Monday, March 9, 2009

The Big Picture

Hey bloggers...thanks for the reviews from yesterday...I really appreciate it...

I'll probably be back here with something later today, but in the meantime, there's fresh manna in all the rooms, so make yourself at home, and take all you want.

One other thing. On a couple of the other blogs I've asked for the regulars to sign in as blog followers, and some of you have done it. It doesn't mean that you have to write anything, it just shows your support for the site, and advertises it on the internet.

I could qualify or over-explain it, but I'm just going to let my YES be YES on this because it's important to me...if you are a minister ordained with Now Ministries, or a Staff Pastor or Care Pastor at CITN, I want you to go to the Now Ministries blog (preferably now) and sign on there as a blog follower. You don't ever have to write anything, but I want to know that you are aware of the site, and of what I'm trying to do there. Think of it as cyber-Body Builders.

I require very little of you, so I know that you'll be happy to show your support for this with a great attitude, busy as I'm sure you are today. It literally takes less than five minutes to do it. If you don't have five free minutes in your day, you are way overworked, and need to come in to counsel with me ASAP about time management. If you can't figure out how to do it, call the office (preferably now, if you're reading this during office hours) and let someone on the staff walk you through it over the phone. If you don't have a computer, come to the church office (preferably now, if you're reading this during office hours), and Rene or Jane or Robyn or P. Avery will set you up with one.

At the time of this writing, the current followers are Apostle Don Hughes, Pastor Leesa Hughes, Pastor Carey Harrell, Pastor Jon Scott, Pastor Gregg Kennard, Pastor Gregg Crawford, Pastor Chad Smith, Pastor Gerald Alphin, Pastor Avery Rogers, Pastor Nancy Courter, Pastor Machion Garrison, Pastor Jimmie Mayo, Pastor Jim Jaros, Pastor Scott Pettite, and Pastor Joshua Hutchinson…

Each one of you is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the big picture...remember, NONE OF US IS AS GOOD AS ALL OF US!

Thanks for your co-operation...

Now, go and explore the other rooms...and have a great day!

(Oh, BTW, read #6 on AYITN...I didn't know that it was going to say that today...things that make you go hmmmm...)


"elle" said...

Morning all!

Kettly, I loved your testimony yesterday. Glad you stood your ground, because from an outsider's viewpoint, God's hand was ALL OVER that! Even better than what you guys had asked for. A 350K home for 152K?!?!?!? That's insane! WOW!

My story is a little different. As some of you may remember, Joe and I decided to put our house on the market last fall. It was very short-lived. It was his idea, and when he mentioned it to me, it was literally days after we had done all that work putting down natural slate floors in both bathrooms. My reply was something like, "Are you serious? I haven't even had the chance to enjoy my slate floors yet?!" But I got to thinking about it, and since we would both like some more square footage, I figured it couldn't hurt to see what was out there. I really had no clue what a certain pricepoint would bring, because we bought our current house new, have been in it for 12 years, and had not been looking.
We just figured that we might not be in a better situation to upgrade than now... due to the housing market. So we looked. Even before we ventured out, we told each other that we HAD to agree on a place or we would do nothing. You guys have NOOOOOO idea what an issue that could become in and of itself. Love my sweetie-pie, but he and I are monumentally different people! Out of probably 13 houses that fit our criteria in some ways, we agreed on only one. And it was AWESOME!!! Oh my gosh, I really wanted that house. But I was very nervous about putting our house on the market in hopes that we would get that one house. And I told Joe from the beginning that I didn't want to sell the place that I have worked so hard on (and am actually quite proud of) and have to move into an apartment and wait God knows how long until the right house for BOTH of us came along. More importantly, I told God that I wanted His hand in this decision, and that if it wasn't the right thing to do, then to please keep us from making a poor financial decision. Well, we listed our house, and then made an offer on that one that we both wanted. It had been owned by a single guy who worked for GE and was being transferred. I guess the company paid the owner, and then they put the house in the hands of a re-lo company. The re-lo company wanted nothing to do with a contingency clause, and we wanted to sell our house first. So, of course, they didn't accept our offer. THEN, let me just tell you... WEIRD things started happening! It seemed like every other day in every other room in our house something would go wrong. Nothing major, but things that you want to fix if your house is on the market. It was like the walls were crying out, "NO... you can't leave us yet!" Well, I was getting kinda paranoid and frustrated with the whole situation, and very tired of being at the beck-and-call of realtors who expected to be able to bring people through with very little notice. I wasn't happy. Right about that time was when I developed allergic conjunctivitis in BOTH eyes. Honestly, that was one of the worst physical things that I've been through. Not horribly serious, but extremely uncomfortable, and I didn't want to deal with anyone! We had had one couple look at our house THREE times, and then chose the one that was our competitor. Shortly after that, Joe called me from work and said, "Lis, Hubbell is having its first round of layoffs... don't think it's a big one... think MY position is okay, but..." My immediate response was, "Let's take it off the market!" So, we did. The same day that we called to take it off the market, our realtor said that someone was interested, and asked us if she should respond to his email. She mentioned the possibility of doing a trade with the re-lo company... our house plus X amount of dollars to make up the difference in the price of the houses. We never thought of that, and perhaps since it was a re-lo company they would have considered it, but we decided to wait.
All through the Christmas season, I kept checking on that house to see if it was still available, and in January, Joe and I decided that we'd like to try to approach them with a trade. I checked to see if it was still available. It was. Then, in my chat with God I said, "You know, I still want your hand to be in this. If it's not meant to be, it would just be so much easier if that house would sell." And I'm telling you, I REALLY wanted that house! Next day, I checked and it was gone. Joe called the realtor to make sure, and she said it was under contract. So some lucky person is enjoying my big, beautiful home... but that's OK!
There are a couple of morals to this story:
1) Don't tell God to have His hand in something if you don't mean it ;}
2) Timing is everything, and HIS time is the best. Sometimes things just aren't supposed to be.
3) Don't pout! Move on and expect that something better will come along when it's meant to!

Pastor Dennis said...

Hey Bish, I am hooked up now. I don't know why I haven't done it already. I do frequent these blogs. also I would like to say I am honored to a part of the puzzle...


Thanks for taking the time to follow mine. I have a lot of visitors according to the IP tracker I put on, but few who have signed up to follow. I think maybe it is just catching on.

ver. word. pesesses

Yvonne said...

Bishop, my computer is a dinosaur since my other one was over taken by a virus (momentarily). Anyway, I do follow you daily even if I don't have time or leading to comment.

I will try to follow via WiFi on my laptop (asap),

That's my Yes!


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey P. Dennis...bumped into you on Twitter and thanked you there for what you posted about the message yesterday, but I also want to tell you that I am very impressed with UR've obviously put a lot of work into it, and I believe that it will prove to be a valuable resource for The Christ in the earth, and a nexus for Kingom Ministries...

P. Debye said...

This was sent to my email and I wanted to share this praise report from Dixie Bennett.

I am so sorry to have missed today...Church in the Now is such a lifeline for me and amazingly so...I was sick with Gall Bladder Issues and just identified abcess tooth that was affecting 2 bottom teeth and jaw..Called the ED that I work in part time to get a Rx for PCN this morning. Getting ready for church got sick with n,v so I had to call off...Laid down when I awoke I WAS TOTALLY HEALED...NO GALLBLADDER ISSUE, NO ABCESS TOOTH....YOU SPOKE AND SAID DIXIE IS SUCH A BLESSING TO THIS MINISTRY AND SENT THE WORD TO ME...GOD HEALED ME...IT IS BREATHTAKING... BY THE way Sherri shared that with me..Wow she is wonderful and you as well...I love this ministry and how God works...Thank you for your life dedication so God can move through you and your husband and family....I love you Dixie

P. Debye said...

Wanted to post another praise report! This is from Jackie Jenkins....many of you know her and Jack's beautiful daughter Rachael with her sweet spirit and childlike faith. Jackie's nephew's girlfriend is pregnant with twins with a rare blood disorder. The night of the healing service, Rachael went to pray for the pregnant girlfriend. Jackie's nephew really felt that Rachael was the one to pray for the unborn babies....meanwhile Jackie comes to the healing service to stand in proxy. With the prayer of this amazing teenager and the agreement of Pastor Darlene and all who were in the service, this report was given! Read on....

On Sunday, March 1 I told you about Rachael laying on of hands for a healing to my nephew's girlfriend pregnant with twins that were diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. Her doctor sent her to Miami yesterday to have fetoscopic laser ablation surgery, that only one doctor in the country is qualified to perform. Her surgery was to be today. When this world renowned physician examined her, he found no evidence of the disorder and the babies are fine except for a little too much fluid in one placenta. She is being sent home tonight and told to rest as much as possible! I stood in proxy for her that night as well so pleasse let Pastor Darlene know we have another report of a miraculous healing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your Testimony it means a lot to hear some else view of “Yes and No faith”. On Luke 18:1-8, Jesus: tell us about the Parable of the Persistent Widow. He talks about the consistency of prayer and not so much about Faith. But this Passage speaks to me another way. It’s all about when we send our Yes and our Faith” out to work on bringing us good result. As we can see this Widow did not change her asking to the Judge, or even go so far to say “if” when you review the case; if you can, please give me Justice against my enemy. No! She said to him “REPEATEDLY” give me justice in this dispute with my enemy. Not once but many times. What she has done, was not sending two kinds of message to him. She wanted justice and she stick with her one demand, and she also give him time to process and see her consistency of her demand. Hoping and believing he will give her justice, she sends her “one” non-stop message to him. “Let Justice be in my favor”. Knowing that he is the judge, she trusts and believes that he will give her justice by her continual request.
When we live by faith, we are not to give up. God may delay answering, but His delays always have reasons. As we persist in prayer, we grow in our Character, Faith, and Hope. So, with our Yes and also with our No Let it be that! YES and NO!!!!

Peace, Joy,and Love

Sweepea said...

Man, I miss one service and do I hear about it! My Beloved blessed me with a weekend hiking trip for my birthday -so we were huffing and puffing and having a lovely bonding time coming down the 5 miles from the Len Foote Hike Inn on Sunday morning. Monday morning the calls started!

We love you Bishop, and I'm always glad to give you fodder for stories to share. Life is GOOD!!

Yvonne said...

Bishop, the word you revealed yesterday concerning "Let your yes, be and Let your no, be" was a confirmed word for me. The scripures tell us that God puts His word above His name and my translation of that is that our word does represent who we are and it represents the kingdom of God as well as the kingdom of Heaven.

I believe that if we write something and we understand the power of our words, that we are sending our words out on an assignment to communicate as well as perform and to acquire a desired result.

There was a converstion recently regarding a small grant I was working on for this ministry and the director continued to flip flop between the mission and current vision of the ministry. Albeit the grant proposal was well written and researched that until he repented we would not get the desired results and basically said to him, you can't be double minded concerning where you want this ministry to go, you must let your yes be your yes...

Curiously, he received it because the Holy Spirit intervened and let this director know that there was a great need to be "single-minded" because it is important not to waiver.

I also took note on yesterday, that although you struggled with not having "your props", the Holy Spirit gave you the perfectg YES and NO, because as you explained and taught this revelation, we will always have a visual of you pulling your yes back and your no and then hilariously trying to get your No not to move.

That was very funny. And Ted Wynn, what a psalmist he is. It was the perfect song and expression to the body on moving "Forward".

It is nice to be able to go into all of your different rooms you have prepared for us. I thoroughly enjoyed reading a word for winners out of one of your masterpiece's/Vision 20/20.

Yes, it is important to re-think again relationship to Mammon and God. I encourage everyone to read today's article on a word for winners blog/very appropriate and fitting today.

Peace and blessings, Yvonne

Pastor Dennis said...

Thanks Bishop,
I was surprised to find you on twitter. although it is a good way to communicate and stay in touch for busy people seeing it only allows you a couple of sentences. You have to get to the point and go on.

Thanks for the thumbs up on UR Station. It is going to be unique in that it will bring the information about many and various ministries in every form of universal reconciliation (UR) into one place. While they may disagree on the process of UR they all agree on the promise of UR; bringing a certain amount of unity among them. (I am on the phone every day trying to keep peace between them so that they will at least focus on the goal) whether they agree with the way I see it doesn't matter to me. what matters to me is the end result is the same "we all agree on the promise of Universal Salvation". What matters most is that we together can share the Truly Good News of a Victorious Savior and a Truly Almighty God who loves all without partiality; and is full well able to carry out his plan and purpose in the ages; as The Christ is brought forth in all Humanity through the cross. Which was settled in the heavenly realm before the foundation of the world.

OK, I will get off my soap box.

UR Station will be a virtual Yellow Pages for anyone looking for information on UR or ministers that teach it, or finding a church or home group they can connect with. The site is totally unbiased in the content and listings. Each one has to work out their own salvation in my opinion. I just want to get the information out there and available to the public. Then let them decided what to do with it. I trust God in His Love for all to work out His plan in each individual in their unique way. As Jesus Said in a Conversation at the shack when He was asked since he wasn't concerned what belief one had, if there were many paths to heaven, He said " No, I don't mean there are many paths to heaven; I mean I will walk any path to have a relationship with you because I love you".

I still have a long way to go with the UR Station. There is a ton of Information and media to put on still yet. I am really just getting started. There are many more believers and preachers of UR out there than you might expect. And this is actually "building" a web site. There is nothing automatic about it and I have created my own design without a template which also slows me down. every movement or change on any page has to be done manually in a site builder. It just takes a lot of time to build a site this big. I already have over 50 pages I have built and I have a lot of info to put on those pages and more pages to build besides those.

But it is satisfying to know that I am working for the LORD and the Furtherance of His Kingdom in the earth. That makes it all worth it.


"elle" said...

Things that make you go hhhmmmm...

word ver: sperm

Finally got a weird word ver. Wasn't going to post, but that was too funny to pass up!

JR said...

That was a great message on Sunday
Bishop one of the best yet

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, JR...glad to see you back on the blog...