Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey bloggers,

I don't exactly know why I'm posting this picture. I'm not even really sure what I think it just intrigues me for some reason, and I want to use it. There's a spiritual meaning in it somewhere...just trying to figure it out...

I started to use today's AYITN for the post, but I think I'll just refer to it's about living in the NOW, and it's a good one. You can read it on the CITN blog...

Thanks for the good reports about last night's service and word...

Get a CD or DVD of it if you weren't there (or didn't stream)...I think the message was/is important...

Also, last night I announced that Debye and I have decided not to go to Brazil...

They really want us to go...and I REALLY want to go...but we don't feel peace about both of us missing a Sunday right now...especially a first Sunday...

The E.A.C.H. program is still in its infancy, and we believe that we both need to be here as much as possible to watch over it and nurture it...

Thanks, Robert T. for going outside last night and taking the picture of the nativity scene...I tried to make it fit on the BLOGINTHENOW banner, but I can't seem to get it to the right size...

There are 20 additional songs on the Christmas playlist...

I hope more of you will participate on the blog today...I think my post about taming the tongue just shut everyone up yesterday...

And remember today that you prosper as your soul prospers...

That's all I got right now...

May be back later...



Erik said...


Bishop,Wed night service was great !!

All the understandings of God ARE valid!

Religion is a wall that is coming down. Thank You for adding your words to that effect.

The post yesterday re taming the tongue was excellent, I do not think it shut anyone up,for me,still enjoying last Wed message, a kind of simmering in the Spirit (that gives life)morphing with it,

Side note, possible commercial, The AIG 100 + billion bailout, -- AIG is paying claims like lightening, if anyone is having an issue with an AIG claim, contact me. they have the $$ to pay and are getting everything they can paid.

The Lord is good. The face in the rock reminds me of The Word made flesh - everyman represented - morphing into each one of us, as The Word made flesh is, in every one, smooth stone, transfigured into each one, entwined into every one.Amen, Praise God !

Yvonne said...

Good morning Bishop, No the word didn't shut me up yesterday, it made me think very deeply as I have been a lot about the power of words. You mention it a lot, and I mention it a lot because it is really really important.

I think that sometimes we need to meditate on things, if you will or chew on it, or ponder it in our hearts.

Thank you for washing us in the word tonight. The service just was simply a healing balm for me as I have been disconnected by location and the worship was very sweet. I did attend your SOTB's and I have listed repeatedly to that particular teaching on CD - the seven agreements you taught on tonight.

Excellent points made...too late for me to think straight...but the point about the Holy Spirit or the spirit giving life and the letter many walk around dead because they are eating and talking and digesting poison...very deep. I will say more later, when I have had some sleep.

About the picture, let us try this one...if we don't praise Him the rocks will cry out. He deserves our praise and God can use a rock or an inanimate object or a jackass and he does (LOL)...

Anyway, I want to say to the bloggers and to you that we have such a cool exchange going on here and our connection is the "lifeline" to tie a knot in that rope and keep on hanging on and hanging in there when the tough get going.

I felt so out of sorts not being able to stream or attend church and how refreshing and watered I felt tonight to connect with the body once again.

The word is a light unto my feet and a lamp unto my path. I really needed that washing Bishop, just as a undershepard does, you always know and I love you all very much.

Peace and blessings,

Yvonne said...

BTW, Bishop, I am totally digging the Christmas playlist. My friend who is a psalmist (you remember her, Adrienne Greene, Byron's wife) blessed me with her Christmas CD in August and made me promise not to listen until after Thanksgiving, but Bishop I am going to take my cue from you and start the Christmas season early, like this week when I started drinking hot apple cider with Apple Mulling Spices by Knudsen (health food ailse at Kroger) and my daughter made a great hot drink named after her. Joy's Hot Apple Cider a la mode (home made whipped cream on top). (please forgive the very long run on's, I think complicated when I am sleepy.

Joy because Christina's middle name is Joy. This is good stuff and particularly good if you can afford the organic Knudsen's apple cider, what a great drink for the nippy weather that is nipping at our nose.

I would love to have a holiday recipe exchange at CITN, we have great cooks in the body, and I think it will pick up spirits to get good recipes. I will type them and post them. Just a thought.

I'll chat at you all tomorrow.

love ya, Yvonne

SCRIBE said...

The photo represents: WE ARE THE LIVING STONES of the foundations that GOD built. Or could be the Living Epistles... Also, we must be "Rock Solid" in our faith and relationship with God, Jesus Christ- the ROCK of our Salvation- where even if we get stepped on, we shall not break. On / In this ROCK, I shall build MY CHURCH and the gates of hell / assignments of darkness shall not prevail. Rocks / stones may also be moved or transported to other locations to fortify or bring stability to landscapes that are in erosion. As rocks are lain out, soil is poured down, seeds are planted, when the rains come the soil and plants are not so easily swept away because of the rock underneath which holds it all steady...and if the seeds have not taken root yet, the rocks may hold the seed in place so that even when the grounds are flooded the soils are not completely depleted through run-off.

When we climb to higher ground, rocks underfoot can prevent us from slipping and falling, but when the ground is too smooth and without traction, we have nothing to grip our feet as we take the next step up... May we all serve as a piece the of rock / traction where grounds may be unstable to help another brother or sister maintain their balance when they feel as if they may fall.

SCRIBE said...

It takes more than one rock, brick, stone, or person to do its part and lay the right / steady foundation to protect a thing greater than each individual, such as Nehemiah had everyone to become rebuilders of the portion of the wall closest to their home and around their own land (Sphere of Influence), using the materials that they had. When completed, the wall around Jerusalem was far more spectacular and stronger than it been in its "former glory". Nehemiah was unable to accomplish the mission himself, but motivated, encouraged others to do their part in a becoming a builder of the wall, that way when they observed the finished result, they felt a greater sense of purpose-- seeing the big picture, the part they played, and was able to assume Ownership through maintenance and excellent stewardship in that which served for the Greater Good / overall betterment of the nation / city.... And to think, it all began with them using the rocks / materials that they held in their possession, which may not have been enough to accomplish the entire job, yet when their portion of the wall was complete and joined / met with the portions and workmanship, skill and time of others, the GREATER WORK was completed with Excellence! Selah...

Anonymous said...

Even the Rocks will cry out!

Donald said...

I guess I'm way off base.
When I saw the picture I thought about what a hard headed guy that must be.

Anonymous said...

November 20 - AYITN

Father, bring my whole thought-life, personality, will and emotions into Your NOW today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Lesson 325 - ACIM

All things I think I see reflect ideas
This is salvation's keynote: What I see reflects a process in my mind, which starts with my idea of what I want From there, the mind makes up an image of the thing the mind desires, judges valuable, and therefore seeks to find. These images are then projected outward, looked upon, esteemed as real and guarded as one's own. From insane wishes comes an insane world. From judgment comes a world condemned. And from forgiving thoughts a gentle world comes forth, with mercy for the holy Son of God, to offer him a kindly home where he can rest a while before he journeys on, and help his brothers walk ahead with him, and find the way to Heaven and to God.
Our Father, Your ideas reflect the truth, and mine apart from Yours but make up dreams Let me behold what only Yours reflect, for Yours and Yours alone establish truth.

Anonymous said...

Living Stones.....Cool!

Nothing To Lose said...

Good morning. Sleep well? I didn't. I've been up all night thinking of being a rock star. Oh, them? They went to CITN again last night. When they got home they said something about how their Bishop spoke over them, something about sleep. Look at 'em. They look like a bed of rocks, just sleeping like babies. You know, there just might be something about going to CITN on Wednesday nights. I sure am tired.

Avatar said...

"Thanks, CITN. The others have all gone back to our real jobs, but I stayed behind to make sure you know how grateful we are for you. When we started forming these mouths we knew something was wrong. But then one day, one by one we started going back. I'm the last one and I asked to stay here just a little while longer so you would really know how grateful we are that we can do what we were spoken to do. Do your thing! I think we've told the rest of creation that you're finally being revealed!

Pray for me. It's lonely while I go through this process but telling you this was worth it! It's really good to know you're here! Bye.

Oh, wait, I've been hoping to be in a rock garden one day. Is there one on your campus yet? I can wait, but think of me when you start building it. Thanks, bye.

Anonymous said...

He said it wasn't going to be easy, but it's going to be worth it. Press on...

Anonymous said...

We should be like the rocks.
Ready to cry out His name
Oh for a thousand tongue's to sing. Praise be to our King!!!

Nothing To Lose said...


I realized last night, that I'm taking a little more, and leaving a little less.

G8TRGRL said...

I see in the smooth stone the journey that has been withstood to be in the state of "smoothness".

Beginning as a "chip off the old rock", jagged, rough around the edges. Probably being tumbled around, sometimes painfully.

Other rocks bumping into you along the journey in the river, all the while, the water washing over you, still soothing, still smoothing.

Till you reach the pool at the end of the stream, where you and your fellow rocks rest in the camaraderie of the journey and revel in the destination.


Izumi/JOY said...

A picture parable?

What if it's Jacob's head on stone pillows?

Or... the stone that took down Goliath?

Or, the Psalmist's cry in chapter 42 (my paraphrasing): "All your giant waves have rolled over me."

Or, the "after that" to Peter's, "Lord, if that's really You, call me over there."

Water Walker! said...

So, after the a.m. interpretations, would it be fair to say that we are living epistles, or living stones written on the hearts of men because we are the church who is built on rocks or the petros and the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. And we know that because we are living stones who have become master "rebuilders" in our own sphere of influences (ministries, home, communities, jobs) and "we must" be rock solid in our hope towards Jesus who must SHOUT OUT PRAISES TO GOD. With our every breathe we take we are walking on water towards Jesus NOW (no other way) and that we know (intimate with the fact) He is bidding us "Come".

Jesus is the rock or the chief cornerstone that the builders rejectected and we are not greater than our master so there is a the process of the formation or a fellowship of suffering that is being worked (if you will) through us and in us to cause us to have the strength of a rock in a world that needs to see the true and living God revealed by the display of the love we have one for the other. So think it not strange when you are persecuted, lied on, misreprsented, cheated on, reviled, tested and tried knowing that there is a "formation" of strength being developed in us.

As we go through this process it is mandatory to praise God anyhow, in the midst of the storm and to keep your eyes fixed in Jesus eyes, the author and finisher of our faith knowing that the fruits that remain are love, joy, patience, self-control, meekness, faith, perserverance, character, integrity (derived from the word integer meaning whole) is being developed for His Glory and for His purposes to advance the kingdom of God.

How Great is Our God and He worthy to be Praised! It is all in the name of Jesus and it is all in us because He is in us.

Water Walker

tracy said...

He looks kind of smug to me, like "I told ya the rocks would cry out." Or Izumi he could have been the rock that took Goliath down. At first I thought he looked downtrodden and then maybe confused, but I think smug or is it content? Word ver yantrici- is that code for yawn tracy?

Anonymous said...

Stones are a part of God's creation and they are full of energy and life. We can draw upon their life source for they are a part of us because we were created from the earth. As for me, I know they will help me achieve God's calling on my life. That's my take on the picture.

Pamela H

peacemaker said...

In light of g8trgrl's most beautiful post, I think "content" would be the right word.

Again, a very beautiful comment.

Izumi/JOY said...

Trace... what if it's a "capstone" and the pic is only a tiny fragment of what happened that day when darkness covered the earth?

When Jesus commended His spirit to Abba, He gave up the ghost & the sky's veil was ripped open by His ascent.

What if Jesus is/was an ancient/future/now Kosmos traveler & He's on a mission, searching for faith fuselag (rock = tangible debris) that He shed with His lift-off?

Anonymous said...

when I first saw the stone; I immediately saw myself, I don't know why. maybe it was because of what Donald said.

anyway I like the Picture.


Nothing To Lose said...

Jesus, You are the Rock of my salvation.

On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

The wise man built his house upon the rock.

The rock in front of the tomb was rolled away.

G8TRGRL said...

Earth, Wind and Fire

"In the Stone"

I found that love, provides
The key-unlocks, the heart and souls, of you and me-
Love will love, to sing your song,
Love is written in the stone

Every man, I meet is walking time-
Free to wander, past his conscious mind,
Love will come, and take you home-
Love is written, in the stone
Do you believe, my friend, in what you claim, people of the world,
All doubt the same-bringing questions
Of their own-truth is written,
In the stone

In the stone, youll find the meaning
Why youre not standing tall
In the stone
The light is shining, forever touching all-

Life experience a passing day
Time will witness, what the ole
Folks say-getting stronger every day
-strenght is written in the stone-
Deep inside, our hearts for us
To keep-lies a spark of light that
Never sleeps
The greatest, youve ever known-
Yea is written-
In the stone

In the stone, youll find the meaning
Why youre not standing tall
In the stone
The light is shining, forever touching all-
Never, never my darling, never youll
Be alone-forever, ever my darling
True love is written in the stone-

(Word veri... prest.. for time, for money, for relationships, for LOVE!! WHAT ARE YOU PREST FOR?)


G8TRGRL said...

O.K, hilarious veri words are prevailing...

"turchaki"-- turkey and all the "chachki" that accompany it on Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Stephen was taken out of the city, and stoned to death

Son of Zadok said...

Rocks are hard objects. Diamonds are rocks and they are considered the hardest objects in the world, right?
Hearts can be hard. God said, "I will take their hearts of stone and exchange it for a heart of flesh."
That's a beautiful thought to me. We all have some degree of hardness in our hearts. It's good to know that our Father is lovingly crafting those hearts into hearts of flesh that are full of the love that only God can create; the love that emanates out of the very being of who and what God is. A verse Pastor Dennis put up a few days back has been ringing inside me for days.

Isiah 45: 23-24

Everyone is going to end up kneeling before me. Everyone is going to end up saying of me, "Yes! Salvation and strength are in GOD!" All who have raged against him will be brought before him, disgraced by their unbelief.

Now the religious mind would see that only in the context of "DISGRACE" and "UNBELIEF" and think that's the end. Truly though it's only an means to an end. This is such a beautiful passage. I see a moment when a miracle takes place in these hardened hearts, a revelation. The word says it is the goodness of God that leads to repentance. What a glorious day it will be when the hardest hearts are melted in repentant disgrace at their unbelief. Nothing could be more beautiful. God judges no one. Judgment was fully met at the cross. In the light of who God is and His awesome total love, what heart will be able to be left as stone. Each one will melt in the light of God's unconditional love and be changed.
So I guess in a way the rocks will cry out. The hearts of rock will cry out and be turned to hearts of flesh. That's when every heart, every stone, will have said, "YES!"

God give us heart of flesh this day. Let us judge ourselves in the light of your love.

Keep Paradox in your prayers this afternoon. We're in the middle of a miracle and God willing will be getting a great building soon. Truly a light on a hill in a dark place. Pray that the hearts of those involved be moved by the Spirit. This is all God thus far, and its a big deal for us.

I love you all ~ Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Satan tempted Jesus to turn a stone into bread.

Larry Usher said...

What I see in the "Rockface" picture is this: The one face in the middle of a whole bunch of other rocks which has turned against the flow to face and embrace the reality of his Maker. The normal "flow" in this world's "river" can wear you down to where you finally take on the "look" of all the others around you. God celebrates the individuality and uniqueness of a person as well as the collective body- disregarding neither.

Loved all the other takes on the rocks.

Before I saw the face I thought of the iron sharpening iron quality of the stones in the river as they are "washed" by their fellow river-bed mates.



word ver: OBANCHUM: "OBAma 'N' CHUM"- Just had this vision of Obama being very "chummy" with the Holy Ghost. Cool!

Nothing To Lose said...

Sometimes a mountain is removed by faith, one rock at a time.

Larry Usher said...

Hey Yvonne! Good to see you OTB(on the blog) again! Been wondering where you were!

Stone Free dudes!!


Larry Usher said...

Click on the pic.

Here's two little lively "stones" from Uganda! These little guys were at the orphanage and all were such blessings!!!

Thanks Robyn for getting my disc for me-haven't been able to view my pics since coming back!

Gotta go...


word ver: GOGRO- GO! GROW!

Larry Usher said...

Word ver that just popped up as I posted


Come on Bishop, now I KNOW you're messin' with the word vers!

Friend4Life said...

Hey Every-1!! Every-1's comments are gr8!!

Here's what I think of the picture: We face some bumps in our life. We can either FACE them or ignore them. That ROCK/STONE is FACING it. It does look like he is alone, but some got his back!! He does look content with what he is facing. On a opposite note his look looks like,"Did I miss the rapture?" LOL--Just kidding.

Every-1 have a Blessed Day. Keep my niece in your prayers. She is going back with her mom 2morrow. I have had for 2 years. Feels like yesterday she was moving in. Where does the time go?

~Peace & Love 2ya~

Nothing To Lose said...

Church In The Now is in Rockdale County, GA

got rock?

I have heard it said that the vein of granite rock that is in Rockdale County, runs all the way to Stone Mountain.

Friend4Life said...

Forgot to put the song of day for me.

"Let the Rain of His Presence Fall on Me"

tracy said...

OK so G8rGrl that was good, so were everyone else's, funny how we all get similar pictures yet different. And Donald and P. Dennis definately could be referring of those of us that are hardheaded. And yes PM content or satisfied, but that brings a whole slew of new ideas to light. Like has he seen the revelation of who he is in Christ and knows he is no longer just a face in the crowd? He is God's beloved.

linda said...

Isaiah 50:7 The Lord God is my helper, therefore am I not confounded: therefore have I set my face as a most hard rock, and I know that I shall not be confounded. (Douay-Rheims Bible)
I am of the Disney generation I thought, oh, the rocks are going to talk now. I think I watch too much TV

let there be light

word ver: coorit, If I drank I could just coors it. But instead how about I Scooby Doo it and say Coorit (cool it) Shaggy

Machion said...

Well there it is again... permission to breathe. Thanks Bish.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful nativity picture.

Rocks are what cause the rapids in a crick or river.

karl cobos said...

It's a rock getting ready to cry out!!!

It looks like something Peter Gabriel would come up with for a video.

My first thought, however was...It's a peaceful, smooth living stone...having been constantly WASHED OVER WITH THE WATER.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks. It was just up there for a minute because I can't find a size that fits the banner. Hopefully, I'll get a picture that works. In the meantime, we'll enjoy Charlie Brown and Linus.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

That was for Anonymous @ 1:53...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And, yes, does look like something from a Peter Gabriel video. I love Peter Gabriel.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And, yes, does look like something from a Peter Gabriel video. I love Peter Gabriel.

Anonymous said...

To me the rock is singing:

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

I don't know why that posted twice. All kinds of strange things are happening here on the blog in the last few hours. I don't know why they names are suddenly capitalized, either...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And that was in reference to the comment to Karl...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Very interesting insights, is clearly subjective...

Good stuff...

Nothing To Lose said...

A heart of stone can be softened by love.

Anonymous said...

“A word and a stone let go cannot be recalled”

Nothing To Lose said...

A waterfall is created, where the water keeps going and the rock stops.

Anonymous said...

“Between a rock and a hard place”

disciple said...

What's wrong with Charlie Brown and Linus?

Yvonne said...

Hey Larry,

Thanks for missing me, I missed you as well. I did see you in church last night but I was dressed in disguise (LOL) - aka, like a Yankee. Anyway, I was in Md and then Va. on some unfortunate "family business" which is code for intense ministry, if you know what I mean.

Well part of my family live in a very rural area in Va. and it is so remote that I searched all over town to find a area where there is wi-fi, and when I asked the hostess if they had wi-fi, she said, let me ask my manager. She came back and said oh yeah do you mean wireless internet, yeah we have that. So needless to say, I couldn't even stream. Now in Baltimore, I was at Panera bread everyday, but unfortunately for me, that was the week Bishop went to Korea. OMG, I love Atlanta and CITN and all of you so much.

Oh, Auntie Em...there is no place like home.

You know truly I was homesick and my mom wanted me to stay through thanksgiving, but I was so refreshed and blessed to be ITB on last night with kisses and hugs from the bus all the way until they locked me out of the building last night (too much fellowshiping). LOL...

And to experience the anointed worship and fellowship, the word made flesh and Bishop washing us with the word, it doesn't get any sweeter.

I did send you my lemons and sugar email and told you guys that I was back and very happily so, I would like to state again and again.

It is really something when you find your self content when you are abased and abound, I am so grateful for everything I have. I know that I finally get the true meaning of hol-i-days. Everyday is a celebration of life if you see if that way and we are so blessed with God's many blessings.

The rocks don't have to cry out, I praise God...He has bought me a mighty long way this year. I thank him for my Daily bread because he is my daily bread.

This morning I was on the phone and internet with Toys for Tots trying to see if we qualify (Project Angel Tree and Street Jam) for the kids on the list, but they said we are too late as the deadline was October 15, 2008. But you know what I know, which is with agreement absolutely all things are possible.

In this season, I have experienced God's miracles over and over again and it was not on my time schedule. His timing is very different than our timing. We want and believe we want all of our stuff paid on time, but you know he is not moved by our whining or complaining. He is moved by our faith.

After all, He is God and He does whatever he wants to with our greater interest as one of his goals.

In my interest, God's timing seemed as though it was 4 days, dead and stinkin, so I ask for agreement that CITN and it's members and bloggers and associations and friends and our community will prosper even as our souls prosper.

Scribe, what an anointing. I can't wait until you are published. Great stuff Izumi/Joy!

Bishop, I love the new songs you posted. Great comments about the rock face or the face rock!

love, Yvonne

Anonymous said...

Things are not always what they seem to be. His shell looks hard as well as his surroundings but look into his eyes. I think they are saying don't look at what is on the outside and where I come from, but really look into what is on the inside. Be a Jesus person and look for the real me.

River said...

Love Charlie Brown & Linus. The Peanuts has always been my favorite cartoon. My nickname was peanut when I was a little girl.
My father nicknamed me after I was born. He took one look at me and said I was shaped like a peanut & the name stuck.

As for the Pic of the stones. It only takes one to speak out for the Father to hear.
Will you save 100
Will you save 50
Will you save 25
Will you save 10
Will you save ?

He only needs to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

A heated rock will hold heat, long after the source of heat has been diminished.

Anonymous said...

See Rock City

tracy said...

Cool word sissie do and River. Good to "see" ya'll

Izumi/JOY said...

It's amazing, imagining the Exodus account from a rock's perspective.

Moses stretched his hand over the sea and the Lord caused a strong east wind to pull back the watery blanket, making the sea, dry land where waters were divided.

Larry Usher said...

I think it is really interesting that when you have an abstract concept on the blog, that EVERYONE wants to chime in- because all it requires is IMAGINATION! And who has imagination to the fullest? CHILDREN! Lot of people here have been sitting on Daddy's lap!

Bro Lar

Anonymous said...

Rock of ages, cleft for me...

Larry Usher said...

Hi Izumi!!


Larry Usher said...

Word ver: PENTESTS

"If your pen tests positive, we're going to have to run more tests on its ink!"

These word vers are cray-zeh!

Anonymous said...

We'll build on the Rock, the living Rock,
On Jesus, the Rock of Ages;
So shall we abide the fearful shock,
When loud the tempest rages.

We'll build on the Rock,
We'll build on the Rock;
We'll build on the Rock, on the solid Rock,
On Christ, the mighty Rock.

Some build on the sinking sands of life,
On visions of earthly treasure;
Some build on the waves of sin and strife,
Of fame, and worldly pleasure.

O build on the Rock, for ever sure,
The firm and the true foundation;
Its hope is the hope which shall endure,
The hope of our salvation.

clark kent said...

Thanks Linda for finding that verse..."set my face like a most hard rock!"-Is. 50:7-cool.

I don't really know the song but isn't there a Beatles song that says something about...AN EGG MAN?!
...maybe that's him in the egg rock. OK, this is gettin' wierd(weird?), sorry.

ver: carkshif
-clark...shift it into a different gear, k?

clark kent said...

Okay, I took another look, and that definitely looks like a Petrified EGG man!-no kidding.

clark kent said...

Okay, shifting gears.
Now for something completely different.

I see myself IN the rock, fused as ONE...the water has sculpted my image into his. Selah.

Anonymous said...

The song is "I Am the Walrusa"

Anonymous said...

I mean "I Am the Walrus!"

G8TRGRL said...

Thanks, PM !

Reign! said...

i can go to The Rock!
The Rock of my Salvation!

great SOTB refresher/teaser/refresher....

Ain't nothin' like the REAL THING!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Reign!...

G8TRGRL said...

Word veri: ovell

(In best Zsa Zsa Gabor voice...)

"Ovell, dahling!

Donald said...

You could have left Walrusa up there anon and we would have-uh just-uh thought-ah that you were pentecostal-uh.

NTL, plans have changed. I just found out that one of my most favorite-est people in the whole wide world is going to be home this weekend. I'll be staying down cheer this weekend.

This is the longest stretch that I have been unable to visit up there since I first started getting brainwashed up there. I've got a strong hankerin' to get up there.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Donald, you're a trip...just get here when you can...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey everyblogger,

I have thoroughly enjoyed you all today...thanks for the great participation!