Monday, March 16, 2009

Thou Shalt Blog Something

Thanks for the feedback from yesterday's service, and for the commentary on MITN XIV...your support, communication and affirmation really keep me going...I love this cyber-community, and hope to convert more blurkers into bloggers in the very near future...check out all the new stuff on the other sites...and have an awesome Monday!


peacemaker said...

Yesterday's message was, as always, right on time.

For me, it reinforced a thought that Jesus was not, nor ever intended to be, a "way-maker". Instead, he was a "way-shower". He was the pattern. He, by example, showed all who choose to see how they too could overcome the tribulations in life and do it while maintaining peace as well.
It's that Jesus whom I now follow and in this life, aspire to emulate.

Thanks, Bish, for this Now word and also for the 15 years of teaching that's been crucial to my spiritual evolution and thanks for helping me realize that 'that' Jesus really existed.

Izumi/JOY said...

From, "Children Learn What They Live" (Dorothy Law Nolte)

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.

From Bish's MITN 5:3 - “Blessed are the poor in spirit – those who have been broken emotionally and whose self-esteem has been severely damaged – for they have the opportunity to rethink their lives, and are in a position to receive total restoration by seeking the kingdom of/from the heavens!

If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight.

4 - “Blessed are those who are in mourning – those whose dreams have been shattered, who have known nothing but heartbreak and disappointment – for they have the promise that they shall be completely comforted!

If a child lives with fear, he learns to be apprehensive.

5 - “Blessed are the meek – those who regularly exercise strength under perfect control – for their restraint, humility and self-control will ultimately cause them to literally inherit the earth!

If a child learns to live with pity, he learns to feel sorry for himself.

6 - “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness – the seekers who want more, who refuse to settle for the religious status quo, and who earnestly desire to embrace all truth – for they shall be spiritually satisfied!

If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.

7. “Blessed are the merciful – the ones who are quick to forgive and move on, who are slow to judge, and are unwilling to condemn – for they themselves shall obtain mercy in their own lives!

If a child lives with jealousy, he learns what envy is.

8. “Blessed are the pure in heart – those who do not live by hidden agendas and ulterior motives…the unpretentious…the real people experiencing the real God in the real world – for they shall be able to see God fully and clearly, and without any optical obstruction!

If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty.

9. “Blessed are the makers and maintainers of peace – the ones who build the bridges, tear down the walls, and are repairers of the breach – for their noble and humanitarian efforts shall cause them to be called the very sons of God!

If a child lives with encouragement, he learns to be confident.

10. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake – those who are misunderstood, misquoted and misjudged for their beliefs, and are hated for their stand for the truth – for their clear vision will reveal the kingdom of/from the heavens on the earth!

If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient.

11. “Blessed are you, even when people revile you and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil things against you, and make up hurtful and ridiculous rumors about you on My account.

If a child lives with praise, he learns to be appreciative.

12. “You must see the persecution for what it is and not take it personally. You should actually be glad and even joyful when you experience it, for your reward in heaven is great…strong and intense…and you are in good company, for in this same way people persecuted the prophets who came before you.

If a child lives with acceptance, he learns to love.

13. “You are, in a sense, the salt of the earth; but if the salt has lost the strength of its taste, how can its saltiness be restored? It is then useless…not good for anything any longer but to be thrown out and walked on by oblivious people.

If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself.

14. “You are also the light of the world…a well-lit metropolis built on a hill that cannot be hidden or ignored in any way.

If a child lives with recognition, he learns that it is good to have a goal.

15. “Think about it: no one lights a lamp and then covers it up and obscures its radiance. On the contrary, a lamp is made to be lit and then fixed somewhere up high on a lamp stand, so that it can burn brightly and illuminate the entire house.

If a child lives with sharing, he learns about generosity.

16. “So let your own personal light unashamedly shine before the public that they may see your obvious excellence and the demonstration of your good deeds and acts of kindness, and, as a result, glorify your Father Who is in the heavenly realm.

If a child lives with honesty and fairness, he learns what truth and justice are.

17. “Look, don’t think that I have come to do away with or undo the Law or the Prophets; in fact, I have come not to do away with or undo them, but to complete and fulfill them and to make them finally make sense to you."

If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith in himself and in those about him.

18. “I tell you in all honesty, until the sky and earth pass away and perish, not one smallest letter nor one little punctuation mark will pass from the Law until all the things that it foreshadows are accomplished."

If a child lives with friendliness, he learns that the world is a nice place in which to live. If you live with serenity, your child will have peace of mind. With what is your child living?

19. “Whoever then does away with or relaxes one of the least important of these commandments and teaches people to do the same shall be called least important in the kingdom of/from the heavens; his religion will trivialize him. But he who practices them and teaches others to do so shall be called great in the kingdom of/from the heavens; he will cause the Law to come alive and accomplish its true purpose in the lives of people."

Avatar said...

The teaching yesterday, well actually the whole service has left me feeling like soggy soil. Soaked deeply enough to reach long dormant seed, prepared to receive new seed and full of the expectation of a harvest sometimes called "more than I can ask or think!"

Sheri Travis said...

I'm caught up on all the blogs. Still trying to figure out twitter. I dont understand why I'm having such a difficult time. I'm usually pretty good at "figuring it out". I agree w/ Peacemaker. What an awesome word yesterday and right on time!!! I love AW4W's today. It really spoke to me. I'm a daily blurker, I don't mean to be, it's just I read what you right then I read all the blogs and people have already said what I'm feeling. I'm loving ALL of the blogs. They give me peace. I think you are totally amazing and it floors me how you do all thst you do. Thank you!!! I love you and this ministry so much

Sheri Travis said...

That would be I read what you "write"- or maybe that was what I really meant I read what you "right". Man, I think that was a word in itself. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Don't know why I'm thinking this, but based on yesterday's sermon: did Jesus really go away to a secluded place to grieve John? Or did he just want to go someplace private to talk to him face to face (a la Moses and Elijah)so he wouldn't blow the minds of his earthbound followers. I know he experienced every human emotion we have...I'm just sayin'...

Yvonne said...

That is great Izumi/JOY. I love the combination. That was pretty clever.

May I say, that I truly enjoyed the fellowship on yesterday at the Chili-cook off. What a perfect day for a bowl of chili. I had enjoyed black eye peas Saturday evening and I didn't want to eat more beans but the concept of having great food directly after service and at $5 really was great. When I attended a large mega church in Decatur 10 years ago, there was a church group that served dinner every service for $5 bucks with dessert and drink (iced tea) and it was very successful.

I have thought for some time now this would be a great opportunity for fellowship because often most folks like to eat directly after church on Sunday. This can be a constant but sure little fundraiser for the church. Plus it can be a blessing to the church body as well. Just a thought.

The Prison Ministry volunteers did a great job with presentation and I was particularly proud of the graciousness they extended to the women from the metro-transitional facility as there was a beautiful set-up of fine china, glasses and silverware with table clothes prepared in their honor. That was a great expression of love and excellency. BTW, their performance was very heartfelt and appreciated. God bless you Rene, we are very proud of you.

I am proud to be part of CITN and BITN

Thank you...

DoubleBack Alley said...


There is a tongue-in-cheek website called “”. This group is dedicated to the promulgation of all things conspiracy related. Ostensibly, the webmaster and his loyal bloggers love to challenge all that is holy and true about things conventional; the moon landing, the Kennedy assassination, Keebler Elves, etc. Conventional wisdom is bane to these thinkers and it made me consider something else.

I wondered aloud to the amusement of the woman in the next car who could hear me,
“Was Paul’s thorn in the flesh the Holy Spirit?” “I dunno”, she replied, “but I’d like to meet you somewhere for a drink”. I have since confessed my sins.

I think of Paul as an uneasy rider to Christianity. Pulled in kicking and screaming. Wouldn’t it make sense that he be buffeted from something that he had known as the enemy just a few months or years before. What if God’s Grace was, in actuality, the Holy Spirit when God told him that my Grace is sufficient for you.

The only reason I bring this to your attention is because the traditional church has flat-earthed Jesus to the point of Him being irrelevant to normal, every day existence. I believe Paul hated the notion of everything that he had ever learned being proved wrong in a daily news cycle. Wouldn’t the “of whom I am Chief” Pharisee want to be right every once in a while? The law works itself in to some of his attributed rightings (sic) so that I believe he really struggled with all new revelation of the Yahweh that he had grown to love. Sometimes we don’t want new we want what we knew. The Thorn can become uncomfortable in the side until we realize that it is an inoculation against malaise.

Ain’t God Good?


Anonymous said...

Thats good preachin DBA.

I sound kind of like a broke record repeating things alot when sharing what something like yesterday's message means to me but there also seems to be another part to what is revealed to me that takes me just a little higher.

It is always good to receive a word that is new to the teacher and it seems to impart a greater light when it is shared as it was yesterday. The idea of overcoming the world like Jesus is hard to grasp. Most of us, or at least I prefer to except that Jesus did it for us to the degree that we do not need to be concerned with it. There are even some interpretations of that verse that lead us that way. However, when you live long enough to understand the process of struggle and how that relates to growth then it is more clear to see that there is an overcoming that must be done by each of us for the benefit of all in our moving forward toward accomplishing real peace in our domain just as Jesus did with his life on earth and said that his followers would do to a greater degree in their lives.

I like the ideal of creating peace for myself and that being the beginning of peace around me but if I can somehow be involved in anything that brings peace to the world on a larger scale then it will be done. That is part of what being a follower of Christ has come to mean for me and why I am involved with a work like CITN. The leader here cares for those that are drawn to his teachings and it has made him more of a shepherd of shepherds than a shepherd of sheep and more of one who imparts knowledge that inspires the congregation to become fishers rather than fish. That seems to me to be the mark of a real bishop or apostle type leader. Most of us do these things without even giving thought to what is being done and that is the evidence that we have entered the peace that Jesus mentions we may have in Him.

Bishop pointed out that Jesus said we will have trouble in the world but that we should take heart or be of good cheer because He has overcome that trouble. I like the rendering in the Amplified version that says …be of good cheer (take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted)! That speaks of the persistent attitude needed for success in almost any endeavor worth the effort. Then there is the great rendering in JITN that says we can enjoy life because Jesus overcame the trouble of the world and gave us the example of how to overcome it as well. The key here is to see that we are overcoming the trouble and not the world. Too many followers of a strong representative of God feel like they have to overcome the world itself within the context of bringing it and everyone in it under submission to their own view. This is actually the trouble that needs to be overcome by all within ourselves if we are to be effective in having a world free from trouble.

For me it is worth it to continue in persistence that world peace will be made real within my lifetime. I am thankful to say amen to that pursuit that has been strong on the heart of our leader and evident in his actions. The giving of tithes to and support of this ministry is a joy for me and it is a source of confident serenity. I look forward to inheriting the resources that will be used in concert with what is already in my hand to further the work of Jesus the Christ. That too will happen.


jules said...

Thanks Izumi/JOY

I love all the confirmations I keep getting about a situation in my life.
4 - “Blessed are those who are in mourning – those whose dreams have been shattered, who have known nothing but heartbreak and disappointment – for they have the promise that they shall be completely comforted!

Though the situation is not yet "Okay", I feel that God is telling me through what I read here that indeed "It is not the end."

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Good stuff, people...thanks!

DBA...interesting concept...I'm definitely with you on the sometimes devastating effects of the "revelation vs. prior knowledge" head-on collision...

Some might raise the issue with your premise that he said he was "given a buffeter from satan"...

That wouldn't be problematic with me because of what I have taught about the purpose of the adversary, and how God uses him/it...but not everyone is ready for that idea, especially if they enjoy using satan/evil for their own victimization agenda...I better leave it at that...

JB...again, I don't know what to say...even to acknowledge your regular affirmations feels immodest to instinct is to not even say thank you because that would imply that I agree with you...what I feel like I should is "Why do you call me good? There is none good but God"...

But as to your well-made point, I wish that I had brought into the sermon yesterday that "Jesus, though He was a son, learned obedience through the things He suffered"...I just think that He learned it, and then overcame the need for the things He other words, tribulation serves a purpose, but it has an end, and that end is to opt out of contending with tribulation, and to create another reality (which results in the peace of which you speak)...

Anyway, I hope that was heard in the spirit-realm...

Love the way you guys think...

Avatar said...

Monday's are full, but I want to jump in here on "the purpose of the adversary, and how God uses him/it..."

While doing my new year's "at least five minutes" of excercise this morning I caught a piece on shepherd's in sentence in the 6.5 minutes (most of which was commercials--smile) stood out. "We've seen how important it is for the shepherd to know how to REALLY use his dog."

I thought of "the adversary" when they said it...and liked the emphasis they made on "the shepherd" really knowing "how".

Donald said...

DBA, I had never actually thought about the possibility that you suggested about Paul's buffeter until now, but I can certainly entertain that possibility.
I know there have been times that I would be going off on a tangent and even while I was in the midst of it, the Holy Spirit would be already working on me about it, but at that particular time I didn't really want to be hearing it.
Since my theological stance has shifted in recent years I do not maintain some of the adamant stands that I did in times past. For instance, there are things that some people do that in an earlier time I would be all up in their face, but now I do not have that drive because I see things quite differently. Although I see some things differently, there is still something in me that just wants to slap the hell out of some folks for doing things that I no longer see as detrimental, but the old teaching causes a conflict the with newer teaching and it does seem at times that I want to tell the Holy Spirit to back off and leave me alone so that I can do what I want to do.

Donald said...

That darned computer must have put that "the with" in there instead of "with the" as it should have been.

Donald said...

But since we're just blogging, I would like to say that any drought that may have been existent in south Mississippi, should be over by now.

cafe girl said...

Thanks for the word yesterday...what a confirmation to me that only thru our own tribulations do we really see how GREAT God really one ever said that it would be fun or easy, but that is where our faith is being tested & built...and knowing that the Holy Spirit ALWAYS shows up to give us that inner PEACE that only He can give

Here to worship & serve
cafe girl

Teezy313 said...

Hey Bish,

I browsed over to the prayer blog just now and saw the post you put up about praying in the Spirit. I never understood fully what it meant to pray in the Spirit and in the understanding at the same time but until I read today's post I realised that I was doing it all along. It's quite mind boggling how you can do things that seem right to you and later in life you find scripture or someone mentions a scripture that actually backs it up!

God is great and greatly to be priased!

ver. word-exparl- but for some reason I keep hearing EXPAND in my spirit...maybe it's a word for someone who might read this.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Fellow Bloggers,

I read this story last night, and I thought of all us that need to be STOMPING UNTO sometimes like those grapes.
And through the process when we finally give up, we can become a powerful drink just like the grapes did.

Stomping Grapes is a prophetic sermon that deals with finding the best within us through the trials and tribulations that life deals us.

Before a grape can become wine it first must be crushed. The thicker the skin of the grape, more pressure needed for it to be crushed. Once the grape is broken and unable to hold on to its nectar it begins the process of fermenting by decomposing. As the grape gives up its form the wine begins to turn into a source of powerful drink.
The same applies to our flesh. As it is hardened by worldly and unspiritual ways so is the immature grape, stubborn in giving up its outer shell. When we finally have had enough and give up to the world's pounding, we then begin to yield to God's ways. Dying to ourselves allows God to manifest our newborn spirit, revealing the power within us.

For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.
Romans 8:13

Therefore, if life is crushing your image, emotions and identity you are in the grape press of life, and that is a good thing. Know that God will bring your best out of you from this stomping experience. Keep in mind that this life is not really all that, it's the after life that we are looking forward to.

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 10:28

Peace, Joy and Love

Anonymous said...

Do we have to throw out "Way-Maker"....I mean thinking about "Seeking First His Kingdom an His Righteousness and THEN all of what we need being added unto us" seems to me when we do "Seek First HIM" and not allow our circumstances or "tribulations" to distract us, that is when the "way" is made that is far superior to anything we could ask or think.....just a thought.

Anonymous said...


Yesterday's message was great! For as long as I can remember hearing that scripture about the meek inheriting the earth, I always wondered what that really meant. No words will suffice to convey my elation right now.
If I could describe that moment as you explained the meaning of the meek inheriting the earth, it would be like a thousands angels singing a melody that was never heard before. I received the message yesterday with great joy.


Izumi/JOY said...

Anon. 10:31 - The thought occurred to me, too!

Thank you Yvonne & Jules.

DBA - my sides are hurting from laughing so hard. That was really good.

Loved all the posts on this chilly, overcast Monday.

Sanctuary much!

P Nancy said...

"I hope that was heard in the spirit-realm..."

Oh my ....YES!

“Blessed are the meek – those who regularly exercise strength under perfect control – for their restraint, humility and self-control will ultimately cause them to literally inherit the earth!

To inherit the earth...every step I take on the earth, every word I speak---restraint, humility, self control
It was an awesome day

Larry Usher said...

Phenominal message yesterday! Brought a knife-cutting thick peace into the house(stirred it up from within!) Wonderful interpretations and insights everyone!

It seems to me that a lot can be boiled down to one simple statement from the word, "Christ IN YOU, the hope of glory." When the realization gets to a person that not only is Jesus "In the boat" with them, but rather IN THEM in the boat, a peace comes that causes a ceasing from dead works and a reliance on one's ability to sleep in the boat.

We must say, "The SAME Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me, the same Spirit that allowed Jesus to walk on the water dwells in me, the same Spirit in Jesus that healed the sick dwells in me. This means not calling down fire from Heaven, but the fire exudes from you!

Peace comes from realizing, and walking in the fact the Covenant has already been struck and is now operational within each believer.

Peace comes from the gentle submission of the will to the Christ, to the Spirit of the Christ- to a deference to the Christ in the Body.

"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself."
- D.H.Lawrence (1885~1930

We humans have a lot to learn from nature, which has a natural peace, equilibrium and unpretentiousness that renders itself complete.

Bro Lar

peacemaker said...

Absolutely not! The idea of Jesus who makes a way where there is no way is no less valid than my idea of Jesus as way-shower.
I fully understand your comment of seeking him first and focusing on that instead of the tribulations in life.
It may sound like I'm contradicting myself, but I'm not. Jesus is extremely multi-faceted and is seen and understood by Christians, as well as those of other traditions, in as many ways as there are facets.

Peace to you,

Anonymous said...

I'm having a rough day, checked in for some good words and insight and first thing I spotted was the word ver : fleced

Made me immediately think that I am feeling like one of the momentarily "lost sheep", but I am fleced........and HE will be right here for me....just wait and see. HE IS !

Northern Light

Ebony said...

I hope all of you are doing well this evening.seeing your posts and thinking of yesterday's word has been a balm in Gilead for me today. We received word that a sixth grade student took her life this weekend so I needed to be reminded that Jesus overcame the world and it is something I hope to tell my students so they can overcome too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks PM, I am very much into the inclusiveness of The Christ and the I AM....I would not limit the "Waymaker" to being Jesus, although I love Him and the Power in His Name....but, the total of the WayMaker is literally in the everything in the universe...I guess what I am saying is that it gives me and others confidence knowing that when I submit my worry, anxiousness, tribulations, etc. to the I AM, ALL of the universe is preparing a way! I appreciate your insight!

Peace to you!