Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's All This About?

Finally got these pics, Pastor Al...thanks!


Anonymous said...

AWWW>>>MAN !!! I know what it's all about and I'm not even ITB. I was unable to stream in that day, but I ordered a DVD. I was so disappointed when I got a call saying that day there was, unfortunately, "technical difficulties" and I couldn't get one.

Oh now I wish even more I could have seen it,, not being able to be ITB. That is from one of my favorite bible stories. Love the fishermen, the nets, the waiting, the everything. The CHOICE !

Thanks for the em.

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

From that day:

Nothing To Lose said...

We will talk about what took place ITB today for many years to come. The revelation from Bishop, the awesome praise and worship, and the big sloppy wet kiss from the Holy Spirit. And to think 2009 has only begun. Greatest teacher. Greatest service. Great God. I love this place. It's all good!

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P Nancy said...

I can be abased and I can abound-
This morning a large group from CITN went down to feed the homeless. It was great ministering there...

Going from that to CITN- WOW- count your blessings, name them one by one

You are right- Nothing to Lose-Amen!
When the net went over my head- I had chills. Then a few minutes later I turned around and saw it going around the entire congregation---THAT WAS POWERFUL!

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!-Thank you Bishop and Pastor Debye!
Thanks JUDAH!!!

Can't wait for Wednesday night

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Ebony said...

This moring I was out of town and it worked out that I was able to be in church and I am SO GLAD I was. This was definitely a word in season, one I'm passing on to everyone I know who can probably use to check the other side of the boat too. Love to you Bishop and love to BITN.

Anonymous said...

JR said...

Great Service today as usual Bishop. From now on I'm gonna
start casting my net on the other
side of the boat when things don't
work out as I had planned.
Thank You Bishop Swilley.

Anonymous said...

Son of Zadok said...

Bishop, fantastic message today. I really don't know how I want to say this, but as I was listening to you speak, you being in a boat and all, it really had the appearance and sensation of what it might have been like listening to Jesus speak back in the day. You should have came out in clothes styled from 2,000 years ago. His Spirit and presence is defiantly alive in you and the congregation! And Pastor Debye, when you spoke today, chills ran up and down me like a live wire. A most powerful exhortation indeed!

Anonymous said...

Son of Zadok said...

Did I type "defiantly in you?" I meant to say "definitely in you."



Anonymous said...

G8TRGRL said...

Today, was, something special. I left feeling like I haven't felt in such a long time. The praise? The message itself? (gotta love an object lesson!) The HS showing up and out? All of it? The new wineskin IS HERE. Thank you, Bishop for changing the way YOU see things so that we can embrace the change in ourselves.

The net... I felt like I resembled the lady with the issue of blood. It was passing by so fast overhead, that I had to work my way forward to catch the end of it as it went by. Anyone and everyone who means something to me is going to hear and/or see this from today... going to go be a fisher of men.

Can't get THAT SONG out of my head either... WHOA, How He Loves Us!!

Anonymous said...

Laura said...

Awesome Service Today

New Day
New Place To Fish
Those who sent negative vibes
In the past Now separated
Fishing in waters that are alive
The net has been thrown vast and wide

In Him we are standing by His side
A new Life was given today
The situations that held us back
Newness comes and we shouldn't look back

New things are coming that will take us to a new level
The net brings a harvest of new opportunities

Anything is possible
It's up to us to set the net and pull up the blessings He has for us

No more negativity
Cover your brother
Pray and see
The on the other side of the boat you can be set free

Anonymous said...

Friend4Life said...

Whoa, He loves us....Oh my what a way to begin a year, week..Whoa, He loves us

Yeah, I had to make sure I touched the net, too-G8trgrl. It looked so neat passing over the people.

Thanks, Bishop!! When is the next boat trip??

~Peace, Love, & Dream Big~

Anonymous said...

p chad said...

I've got one thing to say...

I don't have time to maintain these regrets, when I think about the way,

You are the man Bishop! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

peacemaker said...

Great word today and it was a beautiful thing that everyone "got it". There was a tangible, collective sense of agreement ITB. Great things are in store...


Anonymous said...

Laura said...
Last line on what I wrote
Meant to say
On the other side of the boat you can be set free

Hey cool thing
My word verification is

Anonymous said...

Teezy313 said...

Service was sooooo cool today!! I'm so glad I got a chance to bring my friend Phil to share with us might be seeing more of him around Bish!

Anywho....I'm back on campus and unpacking my things. Classes start tomorrow and I'm so excited!!

luv and blessings blogfam,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We, my husband and I are so inspired. What else can I say about a message like that. I am still chewing. I think think that I will be talking about this for some time to come.

You allow the Lord to use you in such an awesome way. And Pastor Debye too was tremendous with the little that she shared.
We are so blessed to be a part of a ministry that is so full of Word. What a wonderful example of God's love...
I am still chewing...peace


Anonymous said...

Sweepea said...

What a service Bishop! I was blessed that Ma was back at church and curious about the boat - and then your dynamic Word and the praise that followed blew me away. What an awesome start to the new year and a fresh start for CITN. The best is yet to come! (And thanks to Pastor Debye for rockin' the boat!

Anonymous said...

Izumi/JOY said...

"A Whole New World: The Other Side of the Boat"

Here's what I hauled out of the net: He can show us His world.

Jesus manifested Himself numerous ways. Even those in His close-knit circle didn't recognize Him, immediately. That had to have splashed their neuropeptides a little; so want to hear Him laugh! (John 21:7)

One wave, He's Rabboni... no... wait... He's the catch of the day. Abundant providence, and a net that wouldn't tear. A whole new body - shining, swimming endorphins! Shimmering, He's splendidly morphin'!

Bish said Jesus invaded people's space. That makes Him a space invader. Tell me Jedi, now, where does His Light force hide?

A whole new world! A new fantastic point of view...

Catch anything, yet?
No one to tell us NO!

Or where to go... (cuz, He's already been there & hell ain't that hot compared to God)

Or say we're only dreaming... He will open our eyes - even if it takes Visine in our ears

Take us wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
God's Galactic Enterprise

Anonymous said...

From the day after:

JB said...

Agreement is a word that I have been hearing repeatedly in recent days and PM's mention of it again refreshed it once more. I heard that word at the Bodybuilders meeting this past Wednesday so many times that the number can't be remembered.

Yesterday was an unusual time of revealing the agreement of CITN. That was made apparent when the first casting of the net to the other side caused the boat to rock a little and most of the crowd gasped so that the collective sound of it was quite audible.

This not only affirms the great love energy that is continuously transferred from the congregation to their Bishop but the very rocking of the boat signaled that an immediate catch is in store for all who follow the example of this lesson. This brought a smile to my face that could have been misinturpreted but there is no misunderstanding for me that everything about this lesson is important for the hearers/seers/observers.

Elle, take my advise and get a copy of this on dvd, and that goes for anyone else who is in question of what happened at CITN yesterday. I have questions myself and will be getting a copy to assist in proper absorption of the nutrient packed meal that is still in my digestive system.

Along with agreement , the word that is strongest in my soul from the teaching is the use of the keys of the Kingdom. My new mantra for this year is now the term 'found it'. Thank you for that Bishop. Your obedience to the Holy Spirit has once again given clarity to the purpose of CITN's mission.

There was tremendous agreement confirmed in your word by Pastor Debye and it flowed back and forth between the two of you like the creative energy of the cosmos.

It was sweeter than any dessert I have ever tasted though, what the Holy Ghost did to confirm the agreement of all present by hearing both your prayer for all to get this lesson as a point of contact and Pastor Debye's admonishment of the congregation to catch on to the net and flow with this ministry.

What many did not see as you began to flow in this direction is that you first laid the net onto the communion table. From there you told those closest to that alter to pick up the net. That was done but it just remained there in their hands until you gave the direction for it to be passed into the surrounding worshipers. From there it moved with its own life across the entire congregation.

It is also very significant that you started a second net in the other direction by handing it directly into the crowd. This shows the great confidence that you have in the Holy Ghost to communicate outside the view that you and I hold dear concerning the table of understanding who Jesus is for us. There was also an admonishment to us, from the Holy Ghost speaking through you, to not be surprised if the Lord speaks to us in a way different to anything we have ever known. That word was confirmed by this flow.

The I Am is satisfied with the orginal work done from the foundation as good enough to cover all and this day, 01/11/09 was a witness to that reality.

There is way too much to write here about this teaching and the truth is that the incoming ministries of the word through you are going to be even greater. It is my feeling that it will be quite like a building that will need this teaching as a foundation to understand its structure.

My soul is racing like an overjoyed child that has just found a prized toy that had been misplaced. You go CITN.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Dennis said...

yesterday's sermon was AWESOME! I'm gettin out on the other side of the boat....

Cried like a baby when you gave the prophetic word at the end Bishop....

BTW..Bishop was holdin onto Debye was; He was afraid she was so full of the Holy Ghost that she would begin to levitate :)


Anonymous said...

OH Yeah........all those comments only make me want it more ~ but I thank you for posting them for me and others that might have not been able to see it any other way.

I feel it so and now more than ever am asking "WHAT???" Technical Difficulties ???? Can you believe it ?


Peace, always Peace,
Northern Light

Friend4Life said...

Glad I was in was ITB!! My husband was there too and wanted me to get the DVD for a friend. Told him only avaiable on CD. That was a unforgetable day!! Thanks Pasor Al for taking those photos!!

~Peace, Love, & Dream BIG~

Friend4Life said...

available* Left out the "L"...was excited when I saw the pictures!! Fingers were typing fast.

Izumi/JOY said...

Yes! I remember! (psst...wouldn't it be fun if Robert Duvall is in that net?)

Larry Usher said...

Good evening to all.

The net. Back in the 80's, I used to attend Bob Tilton's church in Dallas, Tx. We headed up a team of people that would go visit the first timers on Mon. following service. We called it the N.E.T. "Neighborhood Evangelisn Team". I remember on one evening me and my partner went to visit a lady who was as paranoid as could be. She indicated she was dating a hired gun- contract killer, and didn't know how to get out of the relationship! Talk about weird situations!
Another time me & my roommate allowed this guy that had come from N. Carolina- to get into a healing seminar- stay at our apartment for a couple of days. We also had a pastor at our apartment that we were letting stay whose wife had kicked him out of the house and his church was falling apart. Well, I had just gotten back from a trip to Midland, Tx. to help a lady friend from church move out there- returned at 2am and was tired.
I get to sleep and an hour later, the pastor yells up at me & my roommate that we need to come downstairs right away. The guy from N.C. is standing in the window behind the curtains yelling gibberish and is unresponsive to our voices. Turns out the guy is an epileptic and is in the middle of a seizure. He finally comes back to earth after prayer & soothing words are spoken. A day later, the cops bring him to us saying that he had broken in to someone's house and was incoherent.

The next day we packed him up on a bus back to his home in N.C.

Had not thought of these things in a long time, until I saw the net.

We all got some stories to tell!

Perhaps next time children, I will tell the story of falling asleep on my motorcyle...

Bro Lar

Larry Usher said...

Couple of dreams:

Dreamed I was running under a stadium where there were large cement support pillars. As I was running, the pillars started getting closer and closer together until finally I got stuck in between two of them. I couldn't pull my way through and I couldn't retreat...I struggled and struggled and then heard a voice say, "Listen to me." I stopped for a second, then went right back to trying to extricate myself from the predicament. Once again, the voice- "Listen to me." I paused again but continued on in the struggle until, a third time, "Listen to me!"
My body went limp, my struggling ceased and all I could say was, "I'm listening Lord."

It was years later this dream became a reality in my life. I know I don't always listen, but the times I do I am never disappointed and am always healed in some way.

The other dream was a panicky situation where everyone was running down the street in fear as if something sinister was coming. I was caught up myself wondering what the heck was coming, wondering if the "end of the world" was at hand. I thought to myself in this dream, "How will I know Jesus" as if there was a great deception being foisted on the world. No sooner had I voiced this thought, when a lady gets right in my face and powerfully states, "You'll know him by his Word!"

Had this dream many moons ago; most of my dreams now are flying, or eating pink ice cream floating on pink clouds! (Just kidding about the pink clouds & ice cream- but I sure do love to fly!) LOL!

Saw a red-tail hawk today while making my rounds south of Griffin - some fantastic aerial maneuvers!

The word of the day: "Tautological"- needlessly repetitious.

Songs of the day:

"Tucked away in the darkest cupboard of your heart
There's a feeling you can't let out
In a way you are just a soldier of the mind
You are marching, what are you marching about?

On your mark, now get set
Get back on your feet
We ain't down yet
You know we will get it
So don't you forget
That the world rolls on.

Your reward will come
It's just a question of how and when
Look around, everyone is wondering where it's at
Do you wonder, or do you know?

Clap your hands! Raise your voice
Some people will hide
They can't stand the noise
But we're freedom fighters
And we've got no choice.

In a way you are just a soldier of the mind
But the world rolls on.
Your reward will come

And the truth will come and the change will come
It's just a question of how and when
I can't believe my eyes.

Todd Rungren- "Freedom Fighters"

"City in my head
Heaven in my body
It's time for me
For me to go.

City in my head
Heaven in my body
Into the sky
It rises now."

Todd Rungren- "Utopia"


unbelievable!- word ver: "IREST"!

Larry Usher said...

Cool "Utopia" clip- High energy & soooo 70's!!

for you "hippies" out there!

Bishop- someone stole your hair for this vid...! Ha!

It's clean...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for the memory...and continue to walk in that word...cast your net on the other side of the boat, and you'll catch more than enough fish!