Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey bloggers...

I may post the rest of MkITN IX here later the meantime, go to the devotional blog for a good word (

Also, I plan on doing an outline for Lifeskills In The Now tonight, and posting on that blog, as well (

I don't post on either of these blogs regularly while I'm paraphrasing the Gospels, so I hope you'll visit them and leave a comment...


Erik said...

Put this on YITN blog, but thought it may have value here also.In a little mood tonight, hope this gives something to someone and is not merely cathartic for me----

Today, I am thinking about my entire attention to God.

My attention has always been on The Kingdom. Today and tomorrow, it is perfected. Intimidation is non existent, I have my anchor.

New responsibilities, or unveiled tasks that have been present from the beginning, bring the next glory. I enjoy today with my protected dreams and visions, secured.

These remind me of some recent losses. The lesser is a friend of 25 years, who I met at a Bible study group in college (after I rescinded my restriction on church related groups, acknowledging those minority of areas that they had something to offer) who was in seminary when we met. He was a long haired ‘ whoop Jesus’ guy that did not fit in with the rest of the group, but was the seminary rep. He was someone I could relate to, the rest of them were questionable. He had just finished a summer building homes in Appalachia. I liked that.

Last November (08),we saw each other for the first time in a year or two. Had a great time in Miami on the beach, spoke about work, women, life struggles and the bikinis around us, as men do. By the end of the day, we had caught up on the years. Dinner was at a great beachside restaurant. My friend had become more and more distant during the day. I asked why, and he said I was too into God, this from a guy I met when he was in seminary. I did not understand, by the time we got back to the hotel, he said he was finished with me and there was no point in knowing each other, and the grace I saw in God was too much. He has not returned calls or emails since.

More recently, a close person to me said similar things, which ended a very long relationship as it was in the beginning of regeneration. I thought, how can there be too much God? That is like ‘Why do you breathe oxygen?’

My attention to God is unalienable, for any reason and at any cost.

I miss and will miss these people in my life, and know that God has them in Her/His hands, and that all that I can do is minimal compared to what God does, I trust them into God’s hands. I KNOW God protects them.

So, I go on, learning. I keep the religion at arms length while I engage it. Sorry for the glassy eyes at times, just can’t let certain parts get close, not worth it. However, there is value in some parts of the tradition, so I filter. One thing I know, CITN is the most clear place, with its struggles, that I have found manifesting the peace of God. Amen.

Anonymous said...

posted this late last night on the "wrong day"...too tired.

Thanks Bishop for your response on twitter......

You all can catch me on twitter as pastor_den if you would like....

have to go....

I Just wanted to stop in and say hey to everyone. I read here sometimes. after caring for all the needs of my mother & and uncle I am usually just too tiered to write a response that is deserving of what I have read. The amount of energy - physical and emotional - that it takes to provide for the needs of an elderly person/s who is physically and mentally handicapped is incredible. I am usually physical, emotionally and mentally exhausted at the part of the day where I "could" post something.

I have complete faith and trust that God is in control and things are going according to his plan; and we know He causes all things to work together for good! Praise God!

Things are getting better "slowly" but improving at least.

I miss you all


Northern Light said...

I have one minute before LifeSkills begins. I'm on a friend's computer, as mine is out of commission.(my welcome home gift?!) I was on vacation, and the hotel one stunk, couldn't post.........I hear the music beginning on CITN and P. Jimmie's voice, so gotta run.

Love everyone, will be back soon! go on~you rock!
Pastor Den..follow ya and prayin.
Northern Light