Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's Happening In Your Part of the World?

Thanks for the feedback on MITN XIII...I'll post the rest of the chapter here tonight or tomorrow...there are updates on the other blogs, so check them out...


TheCenturion said...

I have to say Hallelujah to the One who is and is to come. Thanking Him for the blessings He has given me today. The favor He has shown me and those that I am in covenant with. His blessings truly are glorious and without compare. Praise be to Him who extends His life to me.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone done the bible study on Charles Colson & ary Poole's book THE FAITH Given Once For All -Jude3?

What did you think of it? Just got it at small group for the next several weeks.

Northern Light

Brenda said...

I was driving today thinking about all the people that I saw from the time I got on the road and how I didn't even know these people. When I look at those numbers compared to the number of people that are a part of my world I come to realize I really don't know many people. Yet I'm quick to say there are no good men around, and all people are the same, which now i see is crazy thinking because I don't really know that many people. Maybe there are a few people in my world that have loose morals but I can't lump everybody in that boat. It's amazing you would ask that question, when I was just thinking about my world.

Anonymous said...

We are the world
We are the children

I especially like the thought of flying, I mean the Peter Pan kind, and some of my favorite dreams have envolved floating, flying or soaring through water like an Orca. When a kid most of my play toys could fly except the dinosaurs. My teddy bear could even fly a little at night just before sleepy time.

Most of my world is just fine most of the time but it is always better when everyone is flying.

Anonymous said...

Hey........I told you I was in.

word ver : ineatter

Nana nana na na........I neater than you are !

k......I tried!

Northern Light

Donald said...

Deep breath Northern Light!!!
De-e-e-e-e-p-p-p breath!
It'll be OK.

Avatar said...

Hey Brenda, I feel that way [who ARE all those people?!] especially when I'm flying! (shout out to Anon@636...flying's been on my mind a lot today...)

I noticed contrails earlier and how you can compare how long its been since each plane flew by.

Geese were on the pond this morning. This is the first winter since all the brush/extra trees were cleared so we can actually see them gliding by. I watched a trail from them too. Must be something on the pond since normal is a small wake, not a trail.

Northern Light, oh my! I got "messly" I think maybe you're right! After what I posted on LifeSkills, I think I just got confirmation.

I think its dusk outside [no windows here]...or maybe even dark. Headed home. Loving y'ALL a lot today too.

Anonymous said...


You're killin' me! With those darned giggles all the time.

AH....breathing regulated now.

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

Brenda, yes........also have had that exact thought.....all the people in the cars, all the couples, all the friends , all the mothers with their kids. Who are they? How did they come to know each other > how did I come to know who I know and hold dear ? Yep, others have the same thought on that one. Isn't it something ?

Anonymous, I have a favorite recurring dream every so often, me flying around the neighbors huge front yard pine tree and over the school park across from my childhood home. LOVE the feeling, feels so real, the flying.
AHhh.......thanks for reminding me.

Hey Donald......the word ver for this comment is simply "mated". No comment. ha-ha
You have Her Majesty. We know, we're all set.
Good word for you. Fairy Tales for others.

Northern Light

Anonymous said...


We had geese AND swans today. They're in a hurry, it's not time yet. Sunny and 20's....they're anxious. ha

Just came back from a video store and FINALLY realized why your name seems familiar.....there's a Tatoo Studio in town called Avatar Studios. How unusual, huh ?


River said...

My mind is wandering to things I have done and may do. Things that can make or break me. Wondering what will come and what has come of it. Looking at the world through a child like mind. Questions looking for answers come to my mind.
This day is coming to a close.
What will tomorrow hold?
These things are in my mind. My world that is hidden inside.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone Great posts all over the place.As to my part of the wrold I see it growing thanks in part to all of you. I think I just got a greater understanding of the importence of the Blog. After reading P M 's post of Tues. last. I see this place brings out the best in those who share here and in turn brings best out of you Bishop. My hope is that it will bring the best out in me. Sweet Dreams Keith

Larry Usher said...

Excerpt from "A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23" by Phillip Keller pg 23

"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures"

"The strange thing about sheep is that because of their very make-up it is almost impossible for them to be made to lie down unless four requirements are met.

Owing to their timidity they refuse to lie down unless they are free from all fear.

Because of the social behavior within a flock sheep will not lie down unless they are free from friction with others of their kind.

If tormented by flies or parasites, sheep will not lie down. Only when free of these pests can they relax.

Lastly, sheep will not lie down as long as they feel in need of finding food. They must be free from hunger.

(speaking of the Shepherd) "It is actually he who makes it possible for them to lie down, to rest, to relax, to be content and quiet and flourishing."

We, as sheep, are SO needy, SO lost on our own, SO much in need of the Master's care, but sometimes we are so DUMB that we don't realize it! "Baaahhhhh!


Bro Lar

Larry Usher said...

"Casting the net far and wide",
I think a spiritual bubble is rising from the net being passed in service several weeks ago.
I sense the need to let it fly, connect in new ways, communicate across boundaries and borders. Let's fish!

Anonymous said...

There is a remarkable difference occurring in the world today between the views of our recent influences and those of now but the foundational tenant of compassion is the same and it is what always brings us through the hard times.

Sometimes the things are really not as hard as they seem. They are simple signs of growing and learning. When we were learning Pythagoras Theorem in Junior High it gave many of us a headache and we thought that we would never get it but we at least got it well enough to continue forward in school and today we are thankful for the struggle even if we still don’t quite understand what the heck a hypotenuse is. There is no difference in any other perceived struggle.

The recent teachings of dealing with stress on Wednesday night along with the word that came to and through the group of ministers earlier that day made me think of this and a good friend to CITN, Bro Phil Howard also confirmed that word in a routine email titled ‘ for your consideration ‘. The feeling of struggle is often associated with stress and it can be stressful at the time but when embraced for the good that will come from it instead of being resisted as something bad it generally renders a product of growth that makes all the perceived stress worth it. A better and more mature way to handle those struggles is to be cheerful during the course of their process knowing that the greater goodness of what we truly desire is being worked out in us.

There was a confirmation to this word in Bodybuilders that made me revisit the idea of being born again. We are born again many times during our journey in the sense of making an entry into a new way of perception and leaving an old one behind. My feeling is that as a child of God (who I believe to be all good) we were born good the first time and have no need for a rebirth from badness or evil or some other form of being fallen away from goodness. The gospel of reconciliation points strongly to this truth and it is the goodness of God that causes a rebirth of the mind or soul away from self alienation and into the Light of Divine Love.

In our nation right now we the people are blaming anything and everything for our current situation instead of gutting up to our own resistance to the truth that brought this struggle on. It isn’t the fault of any president that we are where we are and it won’t be the credit of any president when we emerge from this struggle as a new and improved nation but it is the will of the people that got us here and will take us through.

As we depart from the greed and selfishness that was actually a departure from our better nature as a nation and return to the compassionate hearted people that we are destined to be there will be great rejoicing among us. There will also be many new ways of seeing and understanding the goodness of our collective self and an embracing of it that will literally save the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, I tell you that the state of the world is good!


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, JB...I posted your comment on the Now Ministries blog...

Crownjewel said...

Baaaaaa....!!!! Love your sweet post on sheep Bro Larry! =)

....finally realized the meaning of the word vers last week and then Bish explained fully. Can't believe I didn't catch on before. Thought all you brilliant people were thinking them up on your own. =)

just now...hourol...HOORAY!!!!

now NL & I both are in! =)