an eternal now in its purest form that exists without going or coming.

Iris said...

Love all of the post lately. God is doing a NOW thing. I believe that the scales of all things that keep us from the Garden experience and truly living completely by the perception of the Tree of Life are falling to the ground. We are being sculpted and transformed in to the true body of Christ. God in true form. Yet painful at times, I embrace the process, and enjoy all of the benefits of seeing Him more clearly.

Scales falling, Scultures erected, and beautifully formed, the garden experience, the tree of life….. That is where unconditional love is truly manifested, and we see all the way God sees them. With Gods perception revealed in us…. Love comes easy.

Proclaiming Peace until my last breath….
Perception Changed… Loving easily

Friend4Life said...

That's AWESOME news to hear!! Tell us more, tell us more. ((smile))

When is the next GPF here in ATL again?

Why is it so hard to end a blog? Just a question today.

~Peace & Love~

PS.--Pictures look fine on my pc.

Anonymous said...

Bishop bring back somne gumbo . LOL

Pics are fine here.

Some of us are already authors. LOL

tracy said...

Thanks Erik, Anon's and Iris- you all touched on some of the ponderings I had in my posts yesterday. Added light and salt. Thanks.

G8TRGRL said...

The more I am here, the more I see how far I have come, yet have so very far to go.

The Cloud of Unknowing said...

The Primacy of Love concluded

Moreover it is precisely this love that gives wisdom, the truest knowledge. Indeed the meditational process taught by the English author could be described in three stages. First there is the clear and distinct knowledge brought by discursive meditation. This is abandoned for the guidance of love. Then this love find wisdom. In yet another work, A Treatise of the Study of Wisdom, the author describes this process with a traditional simile. As a burning candle enlightens both itself and the objects around, so the light of love enables us to see both our own wretchedness and the great goodness of God:

As when the candle burneth, thou mayest see the candle itself by the light thereof, and the other things also; right so when thy soul burneth in the love of God, that is when thou fellest continuously thine heart desire after the love of God, then by the light of his grace which he sendith thy reason, thou mayest see thine unworthiness, and his great goodness. And therefore...proffer thy candle to the fire.

A similar doctrine is taught by Aquinas, who holds that a great love of God calls down the Spirit, according to the promise of Christ at the Last Supper that if anyone loved him he would be loved by the Father, who would send another Paraclete: progress in charity, then, means progress in wisdom. This kind of wisdom is, I believe, apparent in human relations where love can discover beauty and potentiality that reason alone cannot find.
And so the author stands in the stream of tradition that regards mysticism as a love affair between the bridegroom and the bride, between Yahweh and his people. It is here that the deepest significance of Western mysticism is to be found.

Larry Usher said...


Great post about the sculpting today!
One of the most reassuring and grace giving things the Lord ever showed me was a mental picture of His hands as the Potter. It was not so much about the pot(me) as it was about Him. His hands were COVERED in clay! He was covered with ME! It was a joy for Him to be molding and making and "getting dirty" with ME! Oh my God! Not only was I getting shaped, molded, sometimes flattened, gouged, tweaked and beautified, but He had His hands all up in me. Not only was He influencing me, I was influencing Him! What joy! What wholeness to know that our purification is teamwork! If I relax in the shaping of myself, He steps in & goes on the lead( I see this as His pur of us) for a while. Then sometimes I will take the lead and buffet myself( put on the Lord Jesus Christ/take off the old man); point is it's a glorious double helix of metamorophosis! Inextricably intertwined! The cosmic dance!

We are His handiwork.
His fingerprints are all over us.
His handprint is upon us(like Wilson in "Cast Away")
The great Mt. Rushmore sculpture WAS THERE ALL THE TIME! It is in the taking away( of the false image, of the false self) that we also, are found!

Beautiful! Or as Katsumoto says, "Perfect", They are all perfect!"

Anyone remember the song, "Master Potter" by Fred Johnson?

"...mold me, make me anything you want me to be. And when you're done with me Master Potter, what a beautiful vessel I will be." (partial lyrics)

Blessings to all!


word ver.- QUBVEYHP- Qualified Under Benevolence, Victory Elevated You to Holy Places

2nd word ver: MEEUVE: Multiple Eyes Each Uncovering a Vision Eternal

Anonymous said...

Like Lots wife, we can't look back.
Like the children of Israel, we can't grumble about going back to Egypt. We, now more than ever, must keep our eyes focused on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Don't look to the left or the right, just stay focused on the way maker, and He will make a way. He always has and always will. The only thing that can hold Him back from working in our lives is our doubt, fear and unbelief. If you are weak, stay around those that are strong. Stay in church, this church. If you are not involved, get involved. Just like a muscle gets stronger when you exercise it the same goes with your faith. God loves us all, we will overcome.

Teezy313 said...

Checking in before I head back to school....

This weekend was absoluely awesome!

Loving all the responses from the GPF...wish I could've been there!

Blessings to you Bish and a safe trip back!


Iris said...

Remember, today you are the painter of your life and each day is a new canvas.

Avatar said...

Okay Larry! I'm jumping off your MEEUVE and a line from Cloud's post.

"Multiple Eyes Each Uncovering a Vision Eternal" and "progress in charity, then, means progress in wisdom. This kind of wisdom is, I believe, apparent in human relations where love can discover beauty and potentiality that reason alone cannot find."

So then, there is a GREAT importance to the bringing about of the Kingdom, to the revealing of the Sons of God, for walking in this wisdom of Love. Searching for the Christ, of course in myself and then in others--setting my mind on the things above, those things I see when I find the Christ in you and in me.

Thanks, anon@4am -- you definitely are always here to serve!! Loveu2

Nothing To Lose said...


How awesome our God. He's got us covered before we were and after we are.
I like yourself have realized this for quite some time, but for some reason today it's just a joy to my heart, and very comforting to think about it with all the chaos the world is going through.
As always, I enjoy your posts.

Avatar said...

Just got this in an email--and because it came with this beautiful rainbow, it seems right to put it on the blog.

The Most Beautiful Rainbow

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too
many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be concerned that your life will end, be concerned that it will never begin.

Amazing Day, today.

Nothing To Lose said...



Anonymous said...

Commit to your commitment and watch Gods "Bless You Out of His Abundance Plan" go into effect.

I am anonymous and I approve this message.

word ver...zpooy...

Son of Zadok said...

We cannot change ourselves. We just cannot, in ourselves, put our flesh (the carnal mind) down. We are so poor in being able to please God. It is impossible and inexorably hopeless. One of the greatest of all deceptions in the church today is the gospel of performance. The best way to describe religion is man's performance. It's a carnal mentality and complete enmity with God. Neither is it a matter of you intellect or your natural abilities. We cannot try and conform to the law in an outward way. Some of us can be very good, but your goodness cannot enter into the presence of God. Holiness is not something we can become, it is the place where God is, it is God himself. All are saved, but who is regenerated? Who is putting on the mind of Christ? The old flesh was terminated at the cross reconciling ourselves to God, not holding our sins against us, and this is now how we relate to others and their carnal mind. And now it is God's responsibility to perfect us! I will never be able to do this, never. But in the presence of God, He will complete the good work He has begun in you. God's very substance is Spirit and His substance is coming alive in you. Those who are asleep are awaking and Christ is giving us life. He is your source alone. He gives you the bread(word) and the wine(enjoyment) of Him. That is all you need. It's not about what you have to do to be saved, or trying to work anything out in your natural mentality. We are utterly hopeless to do that. So we sit at his feet and say, "God have mercy on me, I so desperately want that Spirit to saturate every ounce of my being." You can teach me till hell freezes over, about how I'm supposed to act, but if the seed of God in me never grows I will never in reality be ever to walk in all the truths that I know. But if the seed is watered and nourished, and I realize the covenant that God made with me is not with my carnal man, but with the seed in me, I will be changed. Our fallen nature is only the shell of the seed. Don't try and keep the law, and don't judge yourself when you fall into your old man, or any other person for that matter. Just allow God to nourish the seed in you. Let the Father continue to mold and shape us in His presence, and know that the process is God's work alone. The days of seeking the Kingdom and not experiencing it are over. You are a spiritual being. You must experience it. You are seated with Christ in heavenly places. That is not a place, but the awareness of the Kingdom here and now.

John 15:4

Abide in me and I in you. As no branch can bear fruit by itself; it must abide in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you abide in me.

Nancy said...

Every sixty seconds you spend upset is another minute of happiness you can never get back..
Oh Avatar, Thanks!

karl cobos said...

I'm feeling like a hard piece of cracked marble today, but I pray to be clay, not dry and not wobbly!

Am I ready for the fire and fusion?
Thank you God that you can always start over, maybe all I need is a little water and some final touches.

Yesterday was so joyful, I not only sought the Kingdom, but found it! It is always Your pleasure to give it to me...yet I have been plagued with mental crocodiles today in the mote surrounding the treasure.

Lord, help me(us) to see the drawbridge that has already been lowered and walk across without fear.
Thank you all for the prayers that take my hands and give me balance...leading me forward!

karl said...

Thank you Avatar, just read your post.
I'm tired of being upset.

I say amen to "Let Life Begin!

Yve said...

I had something very cool happen to me today. Well actually a couple of things. This really sweet 83 year old lady who lives in my division was gone for about 3 months and we used to talk a couple times a week on our daily walks early morning. I have so much respect for her, she is just so cute. Anyway, she was living with her adult daughter who married this summer so Ms. Lil, went to visit with her other daughter in Reno for 3 months and I really missed her. So I realized she was back but I thought I saw a U-Haul parked outside for her. I went to her door and she was so happy to see me and she welcomed me and we just talked and talked like she was my sweet ol' granny, and she is in the spirit.

Well while I was there, I wanted to tell her that next week was my BD because last year she was the only one who gave me a gift on my BD. And the Lord rebuked me, not to be such a baby and I agreed, so I was a grown-up and didn't mention it.

Let me tell you how cool God is, she was in the Peace Corps in South Africa where she bought this beautiful linen 3 piece suit. You guessed it, she bought it to me today. It made me so happy because I knew that "daddy" Father God had put it in her heart. She said I wanted to give it to you yesterday but I couldn't find it until today. Then I told her my little baby story about my BD and how I held back from telling her. She was so pleased to bless me.

Then we talked a little politics about the candidates, well she had purchased and read Obama's book and she later on gave me that.

I think it is particularly cool when you know that God see's you and he feels you and he knows when you are going through a particular rough storm. He loves us so much, his unfailing love endures forever.

Erik, the sculpting piece I so want to rip off. Is it copywritten or can we cut and paste, very well done. Thank you. You are becoming such a writer. You rock dude. Overcomer, that was a great word of encouragement, I recognized your writing.

Larry you are just so intelligent and clever, you always make me smile. Iris what a sweet heart. I love you guys. Bishop, what happened to you today, you must have been really busy, I hope you had some wonderful gumbo or seafood that was worth the trip.


Anonymous said...

I just went outside. Is it safe to say that we're being mooned, by God? Hey God, cool moon.

Erik said...

This blog is so full of power, peace and encouragement, connecting. It is a wonderful slice of life, good thing seconds and thirds are always available.

Yve, thanks, and no problem, cut and paste away.

Thanks for that poem Avatar, almost missed it.

Cloud - It does get better and better, just like you said at the beginning of the posts under that name. Thanks.

Larry, the clay all up on Him, and Him all in you. Amen.

NTL, JB, Iris, Soz, Water Walker, Karl - What you write about makes me think about Love that has no beginning or end.

There comes a time we manifest it, and once we do, we know that 'moment' was not a beginning, it was a joining in to a dance that was swirling around us, and 'woosh' we are dancing to. Whether we stop , or rest, and go again, there is no beginning and no end. Peace in motion, Love that always lives and breathes.

That is what all of 'this' makes me think of.

Larry Usher said...

God's richest blessing to you all tonight! God will make a way for all of us! I am strengthened by this body and pray for everyone's individual peace, joy and prosperity. You all add something wonderful to my life and I am blessed!



Anonymous said...

Dear yve,
Overcomer here... I can’t take any credit for anything previously written. But I am still OVERCOMER and so are YOU!!!! By the word of our testimony! :-)

The heat has been on and the pressure is mounting for me and I know for you as well.
i don't understand anymore than you do why the deliverance has not come, but this one thing I *do* know: God is God and He is the author and finisher of our faith. Standing with you and trying not to pout too much as I wait on God. What can I say..He knows me through and through and yes...I am tired of trying to do things on my own...I have put many things in His hands, especially my daughter's abuse, and He is faithful to work everything out for good. He promises us all that no weapon formed against us will prosper and that All THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD. IN THE FLESH I CRY OUT FOR THE ANSWER YESTERDAY..and I must admit that I pout because the answer has not come yet (at least not the answer I want or expect....sigh)...BUT I must Trust God because He is the only one who can perform the miracle I need. No one really knows about "my stuff" but I have shared some of it with you...I am tired...I am desperate for
God to move in my daughter's situation....I know where you are and my arms reach out to you, but I also know that God is working something GREAT in both of us through this process. Let's just take it one day at a time and Trust God who is able to be glorified in all thins and give us the wings of an eagle to rise above any situation. Let's just Praise Him for the victory and mostly for His love, protection and Hope for better things yet to come!!! He is a Good and Just and He sees all things and knows all things. We are His children., precious in His sight and loved deeply. Hold on to His love for you.

Love Overcomer
Overcomer because of His Light, His Holy Spirit and His Promise!!!!

Anonymous said...

I say praise God and yes to that, Praise God Overcomer!