Friday, March 20, 2009


Hey bloggers...thanks for the great words from yesterday...if I didn't respond to you, personally, please know that I read everything that was posted, and that I appreciate every're all awesome...

I have a lot to say right spirit is very full...God is speaking...revelation is flowing...the Word is near us...but I feel like I want to stay sort of quiet until I teach/preach/exhort on Sunday...the only way I can explain it is to say that I am very pregnant with the message, and I just need to be still until delivery...

So, for the weekend, I'm going to leave everything on the blogs as is, and just connect a little through Twitter to keep in touch with you...make yourself at home in any or all of the rooms...



The King's Cup said...

For only by the SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD is one able to hear another clearly. HE alone closes the gulf between men and we are bound one to another by heart strings - United to our FATHER'S HEART - Bound to one another in LOVE through the HOLY SPIRIT!

True LOVE sets the captives free - Free To LIVE - To LOVE and have our being!

BLESSINGS Blog Family - How deeply does our FATHER LOVES YOU!

TheCenturion said...

Wonderful. I am now. a fan of listening. I sought out to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, whom I now see as the personification of the Christ in us individually. collectively., His is the voice of I am. The more I listen the clearer the sound of His voice becomes., and in listening to Him am I aware that I can hear everything and everyone else. So deep is our entanglement that by seeking that communication with the Holy One I have found that to speak to Him is to speak to any and all, and to hear Him is to hear any and all.

As a result I now view prayer( as I view all things) as something that if it is to exist it must exist as its creator exists. Prayer must be all encompassing. My prayer is every thought, word and deed that I express. If prayer is speaking to God then in that respect it encompasses all, but God is in all and is all. So, all expression is in direct communication with God or prayer.

I love the connection.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, To All of you

This is the Day that the Lord has made. Let our life be a sanctuary of worship for the Lord. By means of our communication and connection! Our god is awesome, let His image reflects on our face.


Thank you for your role in teaching us how to communicate and be connected with one another and, also with our Heavenly Father in heaven.

It’s so like you to think of us and others who need a bridge that builds relationship with God and others in ways of communication.
It’s so like you to share with us and also with others revelation reveals to you by God our Almighty Father.
It’s so like you to be so nice and very open with us.
It’s so like you to care about what we think and how we feel about things.
Not taking anything away from you Bishop, more and more I come to feel that this blog was created by the HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF. I can feel down in the day, but the minute I would go to the blog, I’d read something you wrote or some else would write and on that instant I’d feel better from whatever it was.
I love this blog. It teaches me how to received God’s love for me. And to give it to those who needs it.
You’re doing something new in the City of Conyers. You’re teaching us how to builds a Community by the means of this blog.

Jesus is rejoicing right now. He is seating on the Throne watching and reading every comment we posted on the blog. There are times He makes Himself be known by a comment one of us would post.
I feel a needs to tell you Bishop, also to each one of you that writes, reads, whatever you do here; not to take this blog opportunity for granted. Every time you turn to the BlogSpot, you are experiencing a Word form our Heavenly Father.
The glory of God is here! Every Word, every Topic you write, read and posted save a Soul every day on this blog. So, let’s build God community with “BLOGINTHENOW.” Created by very own Bishop Jim Ear Swilley.

Peace, Joy, Love

Anonymous said...

Correction:our vey own Bishop Jim Earl Swilley

Anonymous said...

This may be the best word I've ever recieved from word verification. It says; holypt and to me that means the Spirit is confirming that Bishop needs some holy pastor time.

I set my faith in action to agree with and support in prayer of the sure hope kind that this moment of meditation will give more to our pastor of pastors than he can ask or think.


Anonymous said...


Staying still with your impending "birth" for Sunday's service must be quite a special opportunity. Knowing how you love to share and inspire, the Holy Spirit must have placed something really tight in your spirit, that you're holding on until it can burst forth.

As a mother of 8, that can be quite an endeavor...they come when they are ready. (ha) Birth or adopted, just a different kind of labor.

You, however, are experiencing a different kind of labor and able to be more in control........I can't wait to see (on my next to order DVD, of course) what you deliver ! I feel like a "sibling", waiting for Daddy to bring the baby home from the hospital.

Northern Light

Nothing To Lose said...


With great anticipation, I expect you will knock one out of the park on Sunday, by way of over the lights.

Anonymous said...

Yes ? Bishop?

Just playin'....but YOU said we should here goes:

Oh...yes, a "Welcome Home" party, for the latest delivery, you say ?

In addition to the "Blogger Brunch" and "Godfather Movie & Spaghetti Dinner".....I'll get right on it.

Simple..once the party plans are made and tables set, changing linens and themes is easy.. ahh... HA-HA

Although, I'd have to stay in town a bit longer than a weekend.....YIPPEE !!! ITB !

I'm feeling such a playful, party mood....maybe it's Spring !

word ver: foloopse
(which for some reason I saw it as "footloose", like the 80's classic movie)


Larry Usher said...

Just enough time to say I love this "connectivity" thing that is going on. Been adding friends on facebook & getting in touch with a much wider circle of people. Like Richard Dreyfuss' character said over 'n' over again in "Close Encounters", "This means something, this is important"!

You are in the midst of a wonderful day!

Bro Lar

Larry Usher said...

Word ver: MYSINS: Though they be as scarlet have been made white as snow!

These word vers are a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Bishop and my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, peace be upon all of you.

Sunday is a day not to miss CITN...bring a friend and come prepared to be filled.'s going to be awesome. I can just feel it.


Anonymous said...


Larry Usher said...

As I was driving back home today I saw two men talking with one another as they leaned on the fence that separated their yards...

Anonymous said...

"Love thy neighbor as thy self "

HE saw THAT and it was Good !


word ver : sumsia
Some see ya !

Avatar said...

I like the picture...yet I can't stop wondering if the artist ever actually used string cans? I guess it would remove the visual suggestion of a happy smile...but you can "hear" so much better if the line is tight!

SOZ?! The line's too slack from here to you...pick up the can! If you were on Twitter, I'd "nudge" you!

Avatar said...


just following wordver directions: typtiv

G'night ALL.

Avatar said...

Bro Lar 3-20@11:45..."this is important"...I agree! And just posted along those lines on the previous topic "CONNECT".

IamIcan said...

I am looking forward to Sunday!!!

Anonymous said...

Good one Avatar !

Word Vers are getting a life of their own with us all !

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

Oh Bishop,

It's a beautiful spring Saturday, the AMC movie channel is showing Godfather and the pot of you know what is on the stove...
Let the party begin ~


P Nancy said...

Be still and know that He is God.
This is a beautiful video.

Look at the birds in the sky. They don't plant or harvest or gather food into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. You are more valuable than they are, aren't you?
Mathew 6:26

Northern Light said...

Yes, P.Nancy, I was watching the video and my four yr. old came up and said "that is beautiful, mommy!".

Northern Light

Northern Light said...

I just posted this in the "other room", but since some of you don't come visit there, I wanted to share this here, too. Perhaps it will encourage you to come, peek in, maybe sit a spell and join us in the "prayer room", which Bishop has opened up for us. The door is ALWAYS OPEN !

While it's been peaceful and quiet here, at home, in this room, the past couple of days, it is on my heart to "come in and spend some time in prayer for my brothers & sisters". Heavenly Father, YOU know exactly what needs/ requests/ heavy hearts are here in spirit, and I want to pray in agreement with them and for them, as this family is very special and my heart is with them.

I also want to share with you all, something that just happened here in my MI house. As I was excitedly listening to the "just released and received in the mail today CD by Israel Houghton, (The Power of ONE), the song Moving Forward was playing. My 4 year old came to me and said, "Mommy, you should sing and dance slowwwwwly to this song." (as she's waving her arms in the air, swaying and singing) THEN she says, "not going back" means when Jesus was on the cross and "moving forward" is after Jesus was not in the tomb and was up in Heaven." YES>>>she JUST TURNED FOUR ! I couldn't keep that moment to myself, I HAD to share it with you, my faith family :)

Lord, thank you for making me appreciate daily the touches you have put on this child and blessed me with her..... her interpretation and love for YOU and your word is a light to me always!

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

IT is Sunday afternoon... 12:45P

I caught the awesome Praise & Worship part of the service this morning, then left for church. Driving there I thought "Lord, PALEEZE keep my morning flowing with the praise.....and we had a new and improved Worship service today.........HE is so GOOD!

WHAT did you "deliver" this morning? C'mon CITN family....fill me in.....and Yes, I already ordered the DVD. But dont' make me wait.....ha

Northern Light

Donald said...

1. I am grateful that I was able to have that sentimental coffee cup for a-a-l-l-l-l-l those years that my son's deaf dog just broke. He couldn't even hear me cussing him out.

2. I am grateful that I do not have any cartridges for my 45.

3. To be continued.

Anonymous said...

Oh Donald !

The tears of laughter are flowing, but I have no words to explain to my darling 4 yr. old who stands beside me asking, "Mommy, what is it?"

I'm good with words and kids' minds, but I'm avoiding this one! ha

Thanks for the story......

Northern Light