Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bless the Lord, O My Soul!

Hey bloggers...Debee and her husband, Dante, have been in my life for close to 30 years, and I've always known her to be deeply insightful...but yesterday she sent me this e-mail, and I thought that it was worthy of consideration here on the blog (she knows I'm going to post it, BTW).

This is a rather unconventional concept, but when I read it, I immediately thought of David saying, "Let ALL that is within me bless His holy name"...think about it "ALL" that is within me...what I perceive to be good in me...what I perceive to be bad in me...all...

I am neither endorsing this, nor disagreeing with it...but something about it resonated within me, in the sense that I think it may help someone today. And this probably goes without saying, but the "black dog/white dog" thing isn't meant to be interpreted as anything racially negative...it is what it is...

Good Morning Bishop,

I wasn't sure if this was "blog material" but I did want to share some thoughts with you from my Morning Pages. My gratitude for the way you've changed my paradigm is well.... bottomless. There's more but I wanted to send this before I chickened out:)
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Bishop.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last night Bishop taught on self-esteem and used the analogy of two wolves living in the basement of my soul. I had always heard it as two dogs, one black, one white but the application was the same. Which one will live? The one that is fed. I used to go along with that analogy wholeheartedly believing that something in me needed to thrive and something needed to die. Now I’m not so sure. In my experience when I strived to ignore the black dog he didn’t die but grew larger demanding more of my thoughts. My time. Me.

It was only when I sat with him, listened to his grievances and concerns, thanked him for his loyalty and service that anything changed. Over the past few years I have confronted my prejudices, my intolerance, my personal wars. It was you, Bishop who taught me that salvation was for all--that everyone has been redeemed and that belief has bled over into the way I see myself. The intolerance and prejudices, the wars that have raged between the “dogs” in me are melting into understanding. I’ve invited all my secret selves to the table and given them a place to speak their mind. Gratitude has replaced disdain. I am learning to thank them all for somehow saving my life. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a houseful of wild dogs that chewed the furniture, soiled the rugs, barked all night and bit my friends but with compassionate examination I realized they were all doing their best to keep me alive. Funny, after acknowledging their contributions, however skewed, most are willing to peacefully go and lie down. And occasionally one or all might still be needed. I guess it boils down to this. I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t want to starve anyone anymore. I realize that we’re talking about thought patterns here but I’ve had far more success thanking the “dog” even for the crazy thoughts and saying “tell me more” than by neglect and starvation.

I want to learn to see the best in the world, hope against hope that we will beat our weapons into tractors and come together. And that is my prayer for me. No more ignoring, no more ignorance but compassion and understanding that brings all of me to the table where we give thanks and commune in peace.

Debee D.


Anonymous said...

Very insightful Debee.

I too have come to terms with ALL that has occurred in my life and am thankful for everything as I know that ALL works together for my good. I not only embrace ALL that has created me just as I am, I embrace change as I become ALL that God wants me to be.

I have been reading Masaru Emoto's books and his research on water crystals. It's really fascinating.

According to his studies and pictures, he concludes that the words "Love & Gratitude" reveal the most beautiful crystals in his photography. He actually believes just as there are 2 parts hydrogen to 1 part oxygen, that we should have 2 parts gratitude to 1 part love. I find that a very powerful statement as we mostly assume that Love is the driving force... interesting point to ponder.

Positive words, music, thoughts etc. reveal beautiful crystal formations, but his research also reveals that speaking negatively to a situation is actually more beneficial than totally ignoring a situation. A confirmation that life requires recognition (in any form). I'm still meditating on all the ramifications of that conclusion...

peacemaker said...

I have read numerous testimonies of peoples journeys toward self-realization and actualization before, but I don't think I've ever read one so real; so heart-felt; so completely bare.

So many of us expend precious energy fighting those so-called "demons" that are only the things we don't like about ourselves. It's like shadow boxing. You wear yourself out fighting an enemy that is only an illusion. That's not to say that the thoughts and beliefs aren't real in a sense, because they are to the person thinking them. A shadow is "real", it just has no substance.

The sooner we, as humans experience our own "ah-ha" moment as did Debee and come to terms with the diverse breed of animal that resides deep within our psyche, the sooner we can experience our own evolutionary breakthrough and accept ourselves just like we are.
Eckhart Tolle called the "dogs", "pain bodies". He, too, encouraged us to lay down our weapons against ourselves and befriend the perceived negatives as an integral part of our wholeness and purpose.

Debee is right. Every internal attribute, no matter how uncomely, can be useful at some point. Recognizing that is the sign of true enlightenment.
She also said, "Gratitude has replaced disdain". That attitude alone is enough to bring her "secret selves" into peace with one another.

Bishop, thank you for this posting this most important testament to the truth of self acceptance and non-resistance.

Debee, thank you for your realness. Thank you for proving that the best resistance is non-resistance. That refusing to fight with the ego is not giving in and giving it control, but on the contrary, disarms it and puts it to it‘s proper use towards serving the highest good of all.


Peace Always,

tracy said...

Thank you...just thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Debee for your courage and to Bishop for acknowledging the same.

This agrees with a point of understanding to view the darkness of life around and within me as a learning curve to recognize the need for positive action rather than a situation or circumstance to fight against.

This does not mean, to me, that I should simply accept things as being absolutly correct and not requiring any action on my part but that the situation is a teacher in the same sense that Paul described the law as a teacher bringing humanity toward a forward progress in grace.

Most circumstances that seem to be dark, after some time and study reveal a greater light than was known before.

Sometimes the only action required is to just watch what is happening and wait for the situation to run its course where a knee jerk reaction would otherwise cause more dammage than would have been done by being patient. Of course there are times when we must act to stop the dammage and follow up with repair to prevent further loss.

Wisdom is the guide that helps us to know the difference in the type action required. There are some attributes of wisdom that can be learned from the experience of others before us that have established guidelines to help succeeding generations avoid pitfalls. The greatest wisdom of all though is that which is within all of us and can be called upon to help us navigate the uncharted territory of our individual hearts.

What Debee has described here is what I believe to be the wisdom from within.

Thank you Debee for adding to my understanding of all humans as being good creations of a good God and seeing myself more clearly as a proper child of God.

Izumi/JOY said...

My first thought when I read today's submission was, "FINALLY!"

In Van Morrison's, "Caravan", he sings, "Turn up your radio and let me hear the song, switch on your electric light, then we can get down to what is really wrong."

Like Debee's post, it's an "unconventional" concept, and in another blog topic, "Whatever", it's that. (honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtuous & praise worthy)

I love the immediate apprehension, wondering... is this "blog worthy"? Been there; asked the same thing. You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) what I've deleted without ever trying.

Honestly? Didn't think my conversation heart's post would make it.

Could almost hear, "OMG - outrageous! She said piss! On a holy site!" After I hit the little orange button, I felt so much better. (assured I'd be covered in prayer that day and all)

I know I haven't been with you all for 30 years (to some, maybe it feels longer - hehe) but the lack of history together doesn't negate the validity of relating to another's pain.

The "which dog do you feed" question reminds me of a nickname a classmate once gave me.
"Sybil" - for who knows why. Mine for him, was, "Bad-ass Billy", grade school nemesis.

All I can do, is laugh, this morning. Thank You, God. And, God bless you, William Silverquill. If we're made in God's image, then, maybe Sybil's got the advantage!

* The religious will be alerting the prayer chain, any minute. "OMG! She said ass!"

I trust you'll pray for me.

* Love what you've done w/the site, Bish. (slide show pics are great!)

Cliff Hancock said...

WOW...... Well said. This is a "suddenly" for me, thanks Debbie.

Pastor Dennis said...

Thanks Debee,
It is good to know that others out there have been through the same struggles and came to the same conclusions. Your letter is very deep, discerning and perceptive of the human condition we all share. Thank you for sharing this, it did my heart good to read it.


Larry Usher said...

Everyone perceives things differently. I am amazed there is actually so much agreement at times!
There has to be something within us that vehemently pulls the great future we have toward us and ceases to allow the "past" to be as great an influence. I'm referring to the "negative" past. Although it is all useful, the regrets have to be absorbed in the beauty of the process. It was all essential but no longer to be lived in or dwelt upon. It IS all good.
One of the best revelations I ever got was from Bishop's book, "It's All Good", is to have no regrets of the past- to realize it was all necessary to bring us to this glorious Now, that we can grasp and tumble and thrash with.
Your past, present and future are all WONDERFUL, because only with them are you truly complete, scars and all! Embrace your mess and realize the usefulness of your brokenness. We are always, by training, searching for the "perferct" and we miss the fact that scars and tumult and difficulties are what comprise that perfection.
The main thing is to know you are God's, you are beautiful AS YOU ARE and that everything is and will be alright.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone is a BonJovi fan.....but he has a song on the Lost Highway CD (2007) that is called Everybody's Broken. It has a line that says "you're trying to hold in what you're dying to scream out".......it's okay, everybody's broken in this life. It's just life.

While it seems a downer, the whole song actually is a comort and acknowledges that this life has lines and cracks and we break..but we're not alone and come on in.

It's ALL that stuff that makes us who and where we are today. I accept ALL my stuff......and it's okay.

Northern Light

Brenda said...

All I can add to that is thanks, I just prayed this morning and that prayer was answered in that insight Debee, thanks for sharing.

karl cobos said...

good insight, I believe.
Thanks Bishop and Debee.

Some thoughts;
The bad dog just hasn't been trained, like the other one.

Paul said something about the 2 warring laws at work within him, that the "black dog" was ALWAYS present. Thanks be to God for the righteous dog-the right example in the house. Hear the black dog out but tell him why we do things a different way that makes for the best...and don't be afraid to stick his nose near the poop and said "NO!", and redirect, over and over again!

umm...the yin/yang.

how about opposing magnets that are needed to create an energy push forward.

How would we know God's RIGHT hand if we didn't know what was on the left side.

Some things that darkness makes clear...like the light of the moon, the stars to know where a traveler might be, the sunrise)

How could we know about the life of summer if we didn't know about the death of winter?...and yet they both exist in the same year.

word ver: mentl

River said...

Debee that was so cool thanks for sharing.

I am on the road to recovery. All that is within me will bless His holy name. Sunday I could have easily stayed out due to an injured foot. Driving to church was a challenge but I couldn't miss service. I pray that the foot heals a little faster. I can't wait till tomorrow night to join in the praise & worship. I have always found that when you bless the Lord with all that you have He will bless you in any area He feels is needed. Glory To God In The Highest. Peace & Good Will to All

Larry Usher said...

It is innate for us to know our Father. He stands by...waiting...

Larry Usher said...

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Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Well, Debee...looks like your word was an apple of gold in a setting of silver...

Awesome observations, people.