Wednesday, November 26, 2008


What are you thankful for?


Pamela T. said...

I have so much to be thankful for. Wow! I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy for without it I would not be here. I am thankful for my beautiful and wonderful son Spencer, whose heart is big as the universe, thank you Lord. I am thankful for my health. I am thankful God always provides for me, that I have food, clothing, shelter, a place to rest my head. I can not put in words how blessed I am for God choosing CITN and Bishop Jim and Pastor Debye for my earthly shepherds and for my church home. I have so many wonderful and loving friends that love me for who I am no matter what I am going through they are supportive. I have truly great friends that play devils advocate when I need a kick in the rear. I am so thankful of how far I have come since I have come back home to my heavenly father (2 years this month), that he never once gave up on me and shows me every single second of everyday. I am thankful beyond words that he is faithful and full of mercy that he loves me unconditionally and only sees the good and the potential that he has placed in me. I am thankful, that the Holy Spirit has ignited a fire in me that can not be extinguished. I am thankful for all the difficult times I have gone through that are making me stronger and wiser and closer to God and closer to what HE is creating in me and through me. I am thankful for the journey that is yet to come. I am thankful that I am an American where I have the freedom to express all of this. I am thankful I have wonderful and beautiful friends that won’t let me be alone on Thanksgiving. For this I am so thankful.
I love you CITN, and all my Friends and church family, Bishop and Pastor Debye, Mom and Pop Swilley, and all the beautiful children, and Sophia I desire the most beautiful and loving Thanksgiving you have ever had.
Love, Pamela

SCRIBE said...

"Dawning of the THIRD Day"

Wandering through the journey inside those Lost Souls,
The search for Restoration, feverishly growing Cold,
Then, HIS mercy and salvation-
Serves as covering and Shelter to those without a home.
The quest for belonging, that almost escapes reach,
Listening to the voices as the apostles and prophets teach,
Of Goodness, Health, Mercy, Wealth, and Glory of GOD so plentiful to all,
Through Grace redeemed a new order of the Third Day, even after the Fall!
Come one; come all Obedient unto the Lord!
In Bonds of Unity, we stand on ONE accord.
Speak Light into the darkness, before each victory, came the Storms,

THANKSGIVING! and praise to exalt the Most High God,
Arise- for as children of the King,
Knowing our True Identity and understanding the Purpose that we were created for,
Thus we shall not lack any necessary thing.

Through The BLOOD- the price for Freedom was long ago paid!
Those whom are faithful in little things shall be blessed with much,
Through the sowing of plentiful seeds in Unconditional LOVE and TRUST,
Fruitfulness, Faithfulness, and Grace Abounds,
Then reaping the Harvests of FAVOR!
SHALOM- {Peace, Wholeness, Nothing Missing or Broken}

For on this Day, the Lord Almighty has spoken-
And so shall it be done! AMEN

By: C. Ford
May 12, 2001

Lisa said...

Amen Scribe!
I am so Thankful for my life given to me by my Father. I am so blessed by my Husband and my children. Thank you Father! We recieved word this morning that we can start making travel arrangements and making the appointments to adopt our son in China! We hope to leave the 11th and fly home on Christmas Eve so our 3 children can meet for the 1st time under the tree! What a Glorious God we serve!

Donald said...

There was a segment on our local news earlier this week about an 11 year old boy who had just died of leukemia.
He had been interviewed recently by the news station and was asked what was the best thing about life.
His answer was, "Just having one."
I'm thankful for just having a life because since I "just have one" I'm able to enjoy SO many things.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am here to be thankful! I am thankful for you, Bishop, Pastor Debye and CITN! VERY Grateful! Leesa

tracy said...

Beautiful way to start the day with Thanksgiving in my heart. When we are thankful all good things are added to us. I am thankful today for my husband's love, friendship and health. I have been made very aware this week of how great our three kids are. I wouldn't trade my friends for anything in this world. I am fortunate to still have my siblings and mom and dad around and to be able to love and laugh with them. I am thankful for my brother's sobriety. I am humbled by the graciousness the majority of the building industry has shown us. How can I not say I am thankful for Bishop, P. Debye and the whole CITN staff which is composed of many of my dear friends-for without you all where we would we be? Really -I have no idea. And oh can't forget my blog family, this place has been so important to me this year. After not having a certain place to be and not having a certain thing to do forty hours a week you have all filled in the gap, ministered to me , encouraged me, made me laugh and made me cry...thank you for that. OK I feel like I just gave a speech at the Grammy's. I think I am done, if not you will hear from me later!

Anonymous said...

I add my amen to the thankfulness of all.

Oh what a beautiful breath of fresh air there is refreshing the body that is thankful for it.

Thank you Holy Ghost for breathing on us all. We recieve you into ourselves and exhale your goodness into our surrounding world.


Izumi/JOY said...

The cinnamon brooms at the entrance door of grocery stores; I'm thankful for those.

There's Mary, our baker. She always waves us over to her counter & "forces" us to sample fresh oven nuggets.

Somebody left a grocery list in the bottom of my cart. Its author was obviously hurried; the scrawl, delightful. I immediately identified with this shopper & found myself hoping he/she gathered everything for that night's meal. (Was the boss coming over? Daughter's fiance'? Someone had a migraine; I wished for healing before guests arrived.)

Lord, hug the Good Samaritan who rescued me last week. The Jeep conked out. Lunch time traffic was brutal. He arrived out of nowhere asking, "Did you call someone?" (I was alone! Singing! My hand justthisclose to the panic button!)

Then, "Got your emergency flashers on? Put the car in neutral; take your foot off the accelerator & steer. I'll do the rest."

Why did he even bother to stop when others raged past?

"I hope that somebody would do the same for my wife, if this ever happened to her."

So much to be thankful for: Stretchy pants & sweatshirts, new stationery & change for postage. Disposable cameras, Chex mix, deviled eggs & Tums to name a few.

Oh yeah & Glade air freshers!

Crownjewel said...

Thankful for this place, Bishop and his teachings and life giving instructions for living! His family and the wonderful blog fam!

The chapter yesterday was beautiful! I love the enlightenment and how you cause the scriptures to come even more alive for living a better life in the 'now' in real everyday life! It's a gift that God has given you and is amazing!...and you are a gift to us! So many times I am speechless and just soaking it all up and mediatating on it that I personally feel how could I even touch on such wondrous thoughts from heaven! I have been looking forward to each one everyday! Thank you for paying the price for us!!! We love and appreciate you and the legacy that you are writing everyday thru your teachings, life and family is a huge inspiration!

I am grateful for life, for Gods grace and mercy, for allowing me to have a heart for HIM! I am also even thankful for the trials and challenges of life, the refiners fire and that He is ever so faithful and holding my hand every step of the way!

I am thankful for the gift of my husband! I am thankful for life, to live in America, and to live for such a time as this!

Thankful to not be homeless, to have a job and food! Thankful for wonderful friends!

~Ever so GRATEFUL Father for your many blessings, even the ones I don't recognize!


Anonymous said...

There is not enough room on your hard drive or enough strength in my body for me to tell of all I am thankful.

It is enough to say I am thankful for and in all things.

I said "enough" three times?

I have come to the place where I have the understanding and faith of Christ to give thanks even for the seemingly bad things; though this is not easy (I am not perfect and don't pretend to be) But I know my Heavenly Father is always working all things together for good. That does not mean I "like" all things. That is a fleshly soulish characteristic not a spiritual one. The Spirit goes much deeper than what I see, feel, smell, taste, or touch; into the realm of the deep things of God. And God is Good, all the time.

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving everyone.


Anonymous said...

Being able to wake one more day.
Seeing the sun, the clouds & the sky.
Sitting by the river and seeing the creatures of the earth.
Enjoying a day with family & friends.
Giving no worry to what tomorrow may bring.
Just living in the moment.

Avatar said...

I am thankful, today, for blog fam lists--so I can be reminded how exceptionally long the list is for all of us who live in the Blessedness of real light. So, ditto bloggers.

Most on my mind today, though is I am grateful for BlogITN addiction. It got me here to be reminded to be grateful!

I want to get so much done today and had already bogged down in the urgent but not important...why does that so easily happen? Durn.

So thanks for the BOC fix, bloggers AND blog master--your gratitude got me back on track! With Thanksgiving Playlist in the background...I can even see myself soaking in MITN surrounded by a sea of 12 translations! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Erik said...

I am Thankful for all the beings I get to meet . I am Thankful for all of the interaction I get to have with Creation, things and beings.

I am Thankful for the parts and labor HS puts into me, and for no charge. I am Thankful that HS is always tinkering and refining me, and teaches me how to tinker as well.

I am Thankful that ALL are Loved by God, and EACH one is linked to EVERY other one with God glue. I am Thankful for the tangible Spirit that encompasses us. I am Thankful that We ALL are always connected to God.

I am Thankful for my natural family, and this especially peculiar community and part of the Body, where Love is overtly declared and manifest as exemplified by Jesus.

I am Thankful for my work and my job.

I am Thankful for the enjoyment of beauty and interest I see, the flavor of food and drink, the feeling across my skin, the sounds of voices, music, and nature, and machines; the wonderful aromas that surround us.

I am Thankful for the ever present Spirit dancing within everything.

Izumi/JOY said...

I'm thankful for thought food; like when we bring our uncovered dish favorites, here.

At some houses, there may be pressed linens and matching flatware. At others, checkered paper napkins suffice.

Here, elbows on the table means rapt enjoyment & "What else ya got?" We can load up our plates and loosen the first notch of our belts, without wondering if we grossed anybody out.

I can rush around w/ my daily routine & return here, just long enough to see that somebody stopped by with goodies.

They're moveable feasts. I wrap some up & take them with me. Mental trail mix that's not overly heavy (don't have to brush my teeth after picking out the thought raisins, either); light nourishment that sustains till I get to whereverland.

And I probably don't say it often enough, except inside the shelter of my cartoon balloons.

But, today, I am. So very appreciative, I mean.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for a room at the Dillard house tomorrow. I think that comes with a wheelbarrow and an attendant too.

karl cobos said...

I am thankful for this place, and the deeper understandings the Holy Spirit is helping me to have of spiritual things.

I am thankful for dreams in the night...the Lord gave me one that I'm still writing out that has to do with my (our) being His sanctuary. I am so thankful for your help God and how You want us to go from revelation to revelation of the awesome things in You.

Everyone, gotta go, but I pray a happy and PEACEFUL Thanksgiving over you all.

word ver: latello
...little hello.

Anonymous said...


If I seat here to type how thankful I am to God for all He has done for me. I don’t think forty six years will do it. Even a trillion and trillion years will not be enough to say thank you and be thankful to my Savior.
So, I realize the only I truly can be thankful and to also saying thank you to my God, my Savior is to do His will, and be obedient to Him.
But, there is one other thing I can also give to Him. “MY LIFETIME, I”LL GIVE HIM MY LIFETIME.” IF I GIVE HIM MY LIFETIME, I KNOW HE WILL TAKE CARE OF ME.”


How can I say thank you, to you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit. You have been an example shepherd to us your sheep. Thank you for that.
I also want to take this time to thank you personally for accepting my apology. You have not only accepted my apology, you also open up your arms to me like the Father of the prodigal son did the day His son decided to go back home. When the father open up his arms He wanted to let His son knows all is forgiving. And that’s exactly what you did for me, to show that you have forgiving me. As it takes a lot for me to do what I did that Wednesday night. I also know it did take plenty for you to forgive and to accept my apology.
May the Lord continue to bless you and yours?
Thank you so very much for responding to God’s calling into the ministry. I am very thankful for CITN, for the Word and most of all for opening doors for us to experience the Holy Spirit for ourselves. Thank you for help me to “GROW UP” in the Word and Revelation.

Pastor Debye thank you for the spirituals Mother you’re to us. Thank you for opening yourself for the Holy Spirit to used you. Thank you, for sharing your life and your family with us. You’re never too far to lend a listen ears to us that need one.
May the Lord continue to use you for the great and the greatnest work that’s a head for you to take on?

To Bishop’s Parents and Pastor Debye’s Parents…Thank you for sharing your children with us. Thank you for the work you did with them. May God bless all of you, for a job well done!

To Jared, Christina, Judah, Jonah, Sofia. Thanks to you all for sharing your awesome parents with all of us.

To you the Bloggers,

Thanks to all of you for all your prayers, for Fritz and Me.

Love you, Kettly

P.S. Bishop, for the first five chapters I Read on. so far,chapter five does it for me. specially the verses about the Beatitudes. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, beautiful gift with us.

Nothing To Lose said...

I am very thankful for unconditional love. It is very alive and very well, at CITN. My family and I thank you all for receiveing us back into this place, that is unlike any other body of beleivers that I have ever heard of. May this be the best Thanksgiving we've all ever had.
Bishop and Pastor Debye, we love you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Teezy313 said...

I am thankful for so much that it's almost iompossible to list everything so I'll do these 7 points for now...

I am thankful for:

1-This global platform known better as CITN/BITN as all ministries connected with us whether under NOW or JES Ministries

2-The man and woman of God who cover this minstry and their obedience to his will and purpose

3-This covenant body of believers especially those who Attend, Contribute, and Help

4-The next..escuse me...the Now generation of CITN that is being raised up of which I am proud to be a part of

5-The amazing Worship and Arts department and our leader P.Jimmie

6-The annointed youth ministry and our annointed youth Pastors

7-Every person who said that building a ministry of this size couldn't be done in Conyers, to every hater who said that we were heritics because we believed in the Lamb who took away the sin of the WHOLE world, to every person who ever said Bishop was crazy for changing the name of what was then Word of Faith AOG to Church in the Now, to every hater, advisary, and opposition who got behind us and PUSHED us to our destiny!!!

Have a safe and blessed Thaksgiving,

Larry Usher said...

Hey wonderful Bloggers & Blurkers!

I am thankful for this forum and the joy it brings with each spiritual connection.

I am thankful for being alive at this particular time as we are about to witness the Hand of God come in power and might in ways we have never seen in our lifetimes!

I am grateful that God has overlooked my faults and forgiven my sins to the extent He has and allowed me to make a difference in people's lives.

I am thankful that God would choose me to be the father of my dear daughter. I am thankful for all my "blood" relatives whom I love and still manage to love me.

I am thankful for all the seeds of revelation that have sprouted and especially those that haven't that are eagerly awaited!

I am thankful for this local "city" which has been set on a hill for all to see, no Shrinking
Violets here!

I am thankful to all the wonderful people here at CITN and the God that is in you that has allowed me to see the Lord more beautifully and clearly.

Thanks Bishop for letting me "hang around" and glean from you and the other pastors that you cover. Thanks for the continual table you have spread before us which always seems to fill us to overflowing with the Spirit.

I am thankful for all those who, in the midst of tremendous trials, have kept their attitudes and outlooks "sunnyside up" and doing so have been an example of Christ for us all.

I am thankful that God keeps us coming back for more and more, and more...

I am thankful for the myriad opportunities the Lord has given me to share of His joy, His warmth, His love and His encouragement- He always blesses me more it seems and gives an all encompassing wholeness with each connection.

I am thankful for our future here at is bright, big and nearly unbelievable!!

Lord, I bless my Brothers and Sisters here on this blog- and I declare that you are healed, uplifted, strong, accepted, needed, and loved, and that your latter shall be greater than your former, you ARE COMPLETE IN HIM!!

Thank you Lord for the World and for turning us loose on we YOUR NAME!


Bro Larry

word ver: LEALETS- Loving Edifying Admonishing Listening Encouraging Teaching Soothing

Iris said...

To God be the glory for the things He has done, some already manifested, some to still to be seen. I am thankful for it all.

I am thankful for being taught how to experience truly living in the now, realizing that He has made Himself known to us to fully enjoy in every moment of every day. For His constant presence in my life I give him praise.

I am thankful the abundance of His grace and mercy that follow me all of the days of my life.

I am thankful for my life. For the things that I have experienced that make living for Him sweeter and sweeter. And with every breath that I take I have another chance to praise Him.

I am thankful that I was born for such a time as this. God is doing amazing things in my life… in CITN…in Conyers…Georgia…the US…The world…The Universe… It is a great time to be alive.

I’m thankful that I live in a country where I have a voice, where I can express my beliefs, and worship God freely. I am thankful the we live in a country that celebrates thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my family both spiritually and naturally. I feel the love of God through each and every one of you. I see Him in you. I hear Him in your voice... and I feel Him in your touch... It makes me love Him more...Thank you....Thank you for all of the times we have spent together… for the laughter and the tears and everything in between. I love you all. You are Jesus with skin on to me...

I’m thankful for you Bishop and Pastor Debye. I am thankful for all you have taught us, which points us to see Him out of the box. What you have started here is just the beginning. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg of who God is and what He is doing. I love CITN. I love this ministry…I love you.

I am thankful for the EACH program… that we all have a place to be connected to one of the most powerful ministries on the planet.

I am thankful for this blog sight

I am thankful that we are all connected through the God, and through each of our lives God has a voice in which to speak. Each of us being a part of the gospel still be written by each of our lives.

I have so much to be thankful for. I am a blessed woman… I bless you Lord… and with all that is with in me… I am thankful….

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…. I love you all


Nothing To Lose said...

We just got back from my dad and moms house where we clebrated Thanksgiving with them and my siblings and their families. As always, my mom stuffed the turkey with dressing. Stuffing rocks,
you betcha!

Miracles,peace,love and making memories with our families, to us all.

Donald said...

Avatar I just read what you said on yesterday's post about Jesus only saying what the Father said.

Very good point!

Erik said...

So, I am watching 'My Fair Lady' - I think of so many things,of the things we grow acustomeed to , as we do in our own words, that become second nature to us.

I think how HS covers me, and how I cover those close to me, how we all do, no matter what. We see in them,the filet mignon , even though they keep pulling out hot dogs.

HS sees that with each of us,and we see that with those we are connected with.

We can dance all night with that, because it is what we give Thanks for, children,siblings,parents,spouses, wo We Really Know, as The Christ Knows US and Loves Us. Amen!!!

Nancy said...

I am thankful for the wonderful God we serve!
In Him we live and move and have our being!
One thing I ask that I would seek, to see Your beauty
To find you in the place Your Glory dwells!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Brenda said...

I have so much to be thankful for it would take a lifetime to just think of it all. Last year this time I was just getting out of the hospital so sick and tired of chemo I didn't know what to do. They only let me out of the hospital for Thanksgiving after begging so hard, only to be told I could not eat anything but soup but that was then and this is now and I'm not on chemo and I can eat and I wake up this morning and I feel wonderful and full of life. My this too will pass has come to pass. After losing everything while sick I look around and I have more than I had before, a car I didn't pay for, and more than I can even think or ever ask for. That's only material things they come and go anyway but what I'm most thankful for this year is you Bishop and Pastor Debye because you all have shown me the real meaning of love and now I feel free to love because love is inside of me. As I watch Pastor Debye worship her God it lets me know its okay to express love, you are free to do that. As I watch you Bishop I can feel the love of the heavenly father and know that I am loved and that I am special and if anyone come up into my life they have to treat me as special or they have to get to stepping. No longer will I allow people to use and abuse me, God loves me. Bishop and Pastor Debye I will always be thankful for the example and high standards that you both have set before me so that now in my latter years I can live life and live it with joy, peace and happiness and I will live and not die.

Anonymous said...

This is part of an email I read this morning. I feel I should share it. When you read it remember to think of this in the larger context of God's gift of salvation to the whole world. Also remember what Jesus said about "when I was hungery, you fed me".

Anthony Robbins remembers....

"I remember one Thanksgiving when our family had no money and no food,
someone knocked on our door. A man was standing there with a huge box of
food, a giant turkey, and even some pans to cook it in. I couldn't believe
it. My dad demanded, `Who are you? Where are you from?'

"The stranger announced, `I'm here because a friend of yours knows you're
in need and that you wouldn't accept direct help, so I've brought this for
you. Have a great Thanksgiving.'

"My father said, `No, no, we can't accept this.’

“The stranger replied `You don't have a choice,' closed the door and left.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not
giving it away

We Are Truly Blessed,

Anonymous said...

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not
giving it away

I forgot to include; this quote is from:
Rev. Christopher Ian Chenoweth

Ebony said...

Salvation, My family, my church, my wonderful pastors, my friends, a wonderful job that (on most days) I love going to, Love, red velvet cake, dressing, there's so much I don't know if I could fit it all in.

Sheri Travis said...

I have so much to be thankful for, but most of all I'm thankful for you Bishop, Pastor Debye, CITN Ministry, BITN, my wondeful husband, my awesome children. I've seen God move all over both of their lifes and it's all good!!!!!I love you guys more than words can say!!!!

Erik said...

Izumi/JOY ---

'Thought food' and 'Mental Trail Mix'

-- That is excellent !

Bishop -- Is the Isaiah BITN new? Really good either way.

Enjoying Thanksgiving with my son on FL Gulf Coast. He is training on disarming explosives for the military, I am really proud of him. Risky business, but he loves it. Not a regular day at the office.

He actually bought me dinner last night -- times, they are a changin' .

Great Thanksgiving everyone !!!!

Nothing To Lose said...

Food right now has no priority. It all tasted so good, and we ate past full. Got to walk.

We got a phone call right before we sat down to eat. My younger brothers son was pumping up the air in an old pellet rifle of his grandfathers, and some how the trigger got bumped. The pellet that was in the gun, hit him between his nose, and just missed his eye, hit a bone and shattered into three pieces. It did not go into his brain, nor his nasal cavity. The last I heard was that they just might not have to take the pieces of pellet out, just leave them in. It's truly a miracle, that he wasn't even hurt. I talked to him on the phone, and he said that the IV being installed in his arm hurt worse than the pellet. We've had a very thankful Thansgiving to say the least. Hope everyone had a great day.

Miracles, peace and love to us all.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

No, Erik...I actually did the Isaiah passage a couple of years ago when I wrote paraphrases for all of the Nativity Scriptures...but thanks...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone...I'm thankful for all of you, too...especially the regular're all in my heart...hope each one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...

Izumi/JOY said...

Happy Thanksthinking, all.

Yesterday was wonderful, Bish. I hope your plates spilled over with gladness.

I'm thankful that every family member had somewhere to be; no-one was alone.

"Mental trail mix" - yes, Erik. I meant to add that I can travel for days on a good thought.

I like imagining that my castle is besieged by battalions of Spirit fruit soldiers. They're my stronghold; only following God's orders:

"Joy - surprise her, everywhere she turns."

"Peace - convince her that she's safe in your hands!"

"Longsuffering - ensure that whatever she ordered, arrives. But wait a couple of earth days - see how she manages."

"Gentleness - go! Smell like Ivory soap to her."

"Goodness - flavor yourself like her mother's duck dressing."

"Faith - loan her your goggles, until her eyes adjust to Mine."

"Meekness - take the form of someone younger, older, foreign or slow. Be exceedingly rude. Ask her for directions. Often."

"Temperance - get in front of her at the check-out line with 11 items, instead of 10. Distract her with mundanity. Do this when she's tired and hungry."

"And Love - barrage her with Me!"