Saturday, June 27, 2009


Izumi/JOY said...

The first time I heard Michael Jackson's, "Will You Be There?" in a "religious" setting, was in Hawaii. We were visitors that day, and what a big surprise.

We'd rarely experienced this: a secular song in church?!

The stage was full of hula dancers in muu-muus, splashed in vibrant colors. Adorned in ginger, orchid, plumeria and bird of paradise prints.

The expansiveness of this song affects me the same way, "He Lives In You!" does.

It reminds me of Psalm 42:12 and Abba Father's eternal grace.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for reminding me of that one...I added it to the playlist...

Izumi/JOY said...

Thank you, Bish. God bless Michael.

God bless us, all.

DoubleBack Alley said...


I am truly amazed at the obsession over MJ's eternal destiny. I have seen several preachers, editorial cartoonists, and others ruminate over what his death means morally. I just think it is in such bad taste. Worse than that, it smacks of the same type of moralistic playing that moral majority manipulators espouse up until the moment they are caught in their own tawdry trysts.

Not many folks knew MJ, but God did. He has entered into rest and I am sure, as the consumate showman, he is teaching a few new steps as the cloud of his witnesses dances around the throne.

Aint God Good?

PS - I don't usually comment on this, but the veriword - I swear- is "rests"

Anonymous said...

YES, He is!

Anonymous said...

Sweet entry DBA and I add my amen.

Donald said...

It's been a good, busy, fun day and I am finally able to sit back and relax and watch a movie.
Just finally had time to listen to some of the playlist.
Wow! Michael Jackson IS one of a kind.

Avatar said...

DBA, it's a whole lot better life when we can put ourselves and others in the hands of God...and especially when we know they are not angry hands but loving ones.

Next frontier: building a place where we are safe in the hands of others and they are safe in ours.

Nice post.

Ebony said...

Hey my beautiful BITN family!! You know Bishop, a recent MJ article I read made me think about you and what I have learned under you. Lisa Marie Presley recently did an interview where MJ told her during their marriage that he knew he would end up having an early demise like her father Elvis, and part of the reason she left was she was trying to stop that from happening. And I thought of your words to us about the creative power given to us by God to create the world around us, which includes the power of life and death. In this case, he spoke a prophesy enough and it came to pass. Like the song we learned in Sunday School says, "oh be careful little tongue what you say".

ps: DBA, here is a cartoon of MJ moonwalking in heaven to a cheering heavenly host, thought you'd get a kick out of it

Erik said...

Hey everyone,
Hope your reality is excellent.

Bishop, today’s message, very good. I liked several parts, and early on the time right after worship, about N.Korea’s leader, Kim Jong This world is Allah’s. Her/His train fills the Universe, absolute authority. One Body, One Blood that runs through us all. It is true, as a community sees the Universe as God sees, as each nation, culture, person as blessed by Elohim and as equally a part as every other, we are operating with the fruit of The Tree of Life.

In the natural, we do not know Kim Jong, but in the Spirit, he shares the same blood, grace and mercy that runs through each of us. So, if we focus on the natural, it can seem out of control, that we have no influence. In The Spirit, we are in agreement for his peace, sharing with him the Joy of Creation, and the security in God. Resting in the One Body, knowing each one, in actual reality, outside the virtual reality we each create.

Yes, what we measure out to others is the parameter of what we experience for ourselves, which only we and God know for sure. For me, I have given the broadest acceptance I can, and extend that as I learn further. We are all intimately connected. I get to know myself better each day, which means I have little in the sense of absolutely knowing where someone else is, my virtual reality is not theirs, nor is theirs mine. Great news is that we do share God’s reality, so in that, I can rest. Often, I am reminded that for every person that exists, God has approved and defends. We are each held closely in God, and are God’s expression in this reality, while making it with the raw materials The One Body has created for all the parts. Connecting in that understanding makes sense, when nothing else seems to.

Those who occupy our focus, the ones we like and those we do not, have some connection with who each of us are, otherwise we would not notice them. Billions of possible inputs, the small percentage we do give notice to, we do so as we connect. If they were not worth connecting with in our attention, they would not, or minimally register with us. It is a commitment of resources. We only commit resources to something we find of importance. The power anyone has in our lives (known personally or not) is the power we have granted them.

Izumi/JOY said...

Today's service was sweet, sweet, sweet. The praise, the worship, the living words. (and when there were no words, P. Nancy, you made me cry. In a good way.)

And the train of His robe fills the temple with glory...

Thank You, God.

Son of Zadok said...

My roommate came in from his English midterm looking upset.
"How'd it go?" I asked.
Throwing down his book bag, he said, "Does F-A-L-E mean anything to you?"

Anonymous said...

I was in the building today, traveled 200 miles round trip- worship made it worth it-topic was cool-condition of the human race- using M. Jackson as an example.
So let's accept ourselves, work on getting the tree out or our eyes, and accept the rest of humanity.
And----let’s go ahead and declare peace, love, joy, freedom, and grace to the nations. God has shown himself to be a big God in my life--can’t he bring glory to the world--I think so-- let us agree--these nations are blessed and highly favored by our God- they have peace, love ,joy, freedom: Noth Korea,Iran, Iran, Pakistan , Palestine, Israel, South African, all of Aisha, all of the nations on all of the all continents. Let’s get on board and declare it.
I’ll say it again-- let’s have mercy on each OTHER. I personally think love is a very powerful force for positive change- not judgment.
And you can stay in the Sermon on the Mt. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Jesus did not give any conditions on who we show mercy on—so I assume he meant everyone!! All people, all nations—and if so—how would the God who is love wish to condemn a man or a nation? I have heard several sources say, why whould a loving God, who much kinder than myself, wish to put eternal puniment on a temporal mistake?? And then tell me to forgive---
I am beginning to compare this “hell” doctrine to the stuff we read about in the dark ages—let’s get out of the dark ages of " hell doctrines" and stay in a renaissance of enlightenment and love.
Back in North GA tonight.
Anonymous in North GA

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey North Georgia...hope you don't mind I moved your comment up to where I just posted...

Anonymous said...

I looked up some info about the Dark Ages--" 415 In Alexandria, the Christian mob, urged by the bishop Cyril, attacks a few days before the Judeo-Christian Pascha (Easter) and cuts to pieces the famous and beautiful philosopher Hypatia. The pieces of her body, carried around by the Christian mob through the streets of Alexandria, are finally burned together with her books in a place called Cynaron."
Fairly x-rated info-is this very far from comdeming individuals and culturs to "Hell?"
Sorry to make my point with such a gross example, but I too am really tired of pharisees.

Anon in North GA

Anonymous said...

Image the King of Pop, the King of Rock and King David jammin with the King of Kings