Saturday, April 25, 2009


1. When Jesus had finished saying these things, He left Galilee and went into the part of Judea that is on the other side of the Jordan;

2. And great throngs followed Him there, and so He healed them there.

3. And while He was in the area, the Pharisees came to Him again and put Him to the test by asking, “Is it legal and right for a man to dismiss his wife…to divorce her for any reason that he may have?

4. He replied to them, “Have you never read in your Scriptures that He Who made them from the beginning made them male and female?

5. This is why a man has to leave his father and mother at some point, and be united and bonded to his wife…and when that happens, the two of them become, in a sense, one single entity,

6. so that they are no longer two separate physical bodies, but actually become one new one. And if a particular union between a man and a woman is, indeed, God-ordained, then no human being should do anything to create a disconnect between what God has put together.”

7. They shot back at Him, “Well if marriage is so special…if, indeed, it is a God-created thing, then why did Moses make it so practical and easy to get a divorce? According to his law, all a man has to do to get out of a marriage is to send his wife a written notice, and then just simply dismiss her from his life, and be done with her, altogether.”

8. He said to them, “Moses set up this system basically because of the hardness of your hearts…specifically, your insensitivity to women. He permitted you to simply dismiss your wives with no regard for required responsibility to them because you have had no concept of covenant. But in this Moses did not have the heart and mind of God, considering that this self-serving male convenience was not in God’s original plan.

9. But I say to you that whoever just casually dismisses his wife for no legitimate reason, and marries the next available woman who comes along, really is only committing adultery with her. His shallow flippancy in such a case shows that he has no understanding of the seriousness of covenant. The situation is somewhat different if the wife has been unfaithful to her husband, but the real issue is still about the apparent disregard of covenant. So if a man marries a woman just because she was dismissed for her unfaithfulness to her husband, he is still just committing adultery with her if there is no genuine commitment to the covenant of marriage.”

10. The disciples, listening in on this conversation, said to Him, “If that’s really what marriage is about…if covenant is really that important…if God takes it that seriously…then no man in his right mind would ever want to get married! What would be the point of limiting your options by binding yourself to that kind of commitment?”

11. But He said to them, “Marriage is for men…not for boys. That’s why not all men can accept this concept. It’s for those who are mature enough to understand and appreciate the value of human, adult relationships.

12. But it also requires a certain kind of maturity to understand that this kind of relationship isn’t for everyone. There are some asexual men who, from birth, never seem to give women or marriage a thought. Other men may have been intentionally emasculated for cultural purposes, or for other reasons. And still others are single and celibate for spiritual pursuits…as if they were married only to the Kingdom of/from the heavens. Whatever the case, it requires insightful maturity to comprehend that not everyone takes the same path, or has the same needs in these matters. If you can receive this, you will be able to live and let live.”

13. When this unusual exchange ended, people started bringing their little children to Jesus, requesting that He put His hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples, thinking that this was unimportant, or beneath Jesus, or was a waste of His time, openly rebuked those who brought them.

14. But He stopped them immediately and said, “You leave these children alone! Allow every single one of these little ones to come to Me, and don’t you ever forbid or restrain them again. Not only are they important…they are what the Kingdom of/from the heavens is all about!”

15. And He laid His hands on them, and after He had prayed for all of them He went on His way.

16. Another day a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, You’re good…so I ask You…what good thing must I do to be in full possession of eternal life?"

17. Jesus said, "Why do you question me about what's good…in fact, why do you even call Me good? God is the only One who is good. If you want to enter the life of God, just practice His precepts…keep His commandments…and you will manifest His goodness in your life."

18. This statement was too general for the man, so he probed a little further, saying, “OK, then…which commandments, in particular, should I keep?”

19. Jesus said, “All of them are important…don't murder…don't commit adultery…don't steal…don't lie about people…honor your father and mother…basically all the different ways of simply saying ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’."

20. The young man said, “That’s it? That’s all there is? I’ve kept all these commandments practically my whole life, and I’m still not good. What am I missing?”

21. Jesus said to him, “Look, if you’re really that serious about manifesting the character of God in your life, then go sell everything that you have, give everything that you make from the sale to the poor, and then you’ll be free to become one of my disciples. The entirety of your possessions will then be in the Kingdom, and all that you own will be deposited into the heavenly realm.”

22. But Jesus went too far for the young man on this point. The idea of selling everything…this suggestion of total abandon…just seemed too extreme for him, especially because he was wealthy, and had a lot of possessions. Jesus’ words not only caught him off guard, they also overwhelmed and depressed him…and so, not knowing what to say, he just turned around and walked away in convicted silence.

23. As Jesus watched him go, He said to the disciples who were standing there with Him, “I tell you, truthfully, it is really quite difficult…extremely hard…for a rich man to become a subject in the Kingdom of/from the heavens.

24. In fact, it’s easier for a camel to go through that little gate that they leave open at night in the walls of Jerusalem called ‘The Needle's Eye’…the gate that is so low and narrow that a large animal can only pass through it on its knees, and unencumbered with baggage. It’s symbolic of the way a rich man has to enter the Kingdom.

25. For some reason, the disciples were staggered by these words. They said to Him, “Well, then, if that’s the case, who has any chance of being fit for the Kingdom, at all?”

26. Jesus looked straight at them, and into them, and said, “Things like this are virtually impossible when only using human strength…but with God’s help, anything and everything is really possible!”

27. Then Peter spoke up and said, "Well, now that you mention it…we may not have had the kind of wealth that that young man has, but we’ve left everything that we did have to follow you. What are we going to get for our sacrifice?”

28. Jesus said to them, “Yes, you have, in fact, followed me, fully…and so I say to you that in the new age…when the earth is reborn into the revelation of the Christ…when the Son of Man is enthroned in glory…you will be enthroned, as well! In fact, all who have followed me will rule and have dominion, starting with the twelve tribes of Israel.

29. And this is the part the wealthy young man didn’t stick around long enough to find out: Anyone who sacrifices home, family, property…whatever…because of their desire to follow Me…will get every bit of it back a hundred times over! And this is in addition to the promise of the full blessings of eternal, or ‘ now’-life!

30. And in this there is a great reversal coming…many of the so-called ‘first’ ones will actually end up being the last to walk in this. And, by the same token, many who are considered to be the ‘last’ to come in, will, in reality, be the first to obtain it.”


karl cobos said...

Hey Bish,
Saying hello and that you have a great day filled with peace and vision...blessings to Pastor Debye and family!
Love ya! - Karl

Anonymous said...

He left Galilee and went into the part of Judea that is on the other side of the Jordan;

I love how well connected to verse eighteen this is and your paraphrase makes that even more understandable to the reader.

I don't know how to comment on verses three through twelve without being pretentious so let me just start where it feels good to me at thirteen. The childlike teaching of Jesus picks up here where it left off in verse eighteen. It is well connected with my spirit that my Lord and my God desires a childlike relationship with humanity, or at least that part of humanity that is me. I do go to Him and/or Her as it fits my need at the time and have never been denied access when approaching as a child that is intent on becoming a Christ like adult in maturity according to taking on the mind and image of my Lord and God.

...there is a great reversal coming, many of the so-called ‘first’ ones will actually end up being the last to walk in this. And, by the same token, many who are considered to be the ‘last’ to come in, will, in reality, be the first to obtain it.” It can not be said any better than this concerning the reward that is eternally given to those who do not become weary in doing good but continue in cheerful obedience to give their whole selves into the Kingdom of and from the heavens.

A most excellent and enlightening work you have done here Bishop Jim. This really makes me look forward to Sunday morning's teaching.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Karl...I looked at your blog...nice job...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And thanks, Anon3:27...the feedback is appreciated!

Northern Light said...

See you ITB Bishop! What a birthday weekend this has been in Atlanta and winding it up there !


Northern Light

Erik said...

Excellent Bishop, especially verses 3-12. Best I have ever seen on this. I understand Anon 327 PM, really I do. However, these verses touch most of us if not in fact, in essence, For me, it is both.

A certain maturity is required to be in covenant in a marriage, a maturity I have arguably not met, or at least completely. Covenant in the natural. Our natural legal system, requires understanding on both or al parts of the Covenant, which leads to many loopholes in personal and business relationships. God displays Covenant as possibly one sided, in that God is in Covenant with each of us, whether we understand the Covenant or not.

As it then can become in our marriages, combining the spiritual with the natural. If we reach the maturity of understanding Covenant on one side, but a spouse does not, the Covenant is unaffected for the one that does understand it. Even unfaithfulness does not alter the Covenant, as we each see in our own lives with God.

Ahhh, there is the rub. Hw do we reconcile the natural perception with the Spiritual One. So Covenant remains for the one who understands, even if the other one does not. A challenge to natural perception. Both then commit adultery, if the one who understands becomes involved with another. Good news is adultery has been absolved. However, it is what it is. Solace comes in knowing our own adultery with God has been absolved, ( making reputation, natural view from others, self righteousness, etc – we all know the gods we choose over God) so adultery in the natural is, but it still is what it is.

A spouse becomes family for both or the one in Covenant, and family is forever, whether convenient or not, remember Hosea? He exemplified God with each of us, who in Revelation eventually became the complete bride.

The challenge to the natural, is to allow peace, grace, and forgiveness that is displayed by God to each of us in The Spiritual, while at the same time, the grace to make changes in the natural, and yet, understood and accepted Covenant transcends all of that, peacefully.

So, maybe the most perplexing relationship, and yet the equally the most wonderful – marriage. One that both spouses (whichever sex they are) understand the Covenant, may or may not have a piece of paper (legally supported or not), if both understand and enter in, then that is Heaven on Earth. Godspeed to all who both understand, and God’s grace, peace, and Wisdom to those where one has understood.

So it goes.

Usually I do not care what the ver word is, however this time, it is -- 'dismess' go figure .

Brenda said...

Wow Bishop great stuff! wish I had this type of teaching early in life but thank God I have it now and its still not too late. Indeed my latter years shall be greater.

karl cobos said...

Bishop, I finally have an opportunity to thank you and others right here for all your prayers over the past couple of months.

God removed the kink in the garden hose and the His blessings are pouring out. To those who haven't heard the testimony...

God gave me a great new job with the Census Bureau, and the same weekend he set us up in an excellent Camry when our Neon gave up the ghost on I-20...didn't even have to go car shopping 'cause my uncle was looking for a new car and let us test out excellent condition and he's not even in a hurry to start a payment schedule yet!

...same week an excellent pastor and wife from CITN not knowing I really needed some new clothing poured out on me new slacks, shoes, belt, coat, socks, other stuff! great is our God to listen to those brief little conversations standing in front of the turning into testimony and glory!

Finally got a cell phone, though it had problems, got exchanged and they added 800 minutes more for the same price!
...God still pouring...pastor's wife on Friday, out of the blue, gives me a check...ok Lord, what's next, my hands are still open, thank you!

I know that the Lord is going to pour out on you guys, too, in His own way as He sees best to bring you what you need and things you've been praying for...but thank you all so much for the times you said, "Lord, remember Karl". I bless you in His name. Keep praying for continued blessings...I love seeing the results!

Thank you Bishop for the word today...Love Never Fails!

In rehearsal today after we sang Mercy & Grace, the whole choir just erupted into some awesome worship, His touch is so beautiful!

As I opened AYITN just before writing here, this is where my eyes landed...#4...
Today I will enjoy the abundant and bountiful blessings of the Kingdom life that Jesus Himself is lavishing upon me in an amazing display of EXTRAVAGANT GRACE. He daily loads me with His benefits, and I will not forget to thank Him for any of them today. The greater the blessings, the greater the joy-the greater the joy, the greater the blessings! To them that have will more be given, and there is more on the way for me today!

Bishop, remember when I told you last week this testimony? said "there's more on the way!", or "there's more where that came from". Wow!

...and thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be working on it more this week, I may just copy this comment and put it over there for now.

Again, great word and God bless you and your family!

karl cobos said...

Some of the things going through my mind today Bishop while you were ministering;
"what!?, that...oh that's just a flesh wound"-from Monty Python.

Love, love me do, you know I love you...(Beatles)

Let your love flow, like a bird on a wing, let your love...(singer?)

God is love, love is of God. God never fails, love never fails.

karl said...

Bishop, I put up a new post called: CHEERS!

A little inspiration there too from today's AYITN verse from Proverbs 15:15

Ebony said...

I tweeted a message, but I wanted to elaborate more than 144 characters so I am posting here too. I may be in the minority, but I love to hear messages on "The Love Chapter" because it helps me to make sure my motives are properly motivated. Am I doing this for love, or for the credit I'll get? The right thing for the wrong reason can have tragic consequences. And, I know that MITN is on your plate, but I would love to read I Corinthians 13 "in the Now". Excellent as always

Anonymous said...

From the CITN blog:

I laughed so hard during today's message! Bishop JES has a way of bringing it home like no one I've ever heard before. Paul is my favorite apostle and you nailed him to a TEE talking about him never going to Anger Management and saying, 'yeah, I hit him in the head, WHAAAAT?'...Paul was such a character! We can all see ourselves in him. Father truly does use the WEAK to confound the wise. How in the WORLD did the beautiful revelation of love come out of such an irrascible character like Paul??? But it did and that gives me great hope.

The clanging symbol example you so um eloquently demonstrated brought tears to my eyes I laughed so hard. I have found it difficult to listen to teachers whose love is not inherent. I've lost patience and have walked out of services before feeling bad for the speaker, but being shown the 'clanging symbol verse' and understanding why I couldn't sit there any longer.

Paul is right about tongues,prophesy, and faith taking a second seat to LOVE. What you said about absolutes, like family, being shaken brought me to tears. I'm walking out this lesson in my life now. I never realized my 'family' had become my Idol. Father said He'd have no idols before Him. My family was shaken with divorce when I was a young girl of 11. The shaking continues even now as I'm about to turn 48...and the one thing that I now count on when all else fails, is Father's total UNCONDITIONAL love of me. I need nothing else...and lemme tell ya, that is true FREEDOM!

Larry Usher said...

Wow! What a great message today! So crucial! Plus I haven't had such good laughs in a long time! I had a lady several years ago I was sitting next to waiting on laundry that was popping her gum-I finally had to leave-couldn't take it!
Love is all we need...

Northern Light- great to get to meet you today! You are a part of the family and vital- happy birthday as well.

Karl- So happy to hear of all the blessings! With your heart and attitude, God will want to "show-off" on your behalf!

Avatar- you are always in our thoughts because of who you are and you are in our prayers during this time of transition- someone new is "dancing in the clouds"!

Great to see the Jaros & extended Clan touring the CITN facility- we shall see more than this in the future of CITN(they shall come from miles around)...

word ver: MINES- I'm just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Loved it!

what has stayed on my mind is "But in this Moses did not have the heart and mind of God, considering that this self-serving male convenience was not in God’s original plan." whuuuueeee!!! I agree and like the paraphrase; but your gonna hear about that one. I really appreciate your openness and boldness to reaffirm the revelation you have received.


Anonymous said...

Ebony, I agree, ICITN XIII would be interesting......(I know Bish, I can wait)

Anonymous said...

Anon from 3:27 pm on the 25th says,

Bishop, thanks for saying you appreciate the comment but I just reread it and saw an error that you must have caught and known what was intended for it to make sense to you. "The childlike teaching of Jesus picks up here where it left off in verse eighteen" should have read CHAPTER eighteen. The same is true for the opening sentance, ...connected to CHAPTER eighteen. I really should have done this on word and then copied it over here but oh well. I did look at verse eighteen in this chapter and to some degree it is connected well with this chapter. You wrote in verse eighteen
"This statement was too general for the man, so he probed a little further, saying, “OK, then…which commandments, in particular, should I keep?” This question is not only very well addressed throughout your paraphrasing of scripture but Jesus lays the foundation for its answer before the question was asked and you have done an outstanding job with this paraphrase to show how the religious of that day were excluding the female gender from being unified to themselves as humans making the two parts a whole person before the Creator and just as important Jesus rebuked His followers for their disregard of children, pointing out quite clearly as you have written, Not only are they important "…they are what the Kingdom of/from the heavens is all about!” Then the way that you have phrased verse nineteen in Jesus' reply to the man's question it is easy to associate all of what is said here with what we call the great commandments.

Sunday morning was the icing on this cake for me. You got the message across very well and with a good measure of your gifting for delivering medicine with a spoonfull of humor to help it go down. The greatest point for me was showing that maturity helps humanity to move forward in the direction of operating better in the love that does not fail. It is also important that you made it clear it is the 'love' that does not fail. That is encouraging to the listener and illuminates the mind on the view of our personal failures or faltering to live up to the standard of perfect love as being simple stepping stones toward that goal rather than stumbling blocks. Just as you pointed out in verse eleven of chapter nineteen MITN, it is for the mature that understand the value of human relationship, that also bears witness with my intent when writting ...never been denied access when approaching as a child that is intent on becoming a Christ like adult in maturity according to taking on the mind and image of my Lord and God.

It is in seeking to advance that we go forward. That is what the little children wanted to do and why Jesus said "...don’t you ever forbid or restrain them again."

That shows to me how the childlike relationship with God is key to finding my way from the stepping stones to the next level ground where the path is delightful to walk in and on.

Perhaps my error was not so bad after all. It was just another stepping stone. I did get great inspiration toward this same message from chapter eighteen and all of this helps me to continue moving forward.

The flora is so beautiful today.

Anonymous said...

6. so that they are no longer two separate physical bodies, but actually become one new one. And if a particular union between a man and a woman is, indeed, God-ordained, then no human being should do anything to create a disconnect between what God has put together.”

Dear Bishop

I like the way you’re paraphrased of this verse 6. Specially the part [“and if a particular union between a man and a woman is indeed, God-ordained, then no human being should do anything to created a disconnect between what God has put together.”
Bishop, this is a verse I read many, many times, before the Lord gave me the understanding of this verse.

The way the Holy Spirit explained it to me is like this: He said you, yourself been married more than once to different man. And these marriages end up in divorces why that is? And I answered back, well Lord you tell me! Because that was not the vision or the way I have imagined the turned out of my life or marriage (s) would be. And He said Daughter, it’s because that was not the person I’ve chosen for you to be married with. I’ve sent my Prophet all the way from California to speak to you about your marriage the first time; you did not listen, even though you felt something was off with him. Again in your second choice of man you choose to married I’ve sent another messenger of mine to talked to you about your decision to marry this man, still you did not hear her, even when she has quoted “Jeremiah 29:11 to you. Instead of you think about of what she was saying, you had told her that “God approved of my decision to marry this man. But in your heart of soul you know it wasn’t true. Daughter, since you take the time to ask me, I am going to reveal this secret to you. You see I took you from a “rib” of a man that only I your Creator know about. No one else knows anything about this particular man, until I decided to reveal him. And when I do reveal him, both of you will know by the Spirit that you belong together. And believe me when I said this to you my child, what my Father has put together no man, not even you or your husband can put asunder to it. Because that union been ordained before the foundation of the earth. Every marriage my God has put together is for a specific Assignment and Purpose, that only two particular people can accomplished for that set times. But, when you chose someone else to married, this Assignment or that Purpose will never be accomplished with the wrong person in you life. Somehow each of your vision will never be in one accord.
For this reason, Only God and God alone knows the plan for your life, and He asks you to wait on Him, until He sees that you’re ready for this union of unity and for the task that is set before you can take place.
The problem is some of us are not willing to wait on God to place the right person in our lives to be with, and to accomplished the task and the purpose that are set before us, before the Beginning of time.

Peace, Joy, and Love in His name.

Izumi/JOY said...

4. I like the way this is written: "Have you never read in YOUR Scriptures..." (to me, implying that the Pharisees would interpret them the way they were inclined. Which is natural, but anyway...)

Hmm... their questions about taxes didn't faze the Lord. Time for a different tactic, but same focus (legalism). Like, if He didn't pay taxes, why would they take Him seriously? If He wasn't married, or have a family, why would they heed his advice? The conversation reminds me of Hebrews 8.

v. 13 - Reminds me of offerings. People brought their blemished seed to Jesus, (the high priest, perfect sacrifice, peace offering, sweet savor) requesting His blessing. They were washed by the Water & the Word.

Verses 14 & 15 cause me to think of the Lord working in His garden. Plucking up the tares that His own disciples planted in His Father's heritage & reward.

Since it says, "all of them", I like imagining that He prayed for the disciples, too, before checking out for the day.

v. 16 - 30 - brilliant!

v. 20 - amazing. How did the man recognize that he wasn't good? Seems like 1 John 5:6.

v. 26 - Jesus looked straight at them, and into them - whoa! Can almost feel that.

v. 30 is gonna mess with me all day. It's in my bazillion questions queue with, "Abba, why did You put flamingos knees on backwards?" What does it all mean, I wonder.

He'll just probably say, "Love. Love is all you need."

Anonymous said...


Wouldn't that be those who have a clue?

Izumi/JOY said...

Was that You, God?

Erik said...

Thanks Kettly

Northern Light said...

computer trouble, finally acceptd this post.....

Bishop & P.Debye,

It's about 12 hours since I left the building, I'm back home in MI now and it's 1:00am. I have not gone one hour without, at some point, tears just welling up at the thought of our conversations and stream down my face.

Bish, you surely caught me off guard with the shout out and I'm told that's a real deal. wow

You both spoke to my heart and spirit, one right after another, at opposite ends of the church, like having my front and back covered.

P. are in my heart always......your words, your hugs and shared tears will not be forgotten. He is so good !

Wow, what a blessing this birthday weekend was.....first to be humbled and allowed to serve HIS children of all ages, on the streets in Atlanta, and then to come into HIS house at CITN and be welcomed home.

Yep, and the tears are gently streaming again........and it's fine with me ~ LOVE is the only topic today could have been about.

Peace, Love & Happiness !

Northern Light
(yes, "cover blown"......Linda :)ha

Northern Light said... was great meeting you in person and sharing a conversation. Let me know what you think of the movie.....and if it was in your old neighborhood.

Larry Usher.......thank you for finding me in the hall and saying hello. It was great to share stories and get to make the connection. A special thanks for your kind words then and in your post. I so appreciated it.

Until next opportunity to be ITB, I will be there with you all in spirit, via streaming...Wednesdays and Sundays !

Northern Light

Erik said...

Hey NL,

What a pleasure to meet you as well. Totally cool how you gave yourself the birthday present of Safe House and CITN,

I will check out the Eastwood movie, not many people go to Highland Park in MI (very different then the Highland Park in Il) . I really miss Motown. I wonder is Carl’s steakhouse is still there. I actually saw the Tigers in the world series in 68, and was at Wayne State for the protests and the National Guard . Kind of freaky.

Kalamazoo, Three Rivers, Traverse City, Mt. Clemens, Ann Arbor, Southfield, Route 60—So many diverse memories.

I must admit, I have found peace with the Buckeyes, after that, world peace and whirled peas is a cakewalk. Which makes me think of the GPF – prelude to what we have always known.

We all know God has always been with us, and as we need Grace and Mercy, celebrating Love, there is no time ever in history that we have been unable to completely rely and rest in God, comfortably at ease. There are museums filled with expressions of people who have thought differently, struggling for that peace. Believing that it is somewhere in te future, and we enjoy knowing it is present now, that all that ancestors thought was far away, has always been here, now.

We sing of the beauty we see in every other person, and in every moment in our holy lives. How wonderful that we perceive the revelation, knowing that every moment is in God’s court. Praise God!! Whatever the reason ancestors experienced it differently, Praise God none of us are there now. The Word made Flesh is who we all are, how wonderful.

Of course we heathens are included, and who knew, so are the Buckeyes. God is indeed The provider of unalienable rights to every one. God is really good. Every created one is equally loved by God, and we all see that clearly.

Anonymous said...


But fish love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bloggers,

This Morning while in Prayer, I hear the Spirit of the Lord says tell my people “TO EXPECT” be in the EXPECTED MODE TODAY. He says we pray yes, but we don’t pray to expect. And He wants us to be in the mood to expect today; because He is in the giving mood to give right now. Be with an expected heart to receive.

Peace Joy love in your EXPECTANCY this Morning. Amen!


Izumi/JOY said...

Abba Father, I'll take it!

Kettly, before leaving Las Vegas (the meadows), Nevada (snow clad mountains; the Silver State), I jotted some blessings on postcards & mailed them home. Vegas is 3 hours behind us, time-wise.

Yesterday, the first batch of cards arrived. (have been watchfully waiting/listening for the prophetic blessings of the past to multiply & reverberate through the eternal now. Fun faith experiment.)

Thank you for this confirmation. Peace, JOY and Love to you in your expectancy, too.

God bless His Universe.


Larry Usher said...

Gosh NL, just reading your post has me tearing up...

Expecting Kettly!

Just a word for today:

The adversary, the devil has through movies, comics and culture, created an image of himself that is this big, bad Alien vs. Predator type character with a mouth full of sharp teeth that is virtually unbeatable.
The real danger however is that the trickery he employs is being done in the subtle little lies he whispers to us diguised as our own voice: "You really aren't saved", "There really isn't a God, this is all make-believe", "Others may have received their miracles, but I doubt I'll ever receive mine."
This is why the Bible has so many reference to meditating upon the Word, renewing your mind, thinking on those things that are good and wholesome, etc. because in the vacuum created without doing so, the enemy will work through his suggestions.

There has to be a proactivity within us that preemptively applies the truth over our lives, so that a structure of victory is in place within us when the times of difficulty and testing come(and it comes to all).
Don't be lazy about the mind that is within you, it is up to your real man, your spirit, to tell it what to believe and how to act and react. Feed yourself the truth and the good; the world will try to force feed you lie after lie and if there is no template within you for success you will be liable to fall.

You are a child of God, make sure you think and act like one...



Larry Usher said...

Word ver: PSYCHER- see my last post!

Northern Light said...

Yes, indeed, Carl's Chophouse is still in business. You may have to make a quick pass through and stop for a meal.

Northern Light

Northern Light said...


I am receiving and accepting that word, passed through you, to us. I pray it for myself and you, and all our BITN family !

This is a Perfect day for that word to come to pass !

Northern Light

Northern Light said...

Well, Larry....

Actually, today the tears had seemed to dry..........then I read your post, referring to mine.

Thanks buddy ! haha........the stream begins. Hey, when I cry & the tears fall south, I guess I'll fix the GA drought and all the fountains in Atlanta can be turned on again!

Ya'll should be fine real soon!


jules said...

Does anyone else think that swine flu is the plague Revelation is talking about? I mean go figure, this thing has gone global in a week? Just curious and terrified!

disciple said...

No. Read your history books. Plagues have been coming and going forever. Just take care of yourself and don't give in to fear. The book of Revelation is about the unveling of the real Christ.

Larry Usher said...


The swine flu isn't usually a very dangerous strain of flu anyway. People die of complications from flu every day, but it is usually the catagory of people that is at risk that suffer the worst-elderly, those already weakened in lungs, immune system etc.
The news media throughout the world like a "story" and when fear can be used, their ratings will go up- kinda like preachers using scare tactics to try to get people "saved".
The enemy will use expectation of bad tidings, whereas God has already spoken His good tidings to men, peace on Earth and good will, and a covenant which includes healing.
Fear not! Only believe!

Bro Lar

Northern Light said...

Kettly & Erik have me thinking that
the topic here cited on the whose, whats, responsibilities and understandings involved with Covenant and how it affects & effects a marriage would be an awesome topic for LifeSkills, sometime. Might take 2 Sessions, !

Just a thought, Bish. But I know they'd come !

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

Here you go, Bish:

On one person that he would still like to meet:

"[I'd] like to find out what [Jesus Christ] was all about," he added. "Separate the reality from mythology. Find out the roots of what has become a major religion of my time. I was raised in a good Methodist home and I had questions about organized religion, and I would love to have the answers."

-Hugh Hefner in an interview/article on

Sounds like Hef needs some SOTB, LifeSkills, and some of Bishop's books!

Erik said...

Thinking – Sort of related to MITN –

God is in complete control and power, Praise God ! The Word made Flesh is the flesh , like us, manifestation of The Creator, in this world, like us. The Creator who has endowed each one of us with the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. God who displays graciousness and supporter of unalienable rights, to the extent of even creating independent, free, creators (us).

Identifying those who love as connected directly to The Creator. So, it is natural for those who are strongest, with the most unfettered connection with God, to express the greatest graciousness and upholding the unalienable rights of every one, following the example of The Creator, and The creator in the Flesh.

As it is natural for those who are weaker, and have more accepted fetters between them and God, express the least graciousness and see the rights as alienable that The Creator has endowed. Depending on how closely others agree with their fears. The more agreement with fear, lack of trust in God, the more graciousness given, and the more they support the rights The Creator has endowed.

It is the expression of the soul into the natural, as it is.

Anonymous said...

Swine flu, in the name of Jesus, go run over a cliff and drown in the sea below.

wv... insio

karl cobos said...

Bishop, you mentioned in the lifeskills parenting meeting about how when you were young sometimes you were at school writing on the blackboard..."I WILL not talk in class, I WILL not talk in class..."

Maybe all that "I WILL" writing ended up being turned around and used to lay down a basic foundation for the NOW mentality, such as in AYITN, every writing starts with "I WILL...", over and over again.

God used all the blackboard writing and it has paid off!

Love, Karl

Anonymous said...

Swine flu, avian flu, so does this mean pigs are gonna fly?

karl said...

Jules: though ten thousand fall at side, it will not come near you.
I say that any devourer of your health and peace is rebuked in Jesus' name.

BTW I left you a note under the comments on my blog. God bless!

karl cobos said...

Bishop, blessings and safety on all your paths!

I just finished a new post on my blog called FREE TO...
Love to have you check it out when you get a chance, or any of the friends here on the blog, too.

For quick reference it's

Thanks!...and God bless!

P. Avery said...

v.10 ..."if covenant is really that important"...

I realized an unexpected benefit of covenant this past Sunday as I prepared to be ITB after Dad's crossing over. Crossing my mind was the realization that the time had come for me to find out what it's like to be the "top generation". I'd always felt protected somehow knowing grandparents and parents were there and sometimes wondered what it would be like.

Y'all! What I realized Sunday is that "in covenant", especially at CITN, there is no "being the top layer." It felt like there were 100 layers! And then it seemed as if "Who are my mother and my brothers?" was such a gentle question and MITN 12:50 "For true family is not defined by name or blood or genetics" became real in new way and all the layers of protection were added. It was and is very cool. I highly recommend the covenant of EACH to everyone and I'm looking forward to learning whatever else is hidden in that powerful 8-letter word.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bloggers,

Our Word for today is “Restorer.”
Our God is a Restorer of everything. What the enemy has taken away from us, our Father the Restorer is well able to restore all on our behalf. Our life, our children, our home, our marriage, etc, when we cannot do it ourselves!

For the Lord is good and His love endures forever, His faithfulness continues through all generation. (Ps.100:3)

Love and Joy

Northern Light said...

word ver: prophie
a young prophet


Wednesday........LifeSkills night:)

Izumi/JOY said...

I'm so glad you left these chapters open for comment, Bish. I read them anticipating fresh revelation.

This morning it seems like an entirely different paradigm in v. 4.

He replied to them, “Have you never read in your Scriptures that He Who made them from the beginning made them male and female?

The reference to Genesis 2 seems apparent - woman was actually taken out of man & made from him.

V. 5 is interesting. I just read Gen. 2:24, where it says the same. Interesting, because of the word "cleave". One application means to adhere to. Another, to split or divide.

I guess my question is... how would Adam know to say that & why? (leave his father and mother - how would he recognize parental relationships, if he was raised by God the Father?)

Since man is made in God's image, does that mean He is both male & female, too? (created in spirit like God, I understand that - just wondering about Gen. 1:26.)