Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking, that I'm thinking, to much about thinking, so I'm thinking that I'm thinking, my way back to bed. Night.

Bishop, it doesn't matter what you write, I just know that in my own way, which is just little different than the norm, that I will hear the Lord, and it'll be what I need, at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Please keep the blog going...

Anonymous said...

I accepted Jesus, but He accepted me, first.

Nancy said...

Whatever you need, just ask...
He's always listening

I need HIM every hour
Such a sweet spirit in the quietness of the night
I know that everything will be alright
His hand is there to guide me
and even though I can't see where I am going
I keep taking steps in knowing
He is always there beside me
Oh sweet Victory!!

Erik said...


It is a very well roasted feast, so enjoyable that it is a quite a meal, which indicates it is so good that it is an interference to speak and interrupt the eating. MITN tied in with the services, spiritual gastronomic wonder, and long feasting. All indicative of that just because you are one of the good guys, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun along the way.

Post Denominational, is the starter, The Meal IS – Post Religion. As I believe Pastor Scott said, one view sees the mole, and another sees the side with no mole, like no religion sees all of God, but all religions see God together.

Religion is made to serve people, never the other way around. The only way to The Father is through ’Me’ as Jesus is quoted, but no one person or religion knows who ‘Me’ is, completely, but together we know ‘Me’ more.

That is similar to what has been previously shared – One Sky, One Light, through a prism, on purpose, many colors that make One view, each color of light valid and worthwhile in its own view, and incomplete until combined with all others – distinct but incomplete. The distinctness real and of value, and of more value when each piece (Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Budhist, Zoroaster, Wiccan, New Age, Pagan, Native American, on and on – each with a unique and perfectly valid piece – not one with the complete ‘Me’ until as part of One Body – which has already been done. ‘It is finished’ and has long been. Every knee has bowed and every tongue confessed, already that ‘Me’ is Lord, however ‘Me’ is known in the heart and Spirit, which only each one and God knows.

Praise God, free at last, free at last !!!!

Son of Zadok said...

I love it when mighty men of faith display such human signs of frailty and emotion. It truly brings an ear to ear smile to my face every time. This happenstance even seems to endear me closer to Christ by helping me understand my own human nature and the vulnerability and general realness of us all. So when I see Bishop with a "whatever" of "whatever", it makes me want to grin; lifting up our heads by realizing and rediscovering what this Blog means to me. Maybe I'm reading to much into "whatever", but a valid observance no less.

As I said when MITN started here it's a great idea! It's daily bread in both senses of the word. Bishop truly your work is doing the will of God. Let the accusers wither like the grass.

However, that said, this Blog is not just a translation of the Bible as much as it is not a soundboard for the praises of men and their service to God. We are all living epistles. It is the truth that we are called to be saviors in this world. And in that part of the work here, we should give praises to God only. Even John on the Isle of Patmos, meaning (the place of my dying), fell victim several times to wanting to praise the messenger, rather than He who the message was revealing. Are we coming here everyday to sound off at what great and talented instruments of righteousness we are? We lift up the name of Jesus for all He has done!

MITN is a perfect vehicle right now for the skin of this blog. An outer court that leads into the personal struggles, and truths, and revelations we're all dealing and wrestling with; or times of just resting in that sweet yoke of serenity. But, Blog in the Now is not MITN. That would force it out of the Now by edict alone. God may be dealing with me in Titus, or He may be dealing with you in a dream or another in an encounter experienced with someone in the world today. To someone reading here, that will be the word of life, not the Scriptures only. You may be the receiver of life just by sharing.

We all realize the work of MITN is vital and Spirit-called, anointed and even filled with glory. I think it should continue. I've read every chapter and really try and savor it. But the full fruits of it's labor can not be measured by my own needs or discoveries today. It will go on and on, to be used by God to help transform the age!

Let this be a place of joy and comfort along with a place to cast your sorrows. The Blog is not a picture, though is uses pictures. It is not a word, though words are spoken. It not not an idea or a feeling, though they are so richly developed here.

This is BLOG IN THE NOW!!!

And the Spirit of God ministers and works through truth with us here. We may not always be right, but He is working it out through us. He speaks it through Bishop and MITN and He speaks it through you and I. He speaks it in a quiet whisper in the heart of the weary wanderer desperate to be made alive to the Christ! We cannot guide or direct it. It blows where it wills. We can only attempt to flow in it. The life of God we lead is by inspiration!

I love you all and hope my two cents were given and received in the right spirit. Bishop, may you and all the bloggers and blurkers keep pushing up through the sharp and stinging wintry skies, where only eagles dare to soar. May we, being wrought as slaves in Christ, make disciples of all men.

Son of Zadok said...


Being my first Christmas under to me what feels like an entirely new world serving the true God of love, I'm trying to work through more of the details of what's going on in and around me. If I may, I want to make a few interjections into your ecumenical treatise, whose spirit I share, but in truth must seek clarity. Specifically when you said:

Every knee has bowed and every tongue confessed, already that ‘Me’ is Lord, however ‘Me’ is known in the heart and Spirit, which only each one and God knows.

Do you really think has already consumated? That we have no need of the gospel to be preached? The power of God unto salvation? I think we're finally realizing what the good news is! Is not now the time to share it? I do believe as the T.L. Osborn has been quoted saying that, "The whole world is saved, but they don't know it yet."
But in that not knowing is there not death?

In the midst of life we are in death. We who have been awakened are even dying daily in in persuit of that prize. The full payment on the down payment put in our Spirit. The fulfillment of the promise that is within us through faith, with hope.

"The wages of sin is death" (Rom. 6:23) Not eternal torment, we know that now. But,

"The dead know not anything" (Eccl. 9:5)

"Let the dead bury the dead," said Jesus.

What does spiritual death mean? I like these words.

Death takes in this whole dreadful realm of sin, weakness, fear, sorrow, pain, heartache, rebellion, strife, war, sickness, torment, sadness and trouble in which men walk without the peace and joy and transforming power of God in their lives.

Men need to know that they are dead and that the wrath of God abides upon them. "But," you may ask, "what is the wrath of God?" I must reply that the wrath of God is death! "The soul that sins, it shall die," is the edict of the Lord. God's wrath against sin is manifested in the death of the sinner, a Christless death in which he is dead to God, dead to Christ, dead to virtue, dead to truth, dead to purity, dead to righteousness, dead to peace, dead to joy, dead to reality, dead to promise, dead to hope. He abides in this death throughout all the decades, centuries, or millenniums of his existence until Christ comes into his heart. It was this very truth that Jesus was making clear to us when He said, "He that has the Son has life, but he that has not the Son of God has not life; but the wrath of God abides on him."

This is the land of trespasses and sins in which there walk the dead. "Wherein," Paul says to the quickened ones, "in time past you walked" (Eph. 2:2). Is that not amazing? We were dead and yet we walked; we were the walking dead, a land filled with zombies, walking, yet dead!

~ J. Preston Eby

"Our Saviour Jesus Christ, who HAS ABOLISHED DEATH, and has brought life and immortality to light THROUGH THE GOSPEL" (II Tim. 1:10).

I know we can co-exist and love each other, and we need way more of it. But we can co-exist and demonstrate fellowship without diminishing our work of the salvation we are all experiencing in Christ. Their's a hurting world out there and work to be done. Their's a glorious gospel that needs to be preached so that the realization of the cross can be made manifest in lives. God is the one doing it. Only He can raise the dead. But He is calling us to be laborers in the harvest field. But how can people call on someone they have not believed? And how can they believe in someone they have not heard about? And how can they hear without someone preaching? If people don't receive the true gospel with joy, it's just not their time. When He says, "Come Forth!", the dead are brought to life! The truth of Calvary's victory doesn't diminish it's need to be realized in an individual life.

If you've got time today, what say you? I'm just trying to work this all out for myself. Someone help me if I'm wrong.

Peace my brother from another Daddy. Big Love to you always.

Son of Zadok said...

I so love what is preached at this church when it is said, "I believe God has made peace with you, but if you need to make peace with God, the alters are open." The truth in those words is divine.

ver: fires

Son of Zadok said...

Totally messed up my slang closing earlier Erik. That should have read, peace my brother from another mother, same Daddy, or something to that effect. You get what I meant.

Donald said...

Like totally, fer sher!

SOZ do you remember the scene from Men in Black where Will Smith was interviewing the farmer's wife where the spaceship had crashed and the alien had got inside her husband's skin? Yeah, yeah you know the part.
Anyway the woman's house was a wreck and Smith was going to help her become a better person by getting her to go buy some new clothes and things after the zapping process.
Do you remember him looking around the house and saying, "And do something with this house,... I mean like,...damn!"
When I saw your avatar with the guy with the oversized cross and those keg abs and that "most-revealing" bathing suit I sort of thought about those last four words from the above-mentioned Will Smith quote.

Anonymous said...

Amens to Nancy, Erik, SOZ and anons for the encouragement toward Bishop and the rest of us.

Bishop, there are a couple of good reasons not to read too much into the slow down in blog response. It is Christmas season with all its distractions after all but the main one is that most of us are, as has already been said, blown away by how real you are making the book of Matthew.

As a child reading Matthew, there were many perplexing questions raised in my mind about some of the hard things said by Jesus.

In later study the popular notion of recent times that Matthew was intended to be spoken to the Jews of Jesus day just prior to the completion of some advent that would in some way disconnect them from salvation and embrace the gentiles as their replacement just never settled well with my soul althogh I did understand the reasoning of it being written primarily to the Jews.

What you are doing however is showing the greater truths along side the hard sayings that help us to understand the original message that we are all the children of the same God who is intertwined with all creation through the power of Love.

Most of the sayings that I have struggled with in the past have been settled by Holy Ghost and further confirmed by some wise teachers and most expecially your teachings that have brought many people and will bring many more to a thought of changing our mentality toward the Love, resident within our spirits, that is eternal without beginning or end.

That being said, it is perfectly fine with all of us for you to take a holiday break from the work of MITN. We will all be waiting with anticipation for it to return though.

I can only imagine from time to time that you must be coming close to sweating blood over some of the work going into this but then again I can also see that you are litteraly walking on the water of the Holy Spirit in this as well. Just don't allow our responses or lack of them be a distraction that tempts you to take your eyes off the prize.

You are supercharged with Love overflowing and that energy is your greatest reward.

I speak over you and your household and say that this will be the greatest season of celebrating the birth of Love into this dimension that you have ever known. What ever your need or desire, it will be fulfilled to abundance and running over.


ps. last night was awesome and it was good to see Avatar there too.

Avatar, I should have guessed who you were from a previous reference you made of spending some time in South Africa but last night it all came together. You definately among my favorite spirits at CITN.

tracy said...

Judges 10:15 Do with us WHATEVER you think best....but please rescue us (from SOZ's pic)......

"elle" said...

Just had to chime in here and say 'ditto' to Donald and Tracy's statements.

SOZ, WHAT'S UP with the pic?!?! ;}

Will try to be back later to muse on a few ponderings... if I can work them into some form of coherency.

Bish, I intend to print out the portion of MITN that you've completed to date, and read it together rather than in bits and pieces... mostly for the salvation of my eyes (would rather put the reading glasses on than stare at the computer screen for any length of time). But I also think the flow would enhance my comprehension. Will definitely read!

G8TRGRL said...

Like, okaaayyy, what-ever! (In my best Alicia Silverstone "Clueless" hands shaped in a W) gesture.

That word strikes a chord in my house. I feel the sense of complacency that comes with a response of "whatever". It has started a few "exuberant conversations". "Whatever" screams "I really have something to say, don't you care to listen to me?"

In the hustle and bustle of this season, don't let the "whatevers" get in and ruin the special moments with your "whos".

... BTW... G8trgrl is VERY, VERY happy after Saturday nights SEC championship victory...

... Bishop-- my profile picture is a gorgeous Tiffany window that is in restaurant I had the pleasure of dining... it was once a flower shop that is now a restaurant with all the original lighting, fixtures, columns, c. early 1900's...

Kudo's to you on MITN. It is a beautiful, enlightening translation. Nothing lost in the translation, but much to gain.


G8TRGRL said...

Elle, love your "Charlie Brown" tree.

Nothing To Lose said...

From a whole nother angle, here is what I'm thinking you said yesterday at 11:00. That you are going to give posting MITN a rest for a few days, not the blog itself.

And as far as the "whatever" for today, I'm thinking it's an open blog. In other words, where the Holy Spirit leads. I choose to think positive, because I love coming here for the encouragement, stregth and love I get from coming here several times a day. It's a real iron sharpening iron kind of thing.

Anonymous said...


Erik said...

Hey SOZ,

It is not that The Good News should not be shared, or maybe more accurate, reminding others of what they already know ‘The world is saved, they just don’t know it’ – Yes.

It is an historical event, (at least in how we perceive time in this paradigm) . It is shared, with assurance and peace as we share something that is in hand, completed, secured. Also, many people are consciously aware of what we may call ‘Saved’ or ‘Personal Relationship with Jesus’ or ‘Born Again’ , and have entirely different description of it and words and expressions of faith in regard to it. – Any person actively, intentionally aware of their connection to God, has that awareness in their Spirit, heart, mind .

Example – a Hindu person who is what we would call ‘Saved’ indeed has the same depth, breadth, and height of awareness and connection and have an entirely different expression of it. The same ‘Me’ that we call Jesus, is present. The presence is one of existence, not one of what words and references to describe it. It is valid. Jesus has sheep in sheepfolds we know little or nothing of.

God is creative and varied beyond one single persons or group to fully define, like trying to use a paragraph or chapter to express what is in a book. There is a reason the author , God, wrote all chapters and paragraphs. One chapter or paragraph is not the whole book. Each one critical, unique and purposely expressed, and is one part of the book, or The Body. One cannot say to the other .You are not necessary’.

All can say to each other, ‘This is wonderful, what a great body, and how beautiful your part or chapter is, even if I cannot fully understand it’. Imagine the world view of the fingernail and the pancreas. Possibly only the blood that runs between them is the only reference point. Known only by The Spirit and no other reference point. Trusting God.

Share, celebrate, Yes, Yes, Yes. Help and provide what we each have to aid another who may not ‘know’ and bless and celebrate with those who do. Enjoy other fingernails, thumbs and hands and enjoy who know they are part of The Body, show in whatever way you can to those who don’t. Also celebrate with the pancreas that also is aware to whatever extent that can be understood by both, and share with kidneys who don’t know they are part of the same Body to the best of your ability without diminishing them.

The Body already exists, and all the parts are very different in real ways, and some parts know the are part of The Body, and some parts do not. That knowledge is not based on the part of The Body each is, but on seeing beyond each ‘part’ while appreciating one’s own part. The Experience here is so much more fun and expedient, knowing we are all part of The Body, and The Body has more parts than we know.

Avatar said...

Cool...a WHATEVER day!

First...JB, I did't think you saw me--smile!

Bishop, your "readings" [for those who didn't make it, of course Bishop quoted from memory!] from 1st Ephesians and 1 Corinthians were inspired. Though a day of small things applies, it was an important event and I'm glad my mostly a blurker spouse took care of my family responsibility last night so I could attend.

First Ephesians? much to do, so little time! John Denver's line "thank God I'm a country boy" is coming to mind [that line always seemed odd, since he wasn't, but WHATEVER]. But...I'm singing it "Thank God I'm a CITN boy!"

An interesting revelation came to me this morning. I was pondering events--asking "where is the King in this?" type questions and this thought came to mind..."Bishop is ALWAYS in teach/ministry mode...ALWAYS! not matter what, ALWAYS!" and I suddenly had the answer to what I was pondering. Is that cool...or WHAT?

wordver: soarsp
Soaring with the SP-irit...whenever, where ever, WHATEVER, LIFE in the Kingdom is unbeatable!

Nothing To Lose said...

I love this blog.

word ver...oledo...
(that's amazing)

Friend4Life said...

Good-Day, Blog!! or is for you today.

Last night was special w/my family. My kids wanted to know where we going. The main thing my daughter said was, "We get to meet new faces." I was so impressed by how she wants to meet new people.

Wanted to tell ya, I have caught up on MITN.((AMAZING)) Verse 38 caught my eye last night.

38. The thought of you possibly having to choose between your family or Me may be as painful for you as a death on a cross. But he who does not take up his cross and follow Me is simply not worthy of Me.

Whatever your will is Lord in my life..let it be done unto you.

~Peace & Love~

I keep singing this song in my head alot lately---"Where ever you go, Whatever you do...we're going to get through this together, together....together." (smile) Now it's stuck in your head. Tag your it.

Anonymous said...




Nothing To Lose said...

Miracles, peace, love and BITN to us all.

Avatar said...

correction...Always! "no" matter what, ALWAYS!

anon--the Blog is already saved...has been since the foundation of the world--smile!

wordvers are cool today, NTL...
mine now is: regram
re-[tele]gram..."re-do that sentence, Av!" I know its a stretch...but yours wasn't!

Anonymous said...

Whatever....hmmm...That's the second time today that word has hit me...I just left the office and a client had a shirt on saying whatever...

Hmmm....Whatever will be will be...the future's not ours to see...

Anonymous said...

What ever comes
What ever goes
Whatever does anyone know
Whatever is a mood
Whatever is an expression
What ever means flowing with come what may.
It's not negative
It's not positive
It just is

It's raining
His Reign Is Shining
Bask in His Reign

Anonymous said...

This blog is where we recieve fresh revelation, from the one who recieves fresh revelation.

Anon 1:43 I'm somewhere in the future, and I look much better than I look right now.

"elle" said...

OK... back again.

Thanks, G8TRGRL; love my Charlie Brown tree! Pic is from '07, but will fix it up in another day or 2 when the rain stops.

To the ponderings...
Got out yesterday to pick up a gift for the 'rents' and grocery shop. Conversations with God kinda flow when in the car. Don't know why. Oddly enough, started questioning what people might think of me - family, friends, aquaintances, those w/whom I have more than passing contact. Anyway, was praying to be at least somewhat of an example. Not necessarily of a 'Christian,' as I don't like the negativity that often accompanies the label. But perhaps rather an illustration of graciousness. It's amazing how small things affect people in seemingly huge ways, myself included. Experienced a couple of those unexpected pleasantries yesterday.

All of that (plus the fact that I was headed to the grocery store) got me thinking about 'daily bread.' I chuckled at the mention of it when reading your 2:01am post, SOZ :) synchronicity
Bish, your account of unconditional love from Oct. '06 remains fresh in my spirit today. Such profundity in the Hebrew word 'manna' being literally translated to the question 'what is it?'
Could it be that manna is life itself... given to us, physically and spiritually by the Bread of Life, the I Am, the God who defies description?
Life IS a question; no one knows what each day will bring. So, perhaps the manner in which we interpret the manna, the questions accompanying each 24 hour period, determines whether or not we are nourished and grow, or whether we die in the wilderness.
How does one interpret the 'why' of job loss, sickness, spousal disconnect, prejudice... etc?
I'm not sure. But, hopefully, with the same grace and wisdom as when one questions why the promotion came at just the right time, or why the doctor can't explain the good news, or why the marriage is still intact while divorce runs rampant.
Just a thought...

I pray for help to responsibly nourish myself with THIS day's bread. Tomorrow will have a freshness of its own!

Planning to be ITB for the Christmas Eve service. Must pick up my artwork from J4 (6 months later... horrors!)

Anonymous said...

"Subject Whatever"...Had to find out from Avatar if I had missed something...It is kind of funny that you used that word...been dealing with family issues up north about the holidays & not been able to go up this year for Christmas or Thanksgiving because of us moving over the one holiday & not wanting to miss out on whats going on here (1st one we have missed in 34 years..come on people give us break)...It is hard to explain to family when your work & ministry here intertwines with the other..they will always be my family..but to be honest this is my real family...but that was the exact word that 4 out 5 of my brothers & sisters said to us...& not in a nice way...I don't feel guilty about not going because this is where our heart is & we want & need to be here at this time.. I have not been on this blog site for the last six weeks..but have posted on the church blog..
Bishop what you wrote in MITN vs.34 & on...I really needed to hear that today...Thank you for the blog & for following the H.S.
New Wine in 2009
Here to Worship & Serve I

Anonymous said...

What, what, what ever

The beginning of this blog is quite clever

It makes words flow through the mind like a river

To help it continue flowing will be my endeavor

never, never my friend say never

cause salvation covers all from ever to ever

Anonymous said...

I come on the blog and get whatever and I just fall out laughing because I can just see you snapping your finger and rolling your head saying whatever. I don't know if you meant this to be funny but you made my day.

tracy said...

I laughed too anon! Another Bailey tidbit-Everytime I hear "whatever" I think of her take on it. She lifts her hand and moves her head from side to side trying to do the little smart butt neck sway, but it never comes out that way and says "whatever" in a talk to the hand kind of way. Her coordination is definately lacking and as she is doing this she usually has to catch herself to keep from falling down, which for some reason when she is trying to make her point cracks me up! Then she inadvertantly (sp) ends up laughing at herself!

Anonymous said...

put that in the book, too...

Anonymous said...

Sure is a lot of love here, for a Bishop, and his blog.

Anonymous said...

"Whatever" is apparently subjective.

"Definitely" is spelled with two "i"s.

Word verification: inamix

Is Bishop teaching tonight?

Son of Zadok said...

I'll relieve you all of my previous avatar photo. I found it wildly amusing myself. I don't know exactly what it was saying to me, but it brought a smile to my face, a bit of humor to counter my spouting.

Erik, I'm very close to you on these things, but we may also see a few things differently and I know we're both ok with that. I don't put as much creedence in the "born again" experience as I used to. I was born again when I was 5 watching a Christian kids show. I was born again when I was 15 praying in my basement. I was born again this past year reading at my computer. What was really going on? Was I born again 3 times? No, I was just having a real life changing encounter with God. Theirs a lot of debate in the world about once saved always saved and all the rest, but i think I'm settling on this:

All Saved, Almost Saved.

Does that make sense?

This whole thing really is a process. I also don't believe we choose to have our minds awakened to the reality of Christ and the repentance that comes in that realization of His goodness by anything other than the power of the call of the Spirit. Jesus told the disciples that they didn't choose Him, He chose them. So in a very real sense everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be. But, I do believe most of the world is just

"dead in trespasses and sins" (Eph. 2:1)

Maybe we're like the kid in the Metallica video who couldn't walk or see or speak or hear; alive, but dead to the world. And as God begins to stir in our life He brings us out of that bondage piece by piece, day by day. Gradually moving from a life of the flesh to a life of the Spirit until one day we are all fully realized, alive in Him. But outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

But He will find them ALL!

tracy said...

Got it anon-defInItely. That is one of the words I always screw up-so much for my crown from the 8th grade spelling bee. Word ver podooppe that strikes me as funny also...Oh and thanks SOZ we were all praying that was not you in the photo. The cross was a bit much!hahaha

Son of Zadok said...

Your welcome Tracy. Hey what if in The Shack God showed up looking like that dude.

He'sa yur big Italian Papa'!!

Praisa' His Nama'!

Anonymous said...


Under the subject what ever, please allow me to interject this thought like an ‘if’ equals a what ever.

What if the prophecy over CITN and Bishop Jim’s ministry to do what has never been done before is to do what the ‘Church’ is intended to do but has not yet done?

Do you think it is possible that when Love entered this dimension as Jesus the Christ there was an attempt being made by God to help us all know the greatness of our own love as well as that of our Creator?

What if, in this journey as humankind, we are traveling in a direction that takes us back to where we started from?

What if from the beginning where we asked the question of God what is love, that we were sent on a quest to discern the completeness of that question for ourselves?

Do you think it may be possible that our coming out of that perfect place is a coming into the knowledge of what perfection is?

Is it possible that every person who has ever existed and will ever exist has the answer to their entire questions resident within them?

Supposing there is such a time as humankind coming into true unity where all see each other the same as they are themselves, will this advent be the end of humanity or the beginning of it?

What ever?,


Mystic said...

Bish, I apologize...I have been blurking again and taking without giving...forgive me. I have had a lot going on but there's no excuse not to say something from time to time...I have just zipped in, read the post, read the replies, and zipped right back out. I'll try my best to do better.

To all my blog fam...I have really enjoyed all the comments and responses from just adds to the idea, the ambiance, to the move of God, the body of amazing people that is CITN/BITN. I love you all so much...I don't even think about what my life would be without you...because it will never be so.

Avatar...I love you...
P Nancy...I love you...
SOZ...I love you...
Donald, JB, Tracy, Elle, G8trgrl...I love you...

NTL, Friend4Life, Laura, and all you Anons out there...I love you...

Oh and Erik...I love you too, Brutha by anotha little blonde Zealot! ;)

P Debye...I LOVE YOU!
And Scarec...I mean Bishop...Love You, Man! :D

Thank you, Lord...I Love You Most of All...thank you for this off the chain place we call CITN/BITN and for all you are doing here through and in us!

I speak wholeness, peace, joy, and love to all of you at CITN/BITN in Jesus' Name!

Blessings Blog Fam!

tracy said...

He could have defInItely pulled off God in The Shack. I think there is a part of all of us that could relate in some way to that guy, or maybe not-we would probably all be suprised. Word verification chafe..truly will be a problem for the guy in your pick wearing those "drawers".

Son of Zadok said...

Chafe! That's to funny Tracy. There was something about the nakedness of that picture and how awful it was, combined with the bombastic giant golden cross laid upon all that ugliness that just resonated with me. I don't know.

We love you to Mystic.

Nothing To Lose said...

Right back atcha.

tracy said...

Hey Mystic! Praying for you and loving you back!

Son of Zadok said...

JB, that reminds me of the Law of Circularity. Truly we all are returning to the place from were we came from.

Long milleniums ago Adam was banished from the Paradise of God and its life-giving tree. But God has provided a way by which His banished may return! Some glad morning, when the unfolding plan of God is complete, all who once stood "in Adam" in the Garden will again be gathered together and their eyes will behold with endless joy that heaven blest Eden in which walked Adam, the son of God. But even now there is a remnant, the election of grace, the firstfruits of His redemption WHO IN SPIRIT HAVE ENTERED THOSE ONCE-CLOSED PORTALS AND HAVE PARTAKEN OF THE FRUIT OF THE TREE OF LIFE!

Forgive all my J.Eby quotes of late. Pastor Dennis turned me on to Him and I can't get enough of His teaching right now. It's soo good! Pastor D, where you be?

Anonymous said...

Back at ya - Mystic

Love makes the world go around.

Erik said...

The blog and CITN are great places to celebrate Creation, share with everyone how wonderful God is and to appreciate all that God creates.

The name within all names, the source of all praise.

From foundation to the completeness and everything between, before and after God is excellence. !!!!!!!

God , He is just so smooth and strong as She is wise and sexy, as He is generous as She is caring as He is safe as She is nurturing----- on and on and on, Loving God is so natural to do, sometimes , imagining it all, it is uncontainable. I Love that !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will be….will be!!!
Today is a
Whatever day for me!

Isaiah 6:3: “The angels never cease from their melody in singing the praises of God, as the holiness of God supplies us with inexhaustible reason for them.”


“Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord Almighty;
The whole earth is full of His glory.” (Isaiah6:3)


“To whom will you compare me?
Or who is My equal? Says the Holy One.
Lift your eyes and look to the heavens:
Who created all these?
He who bring out the starry host
one by one,
and calls them each by name.
because of His great power and mighty strength,
not one of them missing. (Isaiah40:25-26)


Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
The Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary
And His understanding no one can
He gives strength to the weary
And increases the power of the weak.
Even youths grow tired and weary,
And young men stumble and fall;
But those who hope in the lord will
Renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary,
They will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:28-31)


Surely He has not commanded us to be holy without providing the means to be holy. The privilege of being holy is yours and mine, and the decision and responsibility to be holy is yours and mine. If you and me make that decision, we will experience the fullness of joy which Christ has promised to those who walk in obedience to Him.

Truly the choice is ours. What will we choose?
Will we accept our responsibility and discipline ourselves to live in habitual obedience to the will of God?

Friend4Life said...

Mystic--Luv ya 2!! <3

Son of Zadok said...

In the multitude of counselors there is safety

Prov 11:13

"elle" said...

xxx's & ooo's to you!

Son of Zadok said...

whoops, that was 11:14

Ah, whatever...

peacemaker said...

Agreement and amen to all written in your 8:05 post.

An amen to you as well in your response to SOZ. All humanity has the ability to have a "personal" relationship, not with Jesus; he never required that, but with the Source of All(God) because ALL humanity is the personification of that Source. The two are one.

Beautiful rhetoric in your 4:04 comment. I do think there is an answer to all the "What Ifs". I just don't know if the traditional mindset is ready for them as of yet. Your questions are the cerebral wanderings of a true Sage and Mystic. Inside, you've already witnessed the awakening to the reality that all we need that pertains to life and God-likeness is inherently internal in humanity and is not received per se from an existential source.

May I add my own "What If"? I'll believe you said yes...
What if Jesus, by his life and through his words, was not demanding himself to be the lord of our lives, as taught by tradition; but instead was showing, by example, how WE could be the lord of our own lives?
Now that would be quite a responsibility...huh?

The awakening in reality already in progress. More and more are beginning to perceive it. My answer to your last question is YES! Yes to both scenarios. I do believe the world as we have known it, including the political, economic, ecological, and most of all, spiritual paradigms is coming to an end; or at least transforming. A new humanity with a broader, more inclusive world-view and spirituality is emerging in it's place. And we are privileged to be witnesses to it.
What a great time to be alive!!

Donald said...

I'm not quite the most intelligunt person in the world but I have had to dabble around with them yonder statistical analysis problem do-hickey things before.
I'm trying to figure something out here. On Monday's blog there were 20 verses posted which produced 40 comments. On Tuesday's blog there were 22 verses posted which produced 23 comments. Today there was one word posted and counting this comment there is 54 comments posted so far.

Go figure!

Son of Zadok said...


What if Jesus, by his life and through his words, was not demanding himself to be the lord of our lives, as taught by tradition; but instead was showing, by example, how WE could be the lord of our own lives?

You know I'm right there with you when we say that we are called to be saviors, that Christ in us is the hope of glory, that He will be all in all, that we are seated in the throne with Him, that the sons of God are being revealed in the earth. But saying that we are the Lord of our own lives? Seriously? I wouldn't even want that. In fact that's the reality I strive to escape from. I understand that in conforming to Him that we diminish and He increases. And that in a sense we eventually become so lost and found in Him that we become new individual manifestations of Him, that's where our future lies, but to say we are Lord? I'm not trying to pick a fight or argue doctrine, really I'm not. But I pray that in walking on the edge, none of us fall over it. I'm looking forward to the service tonight. Big Love to you Peacemaker. In the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Son of Zadok said...

Here I stand, though not alone.
Called to greatness in the throne.
And peeling back this human skin,
reveal the glory hid within.
But dare I ever once forget,
Who freed me from life's periled net.
To God on high, I praise like Job.
This seed of Christ in priestly robe.

peacemaker said...

Son of Zadok...
I've read enough of your comments to know you are not trying to pick a fight. Even if you were, it would be futile. The thought of arguing doctrine nauseates me. Doctrine is the reality that I strive to escape from.
And yes, I'm very serious. Being the creators of our own destiny, at least to me, does not diminish the One to whose image we are conforming. I don't have to lose my identity to gain His. I just don't adhere to the "not me but He" idea. Inclusion theology, to which, for the most part, I believe, has a tendency to take away our "free will" and create a totally sovereign God whose plan for our lives totally supersedes our own. This theory makes it easier to believe no one goes to hell(which I believe also, only for different reasons)and will one way or the other succumb to the Cross.
I am not disagreeing with this, I just don‘t embrace it to that extent. There are a lot of people on the earth who love God and are dedicated to their ideas of loving their neighbor as their selves who probably will never call on the name of Jesus; in this life or the next, but are no less part of the corporate manifestation of the Christ. But, it's still a far greater and a more liberating theology than the one I grew up with.
Bottom line: I didn't write all this to spark debate. In a very broad sense, I wanted you to know the paradigm from which I posed the question in the first place. We all have a piece of truth and can share and even exchange if we want to. At the end of the day, if unity is evident and the Christ has been manifested, then we can believe that iron has sharpened iron.
Big love back atcha!

Peace to you my most Wise Brother,

tracy said...

PM agreed brother- many will never call on the name of Jesus, I always love your open mindedness and realistically and statistically the majority of the world will never be exposed to nor bow to the name of Jesus from their paradigm, yet EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess. I just choose to believe God is that BIIIIIGGGGG, He gets that -why shouldn't I? Wordver squad-
Squad for God?

Anonymous said...


Sermon tonight - - - OFF THE CHAIN!!!

Donald said...

Bishop, without any doubt whatsoever, that was the very best word I have ever heard!

Peacemaker I pretty much agree with you that I am the one who decides my destiny. I certainly believe that God has given me everything that I would ever need to succeed but it is ultimately left up to me whether or not I will utilize the resources that are available to me to become what he has purposed for me to become.
He even said that he has put life and death before us and then went so far as to suggest that we choose life. He didn't demand it, but He certainly suggested it strongly.

I guess if it was spoken to us in everyday language, He might have said, "OK, here is everything that you need to succeed, and here is everything that you need not to succeed. Take your pick. I recommend that you take the 'everything that you need to succeed kit' but I'm leaving that up to you."

In fact, tonight's word lends credence to that. If I say, "I am this, or I am that", then ultimately that is what I will be.

The rest of you can believe what you want to believe, but that is what the smartest, best-looking, richest, healthiest, longest-living, most debonair person in the great state of Mississippi if not the entire world believes.

Erik said...

To Donald -

'the smartest, best-looking, richest, healthiest, longest-living, most debonair person in the great state of Mississippi if not the entire world' --- You go man !!!!!

Nothing To Lose said...

Tonight was my world changer. Thank you.

Nothing To Lose said...

When you gonna bring all of that that Erik said about you to CITN so we can see?

peacemaker said...

I've seen ya and I gotta're pretty darn hot. You should have your own calender.

Peace Bro.

NY Streamer said...

OMG! What an inspiration tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Speaking Spirit said...

I love the word Whatever!...such an attitude word, at least for me. When I say Whatever, I am saying...I am not listening to you, you are tripping, stop playing, you're a hoot, SHUT UP, you're overtalking this, I am angry now, yeah right...WHATEVER.

The first person I heard say this was my friend girl who had a sassy teenager, and she said to me, probably in 2001 or 2002...Whatever...and I said...Whatever What??what are you saying...Just Whatever, she replied. Where did that come teenager daughter. Oh, Whateverrrrr!

I thought it was a hoot and I just laughed and laughed. Now, people say Anyhow,,,or Anyway (in other words or don't listen to him)...but nothing says it better than WHATEVER....with the neck popping and head rolling and don't forget the rolling of the eyes. It must be a yankee or sister girl thing but Whatever!!!!

Spirit Speaking

Erik said...


Heard you were delving into some other dimensions tonight. Excellent --- God is Lord of ALL experiences , dimensions, universes that we can understand, those we grasp parts of, and those that the only reference point we have is The Spirit – The Spirit is within all that God creates. CITN rocks, it is a nexus of many dimensions, especially the one we all share here.

PS – Being in two or more dimensions and consistently conscious of each of in continuity is what I am working on. Really fun, but sketchy at times, like multiple IMAX theatres plus, challenge to keep all focused simultaneously. Anyone have a smooth process with that ? Some Keys are Trust/Faith, Peace and Love.

Anonymous said...


Here's what Mr. Palmer read at the convocation last night. Thought it would be good to post it here:

The Paradoxical Commandments
by Dr. Kent M. Keith

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway.

The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
Think big anyway.

People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
Fight for a few underdogs anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.

People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
Help people anyway.

Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have anyway.

© Copyright Kent M. Keith 1968, renewed 2001

Donald said...

I'm just going with what Bishop was talking about tonight.
If you're gonna say "I am" throw something worthwhile behind it.

Peacemaker, I'm blushing down here alright!

NTL, my new tentative date for being up there is on the 28th of this month.

dgm2007 said...

such a good service. We are totally changing from the inside out.. and its not totally new it feels so familiar .. I remember your word about the water coming in from all sides and its coming to a point where we have to swim.. Thats so real to me right now.. And speaking of real.. The only thing thats real is God. I mean everything is seems imagined.. the worlds system doesn't work because we all have to believe in it.. But when somethings real it works and no matter what anyone says it will stand.. I hate (don't like) when ppl say 'what about the real world?'.. I mean this is it.. God is it.. And we can try to define God but really its indescribably real all encompassing totally impressive and delightful.

whats cool is that before service i was thinking about study abroad.. I'm going to France for a semester and well just spending all of 2009 away from anything familiar Egypt Cali lots more.. and when you learn a new language you have to choose your words closely and figure out what the heck you really want to say. A lot less filler. I was thinking of that and how awesome it is to not know a language and start fresh.. The Sophia reference was good. When you start something new you can choose to go with it or against it. It could be confusing and stressful but I wont chose to live my life that way.. So much ties into your message tonight and in general your a word and I love to read it and hear it.. I mean when Pastor Debye talked about choosing to be stretched rather than stressed and the new wine skin and your son talking about the power of words.. I mean its good and its real.. Thats why it works no splainin necessary. Love the message about words and glad to hear the good report about church attendance and cd sales.. Such a great message.. Refreshing.. You got the goods Bish.. Living in the flow just works.. Peace and love Bolgeratti

Son of Zadok said...

Loved the message tonight. It helps get my focus and see great things!


Their are many, many, great multitudes of people who have the golden rule engraved into their lives by the invisible living Spirit of God. I just think when they physically die, they are going to be the ones who will not have a devil of their own making appear to them, but Jesus himself, saying I WAS, and you came to me, and now I AM so come to me! And beyond a salvation found it works, it's true price is found is God's work alone. I just don't think all is well for all after this life, but all is according to plan. I believe that the Alpha and Omega means in Him is written the beggining and the end. But some may still need some loving correction.

He is present in all. Everything originates in Him and returns to Him. But maybe He say when what's His returns or gives us the power to say it so it is so. He's brooding over the face of many a deep.
I get to invloved with wanting to know the times and the seasons sometimes I fear.

I don't want to be the guy on the corner screaming about how we need to repent because the end of the world is at hand. The world has had 2,000 years of their sin conciousness being built up in Adam. Maybe this is the dawn of the third day and 1,000 years of the earth recognizing the Christ in mankind. Maybe our calling and freedoms lie in letting the light of Christ reign in our own life and God will do the work of calling alive that which is dead.

To Love the ALL in ALL

Pamela T. said...

Bishop was off the chain tonight. I love Wednesdays. Which I think is a good thing, not being tied down to any close minded thinking. Thank you for speaking of the multi-dimensional realities and thinking. I heard someone tell me a couple of days ago, “If you can see it you can have it, and once this revelation is realized in your spirit you can achieve it in the natural.

So if it is in the realm of God’s possibilities and it is of God, envision it in Faith until it reaches this dimension (our physical reality). We (Christ in you and me) are supposed to do greater works. Let us stop having 2 dimensional thinking. As you were speaking and making light about Larry King, and Oprah etc. I was seeing it as a movie trailer in my mind and I was thinking why not. It could be anyone, why not you. You have been dedicated and open to all possibilities that God has given you through your received revelations. You have been obedient and true to the word of God that you have given the truth whether it was popular or financial fruitful thing for you to do. I speak that your obedience and your love and vision for what God wants for His Kingdom and “the city upon the hill” will be rewarded beyond what you can think or ask for.

I thank you for your invaluable teaching on increasing the strength and influence of the negative things in your past by rehashing them. I was very much blessed when we forgave and burned the things that we did not want in our life anymore some time ago. I think that would be a very positive and therapeutic thing do this again, burning them into nothing. Thus breaking the continued control on us whether it is consciously or subconscious am mentally “pulling all life support” to these things as they service either in my thoughts or through my words, and speak forgiveness to any person(s)including myself that have caused harm to me or that I have caused to another. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Love, Pamela

Pamela T. said...

as they surface not service. I am sleepy. Sweet dreams/visions. Pamela

Avatar said...

Happy monthiversary, Bloginthenow!

Anonymous said...

Happy monthiversary, to you
Happy monthiversary, to you
Happy monthiversary bloginthenow
Happy monthiversary to you

Son of Zadok said...

THE TWO ARMIES - Oliver Wendell Holmes

As Life's unending column pours,
Two marshalled hosts are seen,--
Two armies on the trampled shores
That Death flows black between.

One marches to the drum-beat's roll,
The wide-mouthed clarion's bray,
And bears upon a crimson scroll,
"Our glory is to slay."

One moves in silence by the stream,
With sad, yet watchful eyes,
Calm as the patient planet's gleam
That walks the clouded skies.

Along its front no sabres shine,
No blood-red pennons wave;
Its banner bears the single line,
"Our duty is to save."

For those no death-bed's lingering shade;
At Honor's trumpet-call,
With knitted brow and lifted blade
In Glory's arms they fall.

For these no clashing falchions bright,
No stirring battle-cry;
The bloodless stabber calls by night,--
Each answers, "Here am I!"

For those the sculptor's laurelled bust,
The builder's marble piles,
The anthems pealing o'er their dust
Through long cathedral aisles.

For these the blossom-sprinkled turf
That floods the lonely graves
When Spring rolls in her sea-green surf
In flowery-foaming waves.

Two paths lead upward from below,
And angels wait above,
Who count each burning life-drop's flow,
Each falling tear of Love.

Though from the Hero's bleeding breast
Her pulses Freedom drew,
Though the white lilies in her crest
Sprang from that scarlet dew,--

While Valor's haughty champions wait
Till all their scars are shown,
Love walks unchallenged through the gate,
To sit beside the Throne.

Nothing To Lose said...

Praise Him all ye people.

Pamela T. said...

Oh I forgot I want to put my reservation in for my condo/town home or maybe a lil 2 bedroom cottage, yeah. 2 bedroom cottage with a sunroom. Yeah that sounds nice. I will need a place that is low maintenance for in-between missions. Thanks please.

Also fellow CITNrs would you, do you work for free? What besides priceless do you place on what you receive from the Lord each Wed and Sunday, and from this blog? IF you just had to put a monetary value on it what would it be? We tip and bless our service when we dine out. Why not those that serve the community in the Service of the Lord.... Food for thought. Bless and be blessed. I love you guys Have an Awesome and Blessed day. Pamela

word ver lyine - Loving your input everyday

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone...