Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hello from Korea!

Hey bloggers.

I have a few minutes with a computer, so I thought I'd open up the shop for business...just streamed the service (it's 2:30 AM here on the Pacific Rim) and I have to say, even if he is my son, that Judah Benjamin rocked the house today! I just sent him an e-mail that said "This is my beloved son in whom I am well-pleased"...

Everything is amazing here...perfect trip...spoke to my largest audience ever this afternoon...around 75,000 people...mind boggling...tell you more about it when I get home...lots happening...

Dad and I have had the best time ever, and are going to spend some time tomorrow at Dr. Cho's Prayer Mountain (in case you don't know, his church is the largest in the world...

Dreams do come true...

Love you all,


Those of you who were ITB today looked great...made me homesick to see everyone, especially my very blond wife...


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you and your Dad are having a great trip, didnt expect anything else!! Judah did more than rock the house. He shook, rattled, and VIBRATED the house. I was so excited and proud of him. I watched P Debye and saw the pure joy and pride on her face and I can only imagine how she was feeling. If I was proud of him, how she must have been feeling?!?! Today just proves that your children are a product of their environment and how serious we have to take the authority God has given us over their lives. Judah you added new links to "the chain" today. Shara

Avatar said...

Amen, Shara!

I'm not sure why I teared up during Judah's object lesson on how the noise around us drowns out the ever-speaking voice of God, but, dude, that was inspired! I believe it was "heard"...and the 2/3 of each of us that is water formed the most beautiful crystals today!

Avatar said...

Word ver is "whings"--
that would be the Holy Wings
of the Spirit -- oo-o-o, oo-o-o -- preparing every step of the way to the mountain...and preparing us, so we can see your faces, without requesting a veil.

karl cobos said...

The Lion roared today. The house vibrated. The living water clear as crystal flowed through the fruited words of life and gladdened our street!

Blessings and prayers with you Bishop and dad.
75,000! Wow!
Be filled with the Spirit on prayer mountain!!!
God bless!

Machion said...

75,000 huh? Whew.

I had to work today, but all I heard was that Judah's message was awsome. Not surprised at all. It's all on him.

Larry Usher said...

Hey Bishop!

Great to hear from you...miss you and the blog, but happy for you & your Dad. Bring us back "Something" from Preyer Mountain( you notice the caps on Something!").
Judah let the Spirit flow through him today, I know God was giving me instructions for several things in my own life.
The Lord has been reiterating to me how important it is for all of us to solve problems by not constantly repeating(angrily sometimes) them, but voicing forth the solution in prayer & into the World. Harping on how bad some things are only further engulfs us in the morass(love that word! :)).
Hello to all the cyber junkies out there!

Blessings to all!

THIS is the time of Miracles!!

Bro Larry

word ver: PREWINE, hmmm

Anonymous said...

I agree that yes, Judah rocked the house! His penchant for involving scientific findings that verify the word is absolutly beautiful and on track with what the youth of today want to see from the church not to mention that it personally appealed to me and other persons connected with the 'science proves truth idea'.

Bish, you have every right to be well pleased, Judah not only did right by scripture but totally supported the ministry of his Dad today.

The only thing left for me to say is, Judah, you definately have the same gift that your Dad has to be a son, brother, father and friend to those that you have been placed in connection with.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you and Pastor Dad are having a good time. You really need as many father son moments as you guys can get. If you get to read this before you get back have a safe journey home & tell Pastor Dad HI From us.

Man 75,000 people how cool is that?

Judah did the house proud. He had a great word. When I got home I was surprised to hear my husband had streamed and the first thing out of his mouth was Judah rocked the house.

Hey to all my blogger buddies.
Have a great week.

linda said...

WOW WOW WOW, Judah you were wonderful today. God has gifted you with an amazing annointing and you rocked the house and then some. I was hooked from the first bar of the song,

Miss you Bishop and Pop Swilley, 75,000, oh my!!
I am soooo blessed to be a part of this ministry!!!!

Let there be light
word ver: inerfin, have to think about that one (smile)

Crownjewel said...

Great to hear from you Bish!

So awesome~75,000! WOW! Glad yall are having this experience as father/son! Yall be blessed and continue to have a wonderful time!

So sad that I didn't get to hear Judah this morn!

Blessings blog fam and have a fantastic week! Hugs~

Teezy313 said...

75,000 and counting....

Good to hear from you Bish! Hope all is well with you and your dad!

You totally rocked it today!! I always knew that our words had power but when you told the story and showed showed the clip about the water crystals DUDE that was sooo much extreme confirmation to the tenth power squared!!! (Sorry but for some reason I'm still hearin old school Velocity stuff in my head lol) Good luuck with TPM and in ministry kiddo, I as well as this body knows that God is gonna move in your life and show up on your behalf and adds our Amen to what God is gonna do in your life..get ready for the best days are yet to come!!


Teezy313 said...

Oh and P.Deb,
Seeing as how I missed your message on the 3fold chord and caught a glimpse of it during serivce today let me say that was AWESOME!!! I now understand seriously where EACH comes from...soooooo KEWL!!!!!

Erik said...

Glad it is going swimmingly on the P. Rim, Bishop.

Judah was excellent today as you saw. What was really cool, was he certainly is his own person, of course, with his own style and revelation. Also, the impact of Pastor Debye and you, through Judah’s individual expression and filter was clearly evident. It was a beautiful combination , through Judah, incorporating his unique experience, all folded together. Beautimous !!!! As it should be.

Judah, excellence in who you are !

The whole service was in synch and in touch with HS. Praise and Worship, tithes presentation, the announcements, and f course the message delivered. Exquisite quality.

In thinking about participating (Attending, Contributing, and Helping) both at CITN and in the General Body. I though about how much more enjoyable it is to volunteer than to be drafted. In volunteering, I can put in my requests of the top 10 to HS, and at least 2 or 3,maybe 5 or 6, maybe all 10 have availability. However, when drafted in by The Holy Spirit, it seems one kind of gets what is available at the moment. (No offense to Paul) All positions are beneficial to the body, just may be more of a faith challenge to the individual. I figure (at least for me) I will volunteer, since drafting me is inevitable (at least for me) may as well have choices. Besides, all things sifted out (whatever that means to any individual) my preferred choices are probably in the minority anyway, but the advantage to volunteering has a lot of perks that drafting may not provide immediately. You know what I mean? I really like the perks! A weakness, I know, but I like them, so ‘I do what I got to do’.

So, yes, we continue to speak out into physical reality life, Love, Peace, and Joy, especially in areas we have spoken differently before. With purposeful and intentional change of direction or reinforce and replenish the Love and Peace we already have. All of it produces a sweet harvest.

-- Love of God, of others, and of ourselves (The basic foundation ) is not required, one is not penalized if that is not chosen, and if selected under dress – it has hardly any value. So, God removed ALL penalties whatsoever from God’s perspective ( no One is greater or lesser than any other ONE before God, there is Favor , but that does not change the value of each, although does change the experience) for any choice we make ( All is lawful) .In addition, God has added a connection that exceeds any other as a bonus, for those who do choose Love because we WANT to, not for any other reason, fully knowing we are free to choose otherwise without losing anything we have, so the choice for Love is free and under no manipulation or threat whatsoever. All that has been wiped away by The Christ, as equally has been the full bonus opportunity indwelled in us by The Holy Spirit. HIS yoke is light and easy, and is also not required. Just like David, Paul. Menassah. Peter, Judas, Mary Magdalene, -- we all have options without separation from God. There is no loss, only status quo or gain. So, praise, receive, Love, and Godspeed. Amen!

Teezy313 said...

And one final one for you Bish,
Have you ever thought of doing a Bible Institute or College similar to that of Master's Commison or Master's School of Ministry at CITN outside of the School Of The Bible Series? I personally think it would be cool for those of us who are in college or of college age and who have been called into ministry...

Just a thought....

brenda said...

Bishop, good to hear that you are doing it up over there with your dad. That's a lot of people wow!!!
Judah you were so good and my life will be forever changed. I'm going to be very careful with the words I speak and the ones I allow people to speak in my life. If its not the living word I'm not hearing it. Each day I shall arise expecting to hear the voice of God and getting rid of the distractions. As I told Pastor Debye the parting song should have been preach it like my mom because he was all fire.

Erik said...

Just saw/heard this quote on the TV show "House" -- ' 9.9 times out of 10 that would have failed' response- 'This time it didn't, and sometimes 0.1 is a whole lot bigger than 9.9' .

To me, THAT is faith in action.It does not matter if 1000 fall to your left and 10,000 to your right, faith overrides ALL. The perfect 'All Access Pass'. Love it !!!!

We create our own reality, regardless of what the throngs believe (see Jesus).

Larry Usher said...

Hey Erik! How ya doin'? Good posts. House is one of the very few programs that gets me hooked on occasion, like the deduction, kinds like the old Perry Mason series.

Just wanted to post this little quote I heard that is probably not new:

"Boats are safe in the harbor, but that's not what they are built for."

That's how God rows! Sorry, Judah, I had to steal & morph your quip fron today! Ha!

Something wonderful is in the works & we haven't even scraped the tip of the iceburg yet!!

Blessed good night & visitations of angels & the Spirit to all,,


Anonymous said...

If you feel the way you do? How do you think God is feeling?
I would say when God said I only need one; today after finish hearing Judah preached, my imagination run deep with me, and I was thinking does the one means a “COMPLETE FAMILY PLUS.”
Because it looks like the Swilley’sFamily, really does represent what Joshua had said: on Joshua 24:15- Me and My Household will serve THE LORD.
I pray blessings all over you and the family, for work of God keeps on going.
word verification: format= format

Anonymous said...

Good Good Good, Good VIBRATIONS,bop bop

Preaching like my Daddy
Preaching like my Daddy

What a great service!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey bloggers,

I have been trying to write a new post, but for some reason this computer won't let me get to the page where you do that...

Thanks for your words about means a lot to me that you discern his gift...

Today was awesome...tell you about it Wednesday night...

We're leaving tomorrow afternoon...ready to get home...

One thing...I was told beforehand that there could be 75,000 at the GPF, but in discussing it with some who were there, I have heard that it may have been more like 50, person estimates it may have been as low as 25,000 (can you imagine saying "as low as 25,000?!"...all I know is that it was a sea of humanity that, from the stage, looked as if it stretched into infinity...

I'm only bringing it up because many, many new people are now reading this blog, and I don't want to say something here that may not be exactly true...

Let's just say that there was a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE THERE, as you will see when I show you the pictures of it...

Just wanted to get that straight because it was bugging me...still the largest crowd I've ever addressed...

Thanks for agreeing for a safe fight tomorrow...

Love you all...can't wait to see you...

Anonymous said...

Name: Natali Warner Email: natalis2068@att,net IP Address:

Subject: "Speaking Life"

OMG!!!! Judah you are a P. K, and truly a preacher in the foot steps of your dad, and yet blazing a trail of your very own. Your word today spoke volumes on every level. I love you, and all I can say to you is; keep on listening and following the Holy Spirit, cuz "dat's how I roll". PEACE!!!

Anonymous said...

Name: Sharon Email: IP Address:

Subject: Awesome

You were AWESOME!!! I truly enjoyed the service.
What was the music that Judah walked out on. I think it was "God is trying to tell you something?" I want to go get the soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Name: Ray Muscarello Email: IP Address:

Subject: Sunday 11/9/08 Service

Judah. You didn't just "fill in"for your dad, & our Bishop, you "were in". You have a very special blend of both your mom & dad that amounts to your very own special & gifted personality on both a personal & spiritual level. Be proud of that. You own it & others benefit from it. God has very special plans for you. Your message & delivery of the word were excellent. Your style, your laptop, your video clips, your music and the "word" are your own & all tied together beautifully. Speaking, vibrations, listening, hearing are things we all do & give off, but do not necessarily always do well collectively. You maginficently stated that we can easily turn off our sight & how we breathe, but have to work hard at stopping our hearing by covering our ears. Your mom, our Pastor Deby,e introduced you as the next generation preacher of Swilley's. No doubt, but today you were our preacher in the "NOW" for all generations. I don't know the name of the song that you played as you exited or who sings it, but the words "preach like my daddy" really touched me, especially when your mom was singing along. I left the service listening to the song "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys & more importantly feeling good vibrations. By the way, that song was written by Brian Wilson. Other members of that band were Brian's brothers Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine. Okay, I'm showing my age of 50. Peace, love and happiness. Ray Muscarello

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey CITN bloggers, I hope you don't mind that I copied your messages here...

Donald said...

A safe fight?

Now that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

Just funnin' Bishop, glad to hear all has gone well. I missed the first part of Judah's message yesterday. Our service here went a little long. I guess the pastor here in town doesn't care about all those little old ladies' roasts in the oven.

linda said...

Good morning,
went to sleep last night with a cd of yesterday's service playing, slept like a baby, dreaming of water!!
Can't wait to hear your report Bish,

Let there be light, total illumination of God's glory and presence

word ver = emosons, it's just emosons, taking me over, oh by, I just showed my age, I know the BeeGees

Sheri Travis said...

Subject: everyone needs to watch the video/ You GO Judah!

I just watched the you tube video Positive & Negative Energy Effects on Water Crystals again... Man,i think this is a total trip !!! It gives me chills!!!! I'm forwarding this video to everyone in my address book. Judah Swilley, you got me thinking deep thoughts this morning! Your word was Great! I got it, I really got it! Good Vibrations :) I love and appreciate your energy!!!!I add my agreement with what everyone else has written! I love you guys so much and am so proud to be a part of this ministry!!!! BTW:Judah left the stage to his song , if I remember correctly I think he wrote it to his dad for his 23 years in the ministry celebration, I may be wrong ,I keep going back and forth, it may have been fathers day! I know ,cuz I love that song! Judah, I'm absolutely a HUGE fan of yours!!!!! You ROCK :)

Crownjewel said...

I just watched this after seeing everyones comments on yesterdays sermon so I had to see. Don't know if this was what Judah showed~but thanks for this can change our lives dramatically!

Beth said...


Judah definately did you proud. Awesome word and delivery. He had something for everyone, preaches like a hip hop version of you. I'm sure your father was beaming to see another generation follow in his footsteps and those are some big shoes to fill. I'm not sure who was more blessed to receive that word yesterday; Pastor Debye, Pastor Darlene or us, the CITN family. Your children and your children's children will carry that mantel and anointing, even if its in their own personal arena.

Thank you Judah for listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to being with you ITB Wednesday night Bish.

You must be overflowing with refreshing by now. It is obvious to me by what you said you heard from H.S. in your prayer grotto that your soul has been satisfied.

The breath you have breathed in is exhaled on us at CITN. We are in anticipation of hearing your voice.

There is a thought that is prevailent in my mind and that is a parallel to what has recently happened in our nation's election of a new President, what I percieve to have been said by the living Word (Jesus) and what your ministry to CITN is all about.

There is a spark, a small flame, kindling, a breath of oxygen, greater pieces of fuel placed carefully to allow the heat generated by the smaller flame to envelope them, a drafting effect that pulls more oxygen to the fire and expells the super heated gases toward the heavens and finally a self sustaining fire that as long as more fuel is added will continue to produce heat for the duration of a need for the fire.

a warm soul,