Thursday, April 16, 2009


Erik said...

I think God is in EVERYONE. I think to exist here, in this space and time, displays EVERYONE here has come through the sifter and is righteously in the cake. I think that we have all agreed with God to be here in each particular time we have been here in each point in time (herein – the legal term says that).

I think there is no mistake in Creation or ALL that we share it with. I think that WE ALL have engaged with God. Allah, Yahweh, before eternity as We understand it to enter in, knowing the greatest power expresses the maximum graciousness, that we experience and display to each other. I think that Avatars are one of the expressions we have here, and also our complete selves, sans Avatar, simultaneously, as The Word Made Flesh is ALL Creator and ALL Created. Independent and whole, simultaneously and retroactively while future perfect, and always present tense. Alpha Omega in the ever going current experience.

I think that the salvation we understand is mostly God among us, expressed by God within us, and created by God above us. That is seen in the face of God that we can only see here, in every other face, and in our mirror, which is also the faces of ALL others.

Excellent Love is God. The most excellent we think, and then some.

That is what I think and why I blog.

Pastor Dennis said...

Thanks for your prayers, Mom came through the surgery well. apparently she broke her arm in 8 places in the fall. continue to pray for a quick healing process.

Peace & Grace

BTW I love to "think" I think thinking is my favorite passtime...really!

Anonymous said...

A Place Prepared For the Lord

My new neighborhood will be a place that will be prepare for the Lord and He is welcome in the same way that He was welcome in the little village of Bethany so long ago. Bethany was an earthly refuge for our Lord. A place where He was comforted, where He could rest and be nourished. In fact, the distinguishing mark of Bethany was that the Lord was there! Mary of Bethany didn’t have to go to Jerusalem or anywhere else to see a miracle. She stayed right where she was, saw her brother raised from the dead, and saw hundreds more come to Christ (Luke 10:38-42, John 11:45 and John 12:9-11, 17-18). Like Mary, you and I can stay right in our own neighborhoods and experience the mighty, life-giving power of God, as it sweeps down the streets you know and love so well, and the street I am going to know and love.

Rejoice with God: If we are faithful to grasp God’s vision for our neighborhood to evaluate it and pray for it with others, to show compassion, build relationships and open our hearts and home- finally, we will want to rejoice.
The Word of God tells us that there is one thing that brings God more joy than anything else in this world is a person coming to faith in His son, the Lord Jesus Christ. When we reach out in love and prayer to our neighbors and one of them receives the salvation of Christ, God does the most wonderful thing; He lets us feel His own joy over that person.
In Luke 10:17, after the disciple returned having been blessed, fellowshipped, prayed for, and shared the gospel with neighbors as Jesus commanded, they returned to him with great joy. Having compassion for our neighbors is not optional. God is compassionate and He wants to reproduce that same quality of love in us. It is the kindness and forbearance of God that leads people to repentance (Rom.2:4). As ambassadors for Christ in our neighborhoods, we are called to be patient, compassionate, loving neighbors, withholding judgment. We are called to love our neighbors and to offer them the opportunity to hear the gospel and to study the Word of God with us.

May the love and the peace of God be with you today!


Sweepea said...

Praise the Lord for the sunshine!

Have a blessed day everyone, MAKE it a good one.

Brenda said...

I think I will enjoy this great day that God has given me. The slate is clean and I can draw upon it whatever I want to. The possibilities are endless. I can start on my new book, or I can get up and go get my oil changed, still thinking on that. I was thinking about cleaning out my laundry room or I can go out to the lake and do nothing. God has given me the choice to do what I want to, retirement is so refreshing.

Last night at Lifeskills when you asked all parents to come down I didn't readily come but when my daughter passed by she said what are you waiting on and I said to her my children are grown. She said you are still a parent and at that same time you said once a parent always a parent. I thought man he must have heard us because you answered without even knowing the question. You really amaze me when you do that, which says to me you are in tune to the sheep of your pasture.

I woke up thinking God is so good and his mercy endure forever.

Izumi/JOY said...

In my cartoon balloon, it was a swordfish that Peter caught.

I think...

That if the Burger King guy ever fought the Quaker Oat guy, he'd lose.

Succotash is a weird name for mixed beans and corn.

That I don't wanna be the car behind Vin Diesel's in a long line at a food drive-through.

That Murine is a misnomer, and why would I put that in my eyes.

If our landfills are loaded with plastic, and it never corrodes, then, why don't we build cars, buildings and cool stuff with it?

That God was multi-tasking when He created bamboo.

Lisa said...

What a time these last few months have been. The last 2 weeks I didn't think we'd make it out of the storms. I awoke this morning to a beautiful sunny day ( rare for Indiana this time of year). The boys came into my room way too early as usual. GOD spoke to me saying "Get dressed and greet the day" Now usually when I am tired and depressed and don't want to walk the walk anymore GOD says get up and clean your house! I truly need to get that done too because Zac will be in a wheelchair starting tues after his next surgery and GOD knows that wheelchair won't make it over the toys scattered all over. He didn't say that to me this morning! He said to get dressed and greet the day. Today is our 13th wedding anniversary and I think GOD is telling me today is the day that the tides are changing. Today is the turning point. I thought I'd share while the kids are semi settled eating chocolate bunnies for breakfast! Hey that has most of the food groups right??? I can't wait to see what Papa is about to do TODAY!!!!!
The word veri is Parti!!!! Ha ha

Izumi/JOY said...

I think Bernie Madoff's cell should be constructed out of 2 feet of bubble wrap. Optimal visitation hours should be 24-7, and only open to orthodox ninjas.

Izumi/JOY said...

Exceptions to the Visitor's Pass might be Simon Cowell or Judge Judy.

Izumi/JOY said...

Or, maybe, Dwight Schrute.

Pastor Dennis said...

Mom is doing well this mornng, God is Good!

Izumi/JOY said...

But, not Mel Gibson; that'd be cruel.

Anonymous said...

A visitation from the the Holy Spirit would be even better. And from that visitation, that he might realise that he had believed a lie, and that he might receive the truth, and that that truth might set him free.

Northern Light said...

Word ver: dessi

"LUCY, I'm home !


dgm2007 said...


Northern Light said...

Well, Bishop,
If you're being quiet today, I gave you some reading material over in the LifeSkills blog.


Northern Light

Pamela - IamIcan said...

I think - uummmmm? I think on how to come closer to Him - I think on how I can use all of His blessings which He has already given me - I think on how I can show His love which is beyond description - but you know sometimes it is best not to think and just be - be naked before Him.

Izumi/JOY said...

... and, then, Dog the Bounty Hunter could set his bail? Cool...

(hehe - of course, I agree with you, Anon 10:35.)

Friend4Life said...

I think I'll blog 2day; since I haven't blogged in awhile. How is every-1's day going? So far for me..GR8!! Love the to feel the spring breeze.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Lisa!! My husband and I will be celebrating our "12th" this coming Sunday! God is so GOOD!!

Love ya all,

~Peace, Love, Dream BIG, & Keep Believing~

Anonymous said...


Peace be unto to you!

"I think therefore I am" What is it that I think...lots.

Awesome read, y'all...Pamela, yeah I like that. "Draw me closer, closer blessed Lord to the place where thou has died. Draw me closer, closer precious thy precious bleeding side."

I think about a God who is so awesome. One that goes out of His way for me. One that knows me like no one will ever know me. One that ensures I am secured and safe. One that speaks to me constantly. One that takes time out to remind me that I am His. One that provides for me. Even when I forget to say thank you, when I forget to have a quiet moment with Him because I am so "busy", He thinks of me always.

"When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all he has done for me, my soul cries out Hallelujah...praise God for saving me."

I think of simple, quiet, meekness, patience, love...

I think of family, friends, relationship, building up...

I think of creation, majesty, supreme, carefree, salvation, freedom...

I think of Jesus, lover of my soul, the One that is and is to come, lily of the valley, bright and morning star, fair and just...


Teezy313 said...

Today is an absolutely wonderful day! God is so surruounding us with blessings and all we have to do is to tap into Him!

Bish and Beloved BlogFam-

I KNOW that God is great and greatly to be praised. I know that today someone is getting their breakthrough. I know that God has already perfected everything that concerns you and you are the apple of his eye. I know that in this ressurection season He is raising you up from your dry places, from your dead situations, and ultimately making you victorious over your adversaries just like he raised Christ on the third day. I say good morning to you in the Spirit because this is your third day, this is your ressurection time. Even though it may be afternoon in the physical realm, in the Spirit the rooster is beginning to crow, the alarm clock is going off, and it's time for you to wake up in VICTORY!!! God is pouring out his spirit upon you and you don't want to miss what he has for you. He has sooo many great things in stroe for you and everyone around you. His glory is filling the temple that is your body, heart, mind, and soul, so much in fact to the point where you litterally radiate Christ that all who meet and greet you will know that you belong to the most high king and that you don't live under this world system but you live by the Kingdom economy and you live a Kingdom standard of living and you are walking in authority, favor, and most of all Christ's love!!

Oh magnify the Lord!!

Pastor Nancy said...

I think I made it to the best part of my day

I think I'll go teach a new song to some awesome people in sign language!

Northern Light said...

I've been "thinking" much today about what to write about what I think. Well, I love music, love lyrics, and always look for double meanings or ways to see it from "the other side".

So, today as I'm in the car, I hear a good old classic on the radio.." Ain't No Mountain High Enough".....and I think, YES GOD >>>>> there is nothing that would keep you from me, your daughter. And I sang along and am sure that I will never "hear" that song quite the old way again.

What a BEAUTIFUL day...and that's what I THINK !

Northern Light

Northern Light said...

Pastor Nancy,

I so appreciate your ministry and wish that I could find a need for that here, locally. I would love to do that in church, and have been looking for a place to get some instruction........too bad I'm so far away.

But we never know about these things, and I am going to find somewhere to get instructed, that's my summer goal.

Have a great night~

Northern Light

Crownjewel said...

I think that I'll just allow God to be completely in control and stop trying to help Him so much!

I'll think on whatever is lovely, pure, and wonderful!

I think last evenings Life Skills was grand on so many levels! (we need more teachings like that)

May He be glorified!


Donald said...

Then there is the reverse to that.
"I don't think, therefore I speak when I should have not spoken."
It is no secret to those who are near and dear to me that I have always been overly fond of Raquel Welch. In fact it was a poster of her in her cave woman outfit that caused me to realize early on that I was heterosexual.
She has been on Foster Grant sunglass commercials lately.
Keep in mind that this fine speciman of womanhood is 68 years of age.
Her Majesty, who is far from 68 years of age, was watching TV with me one night when the commercial came on.
She asked me, "Don't you hope that I look that good when I get that age?"
Refer back to paragraph one and the "don't think" statement.
My reply to her question was, "Baby, I just wish you looked that good right now."
Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Don't say "stuff" like that?

Northern Light said...


When I need a "dose" of good ole' laughter, can I PALEEZE have a Donald 1-800 number > you are a riot and I can't stop on that one.......I knew where you were going with that story and even " I " tried to stop that train for your behalf (ha)~ tell "Her Majesty" she's a gem for not hurtin' ya !

Hope the couch is comfy!

Northern Light

River said...

Do I really have to think to blog?
Been very busy today and not sure if I have the energy to think. LOL

Larry Usher said...

Hey Izumi- cars are already made out of plastic! Ever crash one?! Boom! She goes flyin'!

I think...too much...

I think the simplest things are usually the most right.

I think Jesus is a really, really great guy!

I think the best is yet to come.

I think to live in the Eternal Now is the place of no frustration and total peace and joy.

I think I am surrounded by great people(not just nice people-great people!)

I think the word vers are running on AI(artificial intelligence, and have been programmed by Bishop to get a laugh!)

Word ver: MORHARR- "What the country guy said he wished he had more of..."

Peace be still and know that He is within you.

Peace be still and consider the tremendous privilege of being indwelt by the Spirit of God.

Peace be still and consider how much God loves you, seeing that He choses to make His abode with you.

Peace be still and believe that the next voice you hear will be the voice of your Heavenly Father.

Peace be still...

Peace be still.

Bro Lar

Pastor Nancy said...

Northern Light...
I will be praying that you can find instruction in sign language in your area. Would love for you to be part of His Hands Ministries!
We had a great practice tonight-getting ready for our trip to New York in June. We will be ministering at the Harlem Hospital, a church and a nursing home. Get a sign language dictionary or get online and start learning vocabulary--you will be on your way!
I never dreamed when Bishop said, "Start signing" that I would be taking a group to New York-
God will open doors for you!

Izumi/JOY said...

Hey Lar,

I think...

That when one of my grandsons says he loves me more than mac-n-cheese, a chicken nugget Happy Meal, AND his favorite stuffed animal, that must mean a lot.

... that we don't see the word, abscond, much anymore.

... that toothpaste & ointment tubes look real similar after watching grandchildren for a weekend.

... about candy necklaces my daughters wore, every time Proverbs 3:3 is mentioned.

... that it'd be interesting if God's eyes really were apples.

... that "Blaze" would be a cool name for an evangelist.

... that the nation's defense experts should meet with scientists & feed Miracle Grow to armadillos. (teach them how to text, strap them with surveillance equipment & train them to lead us to underground veins of gold & silver)

Northern Light said...

P. Nancy,

I was online last night,as a matter of fact, and I may have found a place nearby that instructs. I am calling today.

I had read awhile back when you posted on NOW MINISTRIES about the group's trip to N.Y. and have prayed for you all. That sounds wonderful !!!

Thank you for the encouragement...
if this Northerner ever settles South, I will come knockin' and see if you need an extra pair of hands. :)

Northern Light