Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bless This House

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Is that a star in the upper right hand corner?


NTL said...

Awesome message. You gave us the directions, to change the direction of any circumstance in our lives:

1. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.
2. Accept the fact that you've
created a large part of your
3. Avoid repeating patterns.
4. Act on the Word of the Lord.
5. Admit when you've missed it.
6. Attract good.
7. Anticipate living the life that
seems good to the Holy Spirit.

And how grand the entrance, of Little Miss Sofia!

G8TRGRL said...

Gr8 message today! There is something about the 7 points that makes it extra good!

... and as it so often does, it is exactly what I need to hear NOW.

One more time...


Donald said...

Roger that NTL and G8trgrl.
That was ferociously good stuff today Bishop.
And that picture of the nativity is simply precious.

linda said...

Bish, Wonderful word today. It gives us hope to know that if we are largely responsible for our present situations then that will also mean that we can change our present situation by changing our speech and how we see things.
Makes me meditate... one more time

let there be light


ver word: fraggles, Does anyone remember the tv show "Fraggle Rock"? I loved that show.

tracy said...

Looks like a star to me! Will be working on # 2,3,6 and 7 from today. David and I took a little inventory on the way home and found there were many areas that could use some improvement. Thanks Bish!

Anonymous said...

Looks somewhat like a star.

Today when you spoke about our words circling ourselves. I couldn't help to think about one of my poems

Finding Him

In my heart and soul I searched for You
You were there all along
I walked around You
Till my walls were broken down
You stood and asked why
All I could do was cry
Pain I saw in Your eyes
You covered all my lies
I stepped into a world
Not of my own
You held me in Your righteous throne
You spoke into me words I needed to hear
You breathe into me life
Turning around what I thought was a justified life
You poured a river into me
Giving me visions of who You want me to be
A daughter, a wife, a mother, and a friend
A poet writing her feelings once again
Now I have a way to reach out to others today
Spreading out the words You want me to relay
Helping others to see the real You
Letting them know Your love is true
I pray they find their way to You
And find that they can have a relationship
Like the one I have with You

Laura Benson

We are searching for Him when our little problems are in our face that we tend to build walls that hide Him from us.
Building walls is easy
Tearing them down takes Faith.
Remember the three monkeys
See no evil
Hear no evil
Speak no evil
Situations can be the evil.
It may be there but look at the good and see the new day is an arm lengths away.
Just stretch up you hands and let the Lord do what He can.
I may be on and also a side stream may have entered.
Maybe that was a word for someone.

tracy said...

Watching Bruce Almighty (#7 played out) watching Bruce surrender his will to God and wish God's best for someone he loves----someone pass the tissues.

Anonymous said...

Yes Bishop,

This Tabernacle house of God is already been bless behind any imaginable blessings.

Well since you asked I’ll say the house is blessed when people comes in, and when they leave. This house is ABOVE and not beneath, This House is the Head in the Community of Conyers and not the tail. FAVORS. FAVORS, FAVORS are all over, surrounding this HOUSE OF TABERNACLE OF GOD.


Love Kettly

Larry Usher said...

Prolly a planet! If taken before service on Wed, prolly Venus. If after, prolly Jupiter.
Two very bright planets( Venus and Jupiter) out tonight near the crescent moon...beautiful lights in the sky! Same grouping tomorrow night.

Bro Lar

Anonymous said...

Bishop, I was reading the history of the psalms on this past week and as you have taught us, the psalms are praise to God. In this definition was a description of what "blessed" means. Something to the effect on the favor of God's righteous people. We are the righteous Bishop and we do have the say so and we are blessed in many ways. I had opportunity to move out of state this year and everyone was instructing me to leave because they viewed my temporary circumstances as poverty and you have taught us that we can be poor in circumstances and yet not have a poverty mentality. I learned to say I was independently rich (you echoed that today) because when you really~ "Got Jesus", you are what the word says you are. His death made us rich, and there is a fellowship of suffering as
"true believers" and yet He took all of the stripes for this light affliction that can not be compared to the glory that shall be revealed...And so I said to all of the nay church home is in Conyers. Church in the Now is my lifeline. I can be temporarily poor in circumstances but I am rich in spirit.

In first John, he states that beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. My soul prospers being in covenant with CITN, my health is renewed, my mind set free and bondages broken because of the God breathe that we experience on a weekly basis.

It used to be that when I mentioned CITN, I received frowns and questions and negative comments but not so any longer. I met a woman in Krogers today in the produce aisle and she began to talk to me about her husband having cancer. Now I have never had cancer and yet I was able to minister life and hope to her because I was a living epistle flowing rivers from my belly and I told her that God so loved her and ordered her steps and that she was in my path because she needed hope and Bishop, truly we are hope to a dying bleeding hopeless world.

So yes sir, we are blessed to be a blessing and we are weathly beyond measure and we honor you as your spirituals sons and daughters. Yes there are stars above CITN and stars within CITN because we have a clear path to the true and living God because you make the gospels real to us and to the world. We bless you today and the holy ghost within in.

Water Walker

Larry Usher said...

Anticipate living the life that seems good to the Holy Spirit.

When Solomon was visited by the Lord in a dream, God asked him what he would like (God) to do for him. Solomon responded that he would like to have the wisdom to rule his people properly.
God was blessed by this response because Solomon had not asked for riches or victory over his enemies or other material things, but had asked for the one thing that showed Solomon knew that he was a king: wisdom to rule.

If an individual knows who they are in the Lord, they will ask God "on target" , not amiss, as their calling, which is God-given, draws the prayer from their spirit man. Finding out who you are in the Body(the economy of God) is such a great key to praying effectively.

Solomon sacrificed a thousand animals on the highest mountain after being anointed as king. A show of obedience, loyalty and love to the King of Kings.
Jesus died once for all, a sacrifice acceptable to the Father which went up as a sweet smelling savor to God. No longer would the laborious process of slaughtering animals and living by ritual(by rote) be required, but the simple answer given by a child: "Yes, Daddy." Thank-You-God!

In Christ,


Larry Usher said...

Hi Kettly, hi Water Walker!

Liked the poems Laura!

Blessings to all!

Pamela said...

What an awesome word to follow last week. The last 2 weeks have been the most valuable lessons that are more valuable than any gold or silver. Following these 14 guidelines will empower us with the fullness of the Holy Spirit. This is more valuable than all the diamonds, gold & silver and if we accept this gift it will enrich our lives spiritually as well as in the natural beyond what we can think or comprehend. If you do not have a book that has these you could have another one or two. "Untapped Riches, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit" Thank you for sharing these spirit filled revelations/rhema words.

I was reading the blog this am, and Spencer asked me what I was reading, and I told him you were writing another book, and he asked me the name of it. I told him you were writing the book of Matthew, and his response was, "oh, so he is writing Matthew so that anyone can understand it, he always likes that you preach good stuff, and in a style that anyone should get it.

Thanks for keeping it real.


Anonymous said...

From A Year In The Now


A month for revelation.

‘Tis the season


Celebration of the Incarnation (the Word made flesh)


Inspiration for the Imagination (the womb of the spirit) . . .

The babe laid in a manger . . .

Emmanuel—the embodiment and earthly expression of the eternal God—

is now revealed TO you as

Christ IN you, the Hope of Glory,

being revealed THROUGH you as the King of Kings . . .

Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King!

Now the hopes and fears of all the years

can be met in the miracles made possible by your meditation in the Word.

Why waste the season by just walking in a winter wonderland

when you could be giving birth to the impossible?

Erik said...

Of course service was excellent today. It is indeed excellent, and what is always expected. The expectation of The Congregation and of Bishop, and the staff – this is clearly the result, and the generally expected and desired experience of every service and connection. It is valued and appreciated greatly, and always expected – of course. This is especially part of The Kingdom, with all of the beauty and excellence that naturally follows. Appreciated, thankful for, and of course – expected.

MITN – really well done and straight forward paraphrase. Clear, each piece beneficial, and concise.

This and the few previous chapters really express the basic principals we build our lives and world with. As we choose our outward words and beliefs , we have already designed our internal, self world. Nothing can be judged or expressed outside of us , that we have not expressed or said internally and desired for ourselves. Example – If I judge something about someone as poor character, making an assessment of them as a person , stepping outside my knowledge that God Loves them equally as God does me – devaluing that person – I have to first devalue myself, before I can express it. That is the way it works. That is the beautiful way God made us, nothing can be outwardly expressed that is not inwardly believed about ourselves. That is the BEST!!!!!

One can share sorrow expressed by another, one can say – ‘ I feel for person ‘A’, if I were in what I perceive they are in, it would be a struggle’. That speaks first internally and then externally. If one says ‘ They suck, what a moron!’. Then one has first believed that about themselves, before they can express it of another. If one says ‘ I agree with the best for (whomever) as God sees their destiny , and am in agreement with their reception of what The Holy Spirit leads which is always best, even if I do not know what it is for them’. Then one first seeks that for themselves.

Bottom Line – Anything we believe about the external, and say and declare over it, has first and most impact on us. That is the best thing ever !!!!!!! That is one way God gives us authority ( love others as you love yourself). What is believed and said about others, is first run through ourselves with all attendant impacts , then, to others to the degree they choose to receive it. How Excellent God is !!!!!!!!!!!


Erik said...

Additional clarification - We can certainly declare we disagree with a choice of someone else , especially if it has affected us, but not their value as a child of God. That is the difference, Even Jesus, who severely challenged the Pharisees, said The Kingdom is still within them.

It seems at times. We judge ourselves superior in some way to another that has hurt us or upset us, those who do not see as we see. Keeping Love of them first, even as we disagree is expedient. To devalue them is lawful, but not expedient, especially for ourselves. As was in the message today, taking responsibility for ourselves first, then once that is done, how can we ADD real value to every other, in a manner that they can receive . It is about the audience when we express outwardly, as it is about ourselves.

Anonymous said...

There have been a lot of things that seemed good to me; although they did not turn out good. Guess I didnt let the helper help much.

Great stuff today Bishop.


Anonymous said...

There they were tellin Paul to take this pious paper back to the gentiles. Then Paul went straight over there and told that bunch of Romans he didnt care what they eat, as long as they blessed it. HAHAA ya gotta love that Paul. ,)


Anonymous said...


Loved yesterday's 7 points and teaching, Bish.

The Scripture reference (Acts 15:22) was great. I can just envision how that exchange went. The sequence is (respectfully, Holy Spirit) forehead scratchingly funny to me:

* 24. WE understand; WE didn't teach that.

* 25. Seemed good to US; WE unanimously agreed. WE decided to send OUR "officials".

* 26. OUR reps will give you the 411 on what WE'VE decided, since you asked.

Verse 28's reference to the Holy Ghost, led me to wonder, "Huh?" Curious - what happened between there and Romans 14? (Suddenly, fromage crepes were kosher?)

Enjoyed Kia (hope I spelled this correctly) Walker and Troubadour. You have no idea how they ministered to me; not only in song, but the mention of her automobile.

Remember my Jeep conking out last week? I also noted that my vehicle used to be my main prayer closet - didn't realize when that changed.

I got a new car, Friday afternoon:

Just discovered this:

Troubador signifies, "to find", "to invent a song; one who composes or sings verses or ballads; "to disturb - as in, "to turn up."

* The star in the pic reminds me of the song lyrics, "Do you see what I see?"

Linda Luke said...

Yes, I do 'BELIEVE' that is a star! The picture is beautiful!

Thank you for the life giving directions today! Thankful to be on The Powerteam!!!

Loved Sofia's entrance too! She just added that special touch...esp when she was clapping @ the end!!!

Linda Luke said...

...meant lifegiving directions that were giving yesterday but are for today and everyday!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Amen to all of the above...THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Been in the ATL so I couldn't enlarge the pic the star, based on the number of airplanes that have been in a holding pattern over CITN lately, I'm guessing its an airplane.

(Dave made me do it!)
Not really--but I thought of him the whole time I was typing--smile!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...