Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something To Think About

Hey bloggers...I know it has taken a while to get something posted...without going into detail, I've had a lot going on the last few hours, and hadn't even planned on posting anything today at all. But we just came from P. Jimmie's grandmother's funeral...Sister Madge "Mom" Mayo was really a modern day saint, and a kind of icon in the Assemblies of God...I honestly have never heard anyone say anything negative about her...anyway, the service really touched me, and it caused me to want to share this e-mail that P. Jimmie sent me this morning...I texted him to tell him that I was going to post it (he's probably still at the gravesite)...I hope he won't mind...

Hey, just a quick note to say Thank You! For allowing me to take off Wednesday night, for the beautiful flowers that you sent, and for your prayers and support during this time. This week and the passing of Grandma has affected me far more than I thought it would. It's struck a different level of emotion that I didn't even know existed. There are so few "true" heros of the faith and so few "true" Christians that I've known, that it really hurts to lose someone like my Grandmother. She is the only person in my entire life that I never heard one negative thing come out of her mouth. I never heard her speak badly about anyone or anything. Now, she may have, but I as a grandson never heard it!

That's made me think! I know my kids and friends and family can't say that about me, but I realize I'll have a whole new opportunity with grandkids! (Which I hope is no time soon!) I would love for my grandkids to be able to say the same about me. Holy Spirit, help me!

There's also another level of responsibility that I've realized. That generation (Grandparents) in our family is gone. We're down a layer! Sharon and I have no more grandparents, which only leaves parents, then us! Really makes you think long and hard about the importance of family, relationships, personal responsibility and LOVE! It just hammers home the truth that nothing else matters. LOVE is the only thing that never fails and ultimately, the only thing that matters!

Which brings me to this; for whatever our relationship has been for the last 20 years, thank you! For what it will be for the next 20 years, I'm looking for more! I personally vow to try harder to work on relationships! I vow to pray more, love deeper and express my feelings better! With you, with God, with Sharon, with J5 & Britt, with my parents and sister, with friends, with everybody! I would love for people to be able to say of me, "He was a man who loved much!"

Anyway, not sure why I wrote all that, but just know how much I LOVE you and appreciate you! It's going to be a hard day, but IT IS WELL!!

Again, thank you for everything!



Anonymous said...

I know I'm not an ITB member of CITN, so I hope it's not too forward of me to post the first comment on someone who is obviously so important to your worship services and loved, but I also enjoy Pastor Jimmie every time I stream in and the (so far) one time I WAS ITB.

My prayers and love go to him and his family. His words touched me, as it has been many years since my "last grandparent" passed and P. Jimmie is right on about realizing a generation lost is like "layer" missing. I love that analogy. If it wasn't meant to be, it is one now and an effective one.

Peace to all of us and realizing the kind words only spoken of gramma is a blessing we all should pray for. It can be done......we have a fresh mercy and start each day.

God Bless You and your beautiful family.......and thank you Bishop for sharing his beautiful letter for us all.

Northern Light

"elle" said...

Thoughts are with you, Jimmie.
Isn't it strange that sometimes there's just 'that one' in the family who is so meek, and in so being, proves to have the greatest strength of all?! My mother's mother was that way. I don't think I ever heard a harsh word come out of her mouth, and she was married to, let's just say a very strong-willed, opinionated man. They were quite different. But when I think of 'saintly,' my mom's mom always comes to mind.
Maybe Sisters Madge and Vadie will meet up in eternity and share stories :)
Blessings to you and your family!

P Nancy said...

Pastor Jimmie,
Our prayers and love are extended to you and your family. Your grandmother was a very sweet, and precious person. I loved when she came to church. I would always make a point to speak to her. What a sweet, loving spirit---One time she took my hand and whispered in my ear, "Jesus loves you"--- Yes, love is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the email, Bish.

As ever evolving humans, transformation is a constant, usually subtle, event. But then there are those "things" that happen in life that that bring on transformation that can be ecstatically blissful or heartbreaking sorrowful. Both, however, are evolutionary.
Your email was a beautiful testament to this. It sounds as if your loss, which is our loss as well, has brought you to an "ah-ha" moment in your personal life and relationships. There has been a positive transformation in your life which has transformed us too.
I love you, Bro.

Larry Usher said...


When you grieve, we grieve, when you suffer loss, we suffer loss.
We help you shoulder this burden my friend. You and your family are beloved and held in high esteem by all. We all rejoice for the happy homecoming happening right now in the Heavenlies!

Love you,


ps- When I lost my Mom, the Lord gave me a wonderful vision of her happy and dancing in the clouds, it was the happiest I had ever seen her!

word ver: SWOBI-"Silver Wings Opened By the Infinite"

Larry Usher said...

Word ver: GAZINV- Gazing at Victory!

tracy said...

P. Jimmie and P. Sharon-love you guys and praying for you...beautiful epiphany.. Thank you for sharing the personal revelation you gleaned from your loss/gain. I swear to you my word ver is roots.

Larry Usher said...


Yes, my Dad's mom was one of the quiet strong ones. Never said a lot but when she did it was always good. Unlike me, she was a person of few words- but she made them count. So much sweetness for having seen her family's fortune lost during the depression. She endured a lot and never a complaint. She lived to 93 and her Mom before her 95! Both very lively to the end. Thank you Lord!

Crownjewel said...

My prayer and heart goes out to P. Jimmie and family! I am sure it is a time of grieving but at the same time a celebration of her homegoing. It's is hard when a loved one passes and does really bring home the real meaning of life and what it's truly all about!

It did for me when my daddy had his homegoing a few years ago! There were days I actually found myself dialing his number to call him and realized he's not here anymore. However, I was so excited to know that he was in the best place one could be and I look forward to seeing him again one day! It is comforting to know that but doesn't take the missing them away!

Thanks for sharing P. Jimmies letter! What a testament of such a wondrous lived life! It is inspiring!! May The Father comfort and hold him close to His heart as only He can do!!!

I was going to post the following link after hearing it by il Divo before signing on. It is one of the most beautiful renditions of Amazing Grace that I've ever heard! I hope yall will enjoy!

May His sweet peacfulness rest upon each of you~

The Dreamer said...

All well said Pastor Jimmie. It is clear that you loved her, and that she loved you.
As P. Nancy said - I also made an effort to go see Granny when she was at CITN. She had the holy "aura" about her that drew people close to see what it was - it was Jesus! What she had was discernable and obvious.
What we all seek is the unconditional love of Jesus, and she was one that understood it, and personified it.
It is well with her soul. Another saint has laid at perfect peace on the very bosom of God.
Be proud to have known her! I am better for the acquaintance.

Lisa said...

My condolences to you and you family P Jimmie!

Larry Usher said...

Pic of "Eye of God Nebula"... this breathtaking image of the Helix nebula, giant rings of gas blown off a dying star 700 light years from the Sun, was captured with a special camera at an observatory in Chile. What happens if it blinks...

River said...

Pastor Jimmie our prayers & thoughts are with you and your family. I remember when my mother passed away... That night I sat on the on the back of her car looking at the sky. One star shined so bright that night. A friend came up and asked me if that was her star. In my spirit I felt it was. I think of that night quite often.
Your grandmothers star is shining bright for all to see.
I pray peace over you and your family.

Son of Zadok said...

Pastor Jimmie. We love you. I pray that in you is invariably born that same Spirit that had apprehended your Grandmother. My young life was never privilege to the blessing of knowing grandparents. Sadly, I was under the impression that even meeting most of them was an unlikely possibility in the life to come. A chopfallen child’s mind could be left in such a state. Early in my life, my parents befriended an older couple who so lovingly "became" my grandparents. Roxy was my grandmother and she was so full of faith and power in God. Somehow a new mother to my Mother along the paths of a Spirit filled life. I believe when she passed, she was given audience to some heavenly ear that soon brought great gifts into my life. Now, I have total faith and assurance in God, to complete every work in every life and every family. I know that everyone on both sides of my family will hear and come one day. There is no fear in this Love.
My uncle was always considered a “hard case” on my mother’s religious side of the family, in great contrast to his gentle Christian wife. Then their was my Dad’s “pagan unbelieving” side. I’ll never forget the day this past year, when sitting together with my parents, aunt, and uncle at a family gathering; we, informed my “lost uncle” that God really was love and that He wasn’t mad and sending him or anyone else to an eternal hell. The Spirit was present when leaning forward, frail and brittle, grinned a long sure grin and said, “….I know..”
He did know. He knew something none of us knew, who were working to get God’s approval. Thank you for sharing in your love with us today pastor. A sweet spirit is felt. Your cloud is only that much greater now.

Izumi/JOY said...

Beautiful tributes, everyone.

What I remember is her firm grip - such contrast to her fragile appearance.

It was a Sunday morning, over at the older sanctuary and I was greeting when she approached my door. It was a busy morning - all the Ushers were in fast forward mode when she asked if I'd walk her to her seat. Before I could answer, she grabbed my arm and headed inside.

It's funny how folks affect you; the memory fills me with joy and we only met once.

Looking at her pic assures me that her faith was just as firm as her grip. And that makes me laugh just a little, thinking of kingdom citizens and angels and such.


Jimmie said...

To all,
Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I've felt the love from you, from CITN, from family, and yes, even from my Facebook family.

Yesterday will always be a great day in my life! We celebrated a beautiful, Godly lady and with that learned a lot about ourselves. We've always known that we had an incredible heritage, but to look around at the family yesterday made me also realize that we have an even stronger future. I was able to look at every single person in my family (even extended) and know that they all love God and are somehow involved in ministry. (Most of them full-time!) We will carry the torch of LOVE to the world! My Grandmother was LOVE! She was JESUS to me! She was the HOLY SPIRIT! And though I will miss her physically being here, I know that her spirit lives in me and it's now my duty, my calling, and my privilege to carry the LOVE mantle for the remainder of my life!

I love you all and appreciate you so much! IT IS WELL with my soul!!

Love and Peace to all!
Pastor Jimmie Mayo

foundit said...

These are findings that are bitter sweet. They leave us with a touch of self pity for our percieved loss and a strong sense of joy unspeakable for the true memories of a saintly soul pasing our way who was divinly in touch with their spiritual connection to Love.

Thank you Bishop for this post.

A special thank you to Pastor Jimmie for sharing his memory of human/Godly love from a part of his journey that he could have easily been selfish about. Pastor you are among the most effective ministers that I know. That is not only because of your awesome talents and gifts that are directed to CITN and in support of Bishop but mainly because, in my book of witness, you ARE one who loves much.

I didn't know your grandmother but I do know you. My strongest perception of you is that you are an honest man who does not make any pretense of being honest and that you deeply care about the God of your heart along with those you are in contact with on this earth. I am certain that you would only give credit to your parents and grandparents for your good characteristics and it is appropriate to honor them for their contributions but the truth is that you are the one who decided to be who you are. We who also love the God of our heart thank you for that.

Be blessed always our loving brother,


The King's Cup said...

There is a legacy Godly grandparents leave their grandchildren. I know because I too had a Godly grandmother. Her gentle, loving ways were the very things that drew me to HIS HEART. There was a PEACE that rested on her continuely and when at the age of twenty-five her GOD became my GOD - it changed my life.

She went Home to be with HIM at the young age of ninety-six. It seems the longer you have them the harder it is to let them go, but knowing atlast she was given her heart's deepest disire through my tears I felt tremendous joy.

She has never left my heart and each moment I know she is cheering me on as I reach for the prize of our high calling - JESUS, OUR CHRIST!

May the COMFORTER of all COMFORTS be with you and yours at this moment in time.

Speaking Spirit said...

Pastor Jimmie, thank you for this beautiful expression of love, legacy, family and ministry you allowed us to be a part of. I thank God for your grandmother's legacy to "us" as a body of Christ. It is my belief that you are better because of her and therefore we are better.
What an awesome testimony and legacy she left to you as well as CITN, when you can speak in truth of life being an example for all of us. I am not sure of the material wealth she left but I am sure that she left a rich legacy of love and I believe the Lord is saying well done and I know she is resting and in a glorified body and is now part of the cloud of witnesses.

I am fully expecting the praise and worship to be wider and deeper and longer as a greater glory will be ushered in.

Thank you for this beautiful eternal gift
Speaking Spirit