Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunshine Saturday

If you're local, you're probably outside today enjoying the beautiful weather...don't know what's going on in other parts of the world...but if you do happen to come inside for a minute, check out the updates in the other rooms...


Larry Usher said...

Excellent quote Bishop. It is fun to think of the best possible scenarios then go beyond- definitely a child's prerogative( a child of God!)

The past several weeks and especially the last few days I have had a strong urge to "connect"- to go beyond my social structure as it has existed. This plays into what JB posted yesterday about the "collective self". The connections that we have and will have in the years ahead will become more and more important to our well-being and even survival. The enemy would like to isolate to weaken-eventually killing his foe as a pack of predators chooses one that is weak and straying from the herd.
There is strength in not only numbers, but togetherness and unity. In our weakness we may think we have nothing to offer the group, but even in asking for help we are strengthening the one who comes to our aid and ourselves because we are providing for their need to give to us.. To those who think they have nothing to offer, consider the mother dog who needs to be feeding her brood- the receivers are doing her just as big a favor by relieving her of this need to give. There is a time to be in pain and a time to heal that pain. It is all expeditious. It is all required. It is the dance of life.
Nothing wasted, nothing worthless, all needed, all essential, all beautiful.

Bro Lar

"May God Almighty [El Shaddai] bless you and make you fruitful and increase your numbers…" (Gen. 28:3).

Larry Usher said...

I guess "The Mask" picture really doesn't go with the last post, so I'll finish with "Ya got me partner!"

DoubleBack Alley said...


I HAVE been gone for a long time. You mean there is more than one blog now? Incredible. Next, you'll be telling me it's okay to watch the Roller Derby whilst imbibing and puffing on a Romeo and Julietta.


Ain't God Good?

Reign! said...

Absolutely LOVE today's thought.
There's a lot of negative talk about the state of the world today.
Like many of you & others, I choose to see it differently. By the Spirit I see God holding up a mirror before me, saying "Look at you. This is WHERE you are. This is WHO you are. Now this is what I called you to do. I give you everything you need to fulfill your call." With that it is time to ask, seek & knock; create, reveal & discover; endure to enjoy the journey as we bask in the reality of His promises. Don’t be scared. He promised He would never leave us or forsake us.

Donald said...

Oh my, you mean it's not OK to watch the roller derby and have a couple of cold ones while scorching a doobie?

jules said...


Awesome tunes on this site! Like chicken soup for the boomer soul! I just wanted to suggest a U2 song called "Magnificent" from their new CD.

Erik said...

Wow, DBA and Donald, God Loves a cheerful skater watcher, and partaker of nature  . God is Cheerful and full of Good Cheer.

Since God is Cheerful, the enemy can only serve, since all has been overcome in the ‘womb of the tomb’ ( not my original phrase, but it is great isn’t it?).

Cheerful is God. Whatever we do, we do cheerfully – dance, sing, live, love, leave, begin, and end. Serve and receive, play and work, watch and partake, lead and follow.

For those who may be interested, check out “Shambhala – The Sacred Path of the Warrior’ very much about the cheer in The Spirit making all of the difference in the deepest areas of the soul and the slightest areas of experience, such as daily activities including eating, drinking, (even partaking otherwise) in relating with others and one self, walking and even brushing one’s teeth.

By the way, if you have not seen Chloe in ‘Yanni Voices’ on PBS, do, …. Talk about something to be cheerful about ! I have got to learn Spanish!

Whosoever Will, is a classic, and sounds very fluid and impressive. Remember, it means the same thing as whoever feels like it, whoever wants to, for whomever it is convenient,
For whomever has the whim and will. ‘Some they will, and some they won’t, and some it’s just as well’.

The spiritual and the natural are the equally balanced DNA of God’s Creation experience. Our Declaration of Independence heralds that we are endowed with UNALIENABLE E RIGHTS ENDOWED BY OUR CREATOR OF LIFE, LIBERTY ND HAPPINESS.

Cheerfulness is in our National and Spiritual DNA. Cheerfulness is Godly and All that is American.

X said...

Anybody can aim low. I choose to aim high, because I am more than an anybody, I am a dreamer.