Monday, June 22, 2009


peacemaker said...

Don't know if you usually read my 'For Your Consideration' notes, but read the one I just wrote and mailed immediately before I received your tweet that you posted on BITN.
Is the universe trying to say something?

Peace To You

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

I don't think I get them any more...put me back on your list...I assume we were on the same

karl said...

I pray and speak that the gifts of faith be poured out today, mountains are brought low, valleys lifted and the rough places be made plain among us today, that the glory of the Lord is revealed and we all see it together, in Jesus' name.

karl cobos said...

Hi Bishop, just read AYITN, and from some of those words I decided to make my post of the day on my blog also say BREAK OUT!..Ya know, when you get a chance...(when I do that I generally always try to mention that I did get some of those words from your book, and my plan is to have a link on my page that will go there).
"Eye of the Tiger" song came on soon as I finished, I thought that was cool.

On a funny note my son said last night, "it's good to have sugar around, then you can be as fast as me!" (loved it)

karl said...

I just had to write this word ver:
(that's chicken in Spanish)

Bishop Jim Swilley said... it...long live the flow!

Izumi/JOY said...

If anything is possible (and, I believe that's true) it's possible to understand:

* How my home has inexplicably smelled of frankincense during prayer time, when there's none (physically) on the premises. Ditto that for other fragrant aromas.

* How my children notice my perfume in their homes long after I've visited. (have even been questioned whether I spritzed it around - too funny!)

* How my home smelled of fresh baked bread, when communion was being served @ CITN one night.

* How foods my children prepared (two in other GA. counties - one in another state) manifested scents in my house.

* How I (sometimes) remember folks before we met (here, in earth time).

* How my husband, children, mother, siblings and friends have (sometimes) dreamed the same dream I have. Like, walking around the sanctuary in jammies, for instance. Or, classroom cubicles in the mezzanine.

* How it's possible to see light emanating from and around some.

* How it's possible to see other apparel superimposed over the natural realm. (once, in the older sanctuary, I wondered why you - Bish, entered, wearing a yarmulke. Waited and listened for relevance to your teaching, but you never brought it up. No-one else seemed to notice, so I said nothing.)

* How it's possible that during prayer time, the fragrance of fruit was so strong, that my daughter commented on the curiosity, from outside my closed door.

After describing this anomaly with a pastor (of another church), the incident seemed both fascinating and perplexing to him. He'd been in his prayer closet that morning, too. Asked what time this happened, paused a few minutes, then described hearing a woman singing. Same words I'd sung - at the same hour!

* How it's possible to verbally "high five" someone over the phone (after intercession), then have all the phones in the house, temporarily go out.

* How it's possible to walk past or into a room & hear music or bits of conversation, that immediately stop at my entrance.

* How it's possible to sing to bruised toes and watch the swelling disappear. My youngest once dropped a soda can on her foot. Immediately, it swelled up and looked nasty.

The Holy Spirit said, "Go sing to her toes." Well, OK. It worked. Afterwards, I wondered why. (Someone had playfully teased her about her feet, earlier, and she believed they were ugly.)

* How it's possible to see someone's angel (or physical earth rep) during an emergency. A few years ago, my husband had a medical procedure. I asked a friend to agree with me for his healing and good report.

It was an early morning appointment, so I was shocked to see our friend strolling past the admission's desk, as we were walking through the parking lot.

Even commented, "What's he doing here? Man, that's awesome!" Even moreso, when we discovered he never visited!

* How my family likes to play a game called, "prophetic gifts". We once made a joy basket, full of little girl hair accessories for (another) then prominent member of (another) church.

We had no idea of the significance or impact on our lives. Little girl hairbrush, barrettes, ribbons, No More Tears shampoo, bath toy, etc.

After a flood of tears, she shared how she was a disappointment to her mother. She loved the puddles - disdained frilly dresses, etc. Bathtime was the absolute worse - her rich mane of hair was for her, a curse.

Her mother seemed to take great delight in removing knots of it from her scalp, as if exorcising the demon of tomboy and all things fun.

If all things are possible - and, I believe it's true, then, how is it that God can take a wicker basket and what seems to be frivolous items to restore childhood?

The reason for my friend's visit was to inform us that the gifts of the Spirit (word of knowledge, etc.) were for some other time. We were "way out of line - out of order", expecting anything worthwhile.

Nevertheless... joy!

Son of Zadok said...

Great message yesterday. Stirred as many questions as gave answers, but that's a good thing. Some thoughts I had:

Many people quote that "the poor will always be among you" as a get out of jail free card for not having to worry about solving the problem of poverty. But I've heard it answered in response , "Well, how many of the poor do you have among you?" As if to say, we should bring the poor into our own personal lives and have them among us, not just that they will always be in the world.

The whole tragedy of the story you told about the killer and the girl..I know you said your a writer and not a reader, but you really should read ,The Shack, Bish. It deals with a story along those lines and displays the whole "I'll have mercy on whom I'll have mercy" paradigm. That book is a part of what is helping to stir a revolution of thought.

This is just my personal opinion, but although I don't believe in a literal burning hell, I do believe that their are different levels of reality people exist at after this life. I think people appear with others of their own kind until they are ready to move onto different spheres. Makes you think about some of the verses in the Bible that say things like, "until the last penny is paid", or "few lashes vs. many lashes".
I think if people are fully connected to a fleshly earthly life that when they die they appear on that frequency or that vibration that they've been living in the body. And if people are living heavenly spiritual lives on earth, that is how they will appear when they die. Consider ghosts, who can deny theirs something going on their. It's all a long process that has all the ages to work itself out. Quantum science is even talking a lot now about the fact that different realities exist in the same places. But the judge of the all the earth will surley do right.

Great sermon as always. Often I feel like the disciple when asked by Jesus if he was going to leave him to. And he responded with, "Where is it we could go?" Theirs no where like CITN.

ver: sword

Son of Zadok said...


That is some incredible stuff. Awesome!

Next time i need some agreement in prayer, I'm going to message you up. ;).

Izumi/JOY said...

Son of Zadok - yes, it is awesome! Still seeking wisdom and trying to get understanding of it all.

If any of it appears like bragging, understand, it's all on the Holy Ghost.

I like what you wrote about different levels of reality. No idea how or why things occur.

I attended a baby shower once, where I kept hearing the doorbell ringing. (no, it wasn't swimmer's ear or a seder; wasn't expecting Elijah - but, if he'd have shown, would have been cool)

Waited, looked around - anybody gonna get that? No? Fine. Let me. As soon as I stood, another guest (pastor) and my teenaged niece quipped, "Finally! Wondered why nobody answered."

Nobody else heard it!

Walked over to the door. Guess what? Nobody there. Yet. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang, again. I didn't budge. Hostess opened the door; another guest had arrived. Just not when the three of us heard the doorbell.

Regarding your musing about people being fully connected to a fleshly earthly life and appearing on that frequency/vibration after their demise - that makes sense to me, too.

A couple of years ago, while on vacation, I heard my father's voice. Hubby & I were in a restaurant during its off-season. It had been a long drive, and a long day.

The place was nearly empty. Our waitress seemed lackadaisical when she showed us where to sit. Thing is, my back hurt something fierce and the idea of sitting next to the kitchen didn't appeal to me.

So, I pointed to a row of empty booths; quiet, out of the way. Suggested that any one of them would work fine. She retorted (or seemed like it) that they were dirty - we'd have to wait till someone (probably herself) cleaned them.

I half growled, "We'll wait." Just that. But, I was thisclose to saying something fatigue/hunger induced, when I heard my father say my name.

First and middle - yep, that was his way.

Hubby noticed my silence & wondered about its cause. (maybe he was relieved) Daddy's earth walk frequency was saber-like; sometimes smooth and others, scarily scathing.

His tone in that instance surprised me. Not a good natured, paternal, "How ya doin' girl?", which in retrospect, is kinda what I might have expected after a couple of decades from a silent sounding board.

No, it was my first and middle name, blurted loudly, in a "watch-it-you're-about-to-cross-the-line" instance.

Even more startling was the mental download. Questions like, "You think your back hurts. What about hers? You have no idea how long she's been on her feet, or how much longer her day will be after you leave."

Suffice it to say, it went on awhile. There were tears. Great! We're-on-vacation-and-I'm-snotting-up-the-fancy-cloth-napkin! kind. Good ones.

Even more startling was her demeanor when waitress returned. Brought too much on the tray. Couldn't eat everything.

She asked, "Honey - everything OK? Anything else I can get for you?"

Maybe that was Daddy on the other side, too. (on a higher frequency)

Izumi/JOY said...

Since all things are possible, I have liberty to brag some more on Holy Ghost.

We'd had a sun-filled day at Tybee Island - two of my daughters and I. The plan was to fill up the car with gas and grab some Krispy Kreme doughnuts before we drove home.

We got as far as the gas station. Went inside to pay & grab some cold drinks to go with our treats. Only, that didn't happen immediately.

A "customer" at the counter demanded that the cashier give him change for a certain bill, without purchasing something, first.

The cashier explained that she couldn't open the cash register without a sale. Their conversation became more heated and the atmosphere in the store felt way different than when we first entered.

My kids were scanning the candy aisle when I walked over and whispered (faked casually) that maybe we should all sing in the Spirit. They looked over at the front counter, then back at me.

I strolled around, doing the same thing, under my breath while my insides felt like I'd just ingested a few Taco Bell packets. The magnitude of the situation felt that palpable.

A logical question might be, "Why in the world wouldn't she grab her babies and run?" And, my answer would be: I don't know.

But, here's what happened: Other customers entered the store within a few minutes. Customers with badges. A couple of law enforcement officers had just gotten off shifts (from what we could hear from the candy aisle).

The minute those doors opened, the irate "customer" grabbed his $5 (or whatever it was) and just about threw himself out of the building.

The cashier was pale & shaky, but otherwise relieved. In the car, my girls gasped, "Mom, do you think there were angels with us?"

I think all things are possible.

Izumi/JOY said...

And then Izumi took a deep breath and said to no one in particular, "Did you ever open a new bloginthenow screen, so you wouldn't lose the wordver?"

Right now, this one's giver.

Izumi/JOY said...

And, then, she thought to herself, Oh, dear God. The next post will be the 13th.

What if the Universe waits until the #14th submission? You know, the triskaidekaphobia, thing.

Better post again. (being used to superstititous stuff, and all)

Izumi/JOY said...

Receiving no comfort, she groaned and went away for awhile.

Iris said...

I'm loving all of the comments today... I've been at an all day First Responder, CPR certification renewal training... Possibly blog tomorrow... Brain is tired...

All things are possible... Praise God...

A friend recently asked me a question that I've been pondering... "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"

Now if that doesn't open every door of possibilities...

Blog later...

Izumi/JOY said...

All things are possible!

Thank You, Abba!
Thank you, Bish!
Thank you, Dr. Chironna!
Thank you, beloved Universe!

Izumi/JOY said...

It was winter, and to alleviate seasonal doldrums, I bought a pack of children's stickers, and purposed to catch up on correspondence one afternoon.

I wrote two letters. One to a sister in Indiana; another to a friend in Hawaii.

After no reply, I called to check on my sister. We weren't on the phone long, before she gasped, "What the heck?" She noticed something crawling on her window sill. Then, another and so on.

One whole wall of her home was covered with ladybugs. (in winter!) I laughed, "Hey, just like the envelope!"

She had no idea what I meant; hadn't checked mail. Curious, she sent my niece to the mailbox (through the ice and snow). Sure enough, the letter was there. (with a bazillion ladybug stickers across the back)

Not long afterwards, I received a call from my friend in Hawaii.

She practically screamed into the phone, "You're not gonna believe this! I just got your letter in the mail & looked out into my back yard. My garden is covered in chrysalises! They weren't there, yesterday!" (I'd plastered butterfly stickers across the back of her envelope.)

What's it all mean, I wonder.

Izumi/JOY said...

My younger sister, her two daughters and I took a road trip to Indiana, one summer. After the customary license plate recognition games (and every other we could think of), we found new ways to amuse ourselves to stave off road weariness.

They had a sunroof in the car, so I suggested we open that. The cloud coverage was gorgeous - wouldn't it be fun to reach our hands up to the sky and pull some of that into the vehicle?

It was late - we had the giggles; probably resembled descendants of Clark Griswold let loose on the Interstates, with all our hands in wave offering mode.

Fast forward to our return trip to GA.

We arrived at my sister's home, where my vehicle was parked in the driveway. It was dripping with water. I commented how it was a nice gesture of my brother-in-law to wash it, after it had sat there almost a week.

He hadn't! He wasn't even home - worked night shift. Their driveway wasn't wet. Neither was the street, or other vehicles on it. (my nieces walked a few feet down the sidewalk and checked)

Got home, described the events to my kids and hubby. The next weekend, we made plans with my sister's family to meet at a movie theatre.

It was crowded, so we parked in different places (a few rows from each other). When we emerged from the movie, it was late. We started to say our goodbyes right there.

Only, somebody noticed that my car was covered in rain drops. Cars beside us were dusty dry.

My nieces sprinted to inspect theirs.

Yep! Covered in raindrops, too. Others around it - dry.

Curious! (but, how fun!)

Izumi/JOY said...

On the afore mentioned road trip, during the license plate game, we noted one was Buffalo. We began a long discussion about the animal.

A few miles later, we neared a beautiful stretch of land and noted several figures dotting the hillside.

Could that possibly be? Were all four of us seeing the same thing?

My nieces squealed, "Oh my gosh!", when I pointed and asked, "Hey... what's that?!"

Later, none of us could recall where we saw them. I asked, "Where exactly were we, again?"

My sister countered, "What if it's not where, but when?"

Then, she looked for the next Exit ramp, thinking we seriously needed to get some eats.

Izumi/JOY said...

We'd gotten new neighbors, and I noticed their daughter was around the same age of our 5 year old. I was on my way with her to the grocery store and went over to check if they needed anything.

It was summer and I was pregnant - really ripe. I needed the exercise, a walk would be good.

Turns out, yes - I could get them something. Couple packs of cigarettes would be great, thanks.

But... no offer of money to pay for them.

Uncool. But, hey... I did offer. About the third block of that sweltering summer stroll, with my swollen, "Welcome to the neighborhood!" feet, I was thinking of just about every name, but good, to call new neighbors.

We made it to the convenience store (while I made a mental note to write management about the width of their sidewalks) and a nice breeze surfaced. Our attention was drawn to a chain link fence & a piece of paper caught in one of its wedges.

My daughter ran over, pulled it out and taunted, "finder's keepers!"

A dollar bill!

We went inside, did our shopping and headed home. I handed new neighbors their items and was waved away with a, "Oh, you can set 'em right there, thanks." Still no offer for reimbursement.

Hmm.... well, whatever.

Thing is, their nonchalance really scorched me. And, I let God know about it a couple of times.

Next trip, I'd just keep going. No more offers; let them buy their own tobacco. Taking advantage of an emotional pregnant woman - how insensitive - who does that, anyway?

Yeah, I had a few words for the Almighty. Why would He allow that to happen to me? Not like we were made of money. What kind of lesson was that teaching my daughter?

The next week, on my nightly waddle, these thoughts ping ponged in my mind. My daughter commented about her earlier discovery.

Wouldn't it be something, if there was more?

Highly unlikely, I thought. We arrived at the sidewalk - same place where she noticed the first bill. Waving at us in that same chain link fence was another bill.

Only, this time, it was a $5!

karl cobos said...

Interesting conversations because just this morning Natasha and I were discussing stories she had heard about people or things(like a mug) disappearing into "somewhere else".

She had a really strange spirit in her room the other day that at first showed up like a green electrical glow blanketing the bed, then appearing as a young man coming to hover over her...she wasn't scared, but couldn't say anything when she tried to speak the name of Jesus...finally she said "Jesus!", and it immediately vanished! What on earth or heaven was THAT!

WORD VER: boodi

Pastor Dennis said...

Just wanted to stop in and say hey to everyone. I read here sometimes. after caring for all the needs of my mother & and uncle I am usually just too tiered to write a response that is deserving of what I have read. The amount of energy - physical and emotional - that it takes to provide for the needs of an elderly person/s who is physically and mentally handicapped is incredible. I am usually physical, emotionally and mentally exhausted at the part of the day where I "could" post something.

I have complete faith and trust that God is in control and things are going according to his plan; and we know He causes all things to work together for good! Praise God!

Things are getting better "slowly" but improving at least.

I miss you all


Izumi/JOY said...

It was last month - Memorial Day, to be exact. For the most part, relaxing.

Until I got a phone call. Started out good - took an unusual detour, then ended well. Resisted defending myself.

Apparently, someone had spoken to others - planted tares in my absence. I weeded out what I could; the ones obscuring sunlight. Managed damage control. Even ended the call with a hopeful prayer.

Still, a couple of the fiery darts stung.

I groaned, and said to hubby, "What is up with that?! You know what? Maybe Jabez was right. What if I started praying like he did? Only for myself. Obviously that's everyone's perception!"

He mentioned something sensical, but I was somewhere in the middle of the phone call that just ended - was now boarding the fast train to rantsville.

Revving up in our living room, "That's it! God - You see my heart and motives. You know everything about me. Jabez asked You to bless him and enlarge his territory. Well, how 'bout me, Father?

Jabez asked that Your hand be with him, that You'd keep him from harm and pain. What's unscriptural about that? You granted his request. If You're no respecter of people, bless me. Even me.

Remember the times I deferred blessings thinking others needed them or deserved them more. I don't want to run from Your favor anymore; let others think what they want.

Denying Your ability and desire to bless me, is like saying You're limited - that You have no power. You can't provide.

That's about it! If You want to bless me, Father, do it. I dare You! You said You longed to be gracious to me. Surprise me with Your goodness! I dare You. C'mon, I receive!"

I had just enough time to inhale when we heard a LOUD noise in another room. We looked at each other and slooooowly got up, making our way into the dining room.

Laying on our kitchen floor was a picnic packet I keep in a basket by the wall. Obviously neither of us moved it from there. It wasn't tilted - couldn't slide out.

The sound was like somebody grabbed and slammed it onto the surface. It was THAT LOUD; scary LOUD.

I noted the contents: Paper napkins, cups, straws, plastic ware and plates.

Hubby and I stared at each other. "So... did ya get your answer? What do you think it is?", he asked.

I said something like, "WOOHOO!! Maybe it's, "Watch Me!"

In the mail the next day, we received notice about a bonus. Also, I won a couple dollars on a scratch-off ticket.

The following day, I walked into a store. There was another woman already at the counter, and a man to her right side.

She said to the clerk, "I'm gonna need you to put $15 on pump #1." The guy to her side tapped his knuckles on the counter. (not impatiently - just drumming)

I walked in and the cashier asked if he could help me. I waved, like, "I'll wait my turn." He repeated, "How can I help you, dear?"

I pointed to the woman already there and the man beside her. He said, "And, how are you today, dear?"

Really weird.

So, I asked, "May I redeem this (the scratch-off ticket) and get another?" He repeated, "Yes, dear. And, how are you, today?"

It took me awhile before I realized it might be God talking through him!

I said, "I am well, thank you!", because I can.

Izumi/JOY said...

Anything is possible... more angelic assistance:

It was spring break, and two of my daughters and I were en route to Indiana, when I made a wrong turn. No matter how many times I tried to navigate it, I kept missing my exit.

Just as I was about to panic, I spotted a state trooper that had stopped a semi. Hey, if anybody knew the stretch of road we were on, it would have to be him. I begged my girls to go flag him down.

But... no.

Didn't matter. He spotted us, walked over to my car, and asked if we needed assistance. I explained the problem, and he offered to show me the way.

"Just keep up!" he said.

Well... I tried.

Followed him until he motioned with his hand about something in the distance. I took the gesture to be, "Keep going in that direction". So, I merrily waved and kept moving, moving, forward.

Bad idea. The road lead us off the Interstate and into a housing development.

Collective groan.

"Great, mom! Now, what are we gonna do?!"

I reasoned, "Well... if he saw that I turned where I did, maybe we'll see flashing red lights at the top of that hill any minute."

I no sooner mused that, before it actually happened.

The trooper stopped behind us, walked up to the driver side and motioned for me to roll down the window.

"Didn't I tell you to stay behind me?" (whoooooweee - scary, authoritative voice) What happened?"

I gave him the short version and he said, "OK, I'll escort you to the state line. This time, stay behind me!"

This will sound surreal - it was - but, my focus was so intense on the back of his vehicle, I don't remember the rest of the traffic. At all... We arrived at the state line, and he waved me over to the side of the road.

I'm thinking, Now what? He pointed forward and told me to keep going until I saw signs I'd recognize. He asked what the occasion was, wished us a safe trip and said, "Have fun", before squeezing my hand.

Then, he turned and walked back to his cruiser. It wasn't long before I realized that I didn't even thank him. I mentioned it to the girls. We looked back to wave our gratitude.

No state trooper! No vehicle!

Izumi/JOY said...

* Oops - correction - blue lights. Not flashing red lights. (road weary - ugh!)

Izumi/JOY said...

It wasn't an unusually stressful day, so I was startled when I awoke that night, with my heart pounding so hard that my chest hurt.

I glanced over at the alarm clock, and was a little irritated that I'd only been asleep a couple of hours.

Might as well do the mental inventory: too much caffeine? No. Scary movie? Uh uh. Indigestion? Nope. Big events looming? Nada.

Then, what, dear Lord?!

Fluffed up my pillow, resumed sleep position, and waited.

Ah, yes. ZZZzzzzzz...

Within a few minutes, the episode repeated itself. Hubby rolled over and gave me the "what the bleep!" look.

I got up, half-closed eyes, to the bathroom, talked to my soul by plug-in nightlight, then climbed back into bed.

Ever seen "Groundhog Day"? Like that. (only, without the funny parts and 5 o'clock shadow)

Finally, I couldn't stand it. Something was off - but what, Father?!

Who could I call at that hour? (everybody has caller i.d. Would they think it was a prank?)

My daughter lived in another state; a state an hour behind us in time zone. Good idea. I'd call her. She'd be awake - at work, a night auditor for a hotel chain.

At first, she was concerned - what was up? She knows me well enough to laugh when I admitted, "I don't know. Something. But, I don't know, yet."

We chatted a little about seemingly insignificant stuff. The lyrics to R.E.M.'s, "Daysleeper", for instance.

Talk of circadian rhythm.

After awhile, it was obvious I had nothing "important" to say.

I see today, with the newsprint fray, my night is colored headache gray, don't wake me so much.

Just needed to hear her voice was all. Another phone rang, and that was my cue to let her get back to work.

I dragged back to bed, certain everything was well. Um, no. After sleep set in, the urgency returned. My heart felt like I'd run to TX and back. Plus, I couldn't get that song out of my head!

Fluorescent flat caffeine lights
It's furious balancing
I'm the screen, the blinding light
I'm the screen, I work at night

Of course, I'd prayed with her, and communed with my own soul. But, the repetition was beginning to concern me.

At some point, don't ask me when, I slept until the phone rang. On the other end, my laughing daughter, calling with the P.S.

A couple of hours after we hung up, she was sitting at her computer screen when she heard a voice ask, "Can somebody help me, please?"

She looked up to see a man standing in the hotel lobby, covered only in a newspaper! He had checked in earlier that evening from another state, distraught and en route to a funeral.

Apparently, he had fallen asleep in his room, got up - still sleeping, and wandered the halls until he awoke, naked in the lobby.

He grabbed what was on a table and requested his room key.

Izumi/JOY said...

I'd just put my daughter down for a nap, and grabbed a book and pillow, then, found a good spot on the living room floor.

I awoke when a neigbor knocked at the front door, suggesting a play date for our kids.

Good thing, too. She interrupted an interesting dream. (nothing to do with the book I attempted reading, either)

There was a man pacing back and forth on top of a stone wall. He was dressed in a dark uniform. One from another time and place.

It was early evening, and through his eyes, I could see afar off. At some point, I felt a sharp pain in my right side (around the ribs) and watched him fall.

I even felt the impact when he hit the stony earth below. Though it was covered with a thin layer of dried straw, I could still feel the coldness of the surface.

My neigbor apologized repeatedly for waking me. Said she'd come by later, then left.

As I went to check on my daughter, I felt something scratching my stomach. The blouse I wore had a cinch-waist string, so I assumed that was the cause.

When I pulled it up a bit, I was shocked to find a piece of straw wound around the string, and its imprint on my skin. (wish I'd kept it!)

I've always been inclined towards prayer and intercession. Since that experience, I've wondered if that watchman was myself, somewhen.