Monday, April 13, 2009

MITN XVI, Verses 21 - 28

Hey bloggers...yesterday was beautiful in every way...thanks for being a part of the CITN Resurrection Celebration...thanks, also, for the comments to Judah about his ordination...I'll leave the post open for any of you who want to add something there...

I finally finished Chapter XVI of MITN last night while watching two versions of King of Kings back to back (the 1927 Cecille B. DeMille silent version was infinitely more interesting and stylish, although much less Scripturally accurate than the 1961 version)...if you happened to watch it, H.B. Warner, who played Jesus in the original version, was the actor who played Mr. Gower in It's A Wonderful Life many years later...

Anyway, here's the rest of the chapter...

21. At that time Jesus began to unveil the big picture to His disciples of what was coming. He made it clear to them that He was going to Jerusalem to submit Himself to an ordeal of suffering at the hands of the very religious leaders with whom He had so often contended, even going so far as to disclose that He was going to be killed, and would be raised from death on the third day.

22. But Peter, stunned by this revelation, took Him aside to rebuke Him, privately, saying, “Don’t ever say such a thing again, Lord! There is absolutely no way that we would ever allow or tolerate something like that to happen to You!

23. But Jesus, in an effort to resist being swayed by the natural affection of a friend, turned away from Peter (both physically and emotionally) and, over His shoulder, said to him, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a hindrance in your attempt to prevent Me from walking in My higher purpose! You have no idea what’s really happening here…your human perception can’t protect Me from the will of God!”

24. Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Look, if anyone really desires to be My disciple, he or she is going to have to resist and deny any attempts at self-preservation which are at odds with his/her divine destiny…or, I could put it this way…he or she is going to have to take up his or her personal ‘cross’…whatever that represents to that person… and, choosing to do the right thing above doing the easy thing, follow Me.”

25. For whoever is bent on saving the temporal life…temporal comfort…temporal security, at any cost, is potentially going to sacrifice what is eternal…or lose the better blessings of the eternal life. Likewise, whoever releases their grip on the lower luxuries of the temporal life for My sake shall find the excellence of the eternal life.

26. The bottom line is this…it is ultimately unprofitable for an individual to compromise himself (or herself) in order to get everything he or she wants, and then lose himself/herself in the process. What’s the point of gaining the whole if you have to lose your very essence…your sense of self…your purpose…your soul…to do so?

27. So see beyond the scenario of My (your/our) short-lived suffering, and realize that the Son of Man is going to come in the glory and majesty and splendor of His Father with His angels…nothing and no one can prevent it…and when that happens you’ll get everything you have coming to you as a personal gift.

28. And I’m not just placating you with platitudinous promises…the benefits of the eternal life are not held for you in the sweet by and by…I’m talking about Kingdom blessings in the now. In fact, some of you standing here are going to see it take place…your eyes will see the Son of Man revealed in Kingdom glory!"


Northern Light said...

You four look AWESOME !

I will post my thoughts on the verses a bit later, but for right now I just wanted to say that this photo of the four of you is beautiful in many ways. What a special day it was for the Swilleys and deservedly so.

What a difference a week makes, eh?

Northern Light

lhollow27 said...

I felt so proud yesterday. As a parent I can only imagine how you two must have felt. I couldn't stop weeping. :) It was beautiful to see the young generation go forward and support their new Pastor. I was moved to tears at the thought of my girls generation becoming world changers in a NOW mindset. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of something so intimate. something shifted yesterday. When Pastor Debye spoke over Judah and publically announced that she would allow her seat to move and Judah to take on a seat beside you (probablly not capturing what she said verbatim), and be obedient to the Holy Spirit, I can't explain what happened....but it felt like a shift in the church took place. I couldn't be more proud of where we are going and I agree that our kids will change the world and bring a new revelation to PEACE.
Without making this TOO long, I received a word yesterday as well. I have began my resurection process today by applying for new jobs, and losing the bitterness towards my previous employer. I am a winner darnit.....and I have a lot to contribute to a company. Thanks for helping me to understand what it is that I have been going through for the last few months of being laid off. :)My resurection has begun and I will arise from this slump and come out better than ever!

Northern Light said...

I posted this in "our prayer room", but maybe some of you don't visit there, (you should, we're a powerful family)........but I wanted to share this.
I got up this morning, saw the day, and thought "something is different". I sit here now, tears streaming down my face, in "thanksgiving" for the confirmation from GOD I just received, that a situation I totally and really "gave up" to HIM yesterday, with the Resurrection, was heard and handled ALREADY! Off my mind and heart.

The peace and free feeling of the release of all the "whens and what ifs" is a beautiful thing. Trust....

For all of my prayer family, having a situation that would immediately benefit their life by "Letting Go and Letting God" it NOW !

Northern Light

Northern Light said...

Hey Bish,

Are you aware that the AYITN and LifeSkills posts have reverted back to last week, April 6? I thought it was my computer, but every other room is fine.....

Just FYI..


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Is today National "No-blogging" Day?

Northern Light said...

aw............I don't count? I must have upset you with the party planning posts .......

hee hee


Northern Light said...

anyway........I think it's that "day after the day before" good food overload!

blogging after digesting.....HA

But I'm with you........where are y'all ?


Crownjewel said...

CONGRATS to Judah!!!! BEAUTIFUL picture!

Love the scriptures! (Doing the right thing vs doing the easy!) How true~esp in light of eternity!

Blessings & Love to all!!

G8TRGRL said...

word veri: gusighee

(hey) gusi- ghee, don't leave so many "presents" in the grass at CITN.

Just a funny word.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

NL...of course you count...your comments are always awesome and welcome...but the sites you mentioned are fine on my computer...I don't know what's up with that...

Avatar said...

I certainly hope this isn't Nat'l no blogging day...however, dinner's waiting, so I'll be back, but I do have to say:

ditto on the photo comments, NL!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Avatar...thanks so much for the heads up about the typos in v. 21 and v. 28...I can't believe I didn't see really does take a village!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

lhollow27...thanks for that...

tracy said...

Judah wow-I only got to "at that time Jesus began to unveil the big picture..." I can't take anymore. Wow again...

Pastor Dennis said...

And I’m not just placating you with platitudinous promises…the benefits of the eternal life are not held for you in the sweet by and by…I’m talking about Kingdom blessings in the now. In fact, some of you standing here are going to see it take place…Now that was making it very clear. But most didn't get it then and still don't today. We seem to want to live in regret over the past or anxious about the future. For some reason it is very hard (in the natural mind) to live IN THE NOW and except that the kingdom of God is Now. Really there can only be Now anyway.

Peace and Grace,

Northern Light said...

Okay Bishop,
I do not know what's up either, but it feels a bit like one of my new favorite shows "Life on Mars".

I still can't get today's blog sites for AYITN or LifeSkills. THIS Is where it gets weird for me. AYITN shows me April 6 "Be Grateful"....I had made a comment that day on how challenging that one was to recall some things, but in a good way. Funny only shows one comment, but when you hit comments, two appear and mine is there.

The LifeSkills is for April 1, which was your "Unplugged".....I posted three times on that one, and while they all show, I'm thinking that because my computer only goes there, perhaps I'm suppose to spend this evening watching that DVD again ! I can do that.

So, I don't anyone else having trouble there today?

Northern Light

Northern Light said...

I'm out of "Mars" and back to April 13, 2009! whew.....'s a perfect one
word ver : cathori

C'mon, you don't need me to figure it out, it's pretty clear. (more Mars for me)haha


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

That's totally bizarre, NL...anyway, welcome back to earth!

Northern Light said...

Good to be home !

Donald said...

You need to quit smoking that stuff NL.

No problems here.

Hit your refresh button.

Northern Light said...

Aw man, Donald!

Whatcha' talkin 'bout, Willis ?

Ah... someone's good ole' days?

Peace and thanks for the laugh, AGAIN!


jon scott said...

I am very proud of Rev. J. Swill.... very cool.
I say that Knowledge, prosperity, strength and most importantly Wisdom be yours in great abundance.

Love and respect you YO. (had to through that in.)

Izumi/JOY said...

Beautiful family pic. Congratulations, P. Judah!

21. ... "to submit Himself to an ordeal of suffering" - intense line.

23. Never really thought about why Jesus would tell Hisfriend/disciple to get behind Him, until I just read this. Wonder if it's because Peter's voice was too much grounded in the past (like, say, the conflict in the garden - "Did God really say that?") and not forward thinking.

Bish, I like that you wrote, "over His shoulder". To me, a reminder where Jesus bore His ever expanding, peaceful government.

26. Rhema words: "What's the point of gaining the whole, if you have to lose your very essence... your sense of self... your purpose... your soul..."

28. ...Kingdom blessings in the now... YES! Talk about it!