Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Hey bloggers...I'll be back later (super busy day), but in the meantime, one of my articles is on Streaming Faith right now...go to one is on the editorial page (under My Community)...title is Enjoying Successful Transition, and I think one of my devotionals will be on later today...check it out...

Anf if you want to leave a comment there, I wouldn't mind...

Oh, and if I don't get back here before LifeSkills tonight, I just want to tell you that it's going to be really good...

Got to go...



Hey, thanks to any of you who left comments on Streaming Faith...I appreciate it...

LifeSkills was great tonight...I really liked the more informal format, and enjoyed the interactive part...your thoughts? The outline is now posted on that blog...

And I love the feedback on MITN...your insights are inspirational and impressive...I plan on having the rest of Chapter XIII posted in a few hours...

That's all for now..



Donald said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome article on Streamingfaith!

wordver: bedamb

I promise!

Anonymous said...

Awesome is so overused, but it's the only word I can get through right now; just read the Streaming Faith article and I will comment on their page later, as LifeSkills is about to begin and I need to give my computer 20 commands and wait for it to hook-up ! ha

Seriously, there are SOOOO many things happening in my life right now that I CAN'T even share them yet here, because it seems almost ridiculous that it all could have started simultaneously and are multiple. But I will share, because this is become a family and you tell family and friends your "stuff".

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

OH man.........


Did not even notice you had used awesome THREE times when I started my last post. I guess it IS the word for that article. You have confirmed it~


Larry Usher said...

Great to hear the responses from the people about Sunday's word!

Time to get down to the heart of the matter, find the heart of gold, then go for it!

Jesus did a whole lot of talking about how He could only do what He saw His Father do & say what He heard the Father say. When God speaks to us, we speak rhema as well and the full power of the Kingdom backs it has to, because the connection has first been made at the throne, not our head.

I observed lots of creatures today as I drove about and none except the humans were upset or stressed out.

Row, row, row your spiritual boat gently down the stream of God's will and the yoke becomes easy and the burden light.


Donald said...

I'll take that blessing Pastor Debye. I tell you what, let's make that a double!
To show it's already coming to pass, I was looking for a particular verse in my Bible a few minutes ago and realized that there was something bulgy between a couple of the pages toward the front.
I flipped it open there and found "several" savings bonds that I did not even know that I had. And they're old enough to cash in.
And no, it has not been all that long ago that I was looking for something in that Bible.

Anonymous said...

Now Donald,
Thatis definitely AWESOME ~

and how funny is this word ver on this post..... loadm

Load em' up and take them to the bank ! haha


Anonymous said...


I enjoy sneakin' in and soaking up some good word in the Now Ministry room, but I dont' know if I should be a "follower", not officially any kind of pastor or minister of CITN. Know that I support and enjoy it.....but I don't want to overstep that position. Unless you told me otherwise, then I'm IN ~!


HA.....word ver "carphal"....with 8 kids, 5 still at home, I always have a car full