Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey bloggers...While I was looking for Jesus pictures to use for MITN, I came across this, and it gave me a chuckle...thought I'd share a laugh with you...


Anonymous said...

YEAH>...You're getting braver on sharing this cartoon thing Bishop.....COOL, 'cause I'm hoping to sometime see the one with Jesus saying "you're not even my real dad".


Anonymous said...

....and on the cartoon thing, feels like a little more playin'. Just like the mood I'm feeling today, I had just posted a little sing song to Donald on the last post topic MITN before you posted this.

Did you see that Donald ?

Peace & Funnin',
Northern Light

Donald said...

Ain't it the truth?!

And like yah, NL, I saw that over on like the other post and I was like O M G!

River said...


Bishop Keep the cartoon scrips coming. We All Need To Laugh..

It's Friday the 13!!!
The best day day sooo far!!!
Who says Friday the 13 is unlucky ????
It's been GREAT!!!

Bishop I just want to thank you for LifeSkill's. on Wed night. They are really helping.

Blessings on you and your ministry.

Word Ver: nourosm - Nourish Them

Teezy313 said...


Keep 'em comin!!!!

Larry Usher said...

Great pic! What a reversal in seeing the reality of the Spirit led walk- you are what you are, you, like the wind, blow where the Spirit wills and light the darkness and bring joy flowing on the scene. It's only when we forget for a moment that we are not our own that an interuption occurs- and even then it can be beneficial. I am still pleasantly surprised at the responses I get from people when I say, "Have a blessed day"- it just cranks their light up a notch!

Be blessed!!

Bro Lar

word ver: VIONICTI- I don't know it just sounded like something said at a Catholic Mass!

Avatar said...

Syncronicity is so cool. I didn't have enough characters to Tweet it before coming here but I was going to end with "I hope you laughed today."

Ditto, Teezy...timely and Hilarious!

Lar, I thought of you when this wver came up...and here you are! "athribus" Go for it, I don't have a clue.

Holy Spirit, I know you must love this more than we do...but it is sooooo cool, no wonder you wanted us to be as One as You Three are One!

Avatar said...

This is wrong. But I'm still going to let y'ALL know that "trots" just came up.

I know...wordver must have gone with Bishop to the horsepark the other day...that's it!

Joyous and Blessed Papi and Noni time, Bishop and Pastor Debye!!

ronnielee said...

I know that's right! lol

Crownjewel said...

I LOVE it! gave me a chuckle too!!! So true! (unfortunately)

I pray and seek to not be one of those followers other children of God need protection from!

They know us by our LOVE!

Have a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh give the followers of Jesus a break. God loves 'em and so do you.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Avatar...they're not coming in until tomorrow...

I just put this on Twitter...the similar themes of joy/humor/laughter that has emerged on the blogs today wasn't intentional or premeditated...just happened...check out the post on 20/20 VISION (PERCEPTION)...

peacemaker said...

Too funny!
I had this as my profile photo a while back. I was actually thinking of putting it back before I responded to DBA's comment yesterday.
It's the cover of the book, "Lord, Save Us From Your Followers". A very enlightening read from Dan Merchant, a television writer and during his street research for the book was given the name "bumper sticker man" because of the jumpsuit covered in fish pins and evangelical bumper stickers.
The title of the book, as the picture you posted, explains it all.
I love it!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Debbie Downer would have to say about this one.

Well ya know if ya run to Jesus every time somebody makes ya feel bad then he won't have time to stop an asteroid from crashing into the world and bringing it to an end.

This one was funny for several reasons and one of them was having a good laugh at myself for playing the roll of one of 'those followers' in past days.

Thanks for keeping it light.


Anonymous said...

Anybody who has lived in proximity with chickens (rural Arkansas) knows that "pecking order" has most to do with the fact that if one chicken develops an illness or even a small sore spot on its body (perhaps from being pecked on the head by another chicken in a food issue), that "defective" chicken immediately becomes the target of pecking by the flock. Eventually the flock pecks the poor injured chicken to its untimely death.

Not coincidentally, humans exhibit similar character. For example, when a group of children sense one child who is weaker in some way, the group sets about targeting the "weak" child by harassing, bullying, and even physically attacking. Likewise, members of a work unit or organization are known to "peck" a member who is sensed as having a weakness

This wouldn't happen at church would it? or among Jesus followers? Would it?


ronnielee said...

Great word Dennis!

Avatar said...

I know your question was rhetorical, but of course it would, Pastor Dennis...but it is only a symptom of the persistent pecking we do to the injured and weak part of ourselves before we really learn that we are loved anyway.

JB, I was thinking along these same lines when you’re post came in…like CrownJewel said, not wanting to be but recognizing and laughing at the thought of having been or even being the one that sends another child of God to the throne of healing. Like most humor, as you said, the cartoon also teaches a profound truth on many levels as well as bringing healing to the one who laughs—(shout out to 20/20 vision post). I imagine that Jesus, with turned up palm and in teach mode, is about to answer, “Yes, child, I know your pain. Remember, when you did this too? Remember when I recommended that you take up your cross and follow me? Remember when I said you would do greater things than me? Selah. Hey, did you hear the one about the horse who walked into a bar...?”

Avatar said...

Aaaaccckkk! My English teachers just fainted..."your" post! Now where are those smelling salts?

Northern Light said...

Have a COOL wrd was on the Minisry Pgae, but I'm sharing it here cause I think it's cool....yeah I said that word already ! ha

word ver: scinin.... I'll ve trying my best to be sinnin' no more !


Larry Usher said...

So funny JB!! Debbie Downer is hilarious, I appreciate most of her roles because she just jumps right in to them!

Something in the air Avatar!!

Have a blessed, beneficial day!


How about that "Cuse- 2 OT wins in a row!

Larry Usher said...

Singles gathering at CITN today peeps 3pm- talking about "connectivity"- oh yah!