Saturday, May 30, 2009

MkITN V, Verses 21 - 43

21. When Jesus had crossed in the boat back to the other side, a large crowd met him at the lakeside.

22. And there on the shore, something unprecedented happened...from out of the crowd, one of the rulers of the synagogue came up to Him, Jairus by name...but this religious leader wasn't there to discuss the Law, or to confront Him about some perceived infraction of it. On the contrary, when this man saw Him, he prostrated himself at His feet.

23. And he begged Him earnestly, saying, "Sir, my little daughter is at death's door...please come and lay Your hands on her, so that she may be healed and live."

24. And, without question, Jesus went with him, the whole crowd tagging along, pushing and pressing in, almost suffocating Him in their excitement and desire to see, up close, what was going to happen.

25. And while they were en route, there appeared a woman who had suffered from a debilitating condition of hemorrhaging for twelve years.

26. A long succession of physicians, including some quack doctors, had treated her, to no avail. Not only were they all incompetent...powerless to help her...they also had taken advantage of her desperate vulnerability...taking all her money, bleeding her dry, financially, and leaving her worse off than before she had the condition.

27. But when she started hearing the reports about Jesus, she was energized with hope...and when she realized that He was actually in close proximity to her, a sense of faith motivated her to come up behind Him in the throng and touch His garment.

28. So she started thinking and saying out loud to herself, "I believe that if I can just put my finger on his robe, I will get well!" And the more she said it, the more she believed it...and the more she believed it, the more she said it.

29. The words she kept speaking built her confidence, and increased her physical strength, enabling her to push through the mob of people and finally make a connection with Him, both physically and spiritually. And, on contact, her constant flow of blood was immediately dried up at the source. It was undeniable...she could feel the change, and knew, instantly, that her long nightmare was over and done with.

30. Interestingly, at the very same moment, Jesus felt healing power discharging from Him...He sensed when His flow of energy stopped her flow of blood. So He turned around to the crowd and asked, "Who just touched my robe?"

31. His disciples said, "Are you kidding? How can you possibly ask 'Who touched me?' when hundreds of hands are all over You in this mass of people?!"

32. But He wouldn't let it go. He kept on asking about it, knowing that something very unusual had just happened. He stopped in His tracks and just stood there, looking intently through the crowd until He finally zeroed in on the woman.

33. But she, finally feeling the full impact of it all, just fell down before Him, and emotionally gave him the whole story.

34. When she finished giving her testimony, Jesus compassionately continued the miracle by calling her "Daughter" in front of the whole crowd...and in that one word, He reversed the stigma, spelled out in Levitical Law, that was attached to the kind of female reproductive problem that she had dealt with for over a decade. Reconnecting her to a world that would have normally ostracized her, He said, "Daughter, you took a risk of faith, and it has paid off for you! You're healed, and more than're whole! Live well, be blessed, and be continually healed of your plague."
35. But while He was virtually in mid-sentence, some people came from the house of Jairus and said to him, "We have bad news...your daughter is dead. Come with us...why bother the Teacher any more?"

36. But Jesus, overhearing what they said, looked straight at Jairus, and before he could react to the news...before he could say a word...before he responded with any emotion, whatsoever...Jesus said to him, "Jairus...look at Me...don't say anything...don't feel anything...don't grieve...don't cry...don't be seized with alarm or struck with fear. Do one thing, and one thing, only...only believe!"

37. And from that point, He permitted no one to accompany Him except Peter and James and John, the brother of James.

38. And when they arrived at the house of the ruler of the synagogue, He looked around at the large number of people who had already gathered, friends, and even the professional mourners...all weeping and wailing loudly together.

39. And He was very direct with them, even abrupt, saying, "What's all this drama about? Everyone needs to settle down right now...this child isn't dead...she's just sleeping!"

40. And the people in the room switched, almost automatically, from crying to laughing...laughing at Him, that is...jeering at Him, and sarcastically telling Him that He was out of touch with reality.

41. But He was unfazed by their negative reaction to His creative words, and He ran them all out of the house. Then, taking the child's father and mother, and those who were with Him, He went into the room where the little girl was lying.

41. And, gripping her firmly by the hand, He said to her in His native tongue, "Talitha cumi"...which translated is, "Sweetheart, or, Little girl, I say to you, arise!"

42. And at these simple words, this girl of twelve was up and walking around! Her family, understandably, were all amazed and beside themselves with joy.

43. But as they were rejoicing and embracing their living daughter, He gave them strict orders that no one was to know what had taken place in that room. Then He said, "All right now, go find this precious one something to eat."


Northern Light said...

He said, "Daughter, you took a risk of faith, and it has payed off for you!
See, now that's what I'm talking about.......That's what I want Him to say to ME ! HE's been talking alot to me lately, well, I just think I've been "hearing AND listening" alot better, because He's always been talking I should think.........

For now, that's simply my YEAH !!!


Avatar said...

v. 34 "Jesus compassionately continued the miracle"...I remember the first time I heard your revelation of these scriptures and the effect that it had on those who were there to hear it. The number of people who carry the pain of stigmas of all kinds is staggering...which means the possibilities for restoration from this scripture alone--[quoting PM:when it reaches the masses]--are equally staggering.


v. 34 " continually healed of your plague." -- an enlightening and important word, "continually" well as the expanded v.28...more pearls resting like Easter eggs waiting to be gathered from the clear fields of MkITN.

Larry Usher said...

Only God can show us who we really are. Jesus always showed people what and who they were: healed, whole, in their right mind- free from adversarial lies and deceit. The Holy Spirit is today still in the business of reminding us who we are-a clue is found in Phillipians 4:8-"...whatever is true, right pure, noble, lovely, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy, think on these things."(paraphrase)-this is who we are and how we need to see ourselves. We are the righteousness of God in Christ, we are seated with Him, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in us- what more proof do we need of the identity that flows through our innermost being- we are God breathed, God created, God upheld; in Him we live and move and have our being.
We must be willing to go through the pain of the process in which we allow the Spirit to jettison all unnecessary baggage and "clingers-on" that hinder and obscure the real man of the heart.
When we undergo this purging, we must be mindful that the Body is to be sought out rather than avoided-so as to draw strength from each other. The natural inclination is to shrink back and isolate onesself so as to "go away and lick your wounds"- this may work with some creatures, but usually not in man. Humans have a unique capacity to succor and heal and compliment with their presence.

Don't ever forget your identity and don't be bullied into giving it away for even a minute without "coming to your senses" and facing the person in the mirror of God.

Ablessed good night to all...

Izumi/JOY said...

Good morning beloved Universe! A blessed new day.

21. This is a meaningful metaphor: Jesus crossed in the boat back to the other side.


Wouldn't make sense if He aimlessly zig-zagged across the lake. 23. Verse 21 seems to fit here. Jairus opened the door to Life.

24. How like an olive press. On one Hand, the high profile religious leader with faith. On the other, an invisible, bloody woman of faith.

And, of course, amidst it all, the crowd's issues.

25 & 42. The number 12 may be significant. (divine administration?)

26. Her physicians were everything Christ is not.

27 & 28 Like Romans 10:8!

The symbolism of His robe is significant, too, I think. (robe = cloak; an upper garment. A mantle.)

29. If it's true that a gift makes a way for the giver and invites him/her into the presence of greatness, then this woman's faith was of the first magnitude.

Love how contact with eternal Life's Blood stanched her afflictions.

31. Wow... they were so close to Jesus that they could ask Him that. (He wasn't kidding - He was laminating.)

..."in this mass of people?!" ( context is quantity, I understand) Still, it's interesting that the word also means a collection of incoherent particles, as well as a body of coherent matter.

The next verse makes me laugh at its discovery.

32. ..."knowing something unusual just happened..." What would Jesus consider unusual?

I like, "... looking intently through the crowd until He finally zeroed in on the woman.." (zero, the lowest point or degree). It evokes imagery of the Lord searching for pulsating plasma - a cosmic glob of Himself.

I appreciate how reading it this way reminds me of Hebrews 4:12,13.

33. He recognized faith DNA, not the affliction.

34. By Jesus calling her daughter, I'm jettisoned back to the shore of v.22, where, "something unprecented happened, from out of the crowd."

v.35 says, "He was virtually mid-sentence," - He probably was. After restoring virtue, and establishing relationship, some arrived speaking death back into the atmosphere.

Their question is unusual. "Why bother the Teacher any more?" (bother? Why was He sent? Teacher? That's all they saw in Him?)

Verse 36 amplifies the voice of an advocate.

v.37 - 41 Love it; they'd already witnessed something unprecedented on a mountaintop with the Lord. Already heard Abba's admonition to listen to His Son. Interesting how there were 7(the # of perfection) in the room.

43. Wouldn't it be funny, if they all laughed with gladness, perceiving that she'd already absorbed healing bread?

karl cobos said...

On the way home but wanted to say thank you so much for the word today!

I say that my digestion is blessed so that I can assimilate it all, will plan on getting the Cd/DVD.

Yesterday my son and I were discussing briefly Jeremiah 31:33 about everyone knowing the Lord, and He stood near me and said, "we were born knowing Him."
I'm still thinking about that.

word ver: medumbau
..sounds like and actual word maybe, of course in some other language.

Northern Light said...

Today's Service......


I will climb and sit on those limbs for this day and all to follow. Heck, I'm building a treehouse ~ wanna come and play, anyone?

Yes, Bish, I had "an ear" to "hear" and I DID. I believe that many others did, too! Awesome word.

You "went somewhere" today during that ending song and it kinda' reminded me of in the movie "Meet Joe Black", near the end of the movie, when the fireworks are cracking in the background and Brad Pitt (Joe) is about to "leave", but really, he isn't, now is he>?

All I know is that as I sat on my leather loveseat, with tears flowing and just running everywhere,(yes, that much).....I saw the HS in your eyes though the wonder of this computer, and awe-struck wonder of being a witness to the marvelous use of you that HE allows to reach through. You are a wonderful vessel, receptive and used for HIS Glory.
Praise You and P. Debye. I had a "vision" of her and I, during that service, but I will reserve that for a personal visit and conversation, it is sure to come to pass, I believe that.

Peace& love to you today Bishop, you were amazing and touched many, besides me, I'm sure of that.

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

We all build our Tree house as NL refferred to and it is a progressive building just like all else in our journey. I've been playing in mine for a few moments now and have entertained many friends in it that have gone on to build their own. The marvelous thing is that we all have different houses in the same Tree.

This morning's teaching was so lovely and pure. There is no greater truth than what we already know to be Life. That was laid out clear and, in the language of what is best percieved to be now, easy to hear. These truths are already in us all. When we see them revealed in such a manner as they were today it is a blessing from The Word that is resident among us as the Holy Spirit.

Thank You Father for such a wonderful day as this.

tracy said...

Today was great. By far one of your greatest messages ever! It will stay with me I can assure you. I am getting Tristen to print me a LIFE sign to hang on a tree in our kitchen. I am truly amazed at the words that you speak and how parallel they are to many conversations spoken in our house over the past week. Conversations we just had yesterday with David's family in town for Bryan's graduation. I stand in amazement at how you can speak a word like that so anointed and full of intelligence and some of that seed will still fall to the ground to a few who cannot open their ears and hear. But like you said It IS ALL GOOD. On a happy note-today when you were talking about Adam and Eve and who told you that you were naked it reminded me...Bailey had a graduation tea at school-they called it a Tea by the Sea and all of the kids wore bandanas and pirate eye patches-well Bailey came home and took a bath and after she got out she ran buck naked across our den. All we saw was big white jiggly butt (she is no small potato) Anyway I said Bailey you can't run through the house naked, your daddy and brother are here and she turns around sporting her pirate eye patch and just says "grrrrrrr". for some reason it struck me as hilarious.

Northern Light said...

I, for one, Delight in your "Bailey" stories and always laugh out loud ....write on, Mom ~


P Nancy said...

I was touched by the word that came forth today- The trees- oh my goodness..LIFE!
Today after your word- not knowing that I would end up where I did----I ended up going and actually sitting under a waterfall! The water was pouring over me and was very powerful! Just like at CITN! God is so good!!

Sitting where the Glory spout comes out....
P Nancy

One thing I always say is that I want to sit where the glory spout comes out and MAN- God slam dunked today!

P Nancy said...

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me

I had to add this!

Iris said...

Hi everyone,
I know… I know… I haven’t been on in a long time… I could give you a hundred million reasons why… but I will spare you the details… and just blog…

Today’s service was / is absolutely transforming… To see both tree’s through God’s eyes… The revelation of how God saw the world through the first Adam’s eyes, then through the second Adam’s eyes… And now He sees it through our eyes… I guess the question is … Which tree are we looking through… Good/Evil… or LIFE…. For me… I choose LIFE!!!!

Revelation has become to me like a skilled surgeon who performs the complicated operation of renewing sight to the blind. And with my renewed sight, it is sometimes overwhelming, but better than I have ever dreamed…. The universe has always been there… It’s just through years of religion clouding our eyesight, we no longer see what is real. Then a spoken word… A rhema word, comes the transformed sight of what really is… and... It’s as if I’m seeing the world for the first time. The blue sky is bluer than I could ever imagine… The exquisite artwork of the masters painted sunset more beautiful than remembered… The vivid colors of a rainbow stretched across the sky announcing a promise, is felt… The stars… the flowers… Seeing the universe the way God sees it… Even though it is a place that has always been… it is like living in a whole new world.

Amazing isn’t it… so many suffer from blindness, and walk through life in a misty… Just because someone witnesses the ocean doesn’t mean he’s seen the grandeur of one. One can live near a blossoming garden and fail to focus on the splendor of the flower, or live a lifetime with spouse and never pause to look into the their soul. A person can be all that goodness calls them to be and still never see the Author of life. But when the surgical hands of revelation renew our sight, our world becomes an exquisite garden perfected to heavenly satisfaction. The flaming swords are no longer a hazy light, and the path to the tree of life clear and sure… The world seen the way God sees it… realizing the universe has been in our hands all along.

I don’t know about you… but from where I stand… the view is beautiful… It’s all so clear now!

Thank you Bishop for allowing the skilled surgeon of revelation to transform our sight once again.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

30. Interestingly, at the very same moment, Jesus felt healing power discharging from Him...He sensed when His flow of energy stopped her flow of blood. So He turned around to the crowd and asked, "Who just touched my robe?"

This is an interesting phenomena. I've heard many accounts of people sensing the presence of others and turning to see them making eye contact with them in a simultaneous moment of the other person's turn and have experienced that on some rare occassions myself. I've sensed the empartation of energy coming into me and flowing through me from other people. The way it is paraphrased above can only be stated by someone that has experienced that flow of energy on many occassions.

I have loved this miracle story of the woman who touched the garment of Jesus for many reasons through the years and there is now another good reason. The Word given by the Spirit yesterday welcomed us into the age of the Spirit where old things are left in the past and new ways of this new age are prevailing. This has been happening in isolated places around the world for a long time but it has become a mark of awareness for spirtual people to recognize each other by the Spirit more in this present time across the many religious views of God and it is even acknowledged by many from the scientific community as an area of enigmatic nuropath communication.

Yes, the word delivered yesterday is a now word and is right in step with the description of Jesus recognition of this energy.

This entire passage is another very well worded paraphrase with many wonderful takes on these miracles. I love the blogger comments on them and how they agree with my soul.

We are not alone.

"elle" said...

Hey, everyone!

It's been too long, but gosh, I've been busy.

Just wanted to quickly say that yesterday's word was great... perhaps a slightly different approach to SOTB1. Anyway, loved it! And although props are certainly not always necessary, I do SO love it when they work for you... adds a whole new dimension!


karl said...

Age of the Spirit makes me think NEW WORLD; like NEW WORLD ORDER:
GODS'S WORLD - GOD'S ORDER, the Spirit system.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...


OK, I know it was a deep message. And even Bishop said, "please let the HS talk to your spirit". I get that. And I'll admit, I haven't been a member of the congregation (cyber) for all that long. But to say today's message was "out there" OMG, that is putting it lightly!!! Bishop, I love that you are "out there". I love that you are not in the box!!!! Mostly I love that you make no apologies for going outside of the religious box!!!

HOW-EV-ER (to coin a phrase from Bishop)I think I heard you say (and maybe I should listen to it again...which I plan to) God was subject to Adam's view of sin (right and wrong) until Jesus came and "abolished the law". What???? Jesus didn't abolish the law...he fulfilled it!!! The law was not to be done away with, it pointed to Yeshua as the fulfillment of the law.

I don't know...I have to listen to the message again. I know I missed part of it because the connection froze up...but I appreciate that Bishop recognized that it was enough out there that he asked, even begged, us to let go of our religious strongholds and listen with an open heart. I'm just not sure I can agree with it...

That was some serious meat to chew on!!! Thank you Bishop, for not feeding us baby food!!!! I'll get back with you on it after I chew on it a while!!! :)

Glad to be a part of the family!!


Hi Jere,

I'm answering your comment on the CITN blog here. The verse to which you are referring is Matthew it is in MITN:

“Look, don’t think that I have come to do away with or undo the Law or the Prophets; in fact, I have come not to do away with or undo them, but to complete and fulfill them and to make them finally make sense to you."__________________

As I frequently say, Jesus and Paul often said quite different things about various subjects, mainly because Jesus' words in the Gospels were recorded pre-atonement, While Paul's revelation was totally post-atonement.

Jesus, indeed, said that He came to fulfill the Law, while Paul, particularly in places like Romans 8, and the 3rd and 4th Chapters of Galatians, said that the Law was made to implode and become if it had an inherent timer that would cause it to self-destruct at some point.

This is how I reconcile the two concepts...if the Law was always meant to become obsolete, and ultimately point us to Christ, then when Jesus said that He came to fulfill it, He was saying, in effect, "I came to fulfill the destiny of the Law, and to ultimately bring about its death."

In other words, the fulfillment of the Law is the abolishing of it.

To some it may be a matter of semantics, and it's certainly not something I want or need to argue about...just wanted to explain what I meant when I said that...

Thanks for being a good listener...

Shout out to Houston...

P. Avery said...

Tweeters know that I've been especially enamored lately with listening to Susan Boyle's original performance on Britain's Got Talent--I even have it on my phone. I cannot seem to get enough of the moment when the two backstage guys react to what happens.

These guys were TOTALLY aware of what was about to happen when the judges heard Susan sing...(saying to the cameras "you weren't expecting THAT now were you?...NO!")... But even THEY seem surprised when Susan hits her high note on "shame"....and the audience explodes! Their reaction is "WOOOOW!!...LOOK AT THAT!!!"

Over 100 million YouTube hits confirms that something about the whole clip hit a place in the collective psyche of the world.

I say all that to say this:
There was a moment yesterday, when Bishop was showing us God, peeking through the branches of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and saying "so God agreed with the first Adam..."

Bloggers, I know you agree and understand then why I thought at the time..."WOOOW...Look at THAT!". Although the WOW's didn't erupt at that moment, all the "WOW!'s" on Twitter, both blogs and, as he's mentioned, in emails and texts to him personally...all confirm...there could be "100 million hits" on this message as it does the work of touching a collective place in the as-yet-unmanifested Body of Christ. Let it be so.

Donald said...

With all the people in the crowd pushing and shoving and bumping into Jesus, one would think that healings were taking place everytime that contact was made, but apparently nothing happened to anyone else in the crowd except for the woman who had a purpose for making contact with Jesus.
I guess everyone else was just tagging along to see what Jesus could do and had no interest in making REAL contact with Him.

Izumi/JOY said...

Pic at v. 22 - Is THAT the unprecedented something?

I appreciate juxtaposition in the pictures.

v. 29 - The woman with the issue of blood is wearing a purple robe. Her head and shoulders are draped in white cloth.

Her left hand reaches the right side of the Lord's hem. Her right hand touches stony earth.

v. 41 - The Lord wears a dark robe.

His left hand holds the child's right hand; He touches the earth.

Her head rests on the left arm of the couch. The cloth behind, and under her is white.

Around them, the wall is stone.