Saturday, January 3, 2009


(First 11 comments are from yesterday)...Today is an important day for CITN, and for Rockdale County. The second annual Walk By Faith will be even greater than it was last year, and is symbolic in many ways for all of us in 2009. I'm glad to hear that you local bloggers will all be's a new day at CITN, with EVERYONE ATTENDING, CONTRIBUTING AND HELPING! Can't wait to see you...

(If for some reason you can't make the walk, just go directly to the service...but remember that Iris Drive will be blocked off from Salem Gate to the church...and don't forget to bring a canned good for Rockdale Emergency Relief!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bishop,

Cool look on site. Happy New Year to you and your family. May God continue to speak to you as you lead E.A.C.H of us.
So, I meant to leave a comment after last Sunday service but I didn't get a chance to and all week I just couldn't shake off what I wanted to say.
Last Sunday, you led us into the song...moving forward. And you also said that the congregation is always pointing in a different direction to you and the people on stage as we are all facing in a different direction and that you were going to figure it out. This is not at all to analzye everything that you say but it dawned on me that in life EACH of us moving forward will be different. Even though, we can only move forward in one direction, our life stories and maturity levels are different so our forward move would be different. Moving forward for me might be to achieve certain things while for my brother it might be a better attitude towards life. So, I think that the way we point forward while singing that song is an awesome example of how we are as a people. And even though we are different we are one.
God Bless...Nicola

Anonymous said...

Zach posted this from Iraq on the CITN site:

Happy New Year's CITN!!!

To All,
Want to wish each and every one of you a prosperous and healthy New Year for 2009. This year, we anticipate many anew benchmarks. Some political, some economical, some militarily, some personally. Whatever the case, embrace the yesteryear as a learning curve, a foundation, or a turning point, and anticipate a much more affluent 365. We live in a prosperous nation where every day presents itself as an opportunity. Seize each of them, fulfilling the promises (of God) that you will be better off in times to come than in times past. Live in the now, be creative, be proactive, and expand your parameters to become limitless. Unfasten your minds to a new perspective on life, relationships, family, finances, and your health. Hold captive a new paradigm shift for the ensuing days ahead, for what proved to be successful in the former year(s) may not endure in times forward. Most of all, be prepared to summon earlier episodes in which God caused you to endure so that you may withstand the complexities needed to construct your character. And while you endure, prosper, or "lie down in green pasures", remember that attitude is everything! Happy New Year's! 2009!

Zach K

Anonymous said...

Let us welcome the New Year full of things that have never been.

January, (the month I was born) the month of new beginning and cherished memories.

Come let winter weave: cold, crisp, long dark evenings, lively conversation, or solitary joys.
In some parts of the world, outside the temperature drops as the snow falls softly. All nature is at peace. And we should be, too.
This is the month to dream, to look forward to the year ahead and the journey within.

It’s a transformative year of delight and discovery.
There are year that ask question and years that answer.

This Year of 2009, it’s a Year of a Fresh Start. A new chapter in our life waiting to be written! New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved.
Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery!

Today, out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand! Only dreams give birth to change.

What are your hopes for the future as you reflect on the years that have passed? Gradually, as you become curator of your own contentment, you will learn to embrace the gentle yearnings of your heart. But this year, instead of resolutions, why don’t you write down your most private aspirations. Those longings you have kept tucked away until the time seems right. Trust that now is the time. Ask the questions. How often in the past have you turned away from all that is unresolved in your heart because you feared questioning? (I did! I don’t know how many times I did? But that feared almost put me in trouble with God).
But if you knew a year from today you could be living the most creative, joyous, fulfilling life you could imagine? What would it be? What changes would you make? How and where would begin?
The answers to your questions will come, but only after you know which ones are worth asking. And that’s the reason questions are so important?
The simple change I made for myself, to spend more time with God, explore the Word, and have The very simple time of worship, prayer, and a more Kingdom relationship with God that can bring confidence the answers will come and I
Will discover day by day how to live!

Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous New Year by believing.
Believe in yourself. And also believe that there is a loving Source, a Sower of Dreams just waiting for you to ask Him for help; that will make your dreams come true.

Live your questions. Then ask. Become open to the changes that the answers will bring. This may take some time, but time is the New Year’s bountiful blessing. Twelve transformative months full of beautiful POSSIBILITIES…..!!!!
Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart this past year and try to love the questions you asked.
Love, Kettly

Anonymous said...

Thank you for waiting on the Holy Spirit. The reason I go to CITN, just became all the more, by what you've said.

word ver...prove...

Anonymous said...

Nicola, sorry

Anonymous said...

In the beginning God formed man in His image from the earth and breathed into him life. He is in us all. Our life is His life. We walk this Sat. with life He has given to everyone. In the beginning there was only one belief. It was God!
It's time to unite back to that oneness. Man / Woman giving glory to our Maker God.

A repeat of an earlier post.

O K Bishop
I'm going off the deep end here or maybe not.
When you spoke about how diverse our church is and how usually most churches are one race/belief.
You've been around the world so you've had the chance to see that the sands on the shores are different colors. You have black sands, white sands, red sands, brown sands & shades in between . Now where did man come from.
We are the sands of the earth. He formed us in His image & breathe into us life so wouldn't it seem that if we are formed in His image it's the inward image all the churches should portray.The Breathe He breathed into us all. The outward appearance is merely nothing but sand.
All churches have a heart for Him that's true but why do we judge by the outward instead of the inward (the image of the Father).
It's time for the church to look past the sand and see the heart, the image and throw down the man made belief and embrace the difference we each portray. We are a mix of the different sands and the picture of Him is coming through the sand.

2009 A Year To Discover The Difference We Each Portray.

Go past your outer image and thought patteren and find that air of life the Father breath into each and every one of you.
He lives in you
We are One Nation Under God The Father.
It's time to Unite
See ya tomorrow.

Friend4Life said...

Hey BITN!! Happy New Year!! Yes, I am very excited for the WBF 2morrow. My children are too!!

2009--LQQKing 4 Miracles all around and Revelation this YEAR!!

~Peace, Love, & Dream BIG~

Friend4Life said...

PS---DON'T 4 GET 2 BRING CANS 2 THE WBF(Walk by Faith)!!

Anonymous said...

Great post on the CITN site for New Years day Zack.

Your encouragement is well recieved.

Peace to you and all with you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

All humanity is on the top of the curve with a sweet ride to look forward to. All the hard work of freedom fighters past and present is paying off.

You are right in your words to remind us of what has helped us endure earlier episodes of our journey to now so that our character is strengthened in its structure. My attitude is definitey better for your post.


Avatar said...

I'll be there.

Cool perspective, Nicola.

Zach--...wordver is bootc. I know that tomorrow's walk will be just a taste of what your bootc-amp was like...but this blogger will remember you and that your Walk By Faith gives me the freedom to walk by faith and for unity in Conyers. Thanks, brother...and 2009 blessings, protection and favor back to you, too!

p chad said...

YES! The Walk by Faith is tomorrow!
People coming together regardless of their beliefs! The Kingdom of Heaven!

Listen for me during "We Speak To Nations". I'll be bringing it!


My boys in Iraq... We LOVE YOU! You are GREAT men!

Songbird said...

Love the new pop art look and the classical music!!!

Anonymous said...

SOZ, Had you on my mind....I prayed....


Sheri Travis said...

Today is a bright,clear,day!!! What a perfect day for a walk! I'm so excited I've been up since 5:00 with visions of thousands , I said THOUSANDS flooding into the greatest church in the world!!!Come together, right now, over me....

Bishop Jim Swilley said...'re awesome...

Anonymous said...

See ya in a few.

Thanks For the glass of overflowing joy this morning.


Friend4Life said...

On my the WBF!! What a great way to start the YEAR!! C ya in a few.

~Peace, Love, & Dream BIG!!

Anonymous said...

Y'all take a couple steps for me. I would love to be there.....


G8TRGRL said...

Just got back into town about an hour ago... wish we didn't have to miss the WBF this morning... How was it?

vaughn said...

For all of you lacking motivation and wanting to get focused in this new year. I have one piece of advice, Bishop new blog/awordforwinners will get you going successfully into this New Year. Awesome articles and inspirationational reading that are both well written and practical.

So get your started right by getting on the right track.

Vaugh Evan

Erik said...

Great posts Zach and Kettly.

Zach, 2008 –foundational turning point, leading to limitless unfastening from heavy yoke tethers, furthering the construct of our character; Kettly, 2009 year of answers discovered and lived in delight and discovery, living the questions and the answers, with the confidence made whole through worship, gratitude, prayer – engaging relationship with God. ---- Excellent !!!!

Followed by the experience this morning -

The Walk by Faith celebration today is one of the responses to the Earth groaning and crying out.

During Antonio Allen’s first expression ‘You are the Air I Breathe’, God, The Lord, entered Antonio’s breath and came out through the instrument across the air, and into our ears, as The Spirit came up from our souls, infusing each of us and back out, unveiling each heart and dreams manifesting.

Antonio was the Herald proclaiming to this community and the world, as we sung to all corners of the Earth, The Kingdom is here, The King is present. This is heralded to the world and The Spirit and through time, this particular time 2009 AD especially, God followed this with the declaration in Antonio’s second expression.

Alpha and Omega together, the beginning and end, especially the beginning and end of 2009 declared powerful, responsible, abundant while lightly yoked by God.

Avatar said...

I got my small screen fixed today. Been without it through the holidays and Y'ALL![insert wild-eyed stare!!]'s been a challenge to my patience!

Anyway...I walked with someone today who had "just heard" about the WBF. He totally got it and wished that he had known and understood what it was sooner so that he could have brought more people from his church.

One quote: "this is what the church is SUPPOSED to be doing...walking in unity! THIS is what people will notice--this is so wonderful!"

It was also a breath of fresh air to hear so many people remember to honor you, Pastor Debye and CITN, Bishop. Of course the unified worship was healing in a wholeness sort of way but the gentle teasing on differences felt like family, the different styles of prayer wove a comforting tapestry and the "new" atmosphere is so...[shout out to Antonio] pleasantly breathable.

wordver: ummen
I'll take that as an agreeing a-"um-men".

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Nice post, Avatar...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

You too, Erik...

And thanks, Vaughn, for the advertisment for AW4W...

Anonymous said...

While searching for more information about the phenomenon of water reacting to thoughts and spoken words that Judah spoke of while Bishop was in Korea, I stumbled on related research that has been done with sound waves at varying frequencies. The clip is on You Tube and I have included the link below. It occurred to me while listening to the alto-sax player today that the reason we are intrigued by the continuous blowing of the horn at that frequency is likely related to an internalized “lining up” of matter in our bodies as well as in our spirit. If so, this is another interesting development worthy of additional awe of how connected we are to our world.

Check it out: (be sure and use your volume control for the full effect)- Copy and paste this in your browser

P Jeff

Erik- loved your comment about Antonio Allen's first the Lord entered and came out throught the instrument across the air, into our ears and spirit---

After you watch the You Tube just imagine what the vibrations looked like during his song!

P Nancy--

Anonymous said...

Today In review:

Newton H.S. Marching Band - Rocked the House!!! (Even though we are Eastsiders) You guy's were great.
Next year Eastside needs to get involved.

Heritage High School ROTC - You did an awesome Job.

Salem High School Chorus - Bravo
You guy's were great.

It is refreshing to see all the different schools come together for a day such as this one.
Awesome and feel free to visit again.

Antonio Allen - Man I felt the heavens open with that one long blast. Very Cool

Springfield & Nation of Worship - two choirs coming together to sing in perfect harmony. Great Job

All the prayer & the other events I may have forgotten to mention,...

Today in review:
It was a day when church & state came together to serve a purpose.

Feeding those in need by spreading the Seed.

Be Blessed